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The Vizsla Weimaraner Mix: A Peek Into The Vizmaraner Breed

The Vizsla Weimaraner Mix: A Peek Into The Vizmaraner Breed

There are many beautiful dogs out there with amazing characteristics and even better looks.

This makes it really hard, though, to choose only one breed. Of course, you can get more than one dog, but most people don’t have the means to take care of multiple dogs.

Well, there is a solution for this problem. Let me introduce you to the idea of crossbreeds — a mix of two or more purebred dogs that perfectly combines the best elements of the different dog breeds.

If you just can’t choose between the Hungarian Vizsla and the Weimaraner, there is a way to get the best of both worlds – I present to you the Vizmaraner (sometimes you will find it under the name Weizsla), a perfect combination of intelligent and loyal Vizsla and loving Weimaraner.

You might be asking yourself: “What does the Vizsla Weimaraner mix look like?” Well, if you want to find out the answer and learn much more about this mixed breed, keep on reading!

The Vizsla Weimaraner Mix: Meet The Parents

A long time ago, breeders got the idea to try to cross different breeds, combining their best qualities to produce a mixed breed with the most amazing traits. With that notion, a whole new world of different dog breeds was opened.

By looking at the parent breeds we can get a pretty good picture of what the mix will look like. So, in order to understand the nitty-gritty of the Vizsla Weimaraner mix, it is necessary to get to know the parents first, and we are going to do just that.

The Vizsla

vizsla dog lying next to moss in a forest

The pride and joy of Hungary, the beautiful Vizsla is a very versatile and talented dog that excels in many sports and activities.

For centuries, this breed has been conquering many hearts in Hungary and other European countries, but recently they have also been growing in popularity in America.

Let’s look at the most important characteristics of this interesting breed…

History Of The Breed

Over the centuries, Hungarian warlords refined this breed and made it into a swift, all-purpose dog that is good at almost everything. They are truly versatile dogs in every sense of the word.

The importation of this breed to the United States began in the 1950s, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized and admitted Vizslas into the club in 1960.

The Vizsla was the first dog in AKC history to have been crowned a quintuple champion, earning championships in five different sports. This is a perfect example of the amazing qualities they possess.


The Vizsla is a friendly, loving, and good-natured dog that is so affectionate and sensitive it has earned the nickname “Velcro dog”.

If you are wondering why “velcro”, it is because of their extreme affection and ability to form a very tight bond with their owners.

They quite literally attach themselves, just like velcro, to their favorite person and hate to be left alone for long periods due to separation anxiety.

They are very intelligent and agile dogs that respond well to training but do require a lot of exercise. Vizslas are sociable dogs that get along really well with people and other animals.

Very polite and outgoing, they are a perfect family dog with an awesome personality to pass down to others.


When it comes to appearance, Vizslas are rugged but elegant-looking pups. They are the most known for their sleek, golden-rust coat, but can also appear in some different coat colors.

They are often compared to the Rhodesian Ridgeback because of their similar looks, or to Labrador Retrievers with red coats.

Vizslas have a sleek body, with a powerful chest, strong jaw, and deep-set eyes that match their colors. This athletic build is perfect for various activities, such as field trials, obedience, rally, hunting, agility, and much more.

According to the Vizsla growth chart, they stand between 21 and 24 inches when fully grown. The average weight for male Vizslas is around 55 to 66 pounds, whereas for female Vizslas is around 45 to 55 pounds.


Vizslas are generally healthy dogs with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. However, as with any other breed, there are some health concerns, such as allergies, entropion, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and ear infections.

Responsible breeders should definitely screen their dogs for all those health problems if they want to produce healthy Vizslas.

The AKC recommends that certain health tests are done, such as hip evaluation, thyroid evaluation, and ophthalmologist evaluation.

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The Weimaraner

Weimaraner dog sitting near the lavander flowers

The other parent of this beautiful mix is a true German blood beloved by many hunters and dog owners all over the world. Grace, elegance, and a striking silvery-gray coat are just some of the amazing qualities of the dog breed called the Weimaraner.

History Of The Breed

The Weimaraner is a fairly young breed that was developed in the 1800s in the little town of Weimar, Germany.

It is said that the Weimaraner is the result of crossing Bloodhounds with German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, and various German or French hunting dogs.

In the first couple of years, the breed was only known among German aristocracy and finally came to American soil in the 1920s.

They started becoming popular in the 1950s when President Eisenhower and movie star Grace Kelly took these pups as pets. The rest is history.

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The Weimaraner is known for their friendliness, obedience, and beauty. They are eager to be true family members, love spending quality time with their owners, and are usually very good with children.

However, these pups need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so they are best suited for people who are able to commit to their physical needs; otherwise, they might become frustrated.

Other than that, their intelligence, loving nature, and courageous, can-do-it-all attitude make them perfect family pets.


These pups are famous for their beautiful appearance that is truly a breathtaking sight. Their striking silvery-gray coat is what gave them the iconic nickname “Gray Ghost”, but they also come in some other color variations.

