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13 Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeders In The United States!

13 Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeders In The United States!

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Mini Bernedoodles are designer dogs that have risen in popularity ever since they were first bred. They are the result of crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a purebred Miniature Poodle, making them inherit the best qualities from both sides.

As you probably already know all of this, you are likely here to find out where you can get your hands on one of these cuddly, curly, four-legged companions. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In our best mini Bernedoodle breeders guide, we will list the most reputable Bernedoodle breeders in the United States. We will also provide you with the contact information, addresses, websites, and social media links for each breeder.

On top of this, we will offer tips and tricks on the best ways to narrow down your search and find the breeder that best suits your needs.

Note that every mini Bernedoodle breeder listed in our article has been in the dog breeding business for years, so no matter which one you opt for, you will be happy with your decision!

Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale in the U.S.

 Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass outside looking at camera

There is no doubt that Bernedoodles, especially the miniature variety, are a famous and highly sought-after designer breed. Just one quick search should find you plenty of Bernedoodle breeders near you.

However, keep in mind that you aren’t looking for just any breeder who happens to have Bernedoodle litters. You want to get your new furry companion from only the most reputable and experienced breeder around, one that has been around for many years.

The best way to accomplish this is to go for breeders with good track records and tons of positive feedback and customer testimonials. To help you on your journey, here is a list of the most reputable Bernedoodles in the country for you to check out:

1. Highfalutin Furry Babies – Florida

Bred and raised from high-quality pedigrees, the mini Bernedoodles at Highfalutin Furry Babies are given the attention and care they need to become strong and healthy adult canines.

The mini Bernedoodles raised at their facility are known for being excellent family pets as well as therapy and service dogs.

In fact, this Bernedoodle breeding program was inspired by the owner’s child, who is deaf. The owner’s daughter found support and empowerment with her Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog cross and wanted others to experience the same.

The team at Highfalutin Furry Babies is fully dedicated to producing the best-fitting, healthiest, and happiest Bernedoodle puppies for their customers. They offer a wide range of colors and sizes, including standard, miniature, and tiny Bernedoodles.

The breeders at this facility are also passionate about being involved in the Bernedoodle community and seeing how their four-legged furballs help turn people’s lives around.

The health and well-being of their breeding dogs and puppies is their number one priority. With family companions at the focus, they are always thrilled to inspire others with the joy that comes from owning one of their pooches.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from Highfalutin Furry Babies, make sure to fill out the application form on their website to be added to their waitlist for the upcoming litter. As the time for choosing your next furry bestie draws nearer, the team at HFB will provide you with a wealth of materials and resources to help you welcome your puppy home.

Highfalutin Furry Babies breeder details:

Location: Florida, US

Website: Highfalutin Furry Babies Website

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Highfalutin Furry Babies Facebook page

2. River Doodles – California

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on dock

Sierra Springs is another small-scale, family-operated breeding facility that focuses on producing Australian Labradoodles, Australian Goldendoodles, and Australian Bernedoodles.

They hold themselves to the highest standards by testing all of their dogs for elbow, hips, eyes, cardiac, and genetic conditions. They use ethical breeding practices to produce only the genetically healthiest puppies possible.

All of their puppies are raised with lots of care, love, and they receive socialization from all of the family members around them. They are used to the sounds of a busy family household, like vacuuming, mopping, loud music, lawn mowing, as well as dogs, cats, and children of all ages and sizes.

River Doodles regularly updates their website, so feel free to browse for pictures of available puppies, upcoming litters, and puppies that have successfully been added to their new families.

The only thing you need to do to become a potential River Doodle Bernedoodle owner is to fill out the puppy application form on their website and wait. Once your application has been approved, you will be informed of the next steps in the ownership process.

River Doodles breeder details:

Location: Brea, California

Website: River Doodles Website

Phone: +1 714-784-6770

Email: [email protected]

Special note: River Doodles Twitter page

3. Recherche Bernes – North Carolina

Recherche Bernes is one of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders for people living in North Carolina. Aside from being a reputable breeder, Recherche Bernes is also a highly skilled trainer of Bernese Mountain Dogs and BMD Poodle mixes.

