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These 25 Weimaraner Mixes Will Steal Your Heart

These 25 Weimaraner Mixes Will Steal Your Heart

Meet a German dog with a strong prey drive and his pawdorable mixes! Today, we’re going to talk about Weimaraner mixes and why they make such great family pets !

The Weimaraner dog, like many other breeds from Germany, has a strong work ethic that you’re going to love. Other than that, these pups are loyal friends and friendly creatures. They easily make friends with other dogs in the park.

Before we get deep into the matter, what you must know about Weimaraner mixes is that almost all of them are energetic dogs with a fun, playful side. They’re not usually good guard dogs , but they do love their family members dearly.

As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t even look for a guard dog or a watchdog in a Weimaraner.

This dog breed was purposely bred to assist during hunting trips. However, their hunting days are (mostly) over. Today, the Weimaraner and Weimaraner mixes of all kinds are purely companion dogs with a tendency to get you off your bum and make you start exploring the world around you.

Many popular mixed-breed dogs today are enjoying their popularity because they’re either hypoallergenic or compact in size. Weimaraner mixes are slowly gaining their fair share of popularity by being pawesome buddies and active members of society.

Want a social butterfly? Maybe some of the Weimaraner mixes down below will fit your criteria!

1. Basset Weimaraner: Basset Hound X Weimaraner

a beautiful dog lies with a tennis ball

Photo from: @therealguezehound

The blue ghost, or the Weimaraner, will always bring its beauty into every mix. No, I’m not saying that Basset Hounds, whether they’re boys or girls , in this case, are not pretty pups. But, you can’t deny the fact that a Weim ‘s appearance is stunning!

The Basset Weimaraner will look a lot like the Weimaraner pawrent. To be honest, I don’t see many physical features inherited from the Basset. Sure, the size is a bit smaller than with usual Weimaraner mixes . But, there are no big ears to trip on or sad puppy dog eyes.

I feel that the Basset Weimaraner has inherited a lot of the Basset’s personality traits.

These are quite serious dogs. There’s no joking around with their kind. While they tolerate kids, and live with them, the Basset Weimaraner would be a better fit for adults only. Give them a meaningful task to complete, and their intelligence will shine brightly.

What’s great about this crossbreed is that they are docile and friendly with other dogs. Taking walks with them won’t be an issue since they love meeting other fellow doggies.

All in all, if you want a dog that behaves like an adult human being, go with the Basset Weimaraner!

2. Weimshepherd: German Shepherd X Weimaraner

a beautiful Weimshepherd dog is standing in the yard

Photo from: @taylorvasmith

Can we take a moment of appreciation for German dogs? Every single one I’ve encountered is a dog with a supreme work ethic and overall amazing behavior. The same goes for our Weimaraner as well as the popular German Shepherd – the Weim ‘s next breeding partner.

Weimaraner mixes are usually larger dogs, just like the GSD. The end result is puppies that don’t look too different from the Weim parent. In this case, the Weimshepherd is the perfect blend of both worlds.

This crossbreed puppy is very energetic and outgoing. He loves spending the day outside, playing with his human, or chasing squirrels. You know – the usual dog stuff.

What’s not usual is the frustration that derives from their loneliness. In other words, don’t leave a Weimshepherd alone at any cost. The strong GSD genes make them cling to one person and fixate on him or her. If you’re not around, expect destructive behavior.

I’m not saying aggression because neither parents, especially not the GSD, are aggressive. Just pay attention to your pup!

The Weimshepherd is one of the smartest pups in the canine world. With the GSD’s strong tendency to stay obedient, you’ll get a pup that will listen to whatever you have to say.

3. Dalmaraner: Dalmatian X Weimaraner

three Dalmaraner dogs are sitting

Photo from: @ottimo_kt

Dalmatian mixed-breed puppies are always so unusual, yet so stunning. Just imagine a cross between a Dalmatian and a Weimaraner! Okay, you don’t have to imagine since the Dalmaraner really exists!

If we had to pick the most handsome of all Weimaraner mixes , that would definitely be our Dalmaraner . Besides pawfectly good looks, this crossbreed pup is blessed with inner beauty.

