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The Pakistani Bully Dog Price: How Much Does It Really Cost?

The Pakistani Bully Dog Price: How Much Does It Really Cost?

Is this the first time you hear about the Pakistani Bully Dog? This unusual canine comes all the way from India and Pakistan, and the breed is not quite so popular in the States.

The Pakistani Bully is also known as the Pakistani Mastiff. In India and Pakistan, the dog is also called the Bully Kutta, which is a combination of Bohli languages – Urdu and Hindi.

This is a large breed known for its reserved, aggressive and guardian nature. It is widely popular in the Punjab region in India, as well as in Delhi, but also in the states of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

There’s a huge debate about whether the dog breed belongs to India, or Pakistan, especially because the dog is also known as the Alangu Mastiff or the Sindhi Mastiff in Pakistan. That’s why you can mostly find the price of this dog in Indian Rupees or Pakistani Rupees.

Only a few U.S. breeders sell this dog in the States, and the closest breed you can find is the American bully, which shares several traits with this ‘‘Beast from the East.’’ Let’s find out more about the Pakistani Bully Dog price!

Pakistani Bully Dog Price

pakistani bully dog

Photo from: @release_thehoundds

Bully Kutta puppies do not qualify among the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Its price ranges between $800 and $1500. If you’re buying a puppy in India, the price will be significantly lower, down to $300.

In comparison to other bully breeds, like Bulldogs, Pitbulls, and Bull Terriers, this dog breed is cheap and quite affordable.

However, you need to take into account basic costs, aside from the initial price. This includes food supplies, vet exams, poop bags and a scooper, neutering or spaying, and some of the extra stuff you need to calculate in the first-year costs. Let’s see the charts!

Initial price
Dog price $1200
Vet exam $50
Poop bag+scooper $65
Food/water bowl $25
Dog bed $50
Microchip $45
Leash $10
Collar $20
Toys $40

Take into account that the numbers from the chart represent the average price of items presented. The overall price of the puppy together with other costs is around $1700. Taking into consideration how much first-time dog owners spend on average, this is quite reasonable and cheaper in respect to other large breeds.

For instance, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, or Rottweiler owners will probably spend twice as much as the owners of the Pakistani Bully dog. Or even more.

Now let’s predict the annual costs of the puppy.

Annual costs
Food $300
Supplements$250 (medication included)
Poop bags $450
Dog Bed $50
Treats $260
Grooming $60
Vet checkups$200
License $25
Total $1645

The annual cost of the puppy can go from $1500 up to $8000. It all depends on the breed of dog, coat type, whether your dog is a shedder, or not, health issues and the overall well-being of a puppy, additional supplements, litter size, and your overall lifestyle.

When it comes to the Pakistani Bully Dog price, we see that the average annual cost revolves around $1600-$1700, which is quite good. Considering the puppy’s needs and the coat type, it is a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t require that much work.

However, these Indian mastiffs, just like any other dog breed, can have unpredictable costs, such as emergencies, or chronic diseases. These costs are not usually counted in the overall expenses but can be added to your price chart and significantly change the overall cost.

The puppy can also have additional costs, such as passports, dog carriers, or pet insurance. It all depends on the state you live in and the lifestyle you prefer.

Additional Costs
Passport $100
Dog Carriers$120
Day care$30 (per day)
Pet Insurance $50
Training classes$200

Puppy Price Explained

Pakistani Bully Kutta’s price is impacted by two things mostly. The first is the quality of the breeder you choose.

For instance, reputable breeders will probably sell the puppy for more than other breeders, due to the fact that vet exams, microchips, leash and collar, and several other things are initially included in the price.

That’s why this Indian dog breed costs more than just $1200 in recognized kennels, but in the long run this probably pays off more.

You will get a reliable puppy that does not demand so much maintenance in the first year. The health is guaranteed, and the vet exams are less frequent.

The second thing that impacts the price of this guard dog is the state the puppy is purchased in. U.S. states have different sales tax rates and even though the puppy’s price is the same, the tax is not. It can add a couple of hundred to the overall price, give or take.

On the other hand, if the puppy is bought outside the U.S. – the price is likely to go down, especially in India, or Sindh in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Bully Dog price is significantly lower in the Indian subcontinent and among the Punjabis, due to the fact that this is a popular dog in this part of the world, and it is not seen as a rarity.

First Year Costs

bully kutta

Photo from: @beast.bullykutta

Now let’s talk about first-year costs! The initial price of the dog shows that Pakistani Bully Dogs are not that expensive. However, the breed needs extra supplies on a daily basis which add to the annual costs of this puppy.