If you are looking for a fully-trained miniature Bernedoodle, this breeder is probably the best place to start. Each puppy produced by Recherche Bernes goes through a multi-level training process that includes Puppy Academy, a Master’s Program, Canine College, and Doggy Doctorate.

Recherche Bernes’s breeding facility is located on a 33-acre property. Much of this ground is covered by a state-of-the-art care and training facility for their Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog mixes.

Needless to say, puppy health is one of their top priorities, and you can rest assured you will get a well-mannered pup who already knows a bunch of commands and tricks if you choose to purchase a pup from this breeding outfit. On top of all of this, each puppy comes with a four-year health and temperament warranty!

As with the other best mini Bernedoodle breeders on our list, Recherche Bernes offers a wide range of Bernedoodle types and colors. You can choose from many different generations, sizes, and coat colors.

Recherche Bernes breeder details:

Location: Statesville, North Carolina

Website: Recherche Bernes Website

Phone: 980 223 2779

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Recherche Bernes Facebook page

4. Fife&Wife Ranch – Idaho

two  Mini Bernedoodles sitting by pool

Fife&Wife Ranch is a Poodle and Bernedoodle breeder located in Idaho. Operated by Tony Fife and his wife Paige, this small-scale family-owned kennel has been in the dog breeding business since 2011.

They firmly believe that high-quality dog food and healthy bloodlines are the key ingredients in producing the best Bernedoodle puppies. They pride themselves on giving their breeding dogs and puppies the best homemade diet. They also claim to feed all of their Bernedoodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Poodles with fresh goat milk and lean pork meat from their ranch.

If you opt to get your new four-legged friend from Fife&Wife Ranch, you should know that their purchase process is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is complete their puppy application form, make a $250 deposit, and wait.

Once the time to pick up your new puppy comes, the couple will give you a call, and you can choose a healthy Bernedoodle puppy from their available litter. When it comes to the price tag, the perfect puppy for you from the Fife&Wife Ranch will cost you anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000, depending on the size you choose.

Keep in mind that they do impose a neuter or spay contract and offer a two-year health warranty for all of their puppies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding upcoming litters or available puppies, feel free to contact them via phone or email.

Fife&Wife Ranch breeder details:

Location: White Pine Flats, Troy, Idaho

Website: Fife&Wife Ranch Website

Phone: 435 232 5186

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Fife&Wife Ranch Facebook page

5. Alpine Bernedoodles – Colorado

Based in southwest Colorado, the Alpine Bernedoodle breeding kennel has been in the dog breeding business for more than sixteen years!

Their experience and knowledge of the Bernedoodle breed have helped them produce healthy and happy Bernedoodle puppies with exceptional temperaments and health. The breeders at the Alpine Bernedoodles breeding outfit specialize in producing and raising miniature, micro, and tiny Bernedoodles, as well as Aussiedoodles!

If you choose this breeder as the place your next furry friend will come from, you should expect to make a $500 non-refundable deposit to get on their waiting list. Their “first come, first serve” policy means that whoever got onto their reservation list first gets to choose the puppy first.

It is worth noting that this breeder imposes a spay/neuter contract for all of their puppies. This means that you are legally bound to have your Bernedoodle puppy desexed before a certain age (nine months for males and six months for females).

As for the price, each of the Alpine Bernedoodle puppies is priced depending on their type, coat color, and generation and can cost between $3,700 and $4,300. For this price tag, all of the puppies that come out of the Alpine Bernedoodles breeding program are guaranteed to have their dew claws removed, vaccinations administered, microchip implanted, and health testing done.

If you purchase a puppy from this breeder, you can expect it to come with a puppy bundle that includes your pup’s favorite toys, puppy food packs, and insurance coverage. Aside from selling healthy, top-quality Bernedoodle puppies, this breeder also offers Turnkey programs, online puppy school, and puppy kindergarten programs to all of their customers.

