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The Red Poodle: Here’s Why People Are Crazy About Them

The Red Poodle: Here’s Why People Are Crazy About Them

A variation of the more popular apricot or brown Toy Poodle, the red Poodle is slowly gaining popularity, too.

The red Poodle is the carrier of the Rufus gene, a gene that changes the appearance of the apricot or brown coat.

Even though they may appear different, red Poodles are the same fabulous Poodles as all the other colors, with a tiny dash of uniqueness and rarity.

Introducing The Red Toy Poodle

xute Red Toy Poodle dog

Photo from: @poodletoyromeo

Red Toy Poodles are not very common. You can definitely say they’re on the rare side.

This is definitely one of the reasons why people are going crazy about the red Poodle.

Generally speaking, Poodles make excellent pets because of their family-oriented nature, sharp mind, and knack for performing. They’re not lap pooches as most people think.

Still, the dog’s coat color is a burning topic because many dog lovers claim that colors have a lot to do with health and temperamental issues.

How true is this exactly?

What is a Red Toy Poodle Or A Standard Red Poodle?

red poodle

Photo from: @redpoodle_rommi

The red Toy Poodle is a purebred Poodle sporting a red coat.

Many experts claim that the red coloring is the result of a recessive gene that leads to the darkening of the natural apricot or brown shade in the fur.

Poodles come in a range of colors, but the red Poodle has one of the rarest color options.

Also, Poodles come in three size varieties:

• Toy

• Miniature

• Standard

The smallest of them all, the Toy Poodle, can grow from nine to 11 inches tall, and weigh only five to 10 pounds. The toy Poodle was bred down from a much larger standard Poodle, and was once used for water hunting and circus acts.

Even though Poodles are the national dog of France, it’s the Americans that take credit for selectively creating the miniature and the toy Poodle.

Nowadays, Poodles are one of the world’s most beloved breeds for their kind nature and stunning appearance. If the owner is right, this dog will make a wonderful pet. And, if your home has children or older people, they will get along perfectly fine.

It’s definitely difficult to choose from all the available Poodle colors. But, one among them stands out, the red Poodle.

The red Poodle’s DNA is still being researched in an attempt to better understand the Rufus gene.

Red Poodles are the newest color developed. They became an official Poodle color in 1980. A red Poodle has black points, a black nose, black gums, black under the paws, and big dark eyes. While liver points are acceptable, they’re not preferred in red poodles.

Red Poodles are stunningly beautiful and very rare, just like humans with natural red hair. Poodles can come in light red (new copper color) to the darkest of any human with dark auburn hair.

The first person who developed red Poodles was Ilse Konig. It was first developed on the Standard Poodle and then crossed with an apricot female miniature Poodle.

Many years of selective breeding brought red Poodles in all Poodle sizes.

The imperative in developing the red color was to achieve all the qualities of a well-bred Poodle, including temperament, health, conformation, and beauty. If one of these traits is missing, the red Poodle wouldn’t be complete.

Most of the time, red Poodle puppies are born red. They change color to a lighter shade of red at around six weeks after birth. Later, at about 10 weeks of age, there’s a definite dark red line next to the skin where the new coat color is coming in.

Red Poodles can go through many color changes, from lighter to darker, and vice versa. Each red coat color is individual, just like the many dog personalities. The mature red color changes can’t be predicted by the color of the puppy. In some cases, dark apricot Poodles will stay brighter than red Poodles.

What you need to be aware of is that red Poodles may fade. It’s quite common for them to lighten up as they age. However, this doesn’t mean your red Poodle won’t still be gorgeous with its faded coat.

Red Poodles lead energetic lives. A Poodle’s intelligence makes them playful. They enjoy being stimulated with games, puzzles, and human interaction.

Our red Poodles are very loyal dogs, which makes them ideal family pets. They love training and love learning new tricks. Your new red Poodle performing tricks at the dog park will be quite a sensation.

Red Poodle Teddy Bear Cut

red poodle teddy bear cut

Photo from: @couturecanine_

One of the best Poodle haircuts is the teddy bear cut.

A Poodle’s hair can be cut into a natural shaggy look called a teddy bear cut. This haircut is extremely popular these days. Also, what else is popular today are many designer dogs, crosses of other dogs, and Poodles, i.e., Goldendoodles or a Poodle and Golden Retriever mix.

