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Great Dane Pitbull Mix: A Hybrid To Amaze You

Great Dane Pitbull Mix: A Hybrid To Amaze You

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the Great Dane Pitbull mix!

I know you probably haven’t. Because guess what: I didn’t know about them for a long time, either!

Even though I’m a specialist and a dog enthusiast myself, I was quite shocked to see these two breeds paired together. More precisely, I was stunned by their incredible good looks and a loveable temperament that truly makes these pups superstars.

Great Dane Pitbull mix puppies belong to the category of rare hybrid dogs. You won’t find them sitting in your local shelters.

You won’t see advertisements for Danebull breeders in your area. You’ll have a hard time finding great Danebull puppies, trust me.

Still, the pursuit will pay off. Just wait.

Until you get to hold your buddy’s paw, let’s get to know Danebulls in person, find out what they’re like, and whether people should go nuts about them too!

What Is The Great Dane Pitbull Mix: Meet The Danebull!

great dane pitbull mix sitting on the floor

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is also known as the Danebull. This hybrid pooch isn’t one of those Pitbull mixes you’re used to. Not a lot of breeders or dog lovers opt to breed their dogs with Great Danes.

It’s not because Great Danes are bad dogs. It’s because they’re giant dogs.

Breeding dogs of different sizes, especially when the one parent breed is an exceptionally large breed, always brings some issues. Most of the time, those problems are regarding the dog’s size and overall mobility.

Still, someone thought it was a good idea to bring together Great Danes and American Pitbull Terriers into one hybrid dog. The Danebull is definitely one of the rarest hybrids ever. But, was it really a good idea to mix these two?

It was a good idea, but only if the Danebull will end up with a devoted dog owner.

Generally speaking, the Great Dane Pitbull mix can be a wonderful family dog for everyone, from kids to senior citizens. They can even show friendliness to feline friends!

However, this comes with a price. You must pay special attention to training and socializing your Danebull.

Since this dog comes from Pitbulls, it’s natural for them to show signs of aggression around other dominant dogs. Prevent such behavior by enrolling your pup into obedience school.

Have your pup socialized from early days to ensure you’ll have a well-functioning canine companion.

How to achieve that? What are Danebulls really like with families? We’ll get to it soon.

Now, let’s discuss the origin of this interesting crossbreed puppy.

Where Does The Danebull Come From?

great dane pitbull dog standing on the road

Photo from: @raisingrogue

We have the same problem with every crossbreed dog: we simply don’t know where they come from. Of course, some hybrid pups like the Yorkiepoo, Cavapoo or Maltipoo have determined origin.

Not our Danebull pup.

Crossbreed throughout history was very much represented. People used to cross different dog breeds for fun and even useful purposes. It was not uncommon to breed two working dogs to create one ultimate canine worker.

I truly believe our Danebull was somehow invented to be one pawmazing canine with a strong work ethic and a sporty spirit.

Still, we have no idea when the first Danebull pup was born. It’s highly likely that the intense breeding of the two purebred parent breeds began back in the 1980s and the 1990s. This was a fruitful era for creating hybrids.

Since the Pitbull is one of those American dog breeds, or a breed polished to perfection in the States, we assume the breeding first took place somewhere in the USA. Great Danes have been around for quite a while, since the late 1800s.

In fact, both parent breeds date back to the 19th century.

Great Dane dogs were originally bred in Germany as boarhounds, but the AKC officially welcomed them to the States in 1887.

Pitbulls are still an unofficial dog breed, even though many Pittie lovers fight hard for the recognition of the breed. They’re a mixture of the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier.

Sadly, their history is filled with tragic events caused by a blood sport of bull baiting back in the United Kingdom.

Great Danes were also fighters, but they fought wild boars and helped their owners to hunt down food. There’s a significant difference between the two.

Good Look: What Do Danebulls Look Like?

great dane pitbull dog lying down on the carpet

Photo from: @azai_and_debo

Mixed breed dogs don’t have a bred standard, and thus it will be hard to predict how they’re supposed to look.

