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All About The Pitbull Price: How Much Do These Dogs Cost?

All About The Pitbull Price: How Much Do These Dogs Cost?

Pitbulls have unjustifiably been followed by a terrible reputation. Despite this, they are still among the most popular family dogs out there.

Many people aspire to become a Pitbull owner. The first thing most of them wonder what the average Pitbull price is. The answer to this can be a bit complicated.

First off, ‘Pitbull’ is just an umbrella term for four dog breeds:

• The American Pit Bull Terrier

• The Bull Terrier

• The American Staffordshire Terrier

• Staffordshire Bull Terrier

While some people consider Bulldogs to be a part of the Pitbull breed, they are a separate breed altogether.

This is why determining the price of a Pitbull puppy can be quite tricky, as it’s sometimes hard to know what dog people are referencing.

This confusion was made in the early ’30s when the American Kennel Club (AKC) decided to give the breed its new name, the American Staffordshire Terrier, to separate these dogs from their pit-fighting past.

However, most people consider the American Pit Bull Terrier to be the only true Pitbull, so in this article, we’ll cover information about this specific dog breed.

To understand the average total Pitbull price, you cannot simply look at the price of a Pitbull puppy. You should also check out the annual costs of owning these pups, as well as possible medical costs that could await you.

Here’s what you need to know about the price of Pitbulls!

Pitbull Price Range

Depending on many factors, the Pitbull price can vary greatly. However, this is the average cost of owning a Pitbull:

Price RangeAverage Price
Pitbull puppy$800–$2,500$1,650
Food bowls$5–$20$15
Dog collars$5–$40$20
ID tag$5–$20$10
Dog bed$20–$85$35
Dog crate$30–$120$55
Poop bags$15–$110$55
House training pads$15–$45$25
First aid kit$15–$50$30

As you can see, these prices can vary greatly. It all depends on where you’re buying your puppy and dog supplies.

What Is The Average Price For a Pitbull Puppy?

Little puppy of Pitbull red nose

As you can see above, the average price of a Pitbull puppy is approximately $1,650. However, calculating the price isn’t as simple as it might appear at first glance.

If you want to buy a purebred Pitbull and are looking at Pitbull puppies for sale, you should know that these pups come with a limited registration or full registration.

You’re not allowed to breed Pitbulls with limited registration. They serve only as family pets or guard dogs, and many breeders neuter or spay them before the sale. Because of this, the price for these puppies isn’t high, and you can find them at the cost of between $800 and $1,300.

On the other hand, full registration puppies can vary in price, depending on their origin and pedigree. On average, their price goes up to $2,500.

However, if you get them from a reputable breeder, they can be much more expensive. Some Pitbull puppies cost up to $6,000!

Pitbulls with full registration are usually 100% purebred, and you can take them to various dog shows or competitions.

If you’re looking for the lowest Pitbull price possible, you may notice that some people sell Pitbull puppies for as low as $300! These people are usually backyard breeders who aren’t experienced in breeding dogs and have most likely ended up with a litter of unwanted puppies.

These people, while they might mean well, usually don’t know much about breeding Pitbulls and raising their puppies. This is why they are considered a risky option, as you can never know whether these dogs carry bad genes or have behavioral issues.

Pet shops and puppy mills are also low-cost options, but they might be even worse than backyard breeders! These people likely don’t care much about the condition of their dogs, and they only want to make some quick cash by breeding dogs and selling them.

These places don’t conduct genetic testing on their dogs, and they usually don’t bother training or socializing their puppies. In fact, most of them don’t care about their puppies’ living conditions at all!
Many puppies born in puppy mills are then further sold via pet shops and have plenty of behavioral issues. When you have a strong breed like the Pitbull, you don’t want to risk it.

Factors That Affect The Pitbull Price

Not all Pitbulls cost the same. Several factors affect the price of your dog, and most of them are out of your control.

Here’s what they are:

Breeder’s Reputation

color brown pitbull breed dog

There are many reasons why you’d want to purchase your Pitbull puppy from a reputable breeder. We’ll go over some of them in a bit.

However, a reputable breeder will also charge you more money for your puppy. Some are so expensive that you may be shocked to see how high the cost of their dogs can get!

There is a good reason behind such a high price.

Reputable breeders pay for health screenings of their dogs. They conduct plenty of tests to ensure their breeding dogs, as well as their litters, are healthy and free of genetic issues.