Their loyalty towards their owner, and their capability to learn everything the dog owner is trying to teach them is really spectacular. This makes the Dalmaraner one of the most devoted crossbreed dogs of them all.

What might not excite you about this hybrid is the fact that they’re quite energetic and love spending their days outside playing. I wouldn’t recommend this mix for a family living in a small, city apartment.

The ideal living conditions for a Dalmaraner’s longer lifespan include a nice, big house and a spacious and fenced back yard. If you keep them in a crowded space for too long, they will become nervous and might even destroy your belongings!

4. Weimarrott: Rottweiler X Weimaraner

two Weimarrot dogs standing in nature

Photo from: @loveandlive4myweimsandrotts

What’s so special about the Weimarrott other than its pure German name and origin?

The Weimarrott (or the Rottweiler Weimaraner mix) is a dog that will surprise you with its size and strong body. Weimarrott s aren’t your average designer dogs. They were bred to be large dogs with muscular bodies that might serve a purpose.

Since both parents are hardworking pups, with the Weim being a hunting dog and the Rottie being a working dog, you can absolutely train Weimarrotts into being working-class dogs. They’re beyond intelligent, and they don’t find dog training to be challenging. In fact, they will master it in no time!

If you want a bigger dog with a tendency to protect you and your family, this is the cross to choose.

Weimarrotts need lots of daily exercises to keep their high energy levels drained. I would recommend you socialize them in time so that you have a well-behaving crossbreed .

A lot of people believe that Rottweilers and their crossbreed puppies are dangerous. But, Rotties are not aggressive or dangerous. Purebred Rotties and their cross puppies make wonderful dogs for the entire family! Don’t believe me? Just ask any Weimarrott dog owner!

5. Weipyrenees: Great Pyrenees X Weimaraner

Great Pyrenees and Weimaraner dogs stand opposite each other

We come to a pretty unusual Weimaraner mix , the Weipyrenees.

How often do you get the chance to see a Great Pyrenees? Not that often, right? Well, their mix with our Weimaraner isn’t that common either. The Weipyrenees is one of those Weimaraner mixes that combine perfectly physical traits as well as personality characteristics from both parents.

At first glance, the Weipyrenees will resemble the Great Pyrenees a lot. Its broad head, with kind eyes and droopy ears, will be the first thing you notice about these pups. The Weipyrenees is a large dog , considering the size of the Pyrenees.

Depending on whether the pup takes after the Weim or the Great Pyrenees, it will shed moderately or quite a bit, i.e., the Great Pyrenees sheds A LOT!

I wouldn’t bring them into a home with small kids and other tiny pets. This is a crossbreed with exceptionally strong herding genes. You don’t want your family members to end up as a hunting game for the Weipyrenees.

Other than their tendency to be hunters, Weipyrenees dogs are generally active dogs, and love hanging out in the dog park with a ball or watching him lose his mind when you say “fetch”!

6. Boweimar: Boxer X Weimaraner

The Boweimar is a crossbreed puppy between our Weim and a Boxer .

Although this mixed puppy looks a lot like the Weimaraner, its entire personality is inherited from the Boxer mom or dad . Boweimars are very sociable, and love making new friends. I’m used to seeing hunting dogs that don’t get along with little children.

But, the Boweimar is not that kind of dog. They love kids, and they enjoy spending their days surrounded by them. Also, our Boweimar seems to love the company of other animals. If you bring him into a home where other pets are already in charge, you shouldn’t expect any issue.

The Boweimar is super adaptable, and shows tolerance even when you believe he won’t show it.

As I mentioned, their looks are entirely from the Weimaraner parent. I like to say that the Boweimar is a muscular version of the Weimaraner, thanks to all that muscle mass from the Boxer parent.

All in all, this crossbreed pup isn’t dangerous or aggressive at all. Their personality is cheerful and pleasant. I wouldn’t mind having them around as family pets at all!

