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27 Catahoula Mixes: Mixing The Best Of The South

27 Catahoula Mixes: Mixing The Best Of The South

Catahoula mixes aren’t that common in America, but we can still find a few popular ones. The biggest reason for this lack of popularity is the low popularity of the Catahoula dog breed.

Although this is an all-American dog breed, Catahoula Leopard dogs aren’t so popular across the entire country. These are dogs from the South, otherwise known as Catahoula Curs or Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

Yes, these are State dogs of Louisiana, born, raised, and polished to perfection here in this southern State. If you ask the Choctaw tribe, they can tell you the name Catahoula is linked to what they call a sacred lake. These dogs really had an important place in the past.

Catahoula Leopard dogs are one of the best dogs for families, believe it or not. People usually turn to dogs like Poodles or Labradors, but rarely does anyone think of a Catahoula. These former hunting dogs used to serve as a working force, not companions.

Back in the day, when the Spanish people mixed their breed lines with Native American dogs, Catahoulas were used as hog dogs, doing their best to catch wild hogs and boars. This only proves how hardworking Catahoulas are.

Today, you won’t see a Catahoula in big cities. They’re mostly still hanging out in the countryside, trying to find a purpose and keep their days meaningful.

Catahoula Leopard dogs are, in fact, really old. They date back to the 16th century. However, some Catahoula mixes are quite young and go back only thirty to fifty years ago.

Today, we will discuss all the popular Catahoula mixes and try to figure out which one is the best mix of them all!

1. Catahoula Boxer Mix

Catahoula Boxer Mix dog laying on the bed
Photo from: @erinbiff

The Catahoula Boxer mix is also known as the Boxahoula.

As you can see, this name combination sounds pretty intimidating. But are these dogs really something you should worry about? Let’s see!

The Boxahoula is truly an impressive dog with an astonishing appearance. Its character doesn’t fall far behind. Boxahoulas are incredibly sweet and calm. We can blame that on both sides of the family. So, to answer the evergreen question: yes, these dogs would be excellent family dogs!

This Catahoula mix rarely shows any signs of aggression. Still, I’d pay close attention to training, just to be sure they’re well-behaved canines. Speaking of training, the one thing most Boxer owners have trouble with is the stubbornness of this breed.

Fortunately, the stubbornness trait doesn’t really come to shine with this mix. Seems like it was minimized thanks to the super friendly personality of the Catahoula parent.

Now, for their visual traits…

The Boxahoula will definitely be a larger dog. In fact, almost all Catahoula mixes you’ll read about today are bigger dogs. And that’s completely okay, because people need big dogs too! So, the big size is certain, what else is?

The short coat, of course! The Boxahoula will shed, but it will be controllable. They have this lovely short coat that can either be in any of the two shades of usual Boxer colors, or a combination of both.

Since both parent breeds can come in patterns like brindle, coat patterning is pretty possible!

2. English Mastiff Catahoula Dog Mix

One of those lovely giants is our next mix on the list. Meet the English Mastahoula, a cross between our Catahoula Leopard dog and the English Mastiff.

If you take a look at the average English Mastiff growth chart, you’ll see they’re dogs that can grow up to 230 pounds! That’s incredible. This means Mastiffs are more than double the size of a Catahoula. So, you can imagine whose genes will prevail.

The English Mastahoula will turn heads everywhere he goes. We figured out they will be giant hybrids, but what about the rest of their appearance?

The good news is that English Mastahoulas are short-coated dogs. The bad news is that they shed. Brushing a giant dog on a frequent schedule can seem like a big project. Trust me, it is, but you won’t even notice when you finish it because English Mastahoulas are so sweet and patient.

One look at their piercing blue eyes and you’ll be mesmerized!

The English Mastahoula fits great into any family with enough space and a big backyard. They like people, kids, and other animals. But cuddles and signs of affection are their favorite! English Mastahoulas are huge cuddlers (literally), and you’ll need to show them love constantly.

3. Great Dane Catahoula Dog Mix

Great Dane Catahoula Dog Mix
Photo from: @exploringwithroo

Here comes another gentle giant!

This is the Great Dahahoula, a Great Dane Catahoula mix. The crossbreed with a funny name isn’t funny at all. However, they’re not serious either. The Great Dahaoula is a sweet and caring companion, probably the sweetest of all Catahoula mixes.

People often have prejudices about dogs like Great Danes. They believe giant dogs are dangerous and that’s it. But they couldn’t be more wrong! Great Danes are absolute sweethearts and the whole family loves them. In return, they love the whole family back.

