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Boxer Great Dane Mix: A Goofball, Yet A Serious Guard Dog

Boxer Great Dane Mix: A Goofball, Yet A Serious Guard Dog

Search no further than this designer dog named the Great Dane Boxer Mix if you want a big, powerful watchdog with quite a watchful yet kind and relaxed, teddy bear-like demeanor.

The Boxer and Great Dane share a German ‘guard dog’ background including some Mastiff ancestry. They are both really entertaining canines who are incredibly lively and constantly enthusiastic.

In regards to  walks, jogs, and playtime off the leash, both of the influential breeds can handle the distances. Therefore, owners that lead busy outdoor lifestyles will find these canines to be a great fit.

Not everybody may become a fan of this animated and hyperactive family pet. Hold on tight as we go over everything you ought to learn concerning the Great Dane Boxer Mix in this thorough overview.

What Is A Great Dane Boxer Mix?

Boxer Great Dane Mix dog sitting on dock

The lively and silly hybrid breed known as the Boxer Great Dane mix seems to be an incredible delight to have as a companion. This lively mixed breed can romp nonstop and try to stay the focus of everybody’s attention at all times.

The Great Dane breed is a parent breed that exhibits an unshakeable yearning for closeness to its masters (if your lap can endure it). In contrast, the Boxer has extraordinary amounts of canine activity and a genuine enthusiasm for life.

However, like with any mixed breeds or designer breeds, it is crucial to study the parent breeds in order to be allowed to make educated guesses about the Great Dane Boxer mix’s physical characteristics and temperament.

This is due to the fact that it is impossible to anticipate with absolute certainty which traits will  prevail and the way they will be arranged in any specific dog.

Please feel free to read our breed guide on the Boxer, Great Dane, and many other lovely breeds of dogs.

Knowing where dogs have originated from will help you understand them better. The histories of the two parent breeds are given a bit below; therefore, we can draw parallels between the two dog breeds.

Is There Another Name For The Boxer Great Dane Mix?

If you are a dog owner yourself, you know that calling your pet all the cute and goofy names comes naturally. When we cannot handle the cuteness of our pets, we tend to call them by some convenient nicknames.

Many Boxer Great Dane mix owners claim to call  their dogs Nugget, Porkchop, Mr. Stinky, Hotwheels, and many other pet names, including Bud, Champ, Goofy, etc.

However, there are also certain names made up, especially for mixed breed dogs, which combine the two or three dog breeds’ names, and mix them up in order to get a specific name that is highly recognizable.

The Great Dane Boxer mix is often called the Boxane or the Boxdane, successfully combining the two parent breed’s names in one.

You do have to get creative when coming up with a pet name like the one mentioned before because it is extremely hard to come up with. Some dog mixes are really hard to name because the parent dog breeds’ names are hard to combine.

However, that is not the case with our Boxane!

Meet The Parent Breeds

As was already noted, the warmth of Boxane dogs is one of their most distinctive characteristics and is inherited from both parent types.

Due to his large stature and loud bark, the Boxer Great Dane has served as a sign of utter loyalty for ages. He also frequently establishes himself as a reliable guardian.

Altogether, the Great Dane Boxer does have a lot of impressive traits that he acquired from his parents. Furthermore, let’s find out more about  the Boxer Great Dane’s origins.

The Boxer

Boxer dog standing on grass outside

The Boxer breed originated in Germany during the 19th century as a result of farmers using them to herd and manage their livestock as they traveled to marketplaces as well as for, sadly, bull baiting.

They were highly regarded as hunting dogs as well, oddly serving a similar purpose as “catching dogs” to the Great Dane. After the sighthounds had located and considerably slowed down their target, it was the job of these dogs to continue holding the large animals, like boars and reindeer.

Boxers make thoughtful, attentive, and loyal friends. Many Boxer owners assert that once you acquire one of the breed, you’ll fall in love with it and never consider getting another dog.

During a fairly protracted puppyhood, they are especially praised for their comedic behaviors and even a quirky sense of humor. But it doesn’t mean this dog doesn’t also have a dark side.

It should not come as a shock that the Boxer is an extremely bold dog with a public image for being courageous and completely acquiring the “Bulldog Spirit” from its robust tiny forefather as it was developed to take on prey bigger than itself as a previous “catching dog.”

