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Maltipom: The Cuteness Scale Has Exploded

Maltipom: The Cuteness Scale Has Exploded

The cuteness scale is about to go ka-boom!

Meet the Maltipom a small dog breed you’ll definitely adore.

They’re always small, fluffy, and mostly white. And, let’s not forget – pawdorable!

Maltipoms are pretty excellent to own, even if you don’t have any experience in raising dogs. These dogs are beautiful inside and outside.

Let me tell you something: they’re quite easy to look after. Everything appears to be simple with these pups: from teaching them to go potty, to adjusting them to different types of dog food and introducing them to strangers.

Maltipoms are one of those dogs that make you think: Man, I want a dozen of these little guys!

If you’re thinking about getting a Maltipom, then you should definitely keep on reading. Today, you’ll find out why Maltipoms are so special, and whether it’s a good decision to adopt one of them.

Stay tuned for the info on Maltipoms… puppies as sweet as sugar!

What Is A Maltipom?

maltipom dog in nature

The Maltipom is a fairly new crossbreed dog a puppy from the Maltese and the Pomeranian parent. We can say the Maltipom (or the Pomanees) is a first-generation crossbreed pup. Will there be more Maltipom generations? We’ll see that in the future.

For starters, let’s focus on the first Maltipoms.

These hybrid dogs bring the best of both worlds. And, let me just say that both the Maltese and the Pomeranian parents are breeds I’d like to consider as my dogs one day. They’re absolutely delightful and incredible to own.

Well, their love puppy couldn’t be anything less than that.

That’s right! The Maltipom is one of the finest hybrid dogs out there. Although they’re not too popular, I predict a bright future for them. Once people realize how sweet Maltipoms are, they’ll pick them instead of standard, more popular hybrids.

The Origin Of The Maltipom

white malitpom sitting on the ground

It’s still unknown when the first Maltipoms appeared. A lot of hybrid breeds had an expansion back in the 1990s. This is the time when people found out more about Doodle mixes, probably the most popular category of hybrid pups.

Simply put… the end of the 20th century was an era when experimenting with crossbreeding was trendy. Since people back then used to breed pretty much any breed, we can assume that Maltipoms are from that era, too.

While we don’t know much information on the origin of the Maltipom, we can say a word or two about the Maltese and the Pom parent. Understanding a pup’s background is more important than a lot of us think.

So, let’s get to know the Maltipom’s heritage!

About The Pomeranian Parent

Did you know that the Pomeranian is actually a descendant of the spitz-type sled dogs from Iceland?

Yes, the Pom’s ancestors used to pull sleds. They were bigger, and thus, fluffier. Once this dog breed reached the continental part of Europe, precisely Germany, they were further bred and improved in order to achieve their small size. The fluffiness persisted.

Named after the Pomerania area in Germany, today’s Poms aren’t working dogs like their ancestors. Ever since they reached the States, Poms have become popular as companions and lap dogs.

But, their companionship preferences date back to historical figures like Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Emile Zola, etc.

Poms are small and playful dogs with high energy levels and an attitude that will hook you for good. No wonder why their love puppies with Maltese dogs are so great!

About The Maltese Parent

Believe it or not, the Maltese parent is much older than you think. This dog breed has been around since ancient times. Although the Maltese is not as popular in the States as the Pom or the Poodle, this dog breed still enjoys being popular in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Precisely, Maltese dogs are more popular in the Mediterranean area. This is the exact area they come from.

Although some experts claim that the breed comes from ancient Egypt or even Sicily, many of them would still agree that this dog comes from a small island in the Mediterranean, called Malta. It lies south of Italy, and it has been habited since 1000 BCE.

Some even go so far as to claim that the Phoenicians that colonized Malta brought these white pups to the island. They were well-known and well-experienced traders, so it’s possible that this breed has roots that go further than this small island.

The Maltese dog breed was extremely valued for its companionship skills. However, the first specimens of the breed were used as guard dogs on ships, making sure there were no rodents that might compromise the crew’s food supplies.

Still, the Maltese’s social skills managed to prevail, and these dogs became known as companions and pets. By the beginning of the 19th century, Maltese dogs became popular in the States, and thus, in the rest of the world.

