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22 Dachshund Mixes: Most Adorable Mixed Dog Breeds

22 Dachshund Mixes: Most Adorable Mixed Dog Breeds

Mixed breed dogs have derived from crossing two or more breeds of dogs. Dog crossbreeds are often called designer dogs or hybrid dogs, which are usually a result of combining popular purebred dogs.

Although it dates all the way from the 13th century, dog cross breeding has been a controversial subject among dog breeders worldwide.

Some believe that this type of breeding develops impure dogs with major health concerns, while others believe crossbred dogs are healthier and more trainable than purebred dogs.

However, most crossbreeds have been described as relatively healthy dogs that inherit some of the best traits from both parent breeds.

Popular Dachshund Mixes

As with any popular breed of dog, Dachshunds have been crossed with other dog breeds in order to create new mixed breeds. Most of these breeds developed positive traits in terms of little to no health issues and more favorable personalities.

Here are some of the most popular Dachshund mixes!

1. Doxle: Dachshund, Beagle Mix

dachshund beagle mix

Photo from: @chandlerbingbarr

A Doxle is a cross between a Beagle and a Dachshund. Both dog breeds belong to the hound dog group.

This mixed breed is a unique combination of boldness, energy, intelligence, loyalty, and strength.

Many Doxles inherit their sharp nose from their parent breed – the Beagle, which makes them great at tracking various scents. As for the Dachshund’s side, Doxles inherit strong hunting instincts and a love for digging.

Since both parent breeds are hunting dogs, their prey drive can cause them to chase smaller animals, and sometimes even children. Therefore, it is important to start early socialization and training.

Their size and color varieties depend on the parent. Doxles usually weigh anywhere between 15 and 30 pounds, and can be as tall as 15 inches.

2. Docker: Dachshund Mix With Cocker Spaniel

dachshund cocker spaniel mix

Photo from: @bellapawsy

Dockers are hybrid dogs developed by crossbreeding Dachshunds with Cocker Spaniels. This mixed breed is among the most popular designer dogs.

They come in different colors: black, red, brown, and tan depending on the combination of the Dachshund parent and the Cocker Spaniel parent.

Their beautiful curly ears and silky, medium-long coat put Dockers in the spotlight. Not only has this mixed breed inherited the best looks from both parent breeds, but it is also known for having the least health issues.

The Docker is a sweet-natured family dog that enjoys spending time outdoors with its fellow humans. Dockers can be kept in apartments or in bigger houses, and they will be happy as long as daily activities are provided.

3. Chiweenie: Dachshund Mixed With A Chihuahua

dachshund chihuahua mix

Photo from: @otisthegermantaco

The Chiweenie is a designer dog breed crossed between a Miniature Dachshund and a Chihuahua. The Chiweenie is a small hybrid dog with a big personality.

Due to their small size, they make great apartment dogs and travel buddies. An average lifespan of 12 to 16 years makes Chiweenies one of the longest-living hybrid dog breeds.

Also known as “Mexican Tacos”, “Choxies”, and “German hotdogs”, no two Chiweenies look the same.

These pooches can be recognized either by their dachshund parent features, such as a long body and short legs, or by their Chihuahua parent features, such as bulging eyes, a sturdy body, and pointy ears.

Chiweenies can be very stubborn, loud, and attentive. Since they are a unique combination of two hunter parent breeds, their high energy and hunting drive won’t keep them in place. So, keeping these dogs indoors for a long time might not be a good idea.

Overall, these puppies make great pets for experienced dog owners who are patient enough to start with early socialization and daily training.

4. Dorgi: Dachshund, Corgi Mix

dachshund corgi mix

Photo from: @left_ear_leo

Dorgis are a fairly new dog breed, first introduced by Queen Elizabeth. Throughout history, Queen Elizabeth has been known as an affectionate dog lover who has had many loveable Corgis.

