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About Us

Dog lovers, pooch pals, puppy buds… call us whatever you want. But one thing’s for sure: we LOVE dogs! So there you go – the first thing we have in common.

PupVine was created to help you raise your puppy to become a paw-fect dog. From their first steps into adulthood to maturity and finally old age, we are here to lead you every step of the way.

Which food is good for your dog, and which will seriously harm them? Do you want to get a purebred dog or a mixed-breed one? There are so many choices, and you have so many questions.

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Bark twice if you’re glad you’re here! It’s the language we understand.

About the Authors

Iram Sharma

Dedication and passion towards fluffy companions had made Iram follow her dreams to becoming a pawesome veterinarian! As an experienced veterinarian, Iram serves the needs of all critters, big and small. But, can you guess who her favorite patients are? Dogs, of course!

Not only does this dogtor help dogs in need, but Iram also spends her time answering common questions and writing about various problems that dog owners stumble upon.

Sarah Anderson

As a veterinary assistant, Sarah has seen everything from the bad to even worse in veterinary medicine. Her experience with animals, especially dogs, is remarkable.

That’s why, she has decided to use her vast, first-hand knowledge and put it into words by discussing the hot topics, everyone wants to know about, on our blog.

James Davis

James is a passionate dog lover and true animal caretaker. He has saved so many stray animals, including dogs, and gave them a happily ever after they never dreamed of having. He would have taken all those animals in by himself, but that wasn’t possible at the time.

Finally, his lifelong dream has come true. He is now a proud owner of a dog rescue center and his true life purpose has been fulfilled. When he’s not saving abandoned animals, he is writing for our blog.