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Teacup Corgi: Why Is It So Small And Cute?

Teacup Corgi: Why Is It So Small And Cute?

Rarely any other dog breed is so adorable like the Teacup Corgi. They’re the tiniest versions of already adorable pups – the Corgis. There was a way to make Corgis even sweeter, and the dog breeders found it!

This tiny dog breed has become popular recently, but something tells us he’s here to stay. Many people nowadays are turning their heads towards this little pooch. Many want to own one, too! But, owning a tiny Corgi isn’t a walk in the park.

It takes a lot of caution when buying one of these pups, and you should be more careful than with other dog breeds.

We’re about to find out what these little rascals are and how we can get the perfect pup. Let’s give a big, warm welcome to the tiniest and cutest mix breed – the Teacup Corgi!

Is Teacup A Breed Of Its Own?

Teacup Corgi is standing on the sidewalk

A Teacup Corgi isn’t a breed of its own, even though you might think they’re separate breeds. This is a Corgi, like all the others, but smaller and way cuter.

There are numerous reasons why a dog owner would love to have a miniature version of Corgi puppies.

Sure, regular Corgi puppies are adorable, but sometimes people want to top that adorableness and go with something very petite and sweet. That’s why we have teacup pups!

The Teacup Corgi was bred by mixing normal Corgis with other smaller dog breeds. Another way of reducing the size, but increasing the cuteness is by breeding runts together or introducing the dwarfism gene.

When mixing the Corgi with another smaller breed, keep in mind that the puppies may or may not look like a Corgi.

Like all mixed breeds, these pups can resemble either one of the parents. You just never know until it’s born.

Still, there is a direct way of producing a teacup pup. We’re talking about introducing the dwarfism gene.

However, this could be rather difficult since Corgis already have a type of dwarfism called achondroplastic dwarfism – the reason why Corgis have short, stubby limbs.

An introduction of an additional dwarfism gene must be a result of a random mutation or else introduced through mixed breeding.

Such cross-breeding should be conducted under the watchful eye of an expert breeder.

Breeding runts together might lead to a more positive outcome you wish for, but there are still some significant disadvantages.

Breeding runts will result in small puppies, but will also be the cause of many health issues and disorders.

adorable little Teacup Corgi dog

Photo from:@teacuppuppyboutique

The production of runt teacup puppies is a practice that puppy mills run. It’s mass production only for the profit, which must be stopped once and for all. Such Corgi breeders aren’t supposed to be operating at all!

The teacup version is naturally smaller than the regular Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

These pups can weigh up to five pounds, which is significantly lesser than the average 25-pound normal Corgi.

Their size? It absolutely correlates with the weight! These Corgis can’t grow over 10 to 12 inches.

Many dog owners claim the Teacup Corgi is a fox-like pup with its point-rounded ears and long body.

They also have a deep chest and short, butt-docked tails. You can absolutely say they’re the compact version of the beloved Corgi.

Breeding With Other Breeds: Popular Corgi Mixes

A Chihuahua is standing on the grass

Corgis can breed with other small dog breeds which can result in Teacup Corgi puppies. Such breeds of dogs are: the Chihuahua, the Dachshund, and the Pomeranian.

The Chigi is a mixed breed of a Corgi and a Chihuahua. The smaller dog in this combo is the Chihuahua. When mixed with a larger dog, it will result in a teacup puppy. Such pups are playful and alert.

Depending on the traits they receive from their parents, the Chigi, Chi-Corgis, Chorgie, or Chihuahua/Corgi will look different from dog to dog. There’s no standard pattern this crossbreed comes in.

It’s absolutely wrong to have prejudices about the Chigi being unfriendly and aggressive towards small children. The temper of any dog is mostly conditioned by socialization and training.

What you can also affect is their activity. Chigi pups are extremely active and love spending time outside playing or exercising.

The Dorgies or Dorgie is a mix of a Corgi and a Dachshund. This puppy is known to be much friendlier than the Chigi.

Since both dog breeds have small legs and long bodies, mixing them will produce small puppies with lots of traits the parents have.

Dorgies love kids and enjoy spending quality time with them! They’re energetic and need daily exercise for at least an hour in order to spend that extra energy. Another thing you should worry about when getting a Dorgie is their diet because this dog breed is prone to back problems.

