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26 Pomeranian Mixes: Too Cute To Handle

26 Pomeranian Mixes: Too Cute To Handle

These dogs are known worldwide, but did you know an interesting fact about their past? They weren’t this small – in fact, they were double or almost triple the size they are now. They were used as sledding dogs in the arctic.

Today, these dogs can be considered as lap dogs. They are pretty popular among celebrities. Because of their size, they are most likely carried in a bag.

They make amazing family dogs – playing with kids is something that isn’t unknown to them, and they don’t mind it.

Some people consider them cuddle magnets, and we can agree because who can resist cuddling with these cuties. But, don’t let their size and their cuteness fool you.

They have a lot of personality and bravery hidden in that small package.

Not a lot of people know this, but there is a Pomeranian that is smaller than a regular one, and they are called Teacup Pomeranians. When you think they can’t get any cuter, they find a way to prove you wrong.

Now that we had a short summary about this breed, we can move along with something that is super exciting, and that everybody needs to check out – they are Pomeranian mixes.

These dogs can be perfect if you are thinking between a Pomeranian and another breed.

26 Pomeranian Mixes: Meet The Pooches With Interesting Names

Pomeranian dogs can get quite expensive, and this is one of the reasons why people have decided to mix this breed with others. You still get the temper and similarity in looks, but probably for a cheaper price.

All these mixes have both traits from the Pomeranian dog parent and another dog that is in the mix. Imagine having your two favorite breeds in one package.

It is a dream come true. That dog might just suit you better than one of those individually.

We can not figure out which of the Pomeranian Mixes we like the best. If one of those breeds catches your eyes, we would for sure like to know which one it is.

And, you never know… going through the list, you might unexpectedly find your future family member.

Now, prepare because we are starting with a list of the cutest dogs. And, also be prepared to cackle when you hear their names because some of them are quite innovative, funny, and cute.

1. Pomsky: Pomeranian And Siberian Husky Mix


Photo from: @kimothepomsky

The Pomsky is one of the most popular mixed breeds, and we can understand why. Their cuteness is unmatchable. They come in a variety of ways, but the most popular is a tiny Husky as we like to call it.

They look like a Pomeranian, but have the black and white colors and patterns of a Husky. There are also brown Huskies, so all of that can get in the mix in a Pomsky.

They make amazing family pets because they are friendly and love to be surrounded by humans and other animals as well. If you have small kids, it is no problem. They love attention from both small and big humans.

Even if they are small, friendly dogs, they still have some guardian in them. If they sense something is wrong, they will bark until you are alarmed and until that potential danger is gone.

Since Huskies howl, you can also expect a Pomsky to surprise you with a howl then and there.

Teaching them new tricks is super easy because they are intelligent dogs. Just use positive affirmation and you will teach them anything in no time.

The Pomsky goes hand in hand with the Pomeranian Samoyed mix – both are fluffy and adorable hybrids! 

2. Peek-A-Pom: Pomeranian And Pekingese Mix


Photo from: @bella_thepeekapom

First of all, we need to comment on the incredible name this breed has. This breed is relatively new and rare as well. But, one thing is for sure – they look too darn cute. Since they are a new breed, it isn’t exactly known what temper best describes them.

Courage, friendliness, loyalty, and pride are just some of the virtues these dogs possess.

An attitude of a big dog packed in a small package is something that describes them the best. They are not afraid to protect themselves or their owner from any potential danger.

They are considered lap dogs, and they love to cuddle, but in moderation. If you cuddle them and carry them around too much, they can get annoyed. Be prepared – these dogs don’t like to be told what to do, so training can be difficult.

Never let their cuteness take control over you because they will for sure try to boss you around. Early socialization is very important when it comes to this breed, and early training is advised as well.

3. The Pomchi: Pomeranian And Chihuahua Mix

the pomchi

Photo from: @affe_the_pomchi

There are Chihuahuas that have a longer coat and sometimes resemble a Pomeranian, but some are a bit smaller and have a bit shorter coat. Well, a Pomchi looks almost identical to the long-haired Chihuahua.

