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100+ Hunting Dog Names – Best Names For Your Field Companion

100+ Hunting Dog Names – Best Names For Your Field Companion

Picking the best dog name can be a tricky task, no matter the dog breed. However, when you have to decide on hunting dog names, things can get ten times more challenging.

When out in the field, you’ll have to call your companion numerous times, which is why it’s important to pick an adequate name. You’ll be using it so much, you want it to be something you’ll like.

There are several things that come to your mind when thinking of hunting dog breeds: disciplined, loyal, intelligent, and tough. When you’re thinking of hunting dog names, you want them to represent all these traits.

Many dog owners love to be inspired by nature, hunting tools, famous hunters, even mythology! This is your time to be creative.

To help you out, we’ve listed over 100 hunting dog names that can be perfect for your loyal companion. Below are some of them.

Male Hunting Dog Names

hunting pointer dog in a field

Many male hunting dog names are inspired by historical figures or Greek Mythology – but you will find a lot of them inspired by guns as well. There are also many classic but good names that you might like to try out.

Of course, there are also many unique hunting dog names for males – it all depends on what you’re looking for!

Here are some of the best hunting dog names we’ve found:

Classic male hunting dog names

• Ace

• Bud

• Buddy

• Duke

• Hunter

• Max

• Rex

Hunting tool or military-inspired male hunting dog names:

• Ammo

• Benelli

• Boomer

• Bullet

• Bullseye

• Camo

• Colt

• Gauge

• Glock

• Gunner

• Hammer

• Kimber

• Magnum

• Musket

• Nelli

• Radar

• Ranger

• Remington

• Remmy

• Ruger

• Sarge

• Sauer

• Scout

• Shooter

• Smith

• Sniper

• Tank

• Trigger

​• Wesson

• Winchester

Male hunting dog names inspired by history:

• Boone

• Brutus

• Crockett

• Davy

• Oakley

• Wyatt

Male hunting dog names inspired by fiction or mythology:

• Apollo

• Hawkeye

• Hercules

• Legolas

• Link

• Odin

• Orion

• Rambo

• Robin

• Rocky

• Wolverine

• Zeus

Male hunting dog names inspired by traits:

• Bolt

• Chase

• Dash

• Maverick

• Outlaw

• Rebel

• Trapper

• Walker

Male hunting dog names inspired by nature:

• Aspen

• Bear

• Blaze

• Blitz

• Brook

• Buck

​• Cedar

• Drake

• Finch

• Forest

• Grizzly

• Maple

• River

• Shadow

• Sky

• Thunder

• Tiger

• Wolf

Female Hunting Dog Names

hunting dog with his owner

Choosing a good female hunting dog name might be a bit more challenging.

While many good hunting dogs are female, it seems like there aren’t as many female hunting dog names. This is likely because hunting is still considered mainly a male sport.

In fact, many female hunting dog names are inspired by nature or mythology – such as the name Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Without any delay, here are some name ideas for your female hunting dog:

Classic female hunting dog names

• Angel

• Bailey

• Huntress

• Lady

• Liberty

• Nala

• Winnie

Hunting tool or military-inspired female hunting dog names:

• Beretta

• Cabela

• Cam

• Kimber

Female hunting dog names inspired by history:

• Amelia

• Annie

• Emily

Female hunting dog names inspired by fiction or mythology:

• Antigone

• Artemis

• Asia

• Athena

• Avalon

• Ceto

• Nyx

• Olympia

• Rikku

• Xena

Female hunting dog names inspired by nature:

• Aurora

• Brook

• Dakota

• Dawn

• Dixie

• Fox

• Prairie

• Stormy

• Tundra

• Willow

Hunting Dog Breeds

hunting dog photographeed on a foggy morning

Maybe you still haven’t adopted your new hunting best friend and are merely considering getting yourself a hunting dog. If you don’t know what some good hunting breeds are, you might end up not getting a dog that will do what you expect it to.

Getting yourself a canine companion in the field means getting a partner for many years to come. This is mutual cooperation that will bring joy to both sides.

In fact, some evidence suggests that training dogs for hunting back in the Stone Age helped our ancestors develop intellectual growth. This is because humans could stop focusing on sensory functions, as they had dogs to help them. This allowed our brains to develop intellectually.

When you think of it that way, it’s no surprise that many people take so much time to focus on the right hunting dog names for their pooches.

Still, what are some hunting dog breeds, and what are the most common names for them? Let’s explore.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are among the most famous canine family pets. Who doesn’t love Labradors?! Still, believe it or not, Labradors make amazing hunters. In fact, they were bred for duck hunting.

