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Mini Bernedoodles: Small Pups With The Biggest Of Hearts

Mini Bernedoodles: Small Pups With The Biggest Of Hearts

The American Kennel Club may not recognize mini Bernedoodles (or other Doodles as a matter of fact), but these sweet pups will always be in demand.

Doodle puppies are very much sought after for their incredible good looks, great temperament, and hypoallergenic coat. But, there’s so much more to these pups.

Today, I will try to introduce to you a Doodle that’s special in many ways. Here’s the pawmazing mini Bernedoodle. They’re just like regular Bernedoodles, but much smaller and cuter!

Keep on reading to find out how mini Bernedoodles look and behave. I will let you in on some tricks for raising these doggos and answer the most common FAQs.

I bet after this article, you will jump up and search for mini Bernedoodle breeders in your area!

Meet The Mini Bernedoodle

mini bernedoodle puppy lying down on the ground

The Bernedoodle is another pawdorable Doodle.

This designer dog is a cross between two purebred dog breeds: the miniature Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. People also call these pups Bernadoodles as well as Berniedoodles, so don’t get confused if the ad states so.

They’re all the same Poodle mix with exceptional possibilities of becoming the best companion dogs ever!

These tiny Bernedoodles have a lot to offer. But first, let’s see what they look like? Are they graceful as Poodles, or cuddly as Berners?

Good Looks Matter: Mini Bernedoodles’s Appearance

black and white bernedoodle puppy playing with ball outdoors

I like to say that mini Bernedoodles are little compact Doodles that have all it takes to be great pups, as well as a space-saving size.

All jokes aside, mini Bernedoodles aren’t that tiny, but they do have a great size for apartment living.

Even though no crossbreed dogs have breed standards, mini Bernedoodles are slightly impugning this fact. You see, mini Bernedoodles have the same height and weight as mini Poodles.

The miniature Bernedoodle will measure 10” to 15” at the withers, and weigh 10 to 30 pounds. This is more than a toy Poodle, and significantly less than a standard Poodle.

This designer dog is known for its incredibly good looks. They feature a curly double coat that comes in the following shades:

– black and white

– red and white

– tricolor (black, tan, white)

– sable


– phantom

Their fur is claimed to be hypoallergenic, but we’ll discuss that later.

What I want to tell you is that these cute teddy bears don’t need professional groomers. You can groom them at home to prevent problems like tangles or matting of the coat. Make sure you brush two to three times a week, and bathe them every two to three months.

Dogs with coats like our mini Bernedoodle don’t need excessive bathing as it can dry out their skin and cause further problems.

How Sweet Are Mini Bernedoodles?

tan mini bernedoodle puppy outdoors standing

As sweet as honey! And, I’m not talking about their adorable looks.

Bernedoodles are, just like all Doodle breeds, extremely friendly and caring. Their big, teddy-bear appearance matches their personality completely.

Mini Bernedoodles, like other Bernedoodle sizes, are loyal friends and great companions. If you need a friend for life, you know where to find one.

All designer breeds are a result of one big equation where only the best factors get to take place. Not only did the Bernedoodle take the sweetest physical traits from the Poodle and the Berner, he also managed to snap only the finest character lines.

Mini Bernedoodles resemble plush teddy bears more than any other dog breed. This crossbreed is as gentle as it can be. They love their hoomans, but they love kids even more. You’ll find a Bernedoodle jumping around kids all the time.

Bernedoodles will shower you with affection. They will never leave your side, and will always stay true to their family. Unlike some dog breeds which we’ll not name, Bernedoodles won’t sell their loyalty for snacks and some tummy rubs. Strangers, go away!

If you want a guardian that will react when the situation calls, you will need a tougher dog like the German Shepherd. But, if you need a family dog that will keep an eye on you and warn you about unusual sounds or new people, the Bernedoodle is the pup for you.

Do Bernedoodles Like To Exercise?

mini bernedoodle winking while lying down on the floor

Unlike many dog breeds that are fanatics when it comes to exercising, mini Bernedoodles are more designed for snuggling than for strenuous workouts.