The Dorgi is a mixed dog breed derived from the Dachshund and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Although most Corgis have medium or thick coats, the Dorgi pulled more over the Dachshund side.

Having a shorter coat, Dorgis come in a variety of colors which include: black, brown, red, chocolate, and white, with a characteristic secondary color (white) present around the chin and chest area.

Being medium-sized, they make great apartment pets. But, keep in mind – they don’t like to be left alone in an apartment. Built-up anxiety and stress might cause destructive behavior. Even though they might come off as couch potatoes, these pooches need daily exercise and various activities (running, playing fetch, walking).

The fun, loving, and assertive Corgi’s personality, along with the energetic, protective, and courageous Dachshund’s traits make Dorgis an amazing mix breed.

5. Jackshund: Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

dachshund jack russell mix

Photo from: @buddy_the_sausage

The Jackshund is a small-sized hybrid dog breed developed by crossing the Dachshund with the Jack Russell Terrier.

Both Dachshunds and Jack Russell Terriers require a lot of daily activity. Now, just imagine how much a Jackshund needs!

Jackshunds are full of energy, fearless, and intelligent, with a high prey drive. They’re known for having elongated bodies and short legs. Despite their looks, Jackshunds can run very fast and jump extremely high.

What’s interesting about the Jackshund is its characteristic appearance – the nose is always black, whereas the eyes are always brown.

Jackshunds come in different colors such as black, brown, cream, and white.

They make great family pets, and get along well with all family members, especially children. Jackshunds require daily activities in which they will get enough exercise. Having a garden or taking your four-legged buddy to the park will do just fine!

These little dogs aren’t suitable for first-time owners since they tend to be highly energetic and stubborn at the same time. Persistent training and care is the key to raising a happy and healthy puppy.

6. Papshund: Dachshund Mixed With A Papillon

beautiful Papshund sits in a basket

Photo from: @ears.4.dayz.ivy

The Papshund is a hybrid dog breed derived from the purebred Papillon and the Dachshund. Papshunds are unique-looking designer dogs that get all the attention!

The Papillon breed is known for their “butterfly” ears – pointed upwards, they resemble spread butterfly wings.

Papillons are long-haired purebred dogs that come in different colors and patterns. A Papshund is a rare combination of interesting looks and great personality traits.

Even though they are highly energetic, Papshunds aren’t stubborn enough to be difficult to train.

This little hybrid dog is an ideal family pet. They do great in small spaces, and require minimum maintenance.

7. Dameranian: Dachshund Mixed With A Pomeranian

beautiful Dameranian lies and rests

Photo from: @elkewittevrongeltravel

Dameranians are cute, small to medium-sized designer dogs that result from mixing the Dachshund and the Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are purebred dogs known for their puffy, soft coats and their pocket-size appearance. Their cuteness can be sometimes misleading since their personalities are something else!

Poms are highly intelligent and independent dogs that might come off as fierce and moody. Unaware of their size, Pomeranians sometimes tackle larger dogs, which might be interpreted as aggressive behavior.

Generally, Pomeranians are friendly and loving dogs with a very strong attitude. Combined with the Dachshund, their personality traits intertwine with each other, making the Dameranian a lively and loving pooch with a remarkable personality.

Dameranians have various coat styles: they can be long or short depending on the parents’ breed. If the Dameranian puppies are more of a short-haired Dachshund parentage, their coat would be the same as of the Dachshund parent.

These dogs are very affectionate towards their owner. Sometimes, they get too attached and have difficulty with separation anxiety if their owner isn’t around.

Overall, Dameranians are great family pets. They get along with all family members, and adapt well to small places. With their loud barks, Dameranians make great watch dogs, too!

Keep in mind that this mixed breed might present a challenge for first-time owners. It is best to do research before getting one of these small dogs with big personalities.

8. Dorkie: Dachshund Mixed With A Yorkshire Terrier

beautiful Dorkie sits and looks at the camera

Photo from: @wafflesthedorkie

The Dorkie, often called the Dorxie Yorkie, is a mixed breed between the Dachshund and the Yorkshire terrier.