There are slight differences between male and female Weimaraners, mostly when it comes to height and weight.

The average height of male Weimaraners when fully grown is around 25 to 27 inches, and they weigh around 90 pounds. On the other hand, female Weimaraners stand between 23 and 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 75 pounds.


Weimaraners have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. However, unfortunately, they are prone to some minor health issues and one major health problem.

The biggest concern with this breed is gastric torsion, which is a life-threatening condition that makes the dog’s stomach overstretch and twist shut.

Some minor issues include entropion, canine hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, and spinal dysraphism.

A veterinarian may run some tests to identify if the dog has any of these problems.

The Vizmaraner: About The Breed

the vizmaraner dog lying on the carpet

Photo from: @murphy_the_vizmaraner

As you might have already noticed, both parent breeds have a lot of similarities but also some unique characteristics which make this pooch a perfect blend of two very interesting breeds of dog.

Let’s see what the most important traits of the Vizsla Weimaraner mix are:

History Of The Breed

The Vizmaraner is a hybrid dog (sometimes also referred to as a designer breed) produced by crossing two extremely high energy, and intelligent hunting dogsthe Hungarian Vizsla and the German Weimaraner.

There is not much information about the exact history of the breed. It is not known when and where it was first created or who the breeder who came up with the idea to mix these two breeds was.

However, I can say with great certainty that this mix was created in recent years and is still a fairly new crossbreed. Although a new breed, it already has many admirers, which is not surprising considering its many qualities.


Many dog lovers say the temperament of the dog and their personality are the most important parts, and I would agree. Dogs, as with humans, should be judged only by what is in their hearts and not their looks.

Don’t judge the book by its cover. However, it certainly does help when the dog is at the same time beautiful looking and has a wonderful temperament.

So, is the Vizmaraner a good boy?

The Vizsla Weimaraner mix is a friendly, energetic, and intelligent dog. Just like their parent, the Vizsla, they are people-loving dogs, capable of forming a close bond with their owners.

They can also be described as Velcro dogs, due to their eagerness to follow their humans everywhere.

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Although this behavior is cute and shows just how much your pup loves you, unfortunately, it comes with a price. These dogs don’t like to be left alone for long periods or to be left alone at all.

They can also develop strong separation anxiety, which means that if they are left alone and feel anxious or sad, they might resort to destructive behavior, like chewing, biting, scratching, and much more.

Other than that, they are true social butterflies that get along well with strangers and children.

Other smaller animals might pose a slight problem since these pups do have a high prey drive given the fact they were originally hunting dogs. However, with a bit of proper socialization, this shouldn’t be a big problem.


When it comes to size, the Vizmaraner is a medium-to-large dog. Both parent breeds are somewhat similar in size, with Vizslas being slightly smaller, so the exact size of your mixed pup will depend on which parent genes are dominant.

However, there are some things that can help you determine the size of your pup. In order to find out, make sure to check “how to tell how big a mixed puppy will get?”

The average height of the Vizmaraner pup is 21 to 27 inches (53 to 68 cm), and the average weight is 45 to 66 lbs (20 to 29 kg).

They have beautiful, short, and sleek fur that can come in various colors, although the most popular one is definitely gray.

They have a well-proportioned, athletic body shape, a wide, flat head shape, long snout, floppy ears, and beautiful almond-shaped eyes that can come in various colors, such as gray, brown, amber, and even blue or green.


the vizmaraner dog running on the grass field

Photo from: @ffionleigh

The Vizmaraner, with its lifespan of 11 to 15 years is generally a healthy breed of dog. The goal of every crossbreed is to improve the general health of the parent breeds.

However, crossbreeding is a tricky business, and even though everyone would like to create the healthiest dog ever, sometimes it is inevitable that the mix also inherits some health issues from the parents.

Therefore, although it doesn’t have to mean that every mix will have these issues, it is important to know that it is possible.

Some of the possible health issues include:

Hip dysplasia

• Epilepsy


Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

• Cataracts

• Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid)

Von Willebrand’s disease

To ensure you get a healthy pup that will be less likely to develop these health issues, it is important to always choose a reputable and responsible breeder.

Finding someone who practices responsible and healthy breeding and is educated in dog genetics is crucial.

Please try to avoid puppy mills, backyard breeders, pet stores or online pet shops since these places definitely don’t care about the dog’s health, only the profit.

Training Requirements

These pups are intelligent and eager to please which makes them very trainable. Training is important in every dog’s life, especially with such an active dog.

Even though they are obedient and good-natured dogs, without proper training and socialization they can develop some behavioral issues, such as anxiety or fear.

It is necessary to start basic obedience training as soon as possible, especially leash walking because they could have a high prey drive which can cause problems with smaller animals.

In order to avoid this, early socialization is a must. As much as possible, try to expose your Vizmaraner to various situations, people, and other pets and animals, so they can get used to them and not see them as prey or hunting objects.

Positive reinforcement is key to every successful training process, and these dogs aren’t an exception to this. Some high-quality treats can help you in the process of achieving the best-dog behavior.