This Catahoula Great Dane mix doesn’t have a lot of flaws. They have a great posture, a lovely appearance that could feature some pretty pawmazing Great Dane colors, as well as a gentle temperament.

But I do have to warn you that Great Danes are pricey, and bringing them and their mixes up can be pricey too. Just imagine how much food these dogs go through in a year. Whoa!

Another red flag could be their potentially short lifespan. Although Catahoulas usually live up to 14 years, those strong genes might not come to the surface because the Great Dane has a terribly short lifespan. You can expect only 8 to 10 years to spend with Great Danes.

Sadly, the short lifespan seems to pass on to the offspring.

Do everything you can to make your Dahahoula’s years memorable. Believe me when I say, these hybrid dogs will surely do their best for you to remember them for many more years.

4. American Bulldog Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

American Bulldog Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
Photo from: @catahoulabear

The American Bulldog Catahoula mix is also known as the American Mastahoula, but I prefer the Catahoula Bulldog. Seems more appropriate since this pooch tends to resemble the Bulldog parent a lot.

I’m pretty happy to inform you that this is another terrific family dog thanks to his lovely, stable personality. Generally speaking, Bulldogs have great temperaments and they’re more special than the  average Joe thinks.

No matter with which American Bully type you cross a Catahoula, the end result will always be wonderful puppies in a wide range of Bully colors.

If they’re so special, why do Catahoula Bulldogs always come to someone’s disapproval? Is it their appearance or the fact they come from so-called dangerous parents?

I believe it’s both. That’s why people should look into the story behind each mix and learn that not everything’s black or white. There’s gray in between, and that gray is the Catahoula Bulldog.

Catahoula Bulldogs are loyal companions. They have their eyes set on their family members, and they won’t leave them unprotected easily. Sure, these might not be the brightest guard dogs out there, but they still know what truly matters, and that’s the safety of their beloved humans.

5. Siberian Husky Catahoula Mix

Siberian Husky Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @loungin_with_loonz

When you mix a Siberian Husky and a Catahoula Leopard dog you get a Catahusky. Sounds like a legit breed, doesn’t it? However, this pooch is as hybrid as they get. He may look like a Husky, but he’s got some pretty notable Catahoula traits.

Yes, the Catahoula Husky mix is another dog that looks like a Siberian Husky. These dogs don’t usually resemble Catahoulas too much because Husky genes are quite strong.

Catahuskies are recognizable for their pointy ears and muzzles. They feature Husky eyes in many piercing colors. Fortunately, Catahuskies don’t have super thick coats like Huskies. They still shed, but it’s not uncontrollable. A lot of times you’ll see a Catahusky with the typical Catahoula coat color, leopard.

Since our Catahusky buddy comes from two very friendly parents, you can definitely expect the same from these pooches. Siberian Huskies are known for being friendly and caring. In fact, they used to be called nanny dogs. That’s how great they are with kids!

Catahuskies are natural companions. They will show you their loyal side like so, but you’ll need to provide lots of attention in return. Catahuskies love feeling appreciated.

What else you should provide is plenty of exercise time. Catahuskies are big and active. They should work out for at least an hour and a half every day. This is to keep them in shape and their brains focused on something useful, not just boredom.

6. Catahoula Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Catahoula Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Photo from: @wilkinsonnewman

They may not be purebreds like these 100% American dog breeds, but Pitahoulas are still as American as it gets. This Pitbull Catahoula Leopard dog is actually quite common, and definitely not one of those rare Catahoula mixes.

A lot of things are special about this pooch. For starters, it’s not a pooch at all! Pitahoulas have a notorious reputation for  being scary and dangerous. But that’s just their reputation set by people that don’t see how wonderful Pitahoulas are.

The Pitahoula is a wonderful companion dog, and if everyone saw how sweet they can be, these dogs wouldn’t have such a terrible distinction.

Pitahoulas are intelligent dogs, and you can blame that on the combination of excellent genes from both sides of the family. Sure, Pitahoulas need socialization, training, and lots of mental stimulation, but name a dog that doesn’t need all that!

Pitahoulas will get easily attached to their owners. They will show their loyalty and admiration towards their humans, however, they expect plenty of love in return. These are the kind of dogs that need to feel loved all the time. And, yes, they can develop separation anxiety if they’re alone.

That’s how committed Pitahoulas are!

