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Corgi Great Dane Mix: Is This Hybrid A Good Choice For You?

Corgi Great Dane Mix: Is This Hybrid A Good Choice For You?

The Corgi Great Dane is an unusual mix breed you’ve definitely never heard of before.

Truth be told, it is a quite unique combination of two completely different dog breeds. Whoever thought of mixing the two together was either brilliant or wacky.

Either way, we got a spectacular dog that not only makes cute pictures but also steals hearts! Aww, what a charmer!

The Dorgi or Corgane is perfect in every way, but he does have some tiny flaws, but it only depends on your lifestyle if you see them as such.

What are they? How do you raise a Corgi Great Dane mix with no trouble? Are they herding dogs, guard pups, or loyal companions?

You’re about to scratch the right spot!

How The Dorgi Was Made

harlequin great dane and a pembroke welsh corgi dog in white background

The Corgi Great Dane mix is a combination of two diametrically opposed genes: the cute and playful Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a huge and sweet Great Dane. It’s not a mutt you see on every corner!

Still, like all other mixed breed dogs, each Dorgi is a story unto itself. You can study the characteristics of each parent breed to get an idea of how your Corgi Great Dane mix might look.

Also, future health issues, behavioral problems, personality traits, and general appearance can be seen from the parent breeds.

There’s no wrong turn here when both parents are friendly and loving dogs. The Corgi loves being around their owner all the time.

This is the (almost) perfect family dog. We say almost because if not socialized early, a Corgi might become jealous and overprotective.

On the other hand, the Great Dane is a gentle giant also very fond of his family members.

This dog breed is very relaxed and easy-going but still requires plenty of daily exercise and play.

These are big dogs with a tendency to become destructive if left alone for too long. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

These two terrific dog breeds could only result in a pup with a chilled, laid-back attitude.

However, we don’t know how big that chill pill can become. A Dorgi’s size can vary because of its two completely different parents.

It can range from medium to large, depending on which dog is the predominant parent: the Corgi or the Great Dane.

With these two breeds together, the result is a pup that can have an active to laid back attitude.

The Corgi Great Dane Mix: What Are They Like?

corgane mix dog standing in the outdoors

The Great Dane Corgi mix or Dorgi is a somewhat large dog. If your pup takes after the Great Dane side of the family, it can reach up to 28 inches in height!

If the Corgi gene is the predominant one, the pup might grow up to only 12 inches from the shoulder.

Meaning, even though there is no Dorgi standard size, we can determine a standard range of 12 to 28 inches in height.

The weight also depends on the dominant gene. The pup can be a giant weighing 100 pounds or be in the feather-light category at only 22 pounds.

According to the parents’ lifespan, (Corgi 12 to 15, and Great Dane 8 do 10 years) a Dorgi can live a happy life of 7 to 14 years. Indeed, some factors can contribute to the length of its lifespan.

The dog’s overall health status, history of medical conditions, and some environmental factors play a huge role.

The dog’s appearance also depends on which gene is predominant.

When the Corgi gene is active and more dominant, you can get a dog with short legs, a round body, and no tail. The Great Dane gives a much taller dog with a larger and longer body.

It is nearly impossible to tell the behavioral features. That’s why you need to wait until your dog gets older to figure out the mature presence, health condition, and personality.

Usually, the Corgi and Great Dane mix has a fine coat that can be a single color or have some spots and markings. The hair can be either short or long.

Depending on the length of hair, the Dorgi will shed mildly. There’s no shedding season, so the pup will shed all year round. The Corgi and the Great Dane also shed controllably.

Brushing once or twice a week is a must to prevent bad coat conditions! Sadly, neither the Corgi or the Great Dane are hypoallergenic pups, so don’t expect that from the Corgane.

The fluffy corgi parent comes in 8 fantastic coat color options including red, red-headed tri-color. Black-headed tri-color, sable, black, blue, merle, brindle.

The Great Dane parent comes in 7 recognized coat colors: black, brindle, blue, fawn, harlequin, merle, and mantle.

Corgane puppies will look like the parent who gave the most genes.

Three Reasons Why A Dorgi Might Not Be For You

short coated dog dog looking at the camera

1. Dorgis Need Space To Live And Play

Both parent breeds, the Corgi and the Great Dane love playing outside, being active, and exercising a lot.

A Corgi can live in a smaller place, but when bred with a huge dog breed like the Great Dane, a big, spacious home with a yard is needed.

Access to a large yard or a big dog park nearby should be at the top of your list. If you’re house hunting and thinking of getting a Dorgi, only look at big places with yards or parks nearby.

2. Socialization With Pets And People Is High On The List

Not many dog breeds are recommended to have a four-legged buddy at home to play with. Whether it’s your other dog or a pup in the neighborhood, your Dorgi should be allowed to play with it.

Early socialization is the key to getting along fine with other animals and people at home. When a dog is well-socialized, it should have good behavioral patterns and act calmly in new situations.

If you can’t commit to this, then think of another mixed breed dog.