They can come in a variety of colors that they inherit from both dog parents.

These small dogs make an amazing pet for people that live in an apartment. Even though they are small, don’t be fooled – their personality is anything but small. You can say that these dogs are quite sassy. They are energetic and love to play.

Chihuahuas have an aggressive side to them, so there is a possibility that a Pomchi can get a bit feisty. But, with proper training, this shouldnt appear with your dog.

Besides playing and lounging around, receiving and giving kisses is one of their favorite things. Early socialization is important because they can become scared and aggressive towards people they don’t know.

They usually have that one person they love the most.

4. Cockeranian: Pomeranian And Cocker Spaniel Mix


Photo from: @joojoodog

When it comes to their appearance, you can never know what you will get. But, the best mix that could occur is Cocker Spaniel colors and their recognizable ears on a small body, which is a Pomeranian trait. They can be either small or medium.

They have a lot of energy, so a house with a yard is advised, but an apartment doesn’t make too much of a problem. They need to let that energy out, so an hour or two a day should be reserved for their exercise.

Because both the Pomeranian and the Cocker Spaniel have a long and beautiful coat, the Cockeranian will as well. Frequent trims and brushing will be needed.

Since Cocker Spaniels are not considered to be hypoallergenic, a Cockeranian probably won’t be as well.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that they can become big barkers. Teaching them from a young age that barking isn’t allowed all the time will help you immensely.

When they get older, it is harder to teach them any new things and tricks because they tend to get stubborn.

5. Dameranian: Pomeranian And Dachshund Mix


Photo from: @fabioinbk

A Dameranian can have a long coat like the Pomeranian parent, and the big, pointy or floppy ears and colors of a Dachshund.

But, as with many mixed breeds, you truly never know until the pup is born, and even then, you can’t tell all the features until they grow up.

An interesting and cute thing about these dogs is that they often look like they are smiling, which is suitable for their personality since they are friendly and loving dogs.

They just love to play with their owner and other dogs, but their favorite thing is playing with toys. Especially if they make a lot of noise.

But, there is the other side of them that makes them great guardians of the people they love. They might not look that intimidating, but they will bark to alert their owner that there is someone at the door and that they need to stay safe.

They inherit this from the Dachshund parent because Dachshunds are known for barking.

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6. Maltipom: Pomeranian And Maltese Mix


Photo from: @tofu_mon

These dogs, in most cases, look like Maltese dogs that remained puppies. Of course, they do come in different shapes and sizes, but this one is for sure the cutest and most common.

Their coat can be either pure white like a Maltese, or have a combination of other colors that a Pomeranian can have.

These dogs are fragile, so if you have kids, you should really keep an eye on them. They tend to scare easily, which is why early socialization is important for this breed.

Even though they are small and cute, try not to over-cuddle them and let a lot of people surround them because they can become anxious.

But, besides this, they are energetic dogs that love to play and spend time with their owner. They are perfect dogs for apartments.

A house with a yard is also fine, but you need to make sure there isn’t any stuff that they can eat or any place where they can hide or get stuck in.

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7. Pomapoo: Pomeranian And Poodle Mix


Photo from: @tsunakan0524

When you look at the parents of this crossbreed, you can be certain that a Pomapoo will be one cute dog. Their size depends on whether they are mixed with a Toy Poodle or a Standard Poodle.

Colors can vary in the colors of a Poodle and the colors of a Pomeranian.

These pups have moments where they are laid back and just lounge around the house. Other times, they have bursts of energy, and that means it is time to play.

They aren’t shy, but are, in fact, super friendly, which means they make friends easily.

The amazing thing about these dogs is that they are super sensitive to our feelings.

That means that they can sense if you are sad, for example, and they will try their best to cheer you up either by inviting you to play or snuggling right beside you.

Since they are friendly and don’t like to be alone for a long time, another pet would make the perfect combination with a Pomapoo. It can be another dog, preferably small, or a cat. Whatever it is, they will for sure love it.

