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Is Lavender Pomeranian A Real Deal?

Is Lavender Pomeranian A Real Deal?

Is this the first time you’re reading about the Lavender Pomeranian? Not a surprise at all! Lavender Pomeranians are not that much represented among dog owners. Their lavender coat color is often mixed with chocolate, or blue merle.

That’s why some breeders refer to a Lavender Pomeranian as a Chocolate Pom, or a Blue Pom. However, the most used names for these canines are Lavender, and Lilac Pomeranians.

This is a toy breed, favorable by dog owners that have big families and small kids. The breed is extremely intelligent and their trainability level is high. Lavender Poms enjoy completing a task, as they are agile, active and playful.

Lavender Pom canines are purebred dogs and AKC registered. The American Kennel Club has recognized the breed, but the lavender coloring is not AKC standard. Most breeders register their Lavender Pomeranians under the chocolate, blue merle, or cream coloring.

In the following part of this article find out more about these double-coated, rare canines!

What Is A Lavender Pomeranian?

owner holding Lavender Pomeranian

Photo from: @blue_diamonds_frenchies

Generally, Lavender Pomeranians are purebred puppies that have a lavender coat color. This is not an AKC recognized coat color, as the standard Pomeranian colors imply the following: blue sable, tri-color, white, wolf sable, orange sable, cream, chocolate, blue merle, black, and several others.

White Pomeranians, alongside Cream Pomeranians, Chocolate Pomeranians and Black Pomeranians are the most represented Pom dogs in U.S. households. Parti-color and Sable Pomeranians are slightly unusual, but represented, too.

Lavender Poms are a mix of two purebred Pomeranian puppies. Here we talk about mixing Blue Pomeranians with Chocolate Poms, mostly. However, the lavender coloring is still not guaranteed and to an untrained eye it may seem that lavender canines are still blue, brindle, or chocolate sable.

That’s why Lavender Poms are also known as Diluted Chocolate Pomeranians. The fact that lavender-colored ones are not AKC recognized, breeders register this canine under Chocolate Poms most of the time.

This is a toy dog breed, reaching 6-7 inches in height and 3-7 pounds in weight. Even though the breed itself is active and playful, Pom owners have to be careful when it comes to their feeding, as the breed has a tendency of gaining weight.

The Pomeranian Puppies History

It is believed that Pomeranian dogs originate from Germany and Poland, as their name derives from Pomerania, a region in Northeast Europe.

However, other sources say that Pomeranian puppies come from the Spitz family in the Arctic, as their guard hair prevents them from severe cold.

The puppies were much bigger in the previous version, reaching up to 30 pounds in weight. They were used as working dogs, and watchdogs, too, which makes sense, as Poms are brave and fearless, despite being a toy breed nowadays.

There are a plethora of Pomeranian mixes all over the world, as the breed is favorable for crossbreeding with other dogs.

Over time the Pomeranian breed decreased in size, as breeders adapted this dog to a family lifestyle. These cute, little canines appear as playful, loyal and affectionate. Many breeders use the Pom puppy for dog shows and agility contests.

The breed comes in different colors. Today, Orange Pomeranians, Parti Pomeranians, or Merle Pomeranians are widely represented, despite the fact that these are not qualified as the breed standard. That’s the case with Lavender Pomeranians, too.

The canines are popular for their dilution genes that allow the breed to look unusual. However, we don’t always come across wanted pigmentation in mixed Pomeranian puppies. Many puppies are not diluted enough to be entirely lavender.

Rare Pomeranian colors are what makes the breed look unique and resemble the true fashionist look!

What Does A Lavender Pomeranian Look Like?

Most Pomeranian puppies come within the standard, 6-7 inches tall, size. The breed has a double coat by default, as their undercoat prevents them from being exposed to severe cold, and keeps their body temperature within the normal ratio.

Lavender Pomeranians appear as diluted chocolate, or blue dogs with brown, or blue eyes. The latter is the trait of diluted coloring, too, as purebred, solid-colored Poms have brown eyes exclusively.

The breed has long hair that requires weekly grooming, but their magnificent coat is subject to various grooming styles, too. Pomeranians are known to be a breed with one of the biggest fashionist potential, right next to Poodles.

Teacup Pomeranians are mostly white, solid black, orange, or red dogs. They have black noses, black paw pads and teddy bear eyes.

Their head shape resembles a fox. Dilution genes in some Pom puppies add to the overall, fantastic look. For instance, diluted black may be preferred in respect to solid-black Pomeranian.

In a nutshell, these little canines are the true beauties, ready to play both indoors and outdoors. They make excellent life companions, and fit perfectly into your home.

