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44 Amazing Mastiff Mixes: A Big Collection Of Giant Dogs

44 Amazing Mastiff Mixes: A Big Collection Of Giant Dogs

Are you a fan of the mesmerizing ancient dog breed called the Mastiff? I am a huge fan. I’m almost obsessed with this mystical breed. So, I wanted to get to know him better.

I already know a lot. For example, he is on the list of the most popular dogs (2021) of the American Kennel Club. And, he keeps his place among the 40 most popular breeds. Also, the purebred Mastiff is recognized by the AKC and there is a breed standard for this dog.

There are so many interesting stories about this breed. There are those that are rumored and also those that are certainly true. He was a military dog in WWI and you can find information about this in the National WWI Museum.

All in all, knowing all this interesting information about this amazing dog, I wanted to learn more about Mastiff mixes. So, I have collected 44 of them for both you and I to enjoy.

1. Mastiff Golden Retriever

Mastiff Golden Retriever

Breeds in the mix: Golden Retriever & English Mastiff

You can also call him: Golden Stiffiever

Here, we have our golden good boy, one of the most popular dog breeds – well, I think everywhere – a notoriously nice, Golden Retriever. And on the other side, a giant but gentle, English Mastiff.

And the product is something that is a bit smaller than your average Mastiff and more active and playful than your average Golden Retriever. Seems like a good combination. Golden Retrievers can be aggressive sometimes, while English Mastiffs can also be territorial. Their offspring is a good dog, with a protective drive.

I should add two more traits to this. One is beneficial, while the other is less so. You will have to get yourself a quality brush, because both of these parents are furry creatures that shed a lot, so the offspring does too.

The positive trait of this perfect combo is that the offspring is going to be healthier than his parents and he will probably live longer. This is because he got all of the good genes from his parents. And avoided those that were not so good.

2. Mastiff Bernese Mountain Dog

Mastiff Bernese Mountain Dog

Breeds in the mix: Bernese Mountain Dog & Mastiff

You can also call him: Mountain Mastiff

What we have here are two large dogs. So, you can guess that their offspring certainly won’t be small. When it comes to the differences between male and female Bernese Mountain Dogs, there are some aspects where they do not overlap. Nevertheless, since it is a large dog, be prepared to prepare him a lot of dog food and a lot of space and time for playing and spending energy.

This is not a dog who is a couch potato but rather a bold explorer. He can be very stubborn, which means that his owner will have to have some serious skills to handle these situations.

Still, he is an endearing dog who will show you his gentle side if you make a true connection with him. Another thing that you must know is that they can have long or short hair. It all depends on the expression of the genes of his parents. And both of them are carriers of the long haired allele.

3. Mastidoodle


Photo from: @kiarathecorsodoodle

Breeds in the mix: Poodle & Mastiff

You can also call him: Poodlestiff

I am sure there is no list of mixed breed dogs that doesn’t have a Poodle on it. So, we had to include one on this Mastiff mixes list too. It is no wonder because this sassy dog is one of the most popular breeds out there. They have many qualities and are particularly pronounced, especially when combined with traits of other dog breeds.

What you’ll get with this mix is a fairly big dog with a lot of thick fur. And they come in beautiful Poodle colors. Everybody loves them of course, because Poodle haircuts look so good too. But, that is not the only reason. They are one polite creature with manners and they will get along with your kids.

But, it is not wise to keep them alone for most of the day because they will get offended. And the way he will get your attention, will not be pleasant for you.

Don’t get yourself this dog if you are not into doing a lot of physical activities every day and if you are prone to allergies that are caused by dog hair.

4. Mastiff Presa Canario

Mastiff Presa Canario

Breeds in the mix: Presa Canario & English Mastiff

Well, the product of a Presa Canario and an English Mastiff is probably the definition of a guard dog. It is like the ultimate guard dog. Avenger like. Most people have heard of Mastiff breeds, but the Presa Canario is not as widely known.

So, what kind of breed is it? Well, briefly explained, this dog is one of the most protective dogs out there. Originally, it was bred for that reason. And his main task was to clash with wild dogs and to chase them away or even exterminate them.

Mastiffs also have a strong protective drive, so amongst the other Mastiff mixes, this mixed breed is probably the ultimate guarding combination. All of this tells us something, this breed is not a family pet. You only get one of these if you have a purpose for it and that is, guarding something. And, if you have the skill to handle it.