7. Weimarsky: Husky X Weimaraner

a black dog lies in the snow

Photo from: @bailey_dream_of_jazz

Another of the handsome Weimaraner mixes is the Weimarsky a cross between the Husky and the Weimaraner. One look at this mixed puppy and you can immediately tell he’s got strong Husky genes. If it wasn’t for the floppy ears and thin coat, you could mistake the Weimarsky for a Husky .

Weimarsky dogs are a good blend of both parent breeds . The physical traits are nicely distributed between both breeds. That’s why we have a Husky face and a Weimaraner’s floppy ears, or their rather thin coat.

As far as their personality traits go, the Weimarsky is a playful pooch with lots of energy. He will show you affection and share little wet kisses like crazy. With this crossbreed pup, it’s going big or going home.

And, everything is big with them, especially their heart!

That’s why when you leave them alone in the house, a Weimarsky starts behaving crazily. Soon enough, they become restless, and some even develop separation anxiety . They’re so connected with their owner that it hurts them to be apart from them!

8. Chowmaraner: Chow Chow X Weimaraner

dog on a leash ready for a walk

Photo from: @tiger_pup_

Now, here’s one of those Weimaraner mixes you’re gonna question whether they’re really from a Weim parent.

This is a Chowmaraner. One of the parents is a Weimaraner, while the other is a Chow Chow . Yes, we can agree: this is a pretty unusual combination.

Our Chowmaraner puppy looks nothing like its parents. Well, other than the signature orange color that Chow Chow dogs usually feature.

This puppy won’t be as big and chubby as its Chow parent. Almost always, the Chowmaraner will be a medium-sized dog with a sleek coat. The Chow’s big, dense, fluffy coat is nowhere to be seen. Even the facial expression of this crossbreed doesn’t match its parents.

While the Chow has a smushy face covered in hair, the Weim ‘s muzzle is elongated, so the Chowmaraner’s face is somewhere in between. But, their ears are erect – nothing like the two breeds behind this mix.

Our Chowmaraner is truly unique in every possible way.

As for its temperament, I must add that they’re a bit of a handful. Chowmaraners don’t like when people, kids, or dogs around them don’t behave nicely. They simply won’t put up with it. They’re serious fellows and need someone experienced to handle them. First-time owners better step aside.

9. Great Weimar: Great Dane X Weimaraner

two Great Weimar dogs are sitting on the grass

Photo from: @greatweimarsofinsta

The Great Weimar is what you might get if you had a super-growing potion and poured it all over the Weimaraner. The result would be a giant Weim dog.

Well, the same result happens when you breed your Weimaraner with a Great Dane . Thanks to strong genes, all Great Dane cross puppies will be… simply great!

But, seriously – this will be a really large dog breed , with a lovely appearance inherited from our gray ghost . There won’t be pointy ears or droopy lips with a narrow face from our Great Dane . The Great Weimar has floppy ears with a broad face.

The coat remains the same as with the parent breeds . But, the color options are endless, considering the fact of how many pawesome Great Dane colors we have!

No matter if you call it a giant Weimaraner or a compact Great Dane, the Great Weimar is a dog that needs someone with knowledge as a dog owner. They are still big dogs that demand lots of exercise and lots of time spent with their family.

If you’ve got that covered, then make sure you have a house big enough for this gentle giant.

10. Weimardoodle: Poodle X Weimaraner

Weimardoodle dog standing in shallow water on the beach

Whenever you want to make a dog appropriate for people who are prone to allergies, you mix him with a Poodle . Truth be told, we have other hypoallergenic dog breeds , but Poodles are the favorite for crossbreeding . The end result is always a lovely Doodle!

In this case, a cross between a Weimaraner and a Poodle is a Weimardoodle – an unusual-looking Poodle pooch!

Covered in curly hair in all sorts of Poodle coat colors, the Weimardoodle is the envy of the entire dog park. But, their super-wavy coat is not the only thing that will make you wish for a Weimardoodle .

Just as all Poodle mixes, the Weimardoodle is extremely intelligent and strives to make its owner proud by completing training tasks successfully. As such, the Weimardoodle is an obedient and devoted family dog that loves cuddles and playtime.

