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Corgi Dachshund Mix: Fall In Love With The Dorgi

Corgi Dachshund Mix: Fall In Love With The Dorgi

We call them Dorgis, but you can name them any way you want. What’s important is that these Corgi Dachshund mix puppies are ultimately adorable.

Two popular purebred dogs met and created a unique crossbreed. Thanks to the Dachshund and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, we now have a Dorgi.

Both parent breeds are widely popular for their affinity for working with humans. Dachshunds used to work as small prey hunters, and Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis were herding dogs.

Here, we have people-oriented dogs that form bonds easily with their owners and with the rest of the family. They have a lovely personality and the characteristics of great companions and watchdogs.

Smart and loyal by nature, the Dorgi is the perfect pal to play with, share cuddles with, and feel safe with.

History Of The Parents And The New Designer Dog

cute cardigan welsh corgi sitting with dachshund

It would be ridiculous to assume that the Corgi and the Doxie haven’t met earlier in the past. However, precise information about the Dorgi’s heritage is still unknown.

What we do know is the history of both parent breeds.

Take Dachshunds for an example. This dog breed goes way back to the 1500s when they were bred in Germany and used to hunt down small prey. At one point, Doxies were even called Badger dogs.

The Corgi parent comes from the United Kingdom. We all know how much Queen Elizabeth II loves her Corgis!

The Corgi Dachshund mix is a designer dog breed, but sadly, many are being abandoned. If you have enough luck with finding a Dorgi in your local shelter, then you probably need our detailed guide on raising Dorgis.

Why don’t we start cracking the code behind this lovely pooch?

Corgi And Dachshund Mix: Size

The Dorgi is usually a small-sized dog. However, since this is a relatively new dog breed without a standard, the size may vary.

Most Dorgies weigh around 15 to 28 pounds, and stand tall at 9 to 12 inches. Of course, females are always a bit smaller than males.

Dachshund Corgi Mix: Personality

Dorgis are like toddlers. They’re cute, and they have an infectious playful streak, but they’re also very stubborn.

If you’re thinking of getting a Dorgi, but you already have kids and other small pets, then you should know that you’ll be getting them a new best friend. Seriously, Dorgis are great with kids, just like Corgis!

This dog always seeks companionship. Make sure you include it in daily activities. However, if they’re left alone for too long, they may experience loneliness.

A Dorgi’s stubbornness goes hand in hand with their intelligence. This dog breed gives off the impression that they’re the only ones that know best. Proper training, early socialization, exercises, and mental stimulation are the only ways to curb their stubborn behavior.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Dorgi

dorgi running in water in outdoors

1. They need lots of daily outdoor exercise.

Both Corgis and Dachshunds are working dogs, meaning they’re very active dogs. They demand the same energy level from their owners. The Corgi and Dachshund mix needs an ample amount of exercise daily. Taking them on two walks and squeezing in playtime with no leash would be just great.

Being physically active is the best way to manage their excessive energy and keep their small bodies fit.

2. They’re prone to separation anxiety.

This crossbreed is extremely attached to its owners, and it lives co-dependently with the entire family. This may sound sweet at first, but these are actually alarming signs.

Some dogs just love spending time alone and snoozing, while others are prone to developing separation anxiety if they’re alone for too long. Along with separation anxiety comes stress and boredom, which results in bad behavioral patterns.

3. They’re quite loud.

The Dorgi has a huge tendency to bark at what they believe are intruders. Both parent breeds are known to be yappy dogs. No wonder why they’re good watchdogs! They’re always very loud and alert.

This tendency to bark can get out of hand sometimes. If you’re living in a house, this won’t be such an issue. But, if you prefer an apartment, then you might want to warn your neighbours that you’re getting a Dorgi.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dorgi

Dorgi with one ear up and one down standing beside steps

1. They’re loving and loyal dogs.

The Dorgi is an affectionate and faithful dog, very devoted to its family. These dogs are very friendly with everyone they meet. Playing with kids? Love it! Being around familiar faces? That, too! Staying alert for strangers? You got it!

