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Everything You Wanted To Know About Female Rottweilers

Everything You Wanted To Know About Female Rottweilers

Female Rottweilers and male Rottweilers are purebred dogs and genuinely good fellows with notoriously bad publicity. For years now, we have been told that Rotties are dangerous dogs. But, this is far from the truth. Rottweilers are friendly dogs with some big protective traits you’re gonna love!

We’re cracking the myth today and letting you know what Rotties are really like. Do you want to know which is better: a male or female Rottweiler? You’ll see in a bit.

Where Do Rottweilers Come From?

Rottweiler dog on a walk

Rottweilers come from the Molossus, a mastiff -type dog. Their ancestors arrived in Germany following the Romans. They were once used as cattle dogs. As the army traveled, these big dogs mated with dogs native in the areas they conquered.

Thus, a foundation for a new breed was set.

One of the areas they conquered was southern Germany, where the Romans set up colonies to exploit the climate and soil. They built villas here, roofed with red tiles, and 600 years later, when the inhabitants of the town excavated the ancient Roman site, they discovered these villas and inspired the town’s name: das Rote Wil (the red tile).

Over the centuries, Rottweilers became quite popular dogs for cattle herding. In fact, to keep thieves from stealing their money, the cattlemen used to put their money in a bag and tied it around the Rottweiler ‘s neck. No one could steal the coins from them!

Eventually, cattle drivers were replaced with rail transport, meaning the Rottweilers almost became extinct. The situation began to change for the better in 1901 when the Rottweiler and Leonberger Club was formed, and the first Rottweiler breed standard was written.

The description of the Rottweiler’s appearance and character has only changed a little since then.

Rottweilers began to be used in the police force, and they proved they were quite suited to the role. A few Rottweiler clubs were formed over the years, but one of the most popular ones is still the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK), founded in 1921.

two dogs sitting outside on the grass

Photo from @malatherottweiler

The ADRK survived World War II, and it’s still dedicated to preserving the working ability of the Rottweiler.

It is believed that the first Rottweiler came to the USA with a German immigrant in the late 1920s. The first litter was whelped in 1930, and the first American Rottweiler registered by the AKC was Stina von Felsenmeer in 1931.

Breeding of these dogs became more popular after World War II. Even then, the Rottie was known as an excellent obedience dog. The Rottweiler’s popularity peaked in the 1990s when over 100,000 Rottie dogs were registered with the American Kennel Club.

With such a popularity boost, many puppy mills appeared, which produced Rottweilers with many health issues and problematic behaviors. This is a reason for their bad publicity. Just remember how many times you’ve heard that the Rottweiler is a dangerous dog!

The breed’s popularity decreased, and it’s up to reputable breeders nowadays to make them a beloved choice for family dogs. Rotties rank 17th among 155 breeds registered by the AKC.

Female Rottweiler’s Size

a beautiful female Rottweiler stands in the park

A Female Rottweiler weighs around 12 pounds at eight weeks of age. This weight will multiply by four by six months of age. By the time she reaches adulthood, a female dog should weigh around 63 pounds and stand tall at 23 inches in height.

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Puberty hits the females around the second and third year of age. They are a large breed. The female has a larger body, but she doesn’t lack grace and balance in her movements.

Rottweiller’s Personality Traits

a portrait of a adorable Rottweiler in the woods

Three words that can describe the Rottweiler dog are: balanced, confident, and courageous. Once they form a bond with their owners, they become very protective and sensitive.

As these are intelligent dogs, teaching them tricks and enrolling them in training should be an easy thing to do. However, there are noticeable differences between the sexes by character.

The female Rottie is less energetic, but she’s more affectionate and loves to be pet. This makes them a lot easier to control, unlike the males. Male Rotts are sporty and more alert, always sure of their surroundings. They’re also smarty-pants who need a strong but firm hand to train them.

The female Rottweiler has mood swings that can be challenging for a new owner. Like we said before, she is affectionate, but on her own terms. In other words, she’ll cuddle when she wants and will tell you when it’s enough.

Another thing that sets them apart from male Rotties is their tendency to be pushy and manipulative when they want something. Males have a more stable temperament, but they can still bug you by overly playful, especially during training.

Female Rottweilers are less aggressive, but they’re more defensive because of their maternal instincts. Aggression usually shows up when meeting other dogs of the same sex. Socialized female Rotties will not only help when meeting new people, but it will also affect their personalities.

Which Is Easier To Train: A Male Or Female Rottweiler?

two Rottweiler dogs lying in the yard

Socialization must start as early as possible. If you’re getting a Rott puppy, don’t postpone training for tomorrow or any other day. Start the moment you get home! Expose them to different people, sounds, sights, and situations. Only then can you say you’ve done everything to socialize your dog.