The thing with Great Dane Pitbull mix dogs is that one of the parents doesn’t have a breed standard either. Well, at least not the one accepted by the AKC.

Since the Pitbull breed isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, we don’t have the standard for breeding Pitties written down.

The appearance these dogs are supposed to have comes from our conclusions and previous experience.

Pitbulls have been around for a while and have developed a pattern. Their body shape, coat type, and color, as well as other distinctive markings, repeat throughout litters of puppies and we can say there’s a so-called standard for Pitties.

When it comes to determining the appearance of the Danebull, you can either have a pup that resembles a Great Dane or a Pittie-like pooch. Also, a combination of the two is possible. And that’s the whole problem.

In order to understand what Danebulls might look like, we must first discuss the appearance of the parents.

Resembling The Parent Breeds

great dane pitbull puppy sitting in the grass

Photo from: @sapphire_the_bulldane

No matter which side your Danebull takes after, it will be a large dog with an impressive posture, and a strong, muscular body.

He’s definitely not to be played with.

Generally speaking, the Great Dane Pitbull mix weighs between 60 to 90 pounds and stands tall at 24 to 28 inches at the withers.

If your dog resembles more Pitties, he will be on the smaller end of the scale, following Pitbull’s growth charts.

A dog with a bigger body weight will resemble more Great Danes.

All in all, they will be big and strong. But, will they be pretty boys and girls too?

Let’s just say Danebulls are… impressive! You’ve rarely seen a dog as stunning-looking as this one. Their bodies are usually chiseled, but a bit less muscular than Pittie’s.

They have big, mighty paws, blocky heads, and pawdorable floppy ears to tone down the scary factor.

But, trust me, they don’t mean to be scary at all.

The Danebull has a short and smooth coat. Sadly, they shed just like Pitties and Great Danes. Still, the shedding can be controllable with the proper diet and regular grooming. I know you’re excited to hear about the fashionable coat colors.

This hybrid pooch is proud to fashion lots of different colors including black, brown, merle as the merle Pittie, harlequin, brindle, champagne, white, blue… Basically, all Great Dane colors, as well as Pittie coat options are possible.

What Are Great Dane Pitbulls Really Like? Discussing The Temperament

cute great dane pitbull mix sitting in the garden

Photo from: @jack_jack_the_greatdane

Trust me, you won’t find a single bad bone in this crossbreed puppy. With proper training, Danebulls can be stellar dogs, as pawmazing and obedient as German Shepherds or Retrievers, for example.

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is generally sweet and affectionate. A lot of these puppies have inherited the calm demeanor of the Great Dane parent.

They love spending time with their family members and tolerate everyone around them. That is if they’re socialized.

Adult dogs usually have issues with tolerating little kids. Not every breed goes hand in hand with the little ones. The Danebull actually does. They’re people pleasers and love kids. Still, I wouldn’t leave them alone because they’re so big.

Danebulls aren’t lap dogs, but they sure will try to squeeze in and have you cuddle them.

If you’re looking for a good family dog, I’d definitely recommend this Great Dane Pitbull mix. They’re protective, but not overprotective. They‘re sociable creatures that will amaze you with their kind character.

Training 101: Do Danebulls Like To Learn?

great dane pitbull dog playing with a tennis ball in the park

Large sizes with dogs always mean they’re destined to be guard dogs and alert all the time.

The same applies to the Great Dane Pitbull mix doggo. These canines can be excellent guardians and watchdogs if trained from a young age. Also, they can prefer to cuddle. It all depends on what you train your dog to do.

Danebulls aren’t your average designer dogs. They’re terrific pups that can be pretty much anything. This means you can either have them as family pets or rely on them for guarding duties.

As I said, it depends on what you train your dog to do, and the best way to train them is by using positive reinforcement.

Breeds of dogs like Great Danes and Pitbulls love being alphas, but they still love to have human approval. Training them using methods that include praise and treat rewards will bring the best results.