With the face of a Yorkshire Terrier and the body of a Dachshund, these puppies are quite unique looking.

Considering the feisty, energetic personality of a purebred Yorkshire terrier, and the lively, curious personality of a purebred Dachshund, this crossbreed inherited the best traits from both parents.

Most Doxies are wire-haired. Their coat can be long or short depending on their parentage. When it comes to coat colorings, the Yorkie genes are usually more dominant towards the Dachshund genes.

Similar to other breeds of small dogs, the Dorkie can be very stubborn. But, unlike other small dog breeds, these dogs are highly trainable and eager to learn.

If they are trained and socialized from an early age, Dorkies can become very affectionate towards other people and even get along with other animals.

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9. Dachsador: Dachshund Mixed With A Labrador Retriever

dachshund labrador retriever mix

Photo from: @dachsadorable_bailey

The Dachsador is kind of like a small version of the Labrador Retriever. The name says it all – this hybrid dog is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Dachshund.

It may seem impossible to cross such a large dog with a small dog; therefore, the Dachsador dog breed is considered a relatively rare crossbreed. Labs are highly intelligent dogs that love having a job to do.

They’re known as the most friendly dog breed, highly trainable, and well suited for first-time dog owners. Due to their good trainability, most Labs are trained to work as service dogs.

On the other hand, Dachshunds are great hunters with a high prey drive. With their small dog personalities, they tend to be stubborn.

Most of these characteristics of both parent breeds have been passed on to the Dachsador puppies. Dachsadors are very friendly, energetic, and extremely devoted to their families.

Labradors are medium- to large-breed dogs, while Dachshunds are much smaller. So, by mixing a Labrador Retriever with a Dachshund, you get a relatively small dog.

It’s almost impossible to predict the exact size of a soon-to-be-born Dachsador. Adult Dachsadors are usually between 15 and 25 inches in height, weighing between 30 and 40 pounds.

Keep in mind that these dogs have the tendency to become obese if they aren’t given the proper diet.

Their size makes them perfect for smaller apartments as they can adapt to various spaces. So, if you have been thinking about getting a Labrador retriever, but you don’t have enough space for a large dog, then the Dachsador is the perfect dog for you!

10. Doxiepoo: Dachshund, Poodle Mix

the beautiful Doxiepoo stands in the kitchen

Photo from: @doxiepoo_suneo

The Doxiepoo is a mix of two pure dog breeds: the Dachshund and the Miniature Poodle. Considering the Miniature Poodle size, they belong to the toy dog group.

Among all these fun breed names of the most popular dachshund mixes, Doxiepoos have the cutest nicknames. They are known as the Doodledoxie, the Dachdoodle, and the Dachshundpoo.

This crossbreed became very popular over time. Breeders were eager to create a healthy breed by selecting and crossing similar parent breeds. As a result, about 15 years ago, Doxiepoos came into this world.

These dogs have inherited the hunting nature of both parent breeds. With a high prey drive, Doxipoos like to chase smaller, prey-like animals. They’re also not afraid to speak loudly – in fact, they love to bark!

Their long and fluffy coat requires daily grooming. Some Doxipoos come with shorter coats, so regular bathing would be enough to maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

Doxipoos might be difficult to train because of their Dachshund parent’s stubborn personality traits.

11. Schweenie: Dachshund Mixed With A Shih Tzu

dachshund shih tzu mix

Photo from: @luna_dachshundshihtzumix

The Schweenie is a hybrid dog breed derived from crossing the purebred Dachshund and the purebred Shih Tzu.

Most Schweenies get their good looks from their Shih Tzu parent in so far as height and build, but their body remains as long as a Dachshunds.

They are recognizable for their broad, muscular shoulders and large black puppy eyes. Their floppy ears can be long-haired or short-haired depending on the parent breed.