The perseverance and toughness of the Terrier strain are  thrown into the equation. The Boxer is an athletic, high-energy dog with a strong prey drive. This indicates that you may anticipate this energetic dog to rambunctiously chase and gallop around.

Along with being naturally curious, some members of the breed may chase small animals while out for a stroll. Therefore, an essential component of the initial obedience training program should be recall.

The Great Dane

Great Dane standing outside

The Great Dane, sometimes known as “The Apollo of Dogs,” is a wonderfully magnificent breed that blends the stature and sleek muscle tone of an Irish Wolfhound with the sturdiness of the Mastiff.

When they are fully grown, this breed, which is also quite energetic, thrives on daily hikes and a significant amount of exercise. They need a large outside area to play in. When fully matured, they can walk endlessly for a long distance, similar to the Boxer.

The Great Dane Boxer mix will therefore need a lot of activity, but it makes a great partner for hikers and lengthy walkers.

The Great Dane is appropriately referred to as the world’s largest lapdog and has been observed to accompany its owners wherever. Another dog that absolutely enjoys human companionship and craves regular playtime with its family is the Boxer.

Therefore, be prepared for the Great Dane Boxer Mix to literally “hound” your every move inside the house and to show extreme affection to its closest friends and family.

When teamed with more exuberant breeds, the Great Dane’s placid demeanor makes them a good founding dog.

This usually results in a hybrid dog that is still lively and energetic but easier to handle and less excitable. The Boxer Great Dane Mix is a good example of this. This cross of “catcher-dogs,” who both descended from the Mastiff, creates a particularly robust and vivacious hybrid.

These enormous dogs will always be having fun and will still act as playmates throughout the majority of their mature lives. They will be a great asset as the family’s and the house’s guardians.

Differences And Similarities Between The Parent Breeds

Boxers and Great Danes vary primarily in that Boxers are playful and active and require regular devotion from their owners, but Great Danes are placid, gentle, and tolerant of being  left alone for an extended period of time.

As we can clearly see, despite the physical similarities between the Boxer as well as the Great Dane, the two breeds have very distinct characteristics.

While both breeds are absolutely enormous, the Great Dane is much heavier. The Great Dane seems to be a large, powerful dog, however, with a friendly disposition and an adorable face.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a Great Dane Boxer Mix has a huge, robust, and athletic build. Compared to other dogs of its size, the Great Dane Mix Boxer seems to be more muscular.

When a Boxer and a Great Dane are crossed, the result is a clever Great Dane Mix with Boxer progeny who excels at developing strong bonds with his human partners.

Can We Know How Will The Boxer Great Dane Mix Look?

Boxer Great Dane Mix posing for photo

The Boxane, like all mixed breeds, may be more similar to one parent breed over the other in a number of different ways.

Like its parents, this dog will be athletically built and have a well-defined, tucked-up belly and sides and compact muscle tone. The tail would be held high and have a correct posture.

The effect of the Great Dane’s broader and more squared snout is likely to reduce the shortness of the Boxer’s short muzzle. Due to the Boxer effect, there may be a small amount of forehead wrinkling or furrowing.

The Boxane has a gentle, inquiring expression and is an extremely physically powerful dog.

There are two main morphological traits that affect the Great Dane Mix Boxer. The bone structure will come first, followed by the coat type.

The Boxane is characterized as a dog having a muscular build. This is a result of his rich Boxer ancestry. The Great Dane Mix Boxer does have a short coat that is thick and can be either brown or brindle in terms of color. This implies that they don’t shed much and don’t need much maintenance.

These two characteristics will make the Boxer Dane Mix require minimal care in terms of upkeep. The Great Dane Boxer Mix may also be expected to survive successfully in cooler locations due to his short as well as dense fur.

Additionally, like their Boxer parent, Boxer Dane Mixes generally have floppy ears.

Great Dane’s Appearance

The appearance of the Great Dane is aristocratic, to say the least. They are elegant, yet they are athletic, and their strong bodies hold a straight posture. Great Danes are large breeds; the biggest dog ever recorded was actually a Great Dane.

Great Danes are large, powerful, and handsome dogs. While females might grow to a length of 30 inches but also weigh around 100 to 120 pounds, males might grow to a height of 32 inches.

