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34 Adorable Corgi Mixes That Will Make You Go ‘Awwww!’

34 Adorable Corgi Mixes That Will Make You Go ‘Awwww!’

Corgis are everything you need in dogs! They are cute, loyal, playful, and a bit temperamental. Not to mention that their size makes them perfect family dogs for apartment living.

No matter which one of Corgi breeds you pick – whether that be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi – you’ll be certain to get a big dog personality on short legs.

And with their popularity expanding with the help of the internet, it seems like Corgis are everywhere!

It comes as no surprise that breeders decided to spread Corgi genes by creating various crossbreeds. Today, there are several dozens of Corgi mixes you can find!

From Husky and German Shepherd to Pug and Chihuahua, it seems like you can find a Corgi mixed breed with any purebred dog.

While it’s impossible to say which is the cutest, we will list the 34 most popular Corgi mixes, so you can decide for yourself.

1. Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky mix looking up at its owner

Without a doubt, this is the most popular dog on our entire list. Considering the mix was inspired by a viral picture, this should come as no surprise.

This cute mixed breed dog is known as Horgski, Horgi, or Siborgi. It has a Corgi father and a purebred Siberian Husky mother.

At first glance, some might confuse these doggies with wolf puppies. While they can come in many coat colors, the most desired Horgis have silver coats, just like their Husky parents.

Since both parent breeds are playful and friendly, the same can be expected of their offspring. These dogs will love anything and everyone! They’re likely the most outgoing creatures you will run into.

The biggest downside of this crossbreed is that both Huskies and Corgis are stubborn. While intelligent, this type of temperament can easily ruin your attempts at training them. Still, with positive reinforcement, you can make this work.

2. German Shepherd Corgi Mix

German Shepherd Corgi dog mix looking up with with one ear locked up and other is up

A Corman Shepherd might sound like the name of a movie character, but this is just what they call a Welsh Corgi German Shepherd mix.

This can be a somewhat confusing mix for many dog lovers, considering the clashing personalities of the parent breeds. While Corgis are cheerful pups always looking for a good time, GSDs are very structured and relatively calm.

When you combine these two, you end up with a fairly well-balanced dog who can be both a herding dog, watchdog, and excellent family pet.

Most Corman Shepherds have tan or dark brown coats, sometimes with white markings. They usually look like dwarf German Shepherds and have their temperament. They are alert, down-to-earth, and usually not as hyperactive as their Corgi parents.

These are intelligent dogs that are much easier to train than purebred Corgis, especially if they inherit more traits from their GSD parent. However, they’ll likely still ask for attention and want to be by your side all the time.

If you are a fan of German Shepherds, check some other awesome GSD mixes!

3. Corgi Mix Chihuahua

Chihuahua mix with Corgi puppy playing with ball at the floor

Chihuahuas are dogs that are easy to recognize. They are tiny, with a compact face and pointed ears. However, they are also known for their somewhat mean personality, which is quite different from the Corgi’s friendly nature.

The mix of these two breeds is called the Cohuahua or a Chigi. It looks like a tiny dog that is larger than a Chihuahua but smaller than a Corgi, with a somewhat elongated face and a much sweeter personality.

Overall, with a Cohuahua, you’ll get a Corgi that will look like a Chihuahua forever. While they might be a bit problematic with other dogs, they’ll still remain more laidback than Chihuahuas.

However, it’s important to note that this can be a challenging dog breed to train. Both parent breeds are intelligent yet stubborn, so they’ll love doing things their own way more often than not.

As for the coat color, these pups can end up being really colorful, as Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of colors. The coat type will usually be the same length and shape as the Corgi’s.

4. Corgi Mix Golden Retriever

corgi golden retriever mix dog resting on the ground

Both the Corgi and the Golden Retriever have been bred with plenty of dog breeds because of their popularity. So it’s no surprise that this hybrid dog, also known as a Golden Corgi, is among the more sought-after crossbreeds.

This mix makes a nearly perfect family dog, at least according to many dog owners who have had a Golden Corgi. These pups get the best of both parent breeds, which are near perfect as it is.