Of course, no one likes boring lessons. Make the training fun! The easiest way a puppy can gain social skills is to walk him to parks, shops, go on hikes, interact with other dogs. Whatever you do, always make sure you’re the one in control and that your dog knows it.

Training females is much easier than training males because of their lack of concentration. But, if you need a competitive dog, go with male Rotties ; they seem to do better at dog shows.

Also, training a female always depends on whether she’s in her heat cycle or not because training during this time should be avoided.

Are Females Healthier Than Males?

a beautiful female Rottweiler stands on a rock


In fact, there’s no difference when it comes to the general health status between males and females. Even the same health problems don’t have different symptoms with each sex. All diseases manifest the same way.

Both sexes are prone to obesity which can lead to serious medical conditions. Keep them on a balanced diet with plenty of regular physical activity to keep the dog muscular and strong. No one has actually seen a fat Rottie, right?

Some of the most common health issues connected to obesity are:


• Shortness of breath

• Heart conditions

• Fertility problems

• Diabetes


• Hip dysplasia

Rotties At Home

a Rottweiler dog lies in the house by the door and watches the yard

The Rottweiler is not a loner dog. They need their family members all the time. Your dog should always be kept in the house with you. Rotties who spend more time outside alone tend to become bored, destructive, and eventually aggressive.

What you can do to make sure your dog gets plenty of outdoor time is to keep them in a protected backyard with a fence that will keep them from running away or attacking passers-by.

So, grab a ball, and let’s play fetch! Playtime=bonding time!

Rottweilers are family dogs, no matter how tough they might look. If they’re raised with children, they become best friends. However, it’s important not to leave kids alone with this dog breed because of their size and strength.

It’s in their blood to herd, so they might accidentally try to herd the kids and scare them.

Still, they make excellent protectors who enjoy playtime with as many people as there can be.

Male vs. Female Rottweiler: Which One Should I Get?

This is an individual decision. Only you can decide which to get: a male or female Rottweiler. If you’re a new dog owner and don’t really like tough dogs, you might want to check out some general male Rottie characteristics.

Male Rotties are:

• Bigger

• More efficient than females

• More loyal

• More dangerous

• More powerful

Females can be a bit tough, but they’re more defensive and calmer than males.

Is A Male Or Female Rottweiler Better?

two Rottweiler dogs are sitting in the woods

There’s really no point in telling you which sex is better. It’s apples and oranges! No gender is the better one – the decision of getting a male or female lies only with you.

Males can be aggressive and pretty strong-headed. On the other hand, females have to go through heat cycles which may not be comfortable for all dog owners. And there’s always the possibility of pregnancy.

Do you really want to know which sex is better?

The one you pick to be a part of your family!

Which Sex Is The Smarter One?

two Rottweiler dogs are sitting outside in the snow

Ah, the eternal battle: which sex is more intelligent?

It seems like everyone has an opinion on the intelligence levels of female and male Rotties. The only truth is both sexes are equally intelligent. Rottweilers are one of the smartest dog breeds.

A clear example of their intelligence can be seen if you look at how Rotties behave. Adult Rottweilers are obedient dogs who master training without difficulty.

Which Gender Is More Loyal?

two adorable Rottweiler dogs lying in the park

Loyalty is one of the finest traits the Rottweiler breed has.

Once again, there is absolutely no difference between the genders. Both females and males are equally loyal companions.

Some Rottweiler owners claim females seem to be more loyal, but that’s only because of their maternal instincts. This is only what owners think and is not a scientific fact.

Female Rottweilers Have A Longer Lifespan!

an old female Rottweiler

Statistics show female Rotties live around two years longer than males. Two extra birthday parties for the girls!

This breed’s average lifespan is eight to twelve years. However, there have been some cases noted of thirteen-year-old Rotties ; but this is extremely rare.

The biggest threat to a long lifespan is cancer, which affects this dog breed. With proper nutrition, medical treatment, and some luck, your Rottweiler might be able to reach the thirteen-year milestone.

Female Rottweiler In Heat

a female Rottweiler dog lying in a park

Estrus or the generally used term – heat cycle is something your female Rottie will go through twice a year.

This means your little girl is ready to have puppies of her own.

The cycle begins around their first birthday and lasts for 21 days.

While on heat, your female Rottie will have a bloody discharge. Here’s where the doggy diapers come in handy. Yes, there are doggy diapers available online and in pet stores, so, if you want to learn more, check our article on what are the benefits of using puppy diapers.

What you need to do, other than getting diapers, is to keep male dogs away from her. That is unless you want puppies.

Females might show signs of aggression or nervousness around other animals, especially males. These are natural responses and will wear off when the cycle finishes.

Who Is A Better Protector?

angry rottweiler dog barks

Both male and female Rotties are excellent choices for security dogs. Just remember how many times you’ve seen one guarding a warehouse or another building. While they’re not overprotective, they do have a specific defensive style.