Since both parents are hunting dogs, you do need to keep an eye on the Weimardoodle’s hunting urge. Other than that, they’re perfectly fine and lovely Weimaraner mixes !

11. Pointeraner: German Shorthaired Pointer X Weimaraner

Pointeraner dog resting in bed

Photo from: @pawsandabackpack

The Pointeraner (or the German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner mix) is as German as it gets.

When you look at the Weimaraner’s origin, you’ll notice that among several breeds that were used to create the Weim , there’s a German Shorthaired Pointer. So, you’ll understand why these two parent breeds look a lot like each other.

The Pointeraner comes in many coat colors. The Shorthaired Pointer parent has a lot of variations – all of them featuring patterns or tri-color combos. The Weim , otherwise known as the gray ghost , usually comes in silver, taupe, blue, and mouse gray. They’re all similar shades.

That’s why our Pointeraner will resemble a German Shorthaired Pointer more than the other parent.

As far as their temperament goes, the Pointeraner loves making his human happy. This is a dog that will jump as high as you tell him to.

The Pointeraner is an intelligent dog that doesn’t need much training. If you submit them to obedience lessons and early socialization from a young age , you’d be surprised at how capable these pups are.

12. Pittmaraner: Pitbull X Weimaraner

Pittmaraner dog lies on the laminate

Photo from: @jennstar13

The Pittmaraner is, obviously, a lovely cross between a Pitbull and a Weimaraner.

This is a Weimaraner mix with special energy, and an even more special personality. Like all Pitbulls , the Pittmaraner will be a sweet dog – never aggressive in any case.

Even though their appearance might be a bit intimidating, this mixed-breed dog is actually a pretty handsome boy.

Pittmaraners have in themselves two kinds of temperament. One is loyal and protective, while the other is cute and cuddly. He can show his teeth to a stranger if he feels provoked. A second later, he’ll ask for kisses and cuddles.

What you can tell about Pittmaraners is that they’re fueled with passion in everything they do. If they’re protecting you, they will be doing that with the greatest pleasure.

However, there is one downside of this crossbreed pup, and that’s its tendency to wander off. Even though they will show commitment to their owner, the Pittmaraner likes to explore, and will often wander off if you don’t put him in a secured back yard.

13. Weim-Pei: Shar Pei X Weimaraner

Weim-Pei dog on a sandy beach

Photo from: @una_weimpei

Despite its funny name, the Weim-Pei is actually a pretty great buddy to have around. This Weimaraner and Shar Pei mix is quite uncommon, given the fact that Shar-Peis are one of those dog breeds you don’t see around a lot.

In fact, there aren’t any trusted breeder of the Shar-Pei breed; hence, there aren’t many Shar-Pei mixes either.

The Weim-Pei is not as confident around other people as you might want him to be. You can blame that on the Shar-Pei parent. Instead, this crossbreed pup will pick one person in the family and try to follow him around all the time.

And, yes – he’ll succeed at that because that person will be the object of his love and affection. Weim-Peis are pretty devoted to their owner, but you’ll see that once you adopt one.

This is a rather big mixed dog, but it won’t need lots of daily workout sessions. A moderate amount of exercise will be enough for the Weim-Pei . If you’re planning on training this dog, which you should be doing, try to do it on your own.

Weim-Peis prefer that their owner does everything for them, from socializing to training and teaching them tricks!

14. Labmaraner: Labrador Retriever X Weimaraner

Labmaraner dog runs in nature

Photo from: @labmaraner

We come to a mix that’s probably one of the friendliest pooches of all Weimaraner mixes !

I present you the Labmaraner – a wonderful cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Weimaraner. This is a really sociable pup that loves spending its time with humans more than with other canines. Labmaraners want to be in the center of your attention.

If they’re not, that’s okay. But, they’ll be heartbroken.

The thing with Weimaraners is that they don’t like being alone at all. They will want someone to be in the house with them. So, if you usually work long hours and live alone, this pup is not the right one for you.

Labmaraners are a bit clingy all because of their Lab side of the family. They easily develop a condition called separation anxiety . This falls hard on their little souls, so please don’t cause it on purpose.

