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Kangal Dog Price: How Much For This Exotic Breed?

Kangal Dog Price: How Much For This Exotic Breed?

The lovely dog breed we’re discussing today comes from Turkey, and it’s not a canine you’re used to seeing all over the town. Meet the Kangal – a livestock guardian turned professional companion.

Despite being so rare in the States, the Kangal dog price will definitely surprise you. It’s not something you’re used to seeing, and a lot of rare dog breeds are priced super high.

But, what about Kangals?

How much do these dogs cost?

Is it hard to take care of them considering their big-dog needs?

And lastly, will the expenses get any easier?

Stay tuned so we can crunch some numbers together!

What Is The Average Kangal Dog Price?

kangal dog lying on a meadow

The most popular dog breeds in the States are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, etc. But, no one mentions Kangal dogs. Why is that so? That’s because not many people know about Kangals.

If you conduct a poll on the streets and ask people about Kangals, no one would be able to tell you a thing. These dogs are one of the rarest in the States, but we’ll get to their origin and popularity soon.

What I want to point out is that being so unusual did not affect the price of this dog in the States. The Kangal dog price tag is pretty normal, and not skyrocketing like you would expect with some breeds.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Kangal here, you can expect to pay $800 to $1,300. That’s as much as regular German Shepherds would cost. See, the price isn’t so insane.

However, it could be.

Whenever we’re talking about the average price, it’s good to know it’s a price for a pet-quality dog. This means they’re not cut out to compete in dog shows.

Kangals of superior bloodlines and capabilities, coming from reputable breeders, can cost you up to $5,000. There’s really no price range here because each breeder decided to price his pups as he wants.

As an unwritten rule, female Kangals are often pricier because they serve as a breeding stock. Most breeders don’t even sell their female pups because they want more girls available to bring more litters into the world.

Usually, excellent quality requires a pretty penny, so don’t expect to find champion dogs for only $1,000. This is the same situation with all breeds, not just the Kangal.

Now, how about we say a word about the Kangal dog just so you understand why they’re so unusual in this country.

About The Kangal Dog Breed

kangal dog standing on a meadow in front of sheep

The Kangal breed comes from distant Turkey. As one of the finest guardian dogs and livestock shepherds, Kangals have found a way to reach the States. Here, they’re not only shepherd dogs; they’re family companions, too!

The Kangal (or the Anatolian Shepherd) is a dog with a rich history. Central Anatolia is a region in Turkey known for producing livestock for the entire country. Naturally, the need for a shepherd dog that would protect animals from wild beasts rose.

Being so independent and brave had a lot of impact on the Kangal’s status. They became popular as fierce protectors… intelligent canines that won’t hesitate to face a problem. One thing is certain: if you were a wolf, you wouldn’t like to find yourself eye to eye with the Anatolian Shepherd.

These dogs are tough, and they can’t stand nonsense. Yet again, they’re deeply bonded with their family members, and they can also serve as wonderful pets. A Kangal would never hurt little children just for fun.

According to the Anatolian Shepherd growth chart, this is a giant dog, weighing usually around 150 pounds. That’s not something you can ignore. The biggest downside isn’t their size. It’s their coat type. Kangals are heavy shedders. To be honest, you’ll need a lot of time to groom them and get rid of their matted coat.

As you can imagine, Kangals aren’t the best fit for first-time owners.

Are Kangals Accepted By Major Canine Clubs?

Since the Kangal is a purebred dog breed dating back centuries in the past, we can proudly say they’re accepted and registered by all major kennel clubs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) welcomed Kangals into their organization back in 1996. Compared to some other breeds, this is still fairly fresh. However, the late acceptance isn’t a result of unpopularity or questionable pureness of the breed. It’s simply an issue of availability in the USA.

Two years later, in 1998, the United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the Anatolian Shepherd (the Kangal) as a breed of its own.

But, these clubs were a bit late as the official Kangal Dog Club Of America was established in 1984.

Is It Cheaper To Get A Kangal From A Rescue Center?

beautiful kangal dog in a cage

Of course it is!

