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It’s A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix – What To Expect?

It’s A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix – What To Expect?

I like Yoranians! No, it is not a nationality… it is an adorable designer dog! It goes by many names. Some call it Yorky Pom. Others call it Porkie, as well. But whether you call it Yoranian or Yorky Pom, or any other name, it’s the same dog — a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix.

Why do I like Yoranians? Have you seen one? They might be the cutest hybrid dogs you’ll ever come across! You can walk it on a leash or carry it in your dog carrying bags. It prefers both.

Just be prepared for a lot of strange noises coming from the people you pass by. They’ll be expressing their adoration toward this cute ball of fur through various noises that mean — your dog is so cute!

It is recommended to carry a sign that says “cuteness alert” when you go outside your home. And, once you see a photo of a Yorkie Pom mix, you’ll understand this suggestion is not an exaggeration.

So, how is this designer dog breed so special and adorable? It’s not just the cuteness that makes this dog crossbreed so popular. It’s their other traits, as well. And we’ll talk about them all.

What to expect from a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

What Is A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

yorkie pomeranian mix
Photo from: @yorkiepom.pixel

This is not a purebred dog. I guess you know that already, but let’s see what that means exactly. The Yorkie Pom has two purebred parent dogs that were crossbred in order to get all the amazing traits from both of them and “put”  them in one dog.

And that one dog is our Yoranian! Because it was bred by combining two purebred dog breeds, it is also called a hybrid dog. This term has the same meaning as a designer dog, and they are often used interchangeably.

So, whether you see a hybrid or a designer, it has the same meaning — a dog bred by crossbreeding two purebred dogs.

We will talk about the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix looks in detail later, but for now, let’s get something straight — they are small! This dog is a real lap dog, and it was designed to be an indoor family dog. You can’t leave your Yoranian outside in the cold and rain.

Not because they are scared. Not a chance! You will see later how feisty they are. But they need your cuddles and warmth. They are tiny dogs that were purposefully bred to be indoor pooches. But, then again, I don’t think anyone wants a Porkie to keep it outdoors.

That being said and cleared, let’s meet the two dogs that gave our Yorkie Pom such amazing characteristics.

Who Are The Parents?

Meet the Yoranian parents — the Pomeranian and the Yorkshire Terrier. Both dog parents are toy-sized dog breeds. And they are both gorgeous looking!

No wonder such beautiful two dogs gave us even cuter Yoranian puppies. Breeders understood the benefits of crossbreeding purebred dogs. When you put two dogs of approximately the same size, the outcome can be ideal.

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix puppy is exactly that ideal outcome. There are no huge discrepancies between the sizes of the two parent dog breeds, which means there are no problems during the birth.

The similar size also implies we’ll know the average size of our mixed puppy. We won’t have to guess if it’s going to be 20 pounds or 50 pounds. We already know that the Yorkie Pom puppies are going to be toy-sized.

But even so, the Pomeranian and the Yorkshire Terrier have different origins, and they do not look the same. You cannot make a mistake and confuse a Pomeranian for a Yorkie. They might be the same size, but they are very distinguishable.

Let’s take a look at both parent dog breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

Yorkies have a long history. They were not lap dogs from the start. A long time ago, before they jumped and made themselves comfortable in our laps, they worked in coal mines as ratter dogs. They were bred from various Terrier dog breeds that were popular in Scotland and the north of England.

Some of the dogs that were involved in the making of the Yorkshire Terrier breed were Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Skye Terrier, and some say — Maltese.

So, in the beginning, the Yorkie was a working dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier weighs just about seven pounds, and they are no more than eight inches tall. This is one of the smallest toy dogs in the canine world.

The Yorkie is accepted by the AKC (American Kennel Club). The official recognition happened in 1885, but the breed was registered by the Kennel Club of England long before that.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a single-layered coat which always has a black color combined with some other coat color, for example, tan, gold, etc.

Oh, and yes, their coat truly is silky and gorgeous. And, yes — Yorkie Pomeranian mix can inherit such a coat type. Yay!


happy pomeranian running

The smallest of all Spitz — that is a Pomeranian dog. This is also an old dog breed that originated in the region called Pomerania. This was a region that spread across two countries — west Germany and Poland.

The Pomeranian breed was loved by Queen Victoria. She was a great dog lover and, as such, was one of the main reasons why this breed became so popular. Queen Victoria is also responsible for making the  Pomeranian so small.

The original Pomeranian dogs were more than 30 pounds larger than today’s Pomeranians. But, starting with Queen Victoria, breeders decided to adjust the breed’s size, and they made a toy-sized dog.

Pomeranians’ height is up to seven inches, and they usually weigh around 5 pounds. They have a double-layered and long coat type. They look like walking balls of fur.