The truth is that they tolerate exercises, they need it, but they don’t adore it. Mini Bernedoodle pups have a medium to high energy drive.

Other than jogging or hiking, they prefer playing with kids. You don’t have to spend lots of time trying to drain their energy level. Mini Bernedoodles need only 30 to 60 minutes of workout every day. This can mean a session of ball / frisbee throwing, or a casual stroll downtown.

By the end of the day, your Bernedoodle will be ready to cuddle up next to you, waiting to watch a movie together.

Mini Bernedoodle Trainability: How Smart Are These Pups?

young bernedoodle looking at the camera

Let me ask you a counter question: If a puppy comes from two intelligent dog breeds, do you really think he can be… a slowpoke?

Mini Bernedoodles are highly intelligent dogs (thanks mommy and daddy!). They’re nerds of the canine world, and they love to learn. In fact, they love more when they make their owners proud of their well-done tasks.

When training a mini Bernedoodle, I recommend you use positive reinforcement as an approach. All dogs respond well to it, and it’s proven that pups submitted to it bring better results.

When you’re not learning new tricks and commands, better make sure those wheels inside their head keep on spinning. This is where interactive dog toys, puzzles, and mental stimulation games come in handy.

I do have to warn you that you should have plenty of patience with Bernedoodles. You see, these pups can be a bit stubborn. They like to have it their way. I don’t blame them since they do come from stubborn breeds (the Poodle).

However, if you get past this and manage to get your Bernedoodle to listen to you, training should be a breeze.

Besides general obedience lessons and potty training, you must engage in socialization lessons from an early age. If you want a dog that will do well around kids, other animals, and unknown people, you must have it socialized.

Socialization means submitting a dog to different factors like new sounds, smells, different surroundings, new people, etc. The breeder usually starts with this training. Some have their pups completely socialized until they’re ready to go home, while with others, you will need to be the trainer and work on their social skills.

What Kind Of Dog Food Do Mini Bernedoodles Need?

white and black puppy of bernedoodle breed

Feeding your dog properly has a whole bunch of science behind the scenes. You might think: Hey, it’s just dog kibble! But, it actually isn’t.

Let me tell you some secrets about dog food you probably didn’t know.

Most dog foods or kibble on the market consist of fillers like grains, soy, wheat, etc. There’s not enough real proteins, not to mention minerals and vitamins from fruits and veggies. Such a diet is too poor and requires a change.

I would never recommend you go to the first store and grab a bag of generic dog food. Your mini Bernedoodle deserves more! Opt for small brands that have transparent ingredients listed on the back.

Every high-quality dog food should have proteins from real animals as the first ingredient. Fillers, artificial flavors, chemicals, and colorants are not welcome. Run your food choice with the vet and see what he has to say.

Also, raw dog diets have become quite popular lately. You know, it’s sort of like going back to the roots. However, a raw diet is expensive, time consuming, and doesn’t suit every dog breed. Make sure you mention this to your vet, too!

Do Miniature Bernedoodles Have The Same Health Problems As Standard Bernedoodles?

portrait of a bernedoodle standing against brick wall

The first generation of Bernedoodles are all more or less prone to the same health issues. Some differences do occur because of the dog’s size.

For example, a standard Bernedoodle has problems with bloat since it’s a large dog breed. Our mini Bernedoodle is much smaller, and thus, shouldn’t have issues with this health condition.

However, our mini Bernedoodle has some other health problems we must address. The most common health problems with this designer dog are as follows:

– hip dysplasia

– elbow dysplasia

– patella luxation

– cardiac problems

– progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

– skin conditions

– eye problems

I have to note that large dog breeds are more prone to joint and mobility problems like dysplasia or patella luxation. Coming from such a large dog breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog (our mini Bernedoodle) has a huge chance of inheriting these health conditions.

This is why you always ask to see health test results from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). It’s unethical to breed dogs with joint and mobility issues. Puppy mills do this all the time, not worrying about the dog’s overall health quality, and never conducting any tests.