8. Shiranian: Pomeranian And Shih Tzu Mix


Photo from: @lemony_cricket1513

The Shiranian is a dog that is suitable for everyone, but because of their calm nature, they are best suited for old people in order to keep them company.

They are playful dogs, but have moderate energy, so taking a walk or throwing a ball for them to catch is enough for them.

They aren’t very keen on learning new tricks, but they adapt fast to what they are or aren‘t allowed to do. Stubbornness is something that may cause some problems, but it is easily fixable when you treat them with snuggles.

They can easily get scared of anything or anyone, but if you get them used to people and noises when they are young, you won’t have any problem.

They love to play with other dogs, but they love to have that one best friend in which they find comfort.

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9. Pomeagle: Pomeranian And Beagle Mix


Photo from: @noki.chien

These dogs’ appearance is hard to describe because out of all of these mixed breeds, they can come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and coat lengths. We advise you to research all the pictures of these amazing dogs.

And, this can be interesting because getting this puppy is like a mystery box – you never know what you will get.

These dogs can live in small apartments as well in large houses with yards. You need to make sure that the fence is secure because they have a tendency to sniff around, roam, and potentially get lost.

They love to be surrounded by people and animals, so leaving them alone is not the best thing. They thrive in environments where there are multiple pets around them, so if you have to be absent, they have companions to play with.

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10. Bichon-A-Ranian: Pomeranian And Bichon Frise Mix


Photo from: @teddy_in_london

This is one fluffy dog. This designer dog is affectionate, loyal, and loving – and all of this makes them amazing family pets.

They are medium- to high-energy dogs, and they love to play, but at the same time, they are super gentle and calm. They can have a coat like one parent or a mix between the two.

The colors can also vary. Some of the mixed dogs can inherit the colors of the Bichon Frise or the colors of the Pomeranian. Their colors might be similar, but the difference in shades is something that makes them interesting and unique.

It is better for them to be surrounded by bigger kids who are calm. Since they have Pomeranian DNA, if they feel threatened and overwhelmed, a bite will probably be their defense mechanism.

So, this dog is best suited for people who have a calm nature.

Training these dogs depends on what type of personality they inherited. They can be stubborn; thus, training, in that case, is a bit difficult. But, other times, they are obedient and they absorb information like a sponge.

11. Yoranian: Pomeranian And Yorkshire Terrier Mix


Photo from: @tobytodtheyorkiepom

Who would have thought that such a small dog could have such a big personality? These small dogs are fearless, and they can stand up for themselves.

But, besides being fearless, they are quite the cuddle pooches. They love spending time with their owner, so leaving them alone is a bad idea.

They have a medium-long coat, a small snout, upright ears, and a fluffy tail. Their colors depend on what they inherit from either the Pomeranian or the Yorkshire Terrier, or a mix of both. But, all in all, every puppy is unique.

Yorkie Poms are always alert and tend to bark loudly, so you can say that they are quite the little watchdogs. They need to have a safe space where they usually lounge and relax.

If they don’t have this, they can get aggravated. Single-person homes are the best, but they can get used to a bigger family if provided with all the conditions they need.

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12. The Pom-A-Pug: Pomeranian And Pug Mix

The Pom-A-Pug

Photo from: @fluffballtilly

These dogs usually come in the colors of a Pug. Since both breeds are similar in size, you can expect to get a small dog.

The famous Pug snout can sometimes be present, but it is not as prominent as with the Pug. Their snout commonly resembles a Pomeranian snout.

These dogs aren’t for people who have an active lifestyle. A run along the apartment or house is just enough for them. But, take them to a dog park from time to time, so they don‘t get aggressive towards other dogs.

These dogs don’t do well in cold weather – warmer places are better for them, but nothing extremely hot.

Their barking can sometimes be a bit annoying, but this makes them amazing watchdogs because their barking will alert you if there is anything around the apartment or house.

