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100+ White Dog Names: Unique Ideas How To Name Your Pooch

100+ White Dog Names: Unique Ideas How To Name Your Pooch

Can we all agree on one thing: white dogs are simply adorable. There’s something special about these pooches, no matter which dog breed they are. Big and fluffy, small and scruffy-looking, all-white dogs are equally lovely. They have that magical appearance that makes you think they’ve come straight outta a fairytale.

When it comes to naming, white dog names can be rather dull. Seriously, another Snowflake? Hop on the train! Ugh, your dog’s name is Cottonball? How creative, tell me more! Enough with common dog names like Lilly (white flower), Daisy, or Snowball!

All jokes aside, what we’re trying to say is that there are so many other cool names for white pups. You can go with a full name or use a moniker that compliments your pup’s white coat.

Many people opt to choose a Disney-related dog name or something extra like Artemis or Zeus or other names of Greek Goddesses and Gods. Others love foreign languages and would prefer something like Anjo (Portuguese for Angel).

No matter what your decision is, it’s important for every new white dog owner to know they’re not hopeless. There are tons of good names to choose from and still stay creative.

If you’re wondering whether there are any specific dog breeds that come primarily in white, we’ve got you covered. These dogs almost always come in white, sometimes no other color is allowed:

• American Eskimo Dog

Bichon Frise

• Bolognese

• Chihuahua

• Coton de Tulear

The Great Pyrenees

• Havanese

• Japanese Spitz

• Lhasa Apso





Siberian Husky

• Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

• West Highland Terrier

• White American Pitbull

Cool Facts About White Dogs

Are you aware that some dogs are born with all-white coats? This includes multicolored dog breeds, mostly:

Dalmatians. At birth, you’ll never guess those small white dogs are actually Dalmatians. They get their spots at around 10 days and they continue to develop until 1.5 years old.

• English Setters. English Setters are also all-white puppies at birth. They get their spots pretty shortly after, in just a few days. Those spots are tiny points of color on their stomach, muzzle, and nose.

• Australian Cattle Dog. Another all-white puppy at birth. The biggest changes start at the 4th-week milestone.

Five Best White Dog Names

Samoyed Dog portrait in autumn park

Truth be told, we love all the white dog names here (why else would we put them up here). But, there are a few that kinda stand out. They’re simple. They refer to the color white. And, they’re pretty unique.

Here are our top 5 white dog names that will make you say a-ha!

Powder: A fluffy white puppy HAS to be named Powder… Period. Seriously, if you think it through, you’ll see how perfect it is. Just imagine a white Husky named Powder or an American Eskimo called Powder. The name reminds people of snowflakes, winter, fresh snow, and the first steps made in it. The bonus side of this name is that it’s unisex, meaning males and females or all body types can carry it.

Linen: Raise your hand if you love the soft touch of linen fabric. You know that feeling when you crawl into a freshly made bed? Good times! Well, Linen is also a pretty fancy white dog name. Think of it as a name for a stylish designer dog, like a white Goldendoodle. This, too, is a gender-neutral name that stays fresh for weeks (linen pun intended, okay?).

Casper: A friendly name for a friendly pooch. Casper IS a bit common, but it has become kinda forgotten lately. What happened to our perfectly friendly ghost? Our guess is he stopped pleasing that nasty ghostly trio and turned to naming white dogs. We love the name Casper for the character’s affectionate nature and young and energetic spirit. And, of course, for the color white.

Dove: White doves are a symbol of peace. We like to think of this name as a female white dog name, perfect for a graceful pup. Dove is cool. Dove is elegant. Dove is… fancy!

Fluff: Not Fluffy or Fluffmeister. Just Fluff. A puppy with a puffy, fluffy coat deserves a sweet name like Fluff. You know, marshmallow fluff? If you must, then use this as a moniker, and try a full name like Mr. Fluffington or Fluffy Marshmallow.

White Dog Names For Female

havanese dog on meadow

If you’re a dog owner and your pup is a cute little white female dog, then you probably need the sweetest dog name of them all. Really, all dog names are sweet, but these few listed below are sugar-coated sweet.