It is not very fond of strangers and it is very loyal to its owner. Early socialization and training is a must for this breed.

5. Mastiff Great Pyrenees

Mastiff Great Pyrenees

Photo from: @summitthepyrenees

Breeds in the mix: Great Pyrenees & Mastiff

You can also call him: Maspyr and Pyrenstiff

Among the Mastiff mixes is another huge example here. A combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Mastiff is a great offspring. Expect a heavy puppy that will grow into an even heavier adult dog. This crossbreed isn’t something you’d probably expect from a dog that is this size.

This dog is not an active dog. For me, it was surprising how laid back it is and that his favorite “activity“ is actually laying around and doing nothing. He looks like a giant carpet and he acts that way too.

Since both his parents are very furry, their offspring are too. Both Mastiff and Great Pyrenees shedding could be considered a “problem”. This means only one thing. Go and get a high quality brush, because you are going to spend a lot of time collecting his light colored hair from around your house.

It is a plus if you have had previous experience with dogs before getting this breed. They are great dogs but they need a lot of training to stay that way.

6. English Mastahoula

English Mastahoula

Photo from: @adventuresoflibertee

Breeds in the mix: Catahoula Leopard Dog & Mastiff

You can also call him: Mastiffhoula

Maybe you are familiar with a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Many people are not. They sometimes call him a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. You can probably guess that it has leopard-like spots on its body. A combo of a Catahoula and a Mastiff is a fairly rare Mastahoula.

It seems like this dog is made for every task out there. He is good as a watchdog, he likes to cuddle so he is a great family dog, and he is an awesome working dog too. Besides that, this mix is a seriously smart and quick learning student that can handle many tasks.

And, you can feel free to keep him occupied. The Mastahoula likes to work. They have to have a way to spend their energy. And he has plenty of it. Even though he can be a spoiled softie, he can also be a serious beast when his prey drive awakens. So, prepare the leash when going for a walk and don’t let him loose.

7. Mastiff Husky Mix


Photo from: @theoldcanoeist

Breeds in the mix: Siberian Husky & Mastiff

You can also call him: Hustiff or Siffsky

When the two opposite poles in the dog’s world clash with each other – bam – congratulations, you’ve got a Mastiff Husky. It is a combination of the laid back Mastiff and the playful Husky. Both of them are very stubborn dogs who want their way.

That is why you never know what your Mastiff Husky offspring will be like. At one moment you might swear that he takes after his Mastiff parent and the next second, he’ll turn all the way round and behave like his Husky parent.

What is probable is that you will get a dog with deep blue eyes and earth brown hair. Since the Siberian Huskies shed, the offspring probably will too. You can be sure that it will be a massive dog. Although he will need activities, he won’t always be eager to spend his energy. It is strange. One moment he will look like he could conquer the world, the next moment he will be lying down like he will never get up.

And even though he is a bright dog, he doesn’t really know how to apply his knowledge to a concrete situation. He is one of the most changeable examples of the Mastiff mixes world.

8. Daniff


Breeds in the mix: Great Dane & Mastiff

This dog is one really huge dog on this list of equally huge Mastiff mixes. It is probably the biggest one on here and he can reach weights of over 200 pounds. You can see how big he will get on the Great Dane Growth Chart. But, his size comes with a price. As with many other big dogs, there is a big risk of him developing common big dog health issues.

There are a few health problems that usually occur. These are hip dysplasia, bloating, and a short lifespan. They are very playful dogs and they require a spacious place to live. These dogs can be great family members, as they are fond of kids.

What is not so appealing about a Daniff is his excessive drooling. But on the other hand, you won’t have to use a brush a lot as his coat is not very difficult to maintain.

9. Mastiffman


Photo from:@lisacaretti

Breeds in the mix: Doberman & Mastiff

You can also call him: Doberstiff

You probably wouldn’t expect gentleness and affection towards small kids from an intimidating dog like a Doberman. But yet, the world is full of surprises. That is what his offspring from breeding with a Mastiff is. Gentle and affectionate.

It is not a common breed that you will come across while walking in the park. There are only a few breeders that produce this dog. But, I guess it will become more popular over time. It is also a fairly huge breed, with a prominent mug, limp ears, and black eyes.

It is a dog that will guard your home and family members and will be reserved towards unknown people. It is a rather strong dog, with long athletic legs.