Together with Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians are gorgeous small fluffy dog breeds that make us behave like Agnes from Despicable Me — I’t so fluffy I’m gonna die!

What  Does A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Look Like?

yorkiepom on a bench
Photo from: @yorkiepom.pixel

We’ve read the basic info about the Yorkie Pomeranian mix parents. They are both small size dogs that were adjusted through breeding to become ultimate lap dogs.

Because the Yorkie Pom is not a purebred dog but a mixed breed, it cannot be registered by the AKC. This Organization recognizes only purebred dogs. But it can be registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

Now, we’ve read all about the popularity of this dog. It is time to see what all the fuss is about! What does a Yorkie Pomeranian mix puppy actually look like? Let’s start from the head.


The shape of our Yorkie Pom’s head is usually a perfect blend between a Pomeranian and Yorkie head shape. Sometimes, the pups can inherit a famous Yorkie mustache and eyebrows, but there are no rules.

Their ears will be hairy, that’s for sure, and it is up to you to decide if you’re going to keep them hairy or trim them to keep them short. If you keep them short and round, you’ll get yourself a real Teddy bear-looking dog.

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix dog will have round, medium-sized eyes which are not prominent — the same shape and color as the parent dog breeds. They are usually brown.


The body shape of a Yorkie Pomeranian mix dog is well-compact and proportioned. They do not have longer hind legs or sloping backs or any other unique trait — except for their size. The Yorkie Pom is a little dog.

The average height is up to eight inches, and the average weight is around six pounds. Just like we’ve already mentioned, they are the same size as their dog parents. There are no surprises when it comes to the size of Yorkie Pom pups.

As for their tail, they can have two types:

  • Pomeranian’s  plume that curls and lies on the back
  • Yorkie’s long tail that slightly curls to the back

Coat Color

yorkiepom in nature
Photo from: @yorkiepom_siggy

A Yorkie Pomeranian mix dog can have all the coat colors of its parent breeds. As for the Yorkshire Terrier side, they can inherit any type and combination of a Yorkshire Terrier’s typical coat colors. That means a specific combination of the black color with tan and gold or blue color in combination with tan and gold.

As for the possible coat colors that come  from the  Pomeranian side, they typically inherit the orange coat color in combination with the white markings. But the Pomeranian dog breed has many coat colors, and any of them can be transferred to a Yorkie Pom mix.

Coat Type

The Yoranian Terrier can inherit two types of coat from its dog parents. The new mixed pups can have a single coat, or they can be born with a double coat. Unfortunately, there are no ways to predict the outcome.

Sometimes, the pups from the same litter can have different coat types. There are no rules.

But the length of the coat is the same in both dog parents, so there is no doubt it will be the same in our Yorkie Pomeranian Mix puppy. All of the pups will have a long-length type of coat.

Shedding Level

The shedding level of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is something you have to be prepared for. They are moderate shedders. But there is a yang with  every yin. The Yorkie Poms might need a professional groomer from time to time, but they can be hypoallergenic!

Now, that is a loud sigh of relief coming from allergy sufferers. This magnificent trait comes from their one hypoallergenic Yorkshire Terrier parent. But, they might not be that hypoallergenic if they got all the dominant genes from the Pomeranian.

Unfortunately, Pomeranians are not hypoallergenic, which means that Yorkie Pom mix puppies might not inherit the hypoallergenic trait.

But don’t worry. There is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog. If you have a Yorkie Pom, chances are they are more hypoallergenic than most dog breeds.

What Is The Temperament Of A Pomeranian Yorkie Mix?

yorkiepom in a park
Photo from: @selmatheyorkiepom

As we have already mentioned, cuteness is not the only reason this is such a popular dog. This is a dog of excellent temperament as well.

This dog is suitable for any type of family. Why? It’s the genes and the size combined together. Both Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers are dogs with great affection and love for their human family. They are  great with children of all ages and are absolutely made for indoor apartment living.

All of this makes this mixed dog one of the best family dog breeds. After all, there is a good reason for their rising popularity in the past decade or two. They fit everywhere.


The first thing to expect from a Yorkie Pomeranian mix dog is their high activity levels. People usually say that this trait comes from the  Pomeranian parent. But let us not forget that people deliberately bred Yorkshire Terriers to catch rats!

So, both dog parents have high adrenaline in their blood, so it is natural to expect such high activity levels from their mixed puppy as well.

What does that mean for new dog owners? It means that you will have to play with your Yorkie Pom every day and take it on regular daily walks. They might be a small breed, but they need a proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

If you don’t spend the right amount of time with your doggo, they can develop various health issues. One of the most common health issues that happen because of a  lack of physical and mental stimulation is separation anxiety.

