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Top 44 Cutest Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Of All Time

Top 44 Cutest Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Of All Time

Welcome, make yourself at home! You’re probably here because you’re a big fan of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. So, take a look at our list of the top 44 Bernese Mountain Dog mixes that make amazing pets.

You’ve probably never heard of some of these mixes. Trust me, neither had I. But, after I had searched far and wide for the most unique Bernese Mountain Dog mixes, I was really surprised. So, I could not resist the urge to share them all with you!

Most of these mixes seem too good to be true, I mean, a Chihuahua Bernese Mountain Dog mix? Say whaaat?

This is a list of the most unimaginable and most unique dog mixes and you’ll definitely fall for some. Today, we are going to tell you a thing or two about each of these dog mixes.

Here’s the thing about crossing dog breeds. For example, most designer dogs are the result of cross breeding two purebred dogs. However, designer dogs can also derive from crossing a purebred dog (such as a Bernese Mountain Dog) and a hybrid dog, like the Labradoodle.

Let’s dive into the world of beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog mixes!

1. Golden Retriever X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

black and white Labernese puppy sitting in the sun

Meet the Golden Bernese Mountain Dog. Golden Retrievers are all time favorite family pets. Bernese Mountain Dogs are also wonderful family companions, with a bit of an aloof temper. So, what do you get with this unique mix?

An amazing gentle giant dog that gets along with all family members! A Golden Retriever’s coat colors are often passed down to their offspring — the Golden Mountain Dog. Take a minute to appreciate its majestic looks while you’re at it!

A Golden Mountain Dog with a golden personality!

2. Border Collie X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

cute puppy is a mix breed between a border collie and a Bernese mountain dog

Can you guess what this cross breed is called? A Bordernese, of course!

The Border Collie is known to be the most intelligent pooch in the world. Combine it with an intelligent and calm Bernese Mountain Dog and you will get a smarty pants with a great temperament.

We all know Border Collies as high-energy dogs. Border Collies are very vocal, while the Bernese Mountain Dogs are somewhat quieter. When their energy levels are mixed with the sound nature of the Berner, the Bordernese has an even-tempered mix.

3. Labrador Retriever X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Labrador Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @onyx_xena

The Labrador Retriever is that pawfect dog breed that represents the best family dog. They are always the number one family pets around the globe.

There are three main Labrador Retriever colors that can be passed down to the Mountain Dog mix litter.

With both parents having the sweetest temperaments ever, the Labernese hybrid dog is one of the kindest pups you will ever meet. However, due to its large size, it might be prone to hip dysplasia or obesity.

4. German Shepherd X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix on the grass

Photo from: @thewooferwalkers

Officer, your German Shepherd dog ran away and fell in love with a Bernese Mountain Dog!

Dog lovers quickly gave this hybrid dog a unique name — the Euro Mountain Sheparnese.

Both parents are extremely intelligent dogs. Moreover, they are very agile and eager to please. Naturally, the Euro Mountain Sheparnese inherits the best of both worlds.

Besides its smart brains, the Euro Mountain Sheparnese is indeed a great looking pooch. I mean, just imagine crossing a black German Shepherd with a tri-color Bernese Mountain Dog.

5. Belgian Malinois X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Just like the German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois dogs are used in law enforcement. I can only imagine how smart these dogs are. Combine a Belgian Malinois with a Bernese Mountain Dog and poof — an athletic, medium to large sized designer dog is standing in front of you!

Training a Belgian Malinois can be both difficult and easy. But, with the patient temperament of a Bernese Mountain Dog, training a Belgian Berner is as easy as it gets!

Now that we’ve mentioned that, it’s important to say that this crossbreed is very energetic. Not only will the Mountain Malinois need proper mental stimulation, but it will also need a lot of physical activity throughout the day.

6. Australian Shepherd X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @westpenndoodles

Mixing an Aussie with a Bernese Mountain Dog will definitely exceed your expectations.