They are amazing companions for adults, kids, and other animals. A good cuddle session is something they will appreciate a lot. Since Pugs can have some skin problems, a Pom-A-Pug can inherit this as well.

13. Papipom: Pomeranian And Papillon Mix


Photo from: @theo_thepaperanian

This hybrid dog has ears that stand up, and lots of hair, just like with a Papillon. Their appearance can vary from dog to dog.

Both of the parent breeds are big dogs trapped in a small dog body. A Papipom is not that extreme, but it has a lot of personality in that small body.

They are extremely loyal to their owner, and love nothing more than spending time with them. This makes them great companion dogs.

Even though these dogs are smart, this doesn‘t mean they are easy to train. You need to be persistent and patient to teach this pooch some tricks.

These dogs aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, which means that breeders can’t obtain pedigree papers for these cuties. But, this isn’t that important when you know that you will be getting a best friend for life.

14. Pom-Shi: Pomeranian And Shiba Inu Mix


Photo from: @cashjtan

This designer dog for sure is feisty. They are full of surprises, and are dogs that will just make you laugh all the time. They either need an active family or a single person because they love to be on the move.

They can do good in apartments, but a house might be a better option.

They don‘t look that scary – in fact, they are cute dogs, but you can be sure that they will bark away any danger that might occur.

Some dog owners don’t like the barking part of this, but some actually don’t mind it, and let them do their job.

These dogs are really smart, and when you mix that with their need to move, they make amazing dogs for agility championships. They can be stubborn sometimes, but all in all, these dogs are easy to train.

They love their owner, and love to spend time with them, but they aren’t clingy. They like to have some alone time as well. The best thing is to make them a little safe space where they can go and relax by themselves.

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15. Corgiranian: Pomeranian And Corgi Mix


Photo from: @paddiespup

An interesting fact is that the Pomeranian was Queen Victoria’s favorite dog breed while Corgis were Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed. Now, by mixing the two breeds that were beloved by the royal family, you will get a royal jackpot.

We can understand why the royals like these breeds, but we are sure they will love this mix even more because they inherited all the good things from both breeds.

They are loyal and loving dogs that are smart, and they make amazing companions.

You can say that they are apartment dwellers, but they also have their active side. Another temperament trait they have is being bossy and a bit stubborn, and this is why it is not a good idea to leave them alone with young children.

Kids tend to treat them like toys because they truly resemble one.

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16. Pom-A-Nauze: Pomeranian And Schnauzer Mix


Photo from: @teddy_bear_pomanauze

These cuties can come in different varieties. Their coat can have the Schnauzer’s colors – in this case, we are talking about black and white, but it mixes through the coat so that even when they are young, they look like old, graying dogs.

Mostly, they are a cream color, with a longer and harsher coat. Their coat should be brushed daily to remove debris and knots, and to distribute the oils that are natural throughout their coat.

Their ears are sensitive, so they should be cleaned at least two times a week.

If you are a fan of Schnauzer, take a look at some more Schnauzer mixes!

They are cheerful, loving, playful, and intelligent dogs. They have a tendency to roam and hunt, so if you live in a house with a yard, you need to make sure that everything is secure so they don’t run away.

When going to a dog park, you should keep them on a leash unless the park is fenced so they have nowhere to go.

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17. Pomston: Pomeranian And Boston Terrier Mix


Photo from: @boosterthepooch

These little dogs usually come in Boston Terrier colors. The white and black colors make amazing patterns that are different on every dog, which also changes as the dog grows.

Sometimes, they look exactly like a Boston Terrier, but with hairy ears, which we think is an adorable combination.

They are friendly dogs, and they get along with humans and animals. But, you should be around if there are little kids near this dog. These cuties are the best option for first-time dog owners because of their gentle nature.

They are really easy to train. All of this makes them amazing companions for senior people. They like to be around people, and don‘t like to be left alone. They need mental stimulation and a lot of cuddle time; otherwise, they can become destructive.

