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5 Top Kangal Breeders: Sivas Kangal Breeders In The U.S.

5 Top Kangal Breeders: Sivas Kangal Breeders In The U.S.

They go by several names: Kangal, Sivas Kangal, and Çoban Köpeği. Whatever you like to call them, they’re very large dogs! To make things easier, we’ll mostly refer to them as the Kangal here. This amazing livestock guardian breed isn’t very well known, which is a shame as they deserve more recognition.

And if you want a Kangal dog of your own, you’ll need to know where to find a good breeder. To help you in your quest, we’ve searched around to make a list of the 5 top Kangal breeders in the U.S., and we’ve also included a few FAQs to help you understand this amazing dog.

Kangal Puppies For Sale Near Me

Finding a local breeder is often easier said than done. The U.S. is a big place, and there are thousands of dog breeders, but not one that necessarily produces the breed you want! And even if you’re lucky enough to find one that does, you must be absolutely sure that they are trustworthy.

The benefits of using a local breeder are obvious, saving you the expense and inconvenience of traveling too far or having the dog shipped.

The trouble is, some Kangal breeders operate on such a small scale that they may not advertise widely. Many have their own websites or rely on social media to spread the word. Others only advertise via organizations such as the American Kennel Club (AKC).

If you are searching for Kangal breeders nearby, then you may be fortunate enough to live close to one of these on our list. If not, you may need to travel or see if the breeder arranges shipping. Otherwise, you’ll need to see if there are others closer by, and you must judge for yourself whether they are trustworthy or not.

We’ll give you some tips on how to find a good breeder later on, but in the meantime, let’s crack on with our list of the 8 top Kangal breeders in the U.S.

Kangal Puppies For Sale: California

kangal dog lying down

1. HexenWald Ranch

There’s a real sense of tradition here at HexenWald. The breeder, Babette Turk, has a great story, taking on the ranch and continuing a self-sufficient way of life in America in much the same way as her parents and ancestors did back at their homestead in the Turkish mountains.

Although life is great in the beautiful surroundings at Aptos, close to Santa Cruz, it’s no fairytale, even though the name HexenWald might suggest so! (HexenWald is German for enchanted forest.)

However, the hills are full of hungry coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and all manner of wild creatures that threaten Babette’s livestock. As a solution, Babette brought in Kangal dogs to protect her precious sheep and goats, and it has proved very effective. Life without the wolf-fighting dogs of Turkey would be a lot different!

HexenWald’s puppies are lucky enough to be raised alongside sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens, and cats. This goes a long way in socializing them, which is vital to the pups’ development.

Babette makes sure that the pups have the best start by ensuring that the parent dogs are healthy and have a highly-nutritious diet.

See the HexenWald website for more information and contact Babette for any queries about prices and when to expect the next litter.

Website: HexenWald Ranch

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 949-498-4988

Kangal Puppies For Sale: Texas

kangal puppies

1. Natural Born Guardians

Brian Peckinpaugh runs a busy farm in Palestine, Texas, where he also somehow finds time to breed the Kangal Shepherd dog and Turkish Boz Shepherd! He operates under the name Natural Born Guardians, capturing the essence of these huge dogs perfectly.

It’s clear from Brian’s website that he is devoted to these loyal breeds and knows them better than most other people. He understands that they must be part of a family, even though they are livestock guardian dogs first and foremost.

Brian stresses that training and socialization are both essential, allowing you to take your dog comfortably into most public situations. These are calm, gentle dogs for the most part, but when a threat presents itself, they will defend their owners in the most extreme ways. However, they do have an innate ability to read people and situations to determine any threats. If you take one of these giants on, it’s your responsibility to train them well!

Because of this, Brian will only release pups to owners that he feels are capable of handling them properly, controlling them, and giving them the love, care, and attention they need.

Brian works hard to ensure that each pup goes to the right home and that they are healthy. He guarantees customer satisfaction and will exchange any pup that doesn’t fit well into your home. This is as much for the benefit of the pup as it is for the client! As he says on his website, he is dedicated to the dogs first, the customer second.

This is a good thing as it shows that he has a great love for his dogs.