This crossbreed is for active people who love spending time in nature, playing with dogs, and exploring new areas. Since this is a combination of a hunting dog and a water dog, the Labmaraner will be the happiest if you could engage him in some sort of sport.

But, of course – not hunting. We like our other animal friends, too!

15. Weimapeake: Chesapeake Bay Retriever X Weimaraner

A Weimapeake dog on a leash walks in the shallows

Photo from: @thor.bu

Just like the Labmaraner , the Weimapeake is another combination of a retriever and a hunting dog . While the Labmaraner has the popular Labrador Retriever parent, the Weimapeake is a distant cousin, coming from a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

The Weimapeake is a really adventurous dog that loves spending the day outside, sniffing around the house, meeting new friends, and discovering new places.

The two parent breeds are very similar appearance-wise. They feature similar coat colors , but their texture is rather different and a bit wavy – thanks to the Chessie parent.

What makes them different is their size. Since the Chessie is a smaller dog, and the Weim is a bit larger than your average pooch, you can expect the puppy to be within the medium-sized group.

Besides being such a handsome good boy, the Weimapeake is extremely smart, but even that comes with a price. Usually, intelligent dogs don’t have enough patience to stay still in one place. They love being active and enjoying their freedom by roaming through nature.

This is not a dog for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Your Weimapeake would be the happiest if he could live outside all the time! But, of course – let’s not allow that to happen for safety reasons.

16. Bosmaraner: Boston Terrier X Weimaraner

Bosmaraner puppy lies in the grass

Photo from: @deanlapoint

Imagine the Boston Terrier’s colors and the Weimaraner’s appearance. Yup, that’s our Bosmaraner . And, yes – he’s the real boss here.

All jokes aside, you’re looking at a cheerful pup with a stunning appearance and an even better personality.

Bosmaraners are very adaptable, and wouldn’t mind living in any home as long as they get what they want.

All these pups want is enough exercise and someone to give them cuddles at the end of the day.

If being happy all the time and making you smile isn’t a hard thing to do for your Bosmaraner , then keeping him satisfied with these few things shouldn’t be hard for you either!

17. Vizmaraner: Vizsla X Weimaraner

Vizmaraner dog is lying on a red sofa

Photo from: @satchel.and.paige

I know you might think the Weim and the Vizsla are two pups of the same breed, but the truth is far from that. Both are different breeds – each special in its own way. Together, they make a pretty fine team.

The Vizmaraner is a playful dog that feels comfortable only around its tight circle of friends and family. They don’t like strangers, but they won’t act aggressively toward them. Simply put – the Vizmaraner doesn’t feel comfortable around unknown people. Think of it as a sort of social anxiety.

Other than that, Vizmaraners are genuinely good as pets.

They’re smart, easy to train, and don’t need lots of workouts on a daily basis. Seems like the perfect dog for a busy hooman, right? Well, it is! It’s hard to find a single flaw in the Vizmaraner .

If I had to be that specific, I’d say they’re very hard to find , which is why they’re not completely perfect. But, a true fan of the Weimaraner mixes or Vizsla mixes will find a way to introduce the Vizmaraner into his life.

18. Beagiraner: Beagle X Weimaraner

a beautiful Beagiraner dog is looking around the park

Photo from: @shellybellymou

A body of a Weimaraner, and a facial expression of a Beagle !

Yup, that’s our Beagiraner !

Although the name sounds a lot like “beginner”, the truth is that these crossbreed pups are not beginners in the canine kingdom at all. The vast majority of Weimaraner mixes are fairly new and uncommon, but the Beagiraner is not one of them.

Since it comes from a pretty common parent breed , the Beagle mom or dad , the crossbreed pup is fairly easy to find.

Beagles are fun, playful, and just too sweet. Even grown-up Beagles are like adorable puppies! But, the other side of the family, the Weimaraner, is more serious and usually behaves like a real adult person. Sure, they love to have fun, but they prefer to show their loyalty and obedience first.