Your Danebull will work harder once he makes a connection between a job well done and a delicious treat or a comforting tummy rub.

I recommend you never drop your attitude and remain the head of your home. Great Dane and Pitbull dogs tend to take over the situation and put themselves as alpha dogs the moment you allow them so.

Also, they’re energetic dogs, so don’t make training lessons too long. Drain your dog’s energy levels, so he’s nice and focused on you. Keep it short, fun, and on point.

Both canine parents are ranked among the top 100 smartest canines, so you should experience no problems training their love puppy, the Danebull.

How To Take Care Of A Great Dane Pitbull Mix

great dane pitbull mix wrapped in a towel after bathing

Photo from: @jack_jack_the_greatdane

Taking care of a Great Dane Pitbull mix won’t be that easy, especially if you’re a first-time owner. Even though one of the parents is a gentle giant, the other one is prone to aggression if not socialized.

It will be tricky, but you’ll need to show determination.

First of all, taking care means raising your dog with unconditional love, care, and understanding. The social aspects of a dog’s life should not be ignored. All dogs are sociable creatures. Some are more friendly than others.

In the case of our Danebull, extra attention to socialization must be shown.

What else stands under the phrase “taking care”? We’re about to find out!

Socializing Your Danebull

Pitbulls are dogs that can show aggressive traits towards other dogs, just like Mastiffs or Cane Corsos.

This is mainly because they weren’t raised the right way. The first socialization lessons come from the breeder. He must be ready to submit all puppies (and of course, the parents) to different situations, sounds, smells, animals, and people.

Once the puppies learn other dogs or other animals aren’t something to be afraid of, they will act normally.

A dog that’s eager to meet new people and tolerates everyone around him is a well-socialized dog.

Another aspect of socialization means readiness to stay at home alone. Sure, you won’t adopt or buy a puppy if you work long hours and you’re never home.

But, if you do spend some reasonable time at home, then you can absolutely enrich your life with a Danebull.

But, what to do if you have to go to work? Your well-behaving Danebull will stay at home, snoozing or having a playtime of his life, patiently waiting for you.

It’s crucial to teach the puppy not to make a big deal out of you leaving the house.

If you let the pup act all dramatical and desperate because you’re not there, he may develop a behavioral issue known as separation anxiety, which also leads to destructive behavior and even depression or aggression.

Socialize your pooch, buy him fun mental games such as puzzle toys, and help them learn it’s okay to spend a few hours alone. A few only, remember that!

Buying The Right Food

man pouring dog food into a silver bowl on the floor

Now that you have fed the mind of your dog, it’s time to feed its body.

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is a large dog with a strong body. They’re highly active, hardworking, and don’t really care about snoozing on the couch, unlike the Dane parent.

This means you’ll need to find the ideal feeding program for your pup, something that will provide lots of energy to waste, so you don’t end up with a dog doing zoomies at the end of the day.

You can choose between dry dog food or kibble, wet dog food cans, or a homemade, raw diet.

Lots of Pittie owners like to introduce a homemade, raw diet to their puppies. You can feed your dog lean meat and bones, along with gizzards, enriching the meal with anything that comes to your mind.

This type of diet is highly beneficial and I believe your Danebull would like it too.

If you do opt for kibble or wet food, you should know what kind of recipes to look for.

Large dog breeds need plenty of proteins, so make sure the first few ingredients on the back of the bag are real animal proteins.

No meat-by-products, fillers, or artificial flavors are allowed! Superfoods, fruits, and veggies are also very welcome.

If your pup looks more like a Great Dane, you’ll find these Great Dane feeding charts very helpful. On the other hand, if you have a Pittie-like Danebull, you should check out Pitbull’s feeding charts.

They will give you a general idea of how much to feed your dog.

Generally speaking, your pup will need two or more meals throughout the day. It’s better to feed Danebulls a few smaller meals to reduce the risk of your dog getting bloated.

