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36 Bird Hunting Dog Breeds: Set, Flush, Point, Retrieve

36 Bird Hunting Dog Breeds: Set, Flush, Point, Retrieve

Is hunting even possible without bird dog breeds? Well, maybe it is possible, but certainly, it is not easier or more fun. Bird hunting dog breeds are definitely a great help to hunters.

Every hunter or bird dog owner has his preferences when it comes to the question of which bird dog breed is best. Truth is, it depends on the type of hunting.

Some dogs are better at one task while others are better at some other task. So, which tasks are we talking about?

Some dogs are more capable of upland game hunting while others are awesome swimmers and have all the necessary swimming equipment, so they are into waterfowl hunting. Others can even climb up trees and there are some that can hunt in the bush.

Most of them are gun dogs, which means they can do one of the following tasks: retrieve, flush, and point. That is why many of them have this adjective in their name, and why we have setters, pointers, retrievers, and spaniels.

Let’s meet these wonderful hunting creatures!

1. English Setter

English setter running in field

As befits, we start our list of bird hunting dog breeds with an English gentleman. And, what do English gentlemen do in their free time? They hunt, of course. Sometimes, it is for boers, sometimes for badgers or foxes, and sometimes for birds.

They need qualified bird hunter assistants for that task, and who else can do that task better than a gun dog.

This term has the same meaning as bird dog – the only difference is that these dogs have a permit to carry a weapon. Just kidding, of course.

Anyhow, the English Setter really sets up for his duty and won’t back down until he catches his prey. If you wonder how many English Setters there are, the answer is two.

Maybe you are more familiar with the terms ‘Laverack’ or ‘Llewellin Setter’. The first one is more agile and less furry while the other is bigger and more of a show off.

It is a stunner among bird dog breeds, and it is also recognizable for its remarkable spots.

You should definitely check out three best English Setter breeders in the USA.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

2. Brittany Spaniel

brittany spaniel standing and looking into the forest

Among medium-energy bird hunting dog breeds, the Brittany Spaniel is the king. His alter egos are Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton, and French Brittany. This does not mean he is from Great Britain, but from Brittany – a region in France.

Anyway, pheasants, quail, and grouse all over France and Great Britain – to be honest… anywhere this pointing dog appears – tremble before him. The same effect produces Brittany Spaniel mixes.

This French variation is also used in rabbit hunting, which means this dog is one truly versatile pooch.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

3. German Shorthaired Pointer

german shorthaired pointer standing in the field

Well, I guess the name says a lot. It is one of the German bird dog breeds. It has a short coat, and it is a pointing dog. It is also a velcro dog, which means he is not very happy to be alone.

You can call him ‘Kurzhaars’, which is German for short hair or GSP – that is maybe the optimal option. It comes in three color variations.

Both male and female GSPs grow into sleek and docile dogs. You can check his adult appearance in this GSP growth chart.

As many other bird hunting dog breeds, this variation is also utterly smart. You can expect both brains and looks from GSP mixes. If you have fallen in love with this breed after all this talk, check out the best GSP breeders in the USA.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

4. Golden Retriever

hunting golden retriever dog holding a duck

The classic and the ultimate all-American dog – the Golden Retriever. What more can be said about this breed that hasn’t already been said.

This golden boy got his retriever epithet because he would retrieve waterfowl. Since they hunt waterfowl, you can guess that this dog is capable both on land and in water.

This Scotsman has a few variations. Did you know about the white Golden Retriever or the red Golden Retriever? Did you know that there is a field Golden Retriever and a blockhead GR? Also, there is an American and European GR version.

If you wish to find out where you can find the best Golden Retriever breeders, check this!

This versatile dog is a great therapist, the perfect family dog, and an amazing hunting partner, and there is no dog owner who wouldn’t praise the Golden Retriever’s hunting abilities.

He is famous for being a waterfowl hunter, but he is also very capable as an upland bird retriever.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

5. Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever is running and fetching a duck

Lets move to the Newfoundland region of Labrador where we will find our most beloved family pet – the Labrador Retriever. This pooch is also versatile just as many Retrievers and other bird dog breeds. He does both search and rescue.