Schweenies are very intelligent and enthusiastic about making their family happy. These traits make these dogs very easy to train.

Schweenies are known to be highly dependent on their owners. They can suffer from separation anxiety if their owner leaves home for extended periods of time.

These loving and clever dogs will be a great addition to any family. They have a desire to please people, but sometimes they tend to be moody and unfriendly.

12. Daug: Dachshund Mixed With A Pug

the beautiful Daug lies on the sofa and keeps the bone in his paws

Photo from: @milothedaug

The Daug is a small or medium-sized dog that is a hybrid of the Dachshund and the Pug. This hybrid is relatively new, and it is thought to have been developed in the United States around 15 to 20 years ago.

The body of a Daug hybrid dog is quite heavy and muscular. They often have a round face with some wrinkles, which is a characteristic of their parent breed – the Pug.

We all know that Pugs face many health issues. Fortunately, crossing Pugs with Dachshunds has led to the development of a rather healthier breed – the Daug. These hybrids tend to be healthier than either of their parents.

Some Daugs might be born with inherited health issues depending on their parentage. For example, they can be prone to allergies and diabetes, which comes from the Pug parent’s side, or Cushing’s disease, which is a health condition that many Dachshunds inherit.

With low maintenance, Daugs make great companions for owners who aren’t looking for a high-energy dog. However, they still require moderate daily activities, such as walking and running.

13. Doxie Pin: Dachshund Mixed With A Miniature Pinscher

Doxie Pin is standing outside on a rock

Photo from: @rakel.krakel.spektakel

The Doxie Pin is a crossbreed derived from the Miniature Pinscher and the Dachshund.

Doxie Pins come in various sizes and color patterns. They usually come in dominant Miniature Pinscher colors, such as black and tan, with distinct brown markings on their face and chest.

Doxie Pins are small to medium-sized dogs that weigh anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds, and reach up to 13 inches in height. Like most small dogs, their lifespan is among the longest, ranging from 12 to 15 years. The lifespan depends greatly on the care provided by the owner.

These are wonderful little dogs suitable for seniors, families with small children, and single adults. They basically get along with everyone except for small animals.

Due to their high prey drive, Doxie Pins might chase small dogs and other small animals. They can also become very possessive of their food and belongings, such as toys and blankets.

Therefore, it is best to practice early socialization and daily training.

Doxie Pins love to cuddle and spend their time by their owner’s side. Always ready for fun, with these high-energy pooches, every day is an adventure!

14. Rat Doxie: Dachshund Mixed With A Rat Terrier

dachshund terrier mix

Photo from: @pepperbaby0216

A very rare and mysterious mix breed of the Rat Terrier and the Dachshund is the Rat Doxie. While little is known about where the Rat Dachshund mix breed came from, it is believed that these dogs came from the United States.

Given the name, the Rat Terrier has been primarily bred to chase down pests and rodents. Due to this, these dogs are known for their strong hunting skills.

Both the Dachshund and the Rat Terrier are hunting dogs, so a Rat Doxie surely inherits this particular personality trait.

Rat Doxies are vigilant, intelligent, lively, and fierce. On the other hand, they are very respectful of their owners, and therefore, are easily trainable.

Due to their high intelligence and affection, these pooches can also be used as service dogs. They are very gentle and well-natured with their familiar humans.

15. Dusky: Dachshund Mixed With A Siberian Husky

beautiful Dusky looks at the camera

Photo from: @div.and.daph

This crossbreed comes from two extremely popular parent breeds. The Dusky is an unusual cross between the Dachshund and the Siberian Husky.

Their coat color and length depend greatly on their parent’s coat. Considering the Siberian Husky’s dominant genetic traits, most Duskies come in black and white long-haired coats.

Duskies are medium-sized dogs that can reach up to 20 inches in height. The size usually varies because it is never known which of the parent breed features it will inherit more of.