The highest point of the Great Dane’s enormous cranium is straight and narrow. The brows clearly protrude. After being severed, the ears rise upright and fall forward. Its neck is strong yet long.

The Great Dane has upright front legs and a large, sturdy chest. The medium-length tail is broad at the root and tapers to a point slightly below the hindquarters.

Great Danes have low to mild shedding. The coat is shorter as well as sleeker, and it can be any number of colors, including brindle as well as fawn, blue, black, and harlequin, which is the most recognizable and can include black spots over a base coat of white.

Muscular front legs, a large, robust neck, as well as a broad, average-sized tail are characteristics of the mighty Great Dane.

These well-known Great Dane colors, as well as the height of this huge breed, are among the traits that every Great Dane mix pup could acquire.

Boxer’s Appearance

The overall appearance of the many Boxer breeds varies slightly, although they all share a similar overall look.

A medium-sized, box dog with quite a strong yet short back, powerful legs, as well as a short, form-fitting coat seems to be the ideal Boxer. Underneath its skin, its clean, strong, and seemingly flawless muscles are highly developed.

The motions of a boxer show enthusiasm. A Boxer is a hunting, guarding, and  companion dog that was created to blend power and speed with grace and style. It has attentive body language and a compliant, unwavering attitude.

A Boxer’s head needs to be proportionate to its body. Its defining feature is a broad, blunt muzzle, which should have suitable proportions and be balanced with the head.

Contrary to popular belief, Boxers do not usually appear in the color of a black coat. The mutation for the  black coat color is not present in the Boxer line.

What we perceive as black in Boxers is actually the closed brindle or reversed brindle color. A closed brindle Boxer is indeed a brindle with numerous dark lines running through it, blocking out all the fawn stripes and giving the coat an entirely black appearance.

However, it is only very dark in stripes and not actually black. Brindles are classified as acceptable by the AKC, however many brindle dog breeds aren’t.

When seen in the sunlight, some Boxers with reverse brindles that are so intense that they appear black actually have a brindle coat.

How Big Will The Boxer Great Dane Mix Get?

Although Boxane dogs are huge canines, there is a certain variety in their growth rates depending on factors including nourishment, gender, and ancestry. In light of such variables, a Boxer Great Dane Mix’s size may change.

The Great Dane Boxer Mix breed is huge and weighs between 80 and 120 pounds for male dogs and between 60 and 100 pounds for female dogs in  adulthood.

But when they reach maturity (typically between 9 and 12 months), male Great Dane Mix Boxers may grow as tall as 28 to 32 inches, whereas female Great Dane Mix Boxers could be a little shorter at about 26 to 30 inches (which they reach around the age of 10 to 12 months).

Is The Boxer Great Dane Mix A Healthy Dog Breed?

close shot of Boxer Great Dane Mix

Compared to either a Boxer or perhaps a Great Dane, a Boxer and Great Dane combination has less frequent health conditions. The Great Dane Boxer Mix may experience eye and ear issues as well as basic health issues that are typical of Boxers or Danes.

A Boxer Great Dane must have routine eye exams, particularly if the area around his eyelids is noticeably colored. After the age of five, some Boxanes may experience cataracts or even other eye issues.

The Great Dane mixed  with the Boxer ought to have his regular veterinary exams include a hearing test to rule out any hearing issues.

When training a Boxer Great Dane Mix in warm temperatures, caution must be exercised because they may be more sensitive to heat.

Due to their height and weight, the Boxer Great Dane mix may develop joint problems as they age.

We heartily advise taking a dog DNA test from  the convenience of your residence if you have concerns about the dog’s health or wonder whether your pooch is at risk of  any health issues.

Lifespan Of A Boxane

A Great Dane Boxer mix’s lifespan may range between 12 and 15 years.

The lifespan of the Great Dane Boxer Mix could be impacted by a number of variables.

The lifespan of your canine companion can depend on both the breed and way of living. When compared to dogs that  hardly leave their homes, pets that are athletic and spend some time outside will live much longer.

Another element that influences longevity is nutrition; canines that consume a healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious diet  may live much longer.