Other Coat Colors In A Lavender Pomeranian

The Pomeranian breed is one of the most fashionist dogs in the world. You will see them appear in various movies, dog shows, billboards, or on social media. This is a quite popular dog breed, and they make excellent family dogs.

Their double-coat appears in many colors. Aside from the Lavender Pomeranians, who are considered as rare, we have red, white, black, orange, chocolate, blue, blue merle, tri-color, or parti-color Pomeranians.

We see from this list that Pomeranians have a lot to offer when it comes to their overall appearance, as there are many dog breeds that appear in two, or three colors maximum.

Most of the colors mentioned in the previous paragraph are AKC registered and the most common colors in a Pomeranian puppy. However, breeders use the potential of these canines and mix two differently colored Pomeranians in order to get another, diluted Pom puppy.

This is mainly due to dog owners’ preferences, and requires time and research. Two purebred Pomeranians, when crossed, still give the purebred puppy with diluted coloring. However, diluted colors are mainly not recognized as the breed standard.

There might be a small difference between male and female Pomeranian puppies in size. Males are slightly bigger, although the difference is impossible to detect at first.

The Lavender Pomeranian Fantastic Temperament

Lavender Pomeranians playing outside

Photo from: @blue_diamonds_frenchies

Are you looking for a family dog that loves to cuddle at all times? Well, this is it! Pomeranian puppies are the kings of households, as they love spending time with families and entertain them with their sassy, playful character.

Their overall temperament is gentle, even though the breed was initially a watchdog.

They produce a high-pitched barking sound, which can be considered as the alarm to owners once strangers enter the house. However, barking is also a way of communicating and doesn’t necessarily mean that the puppy is on alert.

This is a family dog that spends most of the time in the house. That’s why you may consider purchasing the best dog beds for your Pomeranian and make their life even more comfortable.

The cost won’t affect your budget much, if we take into consideration that this is a teacup breed which doesn’t require so much space.

Lavender Pomeranians, as well as Poms in other colors, are dogs that love being engaged in various activities. Even though the breed loves spending time as a couch potato, they require certain levels of activity outdoors.


Lavender Poms are highly intelligent dogs. Their intelligence is reflected in fast learning, adaptation process, and early socialization. This is the breed that takes part in many dog contests and learns new tricks easily.

You will see Pom puppies taking part in AKC dog shows, too! Their sweet character, as well as their wonderful grooming styles, is what makes them favorable all over the world. You can find Pomeranian breeders in the UK, as well as in the U.S.

Despite the fact that the breed is intelligent, they still require early obedience and socialization training. This is necessary due to the fact that Pomeranians have a tendency of wandering outside, and given their toy size, this might be dangerous.

Big predators, such as eagles, can easily confuse your Pom puppy with a rabbit, or other small animals. Pomeranians cannot defend themselves in these kinds of situations, as their size doesn’t allow them to fight back.

Also, do not let your Pomeranian puppy outside without supervision. Their overall body structure is fragile. Pom puppies are active by nature and tend to jump, or run everywhere. This can cause potential injuries and bone breaking.

Family Dogs

The thing all family dog breeds have in common is their loyalty. Like most family dogs, Lavender Pomeranian puppies are loyal puppies that love spending time with their owners.

The bond is solid and almost unbreakable, especially if we take into consideration the fact that Pom puppies do not stand solitude well.

Pomeranians can suffer severe separation anxiety, and the recommendation is to teach them early socialization, and obedience.

Still, make sure your daily schedule is adapted to having a puppy in your life. Pomeranians can endure several hours a day being separated from the owners, but more than that can cause self-destruction and unusual behavior.

It is highly unlikely that Pomeranian puppies will show aggression, but the breed requires a lot of dedication and affection.

Pom puppies are known for their soft and gentle approach towards humans. These puppies are recommended both to experienced and inexperienced dog owners. However, make sure you collect all the information from the breeder before getting the puppy.


As we have already mentioned before, this is an intelligent dog that learns new tricks easily. That’s why the Pomeranian dog breed is highly favorable for dog shows and contests. These dogs are agile, fast, and show an excellent sense of space.

The overall trainability process for a family life implies several things. The first is early obedience training. The puppies can show certain levels of stubbornness, which, when combined with their spoiled nature, can be overwhelming.

Some breeders recommend shock collars for small dogs, which can be a plus in the overall training process. However, the best way to train your puppy is if the training has a natural flow. Positive reinforcement is one of key things to implement in obedience training.

It can be done throughout snacks, but the recommendation is to be careful. These canines tend to gain weight easily, which doesn’t do well in the long run. Healthy snacks with proper nutrition are a good choice!

Early socialization training is necessary, too! Even though the breed shows excellent adaptation abilities, the puppies can still feel unsafe around strangers. This type of training is a plus if you have other pets in your house, too!