Anxiety and Yorkie Pom

This can be quite a problem for any dog owner. Separation anxiety is a condition that can happen in all dog breeds. It is not related to the size of the dog. So, how does it happen?

It all usually starts when we get our pups used to long hours of play and constant attention when they are young. And, to be fair, no one has a specific number for  how much attention a puppy needs.

But, when the puppy grows into an adult dog and when the schedule changes, we don’t have so much time to play with our doggo anymore. Or at least not as much as our dog wants us to. Then, the odd behavior starts to show.

Your dog might be carrying toys and crying, it can be destructive while you’re gone, or it can be hiding somewhere until you pay attention to him.

The best way to solve the problem is to keep your dog entertained. You can use some interactive dog toys, or you can leave special food bowls where they’ll have to work out how to get to the food.

Of course, the perfect option would be if you could find a way to make the walks or playtime a bit longer. Or get another Yorkie Pom or some other animal. They can keep each other entertained while you’re gone.


No matter if you have a Great Dane or a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, socialization is one of the most important steps in raising a happy and healthy dog.

The socialization of a dog starts at an early age. It starts in puppyhood and it is crucial in your dog’s temperamental development. Puppies learn during their early days how to behave with other dogs, other pets, other animals, people, children, and strangers.

If you teach your dog that it should bark and act aggressively as soon as it hears the doorbell, it will do that when it grows up as well. If they get scared of children at an early age, it can be quite difficult for them not to feel a certain amount of fear towards children when they grow into adult dogs.

The point is — there is no dog in the world that is born aggressive. We are responsible for our dogs. If we teach them to be aggressive — they’ll be just that.

You can try and socialize your aggressive dog when they grow up, but it will be much harder to change their behavior when they are big than when they are just small puppies.

Training A Yorkie Pom

Training the Yorkie Pomeranian mix should be easy. They got their pleasing genes from both dog parents. Yorkies are actually among the most trainable dogs when it comes to potty training. And Pomeranians aren’t far behind, either.

But, of course, you will need to use some usual training rules if you want to accomplish proper training of your Yoranian. The first step is a lot of positive reinforcement and enough training sessions.

You can also try and use some of the dog training collars that fit all dog sizes to help you in the process.

You cannot expect to achieve everything you want from your Yorkie Pom with just a couple of training sessions. They might be easy to train, but they still require a certain amount of patience during training.

Training your Yorkie and Pomeranian mixed dog is very important for yet another interesting reason. A small dog that is not properly trained and socialized will think of itself as an alfa dog. This behavior is called small dog syndrome.

That means a nightmare if you ever try to tell your dog not to do something. That’s why it is very important to train your dog and socialize it when they are young puppies.

Can A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Have Health Problems?

yorkiepom dog
Photo from: @selmatheyorkiepom

Any dog can have some health issues or certain health conditions. These health conditions and issues span from the ones that have no or little impact on your dog’s life to those that require immediate attention.

In general, if you get a Yorkie Pomeranian mix from a responsible breeder that had their breeding dogs tested and cleared from various hereditary diseases, your Yorkie Pom should be OK.

Most Yorkie Poms are generally healthy dogs. But, just like any other dog, they can have certain health issues.

Eye Problems

Because they have a Yorkshire Terrier parent, Yorkie Poms can develop so-called dry eye or Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS). This is a common eye problem in Yorkies that happens because of the lack of tear production.

One of the first signs can be excessive eye blinking. The affected eye can become red, as if the dog has eye irritation. The dog will squint and rub the affected eye. If you notice some of these signs, take your Yorkie Pom to a vet.

The dry eye health issue is treatable, and your veterinarian will recommend the best treatment solutions.

Another eye-related health problem a Yorkie Pomeranian mix can have is progressive retinal atrophy. This disease can lead to blindness.

Ear Problems

Another common health issue a Yorkie Pomeranian mix can inherit from its parents is an ear infection. Yorkie Poms have hairy ears that, if not trimmed, can be a perfect spot for infection to develop.

The infection can be bacterial or fungal. Your dog can even get a mite ear infestation. The best solution is to keep your dog’s ears trimmed and clean. Don’t forget to always use a cotton ball and not a q-tip. The latter can hurt your dog’s eardrum.

If you notice your dog keeps rubbing its face on the carpet or it is excessively scratching its ears — it is time to check the ears or go to the vet.

After the examination, the vet can give you the possible treatment solutions, whether your dog has problems with bacteria or fungi or it has mites that you need to get rid of.

Sometimes, the ear infection can come from a foreign object stuck inside the ear canal. This happens more often with dog breeds that have long ears, but it is not that uncommon for a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, either.

Dental Problems

yorkie pomeranian mixed breed dog
Photo from: @selmatheyorkiepom

Dental and oral health, in general, is a very important part of your dog’s health. You need to make sure your doggo has shiny pearls in its mouth.