A Golden Corgi is a friendly dog that will love all of its family members. It’s a bit calmer and easier to train than a Corgi, thanks to Golden Retriever’s genes.

When it comes to appearance, most of these dogs’ traits will be inherited from the Golden Retriever, except for the Corgi’s dwarfism. This means the pups will likely look like a smaller Golden.

As for the coat color, both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Golden Retriever have similar coat colors. This means that most of the offspring will be gold or yellow in color, and the fur will be a bit longer and softer than a Corgi’s.

5. Corgi Mix With Pitbull

Corgi mix with pitbull in a cute headshot

Pitbulls are dogs with a bad reputation. They are considered vicious and aggressive by many. To try to remove the stigma, breeders have created Pigis – a Pitbull Corgi mix.

The Pigi, or a Corgi Pit, will usually look more like its Pitbull parent than a Corgi. Both parent breeds have stubby legs and a muscular build, but these designer dogs will usually have the Pitbull’s short coat.

The biggest impact is that the Corgi’s friendly nature serves as a contrast to the stereotypical overprotective and territorial behavior of a Pitbull.

While the truth is that Pitbulls aren’t any more dangerous than any other dog breed, the Corgi genes give them that goofy smile and a smaller build that makes them appear less intimidating. This immediately makes them more popular among all dog lovers.

Since Pitbulls can come in all sorts of coat colors, the same goes for this crossbreed. You can find them in black, white, red, brown, cream, tan, two-color, or even tricolor!

Their ears can be either short and pointy or tall and a bit floppy, depending on their genetics. Also, their head will be softer than the Pitbull’s, but not as foxy as the Corgi’s – although some puppies tend to look like exact copies of their parents.

6. Corgi Mix With Australian Shepherd

cute corgi australian shepherd mixed dog inside the livingroom

A Corgi Australian Shepherd mix is known as an Auggie or Augie. This is considered one of the best herding dogs out there, considering it’s a combination of two of the most popular herding dogs worldwide.

Unlike most other Corgi mixes from this list that consider mixing the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a different purebred dog, the Augie is usually a crossbreed with a Cardigan since this breed is already somewhat similar to the Australian Shepherd.

The result of this crossbreed is usually a dog with short legs and Corgi ears, but with the face of an Australian Shepherd. They come in various coat colors, even including merle.

The biggest risk with this mixed dog breed is whether the puppy will inherit the high activity levels of the Australian Shepherd or if they will be somewhat calmer, like the Corgi.

While these dogs commonly come with blue eyes or even heterochromia, unfortunately, they can also suffer from various eye-related health problems. If you happen to have an Auggie, make sure not to skip on vet visits.

7. Corgi Lab Mix

black corgi lab mix breed dog lying down in a rug

The Corgidor is one of the most popular Corgi mixes for its friendly, outgoing nature. These dogs are always cheerful and ready to make your day better.

Considering both the Labrador Retriever and the Corgi are among the most popular dogs on the American Kennel Club’s (AKC’s) list, it’s easy to see how this crossbreed became so popular so fast.

Corgidors are sensitive dogs that are always aware of their owner’s emotions, just like Labs – but with the playful nature of a Corgi. All of this makes them amazing family dogs.

While this pup can usually look like an accidental mutt, the short legs and a wide smile clearly indicate the parent breeds.

The coat color of this designer dog varies, as both Labs and Corgis can come in various colors and shades. However, they’ll usually be solid-colored, except for a few white markings. Spotted, brindle, sable, or merle variants are rare.

8. Corgi Mix Beagle

corgi mix beagle dog looking up at the camera

The Corgi Beagle mix is a funny-looking dog with an even funnier name – the Beagi. These pups tend to look like silly brothers of already silly Corgis!

Beagles tend to have softer facial features than Corgis and smaller ears that can be more or less floppy – although they’ll rarely be as floppy as purebred Beagle ears.

These are playful, energetic dogs that require more playtime than Corgis. They are outgoing and friendly to the point of many dog owners calling them ‘clingy.’

