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Professional Canine Escape Artists: How To Stop Dog From Jumping Fence

Professional Canine Escape Artists: How To Stop Dog From Jumping Fence

If you thought a fence is enough to keep your pooch from wandering away, you were wrong!

At first, this might sound funny, but when fence jumping becomes a daily routine, most dog owners start to lose their patience. And, there are valid reasons for worrying.

Going out in the garden and realizing that your dog is nowhere to be found is quite a stressful and traumatic experience.

Concerned dog owners fear that their dog might hurt themself as they jump across the fence. They may also get lost or get stolen once they’re away from their garden. There’s also the danger from wild animals and other dogs to consider, which they may encounter on their escape adventures.

Moreover, your dog may be troublesome to your neighbors (some people just don’t like dogs I guess). They may knock over a child or chase the neighborhood cats. And in the end, they could get picked up by animal control.

If a dog jumps the fence once, chances are they will want to do it again.

We’re here to answer the question of “how to stop dogs from jumping fences” that many worried owners often ask.

Besides providing fun and creative ways to stop your dog from jumping the fence, we will go through the reasons why dogs display this behavior.

You will be surprised to find out what goes on inside your puppy’s head as they jump over the fence!

What To Do If Your Dog Jumps The Fence?

dog jumping over fence

Alright, he did it. Your dog just jumped over the fence and now you have no idea what to do.

Well, I can tell you what not to do — do not panic. Staying calm in situations like these is very difficult, but nothing good will come from panicking.

There are two situations you might find yourself in.

First, your dog jumps the fence while you’re present. And second, you didn’t hear your dog for a while and decided to check on them outside, but they’ve vanished into thin air.

If you see them escape, you should immediately go outside to search for them. But, if you don’t know from which side of the fence they jumped off, nor in which direction they ran off, things can get difficult.

1. Call Your Dog By Their Name

Call your dog by their name. Most dogs know how to respond and they will quickly run towards their owners. If you notice that your dog is not around the house, start yelling out their name.

Use phrases your dog is familiar with. If the dog is wandering around the neighborhood, they will hear your call. Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing, so there is almost no chance that they won’t hear your yelling and whistling.

2. Shake Dog Treats

Treats are one of the main tools used in dog training. If you trained your dog using positive reinforcement, they probably got used to the sound of the dog treats bag.
If yelling doesn’t work, try shaking your dog treats bag.

We all know how much our pooches love their treats. They love them so much that they come running to the rustling sound of the dog treats plastic bag.

3. Ask Your Neighbors

older woman talking to her male neighbor

If your dog jumps the fence, the chances are that some of your neighbors will have seen them. Perhaps your dog went to the neighbor’s to ask for a cup of sugar. Or maybe, they have fallen in love with your neighbor’s dog.

Whatever the cause may be, you might find answers to where your dog might have headed to. Lots of neighbors hang out on their porch or in their garden. Old ladies usually see everything that’s going on in the neighborhood. Ask them if they have seen your mischievous pooch!

Grumpy neighbors are the worst. While some may tell you to remove your dog from their property, some might try to do it on their own. This is when things can get very serious.

If you receive a call from your neighbors about your dog finding themself on their property, make sure to head over there and pick them up straight away. Talk to your neighbors and explain the situation.

If you are fortunate to have cool neighbors like I do, your dog will come back home with a full tummy and even a new dog toy in their mouth!

4. Make A Plan

Now that you know you have a sneaky escape artist on your hands, it’s time to put an end to fence jumping. You can’t keep going through these stressful situations each day.

To prevent your dog from fence jumping, there are some extra steps that need to be done. Your backyard needs to change. That is, you will probably need to change the type of fence in your backyard. The one you currently have is obviously not working.

But, changing the fence and adjusting your backyard will only help make a physical barrier. Your dog may still want to jump the new fence. So, it’s important to teach them to eventually stop doing this.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to stop dogs from jumping fences.

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping The Fence?

black dog jumping over fence

Here’s the big question — and an even bigger reveal!

Due to the fact that this exact question is quite common, I figured I’d show you some of the best solutions for stopping your dog from jumping the fence.

Most of the time, installing tall fences works perfectly fine. But sometimes, strict dog training has to be included in the process.

1. Install Coyote Rollers

A quick way to keep your dogs from jumping the fence is to install coyote rollers on top of the fence. But, umm…Why are they called “coyote rollers?”

Well, these tubes were primarily designed to keep coyotes from getting into your backyard by jumping the fence. Since coyotes are also canines, this mechanism proved to be a quick fix for our doggie climbers too.

When your dog tries to jump over the fence, the coyote roller prevents their paw from getting a good grip on the top of the fence. As a result, the dog slips and falls back to where they initially jumped from.

Coyote rollers can be purchased on amazon or in specialized stores. There are also services that will install the coyote rollers for you, but this is a pricier option.

2. Use PVC Pipes

If your fence doesn’t have PVC pipes, it’s time you consider placing them on top of your fence. You can get PVC pipes in any home depot and they are quite cheap. This is also a fun DIY project that you and your family can work on.

