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Maltese Mixes: 29 Gorgeous Maltese Hybrid Dogs

Maltese Mixes: 29 Gorgeous Maltese Hybrid Dogs

Maltese dogs are one of the dog breeds that have been around for quite a long period of time. These dogs were the first choice for Elizabeth Taylor and Marie Antoinette.

This charming, adaptable, and playful dog weighs no more than 7 pounds. The Maltese is adorned with a long, straight, and silky coat all over his compact body. The face of the Maltese is big, with big, dark eyes and a sweet nose.

Purebred Maltese dogs generally live around 12 to 15 years, while there is evidence that one Maltese dog reached the lifespan of 20 years.

These dogs are great watchdogs with their fearless but charming nature. They are friendly with everyone. They sometimes can be stubborn, but training with treats is something they respond well to.

No wonder why Maltese dogs are mixed with many other breeds that you may or may not have heard of. Maltese crosses are all over the world. We found 29 Maltese mixed breeds that are known today.

Let us show you the gorgeous Maltese mixes!

1. Silky Cocker

silky cocker

Photo from: @myla.n.maya

Breeds in the mix: Cocker Spaniel and Maltese

The Silky Cocker is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix. This hybrid dog tends to be from small to medium in size, but when it reaches maturity, it weighs around 20 pounds.

This crossbreed will have much more energy than a standard Maltese as the Cocker Spaniel parent is a birding breed.

This attentive and easy-bonding breed can sometimes have feisty genes and a high prey drive due to the Cocker Spaniel’s aggressiveness.

However, they are great with children and adults, which makes them flexible family members that don’t require high maintenance.

Because of their drive, they shouldn’t be around small pets. As they are very intelligent, they learn fast so they require ordinary exercise and training.

2. Maltichon


Photo from: @poppyanddaisy2020

Breeds in the mix: Bichon Frise and Maltese

This fluffy, mostly white hybrid dog is one of the most courageous dogs that has a very gentle nature and is affectionate with their loved ones. The Maltichon is one of the most popular Maltese mixes.

Their easy-going nature and gentle character make them wonderful therapy and companion dogs. They can be perfect lap dogs – you just need to seek.

Bear in mind that this mix is sensitive, and you must not speak to him roughly or in a bad way. That’s why this dog is not recommended for families with small children who don’t yet know how to deal with this dog.

Because of their coat, frequent grooming is a must. As Bichon Frise colors are mostly whitish, the mix will probably sport the white color, too. The Maltichon can adapt to many different living spaces.

You need to be patient with them when training, but let me tell you, it is worth every single nerve because they want to make their loved ones happy, and enjoy spending time with them whether it is cuddling or running errands.

3. Maltipoo


Photo from: @_cocokeplerthemaltipoo_

Breeds in the mix: Poodle and Maltese

The Maltipoo is a Poodle Maltese mix that is a great companion to spend time with. This little fella is so charming and loving that it will make your heart melt.

The Maltese Poodle mix is also called the Maltedoodle, the Maltesepoo, the Malt-A-Poo, and the Malt-A-Doodle.

You can be sure that you’ll have a cuddle buddy that is hypoallergenic. Could you believe that a huge amount of good qualities fits in one little pup?

As charming as it is, this Maltese mix requires frequent mental stimuli such as experimentational activities and puzzle toys because their Poodle parent is one of the smartest dog breeds.

The Maltipoo is very popular in the Designer Dog breeding program, and now, we can see why. Their eagerness to please makes them easily trainable, but they tend to be a bit strong-willed from time to time.

With the Maltipoo, you will either have a cuddle dog or the perfect playmate. It’s up to you what you will bring out in them.

4. Malchi


Photo from: @dakotapuppystop

Breeds in the mix: Chihuahua and Maltese

The Malchi is a Maltese Chihuahua mix – a really small dog that is ready to bond quite fast. With his favorite human, a Malchi loves to spend time with his owner who is gentle and loving because a Malchi deserves only the best.

