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Teacup Pitbull: What Are They & Why Are They Special

Teacup Pitbull: What Are They & Why Are They Special

Teacup size and a Pitbull – how are these two things even comparable? When we think of a dog breed that is strong, powerful and muscular, we usually think of the Pit Bull or the American Pitbull Terrier.

And when you think of such a powerful dog breed, which could not even be possibly compared to a Teacup, I am sure that at first, it is hard to wrap your thoughts around such a concept. But as you get to know more about this dog breed, everything will somehow make perfect sense.

They are a one of a kind experience for every dog lover, because of many things. One of them is certainly the looks that this dog breed possesses and also the rarely great dog personality that it has.

They are special because of many of their characteristics that stick out from the rest of the dog breeds. Mostly, specific dog breeds are known for being good at a certain thing (such as being Service dogs, or good guard dogs), or for having a certain kind of personality; however, the Teacup Pitbull strangely has pretty much all of the good qualities that one could wish for.

It just doesn’t make sense how so many good personality traits and desirable traits that one dog should possess, have been implemented in something so small and goofy and lovable. The dog breeders really did their best when they were making this designer dog.

What Is A Teacup Pitbull?

teacup pitbull

Photo from: @hicitypities

A teacup Pitbull is the xxs version of the Pitbull. The word ‘Teacup’ refers to the size of this dog. The teacup is considered as one of the smaller pieces of the kitchen equipment, but the majority of us enjoy their beauty and various different shapes and colours of teacups.

Just as so, this mini Pitbull is stealing hearts worldwide. This dog breed is the most charming of the whole Pitbull breed, because of its smaller size, yet a heart and a personality that would fill up every room it enters.

The Teacup Pitbull is a miniature version of the Pitbull, that was made by crossbreeding the Pit Bull terrier and the Patterdale terrier.

The Teacups are also called the Pocket Pitbulls. As we know that you will want to take them everywhere with you, we are sad to inform you that they won’t really fit in your pocket. They indeed are small, but not that small.

Here is more information about the Types of Pitbulls in case you are interested in finding out more about this dog breed.

Origin: How Did The Teacup Pitbull Develop?

Every dog breed has a specific historical background to them. Some were bred for specific purposes, such as hunting, guarding or herding, while others were bred for their personality, looks or other good characteristics.

The dog breed develops through time, when the breeders take the pups who show the desired characteristics that the specific breeder wants to promote in his litter.

The Teacup Pitbull is, believe it or not, a crossbreed. This designer dog has one famous parent breed – the American Pitbull terrier and one a bit less famous parent breed – the Patterdale terrier.

The American Pitbull terrier descended from the old bulldog and terrier breeds that together created the perfect mix of a powerful and family oriented dog breed.

The physical development of the Teacup Pitbull went a long way. When you take a closer look, they kind of look like mini versions of the American Bully. But they have wider shoulders, and even more muscle tonus.

They didn’t yet stop developing, since the dog breeders are always finding a sphere where they can perfect the dog breed’s standard regarding their looks or personality even further.

Is A Teacup Pitbull A Mix?

Since we have established that our Teacup Pitbull is a crossbreed between the American pitbull terrier and Patterdale terrier, it can be considered as a mix to a certain point.

There are some breeders that breed the teacup pitbull with another Patterdale terrier or another American pitbull terrier, in order to achieve certain characteristics of the future pup litter. In this case, those pups are considered a mix.

If it’s the above-mentioned case, then we can say that the teacup pitbull is a mix. Nevertheless, if the dog is just a regular crossbreed of the American pitbull terrier and a Patterdale terrier, it is considered as nothing more than a crossbreed.

Appearance: How Does A Teacup Pitbull Look Like?

teacup pitbull puppy

Photo from: @hicitypities

The majority of the characteristics of the American Pitbull Terrier may be seen in Pocket Pitbulls’ appearance.

They are smaller than their parent breeds despite being a crossbreed and perhaps inheriting physical traits from either parent, yet they have the same solid frame and stubby attributes that make them powerful and tough.

They have pretty short legs, and an extremely muscular, wide, and strong body. Their shoulders are very wide and look like a bodybuilder’s.

