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40 Black Dog Breeds Demystified: Welcome To The Dark Side

40 Black Dog Breeds Demystified: Welcome To The Dark Side

When it comes to black dog breeds, there is a mystique aura surrounding them. Some people connect them with some negative traits. Just like people associate bad luck with when a black cat crosses your way, only with a black dog instead.

Some say it is all a matter of psychology. Because people tend to connect the color black with something negative, like death, fear, or the dark. Others associate the color with the idea that black dogs are more dominant and aggressive than white dog breeds. This is called black dog syndrome.

However, we cannot deny that black dogs are really impressive creatures. Most of them have an elegant and sleek look. If there was a dog Carlos Santana, I bet he would sing a song about black magic dogs. To me, these dogs are enchanting.

Some breeds have a higher likelihood of having all black offspring due to their genetic traits. It is a pigment called melanin that is responsible for black hair color. Of course, this black hair color only appears if it is dominant compared to pheomelanin.

Now, let’s see what is so enchanting about these black beauties! Here are 40 specimens that you just have to meet!

1. Rottweiler

Happy rottweiler dog running in the yard

The Rottweiler Metzgerhund, or the Rottweiler butcher dog when you translate it from German to English. Such a hair-raising name. It is no wonder that this dog has a bad boy reputation. Rottweiler is the name of the city where this fella sweated as a hardworking dog. His main task was to transport meat from a butcher to a market.

Due to his abilities and strength, this impressive dog has the reputation of being a dangerous and aggressive breed. When you think of a Rottweiler, you think of the typical example, one with a short black coat. But, there are exceptions to this rule and there are Rottweilers that are not as prominent as this one. Whichever type you have, to maintain his beautiful black coat you will need the best brushes and the best shampoos.

I believe that his black shiny coat, his history of first being a butcher’s dog and then his later connection with the police and army during the World Wars, add to his reputation of a tough guy.

Hair Length: Usually short, however, there are some specimens of Rottweilers with long hair.

Coat Quality: Double coat, a thick topcoat that is bristled and a soft undercoat that has an insulating effect.

Other Coat Colors: The Rottweiler can also be black and tan, black and rust, black and mahogany, red, and blue.

2. German Shepherd

black german shepherd lies in green grass

Here is another German working dog that is also known by his other name, the Alsatian. His producer, Max von Stephanitz, bred this dog by “cooking“ a few herding breeds from Germany together, in order to produce the mighty Rex or the King of the breeds. It is among the top popular breeds of all time.

Your average Rex or German Shepherd is usually bicolored. And there is a typical picture in your mind when you imagine one. Maybe the most unusual color this dog comes in is full black. Black German Shepherds are a sight to be seen. They look magnificent.

And yes, they are purebred dogs that are accepted in this variety under the AKC breed standards for the German Shepherds, even if they may not look like it at first glance. They are truly a rare sight among black dog breeds.

Hair Length: The hair length of German Shepherds is usually medium. However, some specimens have short and long varieties.

Coat Quality: German Shepherds have double coats, the top coat is very dense and brindled and the undercoat is soft. Make sure you bathe your GSD regularly so he is as clean as he deserves to be.

Other Coat Colors: You can find this specimen in many coat colors. You can also find sable, black and silver, liver or brown, black and tan, gray, blue, black and cream unique Isabella German Shepherds, and some other less common types.

3. Labrador Retriever

labrador in the park

From Germany, we are now heading through La Manche Canal, to Great Britain. Labradors were developed as retriever gun dogs from breeds of the region of Newfoundland. And they were named after it.

It is a Western world sweetheart and among the most popular dogs of all time. It does not surprise me, because they have all the loveable traits. They are sweet, obedient, playful, easy to train, cute, and have a lot of patience and compassion for others.

When it comes to picturing Labrador Retrievers, you may think of lighter colors rather than black. But, they do exist and many people love them. Other people have the perception that black dogs are more aggressive and vicious than non-black dogs. But, aggression does not have anything to do with hair color.