The situation still hasn’t changed. Maltese dogs are pets and show dogs. They don’t have strong work ethics, and they shouldn’t be used as guards or watch dogs. The Maltese was bred and raised for cuddling, and that’s the only hard work they should do.

What Do Maltipoms Look Like?

maltipom lying down on the ground

The Maltipom is a crossbreed (or a mixed breed) puppy. As such, they’re not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and they don’t have a breed standard. No crossbreed dog has a breed standard to begin with.

However, we can notice a pattern repeating with certain breeds, especially if it’s not an uncommon combination of the breeds.

Maltipoms can either feature traits from one parent or be a wonderful combination of both.

The good news is that Maltipoms have a chance of being hypoallergenic dogs. People who are prone to allergies will love Maltipoms for their odorless coat that doesn’t shed too much. The coat is also super soft and silky.

Maltipoms tend to have wavy hair. However, it leans more on the straight side than on the curly side. Either way, these puppies should have hypoallergenic traits. If nothing else, at least they won’t shed as much as their Pom parent does.

Maltipoms have a lovely appearance. Their ears are long, as is their tail. They have lovely little round eyes that spark up everytime they see their humans. Their coat usually comes in white and light combinations. Maltipoms are pretty human-focused, but you’ll learn about their personalities soon.

Big differences lie in terms of the facial features of the parents. A Maltese has a somewhat blocky-shaped muzzle. It’s super cute and small. However, the Pomeranian has a fox-like muzzle and pointy ears. They look more like little foxes than dogs. 

A Pomeranian’s coat starts from his upper neck and grows down. It’s double, with a short undercoat and a really thick overcoat. What’s so pretty about Poms is that they come in lots of colors, including merle, lavender, blue, red…

A Pom’s tail is plumped up and rich. Some might say this is a signature sign for Pomeranians.

What’s The Size Of Maltipoms?

cute maltipom in the park

Maltipoms are small dogs. Well, they should be when you take into consideration the size of their parents. Both the Maltese and the Pomeranian are small, toy dogs born to cuddle and play.

Of course, when we mention Pomeranian parents, we’re not talking about teacup Poms. Those dogs should not be bred because they bring many congenital health problems.

Simply put: regular-sized Poms and Maltese dogs should be the only options for Maltipom parents.

If you compare the Pomeranian with a Maltese, you’ll see that they’re similar in size. The Pomeranian is a tad bit bigger than the Maltese. The Pomeranian’s growth chart says they usually grow from 7 to 12 inches at the withers. They never weigh more than 8 pounds, and some Poms are as light as just 3 pounds.

The Maltese parent is only 8 to 10 inches tall at the withers. However, they seem to be a bit heavier than Pomeranians. Usually, Maltese weigh a pound more than an average Pom.

So, any size within this range is acceptable for Maltipoms.

The bottom line is that they’re small-breed dogs, and they shouldn’t ever be smaller than their recommended sizes.

Do Maltipoms Have A Good Temperament?

white maltipom and orange cat lying together in the bed

People expect that small pooches are always super friendly and sweet. But, that’s not the deal with all small pooches. There are actually dogs that tend to show aggression that goes past their tiny size. For example, the world’s smallest dog often shows signs of aggression.

Yup, Chihuahuas are like that. But, are our Maltipom buddies like their Mexican friends?

Not even close to it!

Maltipoms are an excellent proof that cuteness does come in small packages, even the one coming from the inside. Maltipoms are simply beautiful dogs in every possible term. Their kind temperament is one of the reasons why people get them as valuable pets.

Maltipoms are lovely little social butterflies. They like spending time with humans, and showing signs of friendship towards anyone. This doesn’t make them good watchdogs as they would greet intruders.

One of the first things that comes to my mind when someone mentions Maltipoms is their bouncy and perky personality. These are playful dogs, and they seem to be happy all the time. Of course, they will need an owner to match their cheerful spirit.

Maltipoms love showing affection, and they won’t hesitate to kiss you, especially when you’re feeling down.

One downside that can be found with Maltipoms is their dominant approach. These dogs tend to act like they’re in charge when they’re around other dogs. This sort of behavior can be curbed with positive reinforcement during training, but Maltipoms are still puppies from the Pomeranian – a small but mighty and dominant breed that always speaks his mind.