The Beagiraner is bouncy in every single way you can imagine. So, yes – it does need a fair share of daily exercises. Trust me – by the end of the day with your Beagiraner , you’ll feel exhausted. But, your little Beagiraner pup will jump in front of you, asking: What’s next, hooman?

19. Goldmaraner: Golden Retriever X Weimaraner

portrait of an adorable Goldmaraner dog with a scarf around his neck

Photo from: @_wandering.willow_

No, that’s not an unusual Golden Retriever with a half sleek, half fluffy coat.

That’s a Goldmaraner a pup you can easily mistake for a purebred Golden Retriever!

Since Golden Retrievers come in lots of coat colors and different coat options, I can tell why people make such mistakes.

However, the Goldmaraner has a lot of Weimaraner traits, whether they’re visible or not. Let’s say this is the perfect blend of both dog breeds ! And, it truly is!

The Goldmaraner is super-friendly with everyone, including strangers. They love staying fit, and prefer to run around in circles other than just sit down and snooze all day long.

The one problem with this crossbreed pup is that you can’t really leave them alone with kids. They do have the Golden Retriever ‘s blood, but still, they’re one of the Weimaraner Mixes !

I’m not saying the Goldmaraner might hurt your kid on purpose, but this is a mixture of two hunting dogs ; therefore, herding genes are too strong in this dog breed .

Just keep him entertained and exercised regularly and you’ll have the perfect family pooch that will brighten up your days!

Health-wise, these dogs are prone to several health issues, especially hip dysplasia. Such health problems affect not only purebred dogs, but hybrid dogs, too.

20. Ridgemaraner: Rhodesian Ridgeback X Weimaraner

two Ridgemaraner dogs stand on the river bank

Photo from: @aryaandwinston

Okay, protectiveness is too strong with this Weimaraner mix , and let me tell you why. It’s because we’re talking about a cross puppy coming from a Rhodesian Ridgeback . Yes, these are rare dogs, and you should get to know them better.

As you can imagine, they have transferred lots of genes to their offspring with the Weimaraner.

The Ridgemaraner is a serious dog that doesn’t have lots of time to play. It’s all work with this pup. It must be because this mixed puppy comes from two exceptionally hard-working dog breeds.

They will show you loyalty, and they will do their best to keep you safe. But, you need to do something in return for them.

If you can, bring a Ridgemaraner into a house with a large, fenced yard. They need exercise much more often than you can imagine!

Keep them occupied, and give them some fun toys to promote mental stimulation. Do anything it takes to prevent boredom with this dog breed . If they become bored, they will become destructive.

Just imagine a Ridgemaraner destroying your living room just because you were out and he had nothing to do! Not a pleasant sight, eh? Well, now you understand how these pups roll.

21. Alaskan Weimsky: Alaskan Husky X Weimaraner

cute Alaskan Weimsky dog lies on the sofa

When you combine two active dog breeds like the Alaskan Husky and our Weimaraner, you get a pup that bounces off the walls with energy!

Here’s the Alaskan Weimsky – a cross between another Husky , but this time, the Alaskan and the Weim . This is another rather uncommon cross since the popularity of the Alaskan Husky isn’t that big. People usually pick the Siberian version since they’re more approachable.

The Alaskan Weimsky will be the perfect fit for an active dog owner. Do not bring them into a family where no one likes to pick up a ball and play. This pup will thrive if put in the right family.

One thing that Huskies and Husky mixes battle with is hot weather conditions. The Alaskan Weimsky can live in both conditions, depending on whether it takes after the Weim or the Husky . But, one problem still remains unsolved.

Shedding genes are strong with this crossbreed since Huskies shed insanely! Your pup might inherit more Weim genes, but the mix will still be quite a handful.

If dog hair and allergies bother you, don’t choose the Alaskan Weimsky. Pick some other Weimaraner mix !

22. Cocker Weim: Cocker Spaniel X Weimaraner

Cocker Weim dog sits in the mud in nature

Photo from: @jemstephen

Do you know what the favorite game is for a Weimaraner and Cocker Spaniel mixed breed puppy?


Go figure!

