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715 Best Brown Dog Names For Chocolate Pooches

715 Best Brown Dog Names For Chocolate Pooches

If you have no idea which moniker would be perfect for your chocolate pup – don’t worry… I have created a list of best brown dog names that contains the sweetest and most unique names for your furry companion.

Essentially, you can give your doggie any name you’d like, no matter what kind of fur it has.

Brownie, Kitkat, and Coco are all wonderful names for pups that will always put a big smile on your face, as well as on the faces of others who hear your pet’s name.

Read through this article to discover other names that might be just the right choice for your brown pooch.

Best Brown Dog Names

Brown dog breeds are so wonderful that they indeed deserve to have a great name, which is why we decided to make several lists with name suggestions for your canine companion.

If you don’t have any idea how to name your pup, why not try one of these wonderful brown dog names?

Boxer puppy walking on grass

Sometimes, it might seem difficult to find a name for a boy dog, especially for people who are looking for more unique names for their furry friends.

However, if you don’t mind naming your male Chocolate Lab, brown Doberman, or other furry companion the same way as other dog owners do, you can check out these popular monikers for brown dogs below:

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• Umber

• Buster

• Rusty

• Rocky

• Bruno

• Yogi

• Teddy

• Woody

• Daniel

• Hickory

• Bran

• Charlie

• Buck

• Jack

• Scooby

• Copper

• Chip

• Corky

• Pecan

• Russell

• Dusty

• Finn

• Chuck

brown Dachshund in nature

The majority of these names are not only for girls, but for girl dogs as well.

If a pup and a guy can be named Chuck, why wouldn’t you give one of these beautiful girl names to your puppy?

Of course, if you have someone in the family who has the same moniker and might be offended if you give the same name to your pup, you should consider another puppy name:

• Angel

• Lucy

• Mia

• Addison

• Roxy

• Bella

• Kiki

• Pepper

• Maddy

• Abby

• Godiva

• Pebbles

• Harper

• Sienna

• Poppy

• Goldie

• Auburn

• Jenn

• Mahogany

• Cloves

• Kona

• Henna

• Zoe

• Sarah

• Maisie

• Lola

• Daisy

Best Food Names For Brown Dogs

brown Dachshunds sitting on tree

I have to apologize in advance if this list makes you hungry or thirsty.

I had to mention all these cute names that are perfect for furry buddies, especially for small dog breeds like teacup Chihuahuas, Mini Poodles, Mini Dachshunds, Yorkies, teacup Yorkies, and other pups.

All dog lovers usually nickname their pets or other doggies with names of sweets or they simply call them by cute adjectives.

If you want to name your pup with a sweet moniker (literally sweet), here are some of the options you could use:

• Sugar

• Latte

• Bourbon

• Biscuit

• Fudge

• Pancake

• Coffee

• Snickers

• Cinnamon

• Buttercup

• Bacon

• Tootsie

• Cookie

• Oreo

• Hazelnut

• Kahlua

• Chai

• Butterscotch

• Coco

• Milkshake

• Dunkin

• Chocolate

• KitKat

• Peanut

• Espresso

• Cola

• Sprinkles

• Scotch

• Ginger

• Brownie

• Cheddar

• Cocoa

• Meatball

• Dumpling

• Chickpea

• Pepperoni

• Gelato

• Lasagna

• Brown Sugar

• Potato

• Butternut

• Coconut

• Bean

• Almond

• Whiskey

• Hershey

• Pretzel

• Waffles

• Mocha

• Taco

• Folger

• Mochi

• Caramel

• Truffles

• Nutella

• Guinness

• Jellybean

Best Brown Dog Names Inspired By Nature

brown dog in field sitting

If you’re a fan of nature and love to spend time in outdoor activities with your furry friend, you can find a name for your brown pup simply by playing with expressions that are related to nature.

Be it that you have a light-brown dog that reminds you of honey or acorn, or a darker shade that resembles pinecones, you can use expressions from nature as the perfect name for your puppy with a brown coat.