Is It Difficult To Train Malitpoms?

white maltipom dog in the park

Maltipoms shouldn’t be too difficult to train. They don’t come from parents that are usually prone to aggression or behavioral problems. Both parents are normally sweet and friendly, so they don’t exhibit training issues either.

Maltipoms don’t need strenuous workouts since they’re so small. A simple walk in the park followed by some playtime with a ball will do the trick for these pooches. As long as you drain their energy bar, you shouldn’t experience any trouble in getting them focused on training.

Maltipoms are pretty obedient dogs. They don’t drift away easily, and they tend to show interest in whatever you’re trying to teach them. Some Maltipoms may be a bit stubborn if they inherit this trait from their Pom parent, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

What’s important is that you put your Maltipom puppy through early socialization lessons. You must have your pup socialized so he will know how to behave around other dogs, people, and in unknown situations.

What every puppy likes is positive reinforcement. You should absolutely train your Maltipoo by using this approach. This way, puppies receive treats and praises for every task they complete successfully. This encourages them to perform their commands well, and learn even better.

I must warn you about a potential issue with Maltipoms. They tend to be a bit loud and bark a lot. However, this can be corrected with training. Since Maltipoms learn fast, they should catch onto this pretty soon. It’s crucial to teach them when it is okay to bark and when not to; otherwise, you’ll have problems with your neighbors.

Are Maltipoms Low-Maintenance Dogs?

white male maltipom lying on the cement floor

Being low-maintenance depends on quite a few things, but we can say that Maltipoms are generally low-maintenance dogs. In fact, the parent breeds (the Maltese and the Pomeranian) are low-maintenance dogs, too.

Of course, grooming regularly doesn’t ensure your pup will be easy maintenance. Grooming is a process that takes time, and it’s often considered a bit tricky to do.

Maltipoms have a medium chance of being hypoallergenic. This means they will need to be brushed several times a week to ensure a fluffy and shiny coat. Also, they will shed a lot, which means you’ll need to vacuum often. Maybe now is the time to invest in a robot vacuum.

Besides the brushing part, Maltipoms are pretty simple to take care of. Small dog breeds like this one don’t need lots of daily exercise. They find short walks to be just fine. You don’t want to exercise them too much either because that can cause issues linked to their joints and bones.

Training a Maltipom is something we’ve already discussed. It’s good to know that these little buddies show no signs of training difficulties. In fact, they enjoy the time spent together, and love making their owner satisfied.

If you’re a first-time owner, and you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t raise much fuss, then the Maltipom is the pup for you. They won’t exhaust you in any way… of course, only under the condition that you’re not allergic to dog hair and dander.

How Healthy Are Malitpoms

cute white maltipom looking into camera

Maltipoms are crossbreed dogs, and as such, they will inherit proneness to different health conditions coming from both sides of the family.

Your Maltipom is a crossbreed, so similar to temperament and physical characteristics, they may also inherit health issues from either parents.

The Maltese dog breed is prone to the following health problems:

liver shunt


tracheal collapse

dental problems

hip dysplasia


pyloric stenosis

However, there’s something about Maltese dogs that you should know. They’re susceptible to something called white shaker dog syndrome.

White shaker dog syndrome is a neurological condition that manifests in shaking anytime a dog is under stress. Luckily, these body tremors are not life-threatening in any case, and they seem to be pretty rare.

Pomeranians don’t suffer from this condition, but they do have other possible health problems.

An average Pomeranian is susceptible to the following health conditions:


patellar luxation



PRA (or Progressive Retinal Atrophy)


dental problems


tracheal collapse

severe hair loss syndrome (SHLS)

There’s really no way you can tell whether or not your Maltipom will be a healthy dog. But, what you can do is make sure you buy from a responsible breeder who breeds parents of exceptional health status.

It’s always tricky to find a healthy crossbreed dog. If you buy from questionable sources, your dog will definitely be more likely to suffer from any of the mentioned conditions.

