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Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix – The Best Little Comedians

Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix – The Best Little Comedians

If you are looking for a cute, small dog with an amazing sense of humor, and with the best jokes in town — it is time to find a Pomspitz!

OK, they don’t tell jokes, but they act in such a funny way that you have to laugh. And, they love it! They love to make you happy, and be there with you and for you.

These doggies come from two fluffy dog breeds that are amazing companion dogs, making families happy all around the world for a very long time.

And, that’s what you get when you get a Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix — a very fluffy dog that looks all cute, but that has impeccable watchdog instincts.

The Pomspitz dogs have the perfect size to fit into any apartment or house. They don’t mind living in the city or the countryside. They are happy as long as you’re with them.

If you are interested in finding out more about these little comedians, feel free to continue reading and learn about their looks, temperament, and health problems they might have.

All in one place… it is time to meet the Japanese Pom.

What Is A Japanese Spitz Pomeranian Mix?

japanese spitz pomeranian mix playing indoors
Photo from: @sawyerthespitz

Right at the beginning, let’s make it clear and say that a Pomspitz is not a purebred dog. Even though it comes from two dogs that are purebred, a Pomspitz itself is a so-called hybrid dog or designer dog.

These terms can be used interchangeably, and they refer to the same thing: a dog that has two purebred parents — a mixed dog. Because of that, a Pomeranian x Japanese Spitz dog cannot be registered in the American Kennel Club. They only accept purebred dogs.

But, once you hear the wonderful traits this doggo has, it won’t matter if you can register your dog or not. They will make your life so much brighter. And, if you get it from a responsible breeder — you won’t have to worry about diseases either.

That means you can happily live with your doggy for a long time — almost 17 years! But, let’s see where this amazing dog gets the best dog genes? It’s time to dive deeper into the story of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix dog and learn about its parents.

Who Are The Parents?

cute japanese spitz pomeranian looking into camera
Photo from: @peanutthepomospitz

The Pomspitz has two amazing dog breeds as parents. Some clever people saw the opportunity and decided to crossbreed a Pomeranian and a Japanese Spitz. And, I personally would like to thank them because they made the cutest little dog!

If I asked you to choose who is cuter, a Pomeranian dog or a Japanese Spitz — it would be almost impossible to choose! So, the best thing is to combine these two dog breeds and settle with the fact that the Pomspitz is the cutest!

Alright – with that being said, let’s learn more about both dog parent breeds, so that we can know what to expect from our Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies.

Will they have the well-known orange coat color of a Pomeranian or will they have the pure white coat of a Japanese Spitz? What about their size?

Well, let’s find out. It’s parent time!

Japanese Spitz

This can be a small dog or a medium-sized dog… it all depends if it weighs 10 or 25 pounds. They can also be from 12 to 15 inches tall, which puts them in the smaller dog group.

But, what makes these gorgeous dogs so unique is their white coat of a fluffy, medium double coat. It’s like a tiny walking white cloud. You have to cuddle them!

That is the only coat color of the Japanese Spitz — white. They have black eyes and black eye rims, so you can easily mistake them for an Arctic Fox! Luckily, they won’t be as silent and mischievous as foxes.

Japanese Spitzs bark, and they love to tell you that someone is at the door or maybe just passing by. This is what makes them great watchdogs — nothing can pass by them unnoticed.

This dog was made from crossbreeding German Spitz dogs with other Spitz breed dogs, which ultimately gave people today’s Japanese Spitz. They do look like smaller versions of Samoyeds.

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One thing is certain… both dog breeds look like they have a smile on their face! Too cute to just walk away — must hug it!


And, in the other corner of the gene pool, we have the cute Pomeranian. Dog owners of Pomeranians will tell you that owning a Pom dog is like having a fluffy Chihuahua from time to time.

They can be explosive, and not too open to strangers. But, they are very affectionate and loyal to their owner. So, once again, our Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix got the watchdog’s genes.

Pomeranians are smaller dogs than the first dog parent — they are up to seven inches tall, and they can weigh up to 7 pounds. A true toy dog — bouncy, fiery, and loyal! There is even a Teacup version of this dog.

This is also a dog from the Spitz family, but as you can see, it is the smallest of them all. When this breed was first developed, they were much bigger than they are today. But, eventually, people bred them to be smaller, and reached today’s Pomeranian size.

They also have a double coat type, but they have a lot more coat colors. There is even a Pomeranian that has a unique merle coat color, and a Pomeranian with lavender coat color. As a matter of fact, there are more than 20 coat colors that a Pomeranian dog can have!

