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Male Vs Female Corgi – Are They Different And How?

Male Vs Female Corgi – Are They Different And How?

When people talk about Corgis, they usually imagine Pembroke Welsh Corgis – although there are also Cardigan Welsh Corgis. These dwarf dogs originated from Wales, and their name is a perfect fit.

Corgis are perfect pets for families with larger children looking for an active dog that is cute and entirely adorable. However, when it comes to picking a gender, most people don’t give it too much thought.

Still, when it comes to male vs. female Corgi, some differences exist.

Getting a male or female dog can be somewhat tricky, as there is more to this than just appearance and personal desires. With Corgis, it’s especially important you really think it through before you decide to bring a new pet home.

In short, despite her smaller frame, a Corgi female tends to be more stubborn and dominant compared to a male Corgi. This can make them challenging for first-time owners. Their nature can make them difficult to train and adapt to every lifestyle.

No matter the gender, Corgis are big dogs trapped in a small dog’s body. This is something all future dog owners need to be aware of. They are herding dogs and not toy dogs you can put inside a purse.

Of course, each dog is individual, with its own personality and traits. However, there are some general rules of how each gender acts.

Without further ado, here are the differences when it comes to the male vs. female Corgi dog!

Are Male Or Female Corgis Better?

cute corgi sitting outdoor in summer park

This is one of the questions that most people ask when they wonder about what gender of the dog they should get.

The truth is, this isn’t a competition, and it isn’t a question of male vs. female Corgi and which one is better. There isn’t a unique way to decide which dog is good and which is bad – especially when there are so few differences when it comes to appearance.

Both male and female Corgis can come in many coat colors, such as red, golden, even merle, and both will shed a lot. The height and weight differences are also minor.

However, depending on the situation, a specific gender Corgi might be a better option. For example, if you have smaller kids, you should get a male Corgi. However, if you’re someone looking for an active pet with a personality – females might better follow your pace.

This article is here to give you a general overview of traits of both genders, and it is up to you to answer this question yourself, depending on your situation and preferences.

Differences Between The Male And Female Corgi

Female CorgiMale Corgi
12” 12”
Weight:22–29 lbs 22–32 lbs
Temperament:Bossy, intelligent, independentFriendly, needy, playful
Easy to train:Yes, when not in heat Mostly yes
Friendliness:Can be wary of strangers Very friendly
Barking:Occasional Often
Health:Depends on genetics Depends on genetics
Lifespan:Between 12 and 15 years Between 10 and 13 years

Before we go into detail, here are a few essential differences when it comes to male vs. female Corgi:

Corgi Male Vs. Female Size

Dog Corgi posing outdoors

We all know how the Corgi breed looks. They have short elongated bodies, making them bigger in length than in height. They are built similarly to Dachshunds and other wiener dogs. However, there are some physical differences between males and females – without counting in unique teacup Corgis.

First and foremost, a male Corgi is bigger overall than a female. Females are thinner, more stereotypically feminine-looking, while males tend to be bulkier and stronger.

Of course, this size difference is small enough that both genders make amazing apartment dogs. As long as you give them plenty of daily exercise, they should do perfectly fine in small living spaces.

An adult Corgi is just a bit larger than a Corgi puppy. While the weight difference can be significant, their height doesn’t change that much. Also, the difference in size between a male and female puppy isn’t as significant as in adults.

For example, at around six months of age, both the male and female Corgi have a height of approximately 6 inches. However, males are about a pound heavier, as they weigh around 10 pounds, while females are around 9 pounds.

Six months later, when they are about a year old, not much will change. Both genders are around 9 inches tall, with males weighing around 15 pounds and females weighing around 14 pounds.

At around 18 months of age, Corgis will reach their full height. For both genders, adult dogs reach approximately 12 inches at the shoulder, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

However, while males weigh between 22 and 32 pounds on average, females will remain lighter, and they’ll rarely weigh more than 29 pounds.

