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These 50 Schnauzer Mixes Will Make You Want One ASAP

These 50 Schnauzer Mixes Will Make You Want One ASAP

I won’t bother you with a long intro because I know you’re dying to get to know them all!

Schnauzer mixes are amazing dogs; we’re truly blessed to have so many of them.

I know the decision about which Schnauzer mix to get will be a hard one, so read carefully, take notes, and choose wisely!

1. Beagle Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @rockytheschneagle

The Beagle Schnauzer or Schneagle is an alert fellow that likes sniffing around … but not other dogs’ behinds! This is one of those adventurous Schnauzer mixes that has a soft spot for families and children. If you and your family are pretty active, you’ll enjoy having a Schneagle around you!

They’re very much into noticing details and your emotions, so you can definitely tell this dog gets you!

As far as relationships with other pets go, Schneagles are quite friendly and don’t mind sharing their house with a feline friend or other small animals. Still, I’d be on the lookout for hunting genes to kick in.

2. Poodle Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @meetbomzi

The Poodle Schnauzer mix or Schnoodle is an especially sweet crossbreed pup. You can get them in two sizes since both Poodles and Schnauzers can be either miniature or giant.

My personal favorite is the miniature Schnauzer and mini or Moyen Poodle mix.

They’re small, fluffy, and darn cute pooches, with a feisty temperament that turns on when needed.

The Schnoodle has become very popular in the last couple of years since they only shed a little. If you need a compact dog that won’t give you constant headaches about grooming, the Schnoodle is your pup! Bonus points for an adorable name!

You may also find the Cairn Terrier Poodle mix as adorable as the Poodle Schnauzer mix! 

3. Border Collie Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @sootinthecity

Let’s meet the Border Schnollie, a love child of our Schnauzer and the widely-known Border Collie!

Although this is one of the fairly new Schnauzer mixes, the Border Collie Schnauzer crossbreed has managed to gain so much popularity. I blame it on their high intelligence since people continue to be amazed at how smart these hybrids are!

If we had to name only one superstar hybrid with a genius brain, it would be this guy.

Schnollies are sociable pups that love feeling included in family activities. They’re especially kind to children, which is another reason to adopt a Schnollie as your next family pet!

4. Chihuahua Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @jaime_the_rescuepup

Now, here’s one of those Schnauzer mixes with a super cool name. This is the Chizer.

Their name might sound like they’re a chiller. Well, they definitely are! Unlike the Chihuahua parent who’s prone to aggressive behavior, the Chizer is pretty relaxed and easy-going. I have to thank the Schnauzer for those personality traits.

The Schnauzer Chihuahua mix loves its entire family and doesn’t mind serving as a watchdog. Of course, you shouldn’t intentionally buy a Chizer for this purpose, but it’s nice to know a tiny pup like this one will do everything it takes to warn you about upcoming threats.

5. Cocker Spaniel Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @oliviaysupandilla

I feel like every single one of the Schnauzer mixes has a quirky name, and the same goes for our next hybrid pup, the Schnocker!

Aside from the fact that the name sounds like a delicious treat, Schnockers are a true delight.

This crossbreed will love you dearly, but will demand the same amount of love (if not more) in return. Trust me; they’ll know if you’re not showing them enough attention.

The Schnocker is a smart canine. You shouldn’t have any major issues training them. Just one look into those deep, puppy eyes and you’ll be sold for good!

6. Yorkshire Terrier Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @gemini.thrive

The Snorkie is a big, cuddly, fluffy Schnauzer.

No? Oh, well… Then it has to be a gigantic version of the popular Yorkie, right?


This is Yorkie temperament packed into a Schnauzer body and toned down a bit.

With a Schnauzer’s calm behavior and a Yorkie’s affectionate side, you’ll get a terrific family dog. Just don’t bring them into homes with small children as it’s well-known that Yorkies, especially females, and little kids don’t go well together.

All in all, here’s a huge plus for the adorable Snorkie. You know, if you’re an adult…

7. Maltese Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @alongcamebub

The Maltese Schnauzer mix, otherwise known as the Mauzer, is quite an unusual combination.

The first time I heard the name Mauzer, I immediately thought: Man, that has to be some German dog I’ve never heard of.

Actually, no. It was simply one of the most unique Schnauzer mixes!