The Poodle parent gives the mixed breed puppy a teddy bear look, hypoallergenic traits, less shedding, and a lovely temperament.

Who wouldn’t like to own a Poodle pooch!

Red Toy Poodle Standard: Genetics

red toy poodle

Photo from: @gingerstarlet

Fun fact: a dog’s coat color is the result of two base colors.

Besides the many colors and color combinations, every dog coat is a direct result of the colors red and black.

Genetics play an important role in the color of your dog’s coat. This is exactly why a red Poodle is considered unique.

As we already mentioned, Poodles can come in a number of colors, like:

• Black

• Apricot

• White

• Cream

• Sable

• Black and White


• Grey

• Brown

• Silver

• Red

Parti, etc.

What’s With The Red Color?

cute red toy poodle

Photo from: @gingerstarlet

According to scientist John Armstrong, red Poodles are rare and the result of a recessive gene named the Rufus gene.

There’s still so much to learn about the Rufus gene, so many experts still claim that the red shade is the result of darkening in the hue of an apricot or brown Poodle.

Because of the rareness of their coat color, Poodle breeders tend to set extremely high prices for their fire-colored puppies.

But, is the price justified? Does the red coat color have much effect on the dog’s health and behavior?

Does The Red Coat Color Affect The Dog’s Temperament?

funny red toy poodle

Photo from: @gingerstarlet

There’s a debate going on about whether the coat color affects the dog’s other aspects, like temperament and health status.

Black dogs are known for suffering from black dog syndrome. Also, as an unwritten rule, people believe that black dogs are more aggressive and have behavioral issues. But, there’s only little evidence to support these claims. Many experts believe they’re just a stereotype.

As for the red Poodle, they’re as sweet as any other Poodle, and equally sassy and free-spirited as the apricot Poodle or the black Poodle. When it comes to temperament, the color of the Poodle doesn’t matter.

If you provide adequate training to your Poodle, give much exercise, and start early socialization, you will have a well-functioning dog ready to curb any negative behavior.

Red Toy Poodle Temperament & Personality

two cute toy poodles

Photo from: @red_toy_french_poodles

According to the American Kennel Club’s list of America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds, the Toy Poodle ranks around number seven of 194 dog breeds. That’s incredible!

No wonder… Poodles are intelligent, funny, and very athletic dogs.

Besides their prim and proper looks, Poodles enjoy a good adventure and hanging out with their family (both small families and large ones).

Toy Poodles are especially adaptable to different home settings because of their compact size.

However, kids need to learn how to handle small dogs because they get injured easily if handled too roughly. In other words, you might want to wait until your kids are a bit older before you get one of these cute dogs.

Are Red Poodles Rare? What About Teacup Red Poodles?

teacup red poodle

Photo from: @pudding12.18

What is actually rare?

The dictionary defines the word rare as something uncommon or scarce, especially to the point of being valuable or treasured. This description fits the red Poodles very well!

Red Poodles are one of the rarest Poodle colors today. This is all because of the high demand for these dogs in the USA.

Good and reliable Poodle breeders have extremely long waiting lists. This has made some people turn to breeding and start producing Poodle puppies in their back yards in order to meet the market’s demand.

Finding a teacup red Poodle may be even more difficult since they are a result of breeding litter runts and the tiniest of them all.

If you happen to live in the State of Virginia, you may want to consider these reputable Poodle breeders in Virginia!

Are Red Poodles Really Crazy Dogs?

red poodle under the table

Photo from: @gingernut_wendy

There’s a common misconception going around that red Poodles are crazy.

The reality is very far away from that. The coat color has no impact on the dog’s temperament or personality. Poodles are incredibly affectionate pups that love getting human attention and interaction. Red Poodles are no different!

Since there are so few red Poodles in the market, backyard breeders resort to unethical breeding methods like inbreeding. As a result, those puppies are often born with one or more limbs or eyes, and even their brain fails to develop! These breeders also pursue what people call teacup Poodles. They are adorable, but breeding them is simply wrong. Teacups come with numerous health issues.

Because of these breeders, people often see red Poodle puppies as a result of bad breeding. In other words, they think of them as dogs with brain development issues that act insanely.

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Poodles are generally loyal, alert, easy to train, smart, and one of the best guard dogs ever. Red Poodles are, too! Coat color has absolutely no impact on a Poodle’s personality.