Most Duskies, just like their parents, like to bark and howl. They are extremely vocal and always have a word or two to say!

They aren’t very prone to meeting new people, and they might come off as aggressive towards strangers. Duskies will alarm their owners by barking loudly whenever they feel threatened.

The stubbornness from both the Siberian Husky and the Dachshund parent sides might be a real challenge to first-time owners. Duskies can be quite difficult to train as they will always want to get their own way.

Due to their liveliness and high intelligence, they constantly need mental stimulation and physical exercise. These dogs love being incorporated into all family activities.

While some dogs stick to only one human, most Duskies choose all family members. From the Siberian Husky’s personality and history, Duskies prefer being in a pack.

The Dusky is a loyal and affectionate companion that pet owners will absolutely adore. This dog will make a great addition to the family!

16. Golden Dox: Dachshund Mixed With A Golden Retriever

dachshund golden retriever mix

Photo from: @gin__fluencer

The Golden Dox is a medium-sized designer dog developed in the early 90s by crossing the Golden Retriever and the Dachshund.

A small to medium-sized breed and a large dog breed make up the Golden Dox crossbreed. Considering the mix of two opposites, the breeding process that combines Golden Retrievers with Dachshunds was a tough task for breeders.

Golden Retrievers are known for their big hearts and friendly personalities. They are gentle, loving, and very cuddly! When you look at a Goldie, you can notice its wide smile and round, black puppy eyes. Being the most social dogs out there, most families decide to get a Golden Retriever as their first pet.

The Golden Dox is a unique mix of the Goldie’s gentleness and the Dachshund’s stubbornness. Because of this, owners might have a tough time training these little dogs.

With high-energy levels and playfulness, Golden Doxies require daily exercise. Their energy makes them amazing playmates for children.

The Golden Dox is a great family dog that gets along with most family members and other pets. Keep in mind that the Dachshund in him might want to chase smaller, prey-sized animals.

These dogs will bark if they feel like it’s necessary, but won’t present a threat to strangers. Unlike watch dogs, the friendly Golden Doxies will wag their tail and greet almost anyone.

17. Pekehund: Dachshund Mixed With A Pekingese

dachshund pekingese mix

Photo from: @rustybootsthemutt

The Pekehund is an interesting combination of a purebred Dachshund and a purebred Pekignese.

These small dogs inherited fierce personalities from both parent breeds. They’re energetic, clever, and very loyal to their owner.

Pekehunds are short, measuring up to 9 inches in height. They’re also pretty light, weighing from 10 to 13 pounds.

The Pekehund was created for companionship. This means that they’re the most loyal and affectionate among the small breeds of dogs.

Pekehunds make great companions for seniors, singles, and small families. They adapt well to living in smaller spaces, but require daily activities.

These lap dogs have big personalities. Their stubbornness comes from the Dachshund parent, while their independence derives from the Pekingese. You’ll often find them confronting larger animals that they think of as a threat.

Extremely devoted to their owner, Pekehunds will want to follow you everywhere you go. Considering their territorial nature, you’ll always have a small, but fierce bodyguard by your side.

18. Dox-bull: Dachshund Mixed With A Pit Bull

Dox-bull stands on the street

Photo from: @calvinandizu

The Dox-bull crossbreed is a fairly new breed of designer dog. They derived from crossing the Dachshund with a Pit Bull.

It is believed they were a result of accidental breeding. After the Dox-bull emerged a few years ago, many breeders took interest in creating more of these puppies.

Having the large head of a Pit Bull and the long body of a Dachshund, this breed might come off as weird-looking.

Although their appearance might seem unusual, these little, bulky dogs are genuinely the sweetest dogs out there.

They are highly intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. Training them might become a challenge since they carry the independence of the Dachshund parent. Luckily, their Pit Bull side makes them calm and devoted to their human pack.