The Mauzer is usually a result of breeding the Maltese male or female and a miniature Schnauzer. They’re classified as toy dogs with large hearts.

I’m pretty impressed with a Mauzer’s lifespan since it can live up to 15 years!

The Mauzer has been gaining popularity lately. Take one look at this cute pup, and you’ll realize why.

8. Labrador Retriever Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @tuktheadventuredog

Of all the Schnauzer mixes, this one has the simplest name.

Here’s the Schnauzador, a cross between the widely-known Labrador Retriever and our Schnauzer.

When breeders mix these two breeds, the giant Schnauzer usually takes part in the breeding process.

Schnauzer Labs are the happiest when they have a mission to complete. Whether it’s chasing down squirrels or fetching waterfowl, these dogs will show you how happy they are to be outside.

If you lead an active lifestyle, bringing along your Schnauzer Lab is the best thing you can do for these crossbreed pups!

9. Pug Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @mochi_mochito

The Schnug, or Pug Schnauzer, is a small but cuddly crossbreed.

At first glance, the Schnug doesn’t have many features inherited from the Pug. At the second glance, you can be pretty sure this is just an unusual-looking Schnauzer as the somewhat smushy Pug face isn’t THAT noticeable with most specimens of the breed.

But, the Schnug does inherit lots from the Pug parent, including the friendly temperament, shedding, and health issues linked to breathing and spinal conditions that make the Schnug a real Pug descendant.

Still, I’d pick a Schnauzer Pug mix over their parents just so I could name my new dog Doug the Schnug!

Seriously, they’re amazing, don’t mind me…

10. Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @thephodografur

The Shih Schnauzer, a mixed breed puppy of a Schnauzer and a Shih Tzu, is a mix you don’t see every day.

Since Shih Tzus are the ultimate lap dogs and the most loyal companions you’ll ever have, you can expect their crossbreed puppy to behave the same way.

The Schnau-Tzu is a wonderful pet that doesn’t mind showing you affection all the time. Seriously, they’re like little velcro dogs that will follow you everywhere, literally! Since the Shih parent is good with kids, expect this cross to love them too!

The one thing you’ll need to handle these hybrid pups is patience. Lots and lots of it!

11. Basset Hound Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @winstonandenzo

Here’s Bowzer!

You might not realize it by just looking at the name, but a Bowzer is a Basset Hound Schnauzer mix.

Normally, Bowzers are great family pets. They will grow up to be small to medium-sized pups, which is always a great choice for a family dog. Also, Bowzers don’t have high energy levels, so you don’t have to spend all day outside with them.

Lately, this hybrid dog has been turning into a popular dog due to its generous amount of patience for kids. The last twenty years, since the development of this designer dog, have managed to put them on the throne of some of the most pawmazing Schnauzer mixes!

12. Corgi Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @roxytheschnorgi

The Corgi Schnauzer mix is also known as the Schnorgi!

It’s a Schnauzer in a Corgi’s body! With a wiry coat and large Corgi ears, the Schorgi is a true example of the two parent breeds. It’s like both dog breeds brought only the finest traits into this crossbreed puppy. So, no, they don’t shed heavily as the Corgi parent does. Phew!

The only thing stronger than a Schnorgi’s affectionate side is their stubbornness. Yes, that’s also thanks to the Corgi parent!

But, it’s not like they’re too stubborn to listen to their owner, and the Schnauzer genes make this pup obedient as it should be. Of course, proper socialization is a must with dog breeds.

All in all, their compact size and friendly temperament make the Schnorgi a terrific pet choice!

13. German Shepherd Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @ally.smelly

Next, we come to a mix of two German dogs you’re gonna love!

This is a little German Shepherd trapped in Schnauzer’s body!

I’ve never seen a mixed-breed puppy like this one. Take a good look at the Schnauzer Shepherd. This pup has the exact same facial expression and looks a lot like the GSD, only the body is different and looks like a Schnauzer.

Some examples of the breed can grow up to be tall like the GSD. Still, they’re usually not that heavy. The overall impression of this crossbreed pup is that you’re looking at a GSD with a wiry coat, and that’s too unusual not to like it!

14. Pitbull Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @brambleandpines

Our Pitbull Schnauzer mix, otherwise known as Schpit, looks like someone put a Schnauzer’s face on Pittie’s body. Oh, and made it fluffier than your average Pitbull.