Dorgis develop a strong and special bond with all family members, and they serve to protect them from danger.

2. They’re good watchdogs.

Dorgis are alert dogs that remain vigilant and seem to be always on the lookout. Sure, they are friendly with almost everyone, but they do know how to distinguish friends from foes.

The hunting and herding instincts of both parents make Dorgis effective watchdogs. They’re highly protective and will warn you as soon as someone approaches your front door.

3. They’re highly trainable.

How many times have we mentioned how smart Dorgis are? Well, it doesn’t hurt to say it one more time. These smart pooches are very motivated by food. Use treats when training them!

Their smart brains help them solve puzzles and learn tricks and commands in the blink of an eye. Okay, maybe not that fast, but certainly faster than your average mutt.

Dachshund Corgis enjoy every mental and physical challenge put in front of them. But, what they enjoy even more is the time spent together with you during the training.

What Type Of Coat Do Dorgis Sport?

little corgi puppy kissed by the corgi outdoors in top angle

The Dorgi’s coat depends on which side of the family the puppy takes after. Some Dorgi puppies have smooth, very long-haired coats inherited from the Doxie. Others have the dense, medium-length coat similar to one Corgi’s fashion.

Dorgis come in a variation of colors, including gold, white, tan, black, and brown. They’re shedders, but the amount of shedding may vary from minimal to moderate, depending on the coat type.

Dorgis have charming faces, with gorgeous dark brown eyes, and large ears that can be either erect like a Corgi’s or floppy like a Doxie’s.

This crossbreed not only looks fantastic, but its personality, intelligence, and friendliness also match their outer looks.

Dorgi Lifespan

The Corgi Dachshund mix can live a long life of 12 to 15 years. If you provide proper care, training, exercise, and love, your Dorgi dog can live life to the fullest.

Dorgis are perfect family pets and devoted buddies. But, you still need to socialize with them in time. Early socialization will help you prevent any major behavioral issues in adulthood. Since they come from hunting and herding dogs, Dorgis must be socialized in order to curb their hunting instincts, especially around small animals.

Which Clubs Recognize The Welsh Corgi Dachshund Mix?

Cardigan Welsh Corgi looks aside pooch animal

The following clubs and organizations recognize the Dorgi as a new crossbreed:

• American Canine Hybrid Club

• Designer Breed Registry

• Designer Dogs Kennel Club

• Dog Registry of America, Inc.

International Designer Canine Registry

As you may notice, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is not on the list because we’re talking about a mixed breed dog.

Crossbreeds are not welcome in the AKC’s official competitions.

Corgi Dachshund Mix Puppies For Sale

four dogs playing outdoors running around

Since both parents enjoy quite the popularity in the USA and the UK, it won’t be difficult at all to find a Corgi Dachshund mix puppy.

But, you need to be aware of where your puppy comes from. Only reputable breeders carry healthy Dorgi puppies.

Generally speaking, Dorgis are a healthy breed, but they can develop some disorders or illnesses inherited from the parent breeds.

Any reputable breeder will be happy to answer all your questions about the breed, the parents’ history, and health issues, and provide screening test results. Puppies should be screened and vaccinated for numerous diseases and health issues.

But, how do you find a reputable Dorgi breeder? For starters, why don’t you ask for a referral from your vet or from the local breed club? They’d be more than happy to point out which breeders you can trust.

There are a few places online where you can search for breeders who are currently selling Dachshund Corgi Mix puppies:

• Pets4Homes (United Kingdom) (United States)

• (International)

• (International)

• (United States)

Before purchasing the puppy, you must be able to visit the breeder’s facility and meet them in person. Pay attention to the conditions in which the puppies are being kept.

Be communicative, and show that you’re interested in adopting a Dorgi. It’s not unusual for a breeder to refuse to make a sale if they believe someone’s not a good fit for a Dorgi.

Dachshund Corgi Mix Shedding & Grooming

bestfriends corgi and dachshund in the carpet

Photo from: @penpen_the_corgi

Taking care of a Dorgi’s coat will depend on the type of coat they inherit from the Corgi or from the Doxie parent.

