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Male Vs. Female Dachshund: Does Gender Matter?

Male Vs. Female Dachshund: Does Gender Matter?

Are you considering getting a new Dachshund puppy? Then you’re likely wondering which one you should get – a male or a female. While you might think it all comes down to the name you’ll give them and some medical procedures, the differences are much greater.

When it comes to a male vs. female Dachshund, it’s essential to know that there are some key differences between the two. This includes different sizes, different personalities, and you might even have to train them differently!

In short, male Dachshunds are more playful, affectionate, and easy-going, while females tend to be more independent, reserved, and temperamental. Both can be somewhat hard to train because of their stubbornness, and both might not get along with the same gender.

Read on if you want to learn more in-depth differences when it comes to male vs. female Dachshund, what’s it like being a male or female Dachshund owner, what differences in appearance there are, and which one is the better pet for you.

Female Vs. Male Dachshund Differences

The Dachshund is a scent hound originating from Germany. It was known as a tenacious hunting dog, despite its small size. Their name literally translates to badger dogs, and it suits them perfectly – these little wiener dogs are extraordinary at flushing badgers out into the open!

Most people know these dogs by their black fur with tan markings, but they can come in plenty of other colors, such as brown, tricolor, even dapple! You can even find long-haired and wirehaired Dachshunds out there.

While we’ll go more in-depth about the differences between a male and female Dachshund, this table should give you a brief overview:

8–9 inches8–9 inches
16–32 lbs16–32 lbs
$500–$3,500 (Price)$500–$4,500 (Price)
12–14 years (Lifespan)12–14 years (Lifespan)
Muscular, stubby legsDeeper chest, shorter legs
Friendly, curious, needyTender, independent, friendly

Male Vs. Female Dachshund Size

red dachshund in the autumn forest

Usually, dogs of the same breed don’t have many physical differences, no matter their gender. There are usually small discrepancies in height or weight and, more commonly, build. The same goes for Dachshunds.

Both male and female dogs look pretty alike. The differences are very slight, and you might not be able to see them at first glance – but they do exist.

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Male Dachshund

Dachshunds have a short build, and males grow no taller than 8 or 9 inches, but they can be much longer than that. They can weigh anywhere between 16 and 32 pounds, which is a large range.

One of the differences exists in their coat type. Male dogs tend to have mellower fur compared to females, which can be noticed at first touch. Also, while they have identical coat patterns, males have more physical charms, including narrow-coated and long-haired ones.

Male Dachshunds are perfect dogs if you want a lush dog to snuggle and cuddle with!

At the same time, they tend to have a somewhat more muscular build, which is most noticeable on their stubby legs.

Female Dachshund

As we’ve mentioned, there are no big differences in appearance between a male and female Dachshund. They, too, grow to be up to 9 inches in height and weigh 16–32 lbs.

Still, females have a somewhat shorter and narrower fur than their male counterparts, so they might not be as soft to the touch.

Also, they have a slightly deeper chest than males, and their legs, although thinner, appear a bit shorter.

Male Vs. Female Dachshund Personality

adorable dachshund

When it comes to behavior and temperament, there are some key differences between the two. Males have more rather distinct personality traits than females, and this is where you need to pick carefully.

Male Dachshunds

You may have heard that Dachshunds are very needy dogs. While this is true for both genders, it’s especially true for males. These dogs will require to be in your presence at all times! Unfortunately, they are prone to separation anxiety, so don’t get them if you spend a lot of time outside the home.

Males consider everyone to be their companion and best friend. They are cuddly, joyful, and very expressive. They’ll rarely be in a bad mood and will love their human family with all their hearts.

They are also more loyal than females, as they dedicate themselves to others. They will be extremely close with a person they grow up with, and this human will always have a special place in their heart.

However, males will rarely ignore other dogs and animals. They might also have some issues befriending them, as they’ll want to protect their owners from others at all costs. This can even make them appear more aggressive than females.

Also, they are amiable to all and can play throughout the entire day. They have extremely high energy levels, which can sometimes bring you more harm than good, especially during training.

Fortunately, you can easily tell a male what to do by using positive reinforcement, such as affirmation and treats. They will do anything for you to be happy with them. So, be patient and give your male Doxie all the attention he needs until you’ve learned how to approach him.

Female Dachshunds

Unlike males, Female Dachshunds choose with whom they’ll be friendly. They are independent and can be very picky with their company. This might even cause them to appear aggressive.

Females can be very territorial and dominant, especially if you’re in their private space. They also love to be in charge when other dogs are present, and this can lead to conflict. However, when it comes to balancing their power, they are very knowledgeable.

All of this makes female Doxies among the best dogs if you want a fierce guardian. They are confident and won’t back down if something happens. They are also more intelligent, and they can find their own way of doing things in no time.