As you can see, this is a pretty uncommon combination resulting in a tall, muscular dog with an elongated muzzle and a hint of a Pitbull’s smile!

You shouldn’t leave a Schpit too long on its own because this is a sensitive dog that loves being around its owners. Even though it comes from rather mighty parents, our Schpit is not aggressive but clingy and affectionate, maybe a bit too much.

15. Dachshund Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @command_k9_behavior

If it wasn’t for the blocky muzzle, I’d say this is not one of the Schnauzer mixes. Instead, it’s a purebred wiry Dachshund!

Well, I’d be wrong.

This is a Dachshund Schnauzer, a mini Schnauzer mix without a fun name like we’re used to – but you can call it Schnoxie if you want.

The bottom line is, even though it doesn’t feature a funny mix-up of the parents’ names, this pup is a funny goofball you’re gonna love!

The Schnoxie is covered in wiry hair that comes in all sorts of colors since both parents are proud of their many coat colors.

Besides their good looks, you’ll enjoy the Schnoxie’s friendly personality. These are fairly low-maintenance dogs, and you can thank the Doxie parent’s low-shedding traits for this.

16. Schnauzer Boston Terrier Mix

Photo from: @zen_pet_grooming

The Miniboz brings laughter wherever he goes. This is one of those Schnauzer mixes with a huge tendency to have fun and make people happy. And yes, he’s doing a fine job.

This pup looks exactly like its Schnauzer parent, with one tiny exception: a Miniboz usually inherits the short, almost flattened muzzle from the Boston Terrier mom or dad.

Other than that, this is a real Schnauzer!

As for the personality of this crossbreed pup, they’re playful and charming and will remind you a lot of the Boston Terrier parent. Every dog mixed with any kind of terrier will produce happy, bouncy puppies who are bursting with energy.

17. Pomeranian Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @teddy_bear_pomanauze

The Schnauzer Pomeranian mix is known as the Pom-a-Nauze, a fun dog with an even more interesting personality!

The last couple of years have brought lots of popularity for this Schnauzer mix. Its unusual appearance is one of the reasons, but I’d say the goofy personality is a far bigger reason than that.

The Pom-A-Nauze is obviously a miniature Schnauzer mix. The head looks a lot like a Schnauzer, with pointy ears covered in long hair. The muzzle is definitely from the Pom Pom mommy or daddy, while the rest of the body is covered in curly, Schnauzer hair.

18. Schnauzer Bichon Frise Mix

Photo from: @smiling.maya

Meet Chonzer!

This adorable Bichon Frise Schnauzer mix will make you fall in love with their curly coat and sweet smile.

The Chonzer looks like a slightly bigger Bichon Frise, with the Schnauzer’s lovely face and kind eyes.

But, there’s so much more to this mixed breed dog than just adorableness. It’s their fun character that makes people laugh and their sparkle that truly makes these dogs special.

The Chonzer makes a good fit for every family with kids since these pups love playing with the little ones. They’re sweet, gentle, and not aggressive in any case.

19. Cairn Terrier Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @franpyre

The Carnauzer is a Cairn Terrier Schnauzer mix.

I know, I know… another terrier and Schnauzer mix? Well, I can’t help myself since a vast majority of Schnauzer mixes are created with terrier dogs as they make an ideal combination for active dog owners.

Our Carnauzer is a small to medium-sized dog with the highest stubbornness level I’ve ever seen in such a small pup! That‘s why socialization from a young age is crucial with these doggos!

Carnauzers will inherit a rather rough coat, but the pretty shades of cream, golden, white, and brown will make up for it.

What‘s so great about this Schnauzer mix is that they‘re very low-maintenance dogs. You don‘t need to brush them that often, and dead dog hair won‘t transform your living room into a doggy kennel.

20. Havanese Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @courtneyseattle

The Havanese Schnauzer mix or the Schnese is the next pup on this list of best Schnauzer mixes.

Please keep in mind that the list is not numbered because one Schnauzer mix is better than the other. All of these pups are equally valuable.
Let’s go back to our Schnese!

This is a small lap dog with the amazing personality of both parents. If you want a loyal pup that will shower you with affection, the Schnese is the pup for you.

What’s so great about the Schnese is that they are a good fit for any age group, from little kids to seniors. They’re attentive and kind, always making sure their owners are happy.

Even though they don’t have the Hav’s hypoallergenic traits, these pups are still pretty much okay to groom and won’t give you a headache.

