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50 Great Dane Mixes: Popular Great Dane Mixed Breeds

50 Great Dane Mixes: Popular Great Dane Mixed Breeds

Primarily bred for hunting and protection, Great Danes proved to be extremely loyal, social, and affectionate family dogs.

These big dogs were first introduced to the crossbreeding process back in the early 80s when hybrid dog breeds started becoming more and more popular.

Crossing Great Danes with other dog breeds has resulted in many wonderful combinations of unique-looking designer dogs.

We have put together a list of the 50 most popular Great Dane Mixes. These pooches will definitely win over your heart!

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50 Popular Great Dane Mixes

Ever wondered what a Great Dane mix breed would look like? What would happen when crossing a small dog like a Chihuahua with a big Great Dane?

Well, we’re here to show you some of the most popular and unusual giant Great Dane mix breeds!

Let’s get started!

1. Italian Daniff: Great Dane Mixed With A Cane Corso Italiano

the beautiful Italian Daniff sits and looks at the camera

Photo from: @plutointhepnw

The Italian Daniff is a designer dog mix with a hybrid background. It’s a hybrid dog developed between an Italian Cane Corso and a Great Dane.

This enormous dog is 35 to 36 inches tall, and weighs 115 to 130 pounds.

Despite its low energy level, the Italian Daniff is a social breed that enjoys mingling with other dogs and their owners at the local dog park.

2. Irish Wolfhound Dane: Great Dane Mixed With An Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Dane is sitting on the green grass

Photo from: @finn_thewolfhound

The Irish Dane is a cross between the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane. They are, as you might expect, massive dogs.

These gentle giants can come in various colors, and a puppy may either resemble an Irish Wolfhound or a Great Dane.

Irish Danes get along well with children and all family members. Protective by nature, these dogs will defend their families and homes against anything or anyone they perceive to be a threat.

This, combined with their threatening size, makes the Irish Dane an excellent watch dog.

3. Great Danoodle: Poodle Mixed With A Great Dane

beautiful Great Danoodle sits in the house

Photo from: @millhillhustlin

The Great Danoodle is a cross between a Great Dane and a Poodle. There isn’t much information about the origin of these designer dogs, although it is believed they came from Germany.

The Great Danoodle is a very sweet and gentle dog. They make the best companions to have by your side. This is the kind of dog you’ll want to come home to because they’re very sweet, loyal, and gentle.

Despite their fuzzy coats, Great Danoodles are low-shedders and require minimum grooming.

4. Australian Great: Australian Shepherd Mixed With A Great Dane

The Australian Great looks at the camera with his tongue out

Photo from: @shadylaneacres_

This is an interesting combination of two magnificent dog breeds – The Great Dane and the Australian Shepherd are both extremely loyal, alert, and fun-loving dogs.

Because of its size, the Great Dane makes an excellent guard dog. However, its temperament does not lend itself well to protection.

The Aussie, on the other hand, is a very social dog that enjoys being around other people. These two breeds combined make the Australian Great – the perfect companion for outgoing people.

5. Great Daniff: Great Dane Mixed With An English Mastiff

the beautiful Great Daniff is lying on the bed

Photo from: @alidabloom

Meet the Daniff; a majestic Mastiff bred between the Great Dane and the English Mastiff.

With a head the size of a Great Dane and a powerful, bulky physique similar to an English Mastiff, this big dog might appear dangerous enough to scare anyone away.

In reality, Daniffs are cuddly gentle giants that usually want to play and have fun. This breed is great for people looking for a wonderful family pet.

6. Great Chowdane: Great Dane Mixed With A Chow Chow

the beautiful Great Chowdane sits and looks at the camera

Photo from: @goodkymistry

The Great Chowdane mix is a hybrid between the Chow Chow and the Great Dane. Even though both of these dogs have friendly traits, their personalities are very different.

The Chow Chow is known for its loyalty and independence, whereas the Great Dane is more of a laid-back, gentle dog.

