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24 Best Doodle Breeds for Every Kind of Owner

24 Best Doodle Breeds for Every Kind of Owner

If you have ever seen a teddy bear look-alike, having zoomies and sprinting around the park – you are probably referring to the doodle breed dogs.

Doodle breeds, unique for their fluffy, hypoallergenic coats and high intelligence, are stealing hearts all over the world, and we think they have every right to do so!

Breeders have created doodle breeds mixing two different breeds, one of them always being a Poodle.

And the reason why might surprise you!

It all started in the 1990s with the idea of creating perfect service dogs who will be low-shedding and hypoallergenic. Their ability to be easily trained and agile showed that mixing different breeds paid off.

Many people see them as designer dogs, but Doodle breeds have many more unique features that make them a perfect family pet, guide dog or simply 4-legged, furry pal.

In this guide, you will find different types of doodles that might be your perfect match made in heaven.

Top 24 Smartest And Cutest Doodle Breeds

1. Goldendoodle

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular, loving family pets at the moment, so it is not a surprise that mixing them with Poodles turned into a huge success.

Goldendoodles are known for their outstanding social skills and friendly and playful behavior which makes them a perfect family dog. They are smart, active, loyal, and can be great guide dogs thanks to their affectionate character and non-shedding coats that can also help keep your house clean.

Goldendoodles come in different sizes – mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodles, but no matter the size – they are extremely easy to train and work with.

If you are interested in giving lots of belly rubs, throwing tennis balls, and having a dog that will play with its small humans then Goldendoodle is the dog you want!

2. Labradoodle

Labradoodles go back to back with Goldendoodles as they are the two most popular hybrid dog breeds in the world.

This adorable mix between Labrador Retriever and a mini or Standard Poodle likes to give and receive lots of love and attention.

Labradoodles need exercise and playtime during the day, so they are perfect hiking, running, or walking buddies. They even enjoy cooperating in sports, swimming, and playing fetch so any physical activity will make them happy.

Labradoodles are excellent therapy dogs who enjoy having jobs to do, as they are very confident in themselves and possess great leadership skills.

If you have other dogs or small children, don’t worry – they get along with everyone! But, for the sake of their extremely enthusiastic behavior and high energy, it is best to supervise them while playing.

3. Bernedoodles

If you are looking for a calm, gentle, loyal, and intelligent dog – look no more!

The Bernedoodle is a perfect match for you.

The lovely crossbreed of a Bernese Mountain dog and a Poodle typically bigger than Goldendoodle and Labradoodles can be found in four different sizes – micro, mini, medium, and standard.

This multicolored, wavy fluff will follow you everywhere you go. From jogging in the park to napping on your couch Bernedoodles are an incredible dog breed that fits any lifestyle you have. And let’s not forget to mention they enjoy cuddles and keeping their humans warm and cozy during the winter days.

Most Bernedoodles enjoy cold weather, so hiking up a mountain on cool winter days with these relaxed, friendly dogs might be a fun adventure as they are a great companion to children and adults.

4. Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles know how to stand out with their looks, and we love it! Their black and white curly coats and goofy personality are ideal for people who can’t sit still – because, well, Sheepadoodles can’t be in one place for so long either.

This mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle still has some herding instincts left, which explains their high energy levels and constant need to wander and play.

While being bigger than the majority of other doodle dog breeds, Sheepadoodles show the same gentle and loving side as any other small dog from the doodle breed.

Sheepadoodles are ideal travel buddies because they like to explore and need lots of long walks and fun activities.

If you are looking for someone fearless, fun, and loyal to follow your adventurous spirit then Sheepadoodles are your best choice.

5. Aussiedoodle

What do you get when you mix two highly intelligent dog breeds Australian Shepherd and Poodle?

Well, you get Aussiedoodle – the smart, energetic, and playful dog that likes to show off his leadership qualities to his paw and human friends.