As a Chihuahua parent is a bit sensitive, the Malchi will inherit that, too, so you need to be easy on your little Malchi.

A Malchi that is happy and raised properly will be energetic and eager to play. Even though they are wonderful with children, you must pay attention to them when they are around small kids as kids don’t know that the dog can be fearful.

On the other hand, you can expect that your Malchi will be aloof with strangers and cover it up with their vocalization.

If you want your Malchi to be friendly with other pets and guests, you need to pay attention to training and socialization. Nonetheless, they are wonderful family pets.

5. Maltipom


Photo from: @hey_lunabuna

Breeds in the mix: Pomeranian and Maltese

When you look at both the Pomeranian and the Maltese, you can’t say that those aren’t the cutest dogs ever. By mixing these two dog breeds, you get a magnificent hybrid dog.

Due to their thick coat, the owner will need to groom this dog regularly. Both parent breeds love to bark, and the Maltipom won’t be an exception. In fact, this will make them alert watchdogs, but in a not-so-confined space.

Even though they’re little, the Maltipom is courageous, but you need to watch out for them when there are larger dogs around them. Because of their pride, they can start a fight that they won’t win for sure.

This crossbreed is great with children, and they will often enjoy spending time with kids. However, because of their tiny stature, they are fragile, and they can have anxiety if they are handled in a bad way.

If you socialize the Maltipom from a young age, you will have the perfect family dog that will be friendly with everyone.

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6. Morkie


Photo from: @justbettyandpete

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese

The Morkie is a sweet little pup that arose from mixing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. Other names that they go by are YorkieMalt, Malkie, and Yortese.

Let me tell you – this dog adores cuddles, but he will also want to play often as their nature is very lively and fun-loving.

This crossbreed is clever, and they thrive when they have something to do, so if you get this dog, feel free to stimulate him on a daily basis. The more time you spend with your Morkie, the better he will bond with you.

You should be more cautious with this doggo when he is around kids as he is fragile.

They can develop “small dog syndrome” if they are not taught some clear boundaries. But, socialization and training will help them not to be dominant and spoiled, and they’ll grow into a wonderful family companion.

Plus, the Yorkie mix tends to be more hypoallergenic than other crossbreeds as their Yorkie parent is hypoallergenic.

If you like Yorkshire Terriers, check more adorable Yorkie mixes!

7. Malteagle


Photo from: @itsme.charliee

Breeds in the mix: Beagle and Maltese

The Malteagle is a mix that any family would be happy with. This crossbreed can develop wonderful friendships with children, and they’ll love cuddles in their owner’s lap.

However, they must have sported a bit of Beagle temperament as they can be strong-headed sometimes.

Their curiosity makes them extroverted dogs, so they will make a show wherever they go. Because of their lively and friendly disposition, they are suitable for many different families.

This hybrid dog will have a strong prey drive, so the one type of family they are not suitable for is a family that has other small pets. They should be on a leash most of the time as they can chase animals that pass by.

Lucky for you, this cutie doesn’t require much grooming as he doesn’t shed much, and is also considered a low-maintenance crossbreed.

Just as many other Maltese mixes, they are prone to developing separation anxiety, so make sure to take care of your pup as this can end up in destruction in your home.

But, if you pay attention to them and give them all the love you can offer, I’m sure that you two will be just fine.

Many Beagles will exceed their lifespan range, so the Malteagle should sport some of those healthy genes, too.

8. Malshi


Photo from: @isabella.the.malshi

Breeds in the mix: Shih Tzu and Maltese

This charming hybrid dog will have you in tears (from laughing, of course). The Shih Tzu Maltese mix is a fun-loving dog that will excel in being a great lapdog.

When you look at their smoochable face, you can see why they are one of the most popular designer dogs in the canine community.

The Malshi is also called the Malti-Zu, and the Malt-Tzu, but we will stick with this one. Their happiness and playfulness is something that makes them stand out from other Maltese mixes.

As a very intelligent breed, they enjoy different kinds of games. Could they be more perfect?