Crossing these two breeds resulted in creating an active, clever, and devoted guard dog – The Great Chowdane.

7. Bernese Great Dane: Great Dane Mixed With A Bernese Mountain Dog

beautiful Bernese Great Dane sits on the couch with his tongue out

Photo from: @duke.rule

Crossbreeding the Great Dane with the Bernese resulted in a really big dog breed – the Bernese Great Dane! And, when we say big dog breed, we mean massive dog breed.

This gentle giant can grow to over 3 feet in height, and can weigh up to 150 pounds.

The Bernese Great Dane can have a longer, thicker coat from its Bernese parentage or a low-maintenance, short coat from the Great Dane parent breed side. Their coat can also be an interesting mix of both parent breeds.

This mix breed is a laid-back, chilled out kind of dog breed that gets along with everyone. Sometimes, they’re too lazy to go out for a walk!

8. Great Shepherd: Great Dane Mixed With A German Shepherd

Great Shepherd is lying on the grass

Photo from:@hupaisaakerrassaan

The Great Shepherd is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. This designer dog is known as one of the world’s largest breeds. They’re big dogs with even bigger personalities.

Great Shepherds are very loving, laid-back, affectionate, and friendly. Therefore, they make wonderful family dogs as long as you provide them with lots of space and attention.

9. Great Danesky: Siberian Husky Mixed With A Great Dane

the beautiful Great Danesky stands on the grass and looks at the camera

Photo from: @jasper_thegreatdanesky

Not only does he have such a cool name, but this dog also has the coolest looks. An intriguing cross between a Siberian Husky and a Great Dane – the Great Danesky.

The Great Dane parent has a short coat and a laid-back temperament. On the other side, the Siberian Husky parent has a fluffy coat and a high energy drive.

Keeping this in mind, these large dogs require a large living space as well as regular grooming and exercise.

10. Saint Dane: Great Dane Mixed With Saint Bernard

Saint Dane stands in the snow and looks around

Photo from: @thepupsandthepines

Also known as the Great Bernard, this dog is a crossbreed derived from the Great Dane and Saint Bernard.

Considering two gigantic parent breeds, the Saint Dane can grow very fast, and weigh up to 190 pounds.

Unfortunately, these large dogs have a very short lifespan ranging from 7 to 9 years depending on the care and inherited health issues.

11. Great Pug: Great Dane Mixed With A Pug

the beautiful Great Pug is lying on a pillow

Photo from: @patrick_wood_co

Now, this is a really interesting combination. Who could have thought that little Pugs could be mixed with big dogs like Great Danes?

Well, to everyone’s surprise, this mixed breed became very popular worldwide.

Just as both parent breeds are, a Great Dane Pug hybrid puppy will be extremely loving and affectionate, and will act as a guard to your home and family.

12. Great Corso: Great Dane Mixed With A Cane Corso

The Great Corso stands and looks into the distance

Photo from: @jarettmakar

The Great Dane mixed with a Cane Corso has to be one of the most gigantic and famous mixed breeds.

Considering its parent breed characteristic, the Great Corso comes with a short coat in red, black, fawn, brindle, and gray colors.

The Great Corso is a gentle giant that, due to it’s Cane Corso parent traits, needs early socialization and training.

13. American Great: Great Dane Mixed With An American Bulldog

American Great is lying in the car

Photo from: @chip_the_dane

The American Bull Dane, or often called the American Great, is a mix between a purebred American Bulldog and a purebred Great Dane.

This crossbreed is considered a large breed, although their size varies. The American Bull Dane weighs anywhere from 40 to 190 pounds.

These mixed breed dogs are very loyal and assertive, making them excellent guard dogs.

14. Great Pyredane: Great Dane Mixed With A Great Pyrenees

Great Pyredane is sitting on the grass

Photo from: @gordy.the.great

The Great Pyredane is a giant breed derived from a purebred Great Dane and a purebred Great Pyrenees.