Possible Health Problems Of A Great Dane Boxer Mix

Boxer Great Dane Mix sitting oustide

Although mixed dogs may be stronger than purebred canines, it is essential to be aware of several of the health issues that could affect the parent breeds of the Great Dane Boxer Mix so that you are more  capable of caring for your dog in cooperation with a veterinarian.

The following health issues could arise in a Boxane:

1. Cardiomyopathy

One breed that is naturally drawn to cardiomyopathy, or the deterioration of the heart tissue, is the Boxer. Congestive cardiac failure brought on by this illness may result in fluid retention in your pet’s chest and stomach.

2. Hypothyroidism

In dogs, hypothyroidism is a fairly typical hormonal illness. In other animals, it is less frequent.

The slowing of physical functioning is brought on by hypothyroidism. Sleepiness, excess weight, changes to the hair and scalp, and lack of energy are among the disorder’s clinical manifestations.

Sleepiness, excess weight, changes to the hair and scalp, and lack of energy are among the disorder’s clinical manifestations.

The preferred method of treating hypothyroidism is synthetic endocrine supplementation (L-T4).

Despite being created by humans, L-T4 has the same hormones that animals generate. The majority of the time, hypothyroidism requires lifelong treatment. Fortunately, L-T4 will increase the dog’s standard of living and is both efficient and secure.

3. Hip Dysplasia And Elbow Dysplasia

You must watch out for discomfort or trouble trying to get up after lying down or sitting in your Great Dane Boxer Mix because large dogs are more likely to develop hip dysplasia. 

By giving your dog a high-quality diet, ensuring that they are at a healthy body weight, and leading a healthier lifestyle, you may take preventative action against hip dysplasia.

Your pet’s front legs may become weaker as a result of this ailment, either on one or both. 

As elbow dysplasia is mostly a genetic condition, large dog breeds are more likely to be affected. Due to their size and peculiarly formed elbows, Great Danes as well as Boxers, are particularly prone.

4. Aortic Stenosis

Several Great Dane Boxer Mix pups could be born having aortic stenosis, a genetic condition that narrows the aorta of the heart.

Blood cannot easily flow from their heart into their bodies because of the restricted valve. Losing weight, a decreased appetite, frailty, dizziness, and an intolerance to physical activity are all signs of this illness in dogs.

5. Wobbler’s Syndrome

Wobbler’s syndrome, a long-term condition that affects Great Dane Boxer Mixes, is brought on by the deterioration of the neck, spine, and can lead to back problems and decreased mobility. 

Other symptoms of the illness, such as an inability to eat, lightheadedness, peripheral neuropathy, and muscle spasms, are frequently present.

What Is The Temperament Of A Boxer Great Dane Mix Like?

Boxer Great Dane Mix standing in nature

The Great Dane Boxer Mix is a devoted and people-focused dog breed. The Great Dane Boxer makes a wonderful guard dog because of its stature, physical features, and protective temperament.

And with other animals, Great Danes like playing, so it’s important to socialize them well from an early age and give them plenty of opportunities to play outside. Early Great Dane Boxer Mix upbringing will also prevent visitor-aggressive behavior.

This hybrid breed will require a very engaged and skilled owner who is prepared to invest time in making sure this dog is well-amused and socialized through long walks and plenty of playtime.

The Great Dane’s propensity to be a lively “goofball” will only become more pronounced under the impact of the Boxer. 

These enormous dogs will always be having fun and will still act as playmates for the majority of their mature lives. They will be a great asset as guardians of the family and the house. .

So, it is safe to assume that a Boxer Great Dane Mix will be vivacious and spirited. Additionally, both parent breeds are utterly devoted to their owners, fiercely loyal, and fiercely guarding.

However, it must be acknowledged that perhaps the Boxer has a small amount of the Bulldog’s obstinacy. Additionally, the Boxer is a sensitive dog, just like the Great Dane.

This indicates that instruction will need to be persistent, patient, firm but kind, and built around positive reinforcement. Needless to say, the Boxer is amongst one of the best bully breeds.

However, the Great Dane impact is most likely to reduce this obstinacy, and both dog types are enthusiastic workers who thrive on attention. Consequently, you may anticipate a Boxer Great Dane Mix to become a loyal friend who is typically amenable.

Is The Boxer Great Dane Mix A Good Family Pet?

To guarantee that the dog is content, self-assured, and enjoyable outside the home, it is crucial to make sure that any training is guided by a strategy based on positive reinforcement.