They are known to be loyal to their owner, they bond easily, and if you leave them for too long or if you don’t pay enough attention to them, they can suffer from anxiety. So, do not under any circumstance ignore this charming dog.

If you give them love, be sure that you will get the same amount in return. They’ll thrive, and you will be happy with your companion dog! Win-win situation, right?

You can examine a Maltese vs a Shih Tzu in depth.

9. MaltiPug


Photo from: @chocoandnona

Breeds in the mix: Pug and Maltese

The Maltipug is a hybrid dog, which was formed by mixing a Pug and a Maltese – another great lap dog. This hybrid dog is an intelligent breed that has a big personality.

They will most likely sport the Pug’s famous squishy nose. Due to this, they can have some health issues with breathing due to their flat face. Hopefully, they won’t also inherit the Pug’s skin problems.

Boundaries are necessary with this dog breed as they can behave in unimaginable ways if they are left to do anything they want.

To solve that, constant training with positive reinforcement will make the MaltiPug a multi-dog – affectionate, happy, and full of love for their owner.

10. Cavamalt


Photo from: @happypetcares

Breeds in the mix: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Maltese

Both parent breeds of this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese mix are known for their docile and sweet disposition, so it is not a surprise that this Cavamalt is popular among dog lovers.

As this doggo will sport a long, curly coat, expect that you’ll need to do frequent grooming and regular brushing. You will forget how high maintenance your dog is once you see how affectionate he can be.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel colors may affect the coat of this wonderful crossbreed.

Their energy needs are moderate, so there is no need to train hard for this dog. They’ll need positive reinforcement as they can be sensitive from time to time, but if you take care of them in a proper way, they’ll thrive and offer you nothing but a joyful life.

As children often don’t know how to handle tiny dogs, it is better that you are there when kids are around your dog. The

Cavamalt is an adaptable dog that can live in any living space as long as you caress them with smooches and cuddles.

11. Ratese


Photo from: @beau.and.bleu

Breeds in the mix: American Rat Terrier and Maltese

The spunky Ratese is an energetic and lively American Rat Terrier and Maltese mix whose first-mentioned parent was bred to be a hunting dog. Because of that, the Ratese will thrive in outdoor activities.

If you love hiking, or if you’re a fan of walking in nature, this doggo would be perfect for you. Their coat colors can wonderfully develop. Their friendly disposition mixed with their curiosity is something worth having in your life.

Sometimes, a Ratese can be aloof with strangers, so the job that an owner of this dog breed has is to socialize the dog constantly. This is also important because this Terrier mix can be territorial sometimes.

This dog is not suitable for families with small children as they don’t have much patience with those that treat them roughly.

12. Mauzer


Photo from: @alongcamebub

Breeds in the mix: Miniature Schnauzer and Maltese

A little Mauzer is a Miniature Schnauzer Maltese mix that will likely be full of energy and personality traits.

The Mauzer will sport the clever genes of the Miniature Schnauzer, so you are in charge of providing this dog with plenty of activities, both mental and physical.

This little fella needs to be busy at all times. It would be fun if your Mauzer would inherit the famous mighty mustache, which is the Schnauzer’s trademark.

As both parent breeds are small, the mix will also be of small stature. Their disposition will be friendly and affectionate with their loved ones.

The Mauzer is not recommended for families with young kids as they are known to have fragile bones.

It is likely that the Mauzer will bond with one person the most, so if you’re not a single owner, make sure that all family members spend as much time as they can with the dog so it can adapt better.

Socialization will make a Mauzer open up and thrive. With a breed this special, that shouldn’t be hard.

13. Boston Malterrier

boston malterrier

Photo from: @bandit_the_mix

Breeds in the mix: Boston Terrier and Maltese

With this mix, you can expect a dog that picks up only the best from his parent breeds. The goofy genes of the Boston Terrier, and the loving, gentle nature of the Maltese is the perfect mix.

The Boston Malterrier is a lively, happy puppy that adores spending fun time with his family.

