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9 Reasons Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

9 Reasons Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

Just the other day, I was minding my business, Googling and researching, when I stumbled upon a FAQ. It said: Why are Schnauzers the worst dogs?

I stopped for a moment, completely stunned.

Schnauzers aren’t the worst dogs in the world. Who makes these decisions? Frankly, I was a bit offended. There are so many wonderful sides of the Schnauzer breed, and there comes someone who thinks he’s all smart to judge a dog breed.

The decision of which dog is better and which is terrible is completely individual. The AKC will never come up with a list of the worst dogs. That’s just wrong.

I want to show everyone who has something against our Schnauzers that these dogs are worth having as pets.

Let’s see why Schnauzers are THE WORST dogs ever. Let’s crack their code and learn how they really are.

1. They’re Annoyingly Friendly… Ugh!

schnauzer dog cuddling with owner lying on the grass

Every year, the American Kennel Club (AKC) comes up with lists of the most popular dog breeds. Schnauzers are, naturally, always a part of those lists. Currently, the miniature Schnauzer is the most popular option, ranked number 18.

Other versions, such as the giant Schnauzer and the standard one are less popular.

Still, this can only mean one thing: people love Schnauzers, and we’re about to find out the exact reason.

As you can see, our subtitles are there just to have some fun. Schnauzers aren’t really that bad. In fact, this dog breed is highly in demand as a family dog.

Back in the days, Schnauzers, especially miniature Schnauzers, were bred as farm dogs to help around and be friends. Today’s role of Schnauzer dogs is a bit different, but they’re still valuable family members.

The Schnauzer dog breed is super friendly compared to other terrier dogs. We all know how frantic terriers get, but they’re not like any other member of the terrier group.

Schnauzers aren’t as energetic as other terriers, and they won’t go crazy if something doesn’t work out with them. People often avoid terriers because they think they don’t have the energy to take care of them. But, Schnauzer puppies are not like others.

As one of the cutest small dog breeds, mini Schnaus can make excellent cuddle buddies.

If you ever doubt their friendliness, just remember that all dogs are sociable creatures and demand human interaction in order to thrive.

2. They Don’t Shed Like Other Dogs… Posers!

schnauzer laying on sofa in living room

When it comes to picking a dog these days, most people care about how much they shed. I mean, not everyone likes to pull out the vacuum cleaner every day, right? Some people actually prefer their home to be clean, thank you very much.

That’s why people look for dogs that shed less. Dog lovers prefer Poodles over Rottweilers because they don’t shed, and they seem to be hypoallergenic.

But, do you know why Schnauzers are the worst dogs?

Because Schnaus are really hypoallergenic! Schnauzers are absolutely the best dog breed if you don’t want a mess around the house. They won’t even shed a little bit. How pretentious of them!

And, on top of everything, these little monsters have another thing to brag about regarding their coat.

Did you know that dirt-repelling traits easily overshadow their low-shedding qualities? Yup, Schnauzers don’t even get dirty that often! How dare they?

Do Schnauzers really think they’re better than other dogs? Does a Schnauzer owner think he’s better than other pet owners? I don’t think so.

People need to see the real side of the Schnauzer breed. Their coat isn’t covered in gold. They’re dogs like all the others, and it’s time for them to realize that. Period.

A Schnauzer will have a wiry top coat, which isn’t even soft to the touch, and a dense undercoat. See, they’re not even fluffy and pawdorable! Hah!

And, as far as Schnau colors are concerned, they come in only three official colors: black and silver, salt and pepper, and black.

I don’t find them that lovely looking, do you?

3. They Like To Communicate With Their Owners. Oh, Really?

smiling woman playing with her dog indoors

Imagine you’re starting a new life in a quiet neighborhood. You just bought a nice, white picket-fenced house for you and your family. It’s one of those homes we only see in movies.

The neighborhood is ideal, and everyone gets along. That is until you bring a Schnauzer home.

There’s no: “Look, honey, I just got us a dog. It’s a Schnauzer”. Save it! No one will get excited because you’re bringing a little barker into your home and your new, fancy neighborhood.

Mini Schnauzers are tiny dogs, but they bark like giant Schnauzers.

If you love your peace, you won’t get one. Trust me when I say it: Schnauzers aren’t for people who dislike noise.

And, they don’t bark because they just saw a squirrel. They bark all the time: when the water bowl is empty, when there’s an annoying song on the radio, when you’re not paying them some attention… the list is endless!