Dorgi on the beach

Photo from: @elliepupalups

3. Working Out 24/7

Small places are not for Dorgis to live in. If you live in one, you should know this crossbreed needs room to move around, run, and play.

Doing that indoors, in a small place, is simply not possible, especially if the pup takes after the Great Dane!

A Dorgi in a tiny apartment will develop behavioral problems and become hard to discipline.

Three Reasons Why A Dorgi Is The Right Dog For You

young great dane mix breed lying down in bed

1. They’re Good Companion Dogs

Since it’s coming from two excellent dog specimens, the Dorgi, too, is an excellent companion. Both parent breeds are perfect companions.

Corgis have a reputation for being great dogs for singles, older people, and students. On the other hand, the Great Dane loves being around lots of people.

They are terrific doggos for families with kids. However, no one said the Dane isn’t a fantastic companion too!

2. They Can Be Trained Easily

The Corgi Great Dane mix can be trained easily if using the right techniques. Both parent breeds love to please their master and will sell themselves for a belly rub and a treat.

Beware, they’re prone to becoming obese, so you might want to cut back on the snacks and offer some ear scratches instead.

3. He’ll Get You Moving

… and he’ll make an active person out of you instead of a lazy couch potato.

If you ever find yourself asking how much energy this pup has, don’t be afraid to hear the answer: an endless amount!

They love playing outside more than those belly rubs and treats, but you need to control them. Too much exercise can lead to overexertion and severe health issues.

Now that you’ve been persuaded into getting a Corgane, let’s hear more about this unique mixed breed!

Is The Corgi Great Dane Mix A Healthy Crossbreed?

cute corgi puppy lying in the towel with face showing up

The Corgi Great Dane mix can be affected by many health issues both parent dogs have.

Still, many of them can show up only in old age. At the first sign of any disease symptoms, act rapidly and take your dog to the vet.

The Dorgi can suffer from the following medical conditions:

1. Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism)

2. bloat-gastric torsion

3. hypothyroidism

4. cardiomyopathy

5. wobbler syndrome

6. von Willebrand’s disease

7. degenerative myelopathy

8. progressive retinal atrophy

9. intervertebral disc disease

Today’s Main Course: What Does A Corgi Great Dane Mix Eat?

black great dane eating on a bowl in the veranda

The Corgi Great Dane mix eats only top-quality dog food, portioned according to its weight. If you’re new to the dog parenting game and have no idea which dog food to buy, ask your vet.

He can recommend the best food for your dog, especially if it’s underweight or overweight or has a series of medical conditions.

There’s a list of foods your dog should never eat:

  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • onions, chives, and garlic
  • nuts
  • poppy seeds
  • grapes and raisins
  • peppers
  • alcohol
  • salt and salty food
  • spicy food
  • raw and undercooked food
  • chicken bones

What is important is to stick with the diet your vet suggests. Don’t change it just because you can, every now and then.

When the vet picks out the ideal dog food that contains all the nutrients your Dorgi needs, don’t change it unless it makes the dog’s condition worse.

Dogs cannot get tired of the same dry dog food.

Working Out: The (Hyper)active Crossbreed

black and white young great dane mix outdoors under a tree

Like we said before, the Corgi and Great Dane pup has endless energy!

This pooch needs plenty of regular exercises and time to play outside. Never ignore this request; otherwise, your Dorgi can become irritable and destructive.

They need long walks daily. So, if you can’t spend that much time outside, make sure there’s at least a big yard to play in.

Playing with your dog doesn’t only mean working out. There’s a special bond that is created between owner and pup when exercising together.

The workout doesn’t only have to be a run or a walk. Swimming or playing games is also fun and beneficial. Many games are mentally stimulating too.

So, grab a frisbee, buy some rubber duckies, get a rope, and head out to play with your pup.

Training: Making An Obedient Pup

hand supporting the head of a young puppy great dane

This crossbreed is a smart dog. Almost as smart as one of the most intelligent canines – the German shepherd.

However, nothing else matters if the dog isn’t well trained. Training prevents a pattern of behavioral problems from occurring.

Both the parent breeds and this dog will learn tricks easily. It is important to use the following training techniques:

1. Positive Reinforcement

It’s always good to reward your dog after a task well done. It’s called positive reinforcement. Lots of praise, pats, rubs, and cuddles are the best reward. Treats can cause obesity and medical conditions related to it.

2. Early Training

No, early training doesn’t mean you have to start early in the day. Early training means you should start training your puppy the moment it gets home.

It’s important to take it one trick at a time, so you’re sure the dog definitely gets it. Also, having everyone in the house participate should be mandatory.

3. Consistency

You should always keep all your dog’s things in one place so he can remember where they are.

For example, the leash should be by the front door, so he’ll know it’s time for walkies. Consistency should be kept in commands too. Once again, it’s important for everyone in the house to participate.

Teach all your family members the tricks so the dog can be taught at any time.