Here are some of the most popular dog name ideas related to nature:

• Walnut

• Canyon

• Bee, or Bea

• Pinecone

• Squirrel

• Prairie

• Honey

• Acorn

• Branch

• Sahara

• Rose

• Cashew

• Buckeye

• Mushroom

• Cedar

• Autumn

• River

• Barky

• Leif

Best Brown Dog Animal Names

brown dog walking outside along river

It might sound weird to some to call their pet by the name of other animals, but some pet parents start doing so unconsciously.

For example, if you have a long-haired small puppy in a brown shade, there are high chances you will call it bunny at least once in its lifetime.

If you don’t mind calling your doggo by the name of another animal, you can try one of the suggestions mentioned below:

• Bear

• Yak

• Bambi

• Wolf

• Moose

• Owl

• Bunny

• Fox

• Mouse

• Monkey

• Fawn

• Camel

Best Brown Dog Names (Hollywood Edition)

brown dog looking away

If you’re a movie aficionado and an avid fan of Hollywood movies, I’m sure you’re thinking of giving your doggie one of the movie character monikers.

It might be your favorite character or a place from your favorite film… it’s all up to you.

You can bond this way with your pup even more as you’ll relate it to something you also love:

• Simba

• Ewok

• Olaf

• Ariel

• Tramp

• Darcy

• Chewbacca

• Vito

• George

• Marty

• Scarlette

• Cinderella

• Buzz

• Rocket

• Honey Bunny

• Frank

• Milo

• Morpheus

• Rizzo

• Gizmo

• Woody

• Voldemort

• Frankenstein

• Minnie

• Tiffany

• Fang

• Remus

• Han Solo

• Rose

• Bolt

• Pooh

• Mary Poppins

• Lilo

• Yoda

• Neo

• Sansa

• Hermione

• Jafar

• Juno

• Trinity

• Harry

• Atticus

• Aurora

• Scooby

• Godzilla

• Jasmine

• Elsa

• Toto

• Mickey

• Thelma

• Baby

• Tarzan

• Moana

• Pluto

• Max

• Spock

• Jabba

Brown Dog Superheroes

The Boykin Spaniel sitting on grass

Essentially, these names go under the fictional movie and series characters as well, but it would be a shame not to make a new section for superheroes that we love so much.

Marvel, DC… it doesn’t matter – there’s a superhero for everyone.

If you find your puppy to be your personal superhero, why not give it a name that goes with your dog’s personality?

• The Atom

• Martian Manhunter

• Gambit

• Nightcrawler

• Raven

• Booster Gold

• Elektra

• Wonder Woman

• Jonah Hex

• Jessica Jones

• Mantis

• Black Panther

• Wasp

• Black Bolt

• Shazam

• Colossus

• Cyborg

• Superman

• Wolverine

• Starfire

• Swamp Thing

• Drax

• Batman

• Groot

• Deadpool

• Morph

• Luke Cage

• Cyclops

• Spider Man

• Black Canary

• Catwoman

• Kitty Pryde

• Iceman

• Storm

• The Hulk

• Hawkeye

• Jean Grey

• Mr. Fantastic

• Gamora

• Beast

• Bucky Barnes

• Green Arrow

• Buffy

• Green Lantern

• Star Lord

• Nick Fury

• She-Hulk

• Sentry

• Captain Marvel

• Rogue

• Nightwing

• Steel

• John Constantine

• Iron Man

• Nova

• Professor X

• Captain America

• Namor

• Ant-Man

• Thor

• Human Torch

• Invisible Woman

• Silver Surfer

• Thing

• Robin

• Black Widow

• Mimic

• Flash

• Doctor Strange

• Punisher

• Supergirl

• Emma Frost

• Daredevil

• Aquaman

Best Brown Dog Names Based On Brown Breed Nicknames

cavapoo puppy walking on grass

Nicknames of brown dog breeds can be an awesome inspiration for your brown pet’s name. Even if you don’t own a Chow Chow, you can still name your pup Chewy.

