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17 Best Red Golden Retriever Breeders

17 Best Red Golden Retriever Breeders

Welcoming a new pet into your home is one of the most exciting things a new dog owner can go through – but there are still some preparations to be made. For example, you need to find a red Golden Retriever breeder that you’d like to buy a dog from.

Bringing a Golden Retriever into your home is likely to make lifelong memories that you’ll cherish. However, when you spend a lot of money on a dog just to learn that he isn’t potty trained or doesn’t behave well, you might feel cheated.

This is why you should always go to reputable breeders that not only sell puppies but also actively participate in their earliest days, including proper dog training and necessary health tests that will make sure all puppies are healthy.

However, if finding regular Golden Retriever breeders sounds hard, what happens if you’re looking for a somewhat unusual color? Where do you find responsible red Golden Retriever breeders in the USA?

If this is something you want to learn more about, we’re here to help! As researching red Golden Retriever breeders isn’t fun when you do it on your own, we’ve compiled a list of the best breeders and included some information that might interest you.

Here’s what we’ve found out:

Red Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Golden Retriever puppy walking

Finding red Golden Retriever breeders that have high-quality puppies for sale can be a challenge. It’s always harder to find puppies in unusual colors than ones that fit the common breed standard.

Overall, red Golden Retrievers aren’t much different from regular Goldens. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard, Golden Retrievers are sporting dogs that can reach anywhere between 21 and 24 inches in height and reach a weight of 55–75 pounds.

The biggest difference is in their middle-length coat, which is dark golden to red in shade. This glorious color makes them stand out from the rest – but also keep in mind that they will shed a lot, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time grooming and brushing them.

These are calm, gentle dogs that make amazing family companions but also working dogs, as they were used as gun dogs and hunting dogs (or rather, retriever dogs, especially for waterfowl) for centuries.

In fact, Golden Retrievers were made by crossbreeding many dog breeds, most notably Tweed Water Spaniels and Setters, to get the characteristics they have now.
Due to their friendly nature and desire to help their owners, they also make amazing search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs.

However, if you’d like to get yourself a show dog, then a red Golden Retriever is not for you. While the dark golden coat color is recognized, anything deeper than that isn’t approved by the AKC.

This doesn’t mean that red Golden Retrievers are not purebred. However, they won’t be able to participate in conformation shows or the show ring.

Whenever you’re dealing with a breed that isn’t approved by a major kennel club, things get tricky. Only if you buy from the best red Golden Retriever breeders can you be certain you’ll get a purebred dog and not a mixed breed one.

Red Golden Retrievers are often mistaken for Irish Setters, which is why some irresponsible breeders might try to give you a mix of the two breeds. This is one of the main things you need to look out for when searching for red Golden Retriever puppies.

17 Best Red Golden Retriever Breeders

two Golden Retriever sitting on grass

It is challenging to point at one breeder and to undoubtedly say that they are the best. There are many good red Golden Retriever breeders, and all can provide you with amazing services.

But, what does the term ‘reputable breeder’ even mean?

You’ll know the best red Golden Retriever breeders by several features they have that other breeders don’t. This includes:

• Allowing you to meet the mother dog before you pay the deposit.

• Conducting various health testing on their breeding stock to make sure all dogs are free of health issues they might pass onto their litters.

• Not allowing just anyone to buy a puppy, but rather conducting rigorous screening processes to find the best forever homes for their puppies.

• Specializing in breeding only a few breeds of dogs instead of breeding dozens.

• Not having too many litters per year, as they care about the well-being of the mother dog and the pups alike.

• Caring for the well-being of their dogs even after they leave for their new homes.

• Agreeing to help find homes for their pups if the owners can no longer take care of them.

On the other hand, dishonest backyard breeders will simply want to produce as many litters as possible. This will result in unhealthy puppies and mother dogs.

Also, while backyard breeders will offer their dogs at a lower price, this is because they don’t have any additional costs that go into making sure their litters are healthy. There is a reason reputable red Golden Retriever breeders sell their dogs at a higher price.

If you still aren’t sure how to differentiate good red Golden Retriever breeders from bad ones, you can always look at the Golden Retriever Club of America’s list of breeders, as they only allow registered breeders in.

Without further ado, here are some of the best red Golden Retriever breeders in the US:

1. Red Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Pennsylvania

Red Golden Retriever sitting with christmas decorations in background

If you live in Pennsylvania, then one of the red Golden Retriever breeders you need to look at is Ridley’s Red Retrievers.

They produce gorgeous mahogany-colored Golden Retrievers that are large-boned and, most importantly, healthy. Their pups make amazing family pets and service dogs due to their good temperaments.

Not just that, but Ridley’s Red Retrievers also has a Goldendoodle bloodline for dog lovers with dog allergies. These pups have all the best traits of Golden Retrievers but are mostly hypoallergenic.