The Aussie Mountain Dog usually inherits a double layered thick coat. You know how Australian Shepherds come in many beautiful colors and patterns? Mixing a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd with a Bernese Mountain dog can result in beautiful, merle, hybrid pups!

Outdoors is where this hybrid dog thrives. When it’s not busy running outside, the Aussie Mountain Dog spends its time cuddling with its human family pack. This pooch also needs lots of physical activities and brain games!

7. Dalmatian X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Dalmatian Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @gobledogs

Some might say that the Mountain Dalmatian is an odd mix. I’d say that it’s a very unique and beautiful designer dog.

The Dalmatian Mountain Dog is very rare, so rare that it’s difficult to find any dog owners who own this pooch. People usually don’t breed these two, so the Dalmatian Bernese Mountain Dog mix is usually a result of accidental breeding.

Sometimes the Dalmatian dog’s coat colors are passed down onto the Berner hybrid pup, making it a very unique cross breed.

As for its temperament, the Dalmatian Mountain Dog mix is an active dog with a twist. When I say with a twist, I mean that it can sometimes be stubborn. So, early socialization and regular training is the way to go with a Dalmatian Mountain Dog!

8. Poodle X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

bernese mountain dog poodle mix stands atop the rocks at the beach

Cute, fluffy, low-shedding, and hypoallergenic Poodles produce the cutest hybrid puppies. Their fleece coats are always the top choice for dog lovers who suffer from allergies. Due to the fact that Poodles can be either toy, miniature, or standard, Poodle mix puppies range in size.

So, depending on the size of the Poodle parent, a Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog mix litters will count as either medium or large size hybrid puppies.

The Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog mix is not necessarily hypoallergenic because the Bernese Mountain Dog isn’t known to inherit a hypoallergenic coat.

9. Weimaraner X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The Weimaraner is an elegant, shiny, short-coated hunting dog that is often called the “Gray Ghost” because of its coat color.

The Weimaraner and the Bernese Mountain Dog don’t look alike at all, right? That doesn’t mean that the Weimaraner Mountain Dog mix isn’t the cutest large dog in the game!

The hunting characteristics of the Weimaraner parent may be passed onto the litter, resulting in this hybrid having a very high prey drive.

10. Bernedoodle X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Female Puppy Bernedoodle, cross breed of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle

Here’s an interesting cross breed with an abundant genetic pool. We have the Bernedoodle dog, which is already a cross breed, and a purebred Berner. So, a new generation of F1B Bernedoodle puppies is in town — the Bernedoodle puppies

The Bernedoodle is known to inherit lots of great personality traits from both parent breeds. However, the chances are that it will lean more towards the Bernese Mountain Dog parent because its genes are more dominant than the Poodle parent’s genes.

This is a very healthy hybrid puppy whose lifespan may reach over 13 years of age. It is a great family pet with a fluffy, medium, low-shedding coat.

11. Great Pyrenees X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The Great Pyrenees X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix goes by the name of the Great Mountain Dog. The Great Mountain dog is a unique mixture of two incredible mountain dog breeds.

Both parent breeds derive from the mountains — one from the Pyrenees and the other from the Alps.

The Great Mountain Dog crossbreed puppy makes an incredible watch dog with strong work ethics. Its fluffy coat is made to endure both warm and cold climates.

However, due to the fact that the Great Pyrenees sheds a lot, its hybrid offspring usually inherit this trait.

Believe it or not, this crossbreed is quite commonly seen, because it is a mix of two mountain dog breeds that are very compatible with one another.

12. Mastiff X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Mastiff Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @msrosiecotton

We know that Mastiffs are those large dogs with strong jaws and their skin falls downwards, making them drool quite a lot. It’s safe to say that the Mountain Mastiff is bound to inherit this physical trait.