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Here are some cute dog nicknames that might be the best brown dog names:

• Chewy

• Leo

• Alsatian

• Danny

• Hund

• Pom-Pom

• Dor

• Chowie

• Shep

• Chi

• Lab

• Herdie

• Bassie

• Apollo

• Doxie

• Bernard

• Pom

• Bradie

• Pud

• Gladiator

• AmStaff

• Col

• Woodie

• Chihu

• Bob

• Lassie

• Weiner

• Boxie

• Shibe

• Staffie

• Dackel

• Bernie

• Pudel

• Beethoven

• Pommie

Best Brown Dog Names In Other Languages

cocker spaniel standing on grass

Naming your brown pup “brown” might seem a bit dull, but have you ever considered naming him as the translation of brown color in other languages?

There are plenty of different terms for this coat shade in world languages, so why not use one of these expressions as a name for your brown doggie?

• Coklat (Indonesian and Malay)

• Marrone (Italian)

• Brązowy (Polish)

• Castanho (Portuguese)

• Bor (Mongolian)

• Barna (Hungarian)

• Braun (German)

• Marrón (Spanish)

• Donn (Irish and Scots Gaelic)

• Kahverengi (Turkish)

• Brown (English)

• Brun (French)

• Rudas (Lithuanian)

• Bunni (Somali)

• Ruskea (Finnish)

• Bruin (Afrikaans)

• Café (Spanish)

• Braon (Bosnian)

• Kayumanggi (Filipino)

• Nâu (Vietnamese)

• Kahawia (Swahili)

Best Brown Dog Names In The Spanish Language

Dachshund sitting in grass

If you own a Papillon, a Great Pyrenees, a Spanish Pointer, a Basque Shepherd, a Spanish Water dog, a Presa Canario, or any other Spanish dog breed, these names might be the right choice for your new dog.

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These name suggestions will take you to the sunny beaches of Spain for at least a few moments, so let’s dive in:

Girl Names

• Natalia

• Perla

• Esmeralda

• Querida

• Rocio

• Isabela

• Catalina

• Jacinta

• Mora

• Rosita

• Luna

• Bonita

• Luz

• Delores

• Blanca

• Felicia

• Tierra

• Yolanda

• Ana

• Paloma

• Bebe

• Luisa

• Consuelo

• Zoila

• Isabel

• Feliz

• Pilar

• Mercedes

• Carina

• Nina

• Gabriela

• Rosalinda

• Graciela

• Muneca

• Justina

• Lupe

• Lucia

• Carmen

• Lela

• Marcia

• Maribela

• Vida

• Corazon

• Idola

• Marta

• Pequena

• Roberta

• Valencia

• Chiquita

• Esperanza

• Beatriz

• Maria

• Juana

• Estrella

• Eva

• Rita

• Lucinda

• Cielo

• Reina

• Alma

• Mariposa

• Xiomara

• Sierra

• Valentina

• Teresa

• Matilda

• Inez

• Consuela

• Isadora

• Flor

• Sancha

• Marcela

• Chica

• Soledad

• Cristina

• Alejandra

• Ramona

• Magdalena

• Rosario

• Inocencia

• Melia

• Nita

• Margarita

• Melosa

• Frederica

• Marina

Boy Names

Doberman puppy walking in woods

• Salvador

• Raymundo

• Dario

• Santiago

• Ventura

• Geraldo

• Navarro 

• Rodrigo

• Juan

• Chico

• Vicente

• Quito

• Luis

• Alonzo

• Enrique

• Cruz

• Pablo

• Ponce

• Uno

• Cortez

• Ferdinand

• Benito

• Jose

• Rafael

• Maximiliano

• Raul

• Jorge

• Eduardo

• Pequeno

• Rio

• Guillermo

• Felipe

• Manuel

• Donato

• Sancho

• Pedro

• Bernardo

• Emilio

• Fernando

• Roldan

• Armando

• Esteban

• Socorro

• Carlos

• Alejandro

• Paco

• Cecilio

• Lisandro

• Paulo

• Rico

• Yoyi

• Gonzalo

• Santana

• Zorro

• Marco

• Pancho

• Ximen

Best Brown Dog Names In The Italian Language

German Shorthaired Pointerstanding in field

Parla Italiano? Even if not, you can give your pup an Italian name.