You can check out Natural Born Guardians and contact Brian here:

Website: Natural Born Guardians

Phone: 903-373-1289

Kangal Breeders In Kentucky

kangal dog in nature

1. Evans Mill Cattle Company

Marc Guilfoil and Elisabeth Jensen, owners of Evans Mill Cattle Company in Lexington, KY, are committed to protecting the natural balance of the unique land they farm.

Windy Hill Farm is situated in the Bluegrass region, a delicate and unique ecosystem that has to be managed sensitively. Marc and Elisabeth handle this expertly, balancing the need to preserve local wildlife and keep their livestock safe.

As part of this process, they began breeding Sivas Kangal guardian dogs to keep their calves safe from coyotes and black vultures.

You can get a sense of how useful these dogs are by checking out the adults on the Evans Mill Cattle Company website. These immensely powerful dogs are also gentle enough to be affectionate to kids.

Evans Mill are members of the Kangal Dog Club of America and support the terms and rules laid down in their code of ethics.

You can read these for yourself on the website and get in touch with Marc or Elisabeth for information about their upcoming litters and puppy prices.

Website: Evans Mill Cattle Co

Phone: Marc mobile: 859-806-8727 · Elisabeth mobile: 859-940-3381

Kangal Breeders In Wisconsin

kangal in the mountains

1. Chippewa Valley Kangals

Rachel Prince, owner of Chippewa Valley Kangals, is a dog lover through and through, with a particular liking for big dogs. Her love of dogs began as a child, and she soon entered the world of veterinary care and became a certified veterinary technician in 2009.

Aside from her expertise in medical care, Rachel also enjoys training dogs, which is something she clearly excels in.

Rachel’s commitment to the Kangal breed is confirmed by the fact that she is not only a member of the Kangal Dog Club of America (KDCA), but she joined the board of directors in 2016.

If these credentials weren’t enough to earn Rachel a place on our list of the best Kangal breeders, there are also some links on the Chippewa Valley Kangals website that support that this is a trustworthy breeder. Each one is linked to a company or an organization connected with dog health and fitness or that promotes the welfare of these beautiful animals. These include the United Kennel Club (UKC), Canine Healthcheck, and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

There’s also a blog on Rachel’s website that’s worth a look!

All of Rachel’s pups come with the following:

• Microchip

• Deworming

• Vaccinations

• UKC registration

• Health check

• Lifetime support

They will also receive early neurological stimulation from 3 days old to 16 days old and will go through the Volhard temperament test at 7 weeks to determine the best placement for their new home.

Health testing is a priority, so you know that your pup has every chance of living a long and happy life.

All customers must have secure fencing around their premises, with no exceptions.

You can find out more by contacting Chippewa Valley Kangals directly.


Email: [email protected]

Kangal Breeders In Massachusetts

a close-up photograph of a kangal

1. Kangal Dog Town

You can tell that Mary Hughes is a devoted Kangal lover, as she went as far as visiting Sivas and Ankara in Turkey to observe the breed in their native land!

Few people show such dedication to a dog breed. It’s worth reading Mary’s story on the Kangal Dog Town website when you get the chance.

Mary shows all the traits of a respected and trustworthy breeder. Her opinion of the breed is not clouded by her passion. Mary is well aware of this breed’s strength and power and is under no illusion that it can be dangerous in the wrong hands or when it is not treated well.

Above all, Mary stresses that this noble breed is not for everyone, and she readily acknowledges that the questionnaire on her website may seem intrusive. This is a sure sign that she is a breeder that you can rely on! If she didn’t care about her dogs (or the customer), she would sell them to anyone. It’s all about common sense. The last thing Mary wants is for a dog to go to the wrong home where it will be unhappy and may cause problems.

Mary is a KDCA approved breeder based in Gloucester, MA.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 978-281-6703

Kangal Puppies For Sale: Craigslist

The best advice we can give on this subject is to avoid it like the plague.

There are too many tales of customers losing thousands of dollars after paying out for pups that don’t exist or poorly-bred pups that have been produced by puppy mills.

There are around 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S., and some are actually licensed by the state. Puppy mills are despicable places where profits are placed above the welfare of the dogs. Outlets like Craigslist are ideal ways for these people to shift pups quickly.

Alternatively, the cute puppy you see may be the result of an accident or the bungling attempts of a backyard breeder with no knowledge of the breeding process or dog genetics. Either way, it’s bad news for the dogs and for anyone who buys them.

