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Top 4 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders In The U.S.

Top 4 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders In The U.S.

What’s greater than a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog? I can’t think of anything, really.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs derive from, you guessed it — Switzerland.

But, there are some theories about its true heritage. It is thought that the first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog descended from Mastiff-type dogs, back in the Roman Empire period. But, another theory states that these dogs date back to 1100 BC and have their roots nested in Spain.

Due to the fact that Switzerland is full of vast pastures and grasslands, agriculture has always been the country’s leading industry. Naturally, workers needed a helping paw.

People started breeding these wonderful Mountain dogs to help herd livestock. Soon enough, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs became excellent livestock drovers.

And just like the St. Bernards and Bernese Mountain Dogs, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have been of great use to humanity. Especially during the hardest of times — World War II. Known for its great work ethics and strong physique, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog helped pull heavy carts and wagons, earning the title of the perfect draft dog.

Today, this dog is most commonly referred to as “Swissy” or “Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund” in German-speaking countries. It still holds the title of one of the best working dog breeds. It is also the largest of all Mountain dogs (Sennenhund dog breeds).

Although the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog makes an excellent watchdog, most Swissy owners keep it as a loving family pet.

If you are one of those people that are looking for a family companion, or if you are looking for a working dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is all in one!

Check out what these Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeders in the U.S. have in store for you!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale In The U.S.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog sitting on autumn leaves

Classified by the American Kennel Club within the working dog group, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is among the most sought-after dog breeds. Despite its rarity, it is becoming more popular with each passing day.

Not only are they rare in the United States, but Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are also rare in Switzerland, the land from which they originally come from. Although this sounds very odd, there are a few reasons why Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have become so rare.

It is thought that there were many losses during WWII, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was no exception. Another reason behind their rarity is that other working dog breeds have passed them. What more, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed is known for inheriting serious health problems like epilepsy, bloat, orthopedic problems, splenic torsion, and elbow dysplasia.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the oldest working dog breed that still excels in its duties.

Dog breeders in the United States have taken an interest in this exceptional dog breed when it was imported back in the 1960s.

Most breeders that breed Mountain dogs like St. Bernards and Bernese Mountain Dogs have also taken a liking to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Nowadays, dog breeding has taken a whole new dimension. Although rare, it’s very possible to find reputable Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in the United States.

The breeders we are going to mention in this article are professionals when it comes to dog breeding and handling.

So, without further ado, meet some of the best Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeders in the United States.

1. Aegis Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, North Carolina

greater swiss mountain dog puppy

Meet the first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeder on our list — Aegis Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. I enjoyed scrolling through her website because it offers so much information. Here’s what I found out.

Who They Are

It’s best to state “Who she is”. Kristin Krumpe is devoted to educating all Swissy lovers and potential Swissy owners about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed. Although she breeds two to three litters per year, Kristen is more focused on offering as much information as possible.

With so much experience in dog’s sports (from 1970!), Kristen is an outstanding source of detailed information. Her breeding program is one-of-a-kind, as her puppies are her family members.

Breeding Program

Firstly, Kristen doesn’t produce many Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. She rather has an occasional litter of high-quality puppies. That said, Kristen puts all the knowledge and patience she has into the breeding program, selecting only the healthiest Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs to match.

Under no circumstances does she breed dogs that have not passed health clearance tests. Each foundation Greater Swiss Mountain Dog must be clear from hip and elbow dysplasias (OFA clearances).

What They Offer

Kristen provides a lot of information on her website. From the breed itself, to all puppy application conditions. I must note that this reputable breeder does not produce Swissy puppies just to sell them. She takes great care of each Swissy puppy, ensuring that they go to a responsible new home.

This AKC gold breeder of merit carefully picks new Swissy owners according to their personality and competence.

Aegis ​Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs details

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Aegis ​ Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Phone: (718) 753-6418

Address: Rutherfodton, North Carolina, United States

Facebook: Aegis GSMDs

Instagram: @aegis_ swissies

2. Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Indiana

greater swiss mountain dog laying on the grass

Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs is nested in the Midwest, a two-hour drive from Chicago. Janelle Kaiser is the breeder behind this outstanding breeding program.

Who They Are

For most of her life, Janelle has been devoted to a specific animal species — horses. Her dedication to equestrian sports has led her to the new love of her life — dog sports. Nowadays, Janelle is a proud member of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club Of America (GSMDCA).

This whole story wouldn’t have happened if Janelle hadn’t had met her first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Kayak.

Breeding Program

Their breeding program started from Janelle’s first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog female. Kayak is an exceptional Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who has produced four litters of purebred Swissy puppies and has since then retired. Her breeding program mainly focuses on producing Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in accordance with the American Kennel Club breed standards.

What They Offer

I promise you that you won’t meet greater dogs than Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. These champion pooches excel in conformation, working dog shows, and obedience trials.