Although he will search for birds, he certainly wouldn’t rescue them, but rather help his hunting companion catch one.

This dog can work as a flushing dog, which means he will make birds start flying, and then he will find and retrieve game birds after the hunter has done his part.

Labrador mixes are equally good hunters. Labradors come in a variety of colors: chocolate, white Labs, black ones, and dudley Labs with a pink nose.

This popular dog stands out among bird hunting dog breeds for being equally successful on land and in water, and also having the ability to adjust to human services, such as being a therapy dog or a police dog.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

6. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog in the forest

This is a dog of an unusual name, who got it after the area he was bred in. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a true American. This dog was created in the 19th century to be a medium-sized water hunter.

That is why he has a waterproof coat with slight waves, and a scent of musk that can be a bit oily when you touch it. Coat colors are earth-like… brown, red, and yellow. It looks almost like a Labrador Retriever, but it is specialized for water.

This means that his tasks include pulling fish nets, helping drowning fishermen, and retrieving waterfowl. Good thing he is trainable. Today, he belongs more as a house dog.

What are you waiting for… check out the best Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders in the USA!

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

7. English Pointer

Black and white english pointer and hunter in the mountains

The English Pointer (or just ‘Pointer’) is one of the best flushers among the bird hunting dog breeds. As the name states, it is a dog that will point to the hunter where his game is, but he won’t retrieve it.

This dog has remarkable spots and a remarkable sense of smell. This helps him to discover hidden game, and that is why he is very valuable to his hunter.

Some say that this dog originates from Spain, and that he is a descendant of an Old Spanish Pointer.

We certainly know that this is a beloved dog that has even been pictured in many forms of artwork. It is a high-energy sporting dog that is a very popular partner in field games.

And, on top of his ability, this dog has graceful manners and movements. Definitely a gem among bird dog breeds.
These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

8. English Springer Spaniel

english dog springer spaniel in the forest

Did you know that English Springer Spaniels are close relatives to English Cocker Spaniels? They are so close that they would even be born in the same litter not that long ago. The difference was in their size.

The English Springer is a popular and endearing breed. This may be the reason why English Springer Spaniel mixes are so popular.

In the world of bird hunting dog breeds, a Springer dog is the kind that flushes up a flock of birds in the air, so they could be on disposition to a hunter to aim at them.

Besides the English Cocker Spaniel, he is also a cousin with the Wells Springer Spaniel. Did you know that this dog can develop rage syndrome, which means they could get angry out of nowhere.

This is a neurological condition that is most common for English Springer Spaniels.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

9. Irish Setter

Red irish setter dog in field

Did you know that naturally, red hair is very rare in the world, and that only a small percent of people carry the genes for that type of hair coloring? A large number of those people come from Ireland. To be honest, that is exactly how I imagine an Irishman or a woman – with red hair and freckles.

Then, it is no surprise that the Irish Setter has similar traits. It must be something in that Irish air that makes this red color. The Irish Setter’s original name is ‘Sotar Rua’. In Irish, it means ‘Red Setter’. Well, why am I not surprised.

It is one of the most gorgeous sights in the world of bird dog breeds, with its luxurious red double coat. Make sure you maintain it regularly because it is highly demanding.

This Setter was a gun dog, but today, he is more of a family dog. Be careful when there are small children or small pets near him. He has a strong prey drive towards small animals, and not in a safe way… at least for the small animals.

If you want to find out where the best Irish Setter breeders in the USA are hidden, check them here.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

10. Vizsla

Beautiful Vizsla dog in nature

This dog of an interesting short name is also known as the Magyar Vizsla. This means that he is a Magyar dog, which means he is actually a Hungarian dog. Yes, he comes from Hungary, in Europe.

He is one of the many pointing breeds, and he is very successful at pointing.

His appearance is stunning. With smooth hair that has a high shine and a sleek sporting body, this dog has both brains and looks.

He has manners, and he is trainable and affectionate at the same time. And, he can work in fields, water, and forests. Wow.

