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Male VS Female Pomeranian: A Decision Impossible To Make

Male VS Female Pomeranian: A Decision Impossible To Make

The Pomeranian breed is one of those toy-breed dogs we’re used to see smiling from designer handbags, or sitting peacefully in laps.

But, Pomeranians can be family dogs, too! Did you know that?

When it comes to adopting or buying a Pom, one must wonder which is a better fit: male vs female Pomeranian?

I have to agree: this is a hard question.

It’s almost impossible to answer which gender is better. But, the facts are facts. There are fields where the male claims first place, while there are also some where the female is much better. In other words, there is no clear winner of this battle.

What works out for you will not work out for other dog owners, and that’s absolutely fine.

I suggest we take a better look into each section to see which Pom is better for training, around kids, other pets, etc.

Appearance: Are Male Pomeranians Bigger Than Females?

two pomeranians by the beach

Their soft, poofy double coat, pointy ears, and sweet smile sure make things a whole lot harder.

It’s not easy to tell which Pomeranian is male and which is female. These dogs don’t have any significant markings that could help tell them apart.

You can’t even distinguish Pomeranian puppies!

All Pomeranians, no matter if they’re boys or girls, fashion the same coat type and the same color. Their coat comes in two layers – a top coat and an undercoat. What’s so incredible about Pom’s is that they come in almost twenty coat color options!

The most recognizable coat color of this dog breed is surely orange, but we’ve also got black, white, chocolate, blue, sable, etc.

While there is no visual difference (besides looking at their private parts), there are notable differences temperament-wise. We’ll get to that soon.

What I want you to realize is the size of the Pomeranian. These are small pooches – like really small – so small that both genders weigh from three to seven pounds only!

According to their breed standard, their height doesn’t differentiate much from their weight; only seven to twelve inches at the withers.

Even though they’re almost teacup pups, Poms are still compact and strong. They have a sturdy build, and won’t break down easily like teacup Yorkies.

So, next time you see a Pomeranian, just ask the owner if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s not worth trying to find a way to figure out their gender based on their looks. In fact, it’s nearly impossible!

Character Differences Between Pomeranian Dogs

happy Pomeranian running on grass outside

Male Pom

Just because they don’t have differences appearance-wise doesn’t mean their characters will be the same. Male Poms are quite different from female Poms. You’ll be surprised at how different these two genders are.

Boy Pomeranians are real sweethearts. Of the two genders, these pooches are kinder, gentler, and more affectionate.

Males are not afraid to ask for affection and provide some in return. These dogs love seeing you around. They’re a true embodiment of the happy-go-lucky puppy greeting its owner at the door. If you have thought they only exist in movies, you’ve been wrong.

Male Poms are fun-loving creatures. Their head is always focused on games and playing with humans and other pets, too. I find their energetic nature quite fantastic because they seem to stay puppies forever.

Add the small build to it and you get the ultimate forever puppy!

Besides their playfulness, male Pomeranians are known to be less moody. They won’t experience as many mood swings as females. Generally speaking, they have a kind nature that you don’t have to worry about.

What makes them excellent family members is the fact that their devotion is beyond all boundaries. These dogs will create a bond with their owners immediately, and nothing will break it.

This makes male dogs more obedient and eager to listen to their owners. Boy Poms are more respectful, and will show you compassion even if you’re feeling really down.

In other words, these fellows will go out and about to make you smile again, and I find that quite admirable.

Female Pom

First-time owners might find themselves in trouble, thinking: why did I even adopt a girl Pomeranian? My Pomeranian is so cold and distant!

The truth is, not all Poms are reserved. Females tend to be more self-sufficient and cold, but even they can show signs of affection. But, don’t expect too much from it.

Chances are, your girl Pom won’t be as gentle as her male counterpart.

Of the two genders, females are more territorial and dominant. They’re real alpha dogs which you must keep under control. Their dominance almost borders on stubbornness. Still, such an approach doesn’t bother training, for example. We’ll talk about that soon.

Something I want to shine light on is a female Pom’s sort of manipulative attitude. Seriously, these feisty gals will turn you around a little finger! They like to be in control, and they will tell you when they’ve had enough attention.

So, forget about cuddling with your girl Pom forever on the couch. Once she gets enough, she will run away and find her own peace.

But, I can’t say that Pomeranians, especially girls, are terrible family pets. They are sociable animals and need communication. Make sure you give them that.

What Are Male Vs Female Pomeranians With Other Family Members Like?

happy family playing with pomeranian dog in garden

Living with a Pomeranian dog doesn’t mean you two will be the only ones interacting and co-existing. What about the rest of the family? If you’re living with kids or other pets, bringing a Pomeranian into the home will not go unnoticed.

But, how do Pomeranians agree with the rest of the family? Are they super friendly, or do they tend to act more reserved? Let’s find out!

Pomeranians And Other Animals

If you already have pets, but you’re dying to get your paws on a Pomeranian, I’ve got some pretty great news for you!

Unlike certain dog breeds (yes, I’m looking at you, Shiba Inu!) that don’t like living with other animals, Pomeranians pretty much enjoy it.