Hair Length: The hair of the Labrador Retriever is short to medium length.

Coat Quality: You may be surprised, Labrador Retrievers also have a double coat. Labradors shed a lot. If you touch the surface of one, you will feel brindle hair, but if you put your hand under the first layer, you will discover a soft cloud of hair.

Other Coat Colors: You can spot this dog in many Labrador colors: brown, yellow, liver, gold, chocolate, and the very rare – white Labrador. And, of course, black.

4. Newfoundland

black Newfoundland dog is standing on the grass

Newfoundlands come from the same place that Labrador Retrievers do. And he is very much a working dog. This one was the chief helper of the Newfoundland fishermen. That is why he had to have a waterproof coat. Otherwise he would be wet all the time.

The Newfoundland dog owner might be sad. Since Newfoundlands are big dogs ( you can check this on the Newfoundland growth chart), this gentle giant usually has a short lifespan. This means that you should cherish every moment with this adorable ball of fur. Big ball, to be honest. More like a pilates one.

In the black haired Newfoundlands, the black coat is accompanied with dark brown eyes. Some still say that only black Newfoundlands and Landseer ones (this means a black and white combination), are the proper representatives of the breed. But, the AKC recognises other colors too.

Hair Length: Newfoundlands usually have long hair.

Coat Quality: Of course, this is a dog with a doublecoat. It comes from the North, where there is a lot of snow. They come from an island, so this dog has to have a coat that is resistant to water. Their first layer of hair is soft and very thick, while the upper one is coarse.

Other Coat Colors: When it comes to the officially recognized colors, Newfoundlands can be gray, brown, black and white, and, of course – black.

5. Poodle

Miniature poodle puppy standing on the grass

It is a “war“ between the Pudel and Caniche here, because neither Germany nor France will give up their right to the origin of the Poodle. When it comes to size, there are four variations, the Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle (which is not very recognized), the Miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle.

Luckily, there are amazing Standard Poodle breeders in the USA, as well as Miniature Poodle breeders and Toy Poodle breeders.

Poodles have a thing for wildfowls and this makes them a water dog. There are so many choices when it comes to Poodles. There are Phantom Poodles, Moyen Poodles, Parti Poodles, and many more. You could have a real party with all of these kinds of Poodles. And, there are so many Poodle haircuts out there! And the cherry on the top is that these dogs don’t shed and they are hypoallergenic, which is a delight.

Black Poodles are something else. You can find them in small versions as black toy Poodles. Even though black Poodles are a frequent variation, they are not the most popular type. But, that is the case with many black breeds. This has something to do with psychology. Black dogs are perceived as more dangerous.

Hair Length: Unless you cut your Poodles hair, it will continue to grow. So naturally, it has long hair.

Coat Quality: Poodles have unique curly hairs that have a rough texture.

Other Coat Colors: Poodle colors, believe it or not, come in over thirty variations. They can be white, red Poodle, apricot, silver, merle Poodle cream, gray, cafe au lait, black, brown, you can even have a blue Poodle, and many other combinations of these colors.

6. Cane Corso

powerful male cane corso italiano running on green grass

Ave, Cesar! Here we have a true emperor among large dogs and he comes from the Apennine peninsula. We can track his origin to the Roman times, because this mastiff breed is a true Italian. Although much more scary.

The Cane Corso is what your body guard should look and behave like. And that is what his name means too. It is not your average family dog, but can adjust to a family environment. But, he is more suitable for being a guard dog and a very effective watchdog.

He sure does look impressive. He is a huge size (see how big he can grow) and when this is combined with his fierce nature and equally intimidating looks and facial expression, you get one tough dog. That is why you should get the best harness for your Cane Corso. And now, imagine all of this in the color black. You can not remain indifferent to this sight. It looks like death itself is running right up to you.

Hair Length: There won’t be much maintenance here because the Cane Corso has short hair. This means less shampoo for your CC.