The Bully Kutta, being one of the most dangerous dogs in the world, may need extra money for socialization and obedience training. This especially goes for inexperienced dog owners who still want to buy this magnificent, yet dangerous canine.

Food supplies

The first thing you need to take into account for these fighting dogs is food. This implies regular dog food and additional food supplies, such as vitamins, minerals, or other needed supplements.

In order to keep the Pakistani Mastiff healthy, you might want to stay away from the worst dog food brands on the market. In the case of food, cheaper definitely doesn’t mean better, and you need to bear that in mind. That’s why we predict $300 as the average price on an annual basis.

The Pakistani Bully, being a large dog breed, needs extra protein to maintain the muscular body physique. Homemade recipes are also a good choice, but you need to consult your vet prior to establishing the feeding chart.

In order to boost the dog’s immune system, you will need additional food supplies. Vitamins, minerals, and omega-rich ingredients are just some of the most essential supplements needed for this canine.

Always check the reputability of the brand before you buy it and try to stay away from unknown producers.

Poop Bags And Scooper

This brindle puppy is a large dog and will need a larger litter box. If you want to avoid the unpleasant habit of your dog pooping in the house, consider implementing potty training from an early age. This is an intelligent dog breed and won’t have trouble perfecting this task.

However, you will need to account poop bags and the scooper in the first-year costs, too! This is a dog that requires outdoor activity, and some people use the puppy as a guard dog that by default lives outside the house.

This means poop bags will be used on a daily basis, as you need to clean the backyard, or the public space once you take your puppy out for a walk.

The yearly cost of poop bags is around $400-$450 on average. The usage of poop bags is frequent and necessary for any dog parent.


This is not a high-maintenance dog breed. The Bully Kutta, popularly named Tiger in many Indian households, is a short-haired puppy whose coat resembles that of Beagles. It is smooth and thick, and a weekly brush is sufficient.

The first-year cost for grooming doesn’t exceed more than $60 on average. Grooming implies dog shampoos, nail clippers, and a brush. Some dog owners also use a toothbrush for their puppies, too!

There is a plethora of best smelling dog shampoos on the market that don’t cost more than $15 and they are suitable for all coat types. Additionally, the cost of a dog brush is around $20, and the nail clipper’s average price also revolves around $20.

Vet Exams

Regular vet tests cost around $40-50 on average. Additionally, you will need to test your puppy for common Pakistani Bully Dog diseases. This includes heart problems, arthritis, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Additional medical exams can add an extra $100-$200 to the overall price.

If this is the first time you are taking your puppy to the vet, that means you will need the money for vaccination and deworming. Vaccination costs around $70 on average. Deworming is cheaper and will cost you around $20.

By the end of the sixth month, you should consider spaying/neutering your puppy. The average cost for that revolves around $100. This is only if the dog is a family pet, and you don’t have plans for further breeding.

Reputable breeders will provide a signed contract according to which you are obliged to spay/neuter your canine in a given period of time. It is usually within the first 8-9 months.

Bear in mind that the vaccination, deworming and regular vet exams are included in the overall price at reputable breeders, so you won’t need to deal with this in the first year.

Annual Costs

bully kutta pakistani bully dog

Photo from: @beast.bullykutta

Once the initial phase of your dog ownership is over, all you are left with is annual costs in the years that follow. The average annual costs of the Bully Kutta dog revolve around 1700$.

The average lifespan of a Pakistani Bully Dog is 8-10 years, which is significantly less than in many other dog breeds who live far longer.

Annual costs encompass puppy supplies, toys, vet exams, license, dog bed, leash, collar and poop bags.

The overall cost of owning a Pakistani Bully Dog is around $17.000.

Puppy Supplies

Under puppy supplies, we have dog food, dog treats, medical supplements, poop bags and grooming items. Dog food on an annual basis costs around $300. This is an average price and can go up or down by several dozen dollars.

If you have difficulties finding suitable dog food for your Pakistani Bully Dog, you can also check out the best dog food for the American Bully and extract some essential information from the feeding chart.

The two breeds are similar when it comes to feeding needs and the comparison won’t be the worst thing.

Dog treats are an essential addition to your puppy and the average price on an annual basis is close to $300. Dog treats are used as positive reinforcement during and after the training sessions.

Obedience training and the Pakistani Bully socialization process require a lot of positive reinforcement.