The Pitahoula will look a lot like an average Pitbull, but they are a wee bit bigger. Usually, these pooches fashion Catahoula’s coat colors, which makes them pretty unique and pretty lovely-looking.

If you want to learn more about this sweet hybrid, I’ve got a great article for you, right here!

7. Bloodhound Catahoula Mix

Bloodhound Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @catahoulaadventuresfl

Bloodhound mixes aren’t that common, but hey, Catahoula mixes aren’t either.

It’s time to present you the Bloodahoula, a crossbreed between two truly unique dog breeds.

Bloodhounds are canines known for their exquisite sense of smell. They were purposely bred to assist during hunting trips and were of great help with catching deer. Today’s Bloodhounds are valuable police dogs, trained to sniff anything that’s illegal.

Catahoulas aren’t that skilled, but they possess something Bloodhounds don’t: empathy.

Catahoulas are friendly dogs, but Bloodhounds have a more professional approach, and they might not be so friendly with unknown people.

As far as their puppy is concerned, the Bloodahoula can grow up into a well-rounded dog that inherits the best of both sides of the family. Bloodahoulas are usually kind and calm, but they know when it’s time to work hard and earn praise.

What else you should know about these dogs is their level of activity. Bloodahoulas love spending all their time being out and about. Saying they’re simply active dogs just won’t justify it. They’re bouncy and even jump really high. Watch out for short fences because these dogs are runners.

The Bloodahoula is destined to become a larger dog because both parents are big canines. This means you two maybe won’t cuddle on the sofa together, but you’ll definitely go out on adventures.

8. Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

Catahoula German Shepherd Mix
Photo from: @kikotheperrito

Of course, a Catahoula should be mixed with a German Shepherd. Every pup mixed with a German Shepherd turns out to be a terrific pup!

The German Shepahoula, a beautiful crossbreed pup, will surprise you with their intelligence, hardworking nature, and incredibly good looks. One thing is for sure: the German Shepahoula isn’t your average hybrid. He won’t take your nonsense. These dogs demand respect and will show it back if you deserve it.

Raising a German Shepherd Catahoula mix can be challenging. To begin with, you’ll need to have lots of free time on your hands to exercise. Basically, you’re getting an improved version of a working dog, and thus they need to work out a lot. At least an hour and a half of exercise is a must for such dogs.

Of course, training is in order too, but you shouldn’t have issues there, as German Shepahoulas tend to inherit GSD’s sharp minds and fast reflexes.

The German Shepahoula will definitely be one of those German Shepherd-like dogs.

9. Catahoula Poodle Mix

Catahoula Poodle Mix
Photo from: @classycaninespetspa

You really thought this list could go by without one of the most popular breeds in the world?

Here’s Poodahoula, a fantastic mix between the Catahoula and the Poodle! Imagine a Standard Poodle, but much more robust and sturdier built.

Standard Poodles, which are usually bred with Catahoulas, have become tamer. The Poodahoula isn’t as snobbish as regular Poodles. They’re more open to meeting people, and friendlier, just like Catahoulas. Let’s say they’re sociable doggos that love human companions.

Poodahoulas are normally super active, but some pooches may be on the calmer side thanks to the Catahoula genes. Still, I recommend you never forget to provide them with enough mental stimulation and physical exercises. Every Poodahoula enjoys a good game, whether it’s a mind or body one.

Poodahoulas are technically less prone to causing  allergies. Anytime you cross a hypoallergenic dog breed with a non-hypoallergenic one, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a hypoallergenic puppy.

But we can’t be certain whether your Poodahoula pup will be 100% hypoallergenic. Let’s just say they’re good around people prone to allergies. I mean, a Poodahoula won’t cause those people to sneeze like crazy, the way Catahoulas might.

When we talk about Poodahoulas, we must not forget to mention their lovely appearance. Since Poodles come in so many colors, and Catahoulas only in three, you can expect a Poodahoula puppy to inherit lots of wonderful coat shades. It all depends on the Poodle parent.

10. Australian Shepherd Catahoula Mix

Australian Shepherd Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @jushar3

We had the German Shepahoula, and now we have the Australian Shepahoula. As you can see, this is clearly a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Aussie Shepherds are widely famous for their lovely temperaments and incredibly great work ethics. People always used them as a strong working force on farms. Today, Aussies are more companion dogs than working canines. These herding dogs still have strong herding genes, but they’ve learned how to control them.

The Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix is destined to be excellent at anything he does. These dogs learn fast and don’t tend to cause  their humans any trouble.