Being a herding dog, Aussiedoodles can oftentimes come off as aggressive because of their herding displays.

So, if you decide to get an Aussiedoodle, it is very important to understand they are not being rough, but simply showcasing their herding traits.

Thanks to their astonishing intelligence they are very trainable and will follow your guidance and respect your authority when you don’t like something they do.

When it comes to their size, they can be miniature, mini, medium, and standard, all depending on which Poodles are mixed with Australian Shepherds.

Their need for long exercise and playful personality matches perfectly with outgoing and adventurous people, same as people who have children as Aussiedoodles are a very friendly and very loving breed.

6. Cavapoo

The less common mix of a miniature Poodle and Cavalier King Charles spaniel deserves its place on this list.

This calm, friendly dog has a lot of special and interesting features that many dog owners like and want.

They are hypoallergenic and usually much smaller than the Goldendoodles and Labradoodles so they are a perfect family pet for people who don’t like or have much time for long walks and exercises.

Cavapoos are affectionate, playful but quiet dogs which makes them ideal candidates for living in apartments and areas where loud sounds or noise are not allowed. They will get along with kids and other pets you may have, thanks to their friendly and loving nature, so you don’t have to worry about it!

7. Cockapoo

Cockapoos are recognizable for their teddy bear look, but did you know they were the original ‘doodle’ – the first AKC dog breed that was mixed with Poodles intentionally?

If you ever see a small dog looking like the cutest, smallest teddy bear it is probably Cockapoo.

They are a mix of a toy Poodle or mini Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos are not special only for their adorable looks and bubbly personality, but for their incredible health and non-shedding, curly coats.

They can be highly social and active or great couch potato buddies that like cuddles and belly rubs.

They are one of the smallest doodle breeds but they for sure bring lots of fun and love into the room.

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8. Maltipoo

Maltipoos make wonderful companion dogs who match your energy levels and family routine perfectly. Maltipoos are very family-oriented dogs that like to show and receive lots of love.

This adorable, puppy-looking dog is a mixture of miniature or toy Poodle and Maltese which makes them non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and indoor friendly pets.

Maltipoos fit into every household thanks to their loving and laid-back personality and getting along with everyone. Small children, teens, grandpas, and grandmas enjoy their company as they are very easy to take care of and don’t require long walks or too much exercise.

However, fresh air, sun, and playing fetch can make them happy!

9. Schnoodle

If you are looking for a watchdog, someone with powerful barks and a fearless personality that will scare all the strangers or squirrels away, then you need to get a Schnoodle.

Schnoodles are a mix between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Poodle which makes them a very intelligent and charming dog breed.

They get all the looks no matter where they go – and they love it! Being in the center of attention and receiving tons of love is everything Schnoodle wants.

And honestly, they have the reason to show off!

Schnoodles are great athletes, gentle and funny dogs that get along with everyone they meet!

10. Irish Doodle

Irish doodles, a cross between an Irish Setter and a mini Poodle, have been winning the hearts of every family that wants an active, devoted, and loving dog who can play and keep their kids occupied.

They are highly recommended and popular doodles if you are looking for a pet that will keep your kids company and engage in their creative play.

Irish doodles are great travel buddies. They enjoy exploring their environment and discovering different ways they can have fun and enjoy themselves.

Irish doodles are very social and friendly, but don’t worry! Their loyalty is over the roof.

They know who their humans are and will happily show their affection and love.

If you are considering getting an Irish doodle be aware that they need lots of attention and play due to their high energy levels and playful personalities.

11. Yorkipoos

If everyone had confidence like Yorkipoos do, our lives would be much more different!

This big dog in a small dog body fears no one and has no problem showing his courageous side.

This mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a mini Poodle can light up the room with its charm, upbeat personality, and playfulness.
Thanks to their high intelligence Yorkipoos are very trainable doodle breeds that enjoy socialization and spending time with people.

Yorkipoos are very small dogs and have hypoallergenic coats which makes them wonderful indoor and family pets.