However, this dog loves to play with anything that moves, including kids and other animals. Due to this, it is crucial to socialize young dogs with people, other dogs, and even cats in the family in order to prevent accidents and preserve peaceful and trouble-free interactions.

Despite being people-oriented, the Boxer will nonetheless guard its family when its human pack is in the near vicinity of  outsiders. The Great Dane’s calmer and more tolerant demeanor will have a bit of an edge thanks to its warning bark when someone gets closer to your house.

Additionally, both of these canines are robust and quick, so their tremendous bark will be followed immediately by the agile and strong guardian. But with socializing in place, you can be sure that any welcoming visitors won’t have anything to worry about.

You shouldn’t worry about your child’s safety when it is around a Boxane. Even when young, the Boxer mix puppy will be prone to protecting you and your family.

But when they grow up, the Boxane puppy soon becomes a gentle giant that loves to play with children of all ages. However, you should pay attention to one thing – when the kids are really small, and if the case is that the dog is an adult, they may unintentionally, because of their large size, knock down the kid.

Therefore, it would be great if they are supervised when playing together, only because of this reason. You shouldn’t worry about anything else regarding the Boxane being around babies and small children.

Aside from being the type of dog that  would make you and your family laugh all the time, this strong dog will be the best dog when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones.

Exercise Requirements

Boxer Great Dane Mix sitting on grass looking away

If there is one thing about the Great Dane Boxer Mix that you can be sure of, it is that it will need a lot of exercise, along with, at minimum, one nice stroll every day of about two hours. For owners who are more energetic, this dog would also serve as a great running buddy.

Along with the mental stimulation with some interactive dog toys and training activities, as many chances to roam as well as explore in a safe, contained environment as feasible needs to be offered to this bright dog. This can also entail daily obedience instruction for about 20 minutes a day.

The Boxane is indeed a dog that  will improve from daily walks on the leash. But to make sure they are constantly controllable and respectful outside, make sure the Great Dane Boxer Mix is taught recall from  as young as practicable.

Also, keep in mind that preparing exercise for pups and younger dogs who are still  developing needs particular attention for every Great Dane hybrid dog.

This implies that during the dog’s earliest years, activity should be divided into these little, frequent workouts instead of one long walk.

This seems to be due to the Great Dane’s propensity for, as well as this dog’s tendency for, spine, joint, and knee pain from increased physical activity.

It is highly recommended that you clarify this with your veterinarian together with nutrition and other elements of basic care for this enormous mix if you’re worried about this.


The Great Dane Boxer Mix requires relatively little upkeep. The smooth, short hair generally only requires to be brushed once a week. However, keep in mind that doing this every day during hot weather is essential to minimize loose hair and have this dog properly comfortable.

This will become especially true if the cross mix favors the Boxer because the snout would be shortened, which will significantly reduce passive cooling. For more information on how to keep the dog safe in high temperatures, talk with your vet. 

Make sure to include cleaning the ears thoroughly to prevent infection and clipping the nails as part of just about any maintenance practice. Some Boxanes may acquire facial furrows from the Boxer.

If so, be mindful to thoroughly clean the area around the mouth, especially after eating, since dogs may detect food particles persisting inside the  jowls as well as any facial wrinkles.

Feeding A Boxer Great Dane Mix

Boxer Great Dane Mix looking up

Boxers are really not precisely known for possessing outstanding table manners, while Great Danes seem to be notoriously tricky eaters. What happens if you mix these two different feeding techniques? A Great Dane Boxer mix which may be difficult to feed is what you’re getting.

Let’s first examine why Great Dane Boxers have such a difficult time with eating. For starters, if they receive too many snacks or foods, they could quickly gain weight.

Due to his huge size and quick rate of growth, the Boxer mixed  with the Great Dane has specific nutritional needs as well. He needs a lot of proteins, magnesium, omega 3 oils, as well as other essential minerals contained in premium dog food.

All of these issues should be taken into account when choosing an eating plan for this Boxer Dane Mix.

Boxanes require a balanced diet packed with protein but also with fats and a low carbohydrate intake. 

The American Feed Control Authorities recommend that a mature Boxer Great Dane mix consumes 18% proteins whereas a pup must consume 22%. Feeding your Boxane raw meats such as beef, chicken, and seafood is also advised.