How Energetic Are Standard Red Poodles?

standard red poodle

Photo from: @jolee_redpoodle

Since red miniature Poodles are so smart, the owners should make sure that their dogs have enough physical exercise and proper mental stimulation.

If you don’t give them something to entertain them, Poodles can become bored, and their boredom brings along destructive behavior like digging, chewing, and potty accidents.

Even though red Poodles are small dogs, they still need plenty of exercise, at least half an hour to an hour a day of playing and walking.

Since the Poodle breed was once used as hunting dogs, they should never be walked off-leash since their prey drive kicks in pretty fast and they can scare smaller animals.

Also, if you plan on keeping your Poodle outside in the yard, that yard should be locked and secured. Poodles are unbelievable escape artists!

Red Toy Poodle Training

red toy poodle on the grass in the park

Photo from: @toypoodlesofnyc

Red toy Poodles are always eager to learn and be trained. However, with positive reinforcement, these dogs will master any training lesson. So, make sure you have enough healthy treats and patience when training a Poodle.

Only a properly exercised and mentally stimulated red toy Poodle is a happy Poodle.

And, a happy Poodle means a healthy Poodle.

Lifespan: How Long Do Red Poodles Live?

Red brown cute poodle puppy

Poodles are one of those blessed dog breeds that have a generally long lifespan. Several different factors affect their lifespan, but Poodles may still live for 12 to 15 years on average.

When it comes to male vs female red Poodles, the female usually lives a year or two longer than her male counterpart.

Red Standard Poodle: Health & The Rufus Gene

red standard poodle

Photo from: @phoebestandardpoodle

Even though dog experts still have to prove that a dog’s coat has something to do with its temperament, studies have shown that coat colors are directly linked to a dog’s health.

In fact, lighter-colored coats like white, piebald, merle, and red can be more prone to suffering from congenital deafness and other genetic problems.

So, what does the Rufus gene have to do with a Poodle’s health?

Studies about the Rufus gene are still ongoing. There are not many scientists who understand this gene.

But, the good news is that the Rufus gene has no correlation with the merle gene, which is linked to deafness and other birth defects.

Just like all other dogs, red Poodles are prone to the same genetic health conditions as their parents.

Teacup Red Poodle Health Issues

cute teacup red poodle

Photo from: @pudding12.18

Some of the health issues that teacups Poodles, and other Poodles, too, may face in their life include:

• Hip dysplasia

• Eye disorders

Idiopathic epilepsy

• Sebaceous Adenitis

Von Willebrand’s disease

• Immune-Mediated disorders

• Legg-Calve-Perthes,

• and Luxating Patellas

Generally speaking, Poodles are considered to be healthy dogs with a long lifespan of 15 to 18 years.

Red Toy Poodle Breeders

red poodle on the beach

Photo from: @charlotte_inu

If you want to buy a red Poodle from a breeder, then you should do thorough research before you bring the puppy home.

The first step in getting a healthy red Poodle puppy is to choose a reliable breeder who understands the importance of breeding practices.

Reputable breeders will have their litters screened for certain health issues before you make the purchase. You will be able to see test results and proof that the red Poodle you’ve chosen is the ideal candidate for you.

If you decide that adoption is your preferred option, then you must find a trusted dog shelter and a red Poodle there. The AKC suggests the following health tests, so ask if your pup has them:

• Ophthalmologist Evaluation

• PRA Optigen DNA Test,

• and Patella Evaluation

Don’t forget that a well-balanced diet has more of an impact on your dog’s health than you can imagine. High-quality dog food should be low in fillers and additives. Treats shouldn’t be given too often, but they’re fine as a reward for a job well done. You can even give them a slice or two of human food like chestnuts or a whipped cream Puppuchino.

Smaller dogs have a higher metabolism than larger dogs, so they need to eat dog food specifically made for small dog breeds. Along with a healthy diet, exercising and mental stimulation will also keep your red Poodle in shape.

Red Toy Poodle Grooming

Proper grooming also keeps a Poodle in shape.

Unlike lighter-colored Poodles, red Poodles won’t show dirt and tear stains easily. This makes them a delight to groom.

However, just because it’s hard to tell whether a red Poodle is dirty or not doesn’t mean that the dog doesn’t need a bath. Baths should be taken occasionally by using high-quality dog shampoo, followed by frequent brushing to prevent matted and tangled coats.

Even though Poodles are described as hypoallergenic dogs, it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog.

Still, less shedding doesn’t mean less brushing.