Due to their heavy coat, they shed all year around and require regular grooming.

Although they tend to be overprotective, with early socialization, Great Pyredanes make great family dogs.

15. Great Dangle: Great Dane Mixed With A Beagle

Great Dangle lies on a deck chair

Photo from: @rhea_ash_evee

The Great Dane-Beagle mix is an extremely loving, intelligent mixed breed.

Having inherited its parents’ gentle and friendly personality traits, the Great Dangle makes the most entertaining and sweet-natured dog in the canine world.

With both parent breeds being moderate to heavy shedders, the Great Dangle might need some extra grooming care.

16. Great Chihuahua: Great Dane Mixed With A Chihuahua

Great Dane Mixed With A Chihuahua

Before you ask, yes, it is possible. The unusual combination of a giant breed and a miniature breed has developed one of the most unique-looking dog breeds.

With a large head resembling the Greyhound’s, a long body, and short legs like a Dachshund’s, these dogs look like a mix of many dog breeds.

The Great Chihuahua has inherited the best traits from both parents – the friendliness of the Great Dane and the affectionate personality of the Chihuahua.

17. Great Danebull: Great Dane Mixed With A Pitbull

the beautiful Great Danebull stands and looks at the camera

Photo from: @lifesbetterwithduke

Also known as the Great Dane Pitbull, this mixed dog breed is developed by crossing a Great Dane and an American Pitbull Terrier. The Danebull is obviously an extra-large dog.

Danebulls are a muscular dog breed with a sturdy build and a wide head. Their coat is short, smooth, and dense, with a wide range of patterns and colors.

This giant breed is highly intelligent and trainable, eager to please its owner and protect its family.

18. French Bull Dane: Great Dane Mixed With A French Bulldog

French Bull Dane sits and looks at the camera

Photo from:@kite.thefrenchbulldane

The French Bull Dane seems to look more like its French Bulldog parent than its Great Dane parent. Its body is small and sturdy, and its nose resembles those we see in Pugs.

Given the French Bull Dane’s parents’ positive personality traits, it is certain that this designer breed makes an excellent family dog.

Although they may be difficult to train, French Bull Danes are loyal and lovable dogs.

19. Doberdane: Great Dane Mixed With A Doberman

This mixed breed makes everyone’s jaws drop. Just take a look at this majestic dog.

Doberdanes are muscular, elegant, and impressive dogs with high energy levels. They are extremely clever, which makes them highly trainable and obedient.

Doberdanes might have a high prey drive and an incredible attention span. Therefore, it is important to introduce early socialization and regular training at a young age.

20. Great Weimar: Great Dane Mixed With A Weimaraner

Great Weimar lies and looks into the distance

Photo from: @javibusse

The Great Weimar is a giant breed that requires plenty of living space and an owner who is dedicated to training and regular exercise.

The unique combination of both parent breed’s traits makes this gentle giant a great companion for owners looking for a playful and active dog.

Unfortunately, this breed is prone to bloating, as is common for both the Weimaraner and the Great Dane, which is a serious condition that all dog owners should know about.

21. Golden Great Retriever: Great Dane Mixed With A Golden Retriever

The Golden Great Retriever sits and looks into the distance

Photo from: @tate_rides_2_wheels

The Golden Great Retriever breed really stands up to its name.

Great Goldies are as friendly and social as their Golden Retriever parent, and as kind and gentle as their Great Dane parent.

They are an excellent choice for those looking for a cute, cuddly family dog due to their laid-back and warm temperament.

22. Great Dakita: Great Dane Mixed With An Akita Inu

Great Dakita sits and looks away

Photo from: @withlove_lucky

This designer dog mixed breed is truly remarkable and rare.

The interesting color patterns inherited by both parents are what distinguishes Great Dakitas. Great Dakitas often come in white, black-tan, red, and brindle colors.

Since they’re high-energy, giant dogs, Dakitas require regular training and playtime.