I suggest you take your dog to the vet at the first signs of some issues, especially with the dog’s skin or eyes. Any mild change may lead to something severe, which must be addressed before it’s too late.

In the end, mini Bernedoodles are generally healthy. There’s no guarantee your Bernie will get any of the listed conditions. This is only a cheat sheet, so you can get to know the possible scenarios that might affect your mini Bernedoodle.

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

5month old bernedoodle lying down on the floor

I’m really happy to say that Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic pups.

You see, coming from a Poodle doesn’t guarantee the puppy will be 100% hypoallergenic. Luckily, almost all Doodles are; some more and some less. It depends on the percentage of genes inherited from the Poodle parent.

Speaking of allergies, did you know that it’s not the hair causing reactions? People are actually allergic to a dog’s dandruff or saliva. Loose hair around the house only help to redistribute these factors everywhere.

Mini Bernedoodles have curly coats, meaning dead hair and dander will get trapped under the top coat. This is good news for allergic people and those who hate vacuuming. I mean, no one likes to vacuum, but still…

If you thought that mini Bernedoodles were hypoallergenic, wait until you see the F1B Bernedoodle! Every new generation of Bernedoodles will have more hypoallergenic traits, bringing these pups to a point where they almost have a 100% hypoallergenic coat.

If loose hair, dander, saliva, and allergies bother you, then you should skip the F1 mini Bernedoodle and choose another generation.

All in all, mini Bernedoodles are more than welcome into homes with allergy-prone hoomans!

What’s The Average Lifespan Of A Mini Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodle at home

Photo from: @dogswordl

Bernedoodles, whether they’re mini or standard, are blessed to have a long lifespan. The average life expectancy for this dog breed is from 11 to 18 years! How amazing is that?

Of course, not every Bernedoodle puppy will live the maximum of the predicted years. But, a vast majority will get near that number with proper care, good life quality, and a healthy lifestyle.

Dogs that have untreated health problems, bad nutrition, and lack of care generally have a poor life quality and live shorter compared to others.

When you get a puppy, your main concern should be to raise it properly, take good care of it, and never allow bad things to happen to it.
Understood? Good.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale

two colored bernedoodle sitting against the white background

Back in the days when Bernedoodles first started roaming our hearts and our back yards, they were hard to find. That’s not the case today.

You can find good, reliable Bernedoodle breeders that will sell you exceptional puppies at a fair price. Still, you will need to research them and ask questions in order to ensure your Bernedoodle puppy is 100% healthy.

When picking out a breeder, I recommend you write down a list of questions about the puppy, its parents, the health testing they’re conducting, the puppy’s upbringing, etc. A reputable breeder will be happy to answer all your questions.

Here’s a little starting point of your research in the form of our list of best Bernedoodle breeders in the States!

Now that you know where to look first, let me warn you about something regardless of the pricing.

Many Bernedoodle breeders will have different prices for different coat colors. For example, black Bernedoodles are the cheapest ones, and will cost you up to $1,300. Black and white, tan and white, and chocolate and white Berniedoodles are also referred to as bi-colors and cost from $1,000 to $2,500.

The most sought after colors are red and white, and tri-colors. These pups require a budget from $2,000 to $3,500.

And, this is only the beginning! Where is the vet bill? What about dog food, a bed, toys, etc.? Owning a mini Bernedoodle might cost you a pretty penny, so you better know what you’re getting yourself into.

Five Reasons Why You Need A Mini Bernedoodle

mini bernedoodle photographed

Let’s face it: Bernedoodles are simply pawsome!

If you’re still not convinced you need one in your life, then you should make a list of pros and cons about this mixed breed dog.

For starters, let’s see a list of the top five pros as to why the Bernedoodle is the right dog for you.

Just like Goldendoodles (a Poodle & a Golden Retriever mix) or other Doodle breeds, the Bernedoodle is a low-shedding dog. In other words, you can call them hypoallergenic pooches! They make excellent family additions for allergic people.

This means no mess around the house, no expensive groomer’s bills, no sneezing all the time. Are you now certain that Bernedoodles are terrific pups?