As both parent breeds are quite stubborn and independent, these dogs can be challenging to train. This is only increased by the fact that Beagles tend to get easily distracted by smells, which is common with scent hounds.

The Beagi can have the coat color of either a Beagle or a Corgi, meaning it will usually be either tricolor or red. The body shape will most likely resemble a corgi, and these pups have medium-length hair typical of Corgis.

9. Corgi Mix Dachshund

corgi mix dachshund lying down on its back with stick in its mouth

Corgis and Dachshunds are often compared with one another as both have elongated bodies with short legs – except, one would argue, that Dachshunds’ legs are even shorter, but not as stubby!

These pups tend to look like Corgis with a longer body, floppy ears, shorter fur, and a bit more of an elongated muzzle. Some might look like Dachshunds with erect ears.

Their coat color can vary, but they’ll usually come in some shade of brown or tan with white markings.

As for the temperament, this is where it gets a bit tricky. First off, both Corgis and Dachshunds are quite vocal, so expect your Dorgi to bark a lot, as well. While this might increase the cuteness of a puppy, once he becomes an adult, you’ll likely find this annoying.

Also, both dogs are quite stubborn and independent, so training is tricky. While this depends on the dog itself, you might want to contact a professional dog trainer to help you with more temperamental doggies.

Both parent breeds are very high-energy dogs that want their owners’ attention, so you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to them. Think of fun activities you can do to help them deplete their excess energy.

10. Corgi Mix Poodle

corgi and poodle meeting for the first time

Poodles are dogs that are used the most for creating various crossbreeds. This is because these mixes can make hypoallergenic offspring, which is something a lot of people require.

To create a Corgipoo, breeders usually mix a toy Poodle with a Corgi. This can result in a tiny dog, much smaller than a Corgi – although sometimes, they can be a bit larger.

Corgipoos have a curly coat that sheds very little, similar to their Poodle parents. However, they aren’t entirely hypoallergenic, as it’s merely impossible to get a hypoallergenic dog from a high-shedding dog such as a Corgi.

Since Poodles, just like Corgis, are very affectionate and friendly, the same can be expected from Corgipoos. At the same time, these are active dogs that need long, daily walks.

Keep in mind that these dogs tend to be quite mischievous. They are smart yet independent, so they’ll love to have fun all the time. Luckily, they’re adorable even while getting themselves in trouble.

11. Corgi Mix With Pomeranian

corgi and pomeranian mix dog walking outdoors

Pomeranians are among the most popular toy dogs. They are especially loved by Hollywood celebrities, as stars Paris Hilton, Jeffree Star, and Sylvester Stalone are proud Pomeranian owners.

A Pomeranian Corgi mix is known as a Corgipom, and, surprisingly, it isn’t as popular as one might think. This is probably because purebred Pomeranians are still the sign of high-class, and any crossbreed is considered to be a mutt by many.

A Corgipom is a loud dog that loves to bark. He will be vocal about anything! Fortunately, the Pomeranian blood can make it easier to train, so you should be able to teach him out of this behavior rather quickly.

A Pomeranian Corgi mix will usually look like a smaller, fluffier Corgi. Still, since both parent breeds have double coats that shed frequently, they can be a grooming nightmare. Fortunately, they’ll win you over with their adorable personality and appearance.

12. Corgi Pug Mix

pug mix corgi dog looking up at the camera

A Porgi has two parent breeds that have been loved by the royals. While the Corgi is the dog of choice for Queen Elizabeth II, Pugs and other flat-faced dogs have been loved by Chinese Emperors.

When you combine these two dogs, you’ll get offspring with rather a unique look. Most desired pups have a Pug’s brachycephalic head and a Corgi’s long body. While this combination isn’t for everyone, many dog lovers adore this cute breed.

Pugs are very calm dogs that don’t have high energy levels. Despite the Corgi’s playfulness, you can expect your Porgi to spend a lot of time napping and snoozing. Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t be very energetic during playtime.

These are fairly quiet dogs, thanks to the Pug genes. This makes them amazing apartment dogs and a great option for people who work from home.