A smooth coat sheds minimally, so there won’t be much grooming involved. Brushing once in a while to get rid of stray hairs will be just enough to achieve a smooth and shiny coat.

On the other hand, wire-haired coats require daily brushing to keep them looking pretty. Long-haired coats need brushing two or three times a week to get rid of tangles and prevent mats.

Molting seasons require more frequent brushing to control the shedding.

You should bathe a Dorgi every three to four months. Bathing should be done only when it’s absolutely necessary or occasionally.

Dorgis have very sensitive skin which can become dry if it is washed too often. You don’t want them to get rid of the good, natural oils that protect their skin from drying out and flaking.

The Dachshund parent is prone to skin problems, and they need proper care, so you should use all-natural dog shampoos all the time.

Besides the coat and the skin, the ears also demand proper care. You should clean the ears with a damp cloth and lukewarm water regularly to prevent infections. Nails should be clipped once a month, and teeth should be brushed daily to avoid tartar buildup.

Dorgi Health Problems

mixbreed dachshund corgi in the animal shelter

A Dachshund mixed with a Corgi puppy has generally healthy parents. The biggest concern is their elongated spines that are prone to back problems.

Spine issues are prominent among Welsh Corgis and Doxies since their extraordinary long back, paired with short legs, make them susceptible to diseases that are a result of the strain on their spine.

A hybrid puppy like the Dorgi may inherit common health problems associated with its parents, but it’s not guaranteed that they will develop these diseases.

However, you should be aware of the problems that Dachshunds and Corgis suffer from:

1. Patellar Luxation: This issue happens when the dog’s kneecap is dislocated from the groove of the thigh bone caused by trauma or genetic malformation, or even repetitive strain on the joint.

2. Hip Dysplasia: This is a condition in which the ball slides away from the socket as the ligaments become loose. If this condition goes unchecked, the dog may develop osteoarthritis and the hind legs may become painful, lame, and weak.

3. Cataracts: Canine cataracts cause opacity in the lens of the dog’s eyes, which may develop later in life. The eyes look cloudy, which results in poor and declining vision.

4. Obesity: The Corgi Dachshund mix has a large appetite, which may lead to obesity. Weight problems can be quite dangerous since too much weight on their long bodies causes too much pressure on their little Dorgi legs.

5. Intervertebral Disc Disease: IVDD is a condition caused by the dog’s body shape. The intervertebral disks press into the nerves in the spinal cord. It causes pain, nerve damage, and sometimes even paralysis.

Jumping and running down the stairs are usually triggers of this condition. IVDD is more frequent with Doxie parents, and it can significantly shorten the dog’s lifespan.

6. Epilepsy: This is a rare health issue with Dachshunds. It makes the dog prone to seizures. Any unusual shaking should be reported to the vet immediately!

What Do You Feed Your Corgi Dachshund Mix?

corgie named winnie looking up in focus photography in autumn forest

Dorgi dog owners should follow strict dietary guidelines on feeding Dorgis since these dogs, just like their parent breeds, are prone to overeating. Overeating can lead to obesity and numerous spine and back problems.

Portions should be strictly determined, and meals should be on schedule. It would be best to give them high-quality kibble separated into three meals. All meals should equate to 3/4 or a max of 1 and 1/2 cups of dry kibble. Three meals a day satisfy their hunger and cravings. Meals should be in intervals not too far apart.

Besides dog food, you can also give them some human food, along with fruits and veggies. They love green beans, edamame, carrots, apple slices, artichokes, basil, chestnuts, etc. What you need to be careful of is managing the fat content of their food.

But, don’t go overboard with snacks. They should not cover more than 10% of their daily food intake. If you’re training your dog, then using healthy snacks would be a terrific option.

