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28 Poodle Haircuts That Will Make Your Pet Even Sweeter

28 Poodle Haircuts That Will Make Your Pet Even Sweeter

If you’ve been stuck with the same Poodle haircuts for some time now, find the perfect solution in this article. I have gathered the majority of fantastic Poodle haircuts in one place for you to choose from!

Instead of the classic look that everyone’s used to, it’s time to find something that’ll make you and your Poodle happy!

These adorable pups are well-known globally for their unusual and imaginative haircuts that everyone loves!

Continue reading this article to discover some of the most amazing Poodle haircuts for all Poodle shades, and choose the one that would be most suitable for your pup!

28 Best Poodle Haircuts

Before we begin with the detailed explanations of Poodle haircuts, here’s a short list that contains some of the best Poodle haircuts for this year.

Keep in mind that most of these haircuts are suitable for Poodles and Doodles, such as Labradoodles (Lab Retriever Doodle), Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever Doodle), etc.

• Lamb Cut

• Fifth Avenue Cut

• Bob Cut

• English Saddle Cut

• Tassel Cut

• Urban Cut

• Winter Cut

• Scandinavian Cut

• Dutch Cut

• Miami Cut

• Modern Cut

• Lion Cut

• Summer Cut

• Princess Cut

• Teddy Bear Cut

• Royal Dutch Cut

• Town and Country Cut

• Continental Cut

• Royal Tail Cut

• Corded Cut

• German Cut

• Bolero Cut

• Jacket and Pants Cut

• Cupcake Cut

• Pony Cut

• Puppy Cut

• Kennel Cut

• Sporting Cut

Poodle Haircuts: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Every Poodle haircut is beautiful in its own way, be it an everyday hairstyle that you see on the streets or a creative haircut that will turn everyone’s head.

Poodles have more than enough coat hair that can be styled in any way you want, including the Poodle hairstyles and cuts you can learn about in the paragraphs below:

1. Lamb Cut

poodle with Lamb Cut

This type of haircut has become quite high in demand in the last few years, and it’s not difficult to guess why that is so.

First of all, it’s one of the most common hairstyles that can be done on Poodles, and it leaves them looking gorgeous in the end!

The Lamb cut is done by shaving the hair on the canine’s muzzle, feet, and root of the tail while the rest of the hair is cut equally, at the length that the owner decides.

The reason why this hairstyle is known as the “Lamb cut” is more than obvious, probably.

Therefore, if you want your pet to look like a cute little lamb, feel free to try this Poodle haircut!

2. Fifth Avenue Cut

This is one of my favorites, at least when it comes to the name of the hairstyle.

It’s just as stylish as it sounds, and it will make your Poodle pup look even more adorable.

This isn’t a traditional hairstyle for this type of dog breed, but it’s just as lovely as every other clip from this list.

Essentially, the Fifth Avenue cut very much resembles the Town and Country hairstyle. However, with this type of cut, the groomer can leave the shaving machine on the side and enjoy brushing the luxurious coat of your adorable pet, be it a black, blue, or red Poodle.

3. Bob Cut

poodle with Bob Cut

This type of cut draws attention to the canine’s ears and fur on its head, as they’re shaped into a popular bob hairstyle instead of the standard Poodle haircut.

However, if you want to achieve this Poodle look, you’ll have to let the fur on the ears and the head grow to the same length before it can be shaped into the traditional bob hairdo.

Bob Poodles aren’t very common, and although this hairstyle represents just a slight difference from the Princess cut, it makes a great change that won’t go unnoticed.

4. English Saddle Cut

poodle at groomers

Also known as the Saddler, the English Saddle haircut seems to be a quite grandiose and charming hairstyle that concentrates on creating poofs of fur instead of chopping.

This type of haircut makes your Poodle look like a ball of fur, which is why it’s not really recommended for miniature Poodles and their crosses.

The Saddler does share certain similarities with other Poodle haircuts, such as the Continental clip, but the main difference between them is that there’s less cutting on the Poodle’s back with the English Saddle style.

This hairstyle is acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a part of the breed standard for Poodle show dogs.

5. Tassel Cut

poodle with Tassel Cut

Photo from: @glamhoundsatx

This is another Poodle style that is primarily focused on the look of the ears, which is why the whole area of this body part is shaved except for the tips.

The main reason why this style got the name “Tassel” is that the ears look like the tuft of decorative threads.