Alpine Bernedoodles breeder details:

Location: Southwest Colorado

Website: Alpine Breeders Website

Phone: 970 907 5892

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Alpine Breeders Facebook page

6. Central Illinois Doodles – Illinois

Mini Bernedoodle walking on grass outside

Central Illinois Doodles is a small-scale family-owned breeding facility. They are located in Arthur, Illinois, and specialize in breeding F1b micro-mini Bernedoodles and F1 Bernedoodles in the miniature variety.

The founders, John and Kyla Jess, alongside their two children, are the main people behind Central Illinois Doodles. All family members are life-long dog lovers who are committed to producing and raising high-quality, healthy, and happy Bernedoodle puppies.

CID’s new owner process starts with extensive research. They strongly encourage potential customers to go through their Bernedoodle breed guide thoroughly before applying for ownership. Once this step is covered, potential customers can contact them through the application form found on their website.

If you are interested in getting a CID Bernedoodle and your application is approved, you can move on to selecting a puppy that best matches your preferences from their available puppies page.

When it comes to the price tag, you can expect to pay no less than $5,000 for a miniature or micro Bernedoodle puppy from Central Illinois Doodles. Also, keep in mind that the price is not inclusive of the $500 deposit for the waiting list.

Aside from the usual genetic, health, and temperamental guarantees, this mini Bernedoodle breeder offers its customers the option of delivering their new furry friend to their location. However, the cost of shipping is not included in the price, and buyers should expect to pay for the transportation fees out of their own pocket.

Central Illinois Doodles breeder details:

Location: Arthur, Illinois

Website: Central Illinois Doodles Website

Phone: 217 549 7589

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Central Illinois Doodles Instagram page

7. Walnut Valley Puppies – Illinois

To all aspiring Bernedoodle owners who live in Illinois, we would suggest checking out the Walnut Valley Puppies breeding outfit.

With customer satisfaction always at the top of their list of priorities, this Bernedoodle breeder focuses on producing, raising, and selling only the highest-quality mini and standard Bernedoodles.

Each puppy produced by the Walnut Valley Puppies breeding outfit leaves their premises with prepared ICA registration, up-to-date vaccinations, health certificates from a licensed vet, a collar and a leash, puppy toys, and more!

In addition, all of the puppies from WVP are covered by a two-year genetic health guarantee, so rest assured you will be getting a healthy puppy if you decide to get your new furry bestie from this facility.

On top of the health and temperament guarantee, each puppy is backed by the breeder’s lifetime support. Each VWP customer can ask for support and assistance from the breeders should the need arise throughout their puppy’s lifetime.

Furthermore, you can find all sorts of colors and coat color combinations at Walnut Valley Puppies. If you are searching for a Bernedoodle puppy with a specific coat color, the chances are they have you covered!

If you decide to get a Walnut Valley Bernedoodle puppy, we strongly suggest reading their policies first. They have the option of delivering the puppy to your doorstep as long as you are willing to cover the transportation fees. While we are on the topic of fees, you should expect to pay $3,450 and upwards for a Bernedoodle puppy from this breeder.

Walnut Valley Puppies breeder details:

Location: Ave Flat Rock, Illinois

Website: Walnut Valley Puppies Website

Phone: 812 821 6166

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Walnut Valley Puppies Facebook page

8. Dream Valley Bernedoodles – West Virginia

Mini Bernedoodle sitting with white background

Located in Bridgeport, West Virginia, the Dream Valley Bernedoodles breeding kennel is owned by Wayne and Shyla Yoder. The couple lives on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where their breeding dogs and puppies have lots of space to run around, play, and socialize.

Dream Valley Bernedoodles focuses on breeding only the standard variety of Bernedoodles. So, if you are looking for standard Bernedoodles of the highest quality, this is the place to start your search.

All of their Bernedoodle puppies are of the F1 generation. This means that the puppy you get from Dream Valley Bernedoodles, should you choose to buy one from them, is born from a purebred Poodle and a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a more hypoallergenic generation like F1b, you won’t find it here.

When it comes to temperament, Bernedoodle dogs from the Dream Valley Bernedoodles breeding program are generally great with kids as well as other furry friends.

In terms of price, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for one of the DVB puppies. If you are still interested in getting a Bernedoodle from this breeder, feel free to check out their purchase process.