23. English Bull Dane: Great Dane Mixed With An English Bulldog

English Bull Dane is lying and looking at the camera

Photo from: @mo.cooper

The English Bull Dane is a crossbreed between the Great Dane and the English Bulldog.

These gentle dogs are very loving and affectionate. So, if you’re looking for a best friend – search no more because this dog is everything you have ever wanted!

English Bull Danes make the best family dogs: they are loyal, intelligent, and always ready to cuddle.

24. Great Dachshund: Great Dane Mixed With A Dachshund

The Great Dachshund stands in the park

Photo from: @kiraatjeee

This very uncommon dog breed is the combination of a Dachshund and a Great Dane, and it is relatively new in the world of dog breeding.

Its parent breeds are hunting dogs, so it might get a little stubborn. The character of your puppy depends on which parent it takes after more.

Overall, all these hybrid pooches make great pets. They love to show affection towards their human pack and engage in daily activities.

25. Great Border Collie: Great Dane Mixed With A Border Collie

Great Border Collie stands and looks at the camera

Photo from: @pennydapups

The Border Collie Great Dane mix is described as one of the most intelligent crossbreeds in the canine world.

Border Collies are very energetic dogs that enjoy regular playtime. On the other side, Great Danes are laid-back and easygoing dogs.

When these two parent breeds are combined, you get a friendly and energetic dog that is calm, but also assertive and wary of strangers. His strong personality requires regular training and early socialization.

26. Boxane: Great Dane Mixed With A Boxer

Boxane stands by the pool

Photo from:

The Great Dane Boxer mix is a combination of two large breeds – The Great Dane and The Boxer.

This crossbreed stands out for its longer lifespan than that of both purebred parents.

The Boxane is an energetic dog that sometimes might come off as naughty and mischievous. Due to their energetic and social nature, these dogs love quality playtime with their owner.

27. Daniff: Great Dane Mixed With A Mastiff

Daniff is lying on the grass next to his toy

Photo from: @finley_the_daniff

The Great Dane Mastiff mix has been derived from two gentle giants. Daniffs are a combination of the Great Dane and the Mastiff.

Daniffs can grow to over 30 inches in height, and weigh up to 150 pounds. Their coat colors come in many varieties such as black, brown, white, fawn, brindle, and spotted.

Most owners will say that these pooches are the perfect family pet. Their loving and kind nature makes everyone fall in love with them!

28. Great Cocker Spaniel: Great Dane Mixed With A Cocker Spaniel

The Great Cocker Spaniel stands out

Photo from: @browniethemanjaboi

The combination of the Cocker Spaniel dog breed and the Great Dane developed a designer dog we know as the Great Cocker Spaniel.

This crossbreed isn’t considered the healthiest breed. Great Cocker Spaniels are prone to inherited health issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, and Wobbler syndrome.

Both parent breeds being very friendly and outgoing dogs makes this hybrid extremely social and devoted to its family.

29. American Foxy Dane: Great Dane Mixed With An American Foxhound

American Foxy Dane is lying next to a Christmas tree and looking away

Photo from: @l_doctorbruce_l

The American Foxy Dane is a hybrid developed by crossing an American Foxhound and a Great Dane.

The American Foxy Danes are big dogs with even bigger energy levels. If you’re active and love going outdoors, you should consider getting one of these energetic pooches!

This dog will become your best friend and a loyal companion. So, make sure you bring your American Foxy Dane out on interesting adventures!

30. Great Shar Pei: Great Dane Mixed With A Shar Pei

Great Shar Pei sits and looks at the camera

 Photo from: @churchillandmarigold

We all know Shar Peis as those cute, wrinkly, chubby dogs we often saw on commercials. Ever wondered what a combination of a Shar Pei and a Great Dane would look like?

Well, the Great Shar Pei is a very large dog with some iconic wrinkles on its forehead and shoulders.

Depending on their parentage, Great Shar Peis can be either laid-back or more confrontational. Overall, they make great guard dogs and loyal companions.