There is a significant difference between both parents in terms of their appearance. An average Australian Shepahoula should carry the merle coat that’s present on  both sides of the family. These dogs aren’t such  big shedders as  the Australian Shepherd parents are. Still, you’ll need to groom them regularly.

The Aussie Shepahoula is genuinely sweet and caring. Since the Aussie parent is so good with kids, you can expect the same from this Shepahoula. Of course, let’s not forget about Catahoula’s extremely sweet temperament either.

11. Labrador Retriever Catahoula Mix

It’s time to meet Labahoula!

This Catahoula Lab mix is a serious deal, even though his name doesn’t support that claim. Labahoula is  actually one of the most popular Catahoula mixes on our list, probably since both breeds are pretty common in the States.

If you’re here looking for a good family dog, then look no further. The Labahoula is the prototype of a family doggo, and you’ll definitely be satisfied with having him around.

So, what makes the Labahoula so great?

While all of these Catahoula mixes are good companions, not all of them are good watchdogs. But the Labahoula is. The Labrador Retriever parent is an especially great watchdog, pretty agile, and responsive no matter the situation. I’d sleep peacefully having a Labahoula next to me.

But that’s not all. Labahoula has lots of other things to offer.

Let’s not forget their lovely appearance. This doggo is an absolute hybrid and a clear mixture of a Lab and a Catahoula. Sometimes, pups will feature Labrador colors, but most of the time they will have Catahoula’s patterns.

They’re big, athletic, and sturdily built. Rough  playing with a Labahoula wouldn’t be such a good idea since they’re so strong, but they don’t like playing rough, to begin with. These are playful dogs, always ready for action and to have fun with the entire family.

12. Greyhound Catahoula Mix

Greyhound Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @hi_jazz

Can we all agree that the Greyhoula has the most awesome hybrid name on this list?

Okay, now let’s see what else is so amazing about this cross puppy!

The Greyhound dog breed is pretty recognizable with their slender bodies and tiny muzzles. They’re sporty dogs and possess great speed and incredible agility skills. These are all traits that Greyhounds give as an inheritance to their puppies, no matter if they’re purebred or not.

An average Greyhoula should be a tall, skinny dog, with a body built just like a Greyhound’s. Let’s just say all Greyhound genes are strong with this pooch.

But does the Greyhoula have anything inherited from the Catahoula parent? Of course, he does, but it’s more personality-wise than linked to their appearance.

Greyhoulas are more relaxed than Greyhounds. They’re friendly and pretty laid-back. And they’re definitely not easily triggered and scared like Greyhounds! The Catahoula’s strong social skills have definitely won the  match here.

Our Greyhoula buddies are athletic, but they don’t like to exercise that much. Just take them on short, slow-paced walks a few times a week and they’ll be fine.

As far as their maintenance goes, you can call them low-maintenance pups too because they don’t demand lots of grooming sessions. Sure, they shed just like Greyhounds or Catahoulas, but it’s not unbearable. Light brushing throughout the week would be just alright.

A lot of time, Greyhoulas will come featuring Greyhound colors, but the Catahoula’s pattern overall is also possible.

13. Australian Cattle Dog Catahoula Mix

Since Blue Heelers are more common than Red Heelers, we’ll name this Catahoula mix the Blue Heelahoula. Or you can keep things simple and just call them Blue Heeler Catahoula mix dogs.

The Blue Heelahoula is one truly mesmerizing dog, especially if you combine the blue coat and the leopard pattern. You get a pup that will turn heads anywhere he goes. The Blue Heelahoula can also be a Red Heelahoula, but that’s only if the Australian Cattle Dog parent fashions a red coat.

There’s little to no difference between a Red vs Blue Heeler. So, you can be sure you’re getting a good-mannered dog either way.

Blue Heelahoulas are normally quite intense. They’re definitely not good fits for first-time owners. They might be playful, but some people, especially those who aren’t used to dogs, can find this too overwhelming.

Blue Heelahoulas need daily exercises, and someone with a matching temperament to follow them on their daily escapades. This mixed breed pooch might not enjoy a lazy owner or someone that doesn’t have plenty of time for cuddling and playing.

The Blue Heelahoula is simply tireless!

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are dog owners that actually enjoy active dogs. What’s so great is that with this level of activity comes a cheerful temperament. Blue Heelahoulas are open to meeting new people and they enjoy human company. You can say these are sociable canines.