Inbreeding can be a problem with purebred Pitbulls. With reputable breeders, this is something you don’t need to worry about.

Many responsible breeders also vaccinate their puppies. They’ll do some basic training and socialize them, so you’ll have less trouble later on. However, all of this costs money, which is one of the main reasons why reputable breeders can be quite expensive.

Breed’s Popularity

A popular breed will have a higher price. This is up to current trends, but it also depends on where you live.

For example, smaller dogs will always be more popular in cities where living space is confined and small. On the other hand, farm dogs or watchdogs are more sought after in rural areas.


pitbull dog standing on the green grass

A dog’s bloodline greatly affects the Pitbull price. Pitbulls have several famous bloodlines, and all of them cost more than ‘regular’ Pitbulls.

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer one bloodline over another. No matter what your choice is, you should know that dogs with specific traits or the offspring from a specific canine can end up costing you thousands of dollars more.


Many Pitbull breeders will go a step further and register their dogs and showcase the proof of their pedigree. Once again, this paperwork costs money, so these dogs can cost you more.

A pedigree can be important if you plan on participating in dog shows and competitions, as well as registration. This is why many owners prefer having them.

Whether You Buy From A Breeder Or A Pet Store

red nose American pitbull terrier in a green meadow

You can find plenty of affordable dogs at pet stores. In fact, some inexperienced dog owners think this is the best possible place to get a new puppy. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. Puppy mills are places where dogs are reproduced in often horrendous conditions. These people usually don’t care too much about their dogs other than breeding them. They certainly won’t take time to vaccinate their pups or conduct genetic tests.

While this might not sound important to you, it makes an essential difference.

Sure, you might find a dog that will cost you no more than 500 USD in a puppy mill. However, if this dog is sick, you’ll spend thousands more on vet bills. As time goes by, you’ll end up spending more than if you were to buy from a reputable breeder!

This is why pet shops aren’t a good option when it comes to purchasing your new best friend. Don’t save money on pets.

Unique Coat Color

Not all dogs from the same breed are alike, especially in terms of coat colors and patterns.

The Pitbull comes in a huge variety of coat colors, such as brindle, merle, sable, tricolor, black and white, and so on. Some of these colors are very rare and can be difficult to find. This will lead to a higher price.

Many rare colors aren’t recognized by the AKC or the United Kennel Club (UKC), but this doesn’t change the price a lot, especially since most of the time, you can still register your dog.

Pitbull Dog Price

As we’ve mentioned, coat color and bloodline can affect the price of your Pitbull. This is why you might be surprised to find that the price of the puppy you want differs from the average price.

Here are some of the rarer and more expensive types of Pitbull:

Blue Nose Pitbull Price

blue nose pitbull dog lying

The Blue Nose Pitbull is a purebred American Pitbull Terrier that might not look any different from a regular Pitbull. However, as its name suggests, it comes with a blue nose.

Other than the nose color, there is really no difference between this type of Pitbull and any other regular dog of this breed. However, it is somewhat rare, although it is slowly rising in popularity.

Because they aren’t a common sight, Blue Nose Pitbulls can cost around $3,000. Check our list of reputable Blue Nose Pitbull breeders.

Red Nose Pitbull Price

The Red Nose Pitbull looks the same as any other Pitbull, except that his nose isn’t black but rather red. Because of the red pigment, their coats are usually red or golden in color, as this is their predominant color.

These Pitties are more common than Blue Nose Pitbulls, so their price is usually similar to that of a regular Pitbull. They’ll usually cost around $2,000.

Merle Pitbull Price

merle pitbull

Photo from: @mg_bullies

Merle is quite an unusual color in dogs, not just Pitbulls, but all dogs alike. It is caused by a dilution gene that affects not just coat pigmentation but the pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and ears of the puppy.

When a Pitbull pup has only one merle gene, it will have a distinctive merle pattern as well as heterochromia (two-colored eyes) or blue eyes. This pattern is highly sought after, and many Pitbull lovers adore dogs in this color.

Because they are very rare, merle Pitbulls cost a fine amount of cash. Their price is usually twice as much or triple the regular Pitbull price, and some of the more expensive pups can be put on sale for up to $30,000!

Double merles, however, look like white Pitbulls but with blue eyes and pink noses. Although attractive, this gene is connected with plenty of health issues, so you can expect to pay a lot in vet visits.