Coat Quality: It does have an undercoat but it is not very dense. You will only need to use your hair vacuum cleaner twice a year (for their dog hair that is!).

Other Coat Colors: The Cane Corso is most striking as a light colored dog. Fawn and red are his most noticeable colors. But, he can also be gray and black. Some have a brindle pattern.

7. Belgian Sheepdog

Beautiful fun Groenendael dog puppy

He can also be called a Belgian Shepherd or by his fancy French name, Chien de Berger Belge. They are all the same dog. There are four varieties of this dog, the Laekenois, Groenendael, Tervuren, and Malinois.

The most prominent of these forms, when it comes to the color black, is the Groenendael. It is a fully black dog that has long hair that looks luxurious. This beauty from Belgium serves as a herding dog but also has many other jobs that he does equally well.

His brother, the Belgian Malinois, has a reputation for being aggressive and he can also come in a variety of colors, one of them being black. There is even a long-haired version that can shed throughout a year.

Hair Length: His hair is long. Of course, this is only if you don’t clip it.

Coat Quality: Once more, we have a double coated dog. The top coat is rough, and the soft one hides underneath.

Other Coat Colors: It can be silver, sable, gray, and black.

8. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher dog

It seems that Germans really like breeds that have a black color variant, because the Doberman Pinscher is another one in this list of black dog breeds. Dobermann was actually the last name of the “author“ of this breed. It was a man whose job was to collect tax. And, you can imagine how much people liked him. So he needed a dog who could protect him. There is even a side story about Warlock Doberman, which gives us chills.

When you picture a Doberman dog, you will probably imagine a sleek, athletic dog that is agile and always on guard. And in my imagination, he is always dark colored, black to be honest.

Most Dobermanns are actually black, but there are a few more variations, which are also dark. His hair is shiny (you will need the best shampoo to keep it that way) and with his attitude, he looks like some sort of nobleman. Sir Dobermann Pinscher. The black color only adds to his menacing looks. That is why you should get the best collar for him.

Hair Length: These dogs always have short hair.

Coat Quality: Their hair is single coated and sleek.

Other Coat Colors: A Dobermans colors are more or less always dark. They can come in basic black, blue, fawn, or a dark red color.

9. The Great Dane

This is a dog that also originates from Germany, the same place as the Dobermann. Some people also find common traits between Great Danes and Dobermanns, which starts to feel like too much of a coincidence. I feel like all of these dogs seem to originate from Germany. But, this story is not so simple. They were actually originally imported from England and they were called the English Docke, English Tocke, or Englischer Hund.

Later, they got the name Kammerhunde because they were so beloved by the royal German people in the Middle Ages. And why is that? Definitely because they did their job amazingly. And their job was to protect their masters and properties.

I once read that in some courts they would keep Great Danes hungry during the day and then let them wander in the castle lobbies during the night (don’t do that, feed your Dane regularly). And if an intruder would attempt to break in, these hungry dogs would rip them apart. But that is only a rumored story.

All in all, there is a black Great Dane version and it is shiny and glossy. Its black fur has to be solid black. If it has white markings over its chest, this means disqualification from any AKC competitions. There are a few more Great Dane colors though.

Hair Length: Their coat is short.

Coat Quality: Great Danes have fur that is smooth and there is not much maintenance required to keep it nice but you will still need the best brush for your Dane.

Other Coat Colors: If we are considering only AKC registered colors, then Great Danes can be harlequin, black, fawn, brindle, merle, blue, and mantle.

10. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog laying on the bow of the boat

I bet that you already understand that this name says a lot about this dog. It really is a dog from Portugal and he did do a lot of his work in the water there. He is like a herding dog but for fish. His roles were to save the fishnets from the sea, send messages from ship to ship, and gather fish into nets.

Portuguese people call it the Cao de Agua or Cao de agua de pelo pescador portuguese or Cao de agua de pelo ondulado. Anyway, you get it – a water dog in all cases.