A regular meal amount could lead to your dog being obese, which makes it difficult to propose a calorie intake for any dog, let alone a mixed breed with such a wide range of sizes and weights. You must keep an eye on their diet because these puppies are prone to obesity.

Importance Of Early Socialization

Boxer Great Dane Mix sitting on grass

Because Boxanes are so intelligent and simple to train, controlling them when they become rebellious is perhaps the most challenging aspect. Despite this, they are noted for being friendly and welcoming to everybody they encounter.

However, they occasionally have no idea how big they are and frequently pounce on humans, especially small toddlers. It is best you socialize them from a young age so they won’t be jumping up on people.

With any dog, positive reinforcement dog training is indeed the right strategy.

If you try to hit or reprimand your dog when they misbehave, they will learn to hate you and become more challenging to train. To quickly train them, reward them with sweets and toys for a successful task.

As early as when they are pups, behavior training should be started so that the dog can distinguish between what’s good and bad. Dogs look to authoritative figures for leadership, so if they perceive someone as an authoritative figure, they will become less inclined to rebel.

There won’t be any mishaps in the house because giant Boxanes have a big bladder. They can reach adulthood between six and eight months and develop quite quickly. You can start potty training them right away in the yard or while taking a walk.

Boxer Great Dane Mix Puppy Price

Puppies of Great Dane and Boxer mixes, or Great Dane Boxer pups, are restless and spirited canines. 

An estimated price range for a Great Dane/Boxer hybrid puppy is $1150–$2800. Proximity, lineage, stature, as well as the breeder’s reputation all, affect the price substantially.

For the most up-to-date costs on Boxane dogs for sale, it is preferable to speak with the breeders directly.

Even though buying an adult dog would cost  far less, since these mixed breeds are rarer and more difficult to acquire, be prepared to spend more than what you would for a purebred.

This Boxer Dane Mix makes a wonderful canine friend. Depending on where you reside, the cost to save a Boxane might vary greatly; it’s not unusual to spend around $300 to $500.

Consider adoption if you’re seeking a Great Dane/Boxer mix. Because they have waited too long to be spotted, a great number of animals in shelters, as well as foster families, go unnoticed or aren’t recognized at all.

Contact the nearest shelter to discover if a  Boxer Great Dane Mix is ready to be rescued.

How To Find A Boxane Puppy For Sale

For some pet owners, it can be difficult to locate Great Dane Boxer Mix pups for sale. Fortunately, you may find excellent, healthy Great Dane Boxer pups for sale in a number of locations!

Try googling “Boxane puppies for sale on craigslist” or “Great Dane Boxer Mix pups for sale near me” whether you’re looking for more details on where to find Boxane puppies.

It’s crucial to conduct online research and find reliable breeders and sellers. Breeders ought to be experienced and certified.

When chatting with breeders, be sure to ask them a lot of questions. Walk away if they appear reluctant or unwilling to respond to any inquiries you have concerning the puppies.

Spending more time looking is preferable to getting a sick pet.

Final Word

Boxer Great Dane Mix playing in water

A Great Dane Boxer Mix can be the perfect pet for both you and your household if you have previous experience with both breeds. The Boxer Great Dane Mix is a remarkable cross between the characteristics of his parents, combining the strength and size of a Boxer with the devotion of a Great Dane.

A Great Dane Boxer Mix might not be the best choice for you, though, if you’ve never owned a dog of either type before. Such dogs are noted for being quite energetic, particularly as they get older, and do need a significant amount of instruction and activity.

Check that your home has enough room for your dog as it grows because the Boxer Great Dane Mix can potentially grow to be quite enormous.

The Boxane is most likely eager to interact with some other dogs, but because of the Boxer impact, there could be an unlikely episode of domineering behavior or hostility with a select few canines. Some dog experts even connect the personality of this mix to the Cane Corso.

Although this dog would be capable of living with both cats and other dogs, you need to introduce a pup to an older dog in your house in a carefully planned manner.

When fully matured, the Boxer Great Dane Mix additionally makes the perfect dog for individuals who enjoy mountaineering and other outdoor activities because both parent breeds were known for going on very long walks and having lots of opportunities to run around without a leash.

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