He is not a small dog, and you can check out how big he can grow in the Vizsla growth chart. Some of the Vizsla mixes are also very popular, and have some high-quality Vizsla traits.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

11. Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniel hunting

This one is known as the Boykin Spaniel (or the ‘Little Brown Dog’). He is so mischievous that some even call him a Little Brown Devil.

There is another name, the Swamp Poodle, and not because he likes swamps, but because he was raised on the banks of the Wateree River Swamp, which is located in South Carolina.

Just imagine this dark brown dog lurking at his prey from the three shadows.

They are so proud of their mischievous little dog in South Carolina that he even has its own day. He is a dog made for hunting. He is awesome as a flusher, as an upland hunter, and as a retriever, but he is not a pointer.

These dogs are excellent dove and pheasant hunters, and they can even track deer and wounded animals.

Fortunately, there are a few reputable Boykin Spaniel breeders in the USA where you can find this versatile dog.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

12. Cocker Spaniel

English cocker spaniel dog standing on the stone in the forest

‘Cocker Spaniel’ is an umbrella term for the American and English version of this breed. And, no… this breed has nothing to do with Joe Cocker, or maybe Joe had one… I don’t know.

This ‘Cocker’ name was derived from the terom of his small game aim – a woodcock.

Cocker Spaniels are specialists for tracking and hunting Eurasian woodcocks. That is where the differences between American and European versions lay – the American is adjusted for American woodcocks.

Cocker Spaniels are very pretty dogs. You can check out how big they can grow and how much they can eat in the cocker Spaniel feeding chart and growth chart.

All you have to decide on now is if you want a male or a female Cocker Spaniel.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

13. Beagle

beagle in the foggy morning in forest

His name is derived from his ability, and his ability is to successfully chase hares, rabbits, and foxes. This type of hunting is called beagling.

One might ask what a rabbit hunting dog does among bird dog breeds? But, this little pooch is a versatile dog that is capable of bird hunting, too.

If you take your time to train him, he would be equally successful in flushing. A big advantage for him is his emphasized sense of smell, which makes him the perfect detection dog.

You will also find this dog in many paintings and in many books, but do not mistake him for the bigger foxhound. Beagles are small dogs, and you can check that in the Beagle growth chart.

Isn’t this a charming dog? The only decision you should make is whether you want a male or a female beagle.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

14. German Wirehaired Pointer

German wirehaired pointer standing on the river

Even though their name sounds familiar, a German Wirehaired Pointer and a German Shorthaired Pointer are not the same dog breed.

The German Shorthaired Pointer colors, coat types, and field performances distinguish him from the Wirehaired one.

The GWP is much more suitable for cold weather. Having a waterproof, wirehaired coat is an advantage since one of their tasks is to chase waterfowl in cold water.

One trait that makes this dog look a bit funny is his furry hair around the eyes and the mouth. It seems like he has eyebrows and a beard.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

15. Blackmouth Cur

A Black mouth cur dog in the wood.

Even though this is a breed that is believed to have been developed in Tennessee or in Mississippi, it is not an official breed according to the AKC.

Nevertheless, this fine southern dog is an excellent hunter, and his hunting abilities are something to talk about.

His alter egos are Southern Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur, and Yellow Black Mouth Cur. ‘Cur’ means that he is a growling type of ferocious and menacing attitude.

Although this breed does not retrieve big game such as bears, raccoons, deer, and pigs, he is good at bird hunting and hunting small game. He even goes to a tree and a bay, but he kills prey on the ground. And, he can be a herder as well.

He is definitely not a dog for joking around. That is why he needs a serious hunting dog name that will represent his true nature.

This breed is recognized under the United Kennel Club, but not under the American Kennel Club.

16. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog in the park

He has a long name… that is for sure, but you can also call him a Yarmouth Toller, a Tolling Retriever, a Little Red Duck Dog, a Little River Duck Dog, or just Toller or Duck Toller. You get that he is a redhead, and it suits him very nicely.

This Duck Toller is successful at waterfowl luring, especially with ducks. This dog is a gun dog, so this combination is the right match.