Kangals from rescue organizations are much more affordable, and so are other dogs.

When you’re adopting a dog from a shelter, you’re only paying for the adoption fee and some treatments or expenses like microchipping. You don’t pay for the actual dog.

The cost of adoption fees varies from shelter to shelter, but it doesn’t normally cost more than $400 to adopt.

So, if you’re in luck, don’t hesitate to adopt a Kangal pup.

But, another problem arises. The availability of this breed. As you now know, Kangals are super rare in the States. You may find one here or there, but that’s it. They’re not as popular as other breeds, and not many people want to own them because they don’t know what to expect.

A good starting point for finding a Kangal in the USA is the Kangal Dog Rescue Project – a fine organization focused on rescuing and rehabilitating Kangals.

Which Factors Affect The Price Of A Kangal Puppy?

kangal puppies in the park

Oh, there are a lot of factors that will dictate the price of a Kangal puppy.

Sadly, people these days will take anything as a reason for price enlargement. Those people who don’t follow the market trends are the ones you should trust. They have the same factors that help them determine the price of a puppy, no matter if it has been a good year on the market or a bad one.

Now, we will go through each factor in detail, and I hope this will paint a better image of why some pups are pricier and some are not.

The Puppy’s Pedigree

The biggest factor that determines the price of a Kangal puppy is the pedigree.

Who are the pup’s parents? Are they champion dogs? What kind of champions? Who are his grandparents? Were they champions, too? How far in the past does the line of that puppy go? Does the breeder have all that information ready to share with me?

These are all the questions you can ask the breeder when discussing the puppy’s pedigree.

It’s quite simple here: if a puppy is from a line of champions, he will definitely be pricey.

If a puppy has great predispositions of becoming a champion, that means more bills on the initial purchase price.

There are two qualities of puppies: show quality, and pet quality.

If you’re looking for a companion, you need pet quality. Why should you pay more money for a show-quality dog when you’re not planning to take him to dog shows? That’s simply a waste of potential. Let someone else pick that doggo.

Color, Gender, Special Features

Some Kangal breeders will price their male puppies more than females because they believe they’re cut out to be stronger and mightier.

This is not a surprise… the coat color or the gender has always been a factor that determines the price of a puppy.

I am not a supporter of male or female puppies being priced more than the opposite gender. However, I do support price determination according to the coat color. I know what kind of trouble it is to achieve a specific coat color, and those pups should be priced more than standard ones.

For example, brindle Anatolian Kangals should cost more than other Anatolian Shepherd coat colors.

From time to time, you will encounter a breeder who will have a special puppy for a special price. Those puppies usually have a lovely feature or a mark like a star on their chest, or a heart-shaped spot.

Simply put: if it makes the pup look more unique, the breeder will shape the purchase price around it.

Health Guarantee

kangal puppy on a meadow

A health guarantee isn’t something that all breeders have to offer. This is a clear sign you’re dealing with a respectful, reputable breeder… someone who really cares about the health of their puppies.

The health guarantee is the breeder’s proof that the puppies will be free of a genetic condition for a determined period of time.

Some breeders have health guarantees that last for a year or two. Those who offer five years or a lifetime guarantee are super rare. I respect those even more. This means that the breeder stands behind their puppies and guarantees they’re a product of ethical, responsible breeding.

The health guarantee is something that plumps up the purchase price, but I promise it’s worth it. You should rather pay more money for a puppy with a guarantee than to save and find a breeder who doesn’t offer it.

It’s not just a piece of paper. It’s more important than you think.

Health Tests

Having puppies and their parents submitted to health tests is an absolute must. If the breeders you’re speaking to don’t offer test results or don’t even test their dogs claiming they’re alright, run from them!

Health tests are the only way to determine whether a puppy is healthy or not. Of course, there’s no such thing as a 100% healthy puppy, but some might be pretty close to it.

Breeders usually test for conditions like hip dysplasia and PRA. Hip dysplasia is quite common with the Kangal dog breed. If your dog turns out to be highly prone to it, chances are you will have a dog crippled with pain, and a high vet bill.