12. Newfypoos

Photo from: @dolly_the_newfypoo

Newfypoos are a cross between a mini Poodle or a standard Poodle with a Newfoundland.

Typically larger and calmer than other poodle mixes, these parti colored Newfypoos are known as “gentle giants” that get attached easily to their owners.

Both kinds of Newfypoos standard and mini make great therapy dogs because of their calm nature and ability to be trained easily.

Newfypoos enjoy swimming and spending time with kids. They are well-mannered and fit very well in sedentary homes.

13. Whoodle

Probably the coolest name of all mixed-breed Poodles, this loving and goofy small dog is a cross between a Wheaton Terrier and a toy, mini or standard Poodle.

Great companions, fun, and active Whoodles require lots of exercise and frequent grooming to maintain their remarkable silky soft curly coats.

Whoodles get along nicely with other dogs and are usually very calm and laid-back dogs.

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14. Saint Berdoodle

Photo from: @saintberdoodle

Saint Berdoodle is a mix of a Poodle and Saint Bernard.

They are very similar to Newfypoos and often share the same nickname ‘gentle giant’. They are recommended to everyone who wants a calm, loyal, and non-drooling companion who enjoys being a part of a family.

Saint Berdoodles are excellent with children and like to engage in play, sports, and other physical activities.

15. Springerdoodles

If you are looking for a pet that will be clingy and have a constant need to show you their love, then Springerdoodles is the right choice.

A mix between a Poodle and English Springer Spaniels, these adorable fluffy clouds are well-known for their playful temperament and unsatisfiable love for life and everything surrounding them. They are very quick to learn and much healthier than other Doodle breeds.

16. Swiss Doodles

Photo from: @lina_le

Swiss Doodles are a mix between a mini Bernedoodle and Aussiedoodle.

People adore them because they have everything you could possibly want in a pet. Beautiful markings, hypoallergenic coat, easy-going personality, easy trainability, excellent health, and high intelligence.

They get along with everyone and can learn a variety of tricks and commands that impress everyone who meets them.

17. Shih-poo

Shih-poos have an interesting history. They are known for being members of Chinese royalty families, and we assure you, they still have that grace and majesty in themselves.

Shih-poos are great lap pooches that enjoy being pampered and taken care of. With Shih-poos, you will never feel lonely as they like to give love as much as they receive.

18. Great Danoodles

Underrated but one of the most incredible Doodle breeds are Great Danoodles.

A mix between a Poodle and Great Dane, Great Danoodles are very different from other designer dogs because of their sizes. But they are known for their obedient and calm side, loving nature and very big appetite.

They are so easy to take off and don’t ask much. Great Danoodles don’t require challenging activities and sports, walking around the neighborhood and playing in the park will make these loving, peaceful giants happy.

19. Clumberdoodles

Photo from: @bennythedoood

One more underrated and incredible doodle breed is Clumberdoodle. A cross between a Clumber Spaniel and a Poodle makes a perfect family pet.

They are one of the calmest doodle breeds, easily manageable and trainable. They are very devoted and will follow and engage in every activity their owners want.

Swimming, hiking, or playing sports Clumberdoodles enjoy every type of activity outdoors.

20. Poochons

A cross between a toy Poodle and Bichon Frise, Poochons truly got the best from their Bichon Frise and Poodle parents.

They are smart, happy, and small dogs ideal for apartments and smaller places.

Poochons are very cuddly, low-shedding dogs easy to love. Just pay attention to their excessive barking that can be stopped with the early and right type of training.

21. Pyredoodles

Pyredoodles are a cross between Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle dog breeds.

Due to their larger size, a home with a yard would be ideal for Pyredoodles.

They are Loyal guard dogs, usually very quiet but will warn you if they notice any kind of danger going around your house. They are very protective of their owners and small children and have big and caring hearts.

Pyredoodles love to explore, travel, play, and they are ideal for active families and singles as well.