Depending on the parent breed it leans more towards, the Mastiff Bernese Mountain Dog puppy will either inherit the Mastiff-like body structure or the more athletic Bernese Mountain Dog’s body.

The Mastiff dog’s coat colors vary, so this crossbreed puppy can inherit either its coat colors, or the standard tri-colored coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog parent breed.

The Mountain Mastiff is a large dog that is unfortunately prone to congenital diseases that may shorten its lifespan. Put that aside, this pooch comes with a loving temperament that all dog lovers will fall for!

13. English Bulldog X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

English Bulldog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @lynette_811

Since Bulldogs are brachycephalic dog breeds that are prone to breathing issues, Bulldog cross breeds may just be the answer to produce healthier mixed breed dogs.
The English Bulldog is a medium dog that is usually crossed with similar dog breeds. Due to the fact that the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog breed, it’s best that a female Bernese Mountain Dog carries the puppies.

Once the Mountain Bulldog puppy is born, I guarantee you that you will want to take it home!

14. Staffordshire Terrier X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The Staffordshire Terrier is a medium-sized muscular dog that comes with a short coat. On the other side, the Bernese Mountain Dog parent breed is a large-sized, athletic dog with a long, thick coat.

Can you imagine what their puppies look like? Well, all sorts of coat combinations are possible. Besides that, the Staffordshire Terrier Bernese Mountain Dog mix is a medium to large pooch that is full of energy and love for its human family. It is a very loyal and obedient crossbreed.

With a lot of energy running through its veins, the Staffordshire Terrier Bernese Mountain Dog mix requires equal amounts of mental and physical stimulation.

15. Saint Bernard X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Saint Bernard Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @mireille_visser

I have to admit that most dog lovers often mix these two purebred dogs. Although both originate from Switzerland, specifically the Swiss Alps, they are not the same dog breed. Both parent breeds are herding and working dogs.

The Saint Bernard grows up to 190 pounds, while the Bernese Mountain Dog reaches 115 pounds. This mixed breed dog will definitely be a gentle giant. And I really mean it — the most gentlest hybrid dog out there!

Dog owners with small children are more than happy to let their Saint Bernese Mountain Dog take the role of canine nanny. This pooch gets along well with all family members.

The only downside of this crossbreed is that it inherits the health issues of both the parent breeds.

16. Newfoundland X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Newfoundland Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Meet the Bernefie crossbreed that is as sweet as its name. The Bernefie pup inherits the large size of both its parent breeds.

Newfies are larger than Bernese Mountain Dogs and they are known for their long, thick coats that usually come in black and brown colors. On the other side, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat colors come in tri patterns. Therefore, the Bernefie pup will either inherit a tri-color or a solid colored coat.

What about its personality? Well, the Bernefie is a calm and sweet-natured dog that loves to chill and observe its surroundings. Although it is a very large dog breed, it absolutely ADORES sitting in its owner’s lap.

If you are thinking about getting this crossbreed, take into consideration that large breed dogs are prone to congenital and developmental health problems, like hip and elbow dysplasia.

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17. Great Dane X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Great Dane Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @marleythebastard

And another gentle giant on our list is the Berner Dane. Is it hard to imagine how this pup will turn out? Well, let’s start off with the fact that this crossbreed is extremely large.

Due to the Great Dane’s growth rate, which is fast, the Berner Dane grows at the fastest pace ever. It seems that one day you’re playing with a small dog, then the next you’re dealing with a 100 pound gentle giant.

As with most large dogs, this crossbreed is the sweetest dog around. It may get carried away while playing, so I advise you to keep a lookout if it’s near small children. Although it means no harm, it may topple a child over.

Nevertheless, it is a great family dog that gets along awesomely with youngsters!

18. Beagle X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Beagle Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @greendoggiehomeboarding

We know that Beagles are great scent hounds. Their high-energy, combined with their great sense of smell, sometimes get the best of them — Beagles love to follow a scent and sometimes wander away. On the other hand, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a hard-working dog that is very focused on the task it’s given.