Health tests from PenHipp, Embark, OFA, and CERF are what you want to see when looking for a Kangal puppy.


Location plays an important role, too!

Breeders closer to big cities will always charge more for their puppies. Those who live hidden in the countryside ask for less money. It has always been that way.

But, I kinda believe it should be the other way around.

The location is a determining factor, but I’d much rather pay more for a pup raised on pastures than one closer to city pollution.

Also, I have a feeling it will be the other way around soon. The location factor will change, and people will realize that dogs that are being bred and raised surrounded by nature have more value.

First-Year Expenses

cute kangal puppy in the park

Every first year is a tough one. You’re just getting to know your pup – trying to figure out what he likes and what he dislikes. Of course, the bills will be high, too, because you need all that stuff for your dog.

Getting a dog isn’t just picking up a puppy and bringing it home. You’ll need so many items to make your dog’s life pleasant. The good news is that a lot of these things are not a repeated expense. You won’t need dog brushes every week, and your Kangal will definitely not go through dog beds monthly.

The first-year expenses of owning a Kangal can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more. This excludes the initial purchase price. See, there’s no need to look for cheaper alternatives, like Anatolian Shepherd mixes.

As you can see, the cost of owning a Kangal can be altered. For example, you don’t have to buy the most expensive dog bed or the fanciest collar. Just buy something durable that will last you a while. Oh, and don’t spend a small fortune on toys and dog treats.

For starters, your dog doesn’t even need treats, and toys can be cheap ones, absolutely. They’ll chew through them either way.

It’s better to save some money on the side for vet bills, vaccines, microchipping, and annual health checks for any potential health issue.

Puppy prices have gone up a notch in the past 10 years or so. Why wouldn’t you save some money during that difficult first year with your puppy?

How Can You Save Some Money After The Adoption

kangal dog lying on the grass

Buying a dog can be quite pricey, especially if you shoot for the more expensive ones with a better pedigree. Well, if you have a budget for a pup with a pedigree, then you surely have the money to raise him the proper way. But, that’s not the point.

We’re in this section to find out if there are any ways to save money after getting a dog.

I want to point out that there are a lot of ways to save more cash in the bank, but skimping on the actual initial purchase price is not an option. If you decide to get a cheap dog, you’re risking all kinds of health problems that come with cheap dogs.

So, which things should you save money on? What can you buy for a cheaper price that will still be of good use?

Here are PupVine’s top tricks on saving money after adopting your Kangal puppy.

Home Training

Training at home has become popular over the past couple of years, thanks to all kinds of dog training books available. We didn’t have many of them in the past, but today, it seems like every other dog lover is a trainer.

There’s really nothing wrong with that. Anyone can train a dog alone at home. Rarely does any dog owner fail to properly train his dog.

As far as the Kangal dog is concerned, these are pretty intelligent dogs. The loyalty and the protectiveness of a Kangal dog are well-known traits. I reckon you shouldn’t have any issue training these dogs at home.

All dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Some need more time to master a command, while others learn fast. Luckily, the Kangal is one of those fast learners. They’re pretty focused on their humans, and they don’t mind doing anything to make them happy.

Home training should be supported with lots of praise and treats so your dog knows he’s on the right track.

Why should you pay so much money to professional dog trainers when you can train on your own? Dog training lessons can be quite pricey. Some even cost up to $100 a lesson. Well, that’s an amount that can add up to a hefty bill.

Lastly, I’d like to add that training can be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your dog. You definitely want to establish a good connection with your pup so you two become best friends.

Grooming Salon At Home

We all know how pricey fancy grooming salons can be. Being a professional groomer these days is a pretty good occupation. A lot of dog owners want to see their pooches nice and tidy. I’m sure you want your Kangal doggo to look good, too, right?

Well, have you seen how big your dog is compared to other pups? Grooming them isn’t easy at all, and it takes lots of shampoo and good brushes to get them looking pristine.

Kangals are double-coated dogs. They have a rather short and dense coat that requires special care. You can’t just use any dog shampoo or brush that you find in the house. Kangals need natural ingredients to keep their coat nice, thick, and full of shine.