The muscles on their backs, shoulders and legs almost look like they are carved out. They are very vivid and probably the first thing you notice when you take a look at this dog breed.

They have a heart-shaped head which is the widest at the mouth area. They usually have cropped ears, but some dog breeders and dog owners, especially in recent years, find that appropriate because it doesn’t add any additional value to this dog breed.

Their eyes are rounded, medium sized and wide apart. The usual eye color is hazel or brown. Sometimes, they have blue eyes. Ears are naturally smaller, wide apart and half-up.

Also, the tail of the teacup Pitbulls usually is on the medium to longer side, standing low on the body and flat, but most of the dog breeders or dog owners crop their pup’s tails for aesthetic reasons.

Dog lovers worldwide are against this activity, because it does not have a medical purpose. However, most of the breeders and the dog owners crop their pitbulls ears and tails because it has become almost the standard for these pitbull puppies.

How Big Do Teacup Pitbulls Get?

It’s the usual norm in modern times that every popular dog breed has its versions in size, and so does the American pitbull terrier.

Some of the Pitbull sizes are accomplished by breeding the smaller offspring together or the bigger offspring, and some of them are accomplished by breeding other smaller dog breeds to achieve a certain size.

However, the teacups go for the maximum of 15 inches in height. They usually vary between 12 and 15 inches, making them characterized as a small dog breed.

Their weight can vary, but they are usually from 12 to 25 pounds heavy.

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Having in mind their height, their weight complements their muscular built. Usually, dogs of this size are a bit slimmer, but this dog just needs the body mass so it could develop its strong muscles.

What Is The Difference Between A Teacup And A Pocket?

You have probably been wondering about the meaning behind both of these terms together with the name of this dog breed.

Both of them suggest that a dog breed is of a smaller size, however, do these two terms differ in any way, that it affects the look or size of the Teacup Pitbull?

There is no difference between a teacup and a pocket pitbull. Those are both the nicknames describing the same dog breed, or at least the same variation of size appearing in this dog breed.

So, when someone is trying to convince you otherwise – that these two are separate breeds, that they have different characteristics-guess what, they are wrong. They can convince somebody else, but not you.

Maybe in the future, dog breeders will make two separate breeds out of the Teacup/Pocket Pitbull, but for now, that stands in the distant future.

What Is The Smallest Pitbull?

As we have already discussed the sizes of the American Pitbull Terrier, we have learned that they come in three sizes, beside the American Bully.

The Pitbull carrying the title of the smallest version is the Teacup Pitbull, or the Mini/Micro Pitbull terrier.

Our star of the show today is carrying the crown of being the smallest one of this dog breed. Maybe he is the smallest, but it definitely has as big a heart as any other American Pitbull Terrier has.

Size Variations Of The Pitbull Dog Breed

This dog breed has some variations regarding the size of the dog itself, ranging from and xs to an xxl.

When talking about the sizes of the American pitbull terrier, we have the Standard size, the XL American pitbull terrier, the XL American pitbull terrier and the toy/mini/teacup pitbull terrier.

The Smaller version, yet approved one of the American Pitbull terrier, is the American Staffordshire terrier.

In Which Colours Does The Teacup Pitbull Appear

The American Pitbull terriers are popular for their variations in colours. From the fantastic blue all the way to the merle.

Black, fawn, chocolate, red, brindle and tan are some of the usual solid colours that teacup Pitbulls can be. There are also tiny blue Pitbulls out there. Such Teacup Pitbull infant blue pups are actually pretty well-liked in some quarters.

However, rather than being sky blue, the little blue Pitbull is typically a particular shade of grey. There are also many more colors of Pitbulls, but are not as famous with the Toy version.

This dog breed also appears in Merle, which is a characteristic colour, not only because of the looks, but for the health problems that may occur with the pocket pit if it has this colour.

Merle Teacup Pitbull

The merle is a magnificent coloured coat within the dog kingdom. It is considered as the most beautiful one and probably the rarest among the colours that we have mentioned earlier.

However, the merle coloured dogs carry some baggage that revolves around their health issues. It is known that these dogs carry a specific gene that is more than just a colour-altering gene.