Nova Scotia is the place of his origin, Yarmouth County, in Nova Scotia, Canada, and ‘retriever’ is due to his ability to retrieve game for a hunter.

Luckily, there are a few fine Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever breeders you can contact if you are amazed with this breed.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

Check also some awesome Nova Scotia Duck Retriever Tolling mixes!

17. Poodle

Poodle puppy ready for Hunting

Red, blue, black, white, Parti, Moyen, Phantom, merle… there are so many Poodle colors. Who would have thought that a Poodle would be known for anything other than its haircut. But, prepare to be surprised! The Poodle is the ultimate hunting dog!

Yes, this classy and sassy dog is an excellent retriever dog, and it is considered one of the smartest dog breeds. It is actually bred for this purpose. An excellent swimmer with a waterproof coat, this dog is a sharp and capable waterfowl chaser.

Even though we are used to extravagant Poodle haircuts, the cut is practical when the Poodle is going to hunt. It is a short clipping so that nothing will stand in the way of it lurking for game.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

18. Weimaraner

weimaraner dog

Being one of the best bird dog breeds is what is expected when you have an English Pointer for a parent. The other is a Great Dane, which is also known as a major huntsman.

Both male and female Weimaraners are excellent as gun dogs. Maybe it is the Weimaraner colors that help him pass unnoticed by fowl, bears, boars, and other prey.

When he was first imported to America, this dog was presented as the ultimate hunter, and he has a great number of abilities that help him achieve excellence.

He has an emphasized sense of smell, sharp sight, smartness, and physical abilities.

That is why his popularity was at its peak for some time in the USA. But, that curve dropped after some time because there were other breeds that showed themselves as being more capable.

Still, the Weimaraner is adorable just as well as Weimaraner mixes.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

19. American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel

This Wisconsin swimmer was designed to be a pocket-sized perfect bird catcher. If you need a dog that will fit on a boat, but that has the strength to bring back ducks or geese, then the AWS is the perfect choice for you.

He comes in shades of brown, and when he is not hunting, he is the perfect house dog – a very suitable breed for apartments.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

20. Drentsche Patrijshond

Drentsche Patrijshond dog

This is not a mistake… this is the name of a dog breed. But, if you get yourself this pooch, maybe you should consider giving him an easier and more suitable hunting dog name.

The truth is that he is a good hunter, but good luck with getting one because there are only about 5,000 of them registered.

He has the nicknames ‘Drenthe’ and ‘Drent’ because the region of his origin is Drenthe, in the Netherlands. At first sight, he looks like a Setter or a Spaniel. He can also resemble a Cocker Spaniel’s aggressive behavior sometimes.

But, that is not where the resemblance stops. This dog has all the traits of successful pointers and retrievers that do fowl chasing.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 224.

21. Redbone Coonhound

Redbone Coonhound Standing by Pond

Redbone Coonhound… this sounds like some saga from an Indian tribe that named this dog. It is a true American hunting dog that hunts American animals like cougars, deer, bears, boar, and his specialty – racoons.

He is a large game hunter, but he can be adjusted for small game, such as birds.

This dog doesn’t have red bones, though, – he has a fine and rich red coat. His name is after his creator, Peter Redbone.

This dog can hunt both on land and in water because he is not your typical hound. He has webbed feet.

You can mix the Redbone Coonhound with many other dogs. What is especially fine is a Beagle Coonhound mix.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

If you fell in love with this dog breed, then you should check out what these Redbone Coonhound breeders have to offer!

22. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Wire-haired Pointing Griffon sits in forest

Ciao tutti! Questo è un bellissimo cane Italiano! Ti presento Spinone Italiano! Probably a dog from Piedmont, but his origin is not quite clear.

His first public appearances date was from the Renaissance, and you can find him in some art works – paintings, to be precise.

The Spinone can do three hunting tasks equally well: retrieving, tracking, and pointing. And, it doesn’t matter if the terrain is rough, wet, or impenetrable. This hard-working pooch will manage in the role of a gun dog, too.