Also, they don’t mind being left alone for a certain period of time. In fact, they’d prefer it, as this allows them to be alone for a while. They won’t demand constant attention, and they won’t get stressed out during training.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t cuddly dogs. They’ll simply want to have some alone time to dedicate to themselves.

At the same time, females will ignore other animals easier than males. They won’t care too much about their surroundings – unless there is another female dog nearby. This can lead to a fight which can end in death if you don’t prevent it.

Can Two Male Dachshunds Get Along?

portrait of two dachshunds

If you plan on getting another dog, this can be a great idea, as Dachshunds love company. In general, two boys can get along pretty well – as long as you get them at different life stages.

The best idea would be to get a new puppy when the older one is at least 8–12 months old. This way, the two dogs will still be able to play together, while the older one will help you train the new addition.

Despite the common belief, two males will rarely become aggressive with one another. However, it’s important you neuter them, as this can prevent any chance of rivalry when a female in heat is nearby.

Can Two Female Dachshunds Get Along?

two adorable dachshund puppies

Two female Dachshunds might get along, but this can be tricky. Raising two females together, especially if they come from the same litter or are of the same age, can lead to some problems.

Females are very dominant, and they prefer to be left alone at times. If not socialized properly, they can get into fights that can be bloody, and they might even attack you if you attempt to separate them.

Still, if you get them with an age gap of at least 8 to 12 months, you might be fine. As with males, when they are at this age, they’ll be close enough in age to play, and the older one can teach the younger one how to behave.

Despite this, we wouldn’t recommend getting two females – especially not from the same litter. In fact, the sibling rivalry is so strong in this breed that many Dachshund breeders won’t let you take two dogs from the same litter!

Do Male And Female Dachshunds Get Along?

Dachshund puppy

If you plan on getting another Doxie, then the best idea might be to get a male and a female, as these two have a higher chance of getting along. Once again, the rule about the age gap should be applied.

While male and female Dachshunds get along well, there are a few issues. If you don’t plan on spaying and neutering them and don’t want puppies, you should keep them separate during the few weeks when the female is in heat.

Keeping them in different parts of the house might not be enough, as all it takes is a few seconds of neglect for an accident to happen. Have a friend or a relative at hand so you can leave one of your pets with them, just to make sure.

Keep in mind that even a male and a female of the same litter might not get along well. Always make sure that your Dachshund puppies are of different ages, so they don’t start seeing each other as rivals.

Male Vs. Female: Which Are Better With Kids?

little girl playing with dachshund puppy

It’s very important to figure out which temperament works better with your family, especially when you have kids.

While males might sound like a better option because of their cuddliness and puppy-like behavior, with them, it’s a win-lose situation.

Male Dachshunds love to play, and they are full of energy. This can make them great companions for kids, as they’ll spend hours playing and running around.

However, this breed can become aggressive when not in the mood for the company. This is true for not just females but males, as well. If your kids don’t know how to behave around dogs, your male Doxie might become aggravated.

Still, most of the time, male Dachshunds will be a better option, as they aren’t difficult to please and they love human company. Just make sure your kids know how to play with them.

For example, males don’t like extreme or aggressive games, and this might cause them to quit playing. If this happens, kids shouldn’t chase them or insist on playing, as they might snap.

On the other hand, female Dachshunds are rarely affectionate and adoring. They are headstrong and stubborn and won’t have gentle interactions most of the time. They are picky about who they spend their time with, and kids might not be their cup of tea.

Also, female Doxies will rarely like being held, cuddled, and kissed. They want to be left alone, and such signs of affection might turn them away. When annoyed or feeling as if you’re pressuring them, they can snap at you or your kids, and this isn’t something you want.

This doesn’t mean females won’t play. However, they’ll be the ones to choose when, how, and for how long playtime will last.

Male Vs. Female: Which Are Better With Other Dogs?

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund

As we’ve mentioned before, when it comes to keeping more dogs, it’s better to have two of the opposite sex to avoid any rivalry.

Overall, males tend to be somewhat better with other dogs than females. They’ll rarely lash out, and they tend to be social with other dogs. This makes them perfect for walks and playtimes in the park.

Most of the time, they’ll allow other animals to be around them, as they’ll see them as playmates and not as someone attempting to be superior.

Females tend to be social, as well. However, despite their cold behavior, they can become jealous if you pay other dogs attention instead of them. They tend to be territorial, and if threatened, they are known to snap at other dogs.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by socializing them from an early age. If they learn that you love them more than other animals, they can be great in crowds.

Despite this, females will always see you as a pack leader – something that males might have an issue with. While they hate when other dogs try to be dominant over them, they’ll still understand you are ‘the boss.’