Website: Ridley’s Red Retrievers

Email: [email protected]

2. Red Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale California

If you’re looking for red Golden Retriever breeders in California, a good option is to choose a puppy from First Class Goldens. While they have relocated to Idaho, they’ll still ship their dogs throughout California.

This is a reputable breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers in many colors, including dark red. However, they won’t allow just anyone to buy from them.

They have a thorough application process and require a $700 deposit to reserve a puppy if you are eligible for one of their dogs.

Website: First Class Goldens

Email: [email protected]

3. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Oregon

Whiskey Creek Goldens is a family Golden Retriever breeder from Oregon who occasionally sells red Golden Retrievers despite mostly focusing on show-quality dogs. While they are listed in Oregon, they keep their true address private – although they certainly ship to this state.

They raise all of their dogs in a family environment to ensure they have the best personalities possible. In fact, many of their dogs go on to become service dogs, therapy dogs, and also hunting dogs.

They have a carefully selected breeding program to make sure only the best animals are bred. As a result, you’ll only get the best dog possible.

Website: Whiskey Creek Goldens

4. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Washington

SwanSun Golden Retrievers is one of the most experienced red Golden Retriever breeders in the Washington area. They have been operating since 1980, and the owner has held many different roles in various Golden Retriever clubs. In fact, they’ve even been the secretary of the Inland Empire Golden Retriever Club and a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America.

Not just that, but the breeder also served as the Lilac City Dog Training Club’s director of training for approximately three years.

All of the pets at the SwanSun Golden Retrievers undergo early obedience training, so they make amazing family dogs from day one.

SwanSun Golden Retrievers was the AKC’s Breeder of Merit in 2015, which should be more than enough proof of their quality. As such, they are one of the best locations to get a red Golden Retriever puppy that is well-adjusted and a top-quality dog overall.

Website: SwanSun Golden Retrievers

5. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Florida

Red Golden Retriever sitting on grass looking away

Whether you’re looking for red Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, or even Lab-Goldens, you might want to take a look at Graceful Golden Retrievers in North Florida. This is one of the best-rated red Golden Retriever breeders in the area.

They breed dogs that love company and make amazing family members, no matter what kind of family you have. They are great for kids and other pets alike, thanks to their friendly natures!

All of their puppies come with a 25-month health guarantee against hip and shoulder dysplasia, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting a healthy pup.

They have a fairly long waiting list, so they advise you to reserve your puppy while the female dog is still in heat. Also, they encourage all aspiring buyers to come and visit their kennel to make sure all of the dogs have been bred in good conditions.

Website: Graceful Golden Retrievers of North Florida

Email: [email protected]

6. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Utah

Red Golden Retriever lovers in Utah can contact Field Bred Golden Retrievers to get the best quality puppies from this breed.

This breeder makes sure their dogs can be trained to be hunting dogs but are also suitable for families. As such, they don’t focus too much on producing show-quality dogs, but they instead want efficient and strong bloodlines that will excel in the field.

Their dogs are active and well-trained so they can be the best dogs possible. Even if all you want is for your dog to hunt is a tennis ball, this is certainly a breeder you don’t want to miss.

Website: Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Email: [email protected]

7. Red Golden Retriever Breeders Colorado

People in Colorado looking for red Golden Retriever breeders shouldn’t miss Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch.

This breeder specializes in breeding dogs for sport, so show dogs aren’t its priority. Instead, it focuses on creating the best hunting and retrieving dogs out there, and this includes red Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Goldadors.

The goal of this kennel is to create a perfectly balanced dog by combining good looks with excellent conformation, athleticism, and intelligence.

They have a strict breeding program, and most of their dogs come from bloodlines that have been clean from genetic diseases for generations. This helps them ensure they only have the healthiest dogs out there.

Website: Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch

8. Red Golden Retriever Breeders In Ohio

Dog lovers from Ohio should look into My Golden Retriever Puppies, one of the best red Golden Retriever breeders in the area.

All of their puppies come with a copy of a vet-signed health certificate that proves all of their dogs are healthy and free of most genetic defects and AKC registration paperwork that proves they are purebred.

At the same time, their puppies come vaccinated and dewormed, so you can rest assured they are ready to enter your home.

My Golden Retriever Puppies raise their dogs in a family environment, ensuring all of their dogs are socialized and ready to tackle various new environments. This also means they are good with kids and other pets.

As the kennels – or rather, their large home – have a large garden, they make sure all of their puppies get enough exercise so they can burn up all their excess energy.

Before you purchase a dog from this breeder, you’ll have to pay their home a visit. This will not only make sure that you know the type of dog you’ll bring home, but the breeder can also get an idea of who they are selling their dogs to.

