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The 10 Best Irish Setter Breeders In The U.S.

The 10 Best Irish Setter Breeders In The U.S.

Irish Setters originated in Ireland where they were bred as gun dogs. They’re a result of mixing the English Setter, Spaniel, Pointer, and Gordon Setter. Due to their beautiful red-breed standard color, they soon became popular worldwide.

These Irish red dogs make perfect family pets because they are affectionate and loving, and overall, good companions.

If you’re interested in these loving, high-energy-level, and easily-trainable dogs, keep reading because we are bringing you this list of the top 10 most reputable Irish Setter breeders in the U.S.

Irish Setter Puppies For Sale

Irish Setter puppies

Because of their beauty and high-performance  levels, Setters are the breed of choice for many U.S. breeders. Not only are they bred to be family members, but also, many compete in dog sports because they do really well in hunt tests, obedience, and rally competitions.

Since there are a lot of choices when it comes to Irish Setter breeders, we know that choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult, which is why we chose to make a directory of the best Irish Setter breeders to help you.

Take a look and find out everything you need to know!

1. Ruairi’s Irish Setters – Florida

Irish Setter walking in woods

Ruairi’s Irish Setters is a small family-based breeding program that’s focused on quality rather than quantity. All their dogs live in their home, and great thought is given to the breeding process  to produce healthy puppies with stable temperaments and the right structure.

Ruairi’s follows the ISCA Breeder Code of Ethics, and holds the AKC Breeder of Merit, and Bred with H.E.A.R.T. awards. Also, they are proud members of the Irish Setter Club of America.

Amanda, from Ruairi’s, makes sure that all of her dogs are sold in person so that they go to the right family and the perfect home.

If you check out their website, you will find pictures of previous and current puppies as well as all of the important information about the breeder, puppy availability, and how to get in contact with them if you are interested in purchasing one of their puppies.

Ruairi’s Irish Setters’ Details

Address: Lakeland, Florida

Phone: 954-850-0312

Website: Ruairi’s Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

2. Greenbank Hollow Farm – Vermont

Irish Setter running on field

Greenbank Hollow Farm is located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and its owners, Bruce and Patty, are known as excellent breeders and trainers of Irish Setters and sport Morgans.

All their Irish Setters are family dogs, raised in their family as pets. Their puppies are high-quality dogs since they come from the old gentlemen line of hunting dogs.

You can find an application form on their website. If you decide to fill it out, they will contact you shortly and answer all your questions.

You can also contact them via email or phone. Find all the details below!

Please, before you even make an application, make sure that you are well-informed about this breed of dog, and that you are certain of choosing an Irish Setter as your pet!

Greenbank Hollow Farm’s Details

Address: Danville, Vermont

Phone: 802-684-1163

Website: Greenbank Hollow Farm

Email: [email protected]

3. Erinshire Irish Setters – New Hampshire

Irish Setter standing outside

Erinshire Irish Setters started breeding in 1977, and with such a long history in breeding Irish Setters, they are one of the best and most reputable ones in the area.

If you decide to buy a puppy from Erinshire Irish Setters, you will first need to fill out the questionnaire, which will help them decide which puppy is best suited for you.

They do this to make sure that each family gets the most suitable puppy that will match their habits and temperament.

If you are approved, you will be on their waiting list, and get a puppy as soon as they are old enough to be given to a new family.

With every puppy, you also get a “puppy package” that includes all the necessary information about health concerns, feeding regime, grooming requirements, and leash training.

Erinshire Irish Setters’ Details

Address: White Mountains, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-786-2804

Website: Erinshire Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

4. Redfeathers Irish Setters – Illinois

Irish Setter running on grass

Redfeathers Irish Setters was established in 1977, and since then, they have won many awards and produced many champion dogs.

Irish Setters are their life passion. They are extremely proud of their six agility champions and 350 AKC titles in Agility, Obedience, and Rally.

All of their dogs are members of the Canine Information Center, which means that they have health-tested the parents for healthy puppies.

Check out their website for more information, or email them for any inquiries.

Redfeathers Irish Setters’ Details

Address: Smithton, IL 62285

Website: Redfeathers Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

5. Anamacara Irish Setters – Wisconsin

Irish Setter standing on grass

Since 1968, Gail and John, from Anamacara Irish Setters, have been dedicating all their life and love to this dog breed.

Besides many well-bred generations of champions, they are the proudest of producing healthy companions for many families.

All their puppies are trained by them at the local training clubs, passing conformation and obedience classes.