13. Corgi Mix Jack Russell

corgi mix jack russel dog looking up at the camera

Despite how its name might sound, the Cojack isn’t some fancy heavy-duty tool. Instead, this is a crossbreed of a Corgi and a Jack Russell Terrier.

These pups have the Corgi’s short legs but the Jack Russel’s hyperactiveness. These are energetic dogs that can run around the whole day! They are friendly and intelligent but can be challenging to train due to their independent streak.

Cojacks are versatile dogs. You can take them outside for a game of fetch, or you can cuddle with them in bed. They’ll understand your energy and want to join in all you do.

The best thing with this crossbreed is probably that, unlike many other Corgi mixes, Cojacks don’t bark too much. While they’re not exactly quiet, they aren’t really vocal, either. This makes them suitable for living inside an apartment or a condo.

14. Corgi Heeler Mix

corgi mix heeler dog on a head shot in blue background

The Corgi Heeler mix, or rather, the Corgi Australian Cattle Dog mix, is known as the Corgi Cattle dog or a Cowboy Corgi. This is an interesting mix that is also known for being an amazing herding dog.

These pups usually have a Corgi’s short and round body with the coat colors and patterns of a Heeler. They’ll usually be born with a tail, but many breeders prefer docking it in countries where the procedure is legal.

These are intelligent, hard-working dogs. They tend to have more energy than their stumpy little legs can handle, so they might appear a bit clumsy at times. Still, this doesn’t affect their amazing herding instincts.

They are independent and a bit stubborn at times, so you might need some luck and patience while training them. Fortunately, positive reinforcement should be enough to make them want to cooperate.

Still, Cowboy Corgis need a lot of exercise, so they are best suited to work in the field instead of being kept as apartment pets. They need a lot of playtime so make sure you always keep them busy.

15. Corgi Mix Shih Tzu

corgi shih tzu mix breed dog with a leash standing outdoors

Coming from two breeds with rich histories, Shorgis are a fairly new crossbreed that is still to become well-known. This is a perfect mix of a working herding dog and a dog bred to be a royal companion.

If you’re someone who works most of the day, this isn’t a great crossbreed for you. The Shorgi is a dog who is prone to separation anxiety, and they’d want to stay with you all the time. If they’re left alone for too long, they can develop destructive behaviors.

Fortunately, these pups don’t require as much exercise as most other Corgi mixes. They’ll simply want your attention and affection all the time. Also, some Shorgis can be really calm, something surprising from a Corgi mix.

As for the appearance, these dogs can look like Corgis with a long coat that can come in all sorts of shades and patterns.

16. Corgi Mastiff Mix

corgi and mastiff dog lying down in white background

While the Corgi mix with a Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t yet have an official name, this is one of those unusual Corgi mixes that is slowly but surely becoming increasingly popular.

These are protective dogs that might need some time to get used to strangers. They’re not aggressive, but socialization is still essential to keep them well-behaved. This makes them excellent guard dogs.

Overall, these pups will look like slightly larger and fluffier Corgis. However, as its parents’ breeds are nothing alike, their appearance can be quite versatile.

17. Corgi Greyhound Mix

greyhound mix dog in focus photography

While Corgis are short, fluffy, and round, Greyhounds are tall, short-haired, and lean. This makes Corghounds among the more unique Corgi mixes out there. These are stunning and interesting dogs with a slightly unpredictable appearance.

Greyhounds are known for their speed and athleticism, so expect Corghounds to be rather active dogs that require a lot of exercise – as much as the Corgi’s short legs will allow it.

At the same time, Greyhounds are very affectionate dogs that love their owners with their whole hearts. This, combined with the Corgi’s personality, leaves you with playful dogs that want to spend every moment with you.

18. Corgi Cavalier Mix

cute king cavalier mix dog in the snow dressed in white

The Cava-Corgi is a crossbreed of a purebred Corgi and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is one of the rarest Corgi mixes, and it isn’t well-known.

Still, the biggest advantage of these pups is that the hybrid vigor eliminates some of the many health issues of CKCSs.