The best thing about a Blue Heelahoula is that they can serve as amazing watchdogs. Also, thanks to the Catahoula parent, they’re big and strong, thus capable of being good guard dogs too!

14. Chihuahua Catahoula Mix

Chihuahua Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @maya_rover_pups

Yes, Catahoula mixes with tiny dog breeds are also quite possible. Here’s the Chiahuahoula, a dog with a name pretty hard to pronounce, but you’ll master this tongue twister by the end of this paragraph. And yes, you’ll definitely fall for a Chiahuahoula.

The first thing you’ll notice about these pups is their size. Believe it or not, Catahoulas can be shrunken, but only if they’re mixed with Chihuahuas. As a rule of thumb, Chiahuahoulas always come as small dogs. Chihuahua size genes are pretty strong, despite the small size.

Sure, these pooches might not be as fragile as Chis are, but they’re still small and pretty compact for city living. That is if you manage to find a Chiahuahoula for adoption. Catahoula dogs are pretty rare but finding Catahoula mixes is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you have the  chance to adopt a Chiahuahoula, I recommend you do. You’ll get a tame version of a Chihuahua thanks to the super kind Catahoula genes. And we all know how aggressive Chihuahuas can be.

What’s good about Chiahuahoulas is that they’re more friendly than Chihuahuas. They’re not super sweet like some other Catahoula mixes, but they’re pretty okay. I’d still spend lots of time socializing them into well-behaved dogs. If you want a fun dog for family games and occasional adventures, you can definitely hang out with a Chiahuahoula.

15. Catahoula Beagle Mix

Catahoula Beagle Mix
Photo from:

The Beagahoula is a rockstar of all Catahoula mixes, a super friendly doggo that has the best of all worlds.

This Beagle Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is compact-sized and pawfect for afternoon walkies. They’re not as big as Catahoulas, hence they lean more toward the Beagle side of the family.

If you know what Beagle dogs are like, then you’ll know what Beagahoulas would be like too. Forget about getting a Beagahoula as a watchdog. They’re nowhere near that duty. Beagahoulas are terrible guardians and watchdogs thanks to their friendliness. These dogs see friends in everyone!

It’s good to have a Beagahoula as a companion dog. They will put a smile on your face anytime you’re feeling down. The reason they do their best to make you smile is that  they’re so loyal and respectful. Beagahoulas appreciate every second spent with their humans.

To put it this way, Beagahoulas are real specimens of what you need from a family dog.

But are Beagahoulas as good-looking on the outside as they are  inside?

Yes, they definitely are!

Beagahoulas are handsome boys and pretty girls. They usually feature standard Beagle colors, with an occasional Leopard pattern on some parts of their bodies or on the nose.

16. Border Collie Catahoula Mix

Border Collie Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @sammyjomama19

This list of best Catahoula mixes shouldn’t go by without a cross with probably the smartest dog breed in the world. Yes, I’m talking about Border Collies and their love puppies with Catahoulas named Border Colliehoulas!

If you dig brainiac dogs that manage to handle pretty much any given situation, the Border Colliehoula is the pup for you.

Seems like these dogs are actually superdogs. They’re sporty, agile, always active, on top of everything, super smart, and obviously good-looking. Border Colliehoulas have it all. They’re the real envy of the dog park.

Their high energy levels make Border Colliehoulas superstars at any dog show ring. They will show you that they’re more than just energetic dogs. Border Colliehoulas are destined to be champions.

Naturally, I wouldn’t suggest this crossbreed dog if you’ve never had a dog before. They’re a handful even for experienced owners. But the good news is that Border Colliehoulas are incredibly smart. Training them is a delight and super easy. You just need to make sure they’re focused on you.

Border Colliehoulas are also quite attractive with their rich coats and interesting colors. Border Collies come in merle, so there’s a huge chance your puppy will be a merle too. This only makes Border Colliehoulas more pretty.

You can recognize a Border Colliehoula for its huge grin and feathered ears. They sure have a pleasant face to look at.

17. Rottweiler Catahoula Mix

Rottweiler Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @mad_house.adventures

I believe we have finally found a way to make Rottweilers more approachable to the rest of the world. People who own Rottweilers know what a delight it is to have them around. But there are others too, people that dread this dog breed.

Unfortunately, the latter group is definitely larger and louder. Bad publicity follows Rottweilers, and everyone believes they’re dangerous dogs. But that’s so far from the truth. Rottweilers are actually great with kids, and that says a lot. They’re cautious, but super friendly if you’re not a burglar or some other danger.