You can find more detailed information on the size of this dog by taking a look at the Corgi growth chart.

Spaying A Female Corgi

corgi dog lying at vet clinic

Unlike males, females go into heat twice a year. Unless you plan on breeding your female Corgi, it is recommended you spay her when she is six months old.

When it comes to fixing your male vs. female Corgi, you should keep in mind that spaying costs more than neutering. This is one thing you need to keep in mind when determining finances for your pets.

If you don’t spay your female, you should know that a female can be in heat for up to three weeks. Similar to humans, bloody discharge is quite normal at this time, so safety pads should be used.

Females that aren’t spayed tend to be more dominant and aggressive. However, the biggest issue you’ll experience is that they’ll attract a lot of male dogs while in heat. This can be an issue, especially if you have plenty of strays in your area.

Also, unless you want puppies, you shouldn’t keep her off-leash or let her be around males. Unwanted pregnancies are quite common.

Unaltered females also tend to experience mood swings. When she’s at her worst, you can count on her forgetting everything you’ve taught her during obedience training. She’ll quickly throw all the lessons out the window and act independently and bossy.

All of this can be quite a challenge for a first-time Corgi owner, as they might feel as if they’re not training their pooch properly. Once you spay your female, you no longer have to worry about this – and the younger she is when you do this, the fewer issues you’ll experience.

Not to mention that spaying your female dogs (just like neutering males) can reduce the chances of plenty of health problems later on.

Neutering A Male Corgi

 puppy dog Corgi vet by ordinary doctor

Male dogs don’t have a heat cycle – but they tend to mark their territory by peeing everywhere. Also, almost all unaltered male dogs will have a habit of humping. They’ll do this to your pillow, their stuffed toys, and your neighbor’s leg. This is something no one wants to experience on a regular basis.

The smell of a male Corgi marking their territory is much stronger than a regular pee smell. Everyone who goes near your house will know you are a dog owner! Also, controlling a dog’s humping urges is quite difficult, so you might feel embarrassed to take your Corgi out with you.

The easiest solution to all of this is to neuter your male dog as soon as he is around six months of age. By this time, he’s highly unlikely to develop undesirable behaviors and habits. Also, unaltered males tend to be somewhat aggressive – although not as much as unaltered females.

The biggest concern is that unaltered male Corgis are likely to take off when they sense a female in heat. They’ll do anything they can to mate, and this includes running away. This means you’ll need to pay extra attention to your male if you don’t want to neuter him!

If you want to neuter your male Corgi, you should know that this process is usually much more budget-friendly compared to spaying a female – and that the healing process is much easier and more straightforward.

However, it would be wise to neuter them as early as possible. If you decide to neuter them when they are already a few years of age, chances are they have already developed plenty of bad habits that will be very difficult to unlearn.

Corgi Temperament Male Vs. Female

The most important thing that most dog owners wonder about when it comes to the male vs. female Corgi is the difference in temperament – and yes, it does exist.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to your pup’s personality traits, depending on its gender.

The Male Corgi

dog walking nicely on a leash with an owner

Male Corgis love human company. They are social and hate being left alone. They are prone to separation anxiety, so they aren’t suitable for people who work most of the day.

Despite this, they’ll be cautious of strangers – but this isn’t enough to make them good guard dogs or watchdogs. It won’t take too much to gain their trust, even if they’re with people they don’t know.

They do well with kids and have a playful nature and high energy levels. However, they might bark a bit more than females, so be sure to train them properly.

Thanks to its friendly nature, a male Corgi will get along rather well with all other house pets.

Unaltered males can be aggressive sometimes due to their strong herding instincts, so it’s important to socialize them from puppyhood. However, they tend to be much more laid-back and social compared to females.

The Female Corgi

smiling child and welsh corgi dog training

Female Corgis tend to be more intelligent than males. However, this can make her want to be the alpha dog in the pack. Her desire to be dominant can make her very independent and disobedient if you don’t have the patience to deal with her temperament.