The length of the body hair is up to the personal preference of the Poodle owner. It can be shorter or middle-length, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving it too long because the ears might not be in focus then.

6. Urban Cut

poodle with Urban Cut

If you’re more into trendy and stylish haircuts, I’m sure you’ll love this look on your pet!

The first thought when you hear the name of the cut might be that this is about a highly unusual, extravagant hairstyle that might not be easy to achieve.

However, if you get a professional groomer who knows his business, your stylish Poodle will become an urban pup in no time.

The main point of this cut is to clip the hair while following the body line of the canine. Essentially, the main focus of this style is to draw attention to the physical characteristics of the Poodle.

This type of cut is perfect for styling contests, but it might not be the best choice for dog shows and conformation competitions.

7. Winter Cut

black poodle looking at camera

As the name already says, this is one of the Poodle haircuts that is perfect for pups living in a cold climate.

Heavy snow and harsh winds can cause stress and several health issues in Poodles. Therefore, the best way to protect your pooch is to let nature do its thing and cover your pet with its natural fur, which is quite thick and warm.

Let me just remind you that this isn’t a hairstyle for competitions, meaning that it doesn’t require a lot of time or knowledge to accomplish this look.

If you’re new at grooming Poodles, this haircut style is the way to go, and it makes your pet look perfectly fine with just a basic cut and styling technique that requires low maintenance (yay!).

8. Scandinavian (European) Cut

poodle with Scandinavian Cut

Here is another very interesting haircut style that comes with two names. Basically, the Scandinavian cut as a name is very popular in the U.S., while the European Cut is mostly used in other parts of the world.

Some people might even call it the “T cut,” so don’t be surprised if you hear that.

The main point of this style is to cut the hair on the tail, paws, and face. However, the length stays untouched on other parts of the body, including the topknot, back, and legs.

This type of Poodle haircut might not be so common in the U.S., but I’m sure it’ll become so in the next few years.

9. Dutch Cut

poodle with Dutch cut

Photo from: @nikolaithestandardpoodle

It seems we will stay in Europe for a little longer, at least during the next few paragraphs.

A Poodle with a Dutch cut has a simpler haircut than the name says.

The Dutch clip is done to put the main focus on the tail, which is styled as a pompom. For this part, the dog groomer needs to shave sensitive body parts of the Poodle, including its feet, rib cage, the root of the tail, etc.

This haircut is excellent for all types and sizes of Poodles, including the toy Poodles because it’s the perfect mix of longer and short hair.

It’s also important to mention that this hair type is acknowledged by the UK’s Kennel Club, which means it’s a good fit for shows and contests.

10. Royal Dutch Cut

poodle with Royal Dutch Cut poodle

A highly elegant style like this one is frequently present in all sorts of canine shows and contests as it represents one of the best Poodle haircuts.

This type of hair is considered a sort of Poodle “uniform” as it’s precisely cut to show the full beauty of the canine. The “royal” in the name isn’t there by accident, as it’s considered the noble part of the canine world.

11. Miami (Bikini) Cut

grooming white poodle

This type of hair clip is often called the “Bikini cut” because the Poodle coat fur is stripped from most of its body.

This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that will help your puppy during the summer days.

Pooches with rather sensitive coat skin will love this hairstyle, as well as owners who don’t have that much time for the whole process of washing and drying the hair.

Also, in case of certain skin conditions, the hairless Poodle will be in great health because you can get medicine and apply it without any problem.

However, the top of the head and the ears stay pretty much the same, creating cute little fluffy balls that are characteristic of these pooches.

12. Modern Cut

Modern Cut poodle

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut that’ll look good on your pet, the modern cut is the way to go!

It is not necessary to use intricate shaving or cutting techniques for this current clip, as the goal is to draw attention to the natural qualities of the Poodle’s body.

Aside from maintaining fullness in its fur, this trendy style also gives your canine a royal and exquisite appearance, in contrast to other plain haircuts.

The face is usually the only part that is shaved, while the rest of the body is covered with the beautiful Poodle coat fur.

13. Summer Cut

grooming white dog

The name of this hairstyle says it all! There are no more tangles in the Poodle’s curly hair, or overheating because of the hot summer temperatures that our pooches are exposed to just as much as we are.

Although the coat serves as natural protection from extreme conditions, it can become quite problematic if you live in a rather hot climate.

However, this type of cut will look great on a Poodle, and it’ll also be highly functional rather than aesthetically pleasing only.