Yes, this means Rottweilers are excellent watchdogs and guardians.

So, will their crossbreed puppy with the Catahoula be this brave?

We have good indications that Rottahoula dogs will be courageous like Rottweilers. You can definitely say Rottahoulas are guardians of the entire family, monitoring the situation all the time, and making sure everyone’s safe.

These dogs have a great relationship with the entire family, including kids and other pets. Sure, they prefer being the only dogs in the house, but they certainly won’t go after another family dog if they’re well-trained.

Even though they’re big mixes, Rottahoulas aren’t that energetic. They also don’t need lots of daily exercise. An hour a day will be enough for these canines to have their energy bars drained. Rottahoulas prefer light walks and cuddles on the sofa after you come back.

18. Doberman Catahoula Mix

Doberman Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @gunnerthedobie_moosethegsp

Oh, how can we forget about the Doberman Catahoula mix, also known as the Dobahoula?

Every larger dog can be mixed with our Catahoula buddy, and I believe Doberman has a chance too, no matter who  you pick between the European vs American Doberman. The origin doesn’t change the fact this is one impressive crossbreed.

Sure, you’ll have some issues finding the right breeder for this cross, someone that doesn’t make their Dobies aggressive, but the wait and the research are  worth it.

As I said, this is a cross between two large dogs. The Dobahoula can grow up to 80 pounds, which is definitely something you don’t ignore. Even though they’re not technically giant dogs, I still like to call them gentle giants.

Dobermans often have bad publicity. People think they’re dangerous and born that way. But it’s the breeders’ fault because they’re the ones that turn well-behaving puppies into aggression-prone ones.

Well, if you combine a Doberman and a Catahoula, you’ll get a sweet, super-friendly puppy. Catahoula’s friendly genes simply have to shine through. This way, people won’t judge Dobies and classify them as that scary breed.

Doberman Catahoula mix dogs usually come in solid colors with small splashes of tan or white. They’re sleek dogs, but super prone to shedding, and thus a handful to care for.

The only area in which you shouldn’t encounter any issues is training. Dobahoulas are great and fast learners. They will impress you with their capability of learning new tricks and commands.

19. Golden Retriever Catahoula Mix

Golden Retriever Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @walle.the.catahoula.retriever

If you want to create the ultimate family pet, then you pick the Golden Retriever Catahoula mix or the Goldenhoula. Whenever people want to get friendly pups, they mix other breeds with Golden Retrievers. Hence so many wonderful Golden Retriever mixes.

But today, we’re talking about Catahoula mixes with other popular breeds. This is a promotion of this forgotten all-American breed and a step forward in making the Catahoula widely known. If you’re from the South you might say: Well, Catahoulas are already popular.

However, people on the West Coats might disagree with you. And, what about dog lovers from Canada? Have they heard of the Catahoula? Exactly.

My point is: let’s mix Catahoulas with popular doggos to create even more spectacular pooches!

Did the mission succeed with the Goldenhoula? Definitely!

This crossbreed dog resembles the Golden Retriever parent a lot, but strong Catahoula appearance genes have mixed in too. Seems like this doggo is a bigger version of our Golden boy, with a thick coat type in all Golden Retriever colors.

Still, one thing is unusual here… It’s the head! Goldenhoulas usually resemble Catahoulas with their small, triangular-shaped heads.

Goldenhoulas are one of the best mixed breed dogs for big families. They love people and feel included as  part of the family. Goldenhoulas are super kind, but even they come with a flaw.

For crying out loud, train these doggos not to chew on things or you’ll have pretty much destroyed the household.

20. Saint Bernard Catahoula Mix

So, we’ve had normal-sized dogs getting mixed with the Catahoula, and we’ve had some pretty tiny pooches. How about giant doggos? Are they a match for our Catahoula Leopard Dog?

Yes, and the Great Bernehoula is the finest example.

In case you didn’t realize it, this is a crossbreed puppy between a Catahoula and a Saint Bernard. Saint Bernard dogs aren’t that common in the States, despite the popularity the movie Beethoven brought. They’re big, difficult to manage, and pretty expensive. Rarely does anyone opt to adopt a St. Bernard.

If you want a pup of compact size, then you should look for a Catahoula mixed with a mini Saint Bernard. Mini Bernard pups exist and they’re even cuter. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a pup that will be big in all possible terms.

But it’s not the size that makes Saint Bernehoulas so recognizable. It’s also their friendly temperament and adaptability. These are friendly dogs and don’t seem to have issues with anyone, not even cats. Saint Bernehoulas are even good with young children, and always act so protective around them.