I recommend you pick products with natural oils that will preserve their skin’s moisture and keep their coat looking dense.

As for brushes, since Kangals shed moderately, I suggest you do a weekly brushing with a pin or a slicker brush. These kinds of brushes will keep the coat tangle-free and preserve the shine.

Even though bathing isn’t recommended to be done that often, Kangals are still big dogs, and they will need a good amount of shampoo to wash them. You understand this, don’t you? It’s not the same to wash a Kangal as it is to wash a Yorkie.

Just imagine how much a professional groomer would charge you for grooming your Kangal! Let’s say you’re taking a Kangal to the grooming salon monthly. Each visit costs roughly $50. That’s 12 months times $50. You do the math!

Wouldn’t it be easier to wash and groom your dog at home? That’s a lot of money you can save.

Grooming and brushing is another great opportunity to bond with your dog. Don’t worry – it’s not something you can’t do. Everyone can groom at home. It’s very simple to learn proper grooming techniques from YouTube or from grooming books.

If you’re a dog lover, and you definitely are, then you’ll have zero issues learning how to groom your Kangal at home and save money.

Buying Cheap Vs Expensive Accessories

dog colars in a store

Cheap dog accessories can be good, and expensive ones can break apart after just a few uses. There’s really no rule here.

What you will have to do as a new dog owner is try a little bit of everything until you figure out what your dog prefers. This does mean you will have to spend money, but it’s a risk worth trying.

I recommend you combine expensive and cheap items for a balance.

However, I don’t recommend that you buy really cheap dog accessories like leashes, especially not for a dog like our Kangal buddy. They’re big and strong pups, and thus, need a sturdy leash and collar.

Just follow the recommended Anatolian Shepherd growth chart and buy accessories that fit each stage.

But, you can buy some cheap dog toys. They go through them on a monthly basis, so don’t pick the most expensive ones.

Another good thing you should invest in are dog beds. You don’t buy a dog bed every month. Since your Kangal will be a bigger doggo, try to find something durable that will support his weight.

Good dog beds range from $100 to $500 and more. I wouldn’t pick the cheapest or the priciest one. I’d find something right in the middle.

Other accessories like food bowls, water bowls, grooming tools, etc. can be found everywhere, and they can be of great quality, even if they don’t cost a lot of money.

Bulk Orders

Did you notice how I didn’t mention dog food? That’s because you shouldn’t skimp on it.

Dog food must be of great quality. Otherwise, you shouldn’t bother getting a dog.

But, there are ways by which you can actually save money! The secret is in buying in bulk.

As a proud dog owner myself, I tend to buy in bulk. I never allow myself to have no backup dog food in the pantry. My dogs must eat even if it means I have to starve. But, I don’t starve because I have money that I save when I either buy in bulk or on sale.

If your vet has recommended a specific dog food and you see your dog likes it, then you should stock up on it. Some stores offer discounts if you buy regularly from them, so save your receipts or ask for a loyalty card.

I remember when I first got a puppy, the food he was enjoying got discontinued. Oh, the troubles we had to go through before I found a replacement kibble! Don’t allow that to happen.

Another good idea (and money-saving tip) is to introduce your dog to a raw diet. A lot of dogs enjoy eating raw, including German Shepherds, which are good friends of the Kangal. Some people believe a raw diet is expensive, but I wouldn’t agree. If you buy meat in bulk, along with other ingredients you usually have at home, you can prepare meals and store them for later.

This way, your pup always has a healthy meal ready.

You definitely live in an area where there are lots of markets around. Watch for their prices and compare them. Some stores have spectacular offers. It would be a shame to pass on them!

Getting acquainted with your local butcher is also a good idea. He will definitely put in some meat scraps or meaty bones if you buy them often in their place.

Choosing A Vet

When choosing a veterinarian for your dog, you shouldn’t go with the most expensive one. Why? Because all the vets in the area definitely have a pretty similar practice. They have the same gadgets, gizmos, and whatnot. Sometimes, you’re only paying for a brand name.

