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Top 7 Best Field Golden Retriever Breeders In The U.S.

Top 7 Best Field Golden Retriever Breeders In The U.S.

Are you looking for a new Field Golden Retriever puppy to be a part of your family?

If your lifestyle is very active and you’re in need of a loving companion by your side, look no further than a loyal Field Golden Retriever to meet all your needs!

When looking for a new puppy, you probably want to be sure to choose from the right Field Golden Retriever breeders to ensure you get a healthy and well-behaved purebred pup.

Having said that, finding a quality breeder can be quite a challenge nowadays. There are many backyard breeders and puppy mills with unethical breeding practices that are in it for a quick profit with little to no regard for their dogs’ well-being. It’s best to avoid these unreliable places.

But, that’s where we come in! We’ve made it easier for you, and we have compiled a list of the most reputable breeders to choose from.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the best of the best when it comes to the most reputable Field Golden Retriever Breeders in the U.S.

Field Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Field Golden Retriever puppy sitting on grass

Field Bred Golden Retrievers have always been specifically bred for the purpose of hunting in the field; hence, the preposition “Field”.

In our article, you will find only the most reliable Field Golden Retriever breeders. We promise that no second-rate puppy mills or breeders with unethical breeding practices have found their way on our list.

By the end of this article, you will know where it’s best to look for your new family pet!

The Best 7 Field Golden Retriever Breeders:

1. Windmill Farms Golden Retrievers.

Field Golden Retriever running outside

We’ll kick off this list with Windmill Farms Golden Retrievers.

They have been raising first-rate Field Golden Retrievers for over 15 years, and they are currently raising their 5th generation of dogs!

Windmill Farms has an excellent selection of Goldies that retrieve, hunt, and train on a daily basis on over 700 acres of marshes and fields.

The result of the freedom these pups have is that they are versatile retrievers, ideally suited for hunting and AKC hunt tests, SAR, service, and therapy. But, they also get along well with active families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Rest assured that if you go with Windmill Farms, you will not regret your decision!

Windmill Farms Details

Location: Smithfield, UT

Website: Windmill Farms Golden Retrievers

Phone: (470) 770-1276 ; WhatsApp – 01-435-770-1276

Email: [email protected]

2. Wildfire Goldens Kennels.

Field Golden Retriever walking in flowers

Wildfire Goldens has been quality Field Golden Retriever breeders over the past 30 years.

Wildfire Goldens is located on a small lake in Minneapolis that has recently been recognized as a waterfowl resting area by the Department of Natural Resources. This is a land perfectly suitable for raising top-notch Field Bred Golden Retrievers.

Their puppies are intelligent, highly trainable, and healthy, with acclaimed field dogs close in their bloodlines. Some of their dogs have HRCH (Hunting Retrieving Champions) and AKC Master Hunter titles, as well as a WCX (Working Certificate Excellent) awarded by the GRCA.

Wildfire owner, Roz Wilson, strives to put sound research and work into every litter to ensure top-quality pups are produced through their breeding program.

All of their litter parents are health-tested for elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as for eye disease and heart disease clearances, to ensure their dogs are top of the line.

However, if you don’t want to miss your chance of getting one of Wildfire’s Goldens, you should contact them sooner rather than later. They produce less than six litters a year due to difficulty in finding good breeding matches for their dogs.

Be sure to check out Wildfire Goldens and get on their waiting list for your new furry friend!

Wildfire Goldens Details

Location: 137th Lane Montgomery, MN

Website: Wildfire Goldens

Phone: (952) 540-7901

Email: [email protected]

3. Floden Farm Golden Retrievers.

Field Golden Retriever sitting on grass looking away

Floden Farm has been in the business of quality dog breeding for almost 20 years now.

They are also recognized members of the “Bred with H.E.A.R.T” program issued by the AKC.

The best thing about Floden Farm is that they are a family business, and they are also active pheasant and waterfowl hunters. They spend a lot of time with their dogs outdoors, with access to about 350 acres of open space.

Their dogs are also highly trained in waterfowl hunting and scent work, making them ideal companions for outdoor hunting enthusiasts.

Some of Floden Farm’s Field Goldies have also taken part in official AKC hunt tests and field trials.

Floden Farm is a member of the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club Of America), and strictly adheres to its Code of Ethics.

Floden Farm Golden Retrievers are reputable and trustworthy breeders whom you can expect to provide you with a healthy and well-behaved Field Goldie to love and cherish for years to come!