21. Rottweiler Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @elcobi18

Even though Rottweilers are pretty common dogs these days, our next Schnauzer mix is pretty uncommon. In fact, you can even consider it rare.

This is a Rottweiler Schnauzer mix other known as the Schnottie. Unlike many other Schnauzer mixes, the Schnottie is a medium to large dog with a bulky body structure and impressive strength.

This pup looks a lot like a Rottweiler, but the Schnauzer’s long hair makes them look a little different. Still, they have a cute smile and seem to always be happy about something.

Schnotties were purposely bred to be excellent guard dogs. They’ve got some pretty great guarding genes inherited from the Rottie parent. But no, they won’t be dangerous. Rotties aren’t dangerous, and neither are Schnauzers!

In fact, both Schnauzers and Rotties are okay with kids, so expect that from their love child too!

22. Jack Russell Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @ziggythezignut

Jacknauzers or Jack Russell and Schnauzer mix dogs are mighty terrier pups with high energy levels that you will need to put up with. It’s not easy to own a terrier or a terrier mix of any kind. When you combine this temperament with a Schnauzer, you get a pup with a special personality.

Jacknauzer’s energy levels can’t be measured. As soon as you think they’re done for the day, you’ll find your Jacknauzer jumping up and down, asking for more.

This pup won’t show you affection like some other Schnauzer mixes, but to question their loyalty would just be silly.

23. Brussels Griffon Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @rascal_the_crazy_dog

The Sniffon is a Brussels Griffon and Schnauzer mix with one of the funniest-looking facial expressions. Yes, they’ve got the Griffon parent to thank for that. The permanently grumpy face of a Brussels Griffon will be inherited with some minor tweaks.

Our Sniffon is a dog for adults only. They don’t do well with kids, especially not small ones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. An average Sniffon is a friendly dog, but make sure to dose their presence around new people, as it may upset them. Do everything one step at a time.

Sniffons are good-looking boys and girls, with a nice double coat in golden, brown, white, black, etc.

24. English Bulldog Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @keepingupwithsassy

The English Schnauzer is not an English cousin of the German Schnauzer. This is a crossbreed puppy from a Schnauzer dog and an English Bulldog.

Even though they look like Schnauzers, with little to no English Bulldog traits, these pups are true English Bulldogs inside. They’re lazy, but you can motivate them using delicious treats!

This is the perfect Schnauzer mix for people that don’t spend lots of time moving around and exercising. These pups prefer showing affection over displaying their agility, so just sit on the couch with your English Schnauzer and cuddle all night long!

25. Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

The Great Schnauzer is an obvious mix of a Standard Schnauzer and a Great Dane. When you look at this cross, the first thing you’ll notice is its giant size. You might as well call them Giant Schnauzers!

This is a big dog with a heart twice as big as you’d expect. Just like the Great Dane parent, the Great Schnauzer is a sweet dog with a kind temperament that wouldn’t hurt anyone. Neither Schnauzers nor Great Danes are born aggressive or dangerous.

You can expect this cross pup to be alert and protective. But, I do have to warn you about something regarding their size. Other than common size-related health problems, Great Schnauzers don’t really realize how big they are.

If you see this cross trying to fit into someone’s lap, that’s just the way they cuddle. They’re not small dogs designed for laps, but they don’t really care about that.

26. Bull Mastiff Schnauzer Mix

The Bull Schnauzer is a dog breed you don’t want to meet alone in the dark.

Whoops, just kidding!

As they’re from two mighty parent breeds, Bull Schnauzers are rather big and bulky. Usually, they will inherit the longer coat from the Schnauzer parent.

It’s really a lottery with this hybrid dog because you never know which parent breed they’ll take after.

27. St. Bernard Schnauzer Mix

If you own a Bernauzer or St. Bernard Schnauzer mix, consider yourself lucky. This is the rarest of all Schnauzer mixes out there!

The Bernauzer is a sweet family dog that’s docile and doesn’t cause much trouble. However, make sure to socialize them, so they don’t cause issues with other people and small animals or family kids.

28. Welsh Terrier Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @christopher_welch_

The Welsh Terrier Schnauzer mix or the Wowauzer is a rather unusual-looking pooch. Please, don’t mistake it for a Poodle because of its curly coat. They’ve got nothing to do with those fancy pups.