31. Weiler Dane: Great Dane Mixed With A Rottweiler

Weiler Dane sits in the water with his tongue out

Photo from: @all.things.luna.and.cooper

The Weiler Dane is a great combination of the Rottweiler and the Great Dane.

This big dog is highly trainable, intelligent, and powerful. Weiler Danes have the most adorable puppy eyes that are hard to resist!

Due to their large size, Weiler Danes need a big home preferably with a garden in which they can run in daily.

32. Great Labradane: Great Dane Mixed With A Labrador Retriever

Great Labradane lies with his tongue out

Photo from: @gtothevieve

The Labradane is a cross between a purebred Great Dane and a purebred Labrador Retriever.

The Labradane’s appearance is truly mesmerizing and eye-catching: their silky black coats add to their elegant looks.

Both parent breeds are intelligent, loyal, and active. So, it’s safe to say that the Great Labradane inherited most of its best qualities! Since a Labrador Retriever is a very popular breed, breeders have crossbred this dog with many other breeds, so for more information on cute dog combinations, check our Labrador mixes!

33. Plush Danois: Great Dane Mixed With An Anatolian Shepherd

Plush Danois is lying on the bed

Photo from: @xona.the.plush.danois

A crossbreed of an Anatolian Shepherd and a Great Dane makes the remarkable Plush Danois.

Plush Danois are derived from giant breeds, meaning they are also very large in size. This hybrid is an excellent guard dog because of its territorial and assertive characteristics.

It requires strong training and early socialization. If not trained properly, a dog this big of a size might cause problems for the owner and others.

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34. Rhodesian Great Dane: Great Dane Mixed With A Rhodesian Ridgeback

the beautiful Rhodesian Great Dane stands on the grass

Photo from: @woof_dogwalkersittergroomer

A strong-willed, independent, friendly, and extremely affectionate big dog is what you get when combining the beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback with the majestic Great Dane.

Standing at 27 inches in height, the Rhodesian Great Dane is truly a sight to behold. Most come in one color – wheaten, which ranges from pale to darker hues.

The Rhodesian Great Dane is an amazing family dog and a loyal companion. Highly intelligent and energetic, they need constant mental stimulation.

Considering their high prey drive, it’s important to start with early socialization and training.

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35. Great Corgi: Great Dane Mixed With A Corgi

The Great Corgi sits on the tiles

Photo from: @mixedbreeddogs

This is a very interesting mix of a Corgi and a Great Dane – the Great Corgi. This dog really IS great.

With the large head of a Great Dane, and the long body and short legs of a Corgi, the Great Corgi is a very unique-looking dog.

Great Corgis are extremely energetic and playful. They’re always running around the place, ready to go wherever.

36. Great Schnauzer: Great Dane Mixed With A Schnauzer

Great Schnauzer is sitting in a field

Photo from: @isabell_pet_care

A Great Danes’ friendly personality and elegant looks, combined with a Schnauzer’s assertive traits and strong body, results in the loveable and loyal Great Schnauzer.

This dog makes an excellent watchdog that is extremely devoted to its family.

Great Schnauzers love to be on the lookout, happily engaging in everyday activities. Highly motivated, they thrive when having a duty to fulfill.

37. Great Dasenji: Great Dane Mixed With A Basenji

Great Dane Mixed With A Basenji

Basenjis are known as barkless, adventurous dogs. While Great Danes can indeed bark, they mostly choose to be quiet and laid-back. Combining these two dog breeds results in a fairly unusual mixed breed – the Great Dasenji.

Great Dasenjis are affectionate, strong-willed dogs that are eager to please their owner, but are quite timid and shy with strangers.

With early socialization and regular training, these pooches grow up to be highly affectionate and kind, big dogs.

38. Great Xoloitzcuintli: Great Dane Mixed With A Xoloitzcuintli

Great Xoloitzcuintli is lying on the couch

Photo from: @maggiethemoose13

Probably one of the rarest mixed breeds ever – The Great Xoloitzcuintli A.K.A. the Great Xolo (it’s way too complicated to pronounce the actual name).