You may think that I have made a mistake here. First, the title is Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, and then I am talking about Spinone Italiano. Well, these two different names are of the same dog.

He will maintain high energy the whole day, which is impressive, to be honest. Not all dogs are able to do this, although it is a trait that accompanies bird dog breeds often.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

23. American Brittany

american brittany dog hunting in the park

They were called Brittany Spaniels at first, but then when this breed floated overseas, it got the American adjective. As it easily adapted to the new continent, this breed easily adapted to the variety of tasks before him.

This dog is very fast so he is able to cover a wide range of fields around him. He has a lot of energy, which is perfect if you want to hunt all day long.

The American Brittany is definitely an upland hunter, perfect for bird hunting. He will find a bird even if some other dog has already searched the terrain and missed it.

This dog is a pointer above all, and he does it well. Also, the hunter can do his part of the job. The dog will hold a bird and retrieve it. Many hunters say it is the perfect dog.

It is just a combination of natural drive (let’s say genetics), and good training from a skilled trainer.

Being a smart dog is certainly helpful as it allows this breed to be successful at what it does.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

24. Bluetick Coonhound

A Bluetick Coonhound dog

What is a Blue Tick Coonhound? I have heard of a Blue Tick Beagle, though, but now lets learn more about this one.

It definitely isn’t a very sassy dog, but it has an interesting appearance. It is a dog made in America… that is for sure. And, it looks bulky and big.

He has a big mouth and a cold nose, and he will easily befriend you. He is very open and dear. This dog will do great in a house environment.

Since he is an American dog, he hunts what prevails in America, and that is racoons. They are his specialty.

He is also good with other small animals, such as rabbits and hares. Since he is a hound, it will be a bit harder to train him to be a bird dog, but it is not impossible.

He got his name after his blaze of color on the white “canvas”. This black coloring on white hair seems like navy blue at times.

His greatest advantage is his emphasized sense of smell that helps him find the target.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

25. Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano dog in the park

This is a vero cane Italiano – the first dog ever to be recognized by the Italian Kennel Club. His alter egos are Italian Pointer (or Italian Pointing Dog). It is not only a Dalmatian that is considered among spotted dog breeds, but also this Italian beauty.

This dog doesn’t look very athletic, but it is a capable hunter. It is a large dog, and one would never say that it likes any activity besides laying on the couch or in the sun or shade.

Some dog lovers and experts say it is a dog that is a mix between a hound and a gun dog. Certainly, he is a well-known hunter with a long hunting career.

Italian royalty always had great appreciation for this breed, and royalty always highly values good hunting.

When it comes to bird game, the Bracco is a professional. He is great as an upland hunter, and this activity suits him the most. But, don’t think that he is not very capable in water.

He will hunt all kinds of fowl, preferably ducks and geese. That is a bit unfair when we remember that geese saved Rome, but hey… it is in his blood.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 202.

26. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Hound Dog

Many people think that this dog is some sort of a Pitbull, but he just looks like a Pitbull. Though, there is a Catahoula Pit mix, and it is a very impressive sight, to be honest.

This dog with a strange name and interesting looks is not widely recognized, and besides the United Kennel Club, you won’t find him in any other kennel club.

Although it is said that this dog is a herder, it is an excellent bird hunter, too.

It was bred in Louisiana, in the Parish of Catahoula. That is where he got his name.

It is not very clear who his descendants are, but whoever they are, they did a good job when giving it the genetic material that enabled breeders to create this Catahoula.

He is also a tree dog, which means he can climb trees to catch birds. I am just kidding on this one. He is both a big and small game hunter.

27. Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter hunting in the autumn forest

This black beauty is one large and tall dog (check out other tall dog breeds). Yes, with this Scottsman, we have all the United Kingdom Setters in one place. Oh, no… I have missed Wels, but it doesn’t matter. Where did I stop? Oh, yes.

This dog is a close relative to Irish and English Setters. It is a gun dog, and a huge fan of game birds. Though, we can’t say that affection is mutual.