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18. La Pom: Pomeranian And Lhasa Apso Mix

La Pom

Photo from: @londonthelapom

These pooches have a soft, double coat that doesn’t shed that much, so they are recommended for people who have allergies. Brushing should be done daily, and a trim two times a month would be great to maintain the softness of their coat.

The La Pom is a dog that is extremely affectionate, but also independent, and it likes its alone time, but not for too long.

As they grow older, they don’t like any time spent alone, so they turn into lap dogs. They are active dogs that like to play with other dogs.

It would be a good combination to own another dog besides them because they like to spend time with other animals, even cats. They can have some eye problems, so regular visits to a vet should be provided for them.

If you like the Lhasa Apso, take a look at some of the other Lhasa Apso mixes!

19. Jackaranian: Pomerian And Jack Russel Terrier Mix


Photo from: @katothejackaranian

These dogs can inherit the coat, build, and colors of a Jack Russell Terrier, and they either resemble that side of the DNA or go the other way and look like a Pomeranian. But, the perfect middle and mixture of both of these dog breeds are possible as well.

Since purebred Jack Russels are super high-energy dogs, you can expect that a Jackaranian will be as well. They are suited for families with an active lifestyle. They don’t like to lay around, but prefer to run and play.

Sometimes, it seems like they can never get tired.

If you don’t live in a house with a yard, you should teach them to behave and listen to you when walking without a leash.

This way, you can freely let them play around with other dogs in the park, and not be worried that they will run away.

This is easy to teach them because they are smart, patient, and loyal dogs that will pick up on every command you decide to teach them.

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20. Pomspitz: Pomeranian And Spitz Mix


Photo from: @yukitastic_

We are dealing with two very cute, very fluffy, and very intelligent dogs. An interesting fact is that the Pomspitz is one of the rare mixed breeds that comes in a single color, and in this case, the color is white. This is the characteristic color of a Spitz.

They are energetic dogs, and they need daily exercise, but since they are small and have little legs, they tire pretty fast. About 45 minutes is enough for them.

Even if you live in an apartment, a run through it will be enough exercise for them.

They are amazing with kids, and love to spend time with them. They also have patience for small kids, but always be around to supervise. They are perfect for first-time dog owners. They are a newer breed, so they can be harder to find.

21. Pomerdog: Pomeranian And Bulldog Mix


Photo from: @zoe_the_frenchiepom

We didn’t specify which Bulldog because both American and French Bulldogs mixed with a Pomeranian result in almost the same dog.

There is an example where an English Bulldog that was mixed with Pomeranian ended up looking like a furry French Bulldog.

Their temperaments are almost the same, so by describing the one mix, we will be describing the other as well. Just like the Bulldog parent, they aren’t on the high-energy side, but in fact, are a bit lazy.

They love to lay around and receive a lot of kisses and hugs. But, just like every dog, they also need at least an hour of exercise a day.

An interesting thing is that they are becoming popular, which means that the demand is getting high.

Unfortunately, they still aren’t produced in the number that is needed, so if you want this cutie, you should start searching for a breeder now.

22. Cavapom: Pomeranian And Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Photo from: @kotetsu.cavaranian

These adorable dogs usually come in the colors of a Cavalier, and all in all, they look more like the Cavalier parent as they pick their coat type and the Cavalier colors.

But, they can also pick up a Pomeranian’s colors and coat length. Usually, they are smaller than Cavaliers.

Pomeranian mixed breeds are usually in the middle between two dogs when it comes to their temper, but this is not the case with a Cavapom.

They are either more barky, alert, and playful like a Pomeranian or calm, bold, and loyal like a Cavalier. But, what they will always have is love for their owner.

They are highly trainable, and respond amazingly to positive reinforcement. They are amazing with kids, but you need to be careful because young kids tend to be too harsh with them since they resemble a toy.

But, you can always teach a young kid to play fetch with the dog – we are sure that both will enjoy it.

23. Pomtriever: Pomeranian And Golden Retriever Mix


Photo from: @__charliepie

These dogs can come in many different shapes and sizes because when you look at their parents, a Pomeranian’s small size is very different from a Golden Retriever’s.