This crossbreed tends to have great manners if they’re trained with positive reinforcement. This should be easy as they enjoy learning new tricks. If you have children, this dog is perfect for you.

This loyal and fun-loving dog tends to have separation anxiety if you leave him alone for too long, so make sure to involve him in your family activities as much as you can.

This dog is prone to being a bit suspicious, so adequate socialization is the key.

Whether you mix a Maltese with a red Boston Terrier, a blue Boston Terrier, or a standard Boston Terrier, you will get a gorgeous hybrid dog.

14. Malti Pin

Malti Pin

Photo from: @agnestassarlidingo

Breeds in the mix: Miniature Pinscher and Maltese

The Malti Pin is a Miniature Pinscher and Maltese mix that was originally bred to hunt rodents. This is the reason why you will see your Malti Pin chasing small animals in your back yard, but nonetheless, they will look cute doing that.

The mix of these breeds will result in a small dog that will look just like a cute toy. This dog can go with you everywhere since they are portable and compact.

This dog will captivate strangers’ eyes, but don’t worry – they are less suspicious than the already-mentioned Maltese mixes.

But, either way, you need to socialize this dog if you want your dog to be well-mannered. This dog is not hard to train; however, they may give you a hard time sometimes, but you’ll sort it out since the Malti pin is eager to please their owner.

15. Scottese


Photo from: @murrayvalleypetresort

Breeds in the mix: Scottish Terrier and Maltese

As the Scottese is new in the designer dog breeding program, there is not much information about the mix. We can closely determine Scottese characteristics by looking at both parent breeds’ appearance and disposition.

The Scottish Terrier is an intelligent, independent, and fearless terrier that is affectionate with his owner, but sometimes aloof with strangers.

The Scottese will sport some of those traits for sure as this little mix will be lively, affectionate, and independent. It will need frequent socialization in order to learn how to behave with children and smaller animals.

They are not easy to train, but I’m sure you will manage that. The great thing about them is that they tend to be hypoallergenic, and they’ll only require brushing once a week.

Even though they’re tiny, these little mixed breeds are full of life, and they sometimes can be mischievous. The training part can be a little bit hard as the Scottese can be resistant to it.

The Scottese will be the perfect fit for you if you are ready for that Terrier energy.

16. Jatese


Photo from: @bear.and.bailee

Breeds in the mix: Japanese Chin and Maltese

The Jatese is a mix of a rare breed – the Japanese Chin and the Maltese. This little hybrid will grow into a gorgeous dog.

The Jatese will be adorned with a long, silky coat, and there is a high possibility to sport some of the markings of the Japanese Chin.

As both parent breeds are known as being wonderful companion dogs, the Jatese is sure to have the same characteristics. Their nature is cuddly, playful, lively, and affectionate.

However, you must not spoil this breed as they can be difficult to deal with if they don’t have clear boundaries. They are prone to separation anxiety, so if you decide to purchase this dog breed, make sure to consider all the important things.

17. Mauxie


Photo from: @rositameanspink

Breeds in the mix: Dachshund and Maltese

The Dachtese, or commonly known as the Mauxie, is a Dachshund Maltese mix. As both parent breeds are highly popular, this mix is no exception. The Mauxie is a great option for first-time owners unlike many Maltese mixes on this list.

Their easy-going disposition makes them easy to train. But, don’t be fooled – these dogs are fearless. Nonetheless, they get along with other animals and children.

But, they want all the attention for themselves – they picked that up from their parent-breed Dachshunds that can be pretty needy.

If you are ready to take care of your puppy and give him all the love, it will be reciprocated… I can guarantee you that.

18. Lhatese


Photo from: @stella_kyi.leo

Breeds in the mix: Lhasa Apso and Maltese

The Lhatese is, yep, you guessed it… the Lhasa Apso and Maltese mix. This small dog is highly intelligent and trainable. They are easy to train because of their eagerness to please. They thrive when they have activities based on agility.