Lastly, if you want your Lavender Pomeranian to take part in dog contests and you don’t have sufficient experience in training dogs, you may want to consider certified dog trainers. The overall process isn’t cheap, but it is definitely worth it!

Are Lavender Pomeranians Aggressive?

Generally, Pomeranians do not qualify among aggressive dog breeds. There are only a few cases where Lavender Pomeranians can come across a bit aggressive. Firstly, it is when these canines feel endangered by a bigger predator.

Also, Poms can show signs of aggression when faced with inappropriate breeding. Puppies require a lot of attention, love, and training. Owners that tend to show aggression towards these puppies can expect nothing less in return. However, this is the case with most dog breeds.

Additionally, Lavender Pomeranians show signs of aggression when suffering severe anxiety. This is an intelligent dog that doesn’t do well on its own. This breed requires a family surrounding, as well as human company. They don’t like separation, as they are not an independent breed by default.

Overall, we don’t consider Pomeranian puppies aggressive. This is a loyal, playful and positive dog that loves spending time around people. Properly trained Pomeranian puppies do well around other pets, too!

They have a high adaptability potential, which makes them perfect for a family life.

Lavender Pomeranian Health Issues

Lavender Pomeranian lying in bed

Photo from: @lavenderbluepom

Lavender Pomeranians, as well as other Pomeranians, are generally healthy dogs, whose lifespan goes between 12 and 16 years. In comparison with other dog breeds, this is a pretty good ratio.

The breed itself doesn’t have many health issues, but there are factors that impact their overall health. The first thing you need to bear in mind if you have a Pomeranian puppy is their feeding.

These canines require a specially-made Pomeranian feeding chart. This is due to the fact that the breed is toy-sized, and tends to gain weight easily. Pomeranians don’t stand obesity well, nor does any dog breed.

Obesity can cause lack of activity, disinterest, and bone injuries. Inactive Pomeranians can face heart problems, which can have deadly repercussions.

On the other hand, the breed requires regular training on a daily basis. Yes, this is an indoor breed that loves spending time lying on a bed, but it still needs some activity in their daily routine.

An hour of moderate walking, fetching the ball, or a simple play time in the house, is sufficient and can improve the overall well-being of your puppy.

However, there are some hereditary diseases common for all Pomeranians puppies.


Cataracts in dogs is a hereditary condition that is common for all Pomeranians.

However, reputable breeders will make sure that you get a healthy, free of disease, puppy. Breeders of merit do regular bloodline tests, as well as genetic research, with the focus on Pomeranian common diseases.

Cataracts are known as gradual dog blindness that affects puppies in the latter stages of their life. The issue is exclusively hereditary and can only be detected by a veterinarian. Make sure your puppy gets regular health exams, as this is crucial in preventing total blindness in your dog.

However, cataracts can be impacted by diabetes. Dogs with diabetes have a bigger tendency of developing cataracts, so the establishment of a proper feeding chart for your Pom puppy is crucial.

This breed easily gains weight, as the puppies are toy-sized and not as active as bigger dog breeds.

Make sure the puppy always gets timely and appropriate dog food. Avoid the worst dog food brands on the market, as well as junk food.

Cataracts can be treated surgically, but your job is to do everything you can to prevent this possible outcome.


Another hereditary health condition is epilepsy. Epilepsy in dogs is not as common in Poms as in other dog breeds, but still can be the case.

It is manifested throughout severe seizure episodes. Other symptoms of epilepsy are disorientation, sleepiness, disinterest in any sort of activity, drooling, loss of bladder control, and so on.

This health issue can be detected by a veterinarian, but the process itself is a little bit complicated.

Namely, epilepsy is detected by the exclusion of other potential diseases. There are many other diseases that can cause seizures, and once the puppy is tested negative, epilepsy can be diagnosed.

This is a fatal condition and requires immediate vet intervention. The treatment is long-term and implies a lifetime of taking pills. Dogs with epilepsy can live a long and quality life, but the treatment mustn’t be terminated.

As this is hereditary disease that implies a brain disorder, make sure you purchase the puppy from reputable breeders exclusively. This is the only way of making sure your puppy will be healthy and free of disease.

Lavender Pomeranian Cost

cute Lavender Pomeranian

Photo from: @lavenderbluepom

The average price of the Lavender Pom puppies goes between $2000-$3000. This is the standard price calculated within the standard Lavender Pomeranian price ratio.

However, there are several other factors that can cause the price to go up, or down. Those are: coat color, health, quality of Pomeranian breeders, the state.