Males are naturally bigger, which makes them slightly better protectors. They’re always aware of their alpha dog position and use it completely.

Still, when danger comes up on their radar, both genders will defend what is theirs with all their heart… and teeth!

How Nervous Are Female Rottweilers?

Rottweiler on the leash is watching something closely

As nervous as the next dog. There are absolutely no differences between the two genders.

When the situation calls, both will show signs of nervousness. They might feel uneasy when entering foreign places like a new store, but with some reassuring words, a properly trained Rottie won’t have any problems.

They’re not jumpy or nervous dogs; they’re just always on alert!

Are Female Rottweilers More Aggressive Than Male Rottweilers?

an aggressive Rottweiler dog barks

No, female Rotties aren’t more aggressive than males.

In fact, some males tend to act more aggressively.

Usually, both males and females can be very friendly and open to meeting new people and other dogs. However, there are some extreme cases when male Rotties are violently protective. This only comes from their need to protect what’s theirs.

The AKC ( American Kennel Club ) describes an adult Rottweiler as a calm and confident dog with courage who adapts quickly to different situations. See how the AKC doesn’t say male Rottweilers or female Rottweilers? It’s because there’s no difference here.

Are Female Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

a rottweiler dog guards the house

The size differences do matter. Some male Rottweilers tend to have an aggressive stand towards new people or dogs. This is why many people believe male Rotties are better guard dogs and watchdogs.

However, females have a distinguished maternal instinct which makes them also excellent guards – as good as any male!

Any properly trained Rottweiler will make you feel safe and secure.

Male And Female Rottweilers’ Energy Levels

two Rottweiler dogs run across the field

Puppies usually have higher energy levels than adult dogs.

But still, adult Rottweilers need their daily dose of exercise. If you don’t have the time, and space, to take the dog outside and let it use up its energy, don’t bother getting a Rottweiler. They need to run, play, and let off steam.

If you don’t have a yard where your dog can run freely, then, by all means, you need to find a nice doggy park nearby!

Which Gender Is Better At Training?

No matter if you have a male or female Rottweiler, they’re both excellent at training and show their obedience. If you give them a task, they will complete it in the blink of an eye. However, obedience is something that runs in their blood, but it does require some tweaking.

Training should start as early as possible, and we can’t stress this enough. As soon as the puppy is weaned, begin with age-appropriate training.

Some of your first commands will be:

• Come on!

• Ankle!

• Sit down!

• Stay!

• Let’s get down!

Once the dog has mastered these commands, move to some new ones. You can absolutely customize the training according to your lifestyle or what your Rottie likes or not.

Are Rottweilers Really Bullies?

happy family is having fun with Rottweiler dog

We blame bad publicity for sending such a picture out into the world.

Rottweilers are notorious for being a “bully breed.” But is that label really true? Are Rotties bullies?

Well, they are if you live in a Hollywood movie! Rottweilers are, in fact, normal dogs like all the others. Just because they look tough doesn’t mean they have to act tough.

Sadly, many people still don’t get this!

Rottweilers are one of the most used breeds in dogfighting, hence the tail docking practice. Even though this activity is banned pretty much everywhere, there are still individuals who believe Rottweilers should be treated like they don’t matter.

They’re not bullies. They’re strong, powerful dogs that will snap your heart and keep it forever.

Are Female Rotties More Expensive?

portrait of a young female rottweiler dog

Taking care of Rottweilers, both male and females, does cost some money. But, generally, there are no differences between the two genders. They both need at least two good meals a day, packed with protein.

There are ways you can cut down the costs (mix meat with dry food to bulk up a meal). But still, a substantial amount of dog food is required.

There are also the costs of vet trips, deworming, flea tablets, spaying and neutering, insurance, etc. But that’s just something every dog owner has to pay.

Unlike many popular designer breeds, Rottweilers are a bit cheaper than other dogs. You can expect to pay around $1,000 for a Rottweiler puppy. But, a puppy with a superior lineage may cost anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000!

Of course, the simplest (and the cheapest) way would be to adopt one.

The Coolest Female Rottweiler Names

adorable female rottweiler dog

Don’t worry if you’re stuck choosing the right name for your Rottie girl. There are so many amazing names to choose from. To get you inspired, we’ve prepared a little list of the coolest name ideas. Your Rottie will be the envy of the doggy park!

Here are twenty best female Rottweiler names:

• Ada

• Brunhilde

• Elsa

• Frieda

• Greta

• Heidi

• Lola

• Mischa

• Zelda

• Bella

• Roxy

• Nala

• Zoe

• Athena

• Kona

• Ruby

• Sheba

• Maya

• Arya

• Layla

To Sum Up…

Female Rottweilers are just as great as male Rottweilers. Both genders make up one amazing dog breed that needs to be presented in a better light.

Bad Rottweiler publicity must be stopped. Hopefully, people will recognize this breed’s full potential.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Female Rottweilers