They will succeed in obedience skills, so the training should be easy peasy. Even though they are easy-going, this mixed dog breed is not a fan of strangers, and they want attention just for themselves.

They may develop separation anxiety, so make sure to give your pup all the love and care that he deserves.

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19. Peke-A-Tese


Photo: @ranpoco_33_622

Breeds in the mix: Pekingese and Maltese

The Peke-A-Tese hybrid dog is a small pup that weighs less than 10 pounds. Even though they are small, that doesn’t change the fact that they can be strong-headed from time to time. That’s why it is important to train them patiently and consistently.

This little dog will go with you everywhere; however, bear in mind that they don’t love strangers or those who your attention is directed to. The solution to this behavior is early and constant socialization.

These dogs are affectionate, and with this dog, the cuddles will be on a daily basis.

They tend to bond with one person and one person only, so maybe if you have kids, the Peke-A-Tese is not the best option. Nonetheless, these dogs are affectionate, and with this dog, you won’t miss the cuddles.

20. Papitese


Photo from: @macmiabeausophie

Breeds in the mix: Papillon and Maltese

If you are ready to center your world around a dog, this one is perfect for you as this cutie craves physical attention and cuddles. Their genuine temperament and eagerness to please will make you happy all the time.

They need proper care as these mixes are small and fine-boned, so they definitely are not suitable for families that have young children.

They tend to be pretty much curious of the world around them; therefore, you will probably find yourself exploring with your furry companion.

Their love for attention is obvious, and they thrive when you include them in family activities – it makes them feel seen.

They are quite easy to train; however, they need frequent and firm training in order to develop manners.

21. Cairmal


Photo from: @rufus.the.cairmal

Breeds in the mix: Cairn Terrier and Maltese

The Cairmal is a mix of the Maltese and the Cairn Terrier, also called the Malticairn or the Caltese. This big-hearted and happy dog can make an excellent companion dog. This small dog is also one of the few Maltese mixes that are good for small children.

However, they need to be introduced to kids slowly, showing them how to handle a small dog like the Cairmal. He will be the children’s first choice when playing. These dogs are wonderful not only for kids, but also for adults.

The one thing you should make sure of is that they are the only pet in the house as they crave human attention. What is good to know before getting yourself this mixed breed is that Cairmals require daily brushing.

22. Cotonese


Photo from: @skykygo

Breeds in the mix: Coton de Tulear and Maltese

The Coton de Tulear, (a small, fluffy dog breed), when mixed with a Maltese, produces a snowy white dog that is eager to please. This little fella is the perfect companion that will follow you wherever you go.

And, be prepared for a lot of cuddles and snuggles as this dog adores it.

As he loves to please, training shouldn’t be hard. However, we encourage you to train them with positive reinforcement. After all – who wouldn’t love to be praised?

The Cotonese is an adaptable dog that can live in a small place, an apartment, or a big house as long as you give them enough space and time to burn some energy. If you do the training part well, you can expect the best from a Cotonese.

23. Bologmalt


Photo from: @barknbubblesglos

Breeds in the mix: Bolognese and Maltese

When you cross a Bolognese and a Maltese, you get a dog full of personality traits – the Bologmalt – the puppy of a small size, but a curious and spunky nature.

This dog is becoming more and more popular in the designer dog community. You may ask why that is so? Well, let me tell you: this dog can win you over with its playful nature and love for exploring new things.

They are better for families with no kids as they tend to be aloof with strangers and children. If you choose this mixed dog breed, you need to train him firmly so he will learn the basic commands and boundaries. After all – they are loving and loyal companion dogs.

24. Highland Maltie

highland maltie

Photo from: @rennythepup

Breeds in the mix: West Highland White Terrier and Maltese

The Highland Maltie is definitely new in the canine lover club. The Highland Maltie parent breeds are highly popular in the world, and this pooch is yet to become highly known.

Just like many Maltese mixes, this crossbreed is no exception as it will require both physical and mental stimulation.

They thrive when they have something to do, so training should be easy. Their bond with children and other animals is something else.