Exercise Needs

Vizmaraner dog running

Photo from: @rudyandvinnie

The Vizsla Weimaraner mix is a very active dog with high energy levels that needs a lot of daily exercise in order to stay happy and healthy.

It is absolutely necessary that you provide this dog with a lot of various exercises each day, otherwise they will become bored and even frustrated. This can lead to destructive behavior which can be anything from chewing, biting, causing a ruckus, and much more.

To keep your doggo physically active you can take him on long walks, hikes, jogs, visit dog parks, or any other areas where they can run around and be free.

However, physical activity is not the only kind of exercise your pup is going to need. It is important not to forget mental stimulation, which is equally, if not more, important for keeping your pup healthy.

There are many games and toys which can keep your dog’s brain active, such as puzzle toys or playing hide-and-seek and fetch, which are great ways to stimulate all your dog’s senses.

Grooming And Care Tips

The good thing about the Vizmaraner is that they are pretty easy to take care of when it comes to grooming. They have short and sleek fur which doesn’t shed a lot.

What about their parents? Make sure to read “do Weimaraners shed?” to find out!


These pups are not heavy shedders, at least not like German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers, who shed a lot. Vizmaraners are moderate shedders throughout the year except for the shedding season in spring and fall.

This means that you can get away with brushing your dog’s fur once per week, and when in shedding season at least two to three times is recommended.


Since their fur is short and pretty self-cleaning, these dogs do not require regular bathing. Every few months should be enough to keep them nice and tidy.

Over-bathing can actually strip your dog’s natural oils which helps keep them healthy, so please keep that in mind. Always try to use dog-safe shampoos since human shampoos can cause irritations.

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Dental Health

The dog’s dental health is a very important part of their hygiene. Therefore, in order to avoid tooth decay or gum diseases, regular brushing is vital.

Try to brush your Vizmaraners teeth as much as possible, preferably once a day, to keep your dog’s health in check.

Nail Trimming

vizmaraner puppy lying on the terrace

Photo from:

Nails should be trimmed every two to three weeks. If they get too long, they can break off and cause bleeding or infections, so it is very important to take care of this.

If you are doing it by yourself, make sure to never cut the pink part (the quick of the nail) because it will cause pain and bleeding. If you are too scared to do it yourself, you can always go to a professional groomer.

Ear Cleaning

Like many other dog breeds, Vizmaraners are prone to ear infections, which is why it is important to regularly clean their ears. If the dog’s natural wax coating changes color or gets too thick it can be a sign of some health issues.

You should check your dog’s ears at least a couple of times per week to ensure that everything is alright.

If you want to become a pro at cleaning your dog’s ear, make sure to read about dog ear plucking and find out everything you need to know about your pup’s ear health.

Feeding And Diet

Your Vizsla Weimaraner mix will probably do the best with a raw food diet. However, as with any diet, it is important not to miss out the necessary nutrients and vitamins which will ensure that your pup leads a happy and healthy life.

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Since these pooches are also known for having a lot of allergies, a good idea would be to consult a vet who will do the necessary tests and recommend what you should be feeding your doggo.

Try to incorporate fish oils, probiotics, and antioxidants, either directly through their food or via supplements, as these are important for their healthy development and fighting off mobility health issues.

The Cost

Since the Vizmaraner is a crossbreed, it usually costs less than its purebred parents. The average cost of purchasing this pup from a reputable breeder is between $400 and $800.

Depending on the place and the breeding conditions, sometimes the price can be up to $1,200.

With the costs of vets, food, grooming, and any other expenses, the cost of owning a Vizsla Weimaraner mix can be around $1,600 per year.

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Is The Vizmaraner The Right Fit For You?

vizmaraner lying on the mattress

Photo from: @vera.hendo

The Vizsla Weimaraner mix can be a wonderful pet for the right owner. They are good doggies but are not for everyone.

This mix is definitely not for non-active people and apartment dwellers since they are very energetic and active dogs.

They require a lot of attention and exercise every day. If you are not able to provide them with just the right amount, maybe you should think again about getting this pup.

Also, this breed is prone to developing major separation anxiety, so if you spend too much time away at work, this is also not going to work out.

However, if you are completely in love with this breed (we totally get it, they’re beautiful!) and decide to get this pup, make sure to read “how to keep a dog entertained while at work?” to find out all the tips and tricks that will keep your puppy busy and healthy while you’re hustling in the office.

The Vizmaraner Summed Up

We hope that after reading this article you were at least able to get a glimpse into this beautiful Vizsla Weimaraner mix. They are indeed fascinating dogs that make wonderful pets for a lot of dog lovers.

A mixed breed is a perfect choice for those people that cannot decide between the two purebreds, so why not get the best of both worlds?!

Like every other dog, this one has its pros and cons, but who doesn’t? It is important to get to know the breed and try to give it the best possible care.

Shower it with love and attention, and you will see how amazing they can be. What do you think about this breed, is this the dog you have been looking for?

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