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18 Brittany Spaniel Mixes That Would Make Good Family Pets

18 Brittany Spaniel Mixes That Would Make Good Family Pets

If you’re a canine owner that’s looking for a unique and special pooch for your home, why don’t you consider getting one of the wonderful and unusual Brittany Spaniel mixes?

Brittany Spaniels are generally described as pleasant, amiable, and lovable puppies that are fiercely loyal to their owners. That is why they’re often considered great candidates for family canines.

As we know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so there is a high chance that the Brittany Spaniels mixes will inherit the best traits of this canine breed.

Read on to learn about the interesting crossbreeds from this amazing canine and excellent companion pup!

Brittany Spaniel Mixes

There are 18 types of canines on our Brittany Spaniel mixes list for you to choose from, in case you’re considering adopting or buying a new pup.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of scammers and puppy mills that might sell pups with severe health conditions. The risk is even higher if you’re looking to buy a mixed breed, which is why you should look at the reviews from other buyers and the validity of the certificates that the breeders provide.

The rest of the article contains basic information about Brittany Spaniel crosses, which might be helpful for you in choosing the best mixed-breed pet for your family!

1. Golden Brittany (Golden Retriever mix)

Golden Brittany dog laying on back

Photo from: @goldenluna.blueiris

Having a Golden Brittany as a family pet is one of the best things that could happen to you and your family, since this Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel cross is lovely, bright, and amiable.

However, even though they’re great family pets, Golden Brittanies might show resilience towards people they haven’t met before. This might be the consequence of the Golden Retriever’s aggressive behavior, which is rare but noticeable, especially towards people they don’t feel safe with.

When it comes to size, they’re more on the Brittany Spaniel’s side, as these pups only weigh up to 35 pounds.

2. Brittany Spaniel Dachshund

a brittany spaniel smiling at the camera

Doxies are known as a dog breed that is obedient, loyal, and friendly, although they might be quite strong-willed from time to time.

On the other hand, Brittany Spaniels are extremely smart and joyful canines that require a lot of outdoor time and exercise.

It’s not difficult to guess that with the cross of these two breeds, you will get a Doxie Brit that is amiable and lovable but also curious about everything around it.

Dachshunds shed a lot more than Brittany Spaniels, but fortunately, their mix usually doesn’t shed as much because it usually inherits the Brittany Spaniel’s coat characteristics.

3. Brittany Husky (Husky mix)

Brittany Husky sitting outdoor

Photo from: @husky_brittany_mix

These crossbred pups inherit the best characteristics of their parent breeds, Huskies and Brittany Spaniels! They’re sociable and fiercely energetic pups but also great hunting dogs with a high prey drive.

Their looks are just as interesting as their personalities because they resemble Huskies. The majority of these mixed-breed pups have the recognizable Husky eye shades.

However, when it comes to coat shades, they generally have the same colors and patterns as their Brittany Spaniel parents.

4. German Brittany (German Shepherd)

German Brittany dog sitting

Photo from: @stacipii

This is one of the Brittany Spaniel mixes that seems unusual at first but turns out to be one of the best combinations of breeds regarding physical appearance and temperament.

German Brittanys are covered in German Shepherd shades and patterns, including black and tan, sable, black and silver, black and cream, and other hues.

In terms of looks, these mixed-breed puppies might seem like a good option for hunting because of their parents’ prey drive. They can also be great guardians, as both Brittanies and GSDs are excellent watch canines.

5. Brittany Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix

Brittany Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix

Photo from: @lucy_loo_d

Both of these types of Spaniels are sociable canines and open to accepting new people into their lives, which is why their crossbreed is an excellent pet for new, inexperienced puppy owners.

Cavaliers don’t like to be alone, so don’t be surprised if their crossbreed pup doesn’t leave your side at any cost and even follows you to the bathroom!

When it comes to their looks, this Spaniel cross resembles Brittany pups more than Cavalier King Charles pups in terms of coat colors and general looks.