All jokes aside – that’s absolutely logical since this is a spaniel and a hunting dog cross. Both parents are known as amazing hunting dogs , no matter what they bring back to their owner.

Just give the Cocker Weim a job, or buy one of those ball-throwing machines if you’re too busy, and watch him do his magic. This cross pup could go all day without stopping if he could play ball and stay active.

I’d recommend a Cocker Weim for a dog owner who simply has lots of free time on his hands. If you’re a bit lazy, don’t worry – y our Cocker Weim will make you get up, have fun, and exercise with him. Think of this dog as motivation for you to stay in shape or find yours!

23. Weimaraner X Dachshund

Weimaraner and Dachshund dogs enjoying the sunset

Photo from: @forest._.paws

Would you look at that! It’s an elongated Weimaraner! Did it somehow shrink or something?

No, because this is not an elongated Weimaraner. This is a Weimaraner and Dachshund mix, simply known as that. There isn’t a fancy crossbreed name like the Goldmaraner . But, if you want, you can call it the Weim Doxie.

If we put this pup’s stubbornness aside, we get a perfectly affectionate dog that will show you love every day and every moment of the day. Yes – a bit clingy like the Doxie ! It’s the combination of two German dog breed genes that created such a wonderful little pet.

The Weim Doxies biggest advantage is its size. It’s not too small like a Dachshund, but it’s also not as big as a Weimaraner. It’s just in between, and it can be a great pet for apartment living.

Another great thing about the Weim Doxie is that they don’t really need a bunch of exercise. A simple stroll down the street will be okay. Well, maybe throw in a game of ball just for fun. They’re still both hunting dogs , right?

24. Weimardale: Airedale Terrier X Weimaraner

Weimardale dog standing on a sandy beach

A scruffy-looking fellow, this Weimardale, isn’t he?

Meet the rarest of all Weimaraner mixes – the cross between our Weim and the Airedale Terrier. Stop for a second and think about the last time you saw an Airedale Terrier . Exactly! You have probably never seen one in person!

This makes the Weimardale a super unusual dog with a rather common, I might add, standard appearance.

The Weimardale looks like he could use a good trim. But, it’s all because of its curly, shaggy coat. Such a coat demands lots of attention and daily brushing. I know you’ll brush him today, and in a few hours, he’ll still look unpolished.

But, just imagine what would happen to your Weimardale’s coat if you didn’t brush it!

This cross puppy is still wonderful on the inside, and that’s what really matters.

The Weimardale is intelligent, and loves listening to his owner yelling commands. Still, it’s a terrier mix, so expect outbursts of energy and a bit of disobedience. Luckily, that’s nothing that simple obedience training with positive reinforcement can’t handle!

25. Weimarman: Doberman X Weimaraner

Weimarman dog sitting in the house

Photo from: @ripleyandrye

Boy, that pup has legs that go way up high! This is one really large fellow.

Meet the Weimarman – a cross between a Doberman and a Weimaraner. Even though the Doberman has pretty bad publicity , I’d still recommend this dog breed and all their crosses since they’re more than just a bad news article.

Yes, Dobermans can attack you, but only aggressive ones. For a dog to become aggressive, he must skip all obedience training as well as socialization . Well-trained and socialized Doberman pups are a delight to own!

Even though they look intimidating, there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, Weimaraner genes surely tone down the Dobie genes a bit. The end result is a kind-looking pup with floppy ears, an extra-large body, and a muscular shape.

As for what’s inside the Weimarman – it’s only kindness, loyalty, and a huge desire to be obedient to its owner.

I would definitely recommend the Weimarman since it’s one of the most spectacular Weimaraner mixes , both inside and out.

If you want a dog that will jump in front of a bullet for you, this is the dog you should choose!


So, which of these Weimaraner mixes is your favorite? Is it the Goldmaraner , the Weimarman, or maybe the rare Wei-Pei?

No matter which Weim mix you pick, you’re going to end up with a lovely pooch that will listen to you, show you its loyalty, and show how brilliantly intelligent he is.

What are you waiting for? Go through this list once again and choose your new best friend. But, beware – he’ll truly be there for you no matter what and no matter when!

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