Just be careful not to give them wine… you can leave that to yourself.

Here are some of the most popular Italian names that can be a cute choice for your furry pet:

Girl Names

• Antonia

• Clarice

• Dona

• Catarina

• Carmela

• Pietra

• Amalea

• Bellissa

• Rosa

• Caprice

• Francesca

• Giovanna

• Martina

• Ginevra

• Rachele

• Elda

• Grazia

• Ludovica

• Federica

• Mona

• Lavinia

• Anita

• Aria

• Giada

• Prada

• Renata

• Stella

• Flavia

• Baptiste

• Rufina

• Benedetta

• Rosetta

• Belinda

• Giulia

• Donatella

• Dolce

• Cira

• Gemma

• Rosalia

• Alonza

• Elena

• Viviana

• Carlotta

• Lunetta

• Cadenza

• Octavia

• Regina

• Trista

• Olympia

• Serena

• Gucci

• Alessia

• Giorgia

• Constanza

Boy Names

happy labrador

• Armani

• Salvatore

• Piero

• Raphael

• Leonardo

• Ambrosi

• Giuseppe

• Vincenzo

• Ricardo

• Michelangelo

• Giuliano

• Luigi

• Ilario

• Pascal

• Luca

• Ugo

• Volante

• Massimo

• Rinaldo

• Antonio

• Tommaso

puppy biting owners hand with pink background

• Piapious

• Ferragamo

• Carlo

• Rocco

• Giovanni

• Alessandro

• Tito

• Ettore

• Federico

• Domenico

• Primo

• Ignazio

• Pucci

• Fabio

• Titian

• Leone

• Dante

• Aldo

• Fontana

• Enzo

• Gabbana

• Sergio

• Filippo

• Francesco

• Gianni

• Romano

• Diego

• Lucio

• Corrado

• Elmo

• Versace

• Pietro

• Enrico

• Romeo

• Moschino

• Egidio

• Lorenzo

• Ernesto

• Flavio

• Giorgio

• Valentino

• Guido

• Gino

• Tino

• Pasquale

• Cavalli

• Paolo

• Matteo

• Mario

• Fendi

• Renzo

• Angelo

• Colombo

• Pippino

• Arturo

Best Brown Dog Names In The French Language

Newfie puppy looking up

If you love France, croissants, and baguettes, you will surely love each and every one of these French names.

If you’re out of ideas on what to call your new pet, you can try out one of these monikers that will surely go well with your new pup, especially if it originates from this European country:

Girl Names

• Simone

• Eclair

• Croissant

• Etoile

• Gabrielle

• Babette

• Bernadette

• Bonbon

• Lisette

• Josephine

• Brigitte

• Louise

• Isabelle

• Odette

• Cherie

• Adeline

• Juliette

• Matisse

• Souffle

• Bridgette

• Fondue

• Marie

• Amelie

• Camille

• Katriane

• Monet

• Margeaux

• Eloise

• Cecile

• Dominique

• Violetta

• Peu

• Sylvie

• Celine

• Noelle

• Clara

• Renee

• Colette

• Lucille

• Sabine

• Bardot

• Jolie

• Iva

• Genevieve

• Amie

• Clementine

• Chloe

• Milou

• Antoinette

• Esmee

• Vivienne

• Bijoux

• Bleu

• Tintin

• Parfait

• Cosete

• Fleur

• Delphine

• Claudette

• Suzette

• Charlotte

• Zara

• Giselle

• Brindille

• Roxanne

Boy Names

old dog sitting outside looking into distance

• Absolon

• Laurent

• Baguette

• Jacques

• Florian

• Durant

• Claude

• Louis

• Etienne

• Luc

• Stephane

• Frederic

• Noel

• Timothee

• Yves

• Jean

• Henri

• Hugo

• Gaston

• Antoine

• Marcel

• Remy

• Olivier

• Percival

• Asterix

• Franc

• Sebastien

• Javier

• Phillippe

• Beaumont

• Patrice

• Bisous

• Julien

• Fabien

• Marc

• Quentin

• Paul

• Curtis

• Samuel

• Louie

• Escargot

• Martin

• Maurice

• Adrien

• Corbin

• Albert

• Hubert

• Victor

• Gabriel

• Andre

• Pierre

• Voltaire

How To Name Your Dog

Pitbull puppy posing for photo

This may sound like a silly question at first, but it’s far from easy to decide which name would go well with your dog’s personality.