Reputable breeders focus on temperament, health, and form, planning their breeding programs meticulously. And even then, they strive to

improve the breed with each progressive litter.

The bottom line is, although there may be one or two genuine sellers, it’s best to approach respected and ethical Kangal breeders and never buy pups directly online.

Kangal Puppies For Sale: Price

Like all dog breeds, an exact price is hard to pin down. Prices seem to range from between $800 up to $5,000!

Much will depend on where you are (dogs are generally more expensive in the northern states of the U.S.), the dog’s pedigree, bloodline, and the breeder’s reputation. You’ll also pay more for females, and sometimes the color and markings will affect the price. Pups that fit the breed standards will command higher prices than mis-marks or those that don’t conform in any way.

You can probably pick up a good-quality Kangal dog from a reputable breeder for around $1,200. For superior bloodlines, you’ll have to pay more, anything upwards of $1,700 and possibly as much as $5,000.

Good Kangal breeders begin the training and socialization process, which pushes up the price. And if you want extra training, this will obviously add to the price tag considerably.

The Kangal is still relatively rare in the U.S., though its popularity is rising, especially among people in country locations. When it comes to keeping your family and livestock safe from wildlife, the Kangal is worth every cent.

Are Kangal Dogs Dangerous?

Photo from: @kangal_tr

Only when the need arises. The purebred Kangal is not naturally aggressive!

With a bite force of an astonishing 743 PSI, the Kangal has the most powerful jaws out of all the dog breeds, also beating the mountain lion (650 PSI).

You’ll see a lot of incorrect and fantastical figures floating around on the Internet relating to dog bite strength, as armchair scientists churn out ‘statistics’ that are mostly conjecture and, frankly, made up.

Suffice to say, the Kangal dog has a very strong bite, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end when those teeth clamp together.

Does this make them dangerous? Well, yes, in a way. These dogs are amiable, social, gentle, and calm. They tolerate small children and form extremely strong bonds with their families and the livestock they protect. They are working dogs that thrive on being given a job to do.

And when they perceive that there is a threat, they will spring into action. Don’t be fooled by their immense size – these are quick and agile dogs, capable of great speed. That powerful bite is enough to discourage the most determined foe, and the offending animal will soon be off with its tail tucked firmly between its legs.

The Turkish Kangal dog has changed very little over the centuries, back to the days where it protected livestock from bears, mountain lions, wild boars, and thieves in the foothills of Anatolia. They were designed to be loyal guardians, taking on anything that threatened the flocks, herds, or their owners. And they weren’t afraid of any beast, no matter how ferocious.

So, the Kangal can be dangerous. That’s the whole point! The trick is to socialize and train them well so that this energy is directed the right way. You must also treat them correctly, giving them the attention they need. These dogs should never be chained up in a yard or confined to kennels. They will become bored, frustrated, and probably aggressive.

Picking a reputable Kangal breeder is also essential, as they will use good bloodlines. This means that your dog will have an excellent temperament and be healthy. An unethical breeder won’t care much about the pedigree or bloodlines and will breed poor-quality dogs that are unpredictable.

To finish this section, we’ll reiterate the point that the Kangal breed is not aggressive, but they are natural guard dogs. They are placid, but alert, and will always be ready to protect you, your family, your livestock, and your property.

In Conclusion

Now you know more about the Kangal dog!

They’re very big, mostly calm and gentle, but will defend when they need to. They’re not the dog for everyone, are best suited to rural areas, and are great for guarding livestock.

Did we miss anything?

Well, we haven’t mentioned health issues or grooming, so let’s quickly address that.

Kangals have a lifespan of between 10 and 13 years and are regarded as an exceptionally healthy breed. The few problems they do face include hip dysplasia and entropion. The first is a joint problem that affects most dog breeds and can be managed or fixed by surgery. The second problem is when the eyelashes fold inwards and scrape the eyeball.

This is an impressively short list! Even so, it’s always best to get regular health checks at the vet.

They have a short double coat and are heavy shedders all year round, more so in spring and fall, but a weekly brush will suffice.

And that’s that!

This is a superb dog. They are gaining fame everywhere for their expertise in seeing off predators, from wolves in the hills of Montana to cheetahs in Namibia.

If this is the dog for you, then make sure you treat them well, and you’ll have a loyal protector for life.

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