There are a lot of health issues that can happen because of poor oral hygiene. Two of the most usual oral health problems are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis (gum inflammation)

Tooth decay and gum problems can cause other health conditions and problems. A dog that has an aching or decaying tooth or inflamed gums can start avoiding food, or it can start drooling excessively all of a sudden.

The first step is to check your dog’s mouth and then take it to the vet. If you are keener on home remedies, there are certain ways to help your dog’s drooling problem at home. As for the teeth — brushing is an option.

You can use some of the toothbrushes for dogs or a finger brush to clean your Yorkie Poms’ teeth. Another great natural way to keep your dog’s teeth clean is feeding him kibble (dry food) or giving him special treats they can bite and chew.


The Yorkie Pomeranian mix is a small dog which makes people think they cannot have obesity problems. The fact is, every dog can have obesity problems, whether it’s a large or toy-size dog.

Some dog breeds are more prone to obesity, but our Yoranian can become overweight as well. The reasons behind obesity are usually:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Low-quality food
  • Overfeeding

Yorkie Poms need their daily exercise for various reasons. We’ve mentioned some of the reasons earlier, but preventing obesity is another important reason to go on a walk with your doggy.

How often you should walk your dog depends on all kinds of factors. The important thing is to find a balance between your dog’s activity levels, age, and health.

Equally important is the food you give your dog to eat. Whether you feed your dog kibble, a raw diet, or something else — It needs to be rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. It should also have an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins.

To avoid overfeeding, the best solution is to feed your dog two times a day. If you are worried about your Yorkie Poms weight, you can follow this link to see if everything’s OK: How Heavy Should My Dog Be?


Hypoglycemia is a health condition that means your dog has low blood sugar. There are many health issues and conditions that can lead to low blood sugar.

Some of these conditions and issues can be very serious; that’s why you need to take your dog to a vet if you notice some of these symptoms:

  • Lack of energy
  • Trembling (tremors)
  • Collapsing
  • Seizures

The diagnostic method is testing your dog’s blood for low blood sugar. If your veterinarian diagnoses hypoglycemia, they will give you appropriate treatment methods as well. Most of them include changing your dog’s diet, too.

Joint Problems

Just like other small dog breeds, the Yorkie Pomeranian mix can have some joint problems. The problem occurs on the Patella, and it is called Patellar luxation.

The Patella is a kneecap, and the problem occurs when it “pops out” of its place. The popping out (or luxation) can happen when the dog is jumping, running, or doing simple things like going down or up the stairs.

This problem can be surgically solved, and it has a great prognosis if it’s diagnosed early on. That’s why it is important to take your dog to regular vet checkups.

Average Lifespan

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix dog is a healthy breed. Well, a healthy crossbreed! If you got your doggo from a responsible breeder that breeds only healthy dogs that have no hereditary diseases, you can expect your dog to have a life expectancy of around 15 years.

Of this is an average number. Who knows, maybe your Yoranian will live to be 20 and more! Everyone’s life expectancy is determined by external and internal factors. It’s the same for dogs and humans.

How long your dog will live depends on his genes, health, the food he eats, activity level, and a factor that we haven’t figured out yet — the Universe or destiny? Whatever it is, we do what is in our power — treat our doggos well and give them all the love!

How To Groom The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

yorkiepom among leaves
Photo from: @selmatheyorkiepom

This is a very important part of owning a Yorkie Pom. You will spend a lot of time grooming your Porkie. They have a long-length coat type that can be double or single-layered.

If your dog inherits the Yorkie type of coat, then you can go on and freely use some of the brushes intended for Yorkshire Terriers. On the other hand, if your Yorkie Pom gets the fluffy and double-layered fur of a Pomeranian, you’ll need to brush it more frequently.

You need to use a pin brush and a slicker brush to keep the fur free of tangles. The best option would be to hire a professional groomer and to take your doggo for regular grooming sessions at least every six weeks.

You can trim the nails, brush the fur, clean the teeth, and do other parts of the grooming at home too, but you will need to do it regularly and properly in order to keep your dog healthy.

The Conclusion

This is it — it’s the end of the  story about the Yorkie Pomeranian mix. If you are planning on getting one Yorkie Pom to your home, I hope you will take all of the traits into consideration.

This is an active crossbreed dog that has a small body but a big personality. They are excellent as indoor dogs, get along great with other pets and dogs, and they are  great with all family members — including children of all ages.

Another amazing fact is their size which makes them perfect for apartment living. You don’t need a large space for a Yorkie Pomeranian mix doggo.

They are adorable and absolutely heart-melting but remember that they are more than just their looks. After all, a Yoranian is a dog, and just like any other dog, it needs lots of care, love, and affection.

They completely rely on us.

Let’s not let them down.