Xolos are known as Mexican hairless dogs. Combining them with Great Danes won’t necessarily produce a hairless large-sized dog. The Great Xoloitzcuintli comes with a short coat that is low maintenance.

This large dog is very energetic and requires a lot of daily exercise and social interaction. They’re quite easy to train, but can be on the stubborn side.

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39. Great Yorkie: Great Dane Mixed With A Yorkshire Terrier

Great Yorkie is lying

Photo from: @ladydelilahtyler

Although it might sound impossible, the Yorkshire Terrier-Great Dane mix does exist.

These hybrids are considered as the most adorable puppies ever! They’re very unique looking: their snouts can come out as fuzzy or smooth depending on the parent they take more after.

These dogs are loving, affectionate, and very energetic. They tend to be a bit stubborn, so make sure to train and socialize them at a very young age!

40. Great Dane Mixed With A Jack Russell Terrier

Great Dane Mixed With A Jack Russell Terrier

This is an unusual combination of a large dog and a medium-sized dog. The Jack Russell Terrier-Great Dane mix is a crossbreed that is believed to have appeared by accidental breeding.

Jack Russell Terriers can be very fierce and energetic while Great Danes tend to have lower energy levels and a non-confrontive nature.

The Jack Russell-Great Dane mix is an interesting combination of two very different personalities. Having inherited the best parent traits, these dogs are lovable and fun to be around.

41. Great Dane Mixed With A Shiba Inu

Great Dane Mixed With A Shiba Inu lies on the grass

The Shiba Inu-Great Dane mix is a fascinating cross breed that you don’t see every day.

This cross breed is described as loyal and independent. Considering the Shiba inu parent, these hybrid dogs tend to be a little stubborn.

Since both parent breeds are hunting dogs, the Great Dane-Shiba Inu can have a strong prey drive.

Generally, these designer dogs make great pets as long as they have plenty of training and early socialization.

42. Greater Swiss Mountain Dane: Great Dane Mixed With A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is lying on the couch

Photo from: @_tucker_the_fucker

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is derived from mixing a Great Dane with a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Both parent breeds love having a job to do. In fact, they were primarily bred to be loyal and hard-working dogs.

So, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dane will often show high energy levels and a strong will for quality playtime. Make sure to provide this dog with daily exercise and training.

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43. Great Pom: Great Dane Mixed With A Pomeranian

Great Pom lies on the floor

Photo from:

This unique designer dog is derived from crossing the little, fierce Pomeranian with a large, outgoing Great Dane.

Depending on the breeder and the crossbreeding selection process, these dogs can vary in size: anywhere from 16 to 20 inches in height.

The Great Pom makes a wonderful companion that is very affectionate of its family. These dogs are so attached to their owners that they never want to leave their side.

44. Great Dane Dalmatian: Great Dane Mixed With A Dalmatian

Great Dane Dalmatian lies on the floor

Photo from: @__.wessonthepup.__

The Great Dane-Dalmatian Mix is a cross between the Great Dane and the Dalmatian dog breeds. Both of these canines have friendly personalities, and will most likely have a higher energy level than your average dog.

The Great Dane Dalmatian has a short coat that is mostly spotted, just like the one we see on their Dalmatian parents.

These dogs are warm and loving, but can develop behavior issues if left alone for extended periods.

45. Great Maltese: Great Dane Mixed With A Maltese

Great Maltese Great Dane Mixed With A Maltese

An unusual and unique fluffy crossbreed between a Maltese and a Great Dane is worthy of attention.

This wonderful dog has inherited positive personality traits from both parent breeds. The Great Maltese is a friendly, outgoing, and affectionate pooch that loves to spend time with humans and other pets.

Their coat colors vary from shades of white and black, with occasional marks on their chest and snout.