So, combining the two opposite personality traits results in a well-balanced crossbreed — the Beagle Bernese Mountain dog mix.

The purebred Beagle is a small hound, while the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog. So, you’ve guessed it, the momma dog is going to be the Bernese Mountain Dog.

What would you call this dog mix? A Beagle Mountain Dog? The Berneagle?

19. Dachshund X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

I know this for a fact — Dachshund mixes make the most interesting cross breeds. Don’t you agree? And this might just be because of their short legs, long bodies, and long snouts!

The Bernese Doxie, or should I say the Mountain Dachshund, is a medium-sized dog.

Considering the Doxie parent breed’s high-energy levels and the Bernese Mountain Dogs’ calm nature, this crossbreed can be either a high-energy dog, a calm dog, or abit of both!

20. Bloodhound X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Bloodhound Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @grantjahns

The Bloodhound Bernese Mountain Dog mix is a unique blend of a watchdog and a scent hound. Now, this crossbreed comes with a sharp nose!

In this case, both large dog breeds result in a large sized puppy that will grow to 22 to 24 inches in height. It is likely that it will inherit the short coat of the Bloodhound parent because the genes that regulate long coats are recessive.

The Bloodhound Bernese Mountain Dog mix is an incredible family dog. But, it is also a great adventure buddy for active dog owners.

21. Rottweiler X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Rotties are America’s favorite dogs. From my experience, both male and female Rottweilers have very outgoing and loyal personality traits. They are family-oriented and eager to please their humans. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very alike. So, the Bernese Rottie makes the perfect family pet.

Considering its assertive and intelligent personality traits, dog owners must work with this crossbreed. With proper early socialization, this large dog will never let you down.

It will work hard to please its human family and it will provide everyone with lots of love, cuddles, and kisses! Large dogs really are just the biggest babies around!

22. Basset Hound X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Droopy faces and floppy ears — that is how we remember the Basset Hound dog breed! The Basset Mountain Dog puppy is a one-of-a-kind crossbreed that inherits interesting personality and physical traits from both parent breeds.

When breeders combine hunting dogs with working dogs, they usually get a very unique mix of high energy, intelligence, and loyalty. This is the case with the Basset Hound Bernese Mountain Dog.

I mean, who would have thought that this low-rider mixed with Switzerland’s herding dog would make such a cute mix?

23. Cocker Spaniel X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Cocker Spaniel Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @leah_thecockerbernese

Although there are some differences between American and European Cocker Spaniels, when combined with Bernese Mountain Dogs, those differences merge into a compact crossbreed — the Bernese Spaniel.

Sometimes, the Cocker Mountain dog inherits the high-energy levels of the Cocker Spaniel, and sometimes it inherits the calm nature of a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Let’s talk about its coat. Their coat is thick and slightly curled at the ends. This crossbreed can inherit the golden to brown coat colors of the Cocker Spaniel parent breed, or tri-color patterns from the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. It’s really a doggy lottery!

24. Boxer X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Boxer Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @loki_doggy_dog

Should we call this crossbreed the Boxer Mountain Dog, the Boxnese, or the Mountain Boxer? Call it whichever you like, this crossbreed is extremely affectionate and goofy!

Boxer mixes are considered very healthy dogs. I mean, most Boxers come with inherited heart conditions. So, when combined with a dog such as the Bernese Mountain Dog, there is a chance that this crossbreed will come with a lower risk of inheriting these health issues.

While Bernese Mountain Dogs usually come in a standard tri-color coat color, Boxer’s coat colors vary. This medium to large crossbreed will surprise you with its coat color combinations!

25. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @heya.freyja

Did someone say two Swiss Mountain dog breeds in one? This is the perfect combo! The Greater Bernese Mountain puppy resembles the strength, loyalty, and obedience of a hard-working dog from the Alps!