Take a look at their website or Facebook page to see all the wonderful pictures of their puppies and get in contact with them.

Anamacara Irish Setters’ Details

Address: Madison, Wisconsin

Website: Anamacara Irish Setters

Facebook: Anamacara Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

6. 4-Leaf Clover Irish Setters – Oregon

Irish Setter looking into distance

4-Leaf Clover Irish Setters is an experienced breeder that produces happy and healthy pedigree puppies, and most importantly, companion dogs.

They recently had new litter, and they currently have two females and four males left. So, if you are interested, quickly check their website or give them a call.

Keep in mind that their puppies are sold quickly. However, there is an option on their page to reserve your puppy and forever friend.

4-Leaf Clover Irish Setters’ Details

Address: 10887 Wright Avenue, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603, United States

Phone: 541-887-9467

Website: 4-Leaf Clover Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

7. Windwood Irish Setters – Minnesota

Irish Setter looking away

Windwood Irish Setters started their business in the 1970s when they purchased their first female Irish Setter, named Woody.

What matters to them is tradition and breeding conformation, companion and performance dogs.

They have been an ISCA member for more than 25 years, and also American Kennel Club Breeders of Merit. To learn more about them and their puppies, visit their website or contact them through email or phone.

Windwood Irish Setters’ Details

Address: Staples, MN 56479

Phone: 218-296-0728

Website: Windwood Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

8. SugarStop Irish Setters – California

Irish Setter standing in nature

SugarStop Irish Setters is a breeder of quality red setters from San Diego, California. They are true dog lovers, and they have been breeding for more than 30 years.

They strive to produce beautiful, healthy, companion dogs with great temperament. SugarStop is extremely proud of their finest bloodline Setters, as well as their agility and obedience show dogs.

They are members of the Irish Setter Club of America, which means that they honor the Breeder’s Code of Ethics. Feel free to contact them if you need any breed information, or if you’re thinking about getting yourself a new family member.

SugarStop Irish Setters’ Details

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: (505) 270-2776 / (619) 463-6824

Website: SugarStop Irish Setters

Email: [email protected]

9. Shakarri Irish Setters – Arkansas

Irish Setter sitting on grass

At Shakarri Irish Setters, you can find healthy and sound puppies that are bred for families, work, or show. The owners fell in love with this breed, and in 2013, decided to start breeding.

All their puppies stay in the house as pets, and they do all the health tests to make sure that they are structurally and mentally healthy.

You can contact them if you have any questions, or perhaps you would like to do a meet and greet with the dogs. They are more than happy to help, so don’t hesitate to send them a message!

Shakarri Irish Setters’ Details

Address: Leslie, Arkansas

Website: Shakarri Irish Setters

Facebook: Shakarri Irish Setters

10. Rose Valley Kennel – Missouri

close shot of Irish Setter

For more than 20 years, Rose Valley Kennel has been breeding and raising superior-quality companions. Besides Irish Setters, they also breed Dalmatians and Siberian Huskies.

Their love for their puppies makes them stand out from the others. They make sure that all their dogs grow up in a healthy environment, with proper socialization and high-quality food.

Furthermore, they perform all possible health tests to make sure there are no health issues before placing one of their puppies in a new home.

They would be happy to get in touch with you and provide you with help and support, especially if you are a first-time owner.

Rose Valley Kennels’ Details

Address: 34443 W 120th St, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Phone: (816) 648-3057

Website: Rose Valley Kennel

Email: [email protected]

How Much Is An Irish Setter Pup?

Irish Setter posing for photo

The price of an Irish Setter pup depends on a couple of things. If you are looking to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, and one that is AKC-registered, you should expect to pay a bit more.

Those puppies will have all their health clearances  and are bred to be high-quality performance and show dogs, so their price ranges between $800 and $1200.

If you would like to pay less, there are also ones that cost a little less, around $600; however, those dogs are not part of any breed club, or they might have questionable health conditions, which can affect their lifespan significantly.

The Setter breed is prone to suffering from hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, celiac disease, and bloat, so it is always advisable to go with a breeder who can guarantee your dog’s health, and who has done all the DNA tests, even if you have to pay a higher price.


When choosing the right breeder, it is necessary to get all the information you can about them. How they treat and care for their dogs should be a matter of great importance.

A breeder who cares and loves their dogs will not just go for the money, but will make sure that their puppies go to a loving and safe home. Furthermore, they will make sure that all their puppies are healthy and checked by a professional.

We hope that we have helped you by providing you with this list of Irish Setter breeders so that you can try to get your new family friend without stressing too much!

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