The Wowauzer looks a lot like the Welsh Terrier, with all that curly hair, floppy ears, and blocky muzzle. But, there are some pretty strong Schnauzer genes too.

The finest characteristics of this Schnauzer mix include super-friendliness and playfulness. This is a happy-go-lucky pup that will go out of their way to entertain you.

Besides being so sweet and sociable, the Wowauzer is not that friendly towards small animals. Since they have lots of terrier genes, expect them to chase squirrels, rodents, and even kitties around.

29. Chow Chow Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @roseymae_the_adventuredog

The Chow Schnauzer is a rather unusual-looking crossbreed puppy. For starters, a lot of crossbreed puppies look unusual. But this one is special.

Chow Chow mixes are generally quite rare, just like the purebred Chow Chow. The reason behind this has to be their price, lack of good Chow Chow breeders, and somewhat unfriendly temperament towards strangers.

The Chow Schnauzer will not show you affection like most Schnauzer mixes will. This is quite a serious dog with an attitude that doesn’t stand nonsense.

But, you won’t find a more devoted pup in all Schnauzer mixes. Their loyalty is as incredible as their level of stubbornness

30. Australian Shepherd Schnauzer Mix

The Australian Schnauzer is not a cousin from the land Down Under. This is a lovely cross between a Schnauzer and an Australian Shepherd male or female.

If you’re looking for an active Schnauzer mix, this is the pup to consider.

The Aussie Schnauzer is an energetic pup and beyond excellent at anything they do. These dogs are agile and love all sorts of dog sports.

Please don’t bring an Aussie Schnauzer into a home where no one can take care of its exercise needs. If you provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation, the Aussie Schnauzer will return all the love to you.

The one thing they don’t really like is strangers, so socialize them in time.

31. French Bulldog Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @lucy_lou_whooo

France and Germany may be in the same neighborhood, with all their similar dog breeds, but the French Schnauzer is not the same as our standard Schnauzer. This is actually a cross between a mini Schnauzer and a French Bulldog. Two completely different dog breeds have merged into one.

The French Schnauzer will have a miniature body covered in long hair. The muzzle will be just like Schnauzer’s, boxy and not flattened like Frenchie’s. The one thing this pup has inherited from the French side of the family, appearance-wise, are those large, bat-like Frenchie ears.

This signature marking gives us a hint the French Schnauzer is as clownish as any French Bulldog!

Give them lots of exercises throughout the day, and you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of tricks and fun games performed by your French version of the Schnauzer!

32. Rat Terrier Schnauzer Mix

Nothing beats the quirky-looking face of a Rat Terrier Schnauzer mix!

This is a hilarious-looking pooch with a permanent surprised look on its face.

The Mini Ratzer is an obvious cross between a mini Schnauzer and a Rat Terrier, usually the toy version.

Naturally, they’ll possess the famous terrier temperament. As for looks, you’ll see a mixture of both parents, with the Schnauzer being the dominant one.

33. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Schnauzer Mix

The Soft Coated Wheatzer is the next on this list of best Schnauzer mixes.

It’s a rather friendly dog that will make a fine family pet. People love them for being so outgoing and sociable. They love meeting new animals and people, so you don’t have to worry a lot about socializing them.

The Soft Coated Wheatzer has an impressive long coat you’ll need to groom regularly to keep it pretty.

34. Australian Kelpie Schnauzer Mix

This is a combination you don’t see every day. Hey, it’s a parent breed you don’t see prancing around at all!

The Australian Kelpie is a fantastic pooch we all want to get to know better.

Like almost all dogs from Australia, the Kelpie is an energetic pooch used to drive cattle and help humans.

The cross between this dog and our Schnauzer is another one of those playful Schnauzer mixes, the Schnelpie!

The Schnelpie will inherit Schnauzer’s coat and pretty much all physical traits. When it comes to this mix, the Australian side of the family will provide more personality traits.

You’ll have a fun, active, and hardworking dog in your Schnelpie that will never leave you unsatisfied!

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35. Doberman Schnauzer Mix

The Schnauzererman is a fairly new designer dog.

We don’t have any information about them or what they might look like since there is no breed standard. Some hybrid dogs, due to their popularity and length of presence, have a somewhat determined breed standard.

I believe the best is yet to come for Schnauzererman because this is the ultimate family guard dog you need.