However, you need to be gentle with them and never speak roughly to them because their sensitive nature would be endangered.

With positive and firm training, you will have a happy doggo!

They love training and agility exercises.

25. Havamalt


Photo from: @harveythehavamalt2022

Breeds in the mix: Havanese and Maltese

The Havamalt is a hybrid dog that is sweet-tempered and mellow. Sometimes, this hybrid dog can be shy and mistrustful of strangers, but they light up after they are introduced. This should be encouraged at an early age.

The Havanese is quite hypoallergenic, so the Havamalt can sport some of that trait, too. These little smooches are great for older kids as youngsters can pull and pet the puppy too harshly.

They thrive in families where there are more adults. As they are highly intelligent, they enjoy having mentally-based games and learning new tricks. Once you get them, you’re hooked forever.

26. Tibetan Spaltese

tibetan spaltese

Photo from: @pascal_the_tibetan

Breeds in the mix: Tibetan Spaniel and Maltese

The Tibetan Spaltese a rare designer dog because the parent breeds are quite different in nature. That’s why we cannot know for sure whose traits the Tibetan Spaltese will sport more.

If you’re lucky, you will get a dog that will pick up only the best of both parent breeds.

The Tibetan Spaltese parent will temper the Maltese’s bad traits, while keeping up with its loving characteristics. Its exercise needs are not big, so if you love to be a couch potato, be sure that it will join you.

Due to their combined coat, this hybrid dog will require frequent baths and trims; therefore, if you can’t handle this high-maintenance dog, look for another hybrid dog.

27. Cortese


Photo from: @ocithecortese

Breeds in the mix: Corgi and Maltese

When you combine a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Maltese, you get a happy, lively cuddle dog that will fit into almost every family.

Even though they might be stubborn sometimes, they are easy to train, and will need brushing at least twice a week. This dog can sport some of the Corgi colors, and the markings mixed with white colors of Maltese parents.

Cortese is a small pup with a big personality. As an owner, you should provide training with positive reinforcement, which should not be hard as they are eager to please.

Because of their friendliness towards everyone, they are not good protectors, but are great watchdogs as they will bark and bark.

Yet, another trait of the Cortese is that they are great with children and adults, and even animals, no matter what species they are.

28. Crested Malt

crested malt

Photo from: @mypupemma

Breeds in the mix: Chinese Crested and Maltese

This is another rare dog that must be on our list of Maltese mixes as their look is beautiful. They are adorned with long hair that falls over their eyes, and they have teddy-bear-like ears.

This loyal hybrid dog is hypoallergenic, friendly with almost everyone, and has a kind nature. It will make a great lap dog.

Because of their long hair, this dog will require regular grooming. They also need daily exercise to fulfill their energy needs.
Sadly, they are not yet established as a breed and registered with the American Kennel Club.

29. Silkese


Photo from: @silky.ed

Breeds in the mix: Silky Terrier and Maltese

The Silkese is a mix between a Silky Terrier and a Maltese. This little puppy weighs less than 15 pounds. The Silkese can inherit the all-white Maltese coat or sport some colors like the gray and brown of a Silky Terrier.

The Silkese tend to be very gentle when compared with other small mixed breeds. Their popularity will rise once people find out how gentle and affectionate these small creatures are.

A Silkese puppy needs exercise, and it enjoys playtime. Your job as a Silkese owner is to stimulate them both physically and mentally.

If you are not home often, then this dog is not for you as they can develop and suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long.

In Conclusion

We’ve listed all the Maltese mixes that we could find. There is no doubt that every single one of them is charming and gorgeous. However, the popularity of the Maltese is not new.

Many Maltese mixes are compact, portable, fearless, and loyal, making them true to their parent breed – the Maltese.

However, if you’re looking to adopt one of these Maltese mixes, make sure to pay attention to many factors, such as whether they are suitable for families with kids, small or big living spaces, energy needs, etc.

Good luck in searching for a dog that will make your life happier!

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