Both of the parent breeds live quite a long life, but Cavaliers might have a bit shorter lifespan than Brittanies, so I hope your pup inherits the health and life expectancy of the latter ones!

6. Labany (Labrador Retriever)

Labany dog laying on the floor

Photo from: @kevinthegoldenbrit

Both male and female Labrador Retrievers are excellent examples of family pets who become family members in a short time because they know how to get under your skin.

Labanys are no exception from this rule, even though they’re a mix of two somewhat different canine breeds that might be similar in terms of personality but still have their variations.

Labradors aren’t heavy shedders, and neither are Brittanys, which is why you’re safe from a massive amount of dog hair all around your house if you pick their cross as a pet.

This mixed-breed pup does not require regular bathing and maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to groom them at all.

7. Irish Brittany (Irish Setter)

Irish Brittany laying on the floor

Photo from: @jeanpillsbury

This is quite an uncommon mix of breeds, they have a high energy level and prey drive, making them good hunting canines.

On the other hand, that might cause some minor issues with other pets in the house, but if you train your crossbreed from early puppyhood, there won’t be any problems.

Irish Brittanies are generally medium-sized pups that physically might resemble Brittany Spaniels more than Setters, but that’s not a hard rule.

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8. Border Collie Brittany Spaniel

Border Collie Brittany Spaniel dog sitting

Photo from: @sirdukehamilton

The cross between a Collie and a Brittany is one of the canine breeds with a high level of responsibility. They work harder than any other canine breed and are well-known for their tireless efforts to please their owners.

Their activity level is above average, meaning that this crossbreed loves to spend time outside and enjoys outdoor activities together with their family.

Twelve to fourteen years is the general lifespan of a Border Collie. However, the Britt Collies have established a new record as a canine breed that has managed to live more than seventeen years!

Therefore, with appropriate care and lifestyle, you may considerably lengthen the lives of your furry friends!

Also, keep in mind that these mixed-breed pups will probably love to howl and bark just as much as Collies, so try to train them from puppyhood to get this (bad) habit under control.

9. Brittany Springer (English Springer Spaniel)

Brittany Springer dog

Photo from: @ruger.and.benelli

This might very well be the best choice of canine for you if you’re searching for a Spaniel cross that maintains all of the Brittany’s sporting characteristics and qualities, along with the temperament of the English Springer.

However, that is one of the main reasons why these pups unquestionably require an owner to train them and spend quality time outside with them daily.

It’s crucial for them to spend at least an hour every day training at a vigorous level, or otherwise, they’ll turn into stressed and hyperactive pooches.

When it comes to their looks, Brittany Springers take after both their parent breeds, as they’re medium-sized canines with colors and patterns that resemble both breeds.

10. Brittnepoo (Poodle mix)

Brittnepoo dog posing

Photo from: @bowcreekkennels

This is one of the more uncommon Poodle mixes and they will melt your heart in a matter of seconds! If you’re a Poodle fan but like the colors of the Brittany Spaniels, you will surely love this crossbreed!

These doggies know how to have a good time and play. Because of their outgoing nature and boundless energy, they are perfect for kids of a more mature age.

These mixed-breed puppies are easier to groom than their purebred parents, even though they’re not difficult to maintain either.

A Brittnepoo’s coat style seems to be more similar to the Poodle’s, so you can also try some cool or unique Poodle haircuts on them!

11. Brittany Beagle Mix

Brittany Beagle Mix dog in a basket

Photo from: @goodboymilot

The Brittany beagle is a sociable and energetic breed of canine. Even though they might be a little headstrong at times, they are nonetheless simple to teach and make excellent pets for families.

In general, Brittany beagles are considered to be healthy canines. However, their susceptibility to certain diseases, such as epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, and other serious illnesses, can be inherited from their parents. Obtaining a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder is one way to contribute to the prevention of diseases.

The lifespan of a Brittany Beagle normally ranges from 14 to 17 years, which is a few years longer than a Beagle’s life expectancy. The Brittany Beagle’s lifespans can be increased by adopting a healthy diet and way of life.