Because of its connection with plenty of health problems, intentional breeding of merle Pitbulls is frowned upon. This is another reason why these pups are so rare.

Pitbull Blue Price

Overall, any Pitbull with a blue nose is considered to be a ‘blue Pitbull.’ This is because the blue coat color is caused by a dilution gene that gives a black pigment that gorgeous bluish or grayish tint.

However, a true blue Pitbull has not just a blue nose but a blue coat color as well. Still, this doesn’t change their price for too much compared to a regular Blue Nose Pitbull, so they usually go for around $3,000.

Black Pitbull Price

While black is a common coat color in Pitbulls, full black Pitties are rare, and most have at least one speck of white fur on them. Still, most people consider these dogs to be black since Pitbulls in one color are almost impossible to find.

Black Pitbulls can vary in price, and depending on the bloodlines, they will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000.

Tri Color Pitbull Price

tri color pitbull

Photo from: @precisionpointbullies

Tri color Pitbulls are fairly rare, but not as rare as merle or pure black dogs. They usually cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

While they can come in various coat shades, unless some of these colors are extremely rare, their price won’t be affected.

Brindle Pitbull Price

Despite being a recessive gene, brindle isn’t a rare color in Pitbulls. In fact, it’s quite common, and it can be found in bicolor or tri color coat patterns as well.

These dogs won’t cost any more than a regular Pitbull would, and their price is affected only by their bloodline and the breeder’s reputation, not the color itself.

Keep in mind that brindle can come in various colors. Though the most common base color is brown or black, Pitbulls can come in blue brindle, cream brindle, red brindle, and so on.

Blue Fawn Pitbull Price

blue fawn pitbull

Photo from: @_issac.g_

Blue fawn Pitbulls are fairly rare, and they can cost you a lot of money. These pups usually cost up to $5,000.

This coat color is uncommon, and it’s difficult to breed, which is the reason behind such a high price.

Black Panther Pitbull Price

The Black Panther Pitbull is a pure black Pitbull (a bit of white on the coat is allowed) that usually has lighter eyes than most Pitbulls. This is a unique gene combination, and these pups are very rare. Because of this, most of these dogs are on the high end of the price range.

You’ll rarely find a Black Panther Pitbull puppy at a price lower than $5,000, and some dogs can cost as much as $20,000!

Pitbull Bully Price

American Bully Pitbulls are a unique breed of dogs, and they are not the same as the American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs look very similar to regular Pitbulls, but they are larger in size and have a much more muscular build.

Unfortunately, just like regular Pitties, they have a bad reputation as gangs used them for dogfighting. The truth is they make great companions, and it’s up to the owner how these majestic dogs will behave.

These dogs are somewhat more expensive than a regular Pitbull. Most puppies cost between $2,000 and $5,000, although the prices could be lower or, more likely, higher, depending on the bloodline and the breeder’s reputation.

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Gotti Pitbull Price

gotti pitbull

Photo from: @hulk_eg

Gotti is a specific bloodline of American Bullies, and it is one of the most requested types of Pitbulls out there. They are strong, muscular dogs that, despite their vicious looks, actually sport a really sweet, people-loving personality.

These dogs don’t cost much more than a regular American Bully, although some purebreds will be more expensive. Most of these dogs will cost you around $2,000–$4,000.

Razor Edge Pitbull Price

Razor Edge is a special bloodline of regular Pitbulls that usually cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

These dogs owe their name to the original Razor Edge Pitbull Kennels, where this bloodline started. There have been more than seven generations of this bloodline so far!

XXL Pitbull Price

xxl pitbull

Photo from: @hades_ragnar

XXL Pitbulls are, as their name suggests, very large dogs usually used not just as watchdogs but also as dogs for various competitions and dog sports.

The price of these dogs varies depending on the bloodline and the breeder’s reputation. However, they are usually sold at a starting price of $4,000 and up.

Pitbull Hulk Price

This is among the newest Pitbull bloodlines, and it all starts with Hulk, the largest Pitbull out there. This huge dog weighs 168 lbs!

Most of Hulk’s puppies are sold at an astonishing price of $30,000. However, that’s not the highest price. When trained as elite guard dogs, Hulk’s puppies are sold for a price of $55,000!

Hulk was the father of the most expensive litter ever sold. 8 puppies were valued at a price of close to $500,000! These are not dogs that just anyone can afford!