19. Basschshund: Dachshund Mixed With A Basset Hound

two beautiful Basschshund are sitting in the kitchen

Photo from: @princess_magnolia_von_moo

You might have seen this interesting crossbreed in cartoons and comics. Meet the Basschshund – a unique combination of the Dachshund and the Basset Hound.

Basschshunds are sweet and loving, low-maintenance family pets. They require regular activities, but are also happy to lay on the couch and snuggle with their owners.

Described as low-energy dogs, these pooches are perfect for people who like to go on relaxing walks and chill in the garden. However, due to their protective nature from both parents, Basschshunds will alert their owner whenever they see or hear something unusual and out of the ordinary.

Both parent breeds come from the hound dog group. Being extremely good hunters and sniffers, they tend to chase small animals. If they are properly trained and socialized from an early age, they can get along well with other animals later in life.

Training these dogs is a bit tricky. Since both the Basset Hound and the Dachshund are very intelligent and stubborn, the Basschshund might not want to listen to you and your commands.

Teaching them basic commands might take some time. It is best to use positive reinforcement through snacks and treats.

20. Mauxie: Dachshund Mixed With A Maltese

Mauxie runs along the beach with the ball in his mouth

Photo from: @tobi_themauxie

Mauxies are one of the cutest Dachshund mixes. By combining the Maltese with the Dachshund, breeders have come up with a lovable fluff ball – the Mauxie!

As cute as their name sounds, Mauxies are adorable, small dogs with fluffy, soft coats. Any dog mixed with a Maltese is certainly one adorable dog!
Mauxies come in different color variants – from white to cream.

Their coat is easy to maintain. With regular grooming, there won’t be any clumped or tangled hair. Mauxies like to be active, so you might have to bathe them occasionally, especially when they get themselves into dirt and mud!

Once you meet a Mauxie, you will immediately fall in love with it! No one can resist those cute puppy eyes!

With their lovable nature, Mauxies make great family dogs. They usually remain small throughout their whole life, which makes them great dogs for apartments and small houses.

Living up to 15 years, you will get to spend plenty of time with your loving Mauxie companion.

21. Bo-Dach: Dachshund Mixed With A Boston Terrier

the beautiful Bo-Dach stands and looks at the camera

Photo from:@mandilynnj

The Bo-Dach is a lovable, small, mixed breed that has become very popular among dog lovers. It is a hybrid dog developed by mixing the Dachshund with the Boston Terrier.

Adventurous by nature, both parent breeds make the Bo-Dach an active, highly energetic, and affectionate companion.

Often called Boweenies, these small dogs come in different color variants: brindle, black, white, or gray. Their eyes are usually brown.

The Bo-Dach is the perfect combination of vigilance, speed, intelligence, and playfulness. Due to their medium-energy levels, they tend to get along with both children and seniors.

These dogs can put a smile on anyone’s face! Their strong will and cool temperament make them great companions – whether you want to go out for an adventure or rest indoors, the Bo-Dach will happily accompany you.

What makes these dogs great is their trainability. Bo-Dachs are relatively easy to train, which makes them perfect for first-time owners.

22. Dachsweiler: Dachshund Mixed With A Rottweiler

the beautiful Dachsweiler stands in the grass

Photo from: @colliercountydas

The Dachsweiler is another crossbreed derived from mixing a small and a large breed of dog.

Dachsweilers are rare hybrid dogs that are medium-sized. Their appearance is interesting: their long body and short legs resemble the Dachshund parent, while a wide, big head resembles the Rottweiler parent breed. These dogs actually look like mini Rottweilers!

Their looks aren’t the only thing that is interesting about them. Despite the common misconceptions about Rottweilers being an aggressive breed, Dachsweilers are known for their loving and affectionate personality.

Having both Dachshund and Rottweiler genes, these hybrid dogs make great watch dogs. They are extremely obedient and eager to please their owner.

With their intelligence and high energy, Dachsweilers require daily mental stimulation and physical activity.

Dachsweilers tend to be affectionate only towards one person, so it’s best to start with early socialization and regular training.