12. Brittany Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Mix

Brittany Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Mix dog

Photo from: @briantmetzger

The Cocker Brittany is a brilliant mixed-breed dog that responds well to behavioral and physical training, including socialization and mental stimulation methods. They’re intelligent dogs, capable of following their dog owner’s commands without problems.

Because they have a lot of energy and like being active (due to their sporting dog genes), they require an owner that is able to spend time with them and can keep up with their pace. However, they do tend to bark quite a lot like Cocker Spaniels, but that can be easily controlled with proper training.

The average lifespan of a Cocker Brittany is somewhere between 11 and 14 years, depending on their way of life and general well-being.

In terms of physical appearance, this mix has a long snout that is rather slender. Their eyes are quite big and dark. The tips of their ears have a pale tint and floppy shape like the rest of their ears. They have curved backs, long tails, and slim legs.

13. Brittany Setter (English Setter Mix)

Brittany Setter dog

Photo from: @mountain.k9

This is one of the Brittany Spaniel mixes that is considered as one of the best watchdogs for kids because they take excellent care of their small human owners.

Also, these pups can suddenly become extremely attached to their owners, especially if they sense any “intruders” around you or your property. Therefore, these pups might not be the best option if you already have a clingy pet inside your house.

These pups aren’t just good family dogs and guardians; they’re also excellent hunters, which isn’t a surprise considering that both of their parent breeds are gun dogs that have superb skills in bird hunting.

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14. Aussie Brittany (Australian Shepherd mix)

two Aussie Brittany dogs

Photo from: @jkrenegade07

The Australian Brittany is a very intelligent breed of canine that learns fast and adores the company of their owners and people in general.

They are energetic pooches, which means that this cross requires a great deal of physical activity, as well as certain mental activities to keep them happy, content, and joyful.

Just like male and female Aussies, these mixed-breed pups are generally good with kids, but they might also try to herd toddlers and babies, so it is best to keep an eye on them.

Their coats can be seen in a wide variety of hues, but most commonly, they have black or brown coats, with white patterns spread along their bodies in differing proportions.

Even though they have a substantial amount of fur on their bodies, they require very little grooming, unlike Aussies.

15. Brittany Bourbonnais (Braque du Bourbonnais mix)

Here is another gun dog combination that seems to be excellent as family dogs and even better as hunting canines.

Most dog owners would describe them as smart and affectionate pups that can easily charm you, just like their parent breed, the Braque du Bourbonnais.

According to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Braque du Bourbonnais breed standard, Braques can grow up to 23 inches, just like their mixed-breed puppies.

They’re generally covered in Braque du Bourbonnais shades and patterns (brown or fawn ticked).

16. Brittany Spaniel Pitbull

Brittany Spaniel Pitbull dog

Photo from: @theknottedmoss

This is by far one of the rarest Brittany Spaniel mixes, at least on this list!

According to their looks, it seems that Pitbulls usually carry the dominant genes, which is why most of their crossbreeds resemble them.

However, in this case, it’s safe to say that the Brittany Spaniel Pitbulls inherit both physical and mental traits of both parent breeds.

These mixed-breed puppies are considered medium-sized dogs and grow up to 22 inches and might live for up to 17 years!

17. Basset Hound Brittany Spaniel Mix

Basset Hound Brittany Spaniel Mix

Photo from: @barkinghamm_palace

This crossbreed is by far one of the most adorable Brittany Spaniel mixes! Of course, each puppy is cute in its own way, but it’s impossible to stay cool near Basset Spaniels.

Floppy ears, joyful grins on their faces, and a magnificent tail are the main characteristics of these amazing pooches.

They’re just as sweet as they look; although they resemble Brittany Spaniels in general, they’re usually colored in Basset Hound shades.

This crossbreed is one of the true examples that shows mixed breeds can be worth as much and have the same qualities as purebred canines.

18. American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel Mix

American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel Mix

Photo from: @penny_and_beau

Here is another rare crossbreed, a mix between a Brittany Spaniel and an American Bully. I’ve got to admit that it’s interesting to see the combination of these two canine breeds, especially because they’re more similar than they may first seem.