This is a very rare breed. Some people love it because of its unique coat. It is solid black in a lot of cases and that is something that is appealing about this dog. Some owners claim that it is hypoallergenic but this is not proven, but it is proven that his black coat does not shed a lot. Luckily, there are reliable Portuguese Water Dog breeders in Canada and the USA.

Hair Length: One thing is for sure, this Water Dog has medium length hair.

Coat Quality: His hair comes in two versions. There is a thick, curly version and a wavy version that has a bit of a shine. You will not find an undercoat on this dog.

Other Coat Colors: This dog comes in black and white and everything in between, plus brown.

11. Schipperke

Schipperke looks aside and stands on the grass

This feisty beast is a small black dog. It originated in Belgium but it is a Dutch breed. Some say it is a spitz dog, others disagree and say it is a shepherd. Science says it has more in common with spitzs than with sheepdogs.

Among the small dog breeds, it is a uniquely black variation. His beauty comes from the ruf around his neck and shiny coat. His tail is an attractive feature to some, but it is not attractive to others, so some people choose to dock their tails. But this is a practice that not everyone agrees with. It is considered to be one of the smartest dogs out there.

Hair Length: On the head, their hair is short, on the front of the legs and body, it is medium, around the ears and neck, it is longer.

Coat Quality: His coat is a double one. His additional layer makes him a superhero – that layer is called his cape.

Other Coat Colors: It is “all black everything,” as a popular saying describes it. There is a cream and blond version, but this is not seen frequently.

12. Scottish Terrier

Puppy Scottish Terrier walks on a trail in the grass

Sometimes called Scotties, or the Abhag Albannach or Aberdeen Terrier, but let’s just stick with the Scottie. Along with the Dandel Dinmont, West Highland White Terrier, Sky, and Cairn, this is a dog that hides in the group named the Skye Terrier. He is one of the many Terrier dog breeds.

It is well known that Terriers are small dogs with big dog attitudes. That is how Scottie got his nickname, Diehard. He is a hunter, although he can’t hunt big game animals. He is just too small for that.

But, I bet this black beauty looks like death coming on swift wings to all the types of vermin he hunts. The Scottie is among the most popular dog breeds and has the high energy level that only little dogs can have. Part of his charm may come from his charming beard. The black Scottie is certainly the most popular version of this dog.

Hair Length: It can grow to medium length, unless you cut it short.

Coat Quality: Well of course, it has a double coat, fit for Scottish winters. Their top coat is rough to the touch, but the undercoat is soft. Just like Terriers. Rough on the outside, soft on the inside.

Other Coat Colors: You can also choose between wheaten and brindle colors.

13. Black Russian Terrier

Black russian terrier in autumn

It has a terrier in his name but he is not actually a Terrier. In the Russian language, this dog is called a Chornyi Terrier. It can only be black or in some, a lighter variation of black.

This dog was developed to be a family pet but his main purpose was to serve in the military as a working dog. Noone would give him a gun. That is why he is not actually a Terrier. He is a combination of a Caucasian Shepherd, Newfoundland, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier, and some others.

Having a Schnauzer in the mix, this intelligent dog has a mustache and a beard. Besides his black color, that is his other recognizable trait. This is maybe the most prominent specimen among the black dog breeds.

Hair Length: It is usually medium but it is sometimes cut short.

Coat Quality: You can expect nothing less from the Russian Terrier than a double coat. Their upper one is wavy and rough, while the undercoat is dense and soft.

Other Coat Colors: Besides black, he can also be salt and pepper.

14. Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher dog outdoor

This is a tiny tini toy breed, a beautiful lap dog that has a funny nickname, the Monkey Terrier, and he comes from none other than Germany too. Affe means Ape in German and this breed is a mix of the Griffon Bruxellois and the Miniature Schnauzer.

Believe it or not, this is a dog that had roles other than just being cute and pretty. It was bred to chase away rats and rodents from properties. I bet these rodents were scared of this small black exterminator.

This dog has a lot of health issues and does not usually live very long. But, the good news is that you will not have to clean a lot because this dog does not shed too much. You can easily find this dog on any list of small and fluffy dog breeds.