Why PVC pipes? Their surface is smooth and curved. This makes it harder for your furry climber to get a grip on. Their paws slip off as they try to jump over the fence. Genius, isn’t it?

PVC pipes basically imitate the coyote rollers. Not only is this a great DIY project, but it is also a cheaper option if you can’t get hold of coyote rollers.

I personally believe that this is the best, pet-friendly solution to your problem!

3. Remove Objects Close To The Fence

Various objects that are around and next to the fence are quite helpful for your four-legged escape artist. From a dog’s view, trash cans and wood piles are the perfect tools for a planned escape.

Such objects make it easier for a dog to climb over the fence. They give your dog a hand up.

4. Use Reed Fencing

Reed fence

Now that we have mentioned viewing the problem from a dog’s view, reed fencing is a great, cheap idea. Reed fences are dense and thin. That said, they limit the dog’s view.

A dog cannot peek through a reed fence. This means that they can’t get easily distracted. Without visual stimuli, your dog might not feel the need to jump over the fence.

5. Install A Wooden Fence

Installing a wooden fence to prevent your dog from fence jumping is a more expensive option. Solid wooden fences are quite pricey, but they get the job done.

Solid wooden fences make it harder for your pooch to get a good grip. And that’s what you want — to prevent them from fence jumping!

6. Use Wire Fencing

Sometimes, simple wire fencing goes a long way. Simple wire fences work wonders for preventing your dog from climbing. However, the spaces between wires may be just enough for your pooch to use for a successful climb.

In this case, it is suggested to build a tall chain link fence with extensions like L-footers or coyote rollers.

7. Use Electric Fencing

Using electric fences should be your last option. Electric fencing is a successful method of preventing your dog fence jumping, but it isn’t dog-friendly.

Even though the voltage is not high, your dog still experiences a buzz. And some dogs may be very sensitive to even the smallest shock.

Before deciding on this method, make sure that you have tried all the other methods. Also, before installing an electric fence, consult your veterinarian or dog trainer.

Fortunately, there are also invisible fences available that use a beeping collar. An invisible fence is placed along the physical fence line. Invisible fence wireless systems come with a dog collar that beeps once your pooch gets closer to the fence.

These electric fences keep your canine Houdini from escaping, without causing harm or stress.

8. Install L-Footers

dog standing outside by fence

L-footers have proven to be one of the best ways to prevent a dog fence jumping. Some pet owners like to call it a dog-proof fence.

It’s basically an extension to your existing fence. The top part of the fence is shaped as the letter “L”. This shape makes it impossible for your dog to jump over the fence.

9. Add Slats To The Existing Fence

Similar to reed fencing, adding slats to the existing fence helps to block your dog’s view. Slats are usually made out of plastic and you can buy them in various colors and lengths. Slats are usually attached to a wire fence or to a chain link fence.

Slats are a great dog-friendly solution to prevent your pooch from jumping over the fence!

10. Build A Kennel Run

This is a bit of a complicated fence jumping solution. Building a whole kennel run requires detailed planning and quite a lot of space.

Building a kennel run and placing your dog into it is great for short periods of time. However, leaving your dog in such a small space for extended periods may cause behavioral issues.

11. Try Landscaping

Landscaping is one of my favorite ways to stop a dog from fence jumping.

It involves placing plants, like bushes, near to your fence. When your dog tries to jump, they will fall through the bush’s branches, preventing a successful running start.

Landscaping is also a good way to decorate and upgrade your backyard.

What To Do If A Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Jumping On Your Fence?

dog jumping over wooden fence

Since you’re a dog lover yourself, you probably won’t mind your neighbor’s dog jumping on your fence. However, it can get just as annoying as when your own pup does it.

There’s probably a good reason why the neighbor’s dog might want to come over to your background. Perhaps someone fed it some tasty treats…hmm?

Or, maybe it just wants to hang out with your dog. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

But, things can go wrong if the neighbor’s dog hurts themself when climbing and jumping off the fence. Firstly, make sure that you inform your neighbor about his or her dog. They need to know that their little pooch is being a bit mischievous. They are probably worrying about them not being home.

Next, remove any dangerous objects the dog might fall on. Also secure the ground with chicken wire or wire stops if the neighbor’s dog is a digger.

If you have a dog, the chances are that the two of them just want to hang out.

If both you and your neighbors agree, you can make a passage, a doggy door for these canine pals to use. This way, neither of them will have the need to jump over the fence.

In any case, talk to your neighbors. After all, two heads are better than one!

By working together, you will figure out the optimal solution to the dog fence jumping problem.

Can You Train A Dog To Stop Jumping Fences?

You can train a dog to do anything. So, yes, you can train a dog to stop jumping fences.

But, no one said this is an easy process. It requires a lot of time, patience, and dedication to train your dog to stop jumping fences.

Firstly, your dog should know the basic commands. Obedience training is mandatory for all dogs. Once they get a signal, they will take a paw back from the fence. Use dog treats as a reward whenever your dog moves away from the fence.