Additionally, grooming essentials will cost you $60 annually, which is not that much. This is a low-maintenance canine and doesn’t require as frequent grooming as other dog breeds with more demanding coats.

Lastly, we have medical supplements that revolve around $250. This is in case your puppy needs medications and suffers from acute, or chronic health conditions.

Regular Vet Visits

A healthy puppy won’t need so many vet visits a year. The average cost for a healthy Pakistani Bully vet exam on an annual basis is around $200, or even less.

This implies a dog without chronic health issues, such as arthritis, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy, or GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus).

Also, the dog has already gone through thorough medical exams, the spaying/neutering process and the vaccination process.

Regular feeding charts and immune system boosters will usually be sufficient in maintaining your dog’s health.

Leash, Collar And Toys

One, or two leashes will be enough on an annual basis. The leash price doesn’t add much to the overall Pakistani Bully Dog Price. The average price of a leash that you can use for your Bully Kutta is no more than $10-$15.

On the other hand, you may want to consider a reliable dog collar, as this is an aggressive dog breed that needs attention in public spaces and around unknown people. The average cost for a dog collar is $20.

When it comes to dog toys, bear in mind that this is a large dog breed that has a powerful jaw grip. Toys for Pakistani Bully are no different from toys for rottweiler dogs, and you can find many creative ideas online. The annual price shouldn’t be higher than $50-$60.


Pakistani Bully Dog price implies a dog license is required in the majority of states in the U.S. The license usually costs somewhere between $15-$35 on average.

Many states are strict when it comes to the dog license, as it provides a guarantee that your dog won’t do damage in public spaces and that you are a reliable dog owner.

The license is especially important due to the fact that Bully Kutta puppies don’t qualify among the bully dog breeds that make the greatest family pets.

The license is needed for inspection, so it is categorized in the dog ownership basics.

Additional Costs

grown pakistani bully dog

Photo from: @beast.bullykutta

When calculating the Pakistani Bully Dog price, you sometimes need to take into account additional costs. This usually implies a dog passport, dog carrier, pet insurance, training classes and daycare.

A dog passport is needed if you’re planning on traveling outside the States and want your puppy to accompany you. The average cost is $100, but the price can go significantly up, depending on the state. The other option is daycare which costs around $30 on a daily basis.

Dog carriers are also needed in case you’re a traveler and your dog’s trainability isn’t as high as wanted.

However, dog carriers aren’t the best option for such a large breed, especially because the Pakistani Bully can’t stand the idea of being closed inside small spaces. The average cost of a dog carrier is around $120, which can vary depending on the carrier quality, size, and brand.

Training classes are probably needed for the Pakistani Bully, and here I especially refer to obedience and socialization training. If you’re an inexperienced dog owner, you might want to consider training classes that cost $200 on average.

In addition to training, owners also use dog training collars for the overall improvement of their dogs’ performance.

Lastly, pet insurance is favorable, but not obligatory. It costs somewhere around $50 per year and provides a plethora of opportunities in the case your puppy suffers an injury or some other severe dog disease.

What Impacts the Pakistani Bully Dog Price?

There are several factors that impact the Pakistani Bully dog price. The most essential ones are breed popularity, coat color, quality of the breeder, and training types implemented throughout the puppy’s growth.

This is not a popular dog breed. There are some amazing mastiff mixes that cost significantly more and make way more popular dog breeds. However, the fact that this is a rare breed in the U.S. makes this puppy cheaper and quite affordable.

Furthermore, the price will vary with respect to your coat color preferences. Some breeders will value their puppies based on their color, especially if the color you seek isn’t particularly popular.

The training process is exhausting and adds extra money to the overall Pakistani Bully Dog price.

These canines need obedience training and early neurological stimulation isn’t the worst option. This is a guard dog by default, and the socialization process requires extra time and dedication.

Breeders of merit will demand a higher price, due to the fact that the initial price of the puppy implies regular vet exams, vaccination, deworming and integrated training routines. However, in the long run, this pays off!


The Pakistani Bully Dog price depends on several factors. However, this is not an expensive dog breed in comparison to other bully dogs. This large canine cost $1200 on average, and the price is even lower in India or Pakistan.

Nevertheless, dog owners need to take into account annual expenses, as well as additional costs this puppy may need. This includes dog food, food supplies, poop bags, grooming and many others.

In order to provide a quality life for your puppy, you need to take into account its basic needs. It will pay off in the long run and make you and your puppy live happier.

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