46. Great Hound: Great Dane Mixed With A Bloodhound

hound days sitting and looking at the camera

Photo from: @denverrover

Why the long face? Floppy, long ears and hanging lips are distinguishable features of this lovely pup. Due to these characteristics, Great Hounds tend to drool a lot.

These big dogs are very friendly, intelligent, and energetic, so it’s very important to start with early socialization and training.

The Great Hound just wants to be a member of the pack, and loves spending time with his family.

47. Great Kangal: Great Dane Mixed With A Kangal

Great Kangal lies with other dogs

Photo from: @angrynativeone

Crossing a Great Dane and a Kangal dog results in the massive, muscular dog – the Great Kangal.

These big pooches can weigh up to 200 pounds. When standing on two feet, they are taller than most humans.

Considering both parent breed personalities, the Great Kangal makes an excellent watch dog and a devoted companion.

48. Great Papillon: Great Dane Mixed With A Papillon

Great Papillon Great Dane Mixed With A Papillon

This is an extremely rare crossbreed. Most breeders would agree that the process of crossing these two different dogs is very difficult.

As a result, the Great Papillon is a very unique dog. Coming from parents that belong to the working and companion dog group, this pooch inherited both characteristics.

They’re loyal, independent, intelligent, and extremely energetic.

49. Great Alaskan Malamute: Great Dane Mixed With An Alaskan Malamute

Great Dane Mixed With An Alaskan Malamute

Both of these breeds are massive dogs, so their offspring – the Great Alaskan Malamute – is no exception.

This crossbreed can come in both long and short coats, depending on the parent side they take more after.

Incredible, social, outgoing, and protective is how we would describe this wonderful crossbreed.

50. Great Samoyed: Great Dane Mixed With A Samoyed

Great Dane Mixed With A Samoyed

The Great Samoyed is a mixed breed created by crossing the Great Dane and the Samoyed dog.

These dogs are very active and energetic. They thrive in nature and love going out on adventures.

Samoyeds tend to be a bit stubborn, so if the puppy takes more of the Samoyed parent side, it’s important to go through regular obedience training.

The Great Dane Mix Breed Health Issues

Dane Mix Breed Health Issues stands by the water

Photo from:

The Great Dane is a very popular dog breed. These gigantic purebred dogs are known for their majestic looks and great personalities.

Unfortunately, Great Danes are also known for their health issues and short lifespan, ranging from 7 to 10 years.

So, before you decide to get a Great Dane mixed breed, you should consider the following:

Great Danes are prone to various health conditions that can prove fatal. Some major health concerns include hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, bloat, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Wobbler’s disease, neurological disorders, and plenty more.

Just like any large dog breed, Great Danes are more prone to joint dislocations than smaller and medium-sized dogs.

New owners should be careful not to put too much pressure on their legs or make them run for extended periods. It is always a good idea to let a large dog rest as long as he needs to.

Great Dane mixed breeds can inherit any of these diseases or health issues.

Whenever breeders are engaging in crossbreeding, they basically play the doggie lottery – you never know what kind of dog you will get after breeding two different dog breeds.

Breeders can’t guarantee perfect health and desirable personality traits. The puppies will inherit either of the parent breed’s traits and health issues.

On the bright side, by combining Great Danes with other dog breeds, there is a high possibility of creating healthier mixed breeds with a longer lifespan.


The process of crossbreeding has developed some of the most vigilant, sturdiest, and strongest mixed breeds. The Great Dane mix is no exception.

Whether you opt for a mixed breed or a purebred puppy, you definitely won’t go wrong if it includes the Great Dane.

The thing about mix breeds is that you never know which parent side the puppy will lean more towards.

Your dog’s behavior will depend greatly on early socialization, training, exercise, and diet.

So, before making the final decision in getting a mixed breed dog, it’s important to do some research concerning both parent breeds.

By combining this majestic canine with other breeds, you will surely get a large dog that will require a lot of living space.

Keeping that in mind, make sure you provide all the necessary requirements for your new four-legged best friend.

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