Schnauzers are some of the most vocal dogs out there. Do you know how Huskies howl? Well, Schnauzers are worse than that! I do have to say there is a good thing about their barking in some situations.

Let’s say you’re an elderly person and you value your safety more than anything. We all know how important it is to stay safe these days. Naturally, you’ll want a nice guard dog to ensure that feeling.

But, do you really want a dog that will bark because he thinks of everything as a threat?

A Schnauzer won’t distinguish a true enemy from a harmless bird outside. Okay, birds are their enemies, too, but you catch my drift, don’t you?

Having such an alert dog surely can be a sign of many relationship issues.

4. Rodents Don’t Stand A Chance Against Schnauzers. Let’s See That!

mini schnauzer sniffing and exploring in a garden

Vermin. Rodents. Pests.

These poor critters can’t stand a chance against a Schnauzer. How could they? These German dogs were also bred to hunt them down and terminate every tiny living being that crosses their path.

It’s actually quite uncommon to see dogs hunting down mice or rats.

When we have rat issues, we usually get a cat or call an exterminator. Who on Earth gets a Schnauzer? They’re so full of themselves, acting all special because they’re one of the rare dogs that can actually replace a feline.

Even a Schnauzer’s appearance is there to keep them safe from pests fighting back. You see, the long mustache and the muzzle aren’t there as fashion statement pieces.

They’re purposely there to protect the dog from getting their eyes and face injured.

See, they’re untouchable!

It takes a lot of confidence to act the way a Schnauzer does. These pups are confident and courageous up to the point that it’s becoming ridiculous. How can such a small dog act like a giant one? How can a giant Schnauzer look down upon us?

If you want a dog that will steal your cat’s job and act all important about it, then the Schnauzer is the best dog for you. I just have one question, though: how will you look your kitty cat in the eye?

DISCLAIMER: In all seriousness, Schnauzers can be pawmazing dogs and wonderful family pets. I hope you understand that the first half of this article is a bit sarcastic. Now, I really want to show you why Schnauzers might be the wrong choice for you.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the worst dog in the world. There’s only a dog that suits you more than some others.

This is absolutely individual. Some will say that Schnauzers are the best, while others will claim that they’re the worst. Let everyone choose according to their liking.

5. Schnaus Are Mildly Aggressive

miniature schnauzer dog barking indoors

I hope you had a good laugh because things are about to get serious. The following sections of this article will really tell you why Schnauzers are the worst dogs for your lifestyle.

Up until now, I’ve talked about their pristine coat, strong work ethic, and overall friendliness. These are all amazing traits.

However, before you do get a Schnauzer based on the listed features, you should take a look at the other side of their personality. Schnauzers, like any other breed of dog, can show certain issues that might be a huge turn-off for some dog owners.

For starters, let’s talk about the possibility of getting an aggressive Schnauzer.

When people talk about aggressive dogs, they usually think of dog breeds like Bulldogs, Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc.

However, the German Shepherd is not aggressive, and there’s no way that Rotties will be dangerous.

It’s not always the way you might think. Dogs aren’t born aggressive. It’s something they learn because they weren’t trained or socialized properly.

No dog will hurt anyone on purpose just because he’s bad like society thinks. Socialization plays a vital part in every dog’s life.

Schnauzers can be as aggressive as the next dog. Their growling (which happens often) shouldn’t be interpreted as aggression. It’s more of a sign of being territorial. That’s probably the biggest issue with Schnauzers.

So, don’t skip on the dog training if you do get a Schnauzer. Provide him enough exercise so he drains those high energy levels, and doesn’t feel bored or turn to aggressive and destructive behavior. These are the ways to get a perfectly normal Schnauzer.

6. Schnauzers Need Extra Grooming Time

miniature schnauzer trimming in a grooming saloon

Will a professional groomer be your friend once you get a Schnauzer? Let’s see!

The level of maintenance with this breed really depends on the size of the Schnauzer. Mini and standard Schnauzers require nowhere near the same level of grooming, not to mention giant Schnauzer dogs.

Read More: Miniature Schnauzer Growth Chart — Growing Mini

If you like this breed, but you don’t have lots of free time to groom, you should go with the miniature Schnauzer. They also come with a price, but if you want to be a good dog owner, you’ll ignore that price.

Sure, having a hypoallergenic dog is great, but such dogs need extra grooming time. Their coat isn’t something you should brush off easily.

Dogs like Schnauzers need to have their coat brushed three to four times a week. It’s essential for keeping them knot-free.

Knots and matted fur actually hurt the dog, so don’t allow that to happen.