Dachshund Mixes, Health Issues

Keeping in mind that all purebred dogs have certain genetic traits and health issues, it is possible that crossing purebred dogs might lead to a mixed dog breed with inherited health issues.

These can be minor depending on the dog breed parent.

Dachshunds are small to medium-sized dogs that have been crossed with many different dog breeds. Some Dachshund mix breeds became so popular and high in demand that breeders have had their hands full.

In order to develop healthy dog mix breeds, breeders need to assure safe breeding between big dogs and small dogs. The mother is usually of a bigger dog breed, i.e., the Golden Retriever.

The reason behind this is logical – it’s easier for a large mother to deliver small pups than it is for a smaller mother to deliver bigger pups.

If the mother is a Dachshund and the father is a Golden Retriever, the puppies might be too big for the tiny mother to deliver. This kind of pregnancy can cause major health issues, and labor can result in a fatal outcome.

Important Dachshund mix breed health issues include: diabetes, Cushing’s disease, gastric torsion, deafness, patellar luxation, and seizures.

The Purebred Dachshund

a beautiful Dachshund puppy lies on a blanket

Heart of a lion, body of a sausage, and bark of a Doberman – The Dachshund!

These fearless little dogs have made their way into our hearts, and we simply cannot imagine this world without them!


Many people find it difficult to pronounce the name of this dog breed since “Dachshund” is a German word. Considering the German pronunciation rules, the correct way to pronounce “Dachshund” would be “Dax – hund”.

Dachshund lovers often call them sausage dogs, wiener dogs, Doxies, weiners, and weenies.

Now that we got that right, we might as well say something about this amazing dog breed.

These short-legged, long-bodied hounds have been loyal human companions since the 17th century.

Dachshund – “Dach” meaning badger, and “hund” meaning dog (literally translating to “Badger Dog”) were bred in Germany primarily to hunt badgers and small animals.


A small dog with a big dog personality!

Dachshunds are small to medium-sized dogs. But, don’t let their size fool you! These little dogs are courageous, fearless, protective, and fierce. They’re skilled hunters, made for chasing prey in the most challenging environments.

Despite their sharp-willed nature, these pooches are affectionate companions that love to be around people.


The Dachshund comes in three different varieties: smooth-, long-, and wire-haired. These varieties originated at different times.

Among the different varieties of Dachshunds, the smooth-haired is the oldest. It is thought that the smooth-haired Dachshund was first developed by crossing the French Bracke pointer, the German Pinscher, and the German Shorthaired Pointer. This version of Dachshund would be further used in developing the other two varieties.

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The long-haired Dachshund came next as a result of crossing the smooth-haired version Dachshund, the German Spaniel, and other spaniel dog breeds. The most distinguishable features of long-haired Dachshunds are their medium-long curly ears.

Lastly, the wire-haired Dachshund was developed as a mix of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and the German Wire-haired Pinscher. The wire-haired Dachshunds carry barking and hunting traits because of their Terrier genes.

With wide feet and long, pointy snouts, Dachshunds make great diggers. When exploring the terrain, they often find themselves busy digging up holes and sniffing around the place.

Due to their long bodies, short legs, pointy snouts, and overall comic-like appearance, these small dogs became extremely popular around the globe. In fact, they were ranked 10th among the American Kennel Club’s breeds in 2020.


Crossbreeds are remarkable and praise-worthy dogs. With a wide gene pool, mixed breeds have inherited many different traits.

What’s interesting about combining two or more purebred dogs is that you never know for sure what result you’re going to get.

Unfortunately, due to irresponsible breeders and owners, many hybrid dogs can be found in animal shelters. Therefore, if you’re considering getting a hybrid dog, it is best to opt for adoption.

It’s good to remember that each dog is unique, and will inherit some of its parent’s traits. So, if you decide to get a hybrid dog, you will have to do some research and study the parent breeds separately.

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