Coat Color and Health

The price of Lavender Pom can go up or down based on their coat color. Lavender Poms can cost you more than a regularly colored Pomeranian puppy, considering that this is a rare dog breed. Their price goes up to $4000, which is not that cheap.

On the other hand, blue, chocolate, or white Pom puppies are usually $2000-$3000 in price, which is somewhat cheaper.

On the other hand, healthy puppies generally cost more. Now, this does not mean that the breeders will sell you a puppy under the tag ‘‘healthy’.’ This means that puppies are regularly health tested, their bloodline is reliable, and the breeder will provide you all vet documentation.

This is a must in Pomeranian puppies, as shady breeders won’t disclose necessary information about the breed.

Additionally, bloodline tests can predict the potential Pomeranian growth chart.

Quality Of A Breeder

When purchasing this puppy, make sure you research the best Pomeranian breeders in your state. This way you will avoid potential frauds, and make sure you get a healthy puppy that is regularly tested and provided with the best puppy care.

Reputable breeders will generally cost more, and the price can go up to $4000-$5000. However, this is not only the initial price of the puppy. Vet exams, vaccine, deworming, dog collar and a leash, puppy food, as well as a blanket are usually calculated within the price.

When you think about it, this is the way to avoid additional complications and to have it all in one. Furthermore, quality breeders usually imply crate training, early obedience training, as well as potty training in the breeding process.


The price of the Pom puppy depends on the state, too. For instance, Pomeranian breeders in Ontario will probably have a different price than those in Florida.

The price depends on a state sales tax, which is different in each state.

Also, the representation of Pomeranian breeders in a specific state is a factor, too! There might be a whole bunch of Pomeranian breeders in one state, whilst in the other you have only a few. This fact shapes the state market, and the price, too!


1. What Does The Lavender Pomeranian Look Like?

The Lavender Pom is usually the mix of A Chocolate and A Blue Pomeranian. This is a purebred dog that has a diluted pigmentation.

Lavender Poms are also known as diluted Chocolate Pomeranians, or Lilac Pomeranians. This is due to their diluted purple coloring that gives them a unique look. This is a rare color in Pomeranian puppies.

Lavender Poms are not AKC recognized puppies. While the breed itself is the AKC member, their lavender coat is not the breed standard. The AKC recognized colors in Pomeranian puppies are white, black, blue, blue merle, chocolate, and orange.

On the other hand, Lavender Poms look like any other Pomeranian puppy. This implies a fox-like head shape, double coat, long hair, black nose, and a toy-size. Puppies don’t exceed 7 inches in height, which makes them one of the smallest breeds in the world.

Their toy size makes them vulnerable in terms of their overall growth. The most quality dog food for Pomeranian puppies is the best option, as they tend to gain weight easily.

Also, the breed is active, and requires daily training. It can be done both indoors and outdoors, but make sure they never skip it.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Lavender Pomeranian And A Regular Pomeranian?

The only difference is their coat color. Lavender Poms are a rare type of a Pomeranian puppy, as their coat color is diluted, and requires mixing two differently colored Pom canines.

Lavender Poms are, in fact, regular Pomeranian puppies that share all traits common for this breed.

This means the puppies are a small breed, also known as teacup Pomeranians, their weight is between 3 and 7 pounds, they are affectionate and friendly, and make excellent family dogs.

The breed, however, doesn’t qualify among the healthiest dog breeds in the world, as they meet several minor health conditions, but their lifespan still reaches up to 16 years.

To put it this way – there is absolutely no difference between Lavender Poms and regular poms, other than their coat color.

3. How Much Is A Lavender Pomeranian?

The average price of a Lavender Pom is between $2000 and $3000. The price varies based on the state, breeder, age, gender, and health.

That’s why some Pomeranians can reach up to $4000 in price. However, this is usually not the initial price exclusively. It implies other supplements, such as dog food, leash, collar, blanket, or health tests.

Once you decide to buy this cute canine, make sure you research the most reliable breeders. There are a plethora of Pomeranian puppies for sale in the U.S., but not all of them qualify to be the best quality.


Lavender Pomeranian looking up

Photo from: @lavenderbluepom

Lavender Pomeranians are purebred puppies with an unusual, rare coat. They are also known as Lilac Pomeranians, or diluted Chocolate Pomeranians.

Most of the breeders qualify them as Chocolate Pomeranians, as the lavender is not the AKC standard color for these canines.

This is a family dog, perfect for an indoor lifestyle. The breed itself is active, playful and sassy. They love spending time with people, but they also have a tendency of being spoiled. These intelligent canines are perfect for dog shows, or dog contests.

Their intelligence level is high, which makes the training process easy and joyful. If you’re keen on buying one of these puppies, do not hesitate. This is a dog perfect for experienced dog owners, as well as for inexperienced ones.

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