Combining two of Switzerland’s finest herding dogs results in Swiss puppies that are great for active people and those living on ranches. This outstanding crossbreed shows strong work ethics. Most dog owners would agree that the Greater Bernese Mountain dog helps them with their daily activities.

This is a large dog that requires a lot of space and mental stimulation. Make sure to teach him new tricks every day and provide him with lots of green fields that he can run on!

26. Siberian Husky X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Siberian Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @buckeyepuppies

Among all the Husky mixes, this one might be your favorite!

From cold Siberia to the cold Swiss Alps, the Husky Bernese Mountain Dog is a crossbreed that is used to cold climates. Siberian Huskies are fluffy dogs that inherit thick coats. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs seem to inherit less fluffy coats, they still come with thick coats that are longer than Huskies’.

Expect the Siberian Husky Bernese Mountain Dog mix to be a fluffy dog that is medium to large in size. It might inherit the Siberian Huskies’ barking and howling trait.

In the end, it all depends on the early socialization process it goes through. Luckily, the Bernese Mountain Dog parent’s diligent side is bound to calm down the Siberian Husky parent’s mischievous behavior.

27. Corgi X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @theo_the_bernorgi

A medium-sized herding dog mixed with a large-sized working dog makes a great, but sometimes challenging, crossbreed. Why? Well, it’s because the Corgi parent breed can sometimes be headstrong.

The Corgi’s high-energy traits mean that early socialization and obedience training is necessary. On the other hand, the Bernese Mountain dog’s aloof personality can sometimes be hard to correct.

Since both parent breeds are herding dogs, the Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog mix inherits a high drive to herd livestock! Yep, take it outside and introduce it to some sheep, it will definitely do its job right!

28. PitBull X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

PitBull Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @rosabarkspuppy

Despite the stereotypes, we all know that Pit Bulls are sweethearts of the canine world. So, when you mix a PitBull with a sweet-tempered Bernese Mountain Dog, you get a unique, but affectionate, medium-sized hybrid dog.

Most Pit Bull mixes lean more towards the Pit Bull parent side when it comes to coat colors. But, it is very exciting when you stumble upon a tri-color PitBull Bernese Mountain Dog mix that has picked up more of its Bernese Mountain Dog parent’s side.

29. Chihuahua X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

This is what most dog lovers find almost impossible to match. A Chihuahua with a Bernese Mountain dog?

Well, some dog breeders were curious enough to match these two pure breeds. However, due to major size differences, the mother parent has to be the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is extremely dangerous for a female Chihuahua to carry large-size puppies.

Even though this makes a cute cross breed, the Chihuahua Bernese Mountain Dog isn’t really easy to develop. The breeding process has more cons than pros and this hybrid dog is usually the result of accidental breeding.

It may also inherit various health issues because two completely different worlds are being combined.

30. Samoyed X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Samoyed X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @enzo_and_friends_

Similar to Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds are fluffy, cloud-like dogs that are known for their loving and mischievous personalities. Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs that inherit thick coats. Berner Samoyed puppies inherit the best of both of their parent breeds.

It is very difficult to tell if this crossbreed will inherit more of the Samoyed parent’s physical traits or the Berner’s. The Samoyed’s coat color is usually white, which is controlled by a recessive gene. So, the chances are that the Berner’s genes will prevail and that this crossbreed will inherit a tri-color coat.

31. Irish Wolfhound X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

The best results are achieved when breeders cross two large dogs with similar personalities. Although their heritage is different, Irish Wolfhounds and Bernese Mountain Dogs share some personality traits.

Both parent breeds are loyal and obedient dogs. Irish Wolfhounds inherit strong prey drives, while Bernese Mountain Dogs inherit the need to work.

So, these personality traits make the Irish Wolfhound Bernese Mountain Dog mix a very active dog that thrives when given a job to do. This crossbreed is also a very large dog. And I mean, very large! Taking into consideration the Irish Wolfhound’s lifespan and health issues, this hybrid dog may be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia because of its large size.