Now, I’m not saying you should pick a veterinary student to treat your dog as it would not be ethical, and moreover, dangerous.

You should try to find a vet who doesn’t charge like crazy for a simple checkup. Chances are, you will have more checkups than serious treatments. And, those checkups can add quite a lot of money to the annual bill.

Simply compare the prices of your local vet and pick the one you find the most affordable. Driving to another county just because that vet is cheaper isn’t helpful at all since you may need urgent vet help if something happens to your dog.

Where To Find Kangal Dogs In The States

adorable kangal puppy walking on a sidewalk

Finding reputable Kangal breeders in the States might not be the easiest task of them all. Kangal breeders are pretty rare, and not many people decide to become involved with this giant breed. Their needs are big, and the demand to breed the finest Kangal puppies is even bigger.

Fortunately, PupVine was able to dig up some reliable Kangal breeders in the States. These are not kennels or puppy mills. These are professional breeders who put their dogs first no matter what.

You can take a look at this list of top 5 Kangal breeders in the States. If you’re super keen on getting a Kangal, you’ll definitely find a puppy here. The only thing is that you’ll definitely have to wait for a puppy because there might be an upcoming or scheduled litter.


What Is The Average Lifespan of A Kangal?

The Turkish Kangal is a dog blessed with a long lifespan. These canines are expected to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. Their average lifespan is pretty impressive given the fact that it’s a big dog breed.

Usually, giant dogs tend to live shorter than other pups. They grow faster and have more chances of developing mobility issues, which shortens their lifespan significantly.

But, their active lifestyle must have somehow impacted the Kangal’s lifespan in the past, so they now have a long life expectancy. Staying active and keeping their body fit is a great recipe for longevity.

Kangal dogs need to stay in shape. But, you as a dog owner need to take good care of them so that you guys spend lots of happy years together.

Is A Kangal The Strongest Dog In The World?

You have to admit… Kangals have a pretty impressive size for a working dog. They’re big and robust, which helps them a lot with completing daily tasks. Back in the days, Kangals did all kinds of tasks, including pulling cars when it was necessary.

This has resulted in a muscular body. To be precise, Kangals are one of the most muscular dogs of them all. Bulldogs are good, but they’re nowhere near as muscular as Kangals.

When it comes to strength, Kangals are undeniably champions of the canine world. Who’d have known that the Kangal Shepherd dog would be the mightiest of them all. People usually think that Rottweilers or Newfoundlands are the strongest ones.

However, the Kangal, with a bite force of 743 PSI units, is the world’s strongest dog. You wouldn’t want to be bitten by a Kangal at all!

Is A Kangal Good With Kids?

So, you’ve learned that the Kangal has the world’s strongest bite. No other canine can top that bite force. Does this mean that these dogs shouldn’t be around people at all?

Stop for a second and think: who do you think tamed the Kangal and shaped him into what he is today? Some Turkish shepherd / dog owner – definitely. Kangals didn’t just fall from the sky. These dogs have a history, and it’s tightly linked to humans and sheep.

No, Kangals aren’t super dangerous to be around. They’re actually pretty compassionate dogs.

Kangal dogs won’t hurt little kids or any other family members. They are a threat to strangers and people they don’t like. But, this is not a result of aggression. This is just a sign Kangals want to protect their family members.

Kangal dogs must be put through socialization lessons in order to achieve the ideal behavior. Don’t even think about getting a purebred Kangal without committing to training and socialization.

I do have to remind you that Kangals are large dogs, and as such, they shouldn’t be left alone with the little ones. They won’t bite them or hurt them, but kids are small and fragile, and Kangals are robust. Accidents happen unintentionally, and you don’t want your canine buddy to sit on your child or push it accidentally.

Final Words

Are you a bit relieved now that you know the Kangal dog’s price isn’t super high?

On average, Kangals don’t cost much despite their rare status in the States. These are working dogs… not dog show superstars that need to be pampered.

Kangals are loyal pets, and they could be great family dogs if you give them a chance. You can either ask for reputable Kangal dog breeders or visit some rescue organizations to find your ideal Kangal puppy.

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