Puppies bred from the Corgi and Pomeranian are called Corgi Poms. These pooches can take after one of the parents or resemble both of them equally. Naturally, the puppy will stay small since both parents are on the smaller side of the canine world.

Corgi Poms are generally a very intelligent breed and easy to train. However, you might find that these pups are better off with families who have older children.

Teacup Corgi vs. Other Corgi Breeds: Everything You Need To Know

Teacup Corgi is lying on the floor in the house

Can you guess which difference is the first one?

Of course, it’s the size!

Being ten pounds lighter and a few inches shorter than a regular Corgi (check the Corgi growth chart to see the average size of a Corgi puppy), the teacups are probably the tiniest breed of dog.

Furthermore, these pooches aren’t so different from the average Corgi dog. They, too, are adorable, loving, and affectionate.

Another physical difference is that the teacups have much smaller legs than their brothers, meaning, their energy level isn’t the same; thus, they tire easier than the bigger dogs.

There are several distinctive personality traits that make these dogs stand apart.

The tiny Corgis may express irritability, hostility, and less interest in things around them. This is a trait they most likely inherited from the other side of the canine family.

Having a Teacup Corgi is similar to having a toddler going on a craze. Introducing them to small kids isn’t such a good idea. Characters that are so similar don’t usually go well together.

The differences continue when it comes to their general health status.

The tiny Corgi version is much more prone to many health conditions, unlike the big brother, meaning these pups should be taken to the vet more often.

Teacups and Welsh Corgi puppies both have dwarfism, but it’s much riskier for the first group due to the altered genes.

How Temperamental Is A Teacup Corgi?

Corgi and the girl are walking in the meadow

A Teacup Corgi is much smaller than the average Corgi; therefore, they are easier to have in small apartments.

These pups can be your companion at work or even when traveling. Because of being so compact, they’re one of the most popular teacup dogs.

Their temper is energetic. Unless you can keep up with the frenzy they sometimes have, these aren’t the dogs for you.

Energetic pups need their activity or they’ll show signs of aggression or even, in some cases, depression.

Still, these are tiny fellas who can be tripped over or stepped on by people or larger dogs. So, beware of this danger.

Because of their short legs, the Teacup Corgi can easily get tired. Planning to take your pup on a hike? Better not, unless you’re planning to see the world from your backpack!

Much like their older versions, the Teacup Corgis are an adorable addition to any family or individual. It can’t be stressed enough that their size doesn’t mean they’re the perfect dog choice for small kids.

Small children tend to play rough, of course, but not on purpose. But, your Corgi doesn’t know that, does it? To avoid bad scenarios happening, it’s best that such dog breeds don’t get around the little ones.

There’s a problem with this dog breed that is quite unusual and somewhat funny. It involves their visibility.

No, they’re not transparent, but they are tiny. Sometimes, they are so tiny you won’t be able to find them in your own apartment.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a place specially designed for your teacup. Teach the dog where it belongs from puppyhood, so you’ll always know where to find him and avoid any accidents.

Don’t have their special place on any high ground, such as your bed. We all know it’s absolutely adorable to have your dog sleep next to you, but it’s a big NO-NO with this breed.

Teacups can fall over and break something, or you can roll over them while sleeping. Yikes!

Raising Teacup Corgi Puppies: Are They Really That Small?

Teacup Corgi lies on a wooden base

Here’s a question for you: Can a large dog come from two tiny parents?

Of course not!

There’s a reason why we call them Teacup Corgis. It’s because they can fit in a teacup!

All jokes aside, this dog is quite tiny, and an adult dog isn’t bigger than two pounds and 12 inches.

Will We Be Friends Forever? How Long Does A Teacup Corgi Live?

a woman holding a corgi in her arms

Luckily, their lifespan isn’t related to their size!

This dog breed has a fairly average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Compared to their parents, especially the purebred Chihuahua, these pups could live a longer and healthier life.

There are many health problems that can affect the lifespan of this breed. Also, the way you’re taking care of your pup can affect the lifespan a lot. Take good care of this Corgi and he’ll lead a happy and healthy life.

Unfortunately, accidents are something we can’t avoid. No matter how good of care you take of your miniature Corgi, the fact is you can accidentally step on its leg. Always check where you sit or step!