Retrieving ducks from ponds is actually the reason behind the Labrador’s waterproof double coat. These pups had to be able to get in the water whenever needed and not feel uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for a hunting dog that can do all there is to do outside, then you want Labrador Retriever.

If you want to give your Lab an adequate name, good choices are:

• Charlie

• Buddy

• Bella

• Max

• Cooper

• Bear

• Duke

• Luna

• Daisy


Most Brittany owners think there is something special about this dog breed. Whether that is its hunting skills or loyal personality, Brittanys have something all hunters strive for.

These dogs are amazing bird hunters, but they are also small enough to stay indoors and be kept as family pets. If you want to go hunting for the weekend, just load it in the truck, and you’re good to go!

Some good hunting dog names for Brittanys are:

• Rogue

• Sabre

• Toby

• Ben

• Jinx

• Jett

• Chaos

• Bailey

• Ezra

• Duke

English Setter

english setter dog with its puppies

Photo from: @engelsksetter_com

English Setters are likely the most famous sporting breed out there. They seem to inspire artists all around the world, and they are a common companion for hunters in movies.

What makes Setters stand out is their un-uniformed appearance. You have large Setters that can weigh up to 80 lbs, and small ones that might look like crossbreeds.

Setters can also be unpredictable in their behavior, making them a not-so-common choice for many practical hunters, despite their amazing reputation. Still, if you are prepared for a challenge, you might pick this breed. If you do, here are some great hunting dog names for them:

• Bella

• Venus

• Honey

• Ruby

• Tucker

• Checkers

• Duke

• Pluto

• Ollie

• Dudley

American Foxhound

American Foxhounds are the result of crossbreeding between English, Irish, and French Foxhounds. They look like long-legged Beagles and tend to be a bit larger than many other hunting dogs.

These pups hunt by scent – and they can smell it all! They would locate foxes with ease, and they’d be able to hunt them for hours. They even have a unique, distinctive howl that will send shivers down the spine of unsuspecting spectators.

Some great names for American Foxhounds are:

• Jesse

• Gaius

• Gideon

• Maximus

• Buster

• Cody

• Ezra

• Mickey

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Treeing Walkers are popular dogs for novice hunters, but they can become a bit competitive. They might even hunt animals you don’t want them to, just to show you they can. This includes deer and foxes – some might even go after a smaller bear!

Treeing Walkers can be an amazing choice for night hunts, as they are loud and will easily let you know where the prey is.

Perfect names for Treeing Walkers are:

• Cletus

• Billie

• Clementine

• Doodle

• Bear

• Chico

• Riley

• Jake

• Motley

• Tres


There likely isn’t a more recognizable hunting dog than the Beagle. These goofy-looking pups make amazing scent hounds – and they’ve even starred in several movies!

Beagles are also some of the oldest hunting dog breeds, as they were first mentioned in the fifteenth century. They were also the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VII.

One thing that sets Beagles apart from other hunting breeds is their cheerful personality – no dog breed can make you smile like cute Beagles! These dogs seem happy no matter what, but they’re certainly the happiest while in the field.

Some of the best hunting dog names for Beagles are:

• Sally

• Lottie

• Daisy

• Bell

• Sadie

• Alice

• Baxter

• Bubba

German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointers aren’t the most stylish breed, but they are definitely dogs bred for hunting. They can go through terrains no other dog breeds can!

As they were bred for the hunt, they might not make good family pets. They are working dogs above anything else. They also have a very high prey drive, making them not a good choice for smaller pets, such as cats and rodents.

Good hunting dog names for Pointers are:

• Murphy

• Chaos

• Rufus

• Jinx

• Rocky

• Bruno

• Truman

• Mars

Boykin Spaniel

When you think of Spaniels, you probably think of Cavalier King Charles or Cockers. These dogs aren’t the first breed you’d get if you want a hunting dog or a gun dog. However, Boykin Spaniels are an entirely different story.

This is a somewhat new breed, as it has existed for around a century. They were bred for retrieving ducks and quail – although they can’t go into cold water like Labs because their coat is thicker and heavier.

Despite this, they love water and are great with all family members. You’ll rarely find a human Boykins don’t love!

Some amazing names for Boykin Spaniels are:

• Simba

• Icy

• Jake

• Dash

• Gus

• Chico

• Midget

• Bonsai

• Fluffy

Golden Retrievers

Just like Labs, Golden Retrievers are popular and cute family pets that were, in fact, bred to be amazing duck retrievers and field companions. They also make great gun dogs and are loved by hunters worldwide.