22. Dalmadoodles

A cross between a Dalmatian and a Poodle, Dalmadoodles are incredibly smart but tend to be a bit stubborn and independent. They are very loving and enjoy everyone’s company when they get to know them.

Dalmadoodle tends to be very protective and will bark at strangers to keep you safe. Dalmadoodles require lots of attention and playtime, especially if they are more like their Dalmatian parents.

23. Pomapoo

Photo from: @yforyuzu

This mix between Pomeranian and Toy Poodle is ideal for novice owners and owners that live in apartments.

Early socialization, training, and fun activities make Pomapoos grow into wonderful furry pooches that are incredibly friendly, loyal, and confident. They don’t like to be alone and isolated, so if you have more pets, they will get along great.

Pomapoos have moderate energy and don’t require much exercise.

If you have a busy life, walks after work will be enough for your little companion.

24. Weimardoodles

These super loving, loyal, and affectionate crossbreeds between a Weimaraner and a Poodle don’t like to be alone as they tend to suffer from separation anxiety.

With plenty of praise and treats, Weimardoodles can learn anything. They are very friendly and get attached super easily.

They need not only physical but mental stimulation as well, as they are very intelligent dog breeds who enjoy challenges.

What is the calmest Doodle breed?

If you like doodle dogs but also like calm and easy-going dogs that can fit your daily routine then Bernedoodles, Cavapoos,Clumberdoodles, Great Danoodles, and Maltipoos are the perfect fit.

Crossing poodle parents with laid-back breeds create smart and calm types of doodles that are easy to train and take care of. However, keep in mind that every dog is unique and special in its way, and a few zoomies here and there doesn’t mean they are not trainable, smart, or good doggos.

What is the best doodle to have?

Deciding which dog to get can be challenging at times. Every dog has something different to offer, and they are all good boys and girls.

When choosing the right dog, it’s good to keep in mind not only the dogs’ needs and personality, but your life tempo, time, finances, and overall living situation.

We have created a few very important points to look at when it comes to choosing the perfect doodle dog and the ones that fit in each category.

Travel buddy

If you like to go out and enjoy hiking, swimming, and playing sports then choosing active dogs such as the Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles or Whoodles can be a great choice as they will easily adjust to your adventurous nature.

Independent thinker

Border Collies, Poodles, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

Combining purebred and creating doodle breeds you can find the cutest, most loving, and most intelligent dogs that will enjoy your mind simulations and training – if that is something you enjoy and look for in a pet. One of the smartest doodles are Bordoodles, Aussiedoodles, Weimardoodles, and Sheepadoodles.

Living environment

If you have a big yard or any type of outdoor place then choosing a high-energy, playful, and adventurous doodle dog is your best choice.

All doodle breeds are hypoallergenic so they can all perfectly live inside your home.

However, If you have a smaller apartment then Cavapoos and Maltipoos might be the better choice as they don’t require a lot of space.

Keep in mind that every dog living indoors or outdoors needs daily socialization and playtime with its owners.

Family pet

Doodle dogs can be a great companion no matter if you have a family or live alone. They all provide lots of love, and joy, and are very loyal to their owners.

Easily trained and very smart, they are very adjustable to all family members and their daily routines.

Doodles such as Irish Doodles, Bernedoodles, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles are the perfect paw pals for your younger kids and teens as they are very energetic, playful, and can occupy them for hours.

When choosing a family pet, it is important to choose a pet that will fit your family dynamic while still getting all its needs checked.


Doodle dogs are everything we can wish for!

They are purebred, watchdogs, family pets, and highly intelligent and loving dogs that can offer you their unconditional loyalty and bring you so much joy.

We think all doodle dogs are the best boys and girls and choosing one can be very challenging. But for the sake of your and their well-being, educating yourself and researching which poodle mix is the best fit for you is the smart and right move.

As long as you love them and take care of them nicely, we promise, you will receive the same love and devotion from them, if not even more.