It has to do with the dog’s health issues. Some merles have problems with vision and deafness, and even mental degeneration. That is why it is important to, if you are buying this dog breed in the merle coat, meet a reputable breeder.

Behavior: Are Teacup Pitbulls Good Dogs?

This little Pitbull mix is everything that any dog owner wishes to have. Although it’s a misunderstanding, little Pitbulls are said to have the purebred parent which is hostile and unfriendly. Because, if managed properly and not mistreated, they can make loving, protective dogs. We must not consider Pocket Pitbulls to be threatening pets.

They are lively and friendly, making them the ideal playmates for kids if you make the effort to educate and socialize them.

They have a very significant protective instinct and feeling of devotion, making them great small guard dogs. They only desire to care for their home and family. That is why their high energy, combined with the watchdog characteristics, make them extremely good dogs.

They are incredibly bright canines that are simple to become trained and they are generally obedient dogs.

Keep in mind that they are exceptionally attuned to their owners and may sense both good and bad feelings. They do, however, possess the greatest traits of both parent breeds, so with proper training and loving handling, they may make wonderful family members.

They are great companions for many people since they are lively, obedient, and high energy dogs. It is a playful, mostly obedient breed of dog that enjoys socializing with people.

Are Pocket Pitbulls A Good Pick For A Family Dog?

When picking the right dog for your family, you have to deeply analyse your family’s wants and needs, as well as your family’s habits.

One of the ancestors of this dog breed is recommended by the AKC as one of the best family dogs out there, the Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier.

When talking about wants and needs of one family, you must decide in advance if you want a couch potato dog, moderately active one or a high energy one. For example, if you are a couple with a small baby, you surely won’t have that much time for a high energy dog that is high maintenance.

However, if you are a family person, or a single person, who enjoys a moderately active lifestyle, and has a big heart, the Pocket Pit is the right fit.

It is almost needless to say how great these dogs are.They have the biggest heart which can fit all your family members equally. These small size dogs have the biggest and brightest personalities which will blow you off your feet.

They will be the perfect fit for any kind of family, either a huge one, or just a one-person family, because they can really adjust to any kind of situation, and will be grateful to be your companion no matter the situation.

The Best Nanny Dog Out There

They are considered to be one of the best dog breeds for families. The pocket Bully pitbull is known for being the most gentle dog with children, especially smaller ones. They have this grandma vibe to them, which could make any kid feel as the safest kid ever.

Maybe you weren’t aware of the fact that the toy Bully pitbull were famous for their nanny skills for a very long time.

Especially the Staffordshire bull terrier, has a soft and gentle side to them when around kids, and so does the American Pitbull terrier. People in the Industrial revolution used to leave their children home together with the Pitbull, so that they will know that the children are safe.

They were trusted enough to be nanny dogs for newborns and small children, knowing that they will protect them, make them feel safe, and also be a great playmate. This motherly feeling the Pits have towards their humans is not defined by gender, because both male and female dogs have this characteristic.

And that is how Pitbulls were trusted then, and how they should be trusted now. They are gentle souls who will protect their family with their life, and won’t doubt it for a second. Therefore, they make the perfect family dogs.

The Teacup Pitbull is just a smaller version of this bully dog that we were talking about, but you already know that size doesn’t matter, but the heart the little dog possesses.

Socialization: Why Is It Important For Pocket Pitbull Puppies?

All of the dogs are essentially animals and they have their instincts which are characteristic for the animal group that they are a part of.

When it comes to dogs, it is almost always characteristic for them that they are natural hunters who will hunt down any other animal that is smaller than them. However, they will not hunt other dogs or humans that are smaller than them.

That is why socialization is important, especially when they are young. It is important to get them used to being around smaller animals such as cats, hamsters, squirrels, etc., and to provide positive reinforcement techniques of training.

Positive reinforcement training is known to have the best effect when you are training your dog. It is based on the principle that you award your pittie with a treat or their favourite toy whenever they do something good.

The Micro bully will get used to doing good things because they were always rewarded for doing so, and it will become a part of their everyday behaviour.