Unfortunately, the Saint Bernehoula is not a fit for apartment living even though they’re significantly smaller than average Saint  Bernard dogs. These canines need their space to snooze and rest after a light playtime.

Saint Bernehoulas aren’t known for having some major health problems. They are prone to obesity, keeping in mind how big one of the parents is. I’d be careful if I were you not to allow these doggos to put on extra pounds.

21. Catahoula Great Swiss Mountain Dog Mix

We’re getting close to the end of our list, but we must not forget about another gentle giant. As you already know, there are a few of them here, each one sweeter than the other.

So, what’s the deal with the Catahoula Great Swiss Mountain Dog? Okay, that’s too long…

Let’s try the Great Catahoula, okay? It’s a combination of both names AND it says how great these crossbreed pups are.

The Great Catahoula is another rare dog. There aren’t many Swiss Mountain Dogs breeders in the States, so you can’t expect many Great Catahoula pups either.

If you are lucky enough to encounter a Great Catahoula, you should know you’re looking at a super friendly family dog. Both parent breeds are highly focused on humans and love being around them. What’s so amazing about the Great Catahoula is that they are one of the finest family dogs of all Catahoula mixes.

Great Catahoulas, including their parent breeds, are known for being extra gentle with the kids. So, when I mentioned we have another gentle giant here, I really didn’t kid around. Great Catahoulas are alert dogs, always monitoring their surroundings and making sure their humans are safe.

Another impressive thing about Great Catahoulas is their appearance. These dogs usually fashion a thick, rich coat, resembling the one from the Swiss parent. They can come in either color combination found in  both breeds, but standard black, tan, and whites are the most common ones.

22. Basset Hound Catahoula Mix

Basset Hound Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @mabelandruth

Imagine what Catahoulas would look like if they weren’t tall and strong. Let’s imagine them short and packed with muscles!

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I just imagined a Basset Hound Catahoula mix or the Bassahoula. Every time someone talks about short, stubby dogs, Basset Hounds are the first I think of, followed by Corgis.

Anyways, now you have a good general idea of what a Bassahoula would look like.

Interestingly enough, the Bassahoula doesn’t have any other visual similarities with the Basset parent. The rest of their bodies completely resemble Catahoula dogs. The Bassahoula has floppy, triangular ears, a shorter, wedge-shaped muzzle, and piercing eyes.

Their coat type is sleek and short, but the colors are a true surprise.

Sadly, we can’t say  that Bassahoulas are hypoallergenic, because Bassets shed a lot, and so do Catahoulas.

23. Great Pyrenees Catahoula Mix

Great Pyrenees Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @jlkinslow

Whoa, it looks like someone shaved down the Great Pyrenees!

Oh, no, wait a minute… That’s not a purebred Great Pyrenees dog. That’s a Great Pyr crossed with a Catahoula. You may recognize them under the name Great Pyrahoula. What you’re looking at is another of the Catahoula mixes crossed with a giant dog breed. Great Pyrenees dogs are really large dogs.

Their big size, mighty paws, and strong bark have cut Great Pyr dogs into being one of the greatest shepherd or herding dogs ever. They have a pretty amazing high prey drive and won’t settle down if the threat isn’t eliminated or far from the herd they’re protecting.

Catahoula dogs understand their strong work ethics because they have a pretty similar approach to their jobs.

You can definitely say the Great Pyrahoula would be excellent at anything he does. Still, I wouldn’t recommend getting them if you’re a first-time owner. It’s not that these dogs need lots of exercise or demand a full grooming treatment. It’s just… Great Pyrahoulas are a handful to manage.

These hybrids can be pretty stubborn and dominant. They’re big doggos, what did you expect?

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to have them start with early socialization and obedience lessons. If they manage that, and they will, you’ll be left with a pretty great companion.

One thing I’d recommend about Great Pyrahoulas is to have their dew claws removed, especially if they look a lot like the Great Pyrenees parent. People have dew claws removed with Great Pyr dogs. It’s for their own safety, not for cosmetic purposes.

24. Dalmatian Catahoula Mix

Dalmatian Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @ourdogquintus

Lastly, I’m presenting to you the Dalmahoula!

Yes, that’s a Dalmatian Catahoula mix, obviously.

Dalmatians are dogs that have a unique appearance. Not many dog breeds in the canine kingdom can brag about having a spotted coat. Well, Dalmatians and Catahoulas can.