Hair Length: Affenpinschers have coats that are short to medium length.

Coat Quality: His coat is rough to the touch.

Other Coat Colors: The Affenpinscher has a variety of dark colors. You can also find him in silver, gray, black and tan, red, and, the exception, beige. Some also have black masks.

15. Puli

Hungarian Puli with a huge coat

Well, this breed really pulls off his special looks. It is a small dog that looks like his hairdresser had a lot of fun while doing his hair. It resembles dreadlocks.

That is the reason you might think that this dog is originally from Jamaica. But, he is not. He is from Hungary. If you have one of these dogs, you call it Puli, if you have two or more, then you have Pulik.

I do not know why, but it seems to me that all the Water Dogs are black or have darker coat colors. Maybe to scare off the fish. This one has captivating blue eyes under all his fur. Adorable.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that he is also considered to be one of the many small guard dogs.

Hair Length: A Puli has very long hair. It covers him from top to bottom.

Coat Quality: He has a most unique coat that resembles dreadlocks.

Other Coat Colors: These ”dreadlocks” can come in all kinds of monochromatic variations – black, white, gray, cream, rust, and brown.

16. Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter hunting dog standing in the front in the autumn park

Besides the Irish and English, in the Gordon Setter, we have a proud and beautiful Scotsman. It is a wonderful companion for a hunt, especially if you hunt birds.

What distinguishes this dog is his beauty. You cannot stay unimpressed with this dog. It is black with special markings that are prescribed by the breed standard within the American Kennel Club.

To maintain his beautiful coat, the owner of this stunner will have to find a lot of time and the best tools to do so.

Hair Length: The coat is medium length.

Coat Quality: Here we have another double coat, but the top layer is silky, sleek, and very shiny. When you touch it, it is smooth.

Other Coat Colors: On Gordon Setters, you will find brown, black, and fawn colors. They have a very specific variation of colors on their bodies.

17. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher dog

Bow your heads, because we have royalty here. This is the King of Toys – a Zwergpinscher, a Min Pin! A royal mix of German Pinschers and Italian Greyhounds, with just a pinch of Dachshunds too.

Pinscher means biter. So, this little doggy is a fierce biter. It looks like someone shrinked a Doberman but they are not actually two versions of the same dog.

Even though it can have many colors, the Miniature Pinscher, like the Doberman, is usually pictured as a black dog with a beautiful shiny coat.

Hair Length: His coat is short.

Coat Quality: They don’t have very soft hair, it is rather rough and bristley when you touch it.

Other Coat Colors: There is a whole specter of Pinscher colors, blue, black and tan, rust, chocolate, red, stag red, and fawn.

18. Pug

Black pug puppy walking on the grass in summer

Pugs are such cuties. They were brought to popularity as the most loving dogs by Queen Victoria back in the 19th century. And this dog comes to us from the Far East, China to be precise.

It often has light coat colors, but you can find black Pugs too. This is not a very common variety, but it is also not among the most uncommon.

Keep in mind that Pugs can have skin problems, so you need to keep up with maintaining it by purchasing a quality brush and the best shampoo.

Hair Length: Their hair is always short.

Coat Quality: They have a double coat.

Other Coat Colors: There are Pugs that are apricot, silver, or fawn, besides black.

19. The Giant Schnauzer

Giant schnauzer dog

Please welcome another German dog that is the product of mixing a Great Dane, German Pinscher, and Bouvier des Flandres. Tada – you get a giant working dog.

It is dark colored, with black variations. And his coat does not only serve him as an accessory, but also as protection from the harsh weather. And the cherry on the top, they have a hypoallergenic coat.

This military dog was also used on farms a lot. It must be very intimidating for other animals when they encounter this big, black, determined dog.

Hair Length: He has a medium length coat.

Coat Quality: Of course, this is another dog with a double coat. Since it originates from a place where it is cold, the upper layer is perfect for bad weather.