10. Makita

Stiffkita dog

Photo from: @rosieakitamastiff

Breeds in the mix: Akita & Mastiff

You can also call him: Stiffkita

A combination of an Akita and a Mastiff? Sounds good to me! A Makita, or Stiffkita, is an amazing mix of two equally amazing purebred dogs. Both the Akita and the Mastiff are mesmerizing breeds with their own quality traits.

So, what you get from this combo is a furry creature with a double coat, big ears, and a round shaped tail. This one also requires you to visit a pet store or Amazon to purchase a quality brush, because you will need it to maintain his heavy coat. Since Akita’s colors are mesmerizing, expect the offspring to be beautiful as well.

If a Makita isn’t familiar with you, don’t get too friendly immediately. He is very reserved towards strangers. And him being reserved is the best case scenario. But, once he gets to know you, he can be friendly. But, only if you are a nice person. This one is like a dog psychologist or something.

11. Saint Mastiff

Saint Mastiff

Breeds in the mix: Saint Bernard & Mastiff

You can also call him: Saint Bermastiff or St. Mastiff

Do you remember that huge, lazy dog from the movie trilogy, Beethoven? Most of the time he is sluggish but when his family needs his help, there is no one who can stop him. Beethoven is a Saint Bernard and along with a Mastiff dog, they are the parent breeds for our Saint Mastiff.

A Saint Mastiff is one of the Mastiff mixes that resembles his Alpenese parent. You will get a puppy in nice Saint Bernard colors. It certainly is one of the large breeds. He is very fond of his family, especially of kids. And kids are fond of him. Well, who isn’t? This gentle giant looks like an enormous teddy bear.

That is why children adore him. But, there are a few side effects to this delight. Since he is a couch potato, he likes to wallow around and while doing so, he leaves a trail. A trail made of hair and snivel. You better get yourself a strong vacuum cleaner, brush, mop, and cloth.

12. Mastiff Shepherd

Mastiff Shepherd

Photo from: @nova_aka_supernova_

Breeds in the mix: German Shepherd & Mastiff

When we think of the German Shepherd, our first thoughts are of a dog who is always ready for action. That isn’t the case with this Mastiff mix puppy, the Mastiff Shepherd. This huge dog can put a big challenge in front of their dog owner.

At the same time, this German Shepherd Mastiff mix is an excellent guard dog, very fond of his family, and a really lazy dog who isn’t eager to do much. The truth is that he loves his owners best and will be there to protect each of them in any situation.

But on the other hand, the owner would have to put in a lot of dog training to teach this pooch how to behave well. Make sure to make him exercise regularly and give him mental stimulation too. Because he is not going to do it alone.

13. Boxmas


Photo from: @hugotheboxmas

Breeds in the mix: Boxer & Mastiff

You can also call him: Boxtiff

Do you remember those kids’ shows, where one kid will tell the man who is drawing to draw the body of an elephant, the other will tell to draw the head of a lion and tail of a horse. And that is how you get a new animal from a kid’s imagination.

A Boxmas is a mix that looks like someone put a head of a Boxer on the body of a Mastiff. It is a dog who doesn’t need a lot of grooming or brushing because he has a short coat, usually in a brindle color but that can sometimes be brown or black.

This is a funny dog. He is so into play that he gets clumsy all the time and that looks fairly comedic. And when you add a lot of drooling to this, the scene is a spectacle. But, do not make fun of him. It is not a very trainable dog and it is not good to leave him with younger kids. Only adults and big kids.

14. Irish Mastiff Wolfhound

Irish Mastiff

Photo from: @sukey.the.irishmastiff

Breeds in the mix: Irish Wolfhound & Mastiff

You can also call him: Irish Mastiff

Imagine the two largest dogs you could find anywhere. Well, those two largest dogs will obviously produce the largest puppy among the Mastiff mixes. And, that largest puppy is the notorious Irish Mastiff Wolfhound.

Now, imagine a lap dog. You have probably thought of some small, fluffy, laid-back canine that will cuddle and watch TV with you. And now try to imagine a huge Irish Mastiff laying in your lap. It is quite a funny scene and this dog would probably try to sit all over you if he could. But believe it or not, the Irish Mastiff is one big softie.

He is very fond of humans and will do anything to protect you if he feels that you are in danger. He is very relaxed and also likes relaxing with you somewhere in a calm place. Since he is really large, make sure he has enough space for his accommodation. Even though he would not make a mess even in smaller apartments.