Despite this, they are a bit better towards smaller children compared to males. This is likely because herding instincts aren’t as strong in female Corgis as they are in males. They’ll be very careful during playtime, and they’ll show care and love more often.

However, they won’t seek out your attention as much as male Corgis. Females don’t mind being left alone for long periods. In fact, she might become irritated if you’re next to her all the time, as they like their privacy.

While this doesn’t make them unfriendly, they’re just less likely to be lapdogs and cuddle all day long compared to males.

Are Male Or Female Dogs Easier To Train?

corgi dogs and handlers at the dog show

In most dog breeds, females are easier to train. The same goes for Corgis. Despite her somewhat bossy nature, females are more intelligent and thus more eager to learn. Also, they mature much faster than males, meaning you can start obedience training earlier.

However, this only goes for spayed females. If you haven’t spayed your Corgi, all of the tricks you’ve taught her will no longer apply once she is in heat. While in heat, she will become stubborn and might even refuse to obey you altogether!

Of course, this doesn’t mean males don’t come with their own set of complications. In fact, think of male Corgis as children. They’ll want to listen to you, but they are so easily distracted that this might not always go according to plan.

Male Corgis are more childish than females, making them somewhat difficult to train. They’ll only listen to you when they can focus and if nothing deters that focus.

Still, first-time owners might find male Corgis easier to train, as their progress is straightforward. Despite female intelligence, with them, you might feel as if you’re taking one step forward and two steps back every time she has a mood swing.

Also, male Corgis are more responsive to positive reinforcement. They’ll do all they can to please their owners, and they’ll rarely refuse to listen to you.

On the other hand, a female Corgi will know exactly what you want her to do, but unless she sees she can gain something, she’ll refuse to listen and prefer to do things her own way.

Male Vs. Female Corgi: Which One Is Easier To Housebreak?

cute little corgi dog lying on gray sofa

Housebreaking is similar to regular training. This means that, while females can learn to housebreak quicker, males are overall easier to train as they are more likely to listen.

Females tend to do what they want and obey when they want, while males love to please their owners more. This is the main reason why males are much more straightforward to work with.

Despite a female Corgi’s intelligence, a dog that loves to listen to its owner is more likely to learn faster than a stubborn one.

Male Vs. Female Corgi: Which One Is More Friendly?

woman training Welsh Corgi dog outdoors

This is very important for everyone looking to have a friendly family pet that will instantly fall in love with everyone they meet.

As you might have guessed by now, males are considered to be much more friendly than females. They won’t consider anyone a stranger. A male Corgi will love everyone they meet, and everyone will fall in love with their sociable nature.

On the other hand, females are a bit more reserved. They aren’t as social as males and prefer to keep their distance when it comes to strangers. Overall, they are pickier with who they spend time with, and they might want to be left alone.

Females tend to bond most with one person in the household. While they’ll be friendly towards the others, you will easily notice who ‘their human’ is. On the other hand, males are friendly towards everyone.

Male Vs. Female Corgi: Socialization

beautiful corgi with owner outdoors

The matter of socialization is extremely important to people who take their Corgis to social gatherings or their neighbors’ houses. If your dog isn’t social, you might have issues taking it with to other people’s homes or introducing it to new pets.

Male Corgis are more friendly toward strangers. However, if they aren’t neutered, they’ll start marking the new place you’ve taken them to, and it’s doubtful your friends will appreciate that. If they have other pets, this is something that is bound to happen.

A female Corgi, while a bit warier of strangers, will be more polite inside a house. If she’s potty trained, accidents like this won’t happen.

So, while males tend to be a bit more social, females tend to behave better. If you want to keep unaltered pets, this is something that it’s important to know.

Of course, no matter the gender, early socialization is the key to having a well-behaved, friendly pup. Still, knowing some patterns can help to understand what you should be mindful of.