Other Coat Colors: There is a black and silver variety and also a pepper and salt one.

20. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel outdoor

Spaniels are the kind of dogs that can thank their cuteness for making them so popular. But, not just that, they also have an excellent temper and overall behavior.

You can see them in many children’s picture books, as beloved little dogs. Their owners claim that they are the best dogs to have.

There are many colors you can choose from, but the black is equally as impressive as the others. And it is also very common. Among black dog breeds, Spaniels are such sweethearts.

Hair Length: It is medium length unless you decide to trim it.

Coat Quality: It is silky all over, with some extra softness where there is feathering.

Other Coat Colors: There are at least ten Cavalier King Charles Spaniel colors, but the black is very common.

21. Flat-coated Retriever

Flat-coated Retriever outdoor

The Flat-coated Retriever is a lesser known Retriever breed. It has all the good traits of a Retriever breed. The only major distinction is his flat coat, which is longer than is usually found on a Retriever.

It comes in dark colors, at least the varieties that are within the breed standard do. There are two variations, both equally shiny and stunning. Among black dog breeds, the Flat-coated Retriever is as equally beloved as his light colored cousins.

Hair Length: They have a medium length coat.

Coat Quality: This Retriever breed has a double coat, with straight hair. Its thickness protects him from harsh weather.

Other Coat Colors: They can be black or liver.

22. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog in evening sun

The Bernese used to play on the Alpine senne, which are pastures. It is a Swiss dog that has Italian roots, from the Italian Mastiffs. But you can purchase this dog in the USA from reputable Bernese breeders.

The Bernese is named after the city of Bern and the same canton. There are four versions of Sennenhund, and one of them is the Bernese.

All of them are mighty dogs. The black Bernese is especially impressive in all of his glory.

Hair Length: It is definitely long.

Coat Quality: Since he originates from cold areas, this dog is expected to have a double coat.

Other Coat Colors: It can be tricolor, chocolate, liver, brown, white, and of course, black.

23. Mastiff

Black Tibetan Mastiff in winter

There are many Mastiff dogs out there and at least some that just look like a Mastiff or are descendants of Mastiffs. Some of these dogs are extinct.

Mastiff is a general name that describes a large dog with a large head and enough strength and mindset to enable him to protect and even attack.

Some of these Mastiffs can have solid black coat colors. For example, Neapolitan Mastiffs and Perro de Presa Canario. I would not want to encounter one of these at their full speed.

Hair Length: Mastiffs have short coat hair.

Coat Quality: Their undercoat is dense and their top coat is straight hair.

Other Coat Colors: There are apricot, fawn, brindle, and many other Mastiff colors, depending on the type of the Mastiff.

24. Border Collie

Black and white border collie running on the green grass

Does this name have something to do with a Border? Probably, yes! They are originally Britains but some believe that their name comes from the place where they spent most of their days – and that is the border between the Anglo-Saxon lands and the rest of the world.

This dog comes in a rainbow of colors. Imagine any dog color in the world and you will probably be able to find a Border Collie colored like that.

For me, black and white, in combination with other colors, are my all time favorite.

Hair Length: There is a short haired Border Collie and also a medium length coated Border Collie.

Coat Quality: It is adapted to protect them from bad weather and is dense to protect them from the cold.

Other Coat Colors: You can choose from 17 Border Collie colors. You must see them all.

25. Norwegian Elkhound

Black Norwegian Elkhound dog lying on grass at aerodrome

This breed is a Norwegian national pride. And this silver colored dog deserves a golden medal for his achievements. He is an all in one dog. He is actually a wolf-like dog.

If you need a hunter, he is the dog for you. The same thing goes if you need a guardian, defender, or herder. Did you know that this dog gets recruited if a war breaks out?

But, if you want this breed in the color black, then put yourself on the waiting list, because it is very rare.

Hair Length: The Norwegian Elkhound has short hair.

Coat Quality: This northern dog needs his double coat to shelter him from water and keep him warm. That is why his underlayer is warm and soft, and his outer layer is smooth.