The breed is extremely friendly towards both humans and other animals, which makes it hard to even assume it can be an amazing hunter. These are tough dogs that will never say ‘no’ to a challenge!

While they have rarely been used for hunting waterfowl in recent years, Goldens love water, and they do amazing in it. The only thing you need to be mindful of is that they need a lot of time to dry off.

Cute hunting dog names for Golden Retrievers are:

• Charlie

• Goldie

• Bella

• Marley

• Buddy

• Max

• Daisy

• Scout

• Cooper

Irish Setter

Many dog lovers would argue that Irish Setters are the most beautiful gun dogs out there. This created a problem, as the breeders focused more on the dog’s appearance than on their hunting skills. For a while, you could hardly find an Irish Setter that could hunt at all!

Fortunately, this has changed in the past few years, and they are once again the all-purpose hunters they were meant to be.

If you hear of them being called Red Setters, keep in mind that Irish Setters are registered with the American Kennel Club, while Red Setters are registered with the Field Dog Stud Book.

Hunting dog names you might choose for this breed are:

• Lucky

• Riley

• Conan

• Blarney

• Patrick

• Rainbow

• Ginger

• Dublin

Bluetick Hounds

Bluetick Hounds are known for having a nose that won’t quit, and they’ll do their best to smell out just about any forest creature. This also means they are known to wander off for a few hours. Many good hunters will greatly appreciate this.

Blueticks are filled with energy, so they are not good pets for couch potatoes that aren’t prepared to be in the field most of the time. However, if you’re looking for an active hunting dog to take with you on every working trip, Blueticks are an amazing choice!

Some good Bluetick names include:

• Shelby

• Pepper

• Lola

• Maddy

• Blue

• Forrest

• Hunter

• Flint

English Pointer

Many hunters are scared of the dedication English Pointers express. They are amazing hunters that will never give up when they find a bird.

You know those dogs from cartoons that stand with their heads up high and one of their feet lifted? Yes, those are English Pointers!

One thing worth noting is that the breed is usually just called ‘Pointer’ by many breeders. No one will call them English Pointers, as they claim only one dog breed can point you in the direction of the prey so precisely.

If you plan on getting an English Pointer, some good hunting dog names you might want to consider are:

• Isaac

• Felix

• Winston

• Carol

• Bliss

• Aida

• Fetch

• Arrow

• Reed

English Springer Spaniel

english springer spaniel dogs

Photo from: @bonbeforethestorm

This is another type of Spaniel that is known for its amazing hunting skills. English Springer Spaniels make great pheasant and rooster hunters, and no bird can escape them.

Some Spaniels might even be used for hunting ducks, although their coat isn’t intended for cold water. Despite this, they can swim so well some people might think they are descended from water retrievers!

At the same time, Springer Spaniels are dogs that always seem to be happy. While at home, they’ll follow you everywhere, and they’ll even guard your bedside! They will cheer you up so much you might think they are smiling back at you.

Great names for English Springer Spaniels are:

• Lily

• Jasper

• Finn

• Tucker

• Marlin

• Murphy

• Smoky

• Honey

• Oscar

American Pit Bull

Pitbulls are dogs that probably have the worst reputation out there. People imagine them as vicious, aggressive dogs that will hurt children and kill their owners – but the truth is quite different.

Pitbulls were trained to be herding dogs, and they were used in the field for years. Unfortunately, many gangs used them for dog fights, which is what started their bad reputation.

In fact, Pitbulls were meant to go boar hunting, as not even wild pigs could match their strength and power. At the same time, they make amazing, affectionate pets that can even be used as nanny dogs!

Some of the hunting dog names for Pitbulls are:

• Zeus

• Rex

• Butch

• Spike

• Vixen

• Pyro

• Cyclone

• Renegade

• Malice

Cocker Spaniel

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Adorable and regal Cocker Spaniels are actually amazing hunting dogs that almost no dog breed can match.

In fact, their name, Cocker, is because they were initially bred for hunting cocks and pheasants, as well as any light-weight waterfowl.

However, in recent years, almost no one uses Cockers for hunting anymore. Instead, they have become beloved and somewhat spoiled family pets and companions of rich, reputable people.

If you still choose to give your Cocker Spaniel a hunting dog name, you can choose one of the following:

• Archie

• Arthur

• Checkers

• Butch

• Einstein

• Adam

• Alonso

• Harley

• Candy

Jack Russell Terriers

Despite the Jack Russell’s small size, no one wants to mess with these dogs. They are among the best small hunting canines out there!

This dog breed was created primarily for pest control. They would get rid of raccoons, badgers, and foxes. Still, they don’t mind hunting even bigger prey, such as els or deer. In fact, there are tales of Jack Rassels being used to trail lions!