14. Princess Cut

Princess Cut poodle

This cut is quite similar to the Bob cut mentioned above, as it puts the primary focus on the pup’s face because of the ear haircut that shapes the whole head.

Some princess Poodles might also have cute poofs on the top of their head depending on how long their hair is.

When it comes to the other body parts, this style is entirely comparable to the Dutch or the Continental look, but the princess cut might sound cuter, especially for female Poodles.

15. Teddy Bear Cut

owner holding cute poodle

Most of the styles from this list are similar – there are just slight nuances between them that might not even be noticeable to people with low to average knowledge of Poodle grooming and all the procedures regarding the dog’s hair.

When it comes to this Poodle cut, it’s essential to notice that this type of Poodle has long hair on its face and short hair on the rest of its body.

In fact, arranging the puppy’s face such that it seems as fluffy as that of a teddy bear is the secret to pulling off this appearance successfully.

As a bonus, this is indeed a shape that is far more appropriate for a smaller or younger pooch, as other canines may not be able to carry the “tiny and charming” appearance as well.

On the other hand, this cut is one of the simplest, yet sweetest grooming styles!

16. Town And Country Cut

Town And Country Cut poodle

These are probably one of the most popular Poodle haircuts that are sophisticated, fashionable, and far more manageable than most people would think.

The main idea is to keep the Poodle’s hair intact without any major change that might draw attention from the legs and the face.

If you’re looking for a way to emphasize the look of the pup’s legs and the pup’s face, this is the haircut that’ll be a complete success!

17. Continental Cut

poodle with Continental Cut

This fashionable haircut, which is inspired by contemporary culture’s “classic poodle” look, involves simply grooming the body of your puppy and keeping “poofs” of fur on different spots.

An altered variation of such style is also available in which the lower half of the canine’s body is shaved.

This is one of only two trims that have been authorized by the AKC in dog competitions and shows.

18. Royal Tail Cut

Royal Tail Cut poodle

The name of this haircut might be a bit misleading, as the hair on the tail stays intact while the rest of the hair is chopped.

Once the tail is longer than the back or hind legs, but the same size as the hair on the head, dog groomers claim that you can groom the hair as you want.

This might be considered as a more unique and imaginative haircut that will draw the majority of people’s attention no matter where you go.

19. Corded Cut

poodle with Corded Cut

This is one of the most complicated Poodle haircuts that is a real challenge even for professional groomers who find it difficult to pull off perfectly well.

To even think about this style, the Poodle’s hair has to be of a certain length, which is then put into dreadlocks, making it completely unique and creative.

Corded cuts on pups are not popular in today’s society, so your canine will surely stand out from the rest if you give it one!

20. German Cut

German Cut poodle

The German haircut is incredibly fashionable, and it includes a lot of flares. As a bonus, it is especially beneficial for dogs that experience the ill effects of ear matting or other conditions.

This cut keeps the ears completely shaved, allowing the back, belly, and tail to remain short. However, the legs of your pet should remain longer.

This may appear to be a straightforward trim, but it is quite useful for puppies that have delicate skin all around their ears.

21. Bolero Cut

poodle with Bolero Cut

Photo from: @yessy__27

The Bolero haircut is a slightly modified version of the previously described Fifth Avenue hairstyle.

The only distinction is that you shave both the front and back feet of the puppy in this case.

This hairstyle resembles the Fifth Avenue one unless a simple error is done while giving your canine the Bolero trim, and that is to leave excessive hair on the stomach or to shave too thickly around his tummy.

If the above error occurs, this cut can be misconstrued for the Town and Country style.

22. Jacket And Pants Cut

poodle with Jacket And Pants Cut

If you’re looking for unique coat fur cuts, this one is definitely one of the most distinctive Poodle hairstyles available.

In order to achieve this look, the tummy and the neck area have to be trimmed, so the coat fur on the tail and legs resembles pants and a jacket, indeed.

However, even though you’ll need to remove a significant quantity of fur from the dog in order to accomplish such a look, it will undoubtedly make your pup even more special than you could imagine.

23. Cupcake Cut

poodle with Cupcake Cut

The cupcake cut is an uncommon style, although it is far more straightforward to create than the Corded or the Town and Country cut.

The canine’s muzzle is once again the most important part of this style since the ear lobes must be fashioned in a fluffy manner in order to resemble a muffin.