The name isn’t just the way you’re going to call your dog – it represents the identity of your pup and your way of connecting to your pet.

That is why it’s important to make a wise choice that you won’t regret later, just like with children.

If you don’t have any inspiration for naming your pet, you can find some around you.

Coat Shades

The shades of your dog’s fur can be a great inspiration for a name as there are so many expressions related to certain colors.

You can either translate the shade of your pup’s coat into different languages or use a term that reminds you of a certain color (Blizzard or Casper, for white pups).

If you still don’t have any idea in your mind, you can check out existing lists, such as white or black dog names.

Favorite Fictional Characters

This is a highly popular thing among dog lovers who are avid fans of certain movies or books, such as the Star Wars franchise or the Harry Potter series.

If you’re a fan of a certain superhero or a famous fictional character, you can give your pup a Star Wars, Disney, anime, or any other name that comes to your mind.

This way, you will create an even stronger bond with your pup and probably get a few smiles from other dog owners at the park.

Your dog’s name could also be a great ice-breaker, especially if you speak to someone who has similar interests as you.

Family Member Names

Canines love their owners… there’s no doubt about that, but sometimes they might get attached to other family members as well.

Therefore, there’s no surprise that they create a strong bond with people from extended families such as your uncle, aunt, or cousin.

If you have someone in your family who’s a great dog enthusiast and gets attached to your pets easily, you can show them appreciation by giving your pup their name.

However, you should be careful with this one. Some people might not like the idea of sharing their name with a dog, so before you name your pup, think twice about whether they would be okay with it.

Certain Places

We all have certain places that remind us of special moments in our life. Whether it’s a city, a town, or even a country you visited with your loved ones, got engaged or married at, or the place where you first met your pup. All these can be name suggestions for your furry companion.

Try to remember a certain place where you felt happy and use its name as a moniker or a nickname for your pet.

Dachshund  standing outside

There are plenty of canine breeds that have brown coat colors – some of which are solid in color, while others have brown patches mixed with other shades.

Brown canines can come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – the shade of their fur.

If you’re looking for the best brown dog names, you might be interested in what brown dog breeds there actually are:


These pups are one of the most popular dog breeds that come in several shades, including brown, white, apricot, silver, black, cream, sable, and black and white hues.

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There are three types of Poodles according to their size: Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles.


These pooches might be small in size, but they definitely don’t lack the confidence of big dogs, especially when it comes to their vocal abilities.

Chihus are often considered aggressive because they love to bark (a lot), but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re cute and cuddly.

When it comes to the shades of a Chihuahua’s fur, they can be found in chocolate (brown), black, fawn, white, cream, or golden colors.

Great Dane

They are called gentle giants for a reason as these pups often turn into large lap dogs that might be too heavy to hold, but that doesn’t stop them from sitting on you whenever they have a chance to.

Great Danes look amazing in every coat shade and pattern, be it black, harlequin, brindle (brown), mantle, fawn, or blue.

American Staffordshire Terrier

AmStaffs are one of the most beloved medium-sized dog breeds that have a solid temperament and plenty of love for their owner and their family.

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Although they might look intimidating at first, these pups have such wonderful personalities that they make great family pets, especially for active owners who love to spend time outdoors.

Black, white, sable, brindle, fawn, blue, or brown – we love them in all patterns and shapes.


These adorable balls of fur are living proof that pups that look cute don’t necessarily have to be soft-tempered. Poms can easily turn into little bosses, especially if they don’t like something or have plans of their own.

However, if you train them from an early age, you might get a great companion for you and the whole family.