This brave little dog breed deserves only the largest of hunting dog names. We’d suggest naming your Jack Russel:

• Max

• Zeus

• Jack

• Odin

• Kobe

• Apollo

• Tyson

• Athena

• Xena

How to Pick the Best Hunting Dog Name

three hunting dogs in a field

Choosing an adequate hunting dog name isn’t the same as picking a name for a family pet. Not only will other hunters mock you if you call your hunting canine Princess, but you might also compromise its working abilities.

Of course, not everyone minds their wise-cracking hunting pals. However, some names are simply better than the rest.

First off, you’d like a name that is very easy to say. You’ll be calling your dog a lot, both at home and in the field. If the name contains some letters you can’t pronounce or if it’s in a foreign language, you might struggle with it more than you’d like to admit.

A good hunting dog name needs to roll off your tongue. You have to envision yourself calling your dog by it all day long. Try saying the desired name out loud. Does it feel comfortable, and are you okay saying it?

Then, think of the dog you’re getting. You want the name to match your dog’s personality and appearance. Calling a Golden Retriever Blackie probably isn’t the best idea, although it might sound quirky initially.

If you aren’t satisfied with how the name fits your pooch, chances are you’ll start calling him by a nickname or want to change it rather quickly. In one way, this is harmless. In another, it can confuse your dog so much that he won’t know how to respond to you in a crucial moment.

Another thing you might want to be mindful of is that the name should be unique. If anything else, you’d want your dog to be the only one called a specific way in your area.

Think about it. If there are two dogs called Max during a hunt, When you call out for Max, both dogs will react. The same would happen if the other dog’s owner calls for his pet. This is confusing, and it can harm the hunt.

While trendy names are attractive, you’d want to give your pup a name that isn’t too popular at the time.

Finally, you need to trust your gut. When you find the right hunting dog name for your four-legged helper, you’ll know it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You are the dog’s owner, and you are the one who needs to like it.

How to Teach Your Dog to Respond to His Name

hunting dog with its tongue out

By now, you have probably chosen the right hunting dog name. The next step is teaching your puppy to respond to it.

First off, dogs don’t understand that a specific word identifies them. They don’t know what a name is, and they likely will never comprehend it in such a way.

However, a dog will know that they need to react to a specific word once they hear you calling them by their name. This might make you think that your doggie understands you, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Your dog doesn’t understand what his name means – only what it needs to do after it hears it.

So, how do you teach your dog to learn its name? This isn’t as difficult as you might think, but it’s still mandatory. All good hunting dogs need to know when to return to you or stop what they are doing.

The first thing you want to do is to get your dog someplace without any distractions. His usual place for playtime is good, as long as you can be certain you’ll be alone, without anything that might compromise his focus.

Keep in mind that this is challenging for hunting dogs, as most will get distracted after even the simplest of smells and sounds.

Next, you want to say your dog’s name in a happy, excited voice. Be very clear and make sure your dog hears every letter of its name.

You want your dog to respond to hearing his name. Ideally, he would look at you. When this happens, happily say some affirmation word (a simple ‘Yes!’ will be enough) and give him his favorite treat.

Wait until your dog looks away, then call him again. If he reacts in the same way, give him another treat. Repeat the process several times a day.

Try not to say anything else to your dog during this time. If you do, and they look at you, don’t give it a treat. It needs to learn that it doesn’t have to respond to everything – only to a specific word that is its name.

Final Words

man petting his hunting dog

Having a dog is an unforgettable experience. You are not simply buying a hunting tool – you are getting a companion for life, and you’re bound to make many happy memories together.

All dogs can make great hunting dogs, although some possess skills that will make them a bit more successful at the job. Still, if you want to go hunting, any dog breed will do, as long as you’ve trained them properly.

Picking a good hunting dog name is more important than one might think. A dog name is mandatory for training, and it’s important for creating a deep bond between you and your companion.

Many dog owners pick a hunting dog name that is inspired by nature, mythology, or guns. Greek mythology is especially common, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Greeks were known for appreciating warriors, and their mythology is one of the most popular.

Despite this, there is essentially nothing wrong with giving your hunting dog any name. If you think your English Pointer is a polite dog – call her Lady and don’t care about what other people think!

The only two things that should be avoided are names that are similar to commands and names with a strong negative connotation, such as Stupid or Lazy. These names don’t sound good, and you don’t want to associate your pooch with anything bad.

Once you’ve chosen the hunting dog name for you, the only thing left is to train your pooch and go hunting! Good luck!