36. Blue Heeler Schnauzer Mix

Blue Heeler mixes are not so common. In fact, we don’t even have lots of good Blue Heeler breeders out there. But today, we do have a Blue Heeler Schnauzer mix for you.

This rare dog breed has given only the best traits to their offspring with our Schnauzer.

Besides being active and playful, the Blue Schnauzer is a rather mischievous pup. So, next time you wonder where your slippers are, better check out your dog’s hidden stash.

37. American Bulldog Schnauzer Mix

With the appearance of a Schnauzer and the body build of an American Bulldog, this is the American Schnauzer everyone’s talking about!

If you’re super into Schnauzer mixes, then you’ll recognize this hybrid dog for its friendliness. In fact, this is one of the most amiable pooches of all the mixes listed here today.

38. Golden Retriever Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @fotsworth

The Golden Schnauzer is a pup truly made of gold!

Well, technically, it’s not really a golden dog, but you get the drift, don’t you?

The Golden Schnauzer is one of those Schnauzer mixes that will make you believe all dogs are pure-hearted and kind. This pup is the best example of how well-behaved a family dog can be.

The cross between a Golden Retriever and our Schnauzer is a kind, calm, and confident pup with strong loyalty towards the entire family. You can easily bring them into a home with children, and they’ll behave like good boys and girls.

The Golden Schnauzer will look a lot like our Schnauzer, but the coat color will usually be a lovely golden shade inherited from the other side of the family.

39. American Eskimo Schnauzer Mix

Here comes another of the unusual Schnauzer mixes.

I mean, Schnauzers aren’t that common in the States, to begin with. When you combine them with another uncommon dog breed, you get a pretty rare pup.

Even though their name says they’re American, the American Eskimo dog is not a dog you see in the park every day.

A combination of the American Eskimo and the Schnauzer, the Eskimo Schnauzer, will be a small, fluffy pup that could easily be a lap pooch.

You’ll recognize the Eskimo Schnauzer for its dense coat in many pawdorable shades!

40. Siberian Husky Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @sagetheschnusky

What do you get when you mix a Schnauzer and a Siberian Husky?

A Schnausky!

This is not a joke. Schnausky dogs really exist, and they’re wonderful. Since you’re mixing two different breeds of dogs, you can’t expect this hybrid pup to have a standard. Some litters will look more like the Husky, while others will resemble a Schnauzer.

An average Schnausky has long hair that appears to be a bit scruffy. It’s somewhere between a Husky’s coat and Schnauzer’s. This pup will have Husky’s curved tail, pointy ears, the same head shape, and even eye colors and conditions like heterochromia!

The biggest trait the Schnausky will inherit from the Schnauzer is their high activity levels.

If you like Huskies, check some more Siberian Husky mixes we have listed!

41. Akita Schnauzer Mix

Not many people mix Akita boys and girls with Schnauzers to get Schnakitas.

I have to warn you about this hybrid since both parents are excellent hunters. Socialize Schnakitas in time. Don’t let them chase around your other pets or, God forbid, your children. Schnakitas are very active and love field games.

Also, they’re quite stubborn so brace yourself!

42. Irish Wolfhound Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @pupszukeandmaddie

This is a Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer. A dog you can’t miss on the streets or mistake for another hybrid.

Since both parents are giant dog breeds, their puppies belong on the larger end of the scale too.

The Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer has a big downside, and that’s his stubbornness. They are not a good fit for first-time owners, but if you’ve got a firm hand and you’re experienced in obedience training, then you can consider adopting this hybrid.

One thing I have to warn you about is to never leave the Giant Irish Wold Schnauzer alone with kids. They’re giant dogs that might hurt your loved ones unintentionally.

43. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Schnauzer Mix

Or for short, the King Schnauzer!

This is a king among all Schnauzer mixes with its regal posture and pawfect appearance.

The King Schnauzer will be a rather small dog, but that doesn’t diminish its importance or their regal attitude.

Even though they’ll most likely inherit all of Schnauzer’s appearance traits, King Schnauzer will still have King Spaniel’s tight smile and facial expression. Also, they’ll feature many of the Spaniel coat colors.

As far as their personality matters, they are considered to be one of the velcro dogs as they attach themselves to their owners easily, and nothing could break them apart.

44. Kerry Blue Terrier Schnauzer Mix

Oh, another one of the terrier Schnauzer mixes!