I haven’t come across a Pomeranian that hated living with a cat, other dogs, or even a hamster!

Male Poms And Other Pets

Male Pomeranians are especially great for co-living. They’re bouncy pups with a playful nature. This means they will be happy to play with other animals. Simply put, male Pomeranians think that everyone is their new playdate.

Even if you already have a Pom and want to introduce another pet into your life, you won’t have any issues. Male Poms are very warm and welcoming.

But, I do have to switch your focus on something. Poms usually get along the best with dogs of other genders. So, if you have a male Pom, make sure you get him a girl friend (not a girlfriend, got it?). Also, if it’s possible, don’t bring along new pets until your Pom is at least two years old.

This age makes sure that you raise your Pom with full devotion, and you don’t have to worry about behavioral issues when you bring a new furry addition into your home.

Poms of age two and up are already fixed, and they don’t exhibit problems like aggression or sexual frustration.

Female Poms And Other Pets

What you need to realize in time is that socialization is key with both genders. You shouldn’t skip these lessons or you’ll end up with your dog being a menace to society.

Female Pomeranians are very protective of their hoomans and territory. We already know that. But, what you don’t know is that they can be quite jealous – just like little kids!

I would recommend getting a female Pomeranian if that’s your first dog and you live alone. Just get used to her temperament and living requirements.

As for them living with cats, I must add that dog and cat genders are the same in terms of their personality. So, you know your female dog will get along perfectly fine with a girl kitty.

Poms, Kids, And The Rest Of The Family

We can’t really say that a girl Pom is better than a boy Pom for families with kids and pets. It all depends on the kind of family the dog is coming into. Both Pomeranian genders can be great family pets and future best friends!

If you’re looking for a friendly pup that loves playtime more than anything in the world, the male is the right dog for you.

Males are also quite adaptable into any lifestyle, and they create a bond with the entire family like so!

This is the kind of dog you need if you want to show off your dominance and always stay in charge.

On the other hand, female Poms seem to be a bit challenging because of their overprotectiveness. I believe you will mind their lack of affection and their reserved attitude. They are not cuddle buddies, especially not with kids.

Female Pomeranians will be an ideal fit for single dog owners. A crowded family, too much noise, or a messy home are not their favorites.

Boy Pomeranian vs Girl Pomeranian: Training

There is a significant difference in training a male vs a female Pomeranian. While most Pomeranian breeders will start dog training before the puppy gets adopted, every Pom owner will still have to continue the hard work and train the dog to perfection.

But, are female Pomeranians better than males in terms of obedience and training?

Yes, they are!

Female Pomeranians seem to be smarter than their male counterparts. The girls are more eager to learn, whether it’s tricks or obedience lessons you’re teaching them. They will listen to you better than any male, and they will stay focused longer.

Male Poms will be a challenge for you to train since their focus tends to wander off to more interesting things. I recommend you arm yourself with patience before training your male Pom puppy.

Can You Train Poms To Be Good Guard Dogs?

boy playing with dog in park

If I were you, I wouldn’t rely on the fact that every dog can be used as a guard dog. That’s absolutely not true!

Considering the size of a Pomeranian, you can tell these dogs can never be good guard dogs.

Pomeranians are classified as companion dogs of toy size. How can you expect an adorable little Pom Pom to protect you from intruders or aggressive dogs, for example?

No, simply don’t expect that.

Pomeranians can only be fine watch dogs since they’re so observant. But, we can find differences between a male vs a female Pomeranian even here!

Female Pom As A Guard Dog

The truth is, female Pomeranians make better watch dogs than male pups. They’re very alert and always aware of the situation they find themselves in.

One of the finest traits of female Poms is their protectiveness. Sure, it can be tiring, but it does help in certain situations. A Pom’s protective nature also results in territorial behavior, meaning girl Poms won’t let an intruder pass by easily. They can judge character, and they won’t trust other animals or people easily.

If you’re impressed by a female’s feisty nature, you can use your pooch as a watchdog that will let you know when trouble arrives.

But, I don’t think that a female’s dominant nature makes a male Pomeranian any less good.

Male Pom As A Guard Dog

Male Pomeranians can also spot danger easily, and they will let you know if they sense something’s wrong. Many Pomeranian owners have realized that their Poms growl or bark at people they don’t like, even on the first encounter. This says enough.

Although the male Pomeranian is not an alpha dog, such behavior will come up to the surface if there’s trouble around.

All in all, it is a big NO to use Poms as guard dogs.

If you can, rely on other dog breeds like German Shepherds or Rottweilers to provide you or your property protection.

Who Is Healthier? Male Vs Female Pomeranian

vet examining dog in clinic

Despite being so small, Pomeranians are known as quite healthy dogs. As such, they can live up to an amazing 16 years! That’s pretty incredible for our canine buddies, considering the fact that most of our four-legged buddies live around 10 years or less.

Still, like all dog breeds, Pomeranians can experience some health issues. Both genders have the same problems they can face, but it doesn’t mean that all of them will be suffering from the same conditions.