For example, if you are walking your mini pit, and he sees a cat walking around the house and starts acting alert, snap them out of that behaviour. And when they start completely ignoring the cat, give them a treat.

Repeating those types of actions together with positive reinforcement will make your pittie the most well-mannered dog downtown!

Training Pocket Pitbull puppies will make your life easier, because in a few months from then, you will have an adult Pocket pit, who will know his do’s and don’ts.

Is The Pocket Bully A Healthy Dog Breed?

teacup pitbull dog

Photo from: @hicitypities

The responsibility of owning a dog is significant, but if you invest the time necessary to train and bond with your canine companion, you will have one of the most fulfilling partnerships of your life.

You will be required to maintain the health of your dog. Your dog will remain in top condition with the aid of a balanced diet, frequent exercise, grooming, and doctor visits.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you become familiar with your dog’s routines, such as having eaten, drinking, resting, and so on, since sometimes a change in those routines might be a sign that he’s not feeling well.

The Mini Pit is considered as a generally healthy dog breed. They do suffer from some mostly inherited problems, but there is nothing major to worry about.

Every dog breed has some problems that are of a genetic nature, and if we take good care of them, and implement regular vet visits, everything will be just fine.

Health Problems Of A Miniature Pitbull

Every dog breed has its weak spots. Some of them cannot be even assumed, other health problems can be tracked down and recognised due to the genetics of the dog.

They are, nevertheless, considered as healthy, but there are certain health issues connected to the parent breeds of this dog breed that sometimes can affect the Teacup Bully Pitbull.

Maintaining Their Healthy Weight = Low Chance Of Heart Disease

Pocket Pits like eating. Anything they can do to get a treat – they will do it. They will beg, they will look at you with their cute dog eyes while you are having a meal, they will cry, they will act as if that bite is everything they need at the moment. But don’t resist your urge to give them another bite that is not needed!

It’s crucial to keep your dog at a healthy weight since their joints will be less stressed if they carry less weight. They are a breed prone to weight gain, and I completely understand them. I mean, how should one always be disciplined enough not to eat everything that looks good?!

It’s crucial to maintain your dog’s weight in a healthy range since being overweight or obese greatly increases the likelihood of their having heart disease.

The weight of a healthy dog is the product of a food and activity regimen that are balanced. They could be experiencing a health issue if he consumes enough healthy food and exercises regularly but yet seems overweight or underweight.

Avoid providing your dog with too many in-between-meal treats since overweight dogs can have major health issues.

Skin Allergies

Seasonal or caused by different microbiomes visiting your dog’s skin and considering it their home allergies can be a bit boring. The constant scratching, nibbling or sneezing could be a good indication of that health condition.

This is probably one of the most common health problems when it comes to small dogs who have short coats. This is a typical health condition considering them being near to the ground, and not having long hair or thick coats which would prevent different organisms reaching the skin.

Luckily, skin allergies are easily preventable and easily treatable, just pay attention to your dog and its usual behaviour. They can also manifest as a spot without any fur, which, if you notice, immediately responds.


Dogs frequently suffer from an illness known as hypothyroidism, which can cause unexpected weight gain, problems with the skin and fur, as well as altered temperament and low energy levels.

Since this is an autoimmune condition, there is no cure. Your dogs will be in need for better quality food, supplements, more exercise, and more affection in order to be welcomed and understood. This requires a complete lifestyle shift.

Dogs with canine hypothyroidism that get treatment have a very good prognosis and a typical life expectancy. Even though it cannot be cured, the disease is controllable. Clinical anomalies such dry skin, hair loss, and fatigue might take weeks or months to go away.

Hip Dysplasia

This is known as being one of the most common health issues of any dog breed, of any size out there.

Dogs who have hip dysplasia do so when they are still growing. It causes the hip joint to loosen, which leads to dysfunction and discomfort.

The hip’s bone and cartilage start to deteriorate as the dog grows. This eventually results in arthritis, muscular atrophy, and decreased mobility.

The femur, also known as the or thighbone, and the acetabulum, the socket in the pelvis, must develop equally during growth.

This even growth throughout puberty does not take place in hip dysplasia. This results in a rather painful experience for the dog.