Take a look at some other Irish Wolfhound mixes, too!

15. English Mastweiler

Irish Mastiff

Photo from:@sukey.the.irishmastiff

Breeds in the mix: Rottweiler & Mastiff

For this intimidating dog, the only important factor that decides if he is going to be edgy towards you or not, is if you are family and familiar or not. If he assesses you as a danger, then you better not stand too close. Rottweilers can show signs of aggression, so it is a possible trait in the offspring too.

But, just like his parents, this mix is also a truly gentle soul. When you come from work and you lay down to rest, expect a lot of love and affection in the form of warm cuddles and sloppy kisses.

It is yuck and adorable at the same time. This rough dog is a true softie after all. And, an awesome protector.

16. Mastiff Greyhound Mix

Breeds in the mix: Greyhound & Mastiff

This is another example of the proverb about how opposites attract. There is an athletic Greyhound on one side and a sumo Mastiff on the other side. And what you get from that mix, is always a surprise.

A Mastiff Greyhound mix is something in between an in “great shape” Greyhound and an in not so “great shape” Mastiff. To translate, it is a dog who is heavier than a Greyhound but lighter than a Mastiff.

You may be surprised that this dog is not very fond of outdoor activity. It is a guard dog and has the urge to protect you but he isn’t nearly as eager as his Mastiff parent in this aspect.

Expect him to be very healthy, unlike his ancestors.

17. Mastador


Breeds in the mix: Labrador Retriever & Mastiff

You can also call him: Labrastiff

No, this is not a Spanish bullfighter, even though it sounds like it. That one is a Matador. This dog is a combo of the most beloved dog, a Labrador Retriever and a Mastiff. Their offspring will be a pooch that can do many jobs – from rescuing to finding drugs.

Like his parents, he is also a very nice dog that likes kids and other people. This doesn’t mean that you should skip his training. He is larger than a Labrador but smaller than a Mastiff. And he will have that specific mask on his face if you are lucky, which makes them so special.

18. Mastibull


Photo from: @bandogbonez

Breeds in the mix: American Bulldog & Mastiff

You can also call him: American Mastiff, American Masti-bulls, or Bullmastiff

This is a strong dog. Strong like a bull, as his name says. He is the same as his Bulldog parent. Although, his Mastiff parent is no less powerful. But strangely enough, this dog is really eager to make you like him.

And he is very fond of children. He even likes to cuddle. If he inherits a lot of genes from his Bulldog parent, this offspring will have many wrinkles. That is cute, right? That is why you should take good care of his skin. His big ears also make him super adorable.

This is a highly active dog who will protect you and your children at any time. And he will examine strangers with a suspicious mind. But do not worry, towards the family, this one is utterly loyal.

19. Cane Corstiff

Cane Corstiff

Breeds in the mix: Cane Corso & Mastiff

You can also call him: Mastcorso

One thing is for sure, what you will get from this combo is a huge dog. One of the largest among the Mastiff mixes. And to train this fierce puppy, you will have to develop some serious training skills.

But if you succeed, you will get yourself a very loyal and protective dog. But, there is another side to his “hugeness”. This mixed breed develops a lot of health issues and probably won’t live for very long.

That is really sad. But I cannot say that it isn’t common for such huge breeds. It is an omnipresent problem with those dogs. Some owners cropp Cane Corso ears, but you can choose whether to do it or not for this mix.

20. Doubull Mastiff

Doubull Mastiff

Photo from:@masterbentley_the_mastiff

Breeds in the mix: Bullmastiff & Mastiff

This is like a double Mastiff mix breed. Imagine that. When you hear it, it sounds terrifying. But is it really that terrifying? Let’s see what kind of dog it is.

When you think about it, it is clear that this is a giant dog. I mean, it has two Mastiffs and an American Pitbull in its origin. It can weigh up to 200 pounds, it is actually a gentle dog but it is not easy to train it. And be sure that this is not a dog that is very fond of sports activities.

All of these sound like typical big dog traits. I bet this dog is really a huge soft soul who likes cuddling most of the time. Since both the Mastiff and Bullmastiff colors are similar, you will probably get a puppy with earth-like colors.