While you are at it, make sure to check out the pictures of their available puppies, breeding dogs, and past litters on the gallery page of their site.

Dream Valley Bernedoodles breeder details:

Location: Bridgeport, West Virginia

Website: Dream Valley Bernedoodles Website

Phone: 330 204 7850

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Dream Valley Bernedoodles Facebook page

9. Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles – Colorado

Potential Bernedoodle owners living in the Colorado area should consider checking out the Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles (RMB) breeding facility.

RMB is one of the best mini Bernedoodles breeders in the state of Colorado, and they produce all variations of Bernedoodle dogs, including tiny, mini, and standard. You can even find Aussiedoodles here! The owner and main breeder, Tammie Rendon, was one of the first people to produce Bernedoodles in the country.

RMB is known for producing Bernedoodles in a wide range of coat colors and combinations. The Bernedoodles you usually come across here are black, sable, merle, and chocolate, but there are also other coat colors and even tri-color combinations available!

If you are interested in a Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles pooch, keep in mind that the breeder also offers turnkey Bernedoodle programs in many parts of the country. A turnkey puppy is a term that describes a puppy that is fully trained in basic obedience programs.

It is highly advisable to get a turnkey pooch for first-time dog owners or those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to training their furry friends.

If you want to get your hands on one of the mini Bernedoodle puppies that come out of this high-quality breeding program, the first thing you need to do is go through the application process on their website. After that, you will be required to make a deposit of $500 that will be deducted from the puppy’s price, which will be between $3,000 and $4,000, depending on coat color, age, and gender.

Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles breeder details:

Location: Road Montrose, CO

Website: Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles Website

Phone: 970 240 5995

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles Facebook page

10. LK Bernedoodles – Oregon

 Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking at camera

LK Bernedoodles is one of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in the Pacific Northwest. Their goal is to produce high-quality Bernedoodle puppies of all sizes as well as purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs, mini Bernese, and Poodles.

Located in Eugene, this breeder is worth checking out, especially if you live within the area. And if you decide to get a Bernedoodle puppy from LK Bernedoodles, you can expect to get a healthy and well-mannered pooch.

They are one of the few breeders who provide each of their puppies with obedience, house, and potty training from an early age. On the other hand, like most breeders you will find in our article, LK Bernedoodles is fully committed to providing their clients only the healthiest possible puppies.

They perform regular health checks on all of their Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle breeding dogs to ensure that their offspring are always in the best condition.

As far as the pricing goes, reserving a spot on the LK Bernedoodle waiting list will set you back $500. You should also know that the current wait time for one of their awesome Bernedoodle dogs is around six to nine months. This means that if you want to bring home an LK Bernedoodle pooch, we suggest you hurry and fill out the contact form on their website!

LK Bernedoodles breeder details:

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Website: LK Bernedoodles Website

Phone: 541 510 5989

Email: [email protected]

Special note: LK Bernedoodles Facebook page

11. Angel Breeze Puppies – Ohio

Located in Coshocton County, Ohio, the Angel Breeze Puppies breeding outfit is operated by a dog-loving married couple.

Their breeding facility spreads across 36 hilltop acres of land where their breeding dogs and puppies get to indulge in the fresh air and scenic views.

Established back in 2003, this breeding outfit has been producing Sheepadoodles and Bernedoodles for nearly two decades now. They are dedicated to providing the best support to their customers and the best possible care to their newborn puppies.

When it comes to pricing, the couple requires a one-time fee of $250 to reserve a spot on their waiting list. This deposit will be deducted from the actual price of the puppy once it is ready to be taken to its new home.

The price of one of Angel Breeze’s Bernedoodle puppies ranges from $3,000 to $3,500, mostly depending on the coat color. Puppies with tri-colored coats are usually more expensive than puppies with bi-colored ones.

As with most high-quality breeders on our list, Angel Breeze Puppies offers a health guarantee on all of their Bernedoodles. The guarantee covers a 24-month period and any life-threatening or life-altering hereditary diseases the puppy might develop during that time.

In addition, the couple ensures the highest health standards for all of their breeding pairs and puppies. You should note that each puppy comes with a strict neuter/spay contract that states that the puppy should be desexed by ten months of age. This ensures there is no unauthorized breeding.