Some of the foods you need to avoid giving your dogs are:

• Chocolates

• Fatty meats

• Salty foods

• Onions and garlic

• Dairy products like blue cheese, but occasional sour cream or whipped cream is okay

• Raw eggs, fish, and meat

• Sweets and candies

• Grapes and raisins

• Avocados


Poppy Seeds

• Snacks like Cheez-Its, Doritos, pretzels

• Processed food like Spam or Vienna Sausages

Spicy food like salsa or wasabi

Corgi Crossed With Dachshund Exercise Needs

corgi daschund mix dog sleeping on the floor

Photo from: @missywille329

They may be small dogs, but their personalities and energy levels are quite huge.

Dorgis are very active dogs. Their tiny bodies store lots of energy to spare. Without enough exercise, they might become bored and develop bad and destructive behaviors.

Pairing a strong diet with regular exercise is an effective way to manage their weight. Keeping them active is highly important. You won’t want a Dorgi with a full energy bar by the end of the day!

Corgis and Dachshunds are both working dogs. Doxies were bred to hunt badgers, and Corgis were bred to herd cattle. This makes the Corgi Dachshund mix a dog with instincts and energy that needs lots of exercise.

Dorgis need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise. These workout sessions can be in the form of long walks or off-leash playtime in a secured area. Being outdoors makes them happy, especially if there’s a squirrel or a bird to be chased.

Learning tricks and playing fetch are other ways to help them lose energy. Dorgis love learning because it puts them in the center of attention.

When the weather is too cold or rainy to go outside, indoor activities help. Always have a dog toy or a ball nearby so they can chase it around the house. Some puzzle toys even have hidden treats, so the dog has to solve the puzzle to get the reward. Such toys do wonders for their brain stimulation.

How To Train Your Corgi Dachshund Mix

red and white welsh corgi mixed with dachshund

Dorgis are perfect pets for people who want a dog that’s easily trainable. A Dachshund Corgi mix is a very smart and energetic dog. Proper dog training will encourage good behavior and eliminate bad patterns.

As we mentioned earlier, early socialization is key. Generally speaking, a Dorgi closes bonds fast, but it can become troubling if they can’t get along with other animals and new people. Socialization should start while they’re still young.

Puppies should meet other pets and animals, or maybe even spend some time with the caretaker in case you need to be out of the home for a while. Socialization lessens their barking and puts their hunting instincts in the corner.

You should have a firm and consistent approach when training a Dorgi. They can be very stubborn (thanks a lot, Dachshund parent). Sometimes, training Dorgis can be challenging. With the use of treats, a positive reinforcement approach, and consistency, you will have an obedient Dorgi in no time.

Obedience training should be a priority. A Dorgi should be obedient, especially around small, fast animals. You need to train them in order to stop their urge to chase other animals.

All training should start as early as possible, but it is best when they’re still puppies. Dachshund puppies should be potty trained as soon as you get them. Like with every dog breed, potty training is difficult, but puppies will become easier with it over time and will master every lesson.

What Are Dorgis Like With Families?

cardigan welsh corgi in snow looking at the camera

The Dorgi is one of the most famous mixed breeds in the world. Despite their small size, the Dorgi will shower you with lots of affection. Add in their giant personalities and you’ll have the ideal family dog. Dorgis are very social animals, and they can make friends easily.

Kids enjoy a Dorgi’s playfulness, and their small size makes them good with small kids! They’re loving pups, kind, and very protective of their family. They love cuddling and being in the center of attention.

Dorgis develop a close attachment and a co-dependency with their owners. This can become quite serious to the point that they can suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they’re left alone or with someone unfamiliar.

A Dorgi’s hunting and herding instincts make them excellent watchdogs. They’re courageous, smart, and always alert. If they find something suspicious, they will bark like crazy to warn you of the threat.

The Dorgis will stay devoted to you throughout their lifetime. Friendly and adorable, the Corgi Dachshund mix will make everyone fall in love with their adorable face and even sweeter personality.

So, Should I Get A Corgi Dachshund Mix?

If you want to be loved by a little ball of fluff for your entire life, then do get a Corgi Dachshund mix.

Dorgis are generally excellent pets, with only a few health issues and so many wonderful qualities.

Rarely does any mixed breed doggy have so many awesome sides. We see no reason why the world shouldn’t go nuts about Dorgis!

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