Since they’re so tiny, exercising should be adjusted to their needs. Tiring them out isn’t an option here. They won’t sleep better! The only thing you could do is hurt their teensy tiny legs.

Is Breeding Teacup Corgis Controversial?

We can thank Hollywood for making Teacup Corgis popular. A lot of celebrities, especially in the last decade, pranced around carrying the miniature version of a Corgi.

Naturally, a lot of regular folks expressed their wish of owning one, too!

Breeding a Teacup Corgi isn’t controversial. It’s the puppy mills that produce these dogs!

Up to this day, the existence of such puppy mills hasn’t been prohibited. The only reason why they’re functioning is to earn lots of money. Not one of them cares about the health of the puppies.

Such breeding isn’t a natural practice. Veterinarians believe there are substantial health risks because of breeding.

Of course, there are still ethical breeders who know their way around genetics, and such breeders have enough knowledge to breed healthy Teacup Corgi puppies.

What’s interesting about them, besides them being quite rare, is that they only produce around ten puppies.

That’s why it is so risky to purchase a teacup puppy. Better do your homework before buying from an unreliable source.

Remember: buying from puppy mills means supporting their unethicality!

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Pros And Cons Of Owning A Teacup Corgi

corgi puppy playing in the yard

You never know if the dog is perfect for you until you get in touch with one. The miniature Corgi puppy might be your perfect pal; that is, if your energy levels sync.

What helps to decide whether to buy a Teacup Corgi or not is a list of pros and cons.


• They’re compact and can be carried anywhere

• They are loyal and friendly dogs

• The exercising part is not that difficult since they only need moderate exercising

• Feeding is pretty cheap, too, at only around 200 calories a day


• Accidents around the house happen frequently

• Many health issues, especially with pups coming from puppy mills

• They get tired easily

• They need A LOT OF attention

• They shouldn’t be around small children (because kids can play rough and hurt them)

These aren’t quite long lists, but they do carry things any future Teacup Corgi owner must know.

Tips And Tricks When Buying a Teacup Corgi

Teacup Corgi lies and rests in the grass

Many experts advise you not to buy tiny Corgis because there are no guarantees that they went through health and safety testing.

But still, if you’re that persistent about having a tiny Corgi, then there are some tricks you should know about.

When looking for a puppy, make sure you meet with the dog breeder prior to buying. Check out the parent’s health status and ask for their medical history. Such a process can take a while and cost lots of money.

Still, if you have the cash, it’s always better to buy than adopt this breed. The reason is quite simple: you never know where the rescue dogs come from.

If there is no way to find the money to buy this pup, adopting from reliable sources, rescue centers, and friends are your only sources.

Bear in mind these tricks when shopping for a tiny Corgi:

• buy from reputable breeders because they care more about the health than the money

• ask questions about the pup and its parents, or ask anything that comes to mind about the dog

• look at the parents; it’s how your future pup might look and act like

• ask for the medical history, and to run some health tests to determine how healthy the parents are

• don’t buy from pet shops because there’s a 99.9% chance those pooches are from puppy mills.

How Expensive Are Miniature Corgis?

Miniature Corgis stands on a wooden base

The cost of miniature Corgis depends on a few factors.

Premium puppies cost more than crossbreed or standard Corgis.

The standard Corgi usually costs around $600 to $1,000. The price of a miniature version is slightly more expensive. Depending on who you’re purchasing from, the cost of the mini Corgi can’t get up to $2,000!

The costs don’t stop there. You want a trained pup, too, don’t you? Well, prepare to set aside $500 per session.

Training these stubborn-heads is quite difficult and pricey, too. Still, it’s also necessary if the pup will be around small kids.

Choosing a dog based on your liking or disliking is definitely a wrong approach. One must always choose a dog according to their lifestyle.

Expenses don’t stop with buying the pup and the training. There’s always some investing in proper food and vet check-ups, or even spaying or neutering.


Owning a tiny Corgi puppy isn’t like owning any other tiny or large dog breed. These dogs are special in every possible way.

From their unique looks to their adorable personality, the Teacup Corgi pup has it all covered.

He will steal your heart and melt it like candy. Why? Because he’s one tiny dog with a giant, sweet, mellow heart.

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Teacup Corgi Why Is It So Small And Cute

Teacup Corgi: Why Is It So Small And Cute?