21. Amstiff


Breeds in the mix: American Staffordshire Terrier & Mastiff

When you hear Amstiff, it probably doesn’t ring a bell. And you cannot easily say which breed this one is made up of. I was surprised to learn that an American Staffordshire Terrier was the other part of the mix.

It is also one of the biggest Mastiff mixes out there. It can grow to over an enormous 250 pounds. Amazing! Even though it is a large breed, he is fond of exercize. Surprisingly, it is not hard to train.

All of this information is a surprise for me. This dog seems like the opposite to all the other large dogs out there. What an interesting world!

22. American Bandogge

American Bandogge

Photo from: @savantk9

Breeds in the mix: American Bulldog or Pitbull & Mastiff

Once again, we have an American Bulldog in the mix. Sometimes, it is a Pitbull instead. Nevertheless, it is always a combination of pretty serious breeds.

This unusual name, the American Bandogge, is an umbrella term for the combinations that are made with these three breeds. And it usually resembles a Pitbull or Bulldog in appearance.

When you have a Pitbull or Bulldog looking dog, it usually tends to seem scary. But, he is not so scary once you get to know him.

23. Mastifridge


Breeds in the mix: Rhodesian Ridgeback & Mastiff

You can also call him: Rhodesian Mastiff

This is a combination of the muscled Rhodesian Ridgeback and the bulky Mastiff. What you get is a non-sporty dog that can be a little bulkier compared to his African parent.

Of course, this is a big dog. Since both of his parents have light colored coats, their offspring will be similar. He can have a mask on his face or a ridge but it depends. Do not expect him to obey you like a Golden Retriever does but, he can make a good pet if you know how to approach him properly.

And a leash is a must. This is a hunting dog after all. He will make a bond with his family but not so much with strangers. Most of the time, he ignores strangers.

24. Mastapeake


Photo from: @kevinandaskim

Breeds in the mix: Chesapeake Bay Retriever & Mastiff

It is not your common Retriever in this mix but he is equally as adorable as the standard Labrador Retriever. And in a mix with a magnificent Mastiff, this gives us an interesting mixed puppy.

When you have many of these puppies, you will probably notice that they are monocolored. And that they also have huge heads. Be sure to spend a lot of time training them because these dogs are not naturally friendly towards other people or other animals.

That is surprising for a Retriever breed, but it seems like the Mastiff genes prevailed in this way.

25. Corgmastiff

Breeds in the mix: Rhodesian Ridgeback & Mastiff

Well this is certainly one curious mix. Or should I say, unimaginable. It sounds like something that would come from Frankenstein’s laboratory.

But, it is a fine mix if you know how to get one. And also a good looking one. Do not be fooled. There are many examples of breeding large dogs with small dogs. But the process is usually done artificially.

It is not very wise to breed big and small dogs naturally. It can be very dangerous for the smaller dog.

26. French Masti-Bull

French Masti-Bull

Breeds in the mix: French Bulldog & Mastiff

You can also call him: French Mastiff

Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? What we have here is one classy French dog and expensive too – the French Bulldog cost is high. As in many cases, combinations of Mastiffs and Bulldogs are pretty impressive dogs with interesting traits.

What characterizes this mix is that it is a dog that does not require much attention. It does not need much brushing nor a lot of exercise. It is sort of a couch potato dog. It is a wise choice if you have kids.

This is great because you get a nanny and a guard dog for your home in one creature. And he is effective in both roles.

27. Englian Mastiff

Englian Mastiff

Photo from: @frank.n.beanie

Breeds in the mix: Neapolitan Mastiff & Mastiff

This is another breed that is made up of two Mastiff breeds. It is like an ultimate Mastiff dog. And, it looks like one. It is huge. Even though this sounds terrifying and looks like it too, it really isn’t.

You won’t see this dog running around in search of an adventure. He is indeed a couch potato. But that trait can be positive because he can keep an eye on the kids. He is like a nanny. And he makes an excellent companion dog.

He has many traits that are common for big dogs. He can have all the common health problems and not a large amount of enthusiasm for running around.

28. Beastiff

Breeds in the mix: Beagle & Mastiff

This is one of the unimaginable combinations in the dog world. But, there are some breeders who have succeeded in making a combination out of these two breeds. You can see the Beagle’s size on the Beagle growth chart.

There are some testimonies that state that these dogs are very healthy and have some traits that are outstanding. But, there are not many of these dogs out there. Well, this is not surprising considering how hard it is to get one.