That is why it is important to supplement your dog food and daily meals with quality nutrients, such as omega 3 fats and calcium. Your dog will thank you when it grows old without any of these health issues.

Eye problems

Numerous various eye conditions can affect miniature pitbulls, many of which can be unpleasant and some of which, if left untreated, can result in blindness.

A yearly eye exam will therefore be required in addition to a heart checkup. Because of the type of dog you own, your veterinarian is aware of all the potential health problems that need to be looked for.

There are some fruits and vegetables that are high in specific antioxidants that can benefit your dog’s eyesight without acting as a prophylactic strategy. Eggs, sardines, carrots, and blueberries are a few of these.

Their eye problems refer to degenerative diseases which lead to blindness. However, we can prevent and now even treat those symptoms thanks to modern veterinarian medicine.

A good dog food and well balanced nutrients are actually one of the best sources for your dog to remain healthy all their lives. Therefore, it is important to invest in good kibble, and good supplements.

As much as we, as humans, need regular supplementation of various vitamins and minerals, so do our teacup Pits!

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Teacup Pitbull?

Every smaller dog has a longer life expectancy than a bigger dog. Sadly, but truly, that is the universal rule when it comes to dog breeds. For example, a Chihuahua will definitely live longer than a Great Dane, because of different factors that are connected with health problems.

The usual lifespan of the Teacup Pitbull varies from 11-13 years. They will be with you for a long time, but this life expectancy usually elongates due to the small dog breed health privileges.

If you don’t take proper care of your canine companion, they can live much shorter than the average lifespan. However, if you take very good care of them, they can live over 15 years of age. It all depends on the owner, the quality of life that you give to your dog, and also a bit on the genetics of your pet.

How Much Do Pocket Pitbulls Cost?

pocket bully

Photo from: @hicitypities

Every designer dog breed is a bit on the pricier side. They have been purposely bred to be just like the way they are, and you will have to cash out however much your breeder asks for it.

However, there is an average price for the Teacup Pitbull, which ranges from 1,400$ to 2,000$. If you find a reputable breeder, the price does not have to affect you that much, because you have already decided to buy this dog breed.

If you cannot make up your mind in terms of which dog breeder would be a good option for you, we have prepared the best pocket bully breeders for you.

Because this dog breed is prone to some health issues, you need to buy from a promising litter. Where both mom and dad of the dog are healthy, so are their grandparents. Therefore you can, to a certain degree, make sure that your pup will be healthy, together with the proper care.

Is The Teacup Pitbull Recognized By The American Kennel Club (AKC)?

The American Kennel Club is the most recognized and the most famous registry of the purebred dog breeds that are recognized as being such.

It recognizes around 200 dog breeds that are considered purebred and ‘verified’ as being accepted by the official registry.

However, designer dogs have a hard time being registered as a purebred. It takes a long time and it is a long process before one crossbreed gets recognized.

Therefore, our Teacup Pitbull is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club or the AKC.

We do hope that it will happen soon!

Final Word

Having in mind all of these countless attributes ascribed to the Teacup Pitbull, the only hard decision for you would be for which breeder you should opt for.

Designer dog breeds, such as Teacup Pitbulls, are created when an American Pitbull Terrier and a Patterdale Terrier are crossed.
Their personalities are to die for. They are the most gentle dog breed, and the best option for a family dog if you have kids. They aren’t called the nanny dogs without a reason!

They are loyal to you until the day they die, which is probably around 12 years after you buy them. They are small dogs, and their lifespan is considered to be longer than with some average sized or larger sized dogs.

Pocket Pitbulls are great guard dogs that are always alert and will guard you and your family with their life. They are also very emotionally intelligent, and will recognise all of your emotions, the good and the bad ones. And they will always help you to feel better with their goofy zoomies.

Give them good quality dog food and all the necessary supplements that would prevent some health issues.

Therefore, to summarize, we can say that the Patterdale contributed their little stature as well as some of their personality features, while the American Pitbull Terrier supplied their appearance and many of their personality traits as well. As a result, it is likely that Pocket Pitbulls are affectionate, brave, and intelligent.