Poodles have thick and curly coats that need to be brushed once or twice a week. If you plan to keep your Poodle’s coat longer, then you should brush more frequently. Many dog owners opt for the short coat version because it’s easy to maintain.

Can You Dye A Red Poodle?

cute red toy poodle on the table

Photo from: @kikiandrikki

This may sound like a silly question, but if you take into consideration Poodle grooming habits and how many people are interested in this practice, it’s not that silly at all.

Long story short, you can definitely dye your red Poodle. The problem is whether it’s safe and if there are any negative effects.

This practice is safe as long as you’re using safe and non-toxic dyes. Also, only Poodles over 12 months of age can be colored.

Do Red Poodles Fade? Miniature Red Poodle & Color Changes

Red toy poodle puppy relaxes on the lawn

Red Poodles can go through many color changes as the dog grows up. Most of the time, red Poodles are born very bright red and then they lighten over time. Some pups will stay lighter while others will become darker as they age.

In most cases, they’re exceptionally dark and then lighten between the first year and 18 months of life. Apricot or tan Poodle owners may be surprised to find out their Poodle can become a red one.

Fading is common with this dog breed. A red Poodle may fade because of genetics and environmental factors.

Red Poodle Price: Are Red Poodle Puppies More Expensive?

Breeders selling red Poodles tend to charge more than other standard Poodle colors. This has nothing to do with the fact that red Poodles are better than the others. It’s simply because of the high demand and the red Poodle’s rarity.

On average, standard red Poodles will cost anywhere between $800 and $1,500. Miniature Poodles and toy versions start from $1,000 to $2,000!

Many factors affect the Poodle price. The most common ones are:

• Breeder location

• Litter size

• Lineage of the puppy

• Breeder reputation

• Type of Poodle

Toy and miniature poodle litters consist of typically only around three puppies. Standard poodles usually double that size. This is why toy and miniature Poodles are more expensive.

There’s also a big difference between the show Poodles and standard Poodles. But, this doesn’t mean that your regular Poodle is less worthy. It’s only because show dogs must meet higher qualifications.

Here, you have a typical initial price range for Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles.

Standard PoodleToy or Miniature
$700–$1,200 (Average)$1,000–$1,500 (Average)
$2,500– $5,000 (High end)$1,700– $2,200 (High end)

Who you buy your Poodle from will also drastically change the price of your Poodle. Purebred breeders have the most expensive ones, followed by accidental or backyard breeders. Puppy mills and rescue shelters have the cheapest Poodles, but it’s always better to get a rescue Poodle than to buy and support puppy mills!

How Much Are Red Toy Poodles?

cute red poodle on the bed

As you can see from our table above, red toy Poodles are more expensive. They range from $1,000 to $1,500. And, that’s only for standard toy Poodles! High-quality toy Poodles can go way up to over $2,000!

The biggest reason why red toy Poodles are so expensive, besides their unique red coat color, is the fact that achieving the toy size takes more effort since only small Poodles are used in the breeding process.

Also, miniature and toy Poodle sizes are all the rage these days, so the high demand dictates their price, too.

Red Poodle Names

two Red cute poodle puppies

Last but not least, we’ve prepared a list of cool names for red Poodles. All of them are inspired by the Poodle’s red coat, more or less. Do you have a favorite dog name here?

• Amber

• Ambrosia

• Audrey

• Blaze

• Bordeaux

• Brandy

• Burgundy

• Cayenne

• CherryChili

• Cinnamon

• Claret

• Copper

• Crackle

• Crimson

• Ember

• Fire

• Flame

• Foxy

• Merlot

• Rojo

• Rose

• Rowan

• Ruby

• Spark

• Spice

• Sun

• Kiss

• Sunset

• Tabasco

• Terra

• Valentine

Should I Get A Red Toy Poodle?

cute little red poodle

Photo from: @kikiandrikki

Is the red Poodle right for you? This is the question many future Poodle owners ask themselves.

If you’re worried that the Rufus gene affects health, temperament, and other traits, besides the Poodle’s red coat, you can stay calm. It doesn’t!

The red Poodle is a generally wonderful pet and an even better friendly companion. They’re easy to train, active, athletic, adventurous, and very bright!

If you live an active life and have older kids, then this dog breed would be ideal for you. Once again, the red Poodle isn’t a lap pooch; it’s a terrific dog that will make your life a whole lot better• !

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