Both Bullies and Spaniels are good family pets; therefore, their cross is considered an excellent family dog, especially for families with kids.

However, they might be a bit more on the expensive side, considering that an American Bully can cost anywhere from $2500 to $10000.

Common Health Issues Of Brittany Spaniels

Brittany Spaniels are generally considered healthy, although there are certain medical conditions that they can be prone to, even if they’re bought from reputable breeders.

The genetic background and health state of the parent breeds can have an impact on mixed breeds.

The health problems mentioned below are frequent among Brittany Spaniels and their crosses:

• Hypothyroidism – Essentially, this health condition is caused by a lack of the hormone that is in charge of metabolism in both humans and canines.

If there‘s a lack of thyroid hormone in the organism, the puppy will lose a lot of coat hair and become obese, lethargic, and nervous.

• Elbow And Hip Dysplasia – These two are among the most frequent medical conditions that might appear in almost any canine breed.

Essentially, these diseases are characterized by the irregular growth of joint balls and sockets, which, as a result, become fragile and weak.

Cataracts – This type of eye issue forms in a dog’s eye when the normally clear lens becomes cloudy. This can occur as a result of alterations in the lens’ water levels or in proteins that are contained inside the eye.

Cloudiness prevents light from reaching the pupil, or retina to be exact, which ultimately results in a loss of sight. A cataract that has progressed to its advanced stage appears as a white circle in the canine’s eye, right behind the iris.

Epilepsy – This is a medical condition that affects brain function and is defined by a series of seizures that do not have any recognized basis or brain lesions that are produced by an unknown brain injury or similar occurrence.

The most common symptoms of this condition are convulsions, shaking, or staring into empty space for a long time.

Cerebellar Ataxia – Lesions in the cerebellum (the part of the brain that is in charge of movements) are the main culprits of this condition and it can happen to any dog breed.

The canine will be unable to control any movements, both in terms of speed or range of motion. For example, your pet might look like it’s exaggerating when it tries to jump over a small or even non-existing obstacle.

Lens Luxation – This is a genetic condition that appears in puppyhood and progresses with age.

Certain canines, most notably those of the terrier type, have this condition, in which the muscles that hold the lens become brittle or ruptured, which results in the lens dislodging out of its typical location.

Is A Breton Spaniel The Same As A Brittany Spaniel?

Essentially, the Breton and Brittany are the same canine breed. It’s important to mention that Brittany (Spaniels) don’t actually belong to the Spaniel family or have much connection to them, except for the name and a few physical similarities.

However, when it comes to the whole mess about the origin of this canine breed, it’s crucial to divide the French Brittany Spaniels (Epagneul Bretons) from the American Brittany pups.

American Brittanies seem to have a different shaped body and structure than the original Brittanies. This type of Brittany pup is bigger in size than the original canine.

This is important for Brittany Spaniel mixes because their origin might affect their health and well-being in general.

What Dog Breeds Make Up A Brittany?

It is believed that the Brittany Spaniels originated from English Pointers and French Spaniels because of their physical traits and temperament.

Brittanys have strongly-expressed traits of a working canine and they resemble Setters and Pointers more than any other canine categories, including Spaniels.

However, nowadays, Brittany Spaniels are recognized as purebred canines by important institutions and organizations, including the American Kennel Club, The United Kennel Club, The Kennel Club, etc.

Final Thoughts On Brittany Spaniel Mixes

There might not be as many Brittany Spaniel mixes as Great Dane, Boxer, or Poodle mixes, but they’re high-quality designer dog breeds that offer the best from both purebred canines.

It’s a well-known fact that hybrid canines are mixed in order to get “superior” pups who’ll serve as improved versions of the purebred parent breeds.

They are less prone to common medical conditions, shedding, and other things that might be seen as cons of owning a certain canine breed.

However, remember that no pup can live forever, so instead of focusing on which breed lives longer, try to enjoy the time you have with the breed that you find the best fit for both you and your family.


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