As for the lifespan of the parent breeds, you should know that both parents are blessed with a long lifespan. The Maltese usually lives 12 to 15 years while the Pom seems to live a year longer. So, you can expect your Maltipom to live up to 16 years if you treat him well.

What’s The Average Purchase Price Of Maltipoms?

cute white maltipom dog standing on the road

Before we talk about the Maltipom’s purchase price, you should know a thing or two about the prices of the parent breeds.

Maltese dogs aren’t too popular in the States, but they’re still around. This ensures a rather normal purchase price. Almost all small purebred dogs go for $1,500 to $2,000. If you find a Maltese within this range, then you should consider buying him… of course, if all the other factors seem to be okay.

This is the purchase price for a pet-quality dog. Show dogs and champion lines are naturally more expensive. You’re looking at several thousand dollars for this type of puppy. So, if you’re not interested in entering dog shows, don’t bother with finding top-notch quality pups.

However, a small issue arises with the Pomeranian parent. These dogs are considered one of the priciest ones in the world. Pomeranians are also considered fancy pooches; hence, the high purchase price. Normally, Poms go for $2,000 or more.

You’re much more likely to find a pricey Pom than an average-priced one.

So, what’s the deal with their hybrid puppy? Are Maltipoms pricey, too?

Maltipoms shouldn’t be too pricey. Still, it depends on the quality of the parents. You can’t expect to find a Maltipom for $1,000 or less. Well… you can, but that would be of questionable quality.

A normal Maltipoo puppy is usually priced at $2,000. I see their prices go even higher, even for pet-quality dogs. Apparently, the market for Maltipoms is developing, and the demand for these pups is higher than before.

Luckily, you shouldn’t have many expenses once you adopt a Maltipom. They’re generally healthy, and won’t cause you a headache when you take them to the vet.

Where Can You Find Good Maltipom Breeders?

malitpom dog standing in the dog house

Unfortunately, PupVine has no insight on good Maltipom breeders mainly because this is a fairly new crossbreed. Maltipoms still have a long way to go before they become as popular as some Poodle mixes, i.e., Goldendoodles.

This Maltese Pomeranian mix is still a hybrid, and hybrids are pretty difficult to breed and raise.

The biggest issue you might have with your Maltipom is actually finding it. Not a lot of breeders of purebred parents want to dabble in crossbreeding. Most people want to keep their lines clean, and don’t want to gable with hybrid dogs.

However, some people still find hybrids, like Maltipoms, a challenge that they’re willing to take. But, such people are rare.

The most important thing you should do when finding a good Maltipom breeder is ensure that they test their parent dogs as well as their puppies on numerous congenital health problems. Your pup’s health should be your #1 priority. Trust me… a lot of hobby breeders don’t find this to be a priority at all.

You should avoid suspicious breeders who don’t even have an official website, and who are not even on social media or any other contact besides their phone number. Those people are often scammers, and if you want a good breeder, you’ll need someone who is transparent about their program.

Speaking of transparency…

Any sign of avoiding answering your question is a huge red flag.

I know it will be difficult to find a Maltipom breeder, but you can always try these Maltese and Pomeranian breeders. 

Maybe these people might know someone who breeds healthy Maltipom puppies:

Pomeranian breeders in California

Maltese breeders in the States

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Own A Maltipom

man holding maltipom dog on his shoulder

There are lots of good reasons why you should own a Maltipom. Normally, people are a bit scared of getting a fresh hybrid breed. But, there’s really nothing to worry about if you’re getting a puppy from a trusted source.

Hybrid dogs can be as happy as any other purebred breed.

If you’re still thinking of getting a Maltipom, but you need a little bit more persuasion, then you should check out the top three reasons why getting a Maltipom is a good idea!

Their Adorable Appearance

Maltipoms are dogs with incredibly good looks. After all… they do come from the Maltese and the Pomeranian breeds – two pretty gorgeous dogs. The good looks of a Maltipom is written in its DNA. There’s no way these pooches can ever be ugly no matter the inherited gene ratio.

Usually, crossbreed dogs resemble either one or the other parent. Sometimes, they’re a mix of both. As far as our Maltipom is concerned, they’re small, white, and fluffy, and an absolute delight to look at!

These dogs are a wonderful mashup of both parents. You can’t really tell where the Maltese begins and where the Pomeranian ends.