Pomeranians can have their fur colored in several hues, including white, blue, cream, red, black, brown, orange, tan, lavender or gray.


light brown Dachshund standing on rock

Doxies are one of the most popular scent-hound canines and one of the sweetest ones, if I may say.

These pups contain a great amount of love and affection for their owner, and are truly loved by each family that has them.

Wiener dogs, as many dog lovers call them, sport various shades, such as solid black, red, cream, English cream, tan, as well as a coat in chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream, blue and tan, and black and tan shades, along with a dapple pattern.

Shiba Inu

Although they are becoming more and more popular in the United States, Shiba Inus are still not a very common breed in American households.

This is a Japanese canine breed that possesses high intellect and a strong prey drive, which is why they might show signs of stubborn behavior. But, if they’re socialized from early puppyhood, they can be good family dogs.

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Shiba Inus are usually found in solid black, black and tan, black sesame, red sesame, or cream colors.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of the best family dog breeds that is beloved by many dog enthusiasts not only in the United States, but across the whole world.

Labs usually come in different shades of yellow, but they can also be found in chocolate, white, black, and charcoal hues.

Saint Bernard

Although most of us remember these cute doggies as lovely pets from the “Beethoven” movies, these canines have a history of being professional search and rescue dogs… a title that they hold even nowadays.

Although they’re most popular as tricolor canines, St. Bernards can also be found in colors such as brindle grizzle, mahogany and white, rust and white, white and orange, white and brown, and other coat shades.

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Basset Hound

Even though they might appear strong-willed at times, these canines have a mild temper, which makes them a great choice for family pets.

However, although they’re known as an official dog breed, the American Kennel Club still hasn’t acknowledged them as one.

Basset Hound colors include multi-colored fur in most cases, such as black and white, black and brown, white and chocolate, or tricolor patterns. However, they might appear in unusual shades, such as blue.


boxer puppy playing on deck by lake

These good-looking furry pups can be amazing buddies and guardians of their owner because of their protective skills.

They have high energy levels as well as immense strength, which is why they’re perfect pets for people who love outdoor activities.

Boxer shades are usually brindle, white, or fawn, although these shades might appear in various hues.

German Shepherd

From police canines to working dogs, these doggies are known as the versatile breed that excels in every task they’re given. Although they might look serious, they’re not an aggressive breed.

GSDs can be found in white, liver, isabella, solid black, sable, silverblack and tan, or red and black shades and markings.


I have to admit I wasn’t sure whether to write Collie or Lassie up there as most people know this dog breed as the main character of this movie.

They look beautiful, and they have an equally wonderful personality, but they’re also bold canines that will never fail their dog owner.

They appear in several colors such as white, solid sable, sable merle, blue merle, sable and white, and tricolor patterns.

Irish Setter

If you’re looking for a lively pup that is affectionate, intelligent, and fiercely energetic, then the Irish Setter is the perfect choice for you.

They’re often considered big canines that have brown in every shade of their coat, be it mahogany, chestnut, or red.

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Australian Shepherd

One thing is sure with Aussies – they are very active, and will require serious exercising on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you plan to own one of them, be prepared for a lot of outdoor activities.

Aussies come in various shades, including brown, black, merle, red merle, blue merle, and red tricolor markings.

Chow Chow

You’ll instantly recognize a Chow Chow as soon as you see one because of its distinctive appearance that is featured by their lion-like fur and beautiful light-brownish shade.

These pups are often described as strong-willed canines, but if they’re trained properly, they can become amazing pets.

As I mentioned, one of the most common Chow Chow colors is the reddish-brown shade, but they can also be found in cream, blue, fawn, and black hues.

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Wrapping Up

Pitbull standing on table

I hope that you managed to find at least a few good suggestions from our list of the best brown dog names.

If you can’t decide on one, you can play a little game with your family.

Write your suggestions on paper, read them to the rest of the fam, and then vote. You can play this game until there is only one name left.

However, if none of the names from our list seems good for your pup, you can try coming up with a name with one of the methods I mentioned above.

Don’t hurry… take your time until you finally find a name that suits your furry buddy.


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