You probably cannot imagine getting one in the natural way, so it is probably a product of laboratory processes.

29. Chihuastiff

Breeds in the mix: Chihuahua & Mastiff

Well, this sounds like an obscure and unimaginable mix. And it is when we consider the size of both the breeds in this mix, a supersized Mastiff and a super-tiny Chihuahua.

Some stories testify that these dogs do exist. But you can imagine that it certainly did not happen naturally and only by artificial insemination.

Getting a dog from this combination in the natural way seems almost impossible or at least very risky for the petite dog.

30. Border Collstif

Border Collie & Mastiff

Breeds in the mix: Border Collie & Mastiff

Here is another rare case among Mastiff mixes. There are some mixes in the dog world that are still not very popular. But, this doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future.

This dog is rare to find and there isn’t much information on it. It should be a very intelligent and healthy dog. But much more research should be done to prove any of these statements.

All we can do is take a guess on the basis of the traits of his parents. But, mixes often fall somewhere in between, depending on which genes are more dominant.

31. Muscle Mastiff

Muscle Mastiff

Breeds in the mix: Dogue de Bordeaux & Mastiff

There is probably a reason this dog is called the Muscle Mastiff. It certainly has something to do with his appearance. And that is because of his Bordeaux parent.

This dog will guard you eagerly and only show his gentle side to his owner. He is also cute, with his beautiful colors and cute ears and face.

This is a very interesting mix that is not very common. But it seems like it’s getting more popular recently.

32. Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

Breeds in the mix: Cane Corso & Neapolitan Mastiff

This is among the very popular Mastiff mixes. You can imagine how big this offspring is. It is a dog for a skilled breeder. It is a dog who likes to have his own way.

And if you do not have much time to dedicate to this dog, you will not be able to handle him. He also doesn’t like to spend time alone. This is a smart pooch indeed.

Believe it or not, this dog can develop separation anxiety. So this is indeed, one giant softie after all.

33. Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Photo from: @adventure.of.archie

Breeds in the mix: German Shepherd & Bullmastiff

Although this sounds familiar, a Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix is not the breed we have already mentioned but instead, an upgraded breed. It is a hybrid that is very smart. Well he should be, considering his parents.

It is a fairly new and rare breed. You may guess that this dog is a huge and stubborn dog. But it can also be a well behaved pooch, with great manners and a dog who can handle kids very well.

Since he is a herding dog, he may have a strong herding drive. And besides this, it is a Bullmastiff, so these traits are highlighted even more.

34. Australian Mastiff

Australian Mastiff

Photo from: @brass_knuckle_mastiffs

Breeds in the mix: Australian Shepherd & Bullmastiff

This is another gentle giant who does well as a house pet. He should have a lot of space for spending his free time.

If you want a smart breed that will guard your home and be your best friend, then this dog will be awesome for you. It is even better if you like physical activity because he likes it too.

It is a Shepherd dog, which means he has a strong personality and an urge to herd animals and small children. Do not let him be unsupervised near them.

35. Cane Corso Bullmastiff Mix

Cane Corso Bullmastiff Mix

Photo from: @bullmastiffellie

Breeds in the mix: Cane Corso & Bullmastiff

The Cane Corso Bullmastiff mix is another upgraded Mastiff mix. It may seem terrifying but it has a big heart really. Almost as big as he is. But, you should be aware that all these big dogs need a lot of training to learn how to behave well.

Nevertheless, they are smart and they like outdoor activity. It seems that they do well with children but please do not leave them unsupervised.

Well, that is the rule for almost every big dog. This breed is also not so fond of strangers. Which can be a good thing, especially If you need a guard dog.

36. Mastiffhund

Dachshund & Mastiff

Photo from:@life_of_waldi

Breeds in the mix: Dachshund & Mastiff

This is another mixed breed from the sidelines. This combination also sounds obscure because of the size of both dogs. Still, there are a few testimonies that these two breeds have had a successful matching.

But this can be very dangerous if the smaller dog gives birth. Dachshunds are small, you can check their size on the Dachshund growth chart. Therefore, it can end leathaly for her. It is not a very common match, so there is not much information on the offspring.

I have found only one testimony describing an abandoned Mastiffhund who was saved by some nice people. If you happen to encounter one of these dogs, please let us know.