Floden Farm Details

Location: 27736 County Road, Wendell, MN

Website: Floden Farm Golden Retrievers

Phone: (218) 770 7071

Email: [email protected]

4. Field Bred Golden Retrievers – Utah.

portrait of Field Golden Retriever

Up next on our list is Field Bred Golden Retrievers in Utah.

They perform all the necessary genetic testing to produce field line Goldens that exhibit good health, good temperament, and a good hunting drive so that their dogs are perfectly suited for most active lifestyles.

They enjoy being outdoors and taking their dogs along on hikes or hunting into the mountains around their home and surrounding areas, so their Goldens are always happy and active.

Tyce Erickson has been a Professional Gun Dog and Obedience Trainer since 2008; therefore, he is experienced when it comes to retriever training, effectively delivering great field-bred hunting retrievers.

Field Bred Golden Retrievers are reliable breeders who will no doubt provide you with a quality Field Golden Retriever puppy that will be the perfect family member.

Field Bred Golden Retrievers Details

Location: 8164 South 5600 West Payson, UT

Website: Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Contact: (801) 361-6679

Email: [email protected]

5. SkyRiver Golden Retrievers – Washington.

Field Golden Retriever running outside on field

Whether you’re searching for a waterfowl hunter, an upland hunter, or a Hunt Test dog, they are sure to provide you with the right pick.

SkyRiver is owned by Choral and Sean Jeffries, who strive to breed only Field Golden Retrievers that have a strong retrieving drive, trainability, good health, and intelligence.

However, they are dedicated to producing a small number of quality litters per year.

Every pup they work with is put to the test through training, hunting, and competing.

They provide high-quality Field Bred Golden Retrievers known for their good temperament.

You won’t be disappointed if you choose to go with this breeder!

SkyRiver Golden Retrievers Details

Location: Ellensburg, WA

Website: SkyRiver Goldens

Email: [email protected]

6. Whiskey Creek Goldens – Oregon.

Field Golden Retriever in field of lavender

Whiskey Creek goldens has a love for Field Golden Retrievers that runs deep.

Their main goal is to responsibly breed Field Golden Retrievers without major inherent health issues, and also to promote responsible dog ownership.

Their Field Goldens are diligently bred from pristine animals in order to provide you with years of hunting, field training, and loving companionship.

Some of their puppies are prominent members of The Golden Retriever Club of America.

However, they are a closed kennel, which means that if they don’t have puppies available for sale, you might have to wait until the next litter to make an appointment and then reserve a puppy.

Whiskey Creek Goldens Details

Location: Oregon

Website: Whiskey Creek Goldens

Contact: (503) 704 5049

Email: [email protected]

7. WildWing Goldens – Wisconsin.

Field Golden Retriever standing looking at camera

To finish off the list of the best of the best when it comes to Field Golden Retriever Breeders in the United States, our last, but not least pick is WildWing Goldens.

They strive to balance all the elements that go into breeding quality Goldens: Longevity, good health, and working capacity, along with good looks.

They only produce about one to two litters a year, and they are dedicated to properly socializing their pups early on in order to ensure they reach their full potential.

WildWing Goldens pride themselves on the adaptability and conformity of their pups.

Their Field Golden Retrievers are very obedient and efficient in hunt tests and in tracking. But, they primarily focus on creating great hunting dogs.

Whether you’re looking for a best friend or a hunting companion, WildWing will certainly provide you with a sound pup to accommodate your needs!

WildWing Goldens Details

Location: 6-29 1/2 Ave. Cumberland, WI

Website: WildWing Goldens

Phone: (715) 558 1105

Email: [email protected]

A Field Golden Retriever’s Temperament

dog outside looking awayPhoto from: @goldensylke

So, what kind of behavior should you expect from your new Field Golden Retriever puppy?

Besides their overall appearance, socialization practices, and trainability, the key difference between a Field Golden Retriever and a regular Golden Retriever is that Field Golden Retriever dogs are usually bred as working dogs or hunting dogs, so they have higher energy levels; however, this does not mean that you won’t have your hands full with either breed.

Generally speaking, Field Golden Retrievers are one of the most personable breeds out there. They are very intelligent and devoted to their owners, with a temperament suitable for highly active individuals or families who do a lot of outdoor activities.

In Conclusion

If your lifestyle is very active and you’re in need of a loving family companion by your side, look no further than a loyal Golden to meet all your needs.

Generally, Golden Retriever puppies are well-behaved with children and rarely cause trouble when trained properly, which is why they’re great family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are also known to have the proverbial off-switch for when you need to unwind, so they will not disturb you when you decide to relax a little.

With our list of the best Field Golden Retriever Breeders in the U.S., you’re bound to have an easier time finding the perfect new puppy to bring home!

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