32. Labradoodle X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Labradoodle X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @lgrixti

This is a very versatile crossbreed. We just mixed three dogs and got a very well-rounded pooch that shows surprising personality traits.

It inherits the Labrador’s friendliness, Poodle’s charm, and Berner’s assertiveness. The Mountain Labradoodle is an amazing crossbreed that can come in medium and large sizes.

Keep in mind that the Mountain Labradoodle isn’t hypoallergenic, although it has some Poodle genes.

33. Australian Cattle Dog X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @kleo.bernesecattlepup

The name says it all – Cattle dog. The Australian Cattle dog is such a good herding dog that it has “cattle” in its name! Bernese Mountain dogs are also known to be experts in herding livestock. What else is there to say about this top-notch cross breed?

The Bernese Cattle Dog usually inherits a shorter coat than the Berner. Its colors and patterns can vary quite a lot, depending on which parent side it takes after more. It may inherit more white hues, or even a solid black coat color. Specific white coloring around the snout is what identifies the Bernese Cattle Dog the most.

With the Bernese Cattle Dog, you are getting a friendly, high-energy, and hard-working dog that will keep you company wherever you go!

34. Anatolian Shepherd X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Anatolian Shepherds are great family dogs with big hearts, so are their mixes! Combining an Anatolian Shepherd with a Bernese Mountain dog results in a large dog that loves its house and its family.

This large crossbreed needs a lot of space and time from their human family. The Anatolian Shepherd Bernese likes to spend its time outdoors, running around and doing its doggie business. Its work ethics are among the strongest in the hybrid dog world.

The Anatolian Berner is a great watchdog that will keep you and your family safe.

35. Cane Corso X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Cane Corso Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @kato_the.potato

Similar to Mastiff mixes, the Bernese Cane Corso puppy inherits a sturdy body with a somewhat droopier lower jaw. This physical trait makes it drool quite a lot.

When you put drooling aside (which some dog owners don’t mind), you will find that this crossbreed puppy is a great friend and an even better family pet.

The Bernese Cane Corso is a large dog that requires early socialization and daily training. Trust me, the last thing you want is a stubborn Bernese Cane Corso crossbreed!

36. Chow Chow X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Chow Chow Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @the_sleepingdog

There’s this thing that I find really interesting about Chow Chows — their blue colored tongues. This is a Chow Chow characteristic that can be passed onto a litter of Bernese Mountain mix puppies. Besides that, the Chow Chow’s coat colors are often also passed onto the Bernese Chow Chow pups.

When it comes to its majestic looks, the Chow Chow Bernese Mountain Dog mix, or should we call it the Bernese Chow Chow, inherits a funky-looking thick coat.

The fluffiness is unreal!

37. Doberman Pinscher X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Both of these purebred dog breeds are very popular across the globe. Doberman Pinscher mixes always make interesting-looking puppies.

The Doberman Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppy inherits floppy, upward pointed ears that are just the cutest! This pup is a combination of different coat colors, but it usually comes in black and tan, or the standard tri-color coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog parent breed.

I have noticed that many Doberman Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppies inherit a specific white coat coloring on their chest and this is passed down from the Berner parent breed.

Another thing to note is that this crossbreed is most likely going to be a large dog with strong bone structure.

38. Schnauzer X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Schnauzer Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @suburban_mountainwoman

Combining a miniature or a standard Schnauzer with a Bernese Mountain Dog results in crossbreed puppies of different sizes. You know how Schnauzers have those long hairs on their snout that make them look old and wise?

Well, if you’re a fan of those cute features, the Schnauzer Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppy might just inherit them!

If you cross a giant Schnauzer with a large Bernese Mountain Dog, the result will be a giant dog, of course. This gentle giant inherits a long, thick coat that is curly at its ends.