Angel Breeze Puppies breeder details:

Location: Fresno, Ohio

Website: Angel Breeze Puppies Website

Phone: 330 275 7623

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Angel Breeze Puppies Facebook page

12. Harmony Hill Doodles – Massachusetts

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass looking away

Harmony Hill Doodles is a family-owned, small-scale breeding program located in Rochester, Massachusetts. One of the great things about this facility is that the owners don’t really like using the term “business,” as they consider each of their puppies an integral part of their family.

The mother-daughter duo that operates the breeding outfit aims to produce and raise healthy, happy, and well-tempered puppies for their customers. Each of their puppies comes with a two-year health guarantee along with ongoing support throughout its life.

They specialize in breeding Aussiedoodles and standard Bernedoodles, but there are also different sizes and generations of doodles for you to choose from. This breeder also does extensive health testing on all of their sires and dams to avoid any genetic issues in their offspring.

So, if you are looking to buy a healthy and happy Bernedoodle puppy in Boston or around Southern Massachusetts, the Harmony Hill Doodles breeding program is the best place to start!

Harmony Hill Doodles breeder details:

Location: Rochester, Massachusetts

Website: Harmony Hill Doodles Website

Phone: 570 617 8349

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Harmony Hill Doodles Facebook page

13. Utah Bernedoodles – Utah

The owner and main breeder of the Utah Bernedoodles breeding program is Ruth Sommers. She is a professional dog breeder that has been in the doodle breeding business for more than ten years.

The Utah Bernedoodles breeding outfit is one of the best Bernedoodle breeders in all of Utah. Although there isn’t any evidence to support the claim, Utah Bernedoodles state that they are one of the first mini Bernedoodle breeders in America.

Another cool thing about one of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders in Utah is that many of their pups grow up to be professional therapy dogs! Alongside their current selection of mini, tiny, and standard Bernedoodle puppies, you can also find Australian Bernedoodle puppies at their facility.

Needless to say, Utah Bernedoodles have been around for quite some time and have lots of satisfied customers to back it up. Their years of experience serve as proof that they are highly skilled in breeding and raising healthy, happy, and well socialized Bernedoodle pups.

If you are interested in getting your furry bestie from Utah Bernedoodles, you should be prepared to participate in a strict screening process. Once you have been approved by the breeder, you will need to make a deposit of $500 to get a spot on their waitlist.

Note that each puppy from this breeding outfit comes with its first set of vaccinations, as well as a leash, collar, a two-year health guarantee, and other puppy essentials. All of their Bernedoodle puppies are currently priced at $3,500 regardless of age and coat color.

Utah Bernedoodles breeder details:

Location: Tremonton, Utah

Website: Utah Bernedoodles Website

Phone: 435 744 9036

Email: [email protected]

Special note: Utah Bernedoodles Facebook page

Other sources for Bernedoodle puppies

Mini Bernedoodle playing with grass

If none of the best mini Bernedoodle breeders we listed above really fits your needs, you can always try out alternative methods.

If you don’t want to purchase your dog in person, you can turn to the following websites that sell Bernedoodle puppies online:

PuppySpot – PuppySpot is an online platform where you can find both designer dogs and purebred dogs. Make sure you visit their website from time to time to see if there are any Bernedoodles available that match your preferences.

NextDayPets – NextDayPets is a website designed to connect aspiring dog owners with reputable breeders from around the country. The website imposes a strict ID verification process for all of their breeders to make sure that the quality of the puppies listed on their website is not overlooked.

Good Dog – Good Dog is another website that lists reputable dog breeders from all over the U.S. On this platform, you can find crossbreeds or purebred dogs, and you can filter the search based on your location to find Bernedoodle puppies near you.

PuppyFind – PuppyFind is a website where Bernedoodle breeders from all over the country can put their puppies up for sale. You can filter your search based on the size, color, and generation of the Bernedoodle you are looking for as well as your location to ease your way into finding your perfect puppy.

Infinity Pups – Infinity Pups is a network of reliable breeders who sell all kinds of dog breeds, including designer dogs like Bernedoodles. They offer a one-year health guarantee on all of their puppies as well, as hassle-free puppy delivery to your doorstep.