Even if you live out of state, My Golden Retriever Puppies might be a good place to buy dogs from as they ship out of state. In fact, all of their puppies get proper care and attention from the personnel at CLE airport.

Website: My Golden Retriever Puppies

9. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Wisconsin

Red Golden Retriever sitting on grass outside

Wisconsin is home to one of the best dark red Golden Retriever breeders: Rosewood Goldens.

This breeder has several litters per year, and most of them have dark golden to dark mahogany puppies.

They make sure all of their puppies are health tested and raised in a friendly environment with lots of opportunities to socialize and explore the world around them. Their dogs come prepared for anything they might encounter at their new homes.

Website: Rosewood Goldens

Email: [email protected]

10. Red Golden Retriever Breeders New England

One of the most reputable red Golden Retriever breeders in the New England region is Rush Hill Goldens. They specialize in breeding high-quality dogs that can be used both as family pets and show dogs, depending on the color and bloodline.

Website: Rush Hill Goldens

11. Red Golden Retriever Breeders Philadelphia

If you live in Philadelphia or neighboring states, one of the best red Golden Retriever breeders you might want to check out is Greenfield Puppies. While they breed mostly AKC-recognized dogs, you can find some red Golden Retrievers at their kennels.

They produce dogs with a gentle spirit and great discipline that make not just great family members but also hunting dogs. They make sure all of their dogs go through various types of training but also participate in playtime activities, including waterfowl hunting.

Despite this, their dogs aren’t meant for sporty people. Instead, they are calm and pleasant dogs that will follow their owners everywhere and would love nothing more than to cuddle on the sofa with their humans.

Also, their red Golden Retrievers are very intelligent. This makes them effortless to train, as they’ll love learning new skills. However, they might be a bit mouthy and will gladly tell you when they aren’t happy about something.

This breeder makes sure all of their dogs are checked by the vet and have health clearances for any health conditions that might plague this breed. By doing this, they ensure all of their pups are healthy before they go to their loving homes.

Website: Greenfield Puppies

Email: [email protected]

12. Red Golden Retriever Breeders Texas

two Red Golden Retrievers sitting in truck

Aspiring red Golden Retriever owners in Texas might want to look at Katian Kennel. This breeder was located in Southeast Texas, but they moved to central Texas when Hurricane Harvey happened in 2017.

Katian Kennel produces well-trained dogs that do great in both competition and hunting. In fact, many of their Goldens are titleholders. As such, you can be certain their dogs know how to behave at home and during walks.

Socialization is one of the most important things for this breeder. As such, they are suitable for homes with other pets and children.

All of their dogs get lots of playtime in the backyard, but they can also play in other parts of the property as long as they’re supervised.

As the kennel is located on a farm, their dogs help by checking the goats in the pasture, looking at the ducks in the aviary, but also trailing any wildlife that is on the property, such as deer, squirrels, and rabbits. This also means all their pups do great in hunt tests, field trials, agility, and obedience.

At the same time, all of their puppies are checked by a vet and come with proper documents.

Website: Katian Kennels

Email: [email protected]

13. Red Golden Retriever Breeders Midwest

If you live in the Midwest or even neighboring states like Pennsylvania, you might want to check out Lancaster Puppies. While they aren’t exactly red Golden Retriever breeders, they are an online location that can help you locate reputable breeders in this area.

Other than helping connect buyers and sellers, they also promote the health and wellness of the dogs. They make sure all of the puppies you find on their site are healthy, safe, social, and, most importantly, come from legitimate red Golden Retriever breeders.

This is one of the best websites for finding reputable breeders, as they thoroughly check all of their listings for scams and fraud. They will ban breeders who they suspect have dishonest listings.

As such, they are definitely a website you should check out.

Website: Lancaster Puppies

14. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Louisiana

Many dog owners in Louisiana recommend Golden Puppies as the best red Golden Retriever breeder in the state. This seems to be the go-to place for this amazing dog breed.

This breeder started their family-owned business in 2004 and since then has produced dozens of litters consisting of only top-quality dogs.

They have a strict breeding program and aim to pair dogs with only the best features possible to create a perfect Golden Retriever, no matter the color.

Not just that, but they also offer boarding, grooming, and training programs. They are veterans in the field and offer various help to aspiring dog owners or Golden owners who might need some help handling their puppies. They will even train an older dog!

They state that the joy of pairing clients with the best possible dogs for them is what keeps them going. In fact, they’ll do their best to ensure you go home with a new puppy that is entirely fit for your lifestyle!

Other than Golden Retrievers, they also breed Goldendoodles and have a pair of Shih Tzus, so they occasionally have these small dogs for sale as well.

Website: Golden Puppies

15. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Northwest

Red Golden Retriever playing on snow

If you live in the Northwest, your best option might be to check out the Northwest Goldens. Located in Washougal, WA, this red Golden Retriever breeder provides its customers with happy and healthy Goldens.