The list of Gordon Setter “haters” or the anti-fan club is long. There are a lot of members – ptarmigans, partridges, woodcocks, sand grouse, quail, guinea fowl, pheasants, snipes, willow grouse, francolins, sagehens…

Well, this is quite a list. But, even though he is not beloved in the bird world, we love this beautiful dog. It is not Gordons fault that these birds are not very wise, and start to fly on every threat.

That makes them the perfect aim for the hunter, and this makes Gordon the perfect hunting dog in the eyes of his master.

The Gordon Setter is truly a stunning dog, and one of the most beautiful black dog breeds out there. I am not a hunter, but I would like to have one just to show him off.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

28. German Spaniel

Running German Spaniel

Hallo zusammen, Ich bin ein Deutscher Wachtelhund. Ich mag die Vogeljagd sehr. Es macht mich glücklich und zufrieden.

Well, this was our German Spaniel introducing himself. ‘Deutscher Wachtelhund’ is not some mystic title, but a German name that is translated as ‘German Quail Dog’. You can also call him ‘Deutscher Wachtel’.

His great grandfather was Stöberer (or rummager) because he would turn heaven and earth upside down to find his game.

This breed is not very known outside of German borders, though it is recognized by the Great Britain Kennel Club and the FCI.

What he does, he does well, and that is tracking and retrieving. He uses his highly-scented nose to find his game. And, since he is very high in energy, but not very big in size, he can chase prey all day.

Having a dog that is versatile and that can adjust to every situation is a great advantage to a hunter. And, our dog is also friendly toward other humans and other dogs.

That is an awesome trait.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 104.

29. English Cocker

Running English cocker spaniel

Just as other Cocker Spaniels, this is a breed used for woodcock hunting. An American version was derived from the English version. You can have either a working-dog version or a field and house one.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a gun dog, which means he will steer game toward guns, but he won’t retrieve it.

You are probably familiar with this dog because he has been pictured many times in art works, paintings, and children’s picture books.

It has the most endearing loving eyes, and cute, fluffy, soft ears. But, he is not so endearing and soft when the game is on.

There is a fine choice of English Cocker Spaniel breeders in the USA.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

30. Irish Red And White Setter

Irish red and white setter dog sitting in dark autumn forest

Irish Red and White Setter – well I guess the name says it all. But, you can use the shorter version – Irish R&W. True Irish people who speak the Irish language name this breed ‘An Sotar Rua agus Bán’.

It does have some genetic connection to the basic Irish Setter, but it is not the same breed. When it comes to tasks and behavior, there is almost no difference between all Setters, whether it is the Gordon, the English, or the Irish.

This breed is most known as a working dog and a gun dog. He was intentionally developed to be the nightmare of game birds.

Pheasants, partridges, grouse, woodcocks, snipes, ptarmigans, blackgames… they all run away in fear when someone mentions the name Irish Red and White Setter. And, that is just in Europe.

In America, he is persona non grata for guinea fowl, quail, sagehens, willow grouse, francolin, and sand grouse.

All these birds were almost rejoicing when, at one point in time, this breed almost became extinct. But, luckily for us, and less luckily for the birds that are not so fond of our dog, some good people saved this breed.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

31. Pudelpointer

hunting dog pudelpointe

This is a Poodle mix that you just have to meet. Having two sharp hunting breeds in the genetic soup makes this Pudelpointer hunter that is on the peak point of his pointing abilities.

And, those abilities also include retrieving, tracking, and working both on land and in water. That is what Baron von Zedlitz imagined his perfect hunter puppy should have.

What he imagined, he achieved. This Frankensteinian process included mixing seven Poodles and over a hundred Pointers. The pioneers were Molly and Tell, a Poodle and an English Pointer.

Find Your Pudelpointer: 10 Best Pudelpointer Breeders In The United States

It is rumored that the Pointer was owned by the emperor himself, while the Poodle was owned by the master of hunting dogs from that time.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 216.

32. Pachon Navarro

pachon navarro

Photo from: @deborahshawwsf

Yeah, this sounds like someone is going to say Televisa presenta, and Juan Pachon Navarro is starring in the El Perro de mi corazón. I just thought of some Spanish telenovela when I read the name of this breed.