Micro Pitbull Price

micro pitbull

Photo from: @exoticbullyofficial

Micro Pitbulls, also known as Miniature Pitbulls, Pocket Pitbulls, or Teacup Pitbulls, are tiny pups that have moved away from the watchdog purpose Pitbulls have.

These dogs aren’t purebred Pitties, but rather a crossbreed, usually with a Patterdale Terrier. They are rarely larger than 20 inches and weigh between 11 and 22 lbs. Despite their name, they are far from teacup-size and are, in fact, small to medium-sized dogs.

While they aren’t very common, they aren’t as expensive as some rare types of Pitbulls. They usually fall under the price range of $1,500 to $2,500.

How Much Does A Pitbull Cost Per Month?

pitbull dog sitting by the lake

Photo from:@akrora

The average Pitbull price doesn’t just end once you buy your dog. You have to think about raising your Pitbull puppy and paying for its living costs. This means there are some expenses that you can count on constantly.

During the first year, you’ll have lots of one-time expenses. This includes initial vet visits and procedures, buying all the necessary equipment, and so on. Later, you can expect these costs to be around $110 a month, with some more or less costly months.

While dog supplies aren’t as expensive as one might think, they still cost a fine sum, especially if you’re looking at name-brand items. You can save quite a lot if you check out second-hand and online stores.

Also, not all dogs will love the same types of toys, food, beds, and so on. Some Pitbulls will require a lot of dog toys and will only eat a certain brand’s food, while others won’t be as picky.

Other than supplies, here are some other costs you might want to include:

Training Costs

Professional obedience training and socialization are recommended for the American Pitbull Terriers, as this is a stubborn and strong breed that can be aggressive toward other dogs and pets.

You need to make sure your dog knows its place and that he sees you as a pack leader. This can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you’re not an experienced dog owner. Contacting a professional dog trainer for help is highly recommended.

For Pitbulls, you’d want to give him three to five private lessons, which can cost you between $550 and $800 altogether, as well as up to five group lessons, which will end up costing you about $150–$200.

Of course, you don’t have to take your Pitbull to a professional trainer. This will help you save a fine amount of money – $700 to $1000 in total, to be precise. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up with a dog that is difficult to control.

Dog Insurance Costs

Pitbull dog playing in the park at sunset

You may want to include dog insurance into your Pitbull price. This is another non-mandatory expense but one that can help you in the long run if something happens.

Medical expenses, which we’ll cover a bit later, can end up being quite costly. To keep yourself from getting into trouble paying for vet bills, you might want to get your Pitbull dog insurance.

The average price of plans that cover accidents and illnesses is $565 per year. This is a full plan that will cover all potential expenses that can end up being much higher than you’d expect.

You can also get an accident-only plan, which costs around $190 per year. While this won’t cover any costs associated with illness, it will help you if your dog gets into trouble resulting in injuries.

Just make sure to compare several types of insurance before spending money on something that you might not be able to use later on.

Food Costs

Since Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs, you should count on moderate food-related costs. A Pitbull pup will eat around 140 lbs of dry dog food yearly, and this food is usually somewhat more expensive than regular adult food.

When your Pitbull grows older, he’ll eat way more. Depending on his size, he might need 200 lbs or more dry food per year.

The price of food will depend on the brand, but you should always aim to buy only high-quality products, as this will help your pup live a long and healthy life.

Grooming Costs

bathing beautiful pitbull dog

Grooming a Pitbull is effortless. This is a short-haired breed that sheds very little, so you’ll likely be able to deal with this by yourself. Your Pittie will only need weekly brushing, except during the shedding season when you might want to brush him every day or two.

However, if you still want to pay for a professional to deal with your Pitbull’s coat, you can expect to have up to 6 visits a year, no more – although two visits should be enough.

As these sessions aren’t overly expensive and complicated, you can expect them to cost between $40 and $55 per visit. If you take your pup to a groomer six times a year, you can expect to pay up to $330 yearly.

License And Microchipping Costs

Getting a license is highly recommended for your Pitbull dog. In fact, it might be mandatory in many states, as owning a Pitbull is restricted in many areas. Owning an unlicensed dog is illegal in many places, so make sure you know the local laws.

Microchipping, on the other hand, is crucial for the identification of your dog. It is also mandatory in many areas.