I feel like there should be a separate terrier Schnauzer mixes list since there are so many of them!

Like all terrier mixes, the Giant Kerry Blue Schnauzer will be excellent at hunting and chasing small imposters. If you’re into hunting, you’re gonna love these pups!

Because I don’t support hunting games, I prefer to use the Kerry Schnauzer’s skills as a protection dog. This is a pup coming from a Giant Schnauzer, so expect him to be not just big… but giant!

Kerry Schnauzers will have a dense coat, so shiny it will impress you. Usually, they feature the wonderful blue-gray shade that Kerry Terriers are known for.

45. Lhasa Apso Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @jack_thegentleman

A cross between a Schnauzer and a Lhasa Apso is obviously called a Schapso!

This pooch is everything a laid-back person needs from a pet! With low-exercise needs and huge tendencies to spend their days cuddling, Schapsos are wonderfully affectionate dogs. They prefer hanging out with you on the couch over anything!

In terms of appearance, the Schapso is pretty lovely, with an adorable face and soft coat. You can find them in all sorts of colors, from apricot to gray and brindle.

Schapsos are compact in size and would make an amazing fit for a small home. But, being small doesn’t make the Schapso fragile like some other Schnauzer mixes. They’re sturdily built and strong doggos!

Maybe some of the listed Lhasa Apso breeders would have a Schapso puppy for you!  Also, we recommend you take a look at our list of wonderful Lhasa Apso mixes.

46. Cane Corso Schnauzer Mix

People aren’t really into Cane Corsos because they believe they’re aggressive. But that’s absolute nonsense! Cane Corso dogs are as sweet as any other pup. When it comes to Cane Corso mixes, you won’t make a mistake.

They combine loyalty and protectiveness with affection and playfulness.

The same goes for the lovely Cane Corso Schnauzer mix. Usually, this mix will inherit a slightly longer coat than most Cane Corsos. The muzzle might not be as blocky as Schnauzers; it will more likely resemble the Cane Corso.

As for their coat colors, pure black will dominate!

47. Mini Pin Schnauzer Mix

We come to a mixed puppy of the Schnauzer breed with many names. This is the Schnaupin, but you can also call it Mini Schnaupin or the Schnauzer Pin.

The Schnaupin is small in size, but its agility will impress you. They’re active pups that love to spend their days chasing a ball or pretending to be terriers (just kidding!).

The Schnauzer Pin is a fine-looking gentleman with a long, soft coat that usually comes in some popular color combination, such as black and tan.

48. Chinese Crested Schnauzer Mix

The Chinese Crested Schnauzer mix or the Crested Schnauzer is a mixed puppy with a fun twist.

If you’re familiar with the breed, you’ll know that Chinese Crested pups are funny-looking creatures.

You could even say the Crested Schnauzer is a dressed Chinese Crested pup!

All jokes aside, the Crested Schnauzer will amaze you with its intelligence and devotion, not only for you but for the entire family!

49. Westie Schnauzer Mix

Photo from: @thedoghousebalham

The West Highland White Terrier or Westie mixes with the miniature Schnauzer to make lovely Wauzer puppies.

Wauzer is exactly what the name says they are. Simply… WOW!

This stunning-looking pooch will knock you over with their soft, almost hypoallergenic coat.

If that doesn’t impress you enough, just remember that the Wauzer is a smart cookie that loves having fun and meeting new people.

50. Bull Terrier Schnauzer Mix

I see no Bull Terrier in the Bull Schnauzer, do you?

Your first look at this Schnauzer mix will make you wonder if this is even a Schnauzer mix at all. It looks more like a cross between some fluffy pooches!

But in reality, the Bull Schnauzer is a true watchdog, eager to protect what’s his.

Of course, the Bull Schnauzer will inherit lots of the terrier’s behavioral traits. As we all know, terriers have a rather specific temperament. I recommend you don’t bring them into a home with other dogs, as they thrive when they’re the only pup in the house.

The Bull Schnauzer will be a bit stubborn (surprise, surprise!), but that’s nothing some good obedience training can’t solve!

To Sum Up…

So, which of these Schnauzer mixes is your favorite? I really hope you’ll manage to find the ideal Schnauzer mix for you and your family.

These are all lovely doggos and you’ll see that once you bring your new best buddy home!

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