If you can’t do it on your own, talk to a professional dog trainer. He or she will give you lots of information about how to train your dog. Some dog trainers offer private classes, while some work in groups. Also, dog owners can pay for individual training or for class bundles.

Why Is My Dog Jumping The Fence?

small dog jumping over fence

My friend’s dog used to wander off each day to the dog park — on its own. This was making him go absolutely crazy! I mean, the dog was just trying to make new friends, right?

Besides looking for friends, dogs have many other reasons why they climb and jump fences. Here are some reasons you may find interesting.

Mating Season

There’s no need to say anything else. It’s mating season!

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, hormones are reaching their highest levels! Male and female dogs in heat are going nuts!

Actually, male dogs are showing signs that they want to mate, while female dogs are entering their heat cycle. Pheromones are all over the place. And, your dog’s nose is working hard to sniff a lady dog nearby.

It’s usually the male dogs that climb and jump fences during the females’ heat period.

There is nothing that can stop your male dog from finding his true love — not even your backyard fence.

As for females, they are usually calmer compared to the males. However, pet owners should know that both genders exhibit different behavior during mating seasons.

So, if you own a female dog, keep in mind that she can also effortlessly jump over the fence to meet her Dogmeo (Dog-Romeo, get it?).

Neutering and spaying your pup may help deal with this troublesome behavior. It will also help prevent unwanted dog pregnancies.


You know the saying, curiosity killed the…dog? Yep, dogs are curious. Not as much as cats though. But, sometimes curiosity can get the better of your dog.

What’s that across the fence? Is it a bird, is it a plane? Oh, I think I saw a pussycat! No, it was a squirrel, or a bird, I am not sure. Let’s see what’s up!

I bet this is what goes on in my dog’s head when they’re looking at that attractive top of the fence. Next thing I know, he’s gone to the neighbor’s backyard.

Any kind of stimulus — visual or auditory, can make your dog jump across the fence. And we can’t blame them, our dogs are always alert!

Prey Drive

black and white dog jumping over fence

All dogs inherit the prey drive to a certain degree. Why do you think they chase cats and squirrels in the first place? Because these small animals remind them of small prey.

I’d say that prey drive is a mixture of high energy and curiosity. Whenever a dog sees something that resembles prey, it immediately rushes to it. Unless the dog is very obedient and trained, they will ignore all your commands and go after their prey.

In these situations, the dog won’t care about the fence. They will try their best to jump over it and continue chasing whatever they have laid their eyes on.

Separation Anxiety And Boredom

Here’s something that has to do with you, and only you. If you are leaving your dog alone for long periods of time, they will get bored. In fact, they will become so bored that they will start showing signs of separation anxiety, which may lead to destructive behavior.

Your job here is to provide your pooch with lots of mental stimulation and physical activities. If you are working and can’t be with your dog, it’s a good idea to hire a dog walker.

That way, your dog will walk around happily while you’re stuck at work!


Dogs are excellent guardians. Their main role is to protect you and your house. If your pooch senses danger or perceives a threat, they will want to jump over the fence to protect their backyard.

If they sense a threat, there is almost no chance of preventing your dog from climbing the fence.

Although this is a great dog personality trait, it can be annoying if your dog perceives everything as a threat — even that damned squirrel!


Frustration goes hand in hand with separation anxiety and boredom. When a dog doesn’t get their own way, or they haven’t got used to their new space, they will become very frustrated. Some dogs display destructive and aggressive behavior when they are frustrated.

A frustrated dog can also be a hungry one. So, in order to stop feeling frustrated, or to search for food, they will try jumping the fence.

Dog Breeds That Are Famous For Jumping Fences

black dog jumping over fence

Of course there are certain dog breeds that are better escape artists than others. Here are some canine Houdinis that take fence jumping seriously!

• Basenji

• Siberian Husky

• Boxer

• American Pitbull Terrier

• Beagle

• Jack Russel Terrier

• Belgian Malinois

• Chesapeake Bay Retriever

• Greyhound

These dog breeds are professionals in fence jumping, as well as digging holes underneath the fence line. Their athletic bodies are perfect for a sneaky escape, so make sure to be on the lookout! Additionally, these dogs are some of the smartest dog breeds in the world!

Of course, each dog is different. Not all of the above dog breeds are good escape artists.

Final Thoughts

german shepherd jumping over fence

So, to sum up all of the above, the answer to how to stop dog from jumping fence, is very simple.

For the record, building taller fences is a great solution for preventing dogs from jumping off of them. But, if you only have a smaller fence, this problem is not unsolvable.

Following the above steps as your dog grows and always keeping a watch on them while they are young will be sure to calm all your worries.

Always take into consideration that the more time you devote training your dog, the easier these steps will be. Starting with a simple calling technique, your voice will be the dog’s main focus.

Once you include dog training in your routine, along with a quality backyard fence, dog fence jumping will be a problem of the past.

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