Getting a license for your dog costs you $10–$20 while microchipping can run you between $25 and $50.

Dog Walking

Man walking with his dog at park

Pitbulls are dogs with high energy levels. You need to take them on several daily walks and give them a lot of playtime. If they don’t get enough mental and physical stimulation, they can become destructive.

Because of this, if you cannot dedicate enough time to your pup, it’s recommended you hire a professional dog walker who can take your pup out for a walk. This is a fairly affordable option, as an hour-long walk usually costs around $20.

Unfortunately, most Pitbulls will have to be taken on walks alone, as group walks aren’t often practical for dangerous dog breeds.

Also, keep in mind that these expenses can pile up if you need a walker every day.

Medical Costs

dog being examined at the clinic

Medical costs for your Pitbull can vary greatly depending on the situation, the dog’s age, overall health, and the area you live in.

During the first year of owning your dog, expect prices to be higher, as you’ll have plenty of one-off expenses. This includes vaccinations, regular checkups, and spaying or neutering costs.

First-Year Medical Costs

It is suggested that you take your pup to at least three vet visits during his first year of life. The first visit should be scheduled when your pup is around 8 weeks of age – if the breeder didn’t take him to be vaccinated before selling him.

Each of these trips can cost anywhere between $65 and $170, depending on what the vet does. This will cover all the necessary vaccines, a fecal examination, and the first three doses of flea and heartworm prevention.

If you opt to spay or neuter your pet, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for this procedure. Spaying is generally more expensive, and the recovery is a bit longer.

Yearly Medical Costs

Once your Pitbull is an adult, you should have one vet checkup per year. During these visits, your vet should give your pup flea and heartworm prevention, some necessary vaccines, and a general examination.

All of this will likely cost you somewhere in the range of $125–$265, depending on what you’re doing.

As your dog grows older, expect these prices to rise, as it might become necessary to do some bloodwork and feces tests, as well as to conduct more thorough examinations.

Potential Health Issues

Dog lying on wooden floor indoors

Pitbulls are prone to some health conditions, and all of these will lead to more vet visits and larger bills.

Some Pitbulls are prone to allergies. These can be seasonal, which will happen only once or twice a year, and they will be quite affordable to cure.

However, if your pup has allergies throughout the year, you might want to proceed with allergy testing or even giving him injections. Depending on what you opt for, this can end up costing you anywhere between $100 and $2,000.

Hip dysplasia and patellar luxation are both common joint issues that can be treated with pain medication at first but might require surgery later on, and this can cost up to several thousand dollars.

Mitral valve disease is a heart condition that is incurable. You will have to pay for years-long medical costs and for echocardiograms and x-rays that can help to diagnose the disease.

Cranial cruciate ligament rupture is a disease that usually happens to older dogs, but it can happen to younger Pitbulls as well. It’s usually treated with surgery that can cost $2,000–$3,500, but the diagnostics can cost you a few thousands more too.

Cancer is another common health issue in Pitbulls, and the treatment and costs depend on the type of cancer and the therapy the owner wants to pursue.

Are Pitbulls Expensive?

brown pit bull terrier with not cropped ears

Once you learn the true Pitbull price, you may wonder whether this is too much for you. The truth is, Pitbulls are low to moderately priced dogs, and they won’t cost you much more than any other dog breed you might be considering.

The best way to ensure you won’t spend too much on your puppy is to buy him from a reputable breeder, then take good care of his health by buying him high-quality food.

Responsible breeders only sell puppies they’ve conducted genetic testing on. This means their dogs are healthy and free of most health conditions that Pitbulls can have. Not only will this improve the condition of your pup’s life, but it will also save you thousands in the long run.

Don’t go for the most affordable option just because you think it will help you save money – it won’t. Sure, you might be fine with your $300 Pitbull, but chances of your pup developing some dangerous health condition are highly increased.

So, is the Pitbull price too high? This is entirely up to you and your budget.

If you aren’t prepared to take on some costs associated with the breed, you might want to reconsider becoming a Pitbull owner.

However, if you have the proper budget and the time needed to dedicate to this energetic breed, you should know that Pitbulls make amazing companion dogs. Don’t let rumors fool you – these are loyal and cuddly dogs that will love you with all of their hearts!

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All About The Average Pitbull Price How Much Do These Dogs Truly Cost

All About The Average Pitbull Price: How Much Do These Dogs Truly Cost?