What Do They Look Like?

japanese spitz pomeranian in the garden
Photo from: @kyoto_pomspitz

OK, so we saw the short info about the parent breeds, and we saw the coat colors and coat types they can have. Now, what about the mix — the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix?

As with all mixed breeds, the looks depend on the dominant genes from both parents. We cannot exactly say what their offspring will look like, but we can assume according to the physical traits of the parents.

It is safe to say that if you have two dogs with a double coat type, their offspring will have a double coat type, too. But, whether it will look more like a Pomeranian or a Japanese Spitz is a wild guess. We have to wait until the puppy is born.

The good thing is that both dog parents come from the same dog family — the Spitz family, so the physical appearance of the parent dogs is not too different. That means we can’t expect our dog to have long droopy ears when we know that’s not the Spitz trait.

So, by gathering all the information on the parent dogs’ looks, we can conclude their mixed puppies will have these traits.

1. Head

According to the AKC, both parents of the Pomspitz have a head that is in balance with their body. That means the head is not too big or too small. It perfectly fits the size of their body.

That is the head of our mixed dog as well. It’s slightly rounded, with a pointed muzzle, a button-like black nose, and round eyes.

The eyes are not bulgy, but are of moderate size, and are usually almond-shaped. The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies will have dark eyes, and they can have black eye rims if they inherit that trait from the Japanese Spitz parent.

The ears of both dog parents are erect and triangular, with a broader base. That will be the shape of the Pomspitz puppy’s ears, too — fox-like, small, and erect.

2. Size

This physical trait is harder to predict. The variations are unpredictable even in the same litter. Some dogs can be heavier and weigh more than 15 pounds, while others can weigh less than 10 pounds.

It all comes down to the genes, and honestly, there is no precise measurement to tell how big the mixed puppies will be. We have to take both dog parents’ sizes into consideration. Of course, we cannot expect Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies to be as big as Huskies.

We also cannot expect them to be as small as some other crossbreeds; for example, a Pom Chi, a Shih Tzu, or a Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian mix breed.

The weight we can expect the Pomspitz puppies to have is from 10 to 15 pounds, and their height can be expected to be from 10 to 15 inches. Bear in mind that they can sometimes weigh more than 15 pounds.

3. Coat Type

japanese spitz pomeranian dog in nature
Photo from: @peanutthepomospitz

Luckily, this is one of those traits we can predict — the coat type of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies will be a double coat type!

I said luckily because the coat type dictates the grooming techniques and frequency a lot! There’s another fact: you cannot expect these puppies to have a short coat.

The Pomspitz puppies will have either a medium or a long coat type. This is also very important to know if you plan on adding one of these cuties to your home. They will require daily brushing during the shedding season, and thorough weekly brushing outside the season.

Because these dogs are known for their beautiful coat, the best option would be to find a professional groomer who can keep their fur healthy and shiny.

As you can see, they are not heavy, but moderate shedders, but because they have such a gorgeous and fluffy coat, they will require more care than some other dog breeds.

4. Coat Color

If you are lucky and you find a dog breeder who has a white Pomeranian and a Japanese Spitz, then you will get all-white Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies.

But, a white coat is very rare in Pomeranian dogs. Most of the time, they are red or orange in coat color. So, your future Pomspitz can be:

  • Orange
  • Apricot
  • Cream
  • White
  • Bi-colored

In most cases, if you crossbreed an orange Pomeranian and a Japanese Spitz (they are always white), you will get cream or light orange Pomspitz puppies. The shade of orange or cream color can vary from puppy to puppy in the same litter.

But, there are other Pomeranian coat colors, like black, chocolate, brindle, etc. If you want to guess what coat color the Pomspitz puppies will inherit, look at the Pomeranian coat color to get a clearer picture.

5. Tail

The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies will have a typical Spitz tail set high, moderately long, and plumed, arching over the back.

Because of this physical trait, Pomspitz dogs always look alert and ready to do something fun. Whether they are looking through a window or playing with you, they always have an expression like they are having the best time!

Their tail is one of the things that make them so comical. They look cute and funny at the same time, especially when they start to wag their tails — absolutely adorable!

What Is Their Temperament?

japanese spitz pomeranian playing indoors
Photo from: @sawyerthespitz

Both dog parents of the Pomspitz are smart doggos. You won’t have a lot of problems teaching them what is OK to do and what is definitely not OK to do. Potty training, chewing, digging — they will easily learn where and when to do these things.

But, as you will see, the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppies can inherit some less favorable traits from their parents. Don’t worry – it’s nothing too serious.

1. Playful

This mixed dog is a playful little doggy! Their energy levels are not that high, but they will need daily exercise.

It’s nothing too complicated — a short walk to the park or some playtime inside the home and they will be satisfied. The thing is that these dogs love to be in the center of attention.