Cava-Corgis make amazing apartment dogs since they are small in size. In fact, most pups look like slightly larger CKCSs but with short legs. Some have the Corgi’s coat type but various colors of a CKCS.

These dogs can vary a bit in temperament, as the Corgi and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have very different personalities. Most will make cuddly pets with a kind of annoying habit of nipping at people’s heels.

19. Corgi Dalmatian Mix

dalmatian mix dog with one ear raised standing in the snow

The Dalmatian Corgi mix doesn’t have an official name, although many people call it the Corgitian. This is one of the newest Corgi mixes, so not much is known about it.

Since Dalmatians are large dogs on long legs, their body structure is almost the entire opposite of Corgi’s, making this a rather unpredictable mix. The most requested puppies have the body of a Corgi and the spotted pattern of a Dalmatian.

As for the temperament, both parent breeds are friendly and intelligent, making them a great addition to almost any family. They tend to be a bit calmer than Corgis and slightly easier to train, although some pups can be just as stubborn as their short-legged parent.

20. Corgi Shiba Inu Mix

cute shiba inu corgi puppy in a headshot looking at the camera

Corgis and Shiba Inus are two dog breeds often confused with one another. However, while Corgis originate from Scotland, Shiba Inus were first bred in Japan.

Despite both breeds being small dogs, they have very different personalities. While Corgis tend to be playful and outgoing, Shiba Inus are calm, independent, and somewhat reserved around strangers.

Because of this, there is a huge difference in the behavior even in two pups of the same litter. While some will be more cheerful, others might be quite shy and uninterested in new things.

Most of these pups, however, are mild-tempered but with very high energy levels, so they need daily exercise. They won’t be as outgoing as Corgis, but most will handle strangers quite well.

As for the physical appearance, these designer dogs will look like a perfect mesh of their two parent breeds.

They’ll usually have a red and white coat with a bit smaller ears than Corgis and a slightly more pointy face. Most will have short legs, and all will stay small in size.

21. Corgi Great Dane Mix

corgi great dane dogs in white background

A Great Dane Corgi mix is an unlikely but still fairly common Corgi mix. This is a loveable dog that will look like a smaller Great Dane, sometimes with erect ears and a foxy muzzle.

This is a friendly dog that will love being the center of attention all the time. He’ll want to stay by your side constantly, making him somewhat clingy at times.

Still, early socialization is the key if you want to make sure your Great Dane Corgi mix is an excellent all-around dog.

These pups can be suspicious of strangers, and they can even become jealous if they think you’re giving someone else the attention and love they themselves deserve.

Also, while a bit more laid-back than Corgis, these pups will have plenty of stamina, and they’ll need some heavy exercise every day.

22. Corgi Border Collie Mix

border collie and corgi mix dog standing in the bench outdoors

The Borgi is a crossbreed of two hard-working herding dogs. In the last few years, this is becoming one of the most popular Corgi mixes when it comes to fieldwork. There is not a herding task these amazing dogs cannot do!

Just like all other crossbreeds, these dogs tend to vary a bit in appearance. However, most will look like a fluffier Corgi in standard Border Collie colors.

These are very active dogs that require a lot of exercise and outdoor activities. This is hardly a dog you can keep in an apartment. They tend to get bored easily, and they need to get rid of that excess energy they have.

23. Corgi Mix With Chow Chow

corgi mix chow chow puppy sleeping in the crate

The Chorgi is one of the most beautiful Corgi mixes. These mixed breed dogs retain all the features Chow Chows are loved for, including a long thick coat and a dark blue tongue, but inherit the Corgi’s short body.

Chow Chows are calm dogs, so these pups will also have fewer exercise needs than purebred Corgis. However, Chow Chows are, at the same time, much more protective than Corgis. Some dog owners even consider them to be borderline aggressive!

Fortunately, the Corgi’s friendliness can mellow this out. Still, it’s essential that you dedicate your time to training your Chorgi just to make sure any bad traits are corrected.

24. Corgi Boxer Mix

corgi mix boxer in front of the food bowl in the table

photo from @tristagartner

The Corger is a rather unique mix. These are sturdy and well-built dogs who are energetic and friendly. While they might look rough, they’ll have a certain charisma to them that will make everyone fall in love with them instantly.