37. Chowstiff

Breeds in the mix: Chow Chow & Mastiff

Imagine a big, fluffy cloud of fur. That is what you get by mixing Chow Chow coat colors and Mastiffs. You also get a big dog too.

Expect a dog that is ready for action and research. That is why it is good to have some skills to handle this dog. It is not for inexperienced owners.

He is quite an explorer and has an independent nature. That is why it is relatively hard to train him. But if you are skilled and patient, it is not impossible.

38. Pugstiff

Pug & Mastiff

Photo from: @puglife_cashmere

Breeds in the mix: Pug & Mastiff

Here is another example of human curiosity. This is another combination of a very small dog and a very big one. And, it is also very rare.

Since it is not very common, there is little evidence on his behavior and temperament. It would probably be of medium size and moderately easy to maintain.

This breed is probably made artificially and, if you ever encounter one, please let us know. We would also like to get to know it better.

39. Shar Peistiff

Shar Peistiff

Breeds in the mix: Shar Pei & Mastiff

This is one of the best Asian mixes out there. Both of these breeds are used to a similar environment. That is the reason they are likely to get along and produce an excellent mix.

They are not really open minded towards strangers and they are not eager to be friends with their owner quickly. But once they do, they can be perfectly loyal guardians.

Both of these dogs are respectively big, so it is probable that their offspring will be too. It is probably not wise to get this dog if you are not familiar with handling difficult breeds.

40. Blue Mastiff

Breeds in the mix: Blue Heeler & Mastiff

When you breed these two together, you will get an admirably big dog. Some owners say that this combination can be fairly aggressive.

But, this is not a very popular mix, so there is not much information on this breed. It is a combination of herding dogs, so will probably have a guarding drive.

This means that you should keep him on the leash or watch him carefully around small children or small animals.

41. Mastiffoundland


Breeds in the mix: Newfoundland & Mastiff

This is another big dog among the Mastiff mixes. Also, it is not that popular yet. So there is not much information about it. But a few things can be concluded from its parents’ traits.

It will certainly have a big bulky head (with tiny ears) compared to its body. It will also have a dense coat with shorter or longer hair, which will depend on its genes.

Both Newfoundlands and Mastiffs are enormously big mountain dogs. It seems almost impossible for their offspring to be any less huge than these two. This also means that it will probably live for a bit less than smaller dogs, since both the Mastiff and Newfoundland lifespan is not very long on average.

Check also some other amazing Newfoundland mixes and their characteristics!

42. Leonberger Mastiff Mix

Leonberger Mastiff Mix

Photo from: @rhoadeste

Breeds in the mix: Leonberger & Mastiff

This is also a fairly rare mix and there is not much information on this breed. Some things can be concluded from the parents’ traits though.

There is a great possibility that this dog will be great. Also, he should be a good guarding dog because he is loyal and affectionate to his family.

This means that you should have a big yard for this dog or provide a lot of time for hanging out with him. He needs to spend his energy somewhere.

43. Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix

Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix

Breeds in the mix: Belgian Malinois & Mastiff

This is another uncommon mixed breed. But actually, it shouldn’t be, because it sounds like a perfect match. And it is. He is a great guarding house dog, since he is very attentive.

This is a wonderful breed, but it may make you clean a bit more than usual. It is a dog that drools. They are not very good with small children, but are great with adults.

It is a very attentive dog who will be very reserved towards strangers. And, probably not very friendly either.

44. Borzoi Mastiff Mix

Breeds in the mix: Borzoi & Mastiff

If you decide to get yourself this mix, there are two problems you will encounter. First, it is very hard to find one. Second, if you manage to find one, then you will spend a lot of time cleaning up his hair from around the house.

But, this dog has some nice traits. It is a loyal dog who is perfect for families. He has a nice temperament and is a very relaxed breed. He will probably be a large dog too.

To Wrap Up

All of these Mastiff mixes are truly captivating creatures. There is so much variety among them and I really can’t choose which one I like the most. Each of them has an amazing trait that makes them so special.

What I like the best is that you never know what exactly you are going to get in the end. Is it going to be an enormously large dog who will be fierce? Or you are going to get a big pooch who is a true softie and likes cuddling much more than outdoor activities.This surprise moment is the best part.

For big dogs, like most of these, you need to be skilled and have a lot of room. But, if you have love and patience, then you can overcome any obstacles. You just need to pick your favorite. Tell us, which is it?


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