4. Training Starts At Home

Sure, it’s great playing outside in the park and teaching tricks in the fresh air, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Training should start at home, in a safe and familiar environment. This will ensure the dog feels confident to learn new tricks.

Outdoor training will work out when the dog gets older and can’t be as easily distracted as when he is a pup.

Grooming: Keeping The Pup Fabulous

great dane corgi mix breed looking at the camera sitting outdoors

A pup like this needs brushing once or twice a week. A regular schedule will ensure a clean and tidy coat, free from nasty knots and matting.

A more active dog who loves snooping around requires even more grooming. Increase brushing to prevent your Fido from getting ticks and other parasites attached to its coat.

Use a nice, firm, and natural brush. For more tricky work, like cutting hair, visit a groomer. Or, learn how to take care of your dog yourself.

Bathe your dog as needed. We recommend using any of these shampoos for a clean, shiny, and healthy coat:

• Bodhi Soothing Organic Dog Shampoo

The Bodhi Soothing Organic Dog Shampoo is made from organic oils (olive, coconut oil, and jojoba). These oils remove dirt and leave the coat clean. It’s free from alcohol, chemicals, and detergents that cause irritations.

Bonus: it has a lovely rosemary and lemongrass scent!

• Cloud Star Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo + Conditioner

The Cloud Star shampoo and conditioner has a pH-balanced formula perfectly designed for sensitive skin.

It also has coconut oil and mint, lavender, green tea, bergamot, or rosemary extracts that are gentle, especially for dogs with sensitive skin.

With this shampoo, your dog will have a healthy, glossy, and luxurious coat every day.

• Paw Choice Foaming Mousse Dry Dog Shampoo

This is a waterless dry dog shampoo. It’s made from coconut oil, too, and has no harsh ingredients that can cause irritations and skin dryness. Dogs with sensitive skin love it, especially in wintertime.

Keep your dog’s paws and nails in tip-top condition. Nails can be trimmed with clippers, or a professional groomer can do it for you.

The dog’s ears must be cleaned too and inspected at least once every two weeks.

How Are Corganes With Family?

young mix dog lying down on the lawn grass

Corgi Great Danes adore people. Corgis are one-person dogs, good with kids, while Great Danes are also great family dogs. When these two genes combine, we get a puppy that’s great in both cases!

These dogs love being the center of attention, especially when small children play with them. You can even dress a Corgane up as a princess! They don’t mind at all!

Families with other dogs can rest assured their new addition, the Dorgi, will get along perfectly fine with other dogs. Still, socializing at an early age is a MUST.

To socialize your dog, arrange play dates with other puppies and their dog parents. Have your pup play with someone of his own size.

Every visit to the dog park brings them closer to being a well-socialized pup.

All in all, not even Dachshunds, Dalmatians, Bulldogs, Beagles, Border Collies, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Chihuahuas, Doberman, Poodles, Rottweilers, Shiba Inus, Wolfhounds, Boxers, Great Pyrenees, or any other canine can come near a Dorgi’s kindness and loving attitude.

How Do You Get A Corgane?

fawn great dane puppy standing in pink room

As always, there are two ways in which you can get a mixed breed dog: adopting or shopping.

Adopting and rescuing from a shelter is always such a wonderful idea because you’ll be saving a life too!

However, the only problem with this option is the availability of this dog breed. There aren’t any specialized Corgane shelters as it’s not a recognized breed.

The other way, buying from a dog breeder, should be done with caution. Always pick a responsible breeder specialized in breeding Corganes.

There are many fake breeders out there who only care about making a profit. The dog’s well-being is at the bottom of their list.

That’s why taking the time to talk to your breeder about the parent dogs’ health clearances is of great importance. Only a reputable breeder can give you all the proof you need.

Make sure you check out the following websites for Corgane puppies ready to be adopted:


GreenField Puppies

Both websites are based in the USA.

The Dorgi is not your typical mixed breed dog. Finding an official website that sells only these dogs is almost impossible.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) promotes adopting from a shelter or local rescue center instead of buying puppies online.

When it comes to actual numbers, the Corgi parent costs around $400 to $4,000. The Great Dane is more expensive, from $1,800 to $3,000. You can expect to pay slightly less for their mix, around $300 to $1,000.

Other Corgi And Great Dane Mixes

corgi mix dog lying down in the ground

If you’re not sure the Great Dane Corgi mix fits your lifestyle, you can always search for some other Corgi mixes or Great Dane mix. There are over fifty mixed breeds that can come from these dogs.

The other popular ones are the Husky Corgi (Siberian Husky and Corgi) and Corgi Bernese Mountain Dog (Saint Bernard and Corgi).

Among all these designer dogs, there must be one suitable for your lifestyle.

To Sum Up…

Surprisingly, two completely different dog breeds have given us these mix puppies we could only have dreamt of before.

The Dorgi or Corgane has only the best from both breeds. They’re more kind, loving, affectionate, smart, and obedient than any other dog.

Can you ask for a more perfect pup? Abso-Dorgie not!

Here's Why You Should And Shouldn't Own A Corgi Great Dane Mix