Due to the fact that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs inherit quite some health problems, Janelle does her best to minimize the hereditary GSMD diseases. That said, she focuses on health screening of each GSMD puppy so it can be clear from hip, elbow, and shoulder dysplasias, as well as eye and heart problems.

They offer an AKC registration certificate, and a non-breeding contract each new GSMD puppy owner is expected to sign.

Their new puppy litters are due to Summer/Fall this year, so make sure to contact the Seneca’s team and reserve your place on the waiting list.

Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs details

E-mail: ​[email protected]

Website: Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Phone: (765) 479-2893

Address: Lafayette, IN 47905, United States

Facebook: Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

3. RODEO Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, California

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog looking at distance

Next on our list are RODEO GSMD breeders who have owned these wonderful dogs since 2001. Two years later, they started with their remarkable breeding program.

Who They Are

RODEO are AKC registered breeders of merit. They have been breeding GSMDs at home for the past twenty years. Due to the fact that they are reputable at-home-breeders, RODEO does not offer a lot of GSMD litters.

Breeding Program

At RODEO you can see a true presentation of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Their dogs are bred to show the GSMD intelligence, agility, vigilance, and strong will.

Their breeding program is based on breeding one GSMD female at a time. This may occur once a year, or once in two years. Although they have very few litters, RODEO does not provide waiting lists. Potential buyers are encouraged to send an email regarding all questions about puppy application.

What They Offer

Beautiful tri-color GSMD puppies with outstanding backgrounds are found at the RODEO breeder’s home. But, it’s not all about looks. These responsible breeders make sure that their GSMD puppies are the healthiest out there!

RODEO advises potential buyers to reach out to them via email. If you reserve a GSMD puppy from RODEO, you are eligible to visit and meet both the breeders and the puppies. You can also subscribe to their newsletter on upcoming litters!

RODEO Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs details

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: RODEO Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Phone: +1 209-379-5775

Address: Oakhurst, CA, United States

Facebook: RODEO Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

4. Swiss Run Swissys

Adorable puppy of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog lying in the garden

Last, but not least is the Swiss Run Swissys, AKC registered breeder in Georgia.

Who They Are

The dynamic duo — Deanna Never and her husband Ben are breeders and protectors of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Deanna is a Certified Veterinary Technician and Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Their home is shared with a lovely Boxer and a pack of six Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Breeding Program

Deanna has a lot of experience in handling and caring for dogs. They selectively breed dogs with an emphasis on health and temperament.

This means that they will choose only the healthiest GSMD individuals in the breeding program. This way they are constantly improving the GSMD quality bloodlines that result in quality Swissies.

What They Offer

By purchasing a Swiss Run Swissys GSMD you are getting an AKC registered puppy that undergoes all health tests. If you are a first-time dog owner, these wonderful breeders will provide you with all needed information about owning a Swissy.

Swiss Run Swissys details

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Swiss Run Swissys

Phone: 802.598.2367

Address: 833 Georgia Mountain Rd., Fairfax, VT 05454, United States

Facebook: Swiss Run Swissys

Instagram: @swissrunswissys

How Much Is A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Price In The United States?

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog laying on the wooden floor

When you find a purebred Greater Swiss Mountain Dog from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $2100 and $4000. Of course, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog price will depend on the breeder’s competence and the quality of his breeding program.

The fact that these working dogs are rare in both the U.S. and Switzerland, doesn’t make it easier on anyone’s wallet. Some breeders are aware of this fact and may put higher price tags on their Swissy puppies.

However, the most important thing to think about here is Swissy’s health. Considering that this dog isn’t as healthy as other dog breeds, you may have to spend some money on vet check-ups and health procedures.

Reputable breeders can guarantee that their eight-week old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will leave to a new home as healthy as it can be.

But, they cannot guarantee the occurrence of bloat, gastric dilatation and volvulus, and splenic torsion. These health conditions are acquired rather than hereditary.

Take into consideration this dog’s size. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large dog that can weigh up to 140 pounds and stand up to 28 inches tall. Think about monthly and annual expenses of owning such a large dog (dog food expenses, accessories, supplies). Yearly dog food expenses for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog may reach $1000.

Alongside dog food costs, you might need a helping hand with grooming your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. This large pup is known for its thick double coat, with an even thicker undercoat! Brushing out so much hair will require some professional help!

Final Thoughts

Each Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeder on this list has provided both dog lovers and potential GSMD buyers with a lot of information about this dog breed.

Choosing just one is quite difficult, because all of them are top tier reputable breeders. Once you decide which of these Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeders to pick, make sure to leave them an email. It’s important to establish good communication with your GSMD breeder.

I have learned a lot about this majestic dog breed by reading about their quality breeding programs. The only thing left for me is to make a phone call and reserve a new Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy!

What about you?

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