This is a more straightforward technique than a corded haircut, but it should not be attempted by somebody with limited dog grooming knowledge due to the delicate nature of cutting around the pup’s head.

24. Pony Cut

poodle with Pony Cut

Photo from: @cheeto_the_standard_poodle

This type of hairstyle isn’t as frequent as other Poodle haircuts. Most of you can already guess how the haircut is done, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explain it.
To get this style, your dog’s fur is clipped in such a manner that the hair on the paws, tail, and neck is significantly longer than on the other parts of the body.

Some Poodle owners who prefer the pony haircut go so far as to purchase a saddle and reins in order to complete the appearance.

Of course, this isn’t obligatory, but some horse lovers might be pleasantly satisfied to find your cute puppy dressed as a horse!

25. Puppy Cut

poodle with Puppy Cut

As the name says, this haircut is perfect for puppy Poodles with an adorable haircut that is just as soft and fluffy as a teddy bear.

The haircut is simple to reproduce, and it serves as an excellent initial point for those who are inexperienced in poodle maintenance and style.

However, keep in mind that this type of haircut might not be the best option for adult canines. According to the AKC’s breed standards, they’ll authorize puppies with this type of haircut only if they’re under 12 months of age.

26. Lion Cut

poodle with Lion Cut

Popular for years and still in the top 10 of the most interesting canine hairstyles, the Lion Cut is one of the most stylish Poodle haircuts with a pinch of creativity and imagination.

You may cut your pup’s hair to make it lavish, which will give it a sophisticated aspect, so it can look and feel like a true lion.

To get this look, a groomer will have to shave the extremities and place the pompoms on the front and the back of the canine’s legs.

27. Kennel (Utility) Cut

poodle with Kennel (Utility) Cut

If you ever think of the traditional Poodle hairdo, you realize that it’s usually one of the most frequent haircuts in all competitions and conformation shows.

The Kennel haircut seems to be of the same quality, but with less work to do. Essentially, the primary focus of this style is to keep everything as simple and as clean as possible.

An even haircut from all sides, and a cute top knot are the best recipes for a successful look.

There are plenty of different ways to groom a Poodle, although one of the most popular looks involves shaving the neck, the tail, and the muzzle.

However, the Kennel style has proven that there can still be a “classic” Poodle look even without all of the unnecessary shaving, especially during winter.

28. Sporting Cut

poodle with Sporting Cut

You can prepare the clippers without any problem because this cut is even easier to maintain than the majority of Poodle looks from this article.

The most important thing to keep in mind is maintaining the shape of a cap on the top of the head.

When it comes to the rest of the body, the fur shouldn’t be any longer than one inch.

If you’re doing this haircut for the first time, I’d suggest you take the pup to a professional groomer.

Once the haircut is shaped in the right way, you’ll be able to maintain the look without any problem.

How Often Does A Poodle Need A Haircut?

grooming poodle

Generally, it’s recommended that Poodles have their coat hair cut every five to six weeks, depending on the owner’s personal preference.

If you like Poodles with longer hair, you don’t have to take your pup to the groomer until you find it necessary.

However, keep in mind that Poodles have thicker fur, just like Schnauzers and other double-coated canines, and that they might overheat during the summer months.

That’s why it might be better to keep the coat fur as short as possible in order to prevent any unwanted situations.

Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

These furry pups are among the most common dog breeds that are known to be hypoallergenic, along with Yorkies, Maltese, American Hairless Terriers, etc.

There are different types of Poodles, but fortunately enough, each of them is not very likely to cause any allergic reaction to humans.

However, although Poodles are low shedders and are hypoallergenic, I’d still recommend you to be careful as an allergy might activate not only because of the coat hair, but also because of saliva and other canine fluids.

Some people even claim that there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic canine. That is because people who are allergic to dogs and get a hypoallergenic pet might regularly feel mild symptoms without even knowing.

Therefore, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s better to react in time and go to the doctor instead of waiting for more serious symptoms.

Poodle Haircuts: Wrapping Up

grooming white poodle

There are so many beautiful and unique Poodle haircuts that it was difficult to choose the best of them for this article.

These hairstyles will make your pup stand out from the crowd for sure as one of the cutest Poodles in the area.

Different styles go with different Poodle coat colors and sizes, so be sure to make the right decision before the cut is done, or else you’ll have to wait until the hair finally grows back.

If this article has helped you decide which Poodle haircut is a good choice for your puppy, feel free to share it with your friends and family who are or will be Poodle owners!


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