Of course, gender-related diseases are quite common with this dog breed, too. But, once you fix your dog, you reduce the risk of testicular cancer or mammary gland cancer to 0%. In addition, behavioral issues like humping will disappear.

To help prepare yourself for owning a Pomeranian, here’s a brief overview of the most common health problems.

Luxating Patella

Patella luxation is quite common with lots of toy breeds, including our Pom Pom.

This problem occurs when the dog’s knee cap keeps on slipping. The patella will move under the tendones and cause lameness and general mobility issues. This is quite an uncomfortable condition, and requires surgical help.

I suggest you buy a Pom from a breeder who tests for such diseases. Also, make sure you take your Pom for an annual test that determines whether he’s suffering from a luxating patella or not.

Cushing’s Disease

Also known as Hyperadrenocorticism, this condition is determined by extreme levels of the hormone, cortisol, which happens after tremendous stress or separation anxiety.

You can expect Cushing’s with adult dogs. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to detect it while Poms are puppies. Once you notice symptoms like lethargy, hair loss, or weight gain, better make that phone call and inform your vet.

Collapsed Trachea

The more common term is “windpipe”.

When the trachea’s muscles weaken, they collapse and become narrow. This disturbs natural airflow, and the dog affected will have trouble breathing.

A collapsed trachea can occur because of genetic predispositions, or it can be caused due to the continuous use of a tight collar.


If you notice changes in your dog’s eyes like cloudiness or white spots over its pupils, it’s cataracts. This disease strikes female Poms more than their male buddies.

You should treat this condition before it becomes much worse and causes blindness.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do as cataracts aren’t possible to prevent. All you can do is have your senior dog checked by the vet regularly.

Is A Female Pom Pricier Than A Male Pom?

dog sitting on couch barking at something

I feel like all lap dogs are pretty pricey. Is it because they’re so compact or so loveable?

I believe it all depends on the breed. Personally, I would save some cash and buy a purebred Pomeranian because they’re so amazing. Once you spend some time with these little dogs, you’ll realize the only small thing about them is their size.

As you can imagine, there is a difference between the prices of male vs female Pomeranians. The difference is not that significant, but it still exists.

Since female Poms are more sought after, they will cost more.

The prices on the market for these pups range from $800 to $2,000, with a tendency to rise depending on the dog’s pedigree, coat color, and many other factors.

Of course, show-quality Poms will always cost more – some even $6,000 and more!

I have to add that the points in this battle go to the male gender. Not only are they friendlier and sweeter, but male Pomeranians cost less!


dogs sleeping by each other

1. Where Do Pomeranians Come From?

At first glance, you might think Pomeranians are a fairly new dog, preferably a designer breed.

But, the truth is quite different, and you will be surprised once you hear it.

Could you ever imagine that a breed like the Pomeranian dates way back in history?

The Pomeranian is a descendant of Arctic dogs that used to live in the area bordering the Baltic Sea, Germany, and Poland. Surprise, surprise – that area was called Pomerania.

Many historical conflicts lead to the disappearance of this area, but one thing stuck and moved on: their signature dog breed!

Thanks to such heritage, the Pomeranian has a wolf-like appearance, especially if it comes in a gray coat color.

However, the smallest of all spitz dogs wasn’t used for cuddling or playing only. These dogs were once classified as working dogs, protecting livestock, properties, and pulling sleds (just like their Husky buddies).

2. When Was The Pom Introduced To The Rest Of The World?

The transition from a working dog to a companion began once the Pomeranian was introduced to English royalty – sometime in the 18th century.

They were so loved and appreciated that even Queen Victoria had them!

The first Pomeranian club was founded in England, in 1891. Poms featured back then were usually white, with an occasional black coat appearing here and there. Colors like orange, chocolate, merle, or sable were introduced much later.

It didn’t take long for Poms to move across the pond. The official American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized this breed in 1900.

But, the name “Pomeranian” wasn’t always in use. The official name “Pomeranian” was accepted by German people in 1974.

As you can see, our Pom Pom went through a lot to become what it is today: a beloved companion.

3. Is A Male Pom More Gluttonous Than A Female?

The truth is: both genders are quite gluttonous. They will always beg for snacks, food off your plate, and second servings of their meals.

Don’t let the small size of this dog breed fool you. Pomeranians can eat a lot, but that doesn’t mean they should.

The recommended daily amount of dog food for these pups is ½ cup of kibble. Divide this into two meals, so your dog’s digestive tract doesn’t experience digestive issues.

Are Male Or Female Pomeranians Better? Which Should You Choose?

Between male vs female Pomeranians, choose the puppy you connect with the most.

These small dogs have amazing personality traits you’ll fall for no matter if they’re boys or girls.

Pomeranians are one of the cutest tiny dogs out there, with a heart so big it can fit the entire family.

What you can do to get the ultimate adorable Pom Pom is teach it how to behave from a young age. Invest your time into socialization and regular health checkups. If you play this by the book, your Pom can live to the maximum of his lifespan.

All in all, male vs female Pomeranian… there’s really no point in comparing!

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