Other Coat Colors: He is usually gray and silver.

26. Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Lapphund puppy

Originally, this dog was called the Svensk Lapphund. Lapphund means that he is originally from Lapland or Laponia, and there are only two other breeds from this region.

There is an epithet in his homeland and it says a lot about this dog. They call him the black beauty of Norrland. I believe this is true. He is indeed a stunner.

Hair Length: Their coat length is medium.

Coat Quality: Since this is another dog from the north, his coat is also double.

Other Coat Colors: There is only one other variation, with a black and brown shade.

27. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound dog

This dog can never not benoticed. It has a unique coat that sometimes looks like human hair. There are many funny stories where a passerby would confuse this dog for a human driving in a car.

In his homeland, Afghanistan, they also call him Tāžī Spay and Sag-e Tāzī. But it is not all about looks here, because the Afghan Hound is a very agile dog too.

Ancient breeds like this also have a variation in black, and that is a sight to be seen.

Hair Length: I can say for sure that the Afghan Hound has long hair.

Coat Quality: The quality of their hair is supreme. It is sleek, silky, and very dense.

Other Coat Colors: He can come in many variations, like white, cream, silver, blue, and red.

28. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd puppy

There is a quiet “battle” between Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. The Dutch Shepherd had many tasks on the farm, from herding sheep to taking care that the hens didn’t eat the vegetables in the garden.

It was saved from extinction at one point, during the transitioning from the predominantly rural type of living to the more urban way of life.

It would be such a shame to lose this breed. Even though it is not his most common color, black is certainly a color that really suits this dog.

Hair Length: Dutch Shepherd’s can come in all three hair length variations.

Coat Quality: Like many other dogs, it has a soft undercoat and a rough overcoat.

Other Coat Colors: There are also gold, brindle, silver, gray, and a few more combinations.

29. Croatian Sheepdog

Croatian Sheepdog outdoor

My cousins used to have these and when I was a kid, I was a bit scared of this dog because it was so playful. It is a good thing that they had a big backyard for them to play in because they certainly did not have sheep to keep them busy working.

I only remember these dogs in a black color, with no variations. And they did have offspring. And the puppies were also always black. My cousin took great care of their coats so they were always healthy and shiny.

Hair Length: Short to medium hair.

Coat Quality: They have a dense coat, which is resistant to water.

Other Coat Colors: There are no other colors that this breed appears in.

30. Mudi Dog

Mudi Dog

This is a funny name for a herding dog and it comes from Hungary. Yes, it does have a connection with a Puli. There are a lot of herding dogs there.

It is a sweet creature of exceptional beauty and it has a fine, shiny black coat. It is lucky that some enthusiasts saved this breed from extinction.

Hair Length: Their hair is medium length.

Coat Quality: Furry coat with curls that are very dense.

Other Coat Colors: You can find him in fawn, brown, and gray.

31. Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie at the lake

This is both a dog that you can take for a walk to be seen and a dog that will serve you as a capable sheepdog and livestock herder.

This beauty from “down under” appears in black and he looks amazing while running around in his full posture.

Hair Length: Usually a short coat.

Coat Quality: The upper layer of his double coat is a protective layer against bad weather. He has a warm undercoat too.

Other Coat Colors: All shades of dark colors.

32. Beauceron

Beauceron dog on the grass

The Beauceron is also known back at home as the Berger de Beauce and Bas Rouge. The agility, color, and athletic body of the Doberman comes from this dog.

His dark shades are especially valued at show competitions. This capable guard dog is awesome at many tasks.

Hair Length: It has short hair.

Coat Quality: This is a double coated dog with smooth hair.

Other Coat Colors: Tricolor, harlequin, black and rust, and black and tan.

33. Hovawart

Hovawart dog in the wood

Of course, this is a German dog once again. If you are wondering what his name means, then prepare yourself. Just kidding. It is a yard-watcher we have here.