These pups have plenty of energy, as both parent breeds are very active. Unlike Corgis, they can be patient and calm when they need to be, so they can do great with older kids and other pets.

Corgers are extremely loyal and affectionate, and they act as if they can’t live without their owners. While they can be stubborn from time to time, the Boxer genes will make them more trainable and clingy. This is a dog that will always be there for you!

These pups tend to have a Boxer’s body with a Corgi’s head. They can come in various coat colors, but almost all will have white markings.

25. Corgi Bulldog Mix

corgi bulldog mix dog lying down in the couch

photo from @susan_factor

The Bulldog Corgi mix is known as the Bulldorgi. These dogs can come in a variety of appearances, as parent breeds don’t really have many common traits.

From the Bulldog’s side, the Bulldorgi will likely inherit a sturdy build and a muscular frame. However, they’ll keep the Corgi’s short legs, meaning they’ll always appear smaller than Bulldogs.

These are independent and brave dogs that tend to be a bit more laid-back than Corgis. However, they can be somewhat stubborn, making them a bit tricky to train.

Also, they tend to do best when they are the only dogs in the household, although this greatly depends on the individual dog’s personality.

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26. Corgi Rottweiler Mix

mix rottweiler corgi dog lying down in the lawn

A Corgi Rottweiler mix is a rare Corgi mix that combines the toughness of the Rottweiler with the friendliness and cuteness of a Corgi.

While they vary in appearance greatly, most will look like black, muscular Corgis. Many might have floppy ears, but this isn’t mandatory. Also, most breeders prefer docking the tails of these dogs, although this isn’t legal everywhere. This might make you believe they are born without a tail.

As for their temperament, they need some socialization as they tend to be careful around new people and pets. While rarely aggressive, they can be jealous, so make sure you’re giving them enough attention.

Other than that, they make excellent family pets, as well as amazing guard dogs.

27. Corgi Schnauzer Mix

corgi schnauzer mix dog looking up at the camera inside home

photo from @brittneynoalan

The Schnorgi is a crossbreed of a Miniature Schnauzer and a Corgi. Both of these pups have particular features that make them easily recognizable. This means that there are many different ways their mixed breed can appear.

Overall, the most desirable Schnorgies have a Schnauzer’s face and a Corgi’s body. This can make them appear as short-legged Schnauzers. However, as there are no rules, you might simply end up with a Schnauzer with large ears or a Corgi with a Schnauzer mustache!

The coat type of these pups will usually resemble the Schnauzer’s, so expect them to have shaggy fur in a black, white, brown, tan, cream, or grey color.

As both dog breeds have high energy levels and are very friendly, you’ll get an active, alert dog who will stay loyal to its owners.

At the same time, they can be quite stubborn, so they can be somewhat challenging to train. So if you plan on getting this crossbreed, arm yourself with patience.

28. Corgi Doberman Pinscher Mix

corgi doberman pinscher mix dog lying down outdoors

One of the most surprising Corgi mixes is certainly the Dobergi. This dog has a Corgi father and a Doberman Pinscher mother – two seemingly unmatchable pups.

Most Dobergis will look like cuter Dobermans on short legs. They’ll usually have a signature Doberman coat and a Doberman face, but the body of a Corgi.

Many people might even confuse them with a large Chigi because the black and tan pattern combined with large ears gives them a Chihuahua-like appearance.

These are rare dogs, so not much is known about their personality, but we can safely assume they make excellent watchdogs while keeping the Corgi’s friendliness.

29. Corgi Samoyed Mix

corgi samoyed mix dog outdoors standing

photo from @emilio_n_casio

Just like Huskies, Samoyeds are dogs that originate from cold Siberia and other harsh surrounding areas. These pups look like fluffy wolves with a fox-like muzzle and are easily recognized by their long, white fur.