Because of this, females can be more easily controlled by first-time pet owners, even in group situations.

Male Vs. Female: Which Are Better With Cats?

Beautiful cat and dachshund dog

If you own a cat but want to own a dog, as well, don’t let the stereotypes get to you. Cats and dogs can be friends! However, there are a few things you need to be wary of if you want that dog breed to be a Dachshund.

Cats and Dachshunds have very different personalities. This might cause them not to get along. Still, it all comes down to their individual personalities.

The personality of a cat more resembles that of a female Dachshund. They prefer being left alone, and they play and cuddle when they want. Because of this, they might get along well with female Dachshunds – as long as neither tries to be dominant.

Also, unlike cats, female Dachshunds tend to be grumpy and, unless spayed, they are prone to mood swings. This might irritate your cat, and during the female Dachshund’s heat cycle, they might not get along at all.

On the other hand, males can be too playful for cats, making them feel uncomfortable or too crowded. Cats don’t like when someone forces them to play, and males don’t really know how to stay calm.

Still, a playful cat might appreciate this male trait much more than the moodiness of a female dog. Just make sure she has a safe spot where the dog can’t reach her.

In fact, no matter the Dachshund’s gender, you should still find a suitable area for both of them, so they can be apart when they’re not in the mood for company. This will help you avoid many unpleasant situations.

Male Vs. Female: Which Are Better With Families?

Cute dachshund dog is bringing ball in mouth for his owner

If you want to get the best dog for a family environment, then you really shouldn’t worry about whether to get a male or a female Dachshund. Both genders are ideal for any type of household!

The Dachshund breed does great in apartment complexes, condos, houses, and they are even great for dorm rooms if you’ve trained them in time. They love to play in the backyard, but they’ll also do well in smaller areas, as long as you take them on long, daily walks.

If you have a large family with kids or other pets, a male Dachshund might be a better choice for you. This is because they enjoy the attention, and they are more friendly and social.

Opposite to that, if you live alone or with a partner or a roommate, this is the type of environment that might suit a female Doxie better. This will allow them to have some alone time, and you won’t have to spend the entire day entertaining your pet.

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds Easier To Train?

owner giving a hand signal to a little dachshund

All dogs need obedience training and socialization, no matter the gender. However, some dogs are better for certain activities, and this includes training.

Despite their small size, Dachshunds require a lot of training. They are easily excited, which can lead to them becoming out of control, and you don’t want this to happen in a dangerous situation. Appropriate training is the key to keeping them safe.

So, which one is better for this when it comes to male vs. female?

Male Dachshunds

In short, male Dachshunds can be extremely difficult to train. While dog lovers adore Dachshunds for their free spirits, this can be a nightmare when it comes to training!

They are somewhat stubborn and lack focus. They’ll pay attention to anything except what you want them to focus on!

These pups are so playful that they’ll feel like obedience training is just a game and that you’re messing around with them. Because of this, you’ll need a lot of patience to be able to train them appropriately.

Female Dachshunds

Females are much more intelligent than males. They can learn new tricks really fast, and they’ll focus on the lessons much better than their male counterparts. If they feel as if they’ve had enough training, they’ll simply walk away without becoming overly stressed.

Despite this, female Dachshunds will be obedient only when they feel like it. If they don’t want to do things your way – they won’t, and they’ll let you know.

Still, once they learn how to obey, they can transfer this knowledge to other dogs and help you train them, as well. Because of this, they can be less challenging to teach, and once you do this successfully, you’ll be rewarded for your patience.

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds Easier To Potty Train?

Miniature Dachshund

Potty training is very similar to general training. It requires a dog to be focused, and this is something males have an issue with.

Not just that, but unaltered males will mark their territory by peeing in various places. This is something that is very hard to prevent. They’ll do this regardless of training.

Females don’t mark their territory in the same way, and they are usually the cleaner of the two. Some might even naturally feel like the outdoors is the better place for relieving themselves. With them, you won’t have as many potty training issues.

You should start potty training these sausage dogs from a young age. Otherwise, you might have a problem making them unlearn these bad behaviors.

Male Vs. Female Dachshund Health

sad Dachshund puppy

Science has yet to prove that the sex of a Dachshund dog correlates with its health. The only different health conditions they are prone to regard to their reproductive areas. For example, females can get ovarian or uterine cancer, while males can get cancer of the prostate or testicles.

The only other health problem that one gender is more susceptible to is related to pregnancy. When a female Dachshund is pregnant, she might run out of nutrients, and this can cause joint and muscle deterioration.

In fact, the biggest health issue these dogs are prone to is obesity. If you don’t give your Dachshund enough exercise and let him eat human food, he can become overweight. This will lead to deterioration of his overall health.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), these dogs are prone to just a few more health concerns, such as ear infections, disc damage, back injury, and joint issues.


To prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as cancer of the female reproductive organs, you should consider spaying your female Doxie.

Spaying can help a female live longer, and it can improve her lifespan. In fact, unaltered females tend to live a few years less than spayed ones!

Spaying can also help with mood swings. While in heat, a female Dachshund can become extremely grumpy and easily aggravated, and she will act as if she’s forgotten all the training you’ve given her.

If you have another dog in the house, these mood swings might become an issue, as they can lead to a fight.

Spaying is a more complicated procedure than neutering, so it will usually cost more. Also, the healing process is a bit longer.


While neutering is something that doesn’t directly influence a male dog’s lifespan, it can lead to improving his behavior.

Unaltered males love humping everything and everyone! This is a cause of many uncomfortable situations. Also, they’ll mark their territory, especially if you take them to a friend or a new location.

Not just that, but intact males are attracted to females in heat. This can make them run away. A runaway dog is at risk of certain traumas, such as being hit by a car or attacked by another larger dog. Neutering your pup is the best way to prevent this bad behavior.

One thing that’s worth noting is that neutering should be done as soon as possible – but not too soon. Neutering while a dog is too young can increase the possibility of back problems – a health condition that the Dachshund breed is prone to.

Still, a male dog should be neutered before he develops a habit of humping. Once he does, altering him won’t do much. Because of this, it is advised you neuter him before he is one year old.

Neutering is usually a fairly affordable procedure, and the recovery process is quick, so this is another advantage.

Male Vs. Female Dachshund Price

Dachshund dog at home

Photo from: @doris.the.dachshund

In most cases, the gender of a dog doesn’t affect its price. Both dogs will usually cost anywhere between $500 and $3,500, depending on the breeder, the area, and the bloodline.

However, females can sometimes cost a bit more. This is because they are more important for breeding, as they are the ones that carry the puppies. Still, this price difference is rarely significant.

Male Vs. Female Long Haired Dachshund

Long Haired Dachshunds

We all know how Dachshunds look. However, did you know that there are long-haired Dachshunds? These dogs have the same appearance as regular wiener dogs, except for their long coats.

There is no difference in behavior or health between long-haired Doxies and short-coated ones. The only difference is in their fur.

While both types of Dachshunds shed, long-haired Dachshunds will shed significantly more than their short-haired companions. They also require more grooming and taking care of.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered, “are Dachshunds hypoallergenic?” you should stop right now. No, no type of Dachshund is considered to be a hypoallergenic dog, especially not a long-haired one. The amount of loose hair and grooming needs will stay the same, regardless of a dog’s gender.

Male Vs. Female Miniature Dachshund

cute dachshund puppy

Dachshunds can also come in plenty of sizes. Most notably, you have a standard and a miniature Dachshund. However, there is also a Tweenie Dachshund – an unofficial size that falls somewhere between a standard and a miniature Doxie.

Just as with coat type, the size of a Dachshund dog doesn’t influence its behavior or health – unless a breeder is trying to sell you a dog with dwarfism disguised as a miniature breed. This also includes any possible male vs. female differences.

Anything that you would apply to a standard Doxie can apply to a Dachshund of any other size.

The biggest issue is that female miniature Dachshunds might be more prone to some reproductive problems. Due to their tiny size, birth might be difficult or even impossible, so a cesarean section might be needed more often.

This can shorten a female’s lifespan and cause plenty of other health issues that males cannot have. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided if you spay your female pup in time.

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Should I Get A Male Or Female Dachshund?

brown dachshund in nature

After reading this, aspiring dog owners probably wonder which one is better, a male or a female Dachshund? The truth is, this is all up to you.

There is no true winner when it comes to male vs. female. Both dogs have their good and bad sides.

For example, a male’s friendly and playful nature might make them amazing companions for your kids, but it can be an issue if you live alone and have to go to work. While affectionate dogs are cute, clingy ones can become a nuisance at times.

On the other hand, females are calmer and won’t require your constant presence. Also, they are easy to train, and they don’t lack focus like males do. Still, they can be grumpy, especially when in heat.

It’s important to mention that you won’t make a mistake no matter what choice you make. All Dachshunds make amazing family pets. With a bit of good luck, you’ll get the dog of your dreams.

Even female Doxies can be very affectionate, and not all males are as hyperactive and puppy-like. Also, most behavioral issues can be fixed with proper training.

So, go ahead and get yourself that Dachshund puppy you’ve always wanted! Rather than looking at the gender, make sure you get your new pet from a reputable breeder, as this is the best way to ensure you’ll get a well-behaved, healthy pup.

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Male Vs. Female Dachshund Does Gender Matter

Male Vs. Female Dachshund: Does Gender Matter?