If you have another dog breed, no matter if it’s a St Bernard or an American Eskimo dog — the Pomspitz will be in the spotlight! Their short legs act as perfect springs, bouncing them all around the room.

The good thing is that you can leave them to play with some interactive dog toys without worrying if they’ll like it or not because they love to play!

With such a trait, these dogs are perfect for families with children. Just be careful not to leave very young children with these dogs because the children might confuse the dogs for toys. And, even though they are cute and small — they are not toys!

2. Trainability

It is already mentioned — Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix dogs are easy to train. They are smart, and they like to listen to and obey their owner. But, just like with any other dog breed, the best solution for training sessions is to use a lot of positive reinforcement and divide the training into shorter daily sessions.

This will give the fastest and best results when it comes to teaching your Pomspitz a trick or good behavior. This type of training is recommended for most dog breeds because it keeps their attention span high, and enables faster learning, especially when you have a high-energy dog.

3. Socialization

All dogs need to be properly socialized. What does this mean?

It means we need to get them used to all kinds of noises and smells as well as other dogs (big and small) and other pets. Socialization includes making the puppies comfortable with strangers, neighbors, dogs at the dog park, and any other animal we can come across.

If we start with socialization during puppyhood, we will be making sure that the puppies will grow into calm and confident adult dogs that will not feel threatened by strangers or other dogs. Of course, not all is lost if you get an adult dog that shows signs of bad socialization.

There are ways to train and socialize an aggressive dog, even when it is an adult dog. If you have that problem or if you are simply curious about how to do it, you can check the instructions on this page: How to socialize an aggressive dog?

This is the less favorable trait we mentioned before. Because of their Pomeranian genes, these dogs can sometimes be more aloof with strangers. And, they definitely need to be well-socialized and well-prepared to play with very young children.

What Are The Health Issues?

japanese spitz pomeranian lying in the bed
Photo from: @peanutthepomospitz

Usually, these dogs are quite healthy. They come from two generally healthy dog breeds, so they don’t have a lot of health problems. But, like all small dog breeds, they, too, can suffer from a condition called luxating patella.

This is a genetic health problem, which means it can be prevented if you get the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppy from a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder won’t breed dogs that have this joint issue.

Another health problem is overfeeding. We all know dogs love to eat, and boy, do they! But, some dogs can be more prone to obesity than others. If your dog gets the genes from the Pomeranian and weighs less than 10 pounds, you can feed your dog according to the Pomeranian feeding chart.

The same thing is with the Japanese Spitz — you can use the feeding chart of this dog breed if your puppy weighs more than 15 pounds.

In general, the important thing is to use high-quality dog food that has a high protein percentage and a low carbohydrate percentage, with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

Other Health Problems

A mixed dog can inherit all the health problems that its dog parents have. So, if a Japanese Spitz is prone to joint problems, the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppy will have those problems, too!

Besides a luxating patella and obesity, here are some other health problems that these dogs can inherit from their parents:

  • Eye problems (cataracts)
  • Heart problems
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Allergies
  • Distichiasis

What Is The Average Lifespan?

If you get a Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix puppy from a responsible breeder, you won’t have a lot of problems with your dog’s health. They will be free of hereditary diseases, properly vaccinated, dewormed, and properly fed during their first months of life.

So, they’ll have a long lifespan — about 16 years. Compared to some dog breeds that live only up to 10 years (e.g., the German Shepherd), this is a long life expectancy.

Of course, the lifespan depends on many things. You are responsible for your dog’s health, and consequently, for its lifespan. Your obligation is not just to feed the dog and take it outside to do its business.

You have to groom the dog, bathe him, feed him proper food, take him on regular walks, play with the dog, and hug and tell him how much you love him or what a good boy he is. And, of course — take the dog for regular vet checks.

In return, you will have a best friend for more than 15 years!

I’d say that’s a very good deal.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, getting a Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix dog is a great choice! Whether you have children or not, or if you have other dogs or pets, these little dogs are a great addition to your family. They go well with other animals and children.

Just remember to socialize this dog properly, so that no one gets hurt while they play with very young children. And, also be there to guide the children not to pull the puppies’ ears, tail, or fur. These dogs are extremely cute and fluffy, but they are still dogs.

The Pomspitz is a dog that will put a smile on your face whatever they do. They look comical when they bark at their new toy, when they run to get some food, or when they toss and turn in their sleep.

The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix dogs are rightfully called little comedians. But, they are much more than that — they are excellent watchdogs and are extremely loyal! It also doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a house – this is a dog that will fit anywhere!

I think it’s time to find a Pomspitz puppy…

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