I had to include this pup’s incredibly good looks as the next reason. The Bernedoodle comes from the Poodle and the Berner, and it’s super sweet. But, the mini Bernedoodle is even more adorable and will make you squeal with joy.

Mini Bernedoodles are tiny versions of majestic dogs ready to sweep you off your feet in amazement.

Now, I know there are plenty of other purebred dogs that would make good watchdogs, but hear me out. The mini Bernedoodle has Bernese Mountain Dog blood. This can only mean they’re observant, intelligent, and goodjudges around unknown people and situations.

I wouldn’t say no to owning a mini Bernedoodle as a watchdog / cuddler / best friend forever!

Don’t you just love how adaptable mini Bernedoodles are? They are both energetic and easy-going. They will be zooming around the kids in one moment, and snoozing on the couch the next one.

Bernedoodles have a medium energy level, which means they don’t have to work hard every day. Just give them some pleasant exercises to stay fit.

Lastly, I want to recommend mini Bernedoodles because they’re super friendly dogs. I know every one of us wants a dog breed that can be left with kids unattained. Well, mini Bernedoodles can.

This crossbreed is beyond gentle and caring, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s more than enough for me to Google mini Bernedoodle breeders in my area right now!

Five Reasons Why A Mini Bernedoodle Might Not Be For You

bernedoodle puppy standing in white background

The biggest reason why a mini Bernedoodle might not be the right dog breed for you is their stubborness. I’ve mentioned this earlier to you.

Bernedoodles have inherited this trait from the Poodle parent.

There’s really nothing you can do about this issue but to train the dog and teach them who’s the boss. Even then, these smart cookies will try from time to time to knock you off the throne.

Their hair styling and time-consuming grooming might be another reason why mini Bernedoodles aren’t good for you. Now, I know they’re small and don’t really have much fur to groom, but it can still be problematic. This mostly happens in spring and fall.

Generally speaking, mini Bernedoodles are simply okay to groom… not a delight, but absolutely okay.

Mini Bernedoodles can be a bit clingy, and thus, develop separation anxiety. This is something that can only be prevented by bringing your dog along to work, or leaving it with someone from the family so as not to be alone.

Even then, mini Bernedoodles might miss their hoomans as they like to cling specifically to one person.

These designer pups crave attention. They need it all the time. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d be capable of owning one. But, mini Bernedoodles aren’t drama queens. They’re simply very fond of their family members.

If this level of affection is too much for you, then you shouldn’t get a mini Bernedoodle.

Lastly, I know they come from a family of watchdogs, but mini Bernedoodles are more mellow than you’d think. Sure, they will warn you if something’s happening around them, but that’s it.

If you want a guardian that will keep you, your kids, your family, and the mini Bernedoodle safe, get a Rottweiler!

Interesting Facts About The Mini Bernedoodle You Probably Didn’t Know

mini bernedoodle on a chair

Mini Bernedoodles are unique in every possible way. They have some quirks that most other dog breeds don’t. Let’s check out some interesting facts about miniature Bernedoodles!

– They aren’t big fans of dog beds, and prefer to sleep on the floor.

– Speaking of sleep, mini Bernedoodles like to sleep on their back, especially when it’s hot!

– They bark, howl, growl, mumble, and speak with their owners!

– They’re sensitive pups and gentle souls.

– Some pups come with pink noses!

– They can’t stand hot weather and prefer colder climates.

Conclusions: Is The Mini Bernedoodle The Right Pup For Me?

If you love a loyal, adorable, smart sidekick, then the mini Bernedoodle is the right dog for you.

Just like its parent breeds, the mini Bernedoodle is a wonderful future family member. I’m sure you’ll be over-the-moon excited to get a miniature Bernedoodle puppy for your home.

Your life will be blessed with such a lovely buddy. Bernedoodles are fun, easy-going, and thrive to be around people. I bet you’ll find yourself striving for your mini Bernedoodle’s attention, too!

Mini Bernedoodle - Revealing The Facts And Busting The Myths