Its biggest goal is to better the breed by selecting only the finest dogs for their breeding program. They provide their dogs with attention, love, and care to make sure they grow up to be the best dogs possible.

They specialize in creating the best dogs in all fields possible. This includes service dogs, hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, show dogs, and family pets.

If you’re looking for a new puppy that will have all the best traits, this might be the breeder you’re looking for.

Website: Northwest Goldens

16. Red Golden Retriever Breeders New York

Bounderhill Goldens is a reputable red Golden Retriever breeder located in New York. In fact, they are one of the best breeders statewide.

They are home to some of the happiest and healthiest dogs you can find. All of their pups are given lots of attention and care so their personalities can shine through.

They make sure all of their dogs have been checked by a vet and given health clearances for the various health conditions this breed is prone to. This includes hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and heart and eye problems.

In fact, if any of their dogs develop these issues and their vet confirms, you can return the puppy and be refunded the purchase price (minus the $200 deposit and shipping costs).

Of course, you don’t have to return the puppy if you don’t want to. However, if this happens, you’ll have to sign a form that obliges you to spay or neuter the pup once it is old enough.

Before you make a purchase, you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $200. You’ll be able to pick the puppy you want depending on the order in which you paid the deposit.

Before the pup is shipped to your home, they’ll make sure the dog is vetted and free of diseases and injuries, as well as dewormed and vaccinated. They’ll also provide you with all the necessary documents and paperwork.

Website: Bounderhill Goldens

Email: [email protected]

17. Red Golden Retriever Puppies Oklahoma

If you’re looking for an old-school red Golden Retriever breeder that has been in business for decades, then you should check out Rock and Erin Retrievers. This kennel has been operating since the 1980s!

They breed dogs from successful bloodlines, focusing on field trials and hunt tests. All of their dogs are known for their longevity and health but also their great performance in many fields.

All of their pups are warrantied against elbow and hip disorders, as well as homozygous genetic defects and progressive retinal atrophy. This makes them one of the healthiest dogs you can get!

The breeder has 700 acres of land with various training complexes, so all of their pups are trained and well-behaved. If you’re looking for a dog that will win all the hunting competitions, this is a great breeder to contact.

Website: Rock and Erin Kennels

Are Red Golden Retrievers Rare?

boy kissing Red Golden Retriever

Red Golden Retrievers are very similar to dark Goldens, but they are the result of a genetic variation that occurs thanks to a specific recessive gene.

When you have recessive genes, they’ll only express themselves if found in both parent dogs. While this means that red Golden Retrievers can occur in litters from parents of different colors, the coat color is still challenging to get.

As such, red Golden Retrievers are relatively rare, although they are not so rare that they’re impossible to find.

Not just that, but red Golden Retrievers can change color as they grow older. This means that you can never be certain whether your dog will stay red or turn dark golden in time.

If you want to make sure you’ve bought a true red Golden Retriever, look at the puppy’s ears. This is the truest color on the Golden’s body.

Show Bred Vs. Field Bred Red Golden Retriever Breeders

When looking for Golden Retriever dogs for sale, you can usually see when they come from field dog lines and show dog lines.

While there isn’t much difference between the two at first glance, show dogs strictly follow the breed standard. They are the best of the best, and many will come from champion bloodlines.

On the other hand, field Golden Retrievers don’t have to be a prime example of the breed, although they should still be up to the AKC’s criteria.

These dogs cannot participate in dog shows, but they still make amazing working dogs and family pets.

As red Golden Retrievers aren’t up to the breed standard on their own, it is impossible for them to come from show bloodlines. All of them are field-bred, meaning that the term ‘field-bred red Golden Retriever’ is a standard red Golden Retriever.

Red Golden Retriever Puppies Price

Finally, all aspiring red Golden Retriever owners want to know how much this breed costs. But, it’s important to note that many factors determine a dog’s price, not just coat color.

For example, some breeders sell dogs at different prices to others. Usually, though, this isn’t without reason. These sellers likely have some features that others do not, which adds to the price.

The age of the puppy might also influence the price. While no good red Golden Retriever breeder will agree to sell a dog younger than 8 weeks, the general rule of thumb is the older the puppy, the lower the price.

Red Golden Retrievers hardly ever come from champion bloodlines. As such, this is rarely a factor that will make them more or less expensive.

Finally, the fact that their coat color is rare makes them much more expensive than their standard counterparts. If the average price for a yellow Golden Retriever is about $800, you can expect to pay $3,000 or even more for a red Golden!

It is important to never try to save on the price of a dog. What you don’t pay in the initial price, you might end up paying in medical bills if the dog you’ve bought happens to have a genetic condition.

Because of this, you should always strive to buy only from the best red Golden Retriever breeders possible.

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