More on this condition that strikes both parent breeds and the crossbreed puppy down below.

Grooming A Danebull

Dog grooming is something a lot of dog owners are scared of doing alone at home. But, there’s really nothing to be scared of!

It’s just keeping your dog nice and clean. That’s it.

You don’t have to go to a special dog grooming school (even though there are lots of them available). You can read some helpful grooming books found on Amazon and learn tips and tricks as you go.

You shouldn’t have many issues with grooming a Great Danebull. These dogs have sleek and short coats, so weekly brushing is just enough. What you need to take care of is the regular bathing schedule.

It’s a rule of thumb to bathe these kinds of dogs when they begin to…stink.

I wouldn’t allow that to happen, because they’re lots of doggy wipes to touch up and clean some areas like the dog’s paws.

Maintain a proper bathing schedule, and bathe your Danebull once every three months.

Since the Pitbull parent is quite prone to skin problems, it would be better not to over bathe your Great Dane Pitbull mix puppy.

Always use sensitive dog shampoos with calming ingredients. Oatmeal soothes the skin and reduces the chances of getting dry patches or inflammation.

PupVine’s done some pieces on dog grooming tools. I recommend you do your reading on Great Dane dog brushes, as well as on Pittie dog brushes. Find what you like and buy those tools for your Danebull, you’re gonna need them!

Are Danebulls Healthy Dogs?

great dane pitbull mix dog lying down on the couch

Photo from: @jack_jack_the_greatdane

Sadly, big dogs have a shorter lifespan than small dogs. It has to do with their fast growth, meaning they reach maturity faster and become older faster than small pups.

You can expect your Danebull to be a large boy or girl, hence the somewhat shorter lifespan.

To determine how long Danebulls live, we have to know the average life expectancy of their parents.

The Great Dane dog breed is a giant one, and their lifespan lasts for only 8 to 10 years.

On the other hand, Pitbulls live a bit longer, for 8 to 15 years, depending on the breeds used to achieve the Pitbull type.

As we can determine, the Danebull should live from 7 to 12 years. If you get your pup from a trusted source and you know he’s a healthy one, you can count on the longer lifespan.

But, what if you get an ill puppy? What kind of diseases strike Great Dane Pitbull mix dogs?


Definitely the most common health problem with bigger dogs is bloat. You may know it as Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus too.

Gastric Torsion happens when a dog gets his stomach stuffed with air instead of food and water. This usually occurs if a dog eats after exercising or consumes his meals greedily. The stomach twists and leaves your dog fighting for air.

The condition can be a fatal one if you don’t react in time.

Hip Dysplasia

Another highly common condition with dogs like Great Dane Pitbull mix is hip dysplasia.

A dog with dysplasia will have issues with mobility, he will limp, avoid activities, and feel down all the time. The condition is characterized by uneven hip ball and socket growth.

The treatment for hip dysplasia does exist, but it’s a pricey one, including operation and medications.

Hand in hand with hip dysplasia comes elbow dysplasia, so make sure you have your dog checked out for this condition too.

Cardiac Issues

Big dogs indeed have bigger hearts. At least those with dilated cardiomyopathy do.

This condition is inherited from the Great Dane parent and stands for the enlargement of the heart muscle.

There’s nothing funny about an enlarged heart, as dogs having it may collapse all of a sudden and die. Treatment is an absolute must.

Heart diseases are quite common with this crossbreed.

Finding A Good Great Dane Pitbull Puppy

Getting a Great Dane Pitbull puppy won’t be an easy task for you at all. The problem with hybrid dogs is their unavailability. Better yet, no good breeders are always available with adoptable puppies.

The issue with reputable breeders is a major one. Since this is a hybrid dog, there comes a matter of how ethical breeding will be.

Some dog enthusiasts believe crossing shouldn’t include contrasting breeds because it may cause major health issues. They’re pro crossbreeding of similar dog breeds.