It is true – this is a native Spanish breed. Or, to be precise – a dog from the Navarre region in the north of Spain.

It is, besides a Basque Shepherd Dog, Villano de Las Encartaciones, Villanuco de Las Encartaciones, and Erbi Txakur – one of the local Basque dog breeds.

But, he is a star… a hunting star among these dogs and among the oldest on the peninsula. He has been famous for a long time. There are pictures of these dogs that date from the Middle Ages.

It is not an officially recognized breed, but it is recognised in the hearts of the local people and by the Asociación Nacional Pro Recuperación del Pachón Navarro.

Don’t expect to run into this breed because there are 1,000 specimens in the best case.

33. Spanish Pointer

spanish pointer dog

If you want a rare pointer breed, then the Perdigueiro Galego is a dog according to your taste. It is not a recognized dog breed, but it does exist and it is beloved in its domicile country, Spain, and in the region of Galicia.

There are three more authentic dog breeds that originate from Galicia: Can de Palleiro, Guicho, and Podengo Galego.

As his name states, it is a pointer that has been helping Galician huntsmen for a long time to catch prey. It is not a small breed, but it is not very big either.

This dog was used to point, then hunt, and when the game had fallen down, to retrieve it for the hunter. His favorite aims are woodcocks, quail, and partridges when it comes to feathers. He also retrieves fur in the forms of hare and rabbits.

34. Curly-Coated Retriever

Black Curly coated retriever dog

Just when you thought that the sweet Retrievers couldn’t get more adorable, Curly-Coated Retrievers appeared. He could easily end up on the list of the shaggy dog breeds because he has a pinch of a comedic look to his appearance.

Even though it looks like a designer breed, it is actually among very old breeds, at least when it comes to Retrievers. He has been pictured in paintings that have been over three centuries old.

This is a dog that is considered a game-keeper. He will catch a prey and hold it until the hunter comes or else he will retrieve it as his name states.

This dog can run and swim all day long, which makes him perfect for hunting. Also, it doesn’t matter if it is sunny or snowy outside, this dog prevails in all weather conditions.

He is known as a bird dog, but he will retrieve furry game, too.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are AKC-registered with their own breed standard.

35. Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander Pointer

If you want a beautiful spotted dog breed that has Dalmatian colors, but is not a Dalmatian, and that resembles Setters and Spaniels, then the Kleine Münsterländer is a fine choice for you.

You can guess that Munsterlander means that this dog originates from the Land of Munster, which is a region in Germany.

This gun dog is also called Spion, Vorstehhund, and Heidewachtel. This kleine hund is capable of hunting, retrieving, and pointing in equal capacity.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 102.

36. Portuguese Pointer

Portuguese Pointer Dog

The Perdigueiro Portugues is a fine hunter, predominantly used as a gun dog, and his specialty is red legged partridges. These fowls are not happy when they sense this determined Portuguese around.

This breed has been around for a while, and it was known from the Middle Ages. It was first bred on the royal court as befits, and later, members of lower classes could afford to breed this pooch.

His great grandfather was the Iberian hunting dog, while our Portuguese Pointer is the great grandfather of the English Pointer.

It wasn’t a very popular breed at one point, so it almost went extinct. Luckily, someone recognized this worthy dog and put in some effort to save it for future generations of huntsmen.

It is a fine and loving breed that shows dedication to the task. His owner is like a god to this breed, while other dogs are kind of enemies.

These bird dogs are purebred, and are FCI-registered with their own breed standard under the No 187.


Do you like all these bird hunting dog breeds? I must admit they are gorgeous creatures. Most of them are utterly smart, and they must be. It takes a lot of brains to outsmart these birds.

But, if you think bird dog breeds are only great at hunting, you would be wrong. They also thrive in show and in field trials.

When we say these dogs are versatile, we really mean so.

Most of them are equally good at many hunting tasks, but they could also be very fine house dogs, family pets or show dogs. I am not surprised, I must say.

The only problem is that I just can’t decide which one I love the best. What is your favorite pick?


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