Who Barks More – A Male Or Female Corgi?

red and white corgi barks

Despite their moodiness, females are quieter than males, who tend to be the talkers of the breed. They tend to be yappy and vocal and will loudly let you know if they disagree with something.

Keep in mind that this highly depends on socialization and their environment. However, most Corgi owners would agree that females have an almost cat-like behavior compared to the much louder males.

Male Vs. Female Corgi: Health

Corgi lyng in modern house

The Corgi is a healthy breed overall. However, just like any other dog breed, there are a few health issues you need to be aware of. Both genders are equally prone to most health conditions, but there are a few problems a certain gender is more prone to.

We’ll list a few of the most common health conditions these dogs can develop. It’s important to note that a lot of Corgis will live healthy lives – but you still need to know what to look out for.

It’s also worth noting that females tend to live a bit longer than males, as their lifespan is about two years longer.


This health problem causes high levels of a protein called cystine to be emitted into the dog’s urine. This leads to the creation of stones, and this condition is extremely painful for Corgis – although it usually isn’t deadly and can be treated with medications.

Cystinuria is more likely to affect male Corgis than female Corgis.

Reproductive Difficulties

It’s easy to conclude that reproductive difficulties affect only female Corgis.

Since Corgis are a small breed, a female’s pelvis can sometimes be too small to pass the puppies’ heads. A C-section is mandatory in these situations to ensure both the offspring and the mother are safe.

Because of this, it isn’t recommended to breed your female Corgi before consulting your vet first.

Of course, spayed Corgis won’t ever face these issues.

Corgi feeling sad

Photo from @leroy_lexie_dacorgis

Other Corgi Health Issues

Most Corgi health issues aren’t gender-related. While genetics is the most important factor in this, giving your pup high-quality dog food and regular walks can help it to live a long and more or less healthy life.

Some of the health problems you need to be on the lookout for include:

• Epilepsy

• Degenerative myelopathy

• Intervertebral disc disease

• Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

• Hip dysplasia

• Elbow dysplasia

• Von Willebrand disease

Why Socialization Matters

Adorable brown welsh corgi sitting on wood floor

No matter the gender, Corgis need a lot of socialization. This dog breed is known to develop some aggressive behavior due to its herding instincts. This is the same whether you have a male or female.

Early socialization is the key to eliminating most unwanted traits in Corgis of both genders. Make sure you expose your puppy to new situations, people, and environments as soon as possible, as this can teach him or her to be accepting of new things from the start.

If you allow the development of bad habits, unlearning them will be extremely difficult. Because of this, it’s important you teach your Corgi what behavior is acceptable from the start.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Corgi?

Corgi dog sitting on the grass

Before you buy yourself a new Corgi, there are a few important things to consider that can help you determine the best possible gender for you.

For example, if you already have a dog, you want to get a Corgi of the opposite gender. Two dogs of the same gender tend not to get along.

Despite the misconception, two males can learn to get along. Sometimes, they can even become best friends. However, this is almost impossible with two females, especially if at least one of them is a Corgi. This situation will almost always end in a serious fight.

If you plan on bringing a female Corgi home, make sure you have your backyard fenced and secured. Females in heat tend to attract males, and you can easily end up with unwanted puppies.

You need to do the same if you plan on bringing in a male puppy, as well, but for a different reason. Males tend to wander off if a female in heat is nearby. Plenty of dogs go missing because of this.

And if you consider fixing your pet, you should know that neutering is generally a much easier and cheaper procedure compared to spaying a female.

Overall, these are the things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a male vs. female Corgi.

Still, gender isn’t the most important thing when it comes to what makes a good pet – training, socialization, and adequate care are.

With proper socialization, females can become friendly and cuddly. And with good training, males can learn how to stay home alone. All it takes is patience and understanding.

All Corgis can become wonderful family pets if you know how to approach them. Still, picking the right gender can make your life a bit easier – especially if you’re a first-time dog owner.

Male Vs Female Corgi – Is There A Difference? What You Need To Know