What is sure is that each specimen of this hybrid breed is a pup that will create comments and compliments.

Quite A Long Lifespan

Thanks to good genes from their parents, Maltipoms are destined to have quite a long lifespan. These dogs normally live up to 15 years. That’s quite long for dogs considering the fact that many of them only live 10 years or so.

Maltipoms are fairly healthy dogs. Of course, every breed is prone to certain health conditions. It wouldn’t be natural if they were 100% healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that every Maltipom will suffer from the same conditions.

Take good care of your Maltipom puppy and you’ll definitely live to see them bouncing around for a decade and a half.

Great Temperament

Maltipoms get along with pretty much anyone. These pups will enjoy living with families no matter if they have younger or older children. Human beings are the center of their attention, and they’ll do anything to see them smile.

That’s why Maltipoms can act a bit clownish from time to time.

Maltipoms are not only friendly, but also quite affectionate. They demand cuddles all the time, and they won’t mind if you share more of them.

If you want a cuddle buddy and a companion that will always keep your lap warm, then the Maltipom is the pup for you.

Top Three Reasons Why You Might Not Like A Maltipom

white maltipom lying down on the ground

The reason why I’m mentioning these downsides is not to keep you away from getting a Maltipom. As a future Maltipom owner, you should know everything about these pups so that nothing surprises you.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

While some of these things aren’t really a big deal, they might be a deal breaker for some of you. We’re all individuals, and it’s absolutely okay to speak up and say what you dislike about certain dogs.

Without further ado, these are the most common reasons why people don’t get Maltipoms!

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is something that kicks in with lots of dogs. For example, the Maltipom’s small white buddies, the Bichons, also get anxious when being left alone.

The anxiety is inherited from both parents. The Maltese and the Pomeranian are both super clingy, and hate being left alone for too long.

Some people decide they want crate training so they can put their pups in the crate when they’re out. This is one of the ways of curbing destruction caused by separation anxiety. The other way is either bringing your dog along or not going anywhere at all.

Dominant Behavior

While Maltese dogs are pretty docile, Pomeranians are pups that tend to show dominance in certain situations. The Maltipom usually acts all dominant when they’re around other small dogs.

But, acting all bossy around bigger dogs isn’t a problem for them either.

The dominance issue should be addressed with proper training. The purebred Pomeranian can be a bit stubborn, and thus, give the same traits to their puppies. Training is usually quite simple as long as you show them who’s in charge.

Some Maltipoms are pups that don’t really understand how small they are meaning they will easily try to establish dominance with dogs twice as big as they are. Their Napoleon complex is pretty strong, and it should be treated.

Not 100% Hypoallergenic

Sadly, first-generation Maltipoms are not hypoallergenic dogs. There is a small chance that your pup might show signs of being mild towards allergic people, but that’s it.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend Maltipoms if you or some of your family members are allergic to dog hair and dander. Pick another breed or wait until someone breeds generations and generations of Maltipoms in order to achieve hypoallergenic status.

To Sum Up…

The Maltipom, the Pomanees, or the Pomanese is a Pomeranian Maltese mix one of the smallest and cutest family pets that you and your family will adore.

The Maltipom dog is a designer dog, but its sweet temperament says differently. Maltipoms aren’t snobbish at all. They’re dear companions, and they enjoy spending lots of time together with their owner. These are the ultimate lap dogs, and you’ll definitely appreciate every second spent with them.

What’s so great about the Maltipom breed is that they’re great little dogs for families with small children. Dog owners usually get them because they’re so easygoing, and don’t ever show signs of aggression.

A well-trained Maltipom should be a great new pet for an inexperienced owner. These are intelligent dogs, ready to learn and make you satisfied. The only issue with Maltipoms might be with grooming and the fact that they’re not hypoallergenic.

If you’re not allergic to dogs, and don’t mind brushing dogs, you should definitely consider getting a Maltipom.

As they’re active dogs, take them for light-paced daily walks, and play lightly with them in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Of course, pick high-quality kibble, and don’t forget to schedule regular vet visits. Your Maltipom will pay you back not only with love, but also with up to a 15-year-long lifespan.