Their coat also depends on whether they inherited the Golden Retriever’s color and type of coat, or whether it is more like a Pomeranian.

Since a Golden Retriever sheds, a Pomtriever will shed as well. These dogs are somewhere between a working dog and a lap dog.

They love to cuddle and lay around, but also love to play, and even fulfilling some small tasks is a pleasure to them.

The Pomtriever inherited alertness from both parents, which makes them good watchdogs. You can be sure that no visitor who enters your house will go unnoticed. Your pooch will alert you on anything they find suspicious.

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24. Poshie: Pomeranian And Shetland Sheepdog Mix


Photo from: @lifeoftymber

If you like Shetland Sheepdogs, you will love Shetland Sheepdog mixes, too! A Poshie is a mix of Shetland Sheepdog with a Pomeranian. A Poshie is basically a mini Shetland Sheepdog that can either have the same colors as it, or even come in many other different color combinations, but they are rarely solid.

They aren’t high-energy dogs, and they can adapt to an apartment perfectly. They need their daily exercise whether it is a visit to a park or a hike. They love when all the attention is on them, but not in a needy way.

But, if a day goes by without a cuddle, they will for sure show their deprecation.

Just like their Sheltie parents, these dogs are amazing at learning new things. They need a lot of mental stimulation.

They are alert, so don’t worry about any intruder coming to your home – your Poshie will alert you and bark until the potential danger is gone.

25. Aussiepom: Pomeranian And Australian Shepherd Mix


Photo from: @kyo_the_aussiepom

We can all agree that the Australian Shepherd’s color patterns are unique and beautiful. There is a black Australian Shepherd that is pretty rare, but mostly, they come in a colorful coat.

Now, imagine a little Pomeranian with those patterns. Well, this breed is just like that. We advise you to check out all the varieties that these dogs can come in.

It depends on whose DNA they inherit. They can either be a cuddle bug like a Pomeranian or an outgoing and playful dog that needs a lot of mental stimulation like an Australian Shepherd.

But, in every case, they don’t like to be left alone, and can develop separation anxiety.

They aren’t territorial, and don’t really mind if there are new people coming and going through their house, so they aren’t the best guard dogs.

Early training and socialization is very important because they can get stubborn sometimes.

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26. Pineranian: Pomeranian And Miniature Pinscher Mix


Photo from: @pineranianpup

These toy dogs grow 10 inches tall, and weigh around 10 pounds. They make amazing family pets, and because of their size, they are perfect for apartments.

If you plan to go for a walk with this dog, you can be sure that the walk will probably be a long one.

People will for sure stop you on your every step to see and pet your Pineranian. And, we can’t blame them – they for sure can melt your heart at first glance.

But, don’t let their size fool you – they have quite the temperament. They love to play and run along, but the interesting thing is that they love agility training.

They have a huge desire to please people, and they love to learn new things. These are some of the reasons why they are great therapy dogs.

They don’t mind being around kids, but because of their size, they are fragile, and should only be around kids who are calm and gentle.

In Conclusion

When talking about mixed breeds, in this case, Pom-mixed dogs, it can be difficult to find them. Either they are rare or they have suddenly become popular, so there aren’t enough dogs for everyone.

We don’t blame you if you want your cutie to come home as soon as possible, but it is always important to find a reputable breeder.

It is important that you are sure that the breeders breed dogs because of love for the breed – not for the profit.

Another thing that is very important to emphasize is that because of the cuteness and size of these mixed dogs, people tend to buy them as gifts for their loved ones.

You need to know that even though they are small and are candy to the eyes, there is a big responsibility in raising them.

Unfortunately, they tend to end up in shelters, so if you want any of these breeds, you can check your local shelter first because there just might be the dog you want waiting for a forever home.

We wish you all the luck in finding your future dog, and wish you all the happiness when the dog arrives. We are sure that you will find a best friend in each other.

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