As you know, the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is known for its leopard coat pattern. It’s somewhat similar to a Dalmatians’s coat. That is, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Combining two unique coat patterns can only result in a gorgeous puppy.

That’s right. Dalmahoulas are simply so stunning it’s unbelievable. They have  a combination of Dalm’s spots and Catahoulas tiny leopard pattern, making them appear merle in some cases.

But good looks aren’t what you should know about. There are some downsides that every potential Dalmahoula owner should know.

You see, every dog owner wants to have a dog without any health issues. It’s okay to wish for a 100% healthy puppy, but that’s not possible. Dogs like Dalmatians are highly prone to some conditions, including deafness. Living with an impairment is tough and taking care of an impaired dog can be even tougher.

There’s a big chance your Dalmahoula will end up being deaf.

Also, Dalmatians are dogs that must avoid certain foods. Purine is strictly off limits to Dalmatians, and so should be for all Dalmatian mixes. That’s why you should check out a list of foods approved for Dalmatians here.

Dalmahoulas are lovely, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about these potentially big issues.

25. Newfoundland Catahoula Mix

Okay, I promise this is the last gentle giant on this list. We’re getting close to the end, after all.

Meet the Newfie Catahoula mix. It’s Newfyhoula for friends.

This giant crossbreed pup is as sweet and friendly as they get. Newfyhoulas can be really proud of their easy-going temperaments, and sweet, caring attitude towards anyone. These dogs, as well as their parent breeds, are super kind to children.

Seems like Newfyhoulas have it all: the perfect temperament, the lovely appearance, and the intelligence to master any training lesson.

But, how come they don’t have any downsides?

Oh, they do!

Unfortunately, Newfyhoulas are destined to have a short lifespan. Just like the Newfie’s lifespan, it’s a quite short one, lasting only up to 10 years or so. Better work hard to make those years memorable.

26. Cane Corso Catahoula Mix

Cane Corso Catahoula Mix
Photo from: @amcauburnca

What do you get when you mix a Cane Corso with a Catahoula?

A Canehoula, one spectacular doggo!

Cane Corso dogs usually suffer from bad publicity. People find them intimidating and scary. Some even believe Cane Corsos are one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

So, why would anyone cross this dog breed with a Catahoula, a dog breed that’s known as the sweet and the calm one?

Well, to get a mighty dog with a kind temperament, that’s for sure!

Okay, Cane Corsos have a temperament that’s difficult to handle. But Catahoulas make up for everything.

You can expect the Canehoula to be one peaceful dog, with an attitude that doesn’t stand any nonsense. It might not be the best idea to put them around kids, but that also depends on the level of trainability with this pooch.

Besides their temperament, I do have to warn you that Canehoulas can suffer from some conditions that could severely affect their quality of life. Bigger dogs usually have problems with hip dysplasia, so keep an eye on that.

27. Shiba Inu Catahoula Mix

When people cross two completely different dog breeds, they usually want to tame one of them and make a pup that looks a lot like that breed but acts totally different.

This is exactly why we have Shiba Inu Catahoula mixes. As probably the rarest dog here, the Shiba Inu Catahoula mix or the Shibahoula is something special. These doggos serve as a new and improved version of the Shiba Inu.

All dog breeds are terrific, but Shiba Inus are tricky to handle. They’re judgy, pretty self-centered, and don’t open up easily to anyone, not even their humans. A Shiba prefers to be alone, rather than  enjoy the company of people. Some Shibas even show signs of aggression!

Well, it’s good that we have a Shibahoula, a crossbreed pup that has the friendly character inherited from the Catahoula parent.

Shibahoulas are usually pretty tame and enjoy everyday life.

Final Words

The AKC may not recognize Catahoulas or Catahoula mixes, but that’s completely fine. We’re still happy to have dogs like these mixes listed today.

Catahoula Leopard dogs being combined with any other dog breed always results in lovely puppies. These pups are big, strong, and skilled, but they’re not dangerous or intimidating at all. Catahoulas are friendly creatures, always focused on their humans.

These dogs seek human approval in all kinds of situations. Take training for an example. Using a system of rewards and praises like positive reinforcement will boost your Catahoulas confidence and turn him into a superstar of dog training.

Yes, that’s how much Catahoulas love their humans. Catahoula mixes don’t fall far behind either.

So, which of these mixes is your favorite? Are you more into small and unusual pups, or do you prefer gentle giants and large canines?

Speak! We’d love to hear what you have to say.