When crossbred with Corgis, these can be delightful dogs. However, their appearance can vary greatly. Some of the so-called Corgoyeds might even appear similar to Pomeranians due to their thick and long fur and small body. Most of these doggies won’t have a tail or will have a bobtail.

Overall, most of these pups will look like a shorter Samoyed, but some might simply resemble a long-coated Corgi. Its coat colors can vary greatly, as Corgis can have a wide range of shades.

30. Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix

cocker spaniel corgi mix breed dog in a headshot standing outdoors

The Pembroke Cocker Corgi is the crossbreed of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Cocker Spaniel. This is a toy dog that is rarely heavier than 30 lbs.

Despite their mild nature, they aren’t the best pets for very young children as their small size makes them prone to accidental injuries.

They are intelligent dogs that can learn commands very fast, but they can be stubborn, which can make this a bit more challenging. Also, these are sensitive dogs, so you shouldn’t yell or be physical with them. Otherwise, they might become aggressive.

31. Corgi Spitz Mix

corgi spitz mix dog in close up image

A Corgi Spitz mix is yet another one of Corgi mixes that resembles a wolf or a fox. This is because of both parents’ pointy, fox-like head – although the Spitz truly looks like a mini fluffy fox.

While Spitzgis are usually larger than a purebred Spitz, they’ll mostly stay shorter than Corgis. Their fur will be long and tan, white, or black, and their ears will be pointy and long.

While this is a smart dog with a hard work ethic, it also has plenty of energy that requires a high amount of daily exercise.

At the same time, Spitzgis can be very stubborn dogs that can be difficult to train or keep under control when they decide they want to do things their own way.

32. Corgi Mix With Basset Hound

basset hound corgi mix dog in orange background

The Corgi Basset is a loving and affectionate crossbreed who can make an amazing family pet – with a little bit of work.

They are friendly dogs who can be a bit careful around strangers. They are alert and tend to howl a lot, although they aren’t as vocal as Corgis. This makes them amazing guard dogs who will keep your house safe no matter what.

These pups tend to look like droopy Corgis. They’ll have floppy ears and a bit of a downward face – although nowhere near the wise-looking faces of Basset Hounds.

33. Shetland Sheepdog Corgi Mix

shetland sheepdog and mix breed dog standing outdoors

The Shetland Sheepdog is one of the smartest herding dogs out there. When combined with an already intelligent Pembroke Welsh Corgi, you’ll get a perfect mix of fun and brains, with a dash of loyalty and affection.

The Pembroke Sheltie is fairly easy to train precisely because of this intelligence. The only behavior you might have an issue with is the result of its herding instincts.

These dogs can nip at people’s heels, especially children. This isn’t a sign of aggression but rather pure instinct.

While active, they might have a problem doing everything they’d like because of their short legs. Unlike Shetland Sheepdogs, they won’t do well in dog competitions. Despite this, they still require plenty of daily exercise.

34. Corgi Saint Bernard Mix

corgi saint bernard mix dog resting on a leather couch

The Saint Corgnards are another Corgi mix no one would expect – but they are very real and very cute.

They look a bit larger than Corgis with Saint Bernard coat colors. Some Saint Corgnards even have droopy ears from their mother’s side! And yes, the mother is always of the Saint Bernard breed, as Corgi-sized dogs would have a problem giving birth to such large puppies.

While not as good rescue dogs as their Saint Bernard parent, these are calm, friendly, and loyal dogs that will stay by your side no matter what.

Which Corgi Mix Is The Best For You?

corgi mixed breed dog standing outdoors and looking at the camera from afar

All Corgi mixes have their good and bad sides. No one but you can know which one will make the best pet for you.

Overall, while not acknowledged by the AKC, all of these dogs are fairly healthy. The wide gene pool ensures most of the diseases that trouble their parent breeds aren’t inherited, so these dogs will stay with you for a very long time.

While their appearance and temperament can be a bit tricky to predict, if you know their parent breeds well, you’ll likely know what to expect, at least to a certain extent.

We hope this list helped you get familiar with more Corgi mixes, so you can continue on your quest to find a perfect dog for you – or simply to satisfy your curiosity about these gorgeous designer dogs.

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