How much are mini Bernedoodle puppies?

Mini Bernedoodle sitting on grass

A miniature Bernedoodle puppy (less than 50 pounds) will usually come with a price tag of around $4,000. This goes for dogs of this breed that aren’t classified as micro or tiny (less than 20 pounds).

Micro or tiny Bernedoodles are technically miniature Bernedoodles, but they usually cost more money due to the fact that they are more challenging to produce. Micro or tiny Bernedoodle breeders continuously breed “runt” dogs together to get dogs of smaller sizes.

The price of a Bernedoodle puppy also depends on the coat color, generation type, hypoallergenic properties, breeder’s reputation, and health guarantees. The most expensive dogs of this breed usually have a tri-colored coat.

How big does a mini Bernedoodle get?

When it comes to designer dogs and crossbreeds in general, it can be difficult to say how big they will turn out to be. With that said, there are certain indicators that can help you determine the size of your new four-legged family member.

Miniature Bernedoodle pups typically weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and reach a height of between 18 and 22 inches in adulthood. However, mini Bernedoodles can be anywhere between 15 and 65 pounds in weight.

If you want to own a pooch that will stay under 50 pounds, you should be looking for a tiny Bernedoodle instead.

Are mini Bernedoodles good dogs?

Mini Bernedoodle looking up at camera

Miniature Bernedoodles are a fun-loving, affectionate, and active dog breed. They make great additions to families that like to spend a lot of time with their furry friends and are ready to commit to exercising their puppy daily.

Due to the breed’s intelligence and temperament, Bernedoodle owners can expect to have an easier time when it comes to training their furry bestie. However, these pups can be a bit stubborn and require a lot of patience and positive reinforcement during training sessions.

How to find high-quality Bernedoodle puppies for sale near you

The Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix is a popular and highly sought-after doodle breed. However, since this is probably the most recent doodle mix compared to others such as Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Sheepadoodles, there might not be a lot of reputable Bernedoodle breeders around your area yet.

But, as always, it is worth looking around instead of sitting with your fingers crossed, hoping that a Bernedoodle will wander into your backyard. With a tiny bit of effort and some luck, you might be able to track down your next Bernedoodle bestie!

Here are a few tips that can help you find a Bernedoodle puppy for sale in your area:

• Join Bernedoodle groups on social media: The social media platforms we use every day are not here just for fun. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and even Reddit to your advantage and narrow down your Bernedoodle puppy search. Look for Facebook Bernedoodle groups or communities on Reddit or Instagram to connect with thousands of Bernedoodle owners and breeders around you.

• Reach out to rescue centers or animal shelters in your area: Although it is fairly rare to come across designer dogs in rescues or animal shelters, it is still worth a shot. Some people aren’t aware of what it takes to care for and own a dog and change their mind once their puppy arrives at their home. By adopting a Bernedoodle from a shelter or rescue, you will not only save a lot of money, but you will also save a dog’s life in the process.

• Ask local veterinarians: If there is anyone who knows a few Bernedoodle owners or breeders in town, it would be the vets at your local clinic. Feel free to ask them if they can point you in the right direction and make your search for a new puppy a bit easier.

Reputable mini Bernedoodle breeders: summary

Cute Mini Bernedoodle sitting on carpet looking away

Photo from: @benniethebernedood

Their adorable teddy bear-like appearance, easy-going temperament, and impeccable wits make Bernedoodles one of the most popular doodle mixes out there.

However, where you get your Bernedoodle puppy is one of the most important steps in dog ownership. To save you from potential headaches in the future, we would suggest only purchasing Bernedoodle puppies from reputable breeders.

If you want the most seamless dog-buying experience, one of the thirteen best mini Bernedoodle breeders we mentioned above will not disappoint you. All of them have been in the dog breeding business for quite some time and have certainly gained the trust of many satisfied customers.

However, as Bernedoodles can be quite expensive dogs, you might want to save some money by adopting one. Just keep in mind that the search might be a bit more tedious this way, and you should also be on the lookout for possible health issues.