To achieve the ideal-looking coat, you’ll need some other stuff besides your precious time. Proper grooming tools are also a must.

You should be able to identify which brush could help with the Schnauzer’s coat. Is it a slicker or maybe just a comb? If you’re not sure, ask your groomer or your vet.

Since Schnauzers have a dirt-repelling coat, you should give them baths often. Several times a year is alright.

Any dirt in between baths should be cleaned with a wet towel. When you bathe your Schnauzer, make sure you use sensitive shampoos made for dogs.

Harsh shampoos and chemicals can only hurt your dog’s skin and result in flaking, dry patches, and even open wounds!

7. Schnauzers Are Prone To Numerous Health Issues

veterinarian examining miniature schnauzerwith stethoscope on table

Potential health problems come with any dog breed, and the Schnauzer breed is not an exception. There’s really no living being that is free of health conditions. The thing is, some conditions are only hidden until it’s time for them to come up to the surface.

Schnauzers, like many other breeds, are prone to developing the following health issues:

hip dysplasia



follicular dermatitis

Myotonia Congenita

Kidney stones, etc.

One of the most severe health problems with Schnauzers is Myotonia Congenita. This is actually a hereditary condition that causes muscle disorder.

Dogs that have this problem have issues with muscle swelling, losing balance, mobility, a stiff gait, and so on.

Sadly, Myotonia Congenita does not have a cure. The modern veterinary practice has managed to find a treatment for it, but dogs affected by this condition won’t be able to move around or exercise as other dogs do.

Also, I must warn you about pancreatitis. You can suspect that your dog is suffering from pancreatitis if he has a fever, feels lethargic, loses his appetite, has a sensitive abdomen…

Dogs that vomit yellow bile can also suffer from pancreatitis, so keep that in mind.

8. Schnaus Have A Stubborn Temperament

miniature schnauzer lying down on his bed basket with tennis ball

You can talk about how smart Schnauzers are as much as you want. No one can take that away from them. But, you should not forget one thing: their stubbornness equals their intelligence.

Schnauzers are smart cookies, and they will try to manipulate you into doing things their way.

That said, I must warn you that dog training and Schnauzers aren’t the ideal combination. Of course, you can train a Schnau, but you’ll have a bumpy ride up to the point of final success.

But, it’s not only their will of steel that makes training difficult. It’s also their energy levels, which are bottomless!

It’s always harder to train a dog with so much energy because he has no patience to stand still and wait for commands. Training a Schnauzer will be training for you, too, because you’ll learn how to control yourself and not burst into flames.

I’d recommend you have your Schnauzer engage in some playtime activities before starting your training.

That way, his energy will be under control, and you’ll be able to hand out commands better because you’ll know he’ll be listening.

If you truly believe you’re incapable of training your new Schnauzer, let a professional dog trainer handle it for the sake of your nerves.

9. Finding Good Schnauzer Breeders Is Hard

miniature schnauzer puppies sitting on the lawn

Schnauzer dogs are popular outside their origin country, Germany, but we still don’t have as many Schnauzer breeders in the States as we’d like, and that’s quite a shame.

Schnauzers do have some bad traits, but they shouldn’t be the reason why you’re not getting one.

All Schnauzer dogs are excellent watchdogs, supreme working pups, and overall terrific friends.

Sadly, their unavailability is a major issue.

As you may already know, PupVine tends to bring you only the best breeder recommendations for all kinds of dogs, including our Schnau.

If you live in Ontario, then you should check out these mini Schnau breeders. Miniature Schnauzer breeders are more common than standard Schnauzer breeders.

To Sum Up…

Now, do you know why Schnauzers are the worst dogs?

I hope I didn’t scare you away from getting a Schnauzer. As I mentioned earlier, the first part of this article is sarcastic. Schnauzers aren’t really like that… I was just emphasizing their good sides. Trust me… Schnauzers have good sides, too!

It’s pretty ungrateful to ask a question like this one. Schnauzers aren’t the worst dogs in the world. Pugs aren’t either. Oh, and Bulldogs are nowhere near that title. No dog can be the worst dog in the world!

What works out for me might not work out for you.

For example, I absolutely don’t mind Schnauzers being vocal. But, some people might find it annoying.

Before you get a dog, it’s always a good idea to make a list of the pros and cons of why you should get that specific breed. If you’re planning to get a Schnauzer, make sure you see all the good sides that this dog has.

Don’t just think that Schnauzers are bad by default because they certainly aren’t!

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