39. Irish Setter X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Irish Setter Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @sonjapagniano

Now, this unique mix of a working dog and a top-notch hunter makes a very diligent hybrid dog. The Irish Setter Bernese Mountain Dog mix gets along well with children, but it may not get along well with other pets – especially small ones.

Its willingness to play is something else! The Irish Setter Berner will love to play with you and everyone around you!

40. Basenji X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Keep in mind that this crossbreed might not be perfect for first-time dog owners. Although it is very social and energetic, the Bernese Basenji can be very stubborn and headstrong. This kind of behavior is often interpreted as aggressiveness, although I beg to differ.

The Basenji parent dog breed is notorious for its escape skills. So, you might want to consider learning more about how to stop your dog from jumping the fence.

41. Alaskan Malamute X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Alaskan Malamute Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Photo from: @lando.the.bernamute

Another fluffy crossbreed that we love and adore! This mix makes a great addition to the family. It is also recommended for people who live in colder climates.

We know for a fact that the Alaskan Malamute gets along with children very well. The Bernese Mountain Dog parent breed might act shy sometimes.

So, the Alaskan Malamute’s need to please its human family is usually passed to its hybrid puppies and the shyness goes away!

We have also listed some other amazing Alaskan Malamute mixes, so, take a look at them, too!

42. Maltese X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

A small dog such as the Maltese and a large dog like the Berner, definitely make an interesting combination. This is one of those crossbreeds that most dog breeders do not purposely breed. Why? Because of the size differences, which may lead to health issues and problems during labor.

Putting that aside, the Maltese Mountain Dog mix might just be the sweetest medium-sized dog and it inherits the tri-color coat of the Berner parent, and the curly softness of the Maltese.

43. Pug X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Pugs are very loved in the dog lover community. However, the Pug is not the healthiest of dog breeds. As luck would have it, breeding Pugs with other purebred dogs has proved to enhance the health status and lifespan of Pug mix puppies.

So, crossing a Pug with a Bernese Mountain Dog will result in a medium-sized dog, with somewhat longer legs than your average Pug. It will also inherit a very specific snout, which is a mixture of a brachycephalic and mesocephalic head type.

44. French Bulldog X Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Frenchies are among the most famous dogs in the U.S. Their lovely and goofy personalities make everyone fall in love with them at first sight!

French Bulldogs are short-nosed (brachycephalic) pooches that often inherit breathing problems. But, when combined with the Berner, there is a lower risk of developing these health problems

I don’t know about you, but I’d call this crossbreed the Mountain Frenchie or the Frenchie Berner. It is a wonderful, fun-loving hybrid that is very outgoing and social. Frenchies are small, and Berners are large, so the Frenchie Berner is a medium-sized crossbreed!

What Is A Bernese Mix Called?

Some people are curious enough to ask what a Bernese mix is called. Mixed dog breeds usually have unique names. I mean, we generally call mixed dogs hybrids or designer dogs and then we name them after their dog parent breeds.

Here’s an example. If the Bernese Mountain Dog is crossed with the Great Pyrenees, it would be called the Great Bernese. So, a Poodle mix would be a Bernoodle? Or something like that!

It all depends on the other breed you mix this gentle giant with – mix and match! Be creative and try to come up with your own name for a Bernese Mountain Dog mix, the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article. But, this definitely isn’t all of the Bernese Mountain Dog mixes that are out there. With so many wonderful purebred dogs in the world, the combinations are endless!

Hopefully, some of these Bernese Mountain Dog mixes have helped you get a clearer picture of what they look and behave like. For the record, most of these crossbreeds are very rare, and you might not get the chance to see them in everyday life.

However, Bernese Mountain Dog mixes can be found in shelters. This is due to the fact that most crossbreeds are the result of accidental breeding. So, unfortunately, many irresponsible dog owners decide to give them up, not knowing how good dogs these crossbreeds are.

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