Although I can’t decide if the blonde or dark version is more appealing to me, I can definitely tell that the Hovawart is one of the most endearing dogs that I have ever met. And, the black one has the most beautiful shine. I wonder which shampoo helps to get this effect.

Hair Length: It is medium length.

Coat Quality: You will find a less thick undercoat beneath the topcoat of this beauty. Their coat needs regular maintenance.

Other Coat Colors: It is either blonde or black.

34. Jagdterrier

hunting dog jagdterrier posing

When you translate his name, you will get a sense of what he does. It means to hunt Terriers. And, he does this with joy and agility.

This is a small, ferocious dog that has appealing looks. His dark colors make him look very elegant and gentleman-like. His name is pronounced “yack-terrier.”

Hair Length: Short hair.

Coat Quality: It is bristley and wiry hair.

Other Coat Colors: Darks shades, like black, gray, and dark brown.

35. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Mountain sheepdog in the snow

Besides being a stunning dog, the Bergamasco is a hard worker in a tough environment. And, he is also great with kids and other pets.

It is most notable for its dark colored curls that look like dreadlocks. And they serve him well because as he protects sheep flocks, his locks protect him from any harsh weather.

Hair Length: Definitely long.

Coat Quality: A special kind of protective coat that has three types of textures.

Other Coat Colors: Black or gray.

36. Barbet Dog

Barbet Dog posing

This is a hunter dog that originates from the Middle Ages and has been pictured on renaissance and baroque paintings of French masters.

If you want to go bird hunting, it is a Barbet dog that you want to take with you. And the black one will probably scare the birds more. Just kidding.

Hair Length: His hair is long.

Coat Quality: The Barbet has a coat that resembles wool and it acts as protection from water.

Other Coat Colors: There are also white, fawn, brown, and gray ones.

37. Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog outdoor

When I think of a Pomeranian, I usually think of light colored balls of fur. This flufness can also be black and this variety is equally adorable and fierce.

It is a small dog and you can check this on his growth chart, this is a little trait that makes him extra adorable.

Hair Length: Medium length.

Coat Quality: A double coat that is fluffy and soft to the touch.

Other Coat Colors: It can have so many beautiful colors.

38. Dachshund

dachshund dog standing in the field

Maybe the dog with the most interesting looks is longer than taller. It is a beloved breed and often pictured on children’s TV shows and in picture books.

It is not much of a sports dog but it is agile and an excellent hunter. He is a scent hound that can go after small animals. And I bet the dark version is not a pleasant sight for these small animals.

Hair Length: It is a short dog with short hair.

Coat Quality: Thick and shiny soft hair.

Other Coat Colors: Dachshunds colors range from light to dark.

39. Lancashire Heeler

Adorable Lancashire Heeler Posing In Summer

This alert and agile small dog goes for the heel. When he wants to remind you that he is the King of his territory of course.

As many other small dog breeds, this one also compensates for his lack of size with his fierce attitude. So, you will see him as an agile black furry, protecting his property.

Hair Length: Short coat.

Coat Quality: Smooth and sleek hair.

40. Black And Tan Coonhound

Coonhound dog on the beach

This is a North American hunter whose prime role was originally to catch raccoons. He is derived from two amazing breeds, the black and tan Virginia Foxhound and the Bloodhound.

As his name suggests, it can be black and tan and this suits him well. If his coat is maintained well, then it can look impressively beautiful.

Hair Length: They have short hair.

Coat Quality: They have a double coat.

To Wrap Up On Black Dog Breeds

Some people have a tendency to choose a future best friend on the basis of their coat color or other traits that are connected with their looks. But that is maybe not very wise, because you and your dog should have matching personalities.

Black dog breeds are indeed fascinating in their appearance, with their shiny coats that are symbols of health and prosperity. Sure, they need a little more effort to maintain them, but it is worth it.

Remember, when choosing a breed that you want, it is not the color that is the most important trait you should look for. You must know the temperament of the pooch, how much space and food it requires, and how much money it requires to keep one.


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