However, I see no point in forbidding mixing different dog breeds as long as it’s done with great care, caution, and supported with regular health screenings.

Any hybrid dog can be as healthy as a standard purebred dog. No one guarantees parent breeds will be healthier than crossbreed pups.

I’m really sad to inform you that PupVine has no Danebull breeders to recommend to you. Still, we do have some pretty pawesome Great Dane breeders and Pitbull breeders that could be of your assistance.

Make sure you contact these people to see if they have Danebull puppies or if they know someone reliable who does have them:

How Much Should A Great Dane Pitbull Cost?

great dane pitbull dog sitting in the kitchen on the floor

Photo from: @jack_jack_the_greatdane

Hybrid dogs are always cheaper than purebred parents. True or false?

In this case, it’s true.

The Great Dane Pitbull mix should be cheaper than its parents. This dog breed is definitely hard to find, but once you do find them, you’ll be relieved to see they’re quite affordable.

Of course, it’s always a much better idea to adopt rather than to shop, so check out some Great Dane rescue centers, or Pittie rescue organizations to see if they have available puppies.

If everything goes down south, you can always buy a pooch for $600 to $1,000. They rarely go past the highest listed purchase price. The price is quite similar to the price of a purebred Great Dane.

However, Pitbulls are pricier, and they usually start listing at $2,000.

Besides the initial purchase price, you’ll need to have a nice budget that can support the following expenses: food, vet checkups, leashes, dietary supplements, bowls, toys, treats, dog beds, grooming tools, etc.

The biggest expense would be unexpected medical costs. When you get a Danebull puppy from an untrusted source, you’re risking the questionable health status of your puppy.

Unreliable breeders don’t really care how healthy their breeding stock is. They will produce puppies just for the sake of profit, and won’t even submit them for any health screenings.

That’s why your new Danebull puppy might show signs of dysplasia, for example, several months after the adoption.

Trust who you buy from and keep some cash on the side for unexpected bills, just in case.

Other Cool Great Dane And Pitbull Mixes

pitbull mix dog in the park

I know the struggle when you’re trying to find your ideal crossbreed puppy, and you’re simply not getting there. Unusual and unique crosses are always so difficult to find. Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

But, that doesn’t mean you should completely drop the search. Ask yourself why you wanted that specific pup in the first place.

Were those Great Dane genes what you wanted? Or, do you prefer Pittie features in your mix?

No worries, you can find both Great Dane and Pitbull mixes on the market or in rescue centers.

Here you have the most popular crosses of the Great Dane dog breed.

Also, I’d like to recommend to you some pretty cool Pitbull mixes:

Frenchie Pitbull mix

Doberman Pitbull mix

Cane Corso Pitbull mix

Golden Retriever Pitbull mix

Weimaraner Pitbull mix

Basset Hound Pitbull mix

OEB Pitbull mix

Corgi Pitbull mix

Blue Heeler Pitbull mix

Greyhound Pitbull mix

Rottweiler Pitbull mix

Shih Tzu Pitbull mix

Dalmatian Pitbull mix

Final Words

Would I recommend the Great Dane Pitbull mix as a family dog? Absolutely!

However, there are a few conditions you must meet before you get to call yourself a proud Danebull owner.

First of all, if you’re a new dog owner and you haven’t had a pooch in your life, please skip this hybrid dog. The Danebull needs a strong hand that will show him who’s the boss.

These dogs need an alpha dog in their lives, and they’re not supposed to be alphas themselves.

Moving on, in case you live in a tiny, city apartment, with no backyard, forget about Danebulls. Have you seen how large they are? They’re massive. Even the smallest specimens of this breed are large doggos that need space.

Lastly, it’s crucial to find a good Great Dane Pitbull mix breeder. Otherwise, you may end up with a pup you don’t even know how ill or healthy he is. Avoid scammers and people that breed just for fun and profit.

It may take you years to find your ideal Great Dane Pitbull mix puppy, but wait for the healthiest one, please. it will be worth it!

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