Bianca: Those of you who speak Italian know this is a word that means “white”. This classic approach is both modern and a bit sassy at the same time. Biancas are those popular dogs that everyone wants to hang out with.

Lily: Before you say Lily is so overrated, hear us out: Lilly is the ideal name inspired by white lilies, and this is the perfect name for white female dogs. These beloved spring flowers are pure, clean, white, and symbolize new starts. Please, at least consider this name before thinking that every other dog is named Lily.

Pearl: Pearls are usually white. Their milky color makes them true gems of the sea. Well, they’re gems in the canine world, too, because dogs named Pearl are truly magnificent creatures. They’re elegant, calm, and sweet-natured.

Daisy: Yes, we do have Daisy on our list, but that’s just because white Daisy flowers are some of the sweetest flowers ever. They’re gentle, fragile, and cute just like a teacup white Pomeranian or a white Chihuahua.

Lacey: Lace is another thing that’s usually white. The magnificent lacework is a nice inspiration for white dog names. Lacey is that sweet fluffy white girl everyone wants to cuddle with. She’s the ultimate dog next door.

Other Adorable White Female Dog Names

• Albina

• Angel

• Aspen

• Crystal

• Feather

• Icing

• Ivory

• Jasmine

• Sugar

• Swan

White Dog Names For Male

white husky dog sits and looks around

Let’s not forget about our boys. White male pups deserve a sweet, yet powerful name. We need something that sounds masculine and cute at the same time. How about some of the names below?

Fog: Fog is definitely a mysterious name. It immediately paints a picture of a cool morning with misty haze all over the place. An outdoorsy kind of dog would enjoy being called Fog.

Dwight: Did you know that the name Dwight has German origins? For real, this name means “white” or even “blonde”. The name got popular, thanks to the TV show “The Office”, but we’ve got a feeling it will stick around now that the true meaning is revealed.

Flash: Think of it as a flash of light, or bright light, or even that blur of white fur running around the house. We’re not talking about the superhero, Flash.

Finn: An Irish word for “white” and “fair” is Finn. But, wait a second. Isn’t Finn a cool human name, too? Yes, it is. It’s nice any way you look at it.

Walker: Do the words White Walkers from The North mean anything to you? If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones”, then you’re absolutely familiar with this name. This shorter version makes one amazing white dog name. Everyone will be like: What does your dog’s name stand for?

More White Male Dog Names

• Blizzard

• Bolt

• Boo

• Chalk

• Moon

• Snow Cap

• Tofu

• Wolf

• Wynn

Cute White Dog Names

Portrait of White Big Royal Poodle Dog

Want an adorable name that will make everyone go “ooh” and “aah”? Well, you’re in the right spot. Sniff around our list of the most adorable white dog names. They’re so sweet your teeth will hurt from reading.

Marshmallow: Who doesn’t like marshmallows? Everyone does! These chewy, gooey, sweet white treats are a favorite among kids and adults. Okay, dogs, too! It’s all you can ask for if you’re looking for a sweet dog name.

Coconut: Coconut shavings, coconut water, coconut desserts… Everything about coconuts makes you go… nuts! Admit it: even though you might hate coconut, you can’t deny that the sole name

Coconut sounds amazing. This tropical name would fit any exotic dog breed as long as it’s white.

Sheep: Why not name a dog after another animal? Well, white dogs are as fluffy as sheep. Naming your new white pupper Sheep is a bit quirky, but it’s guaranteed that your dog will be the only one with that name in the neighborhood.

Puff: Doesn’t Puff sound so adorable and quirky at the same time? Just imagine a Samoyed named Puff or a teacup white Pom. This name reminds us of powder puff or snow puff. It’s simple, but it’s a statement name.

Popcorn: It’s no secret: we love food-related names. Popcorn is a terrific choice for an active puppy that simply pops with energy all the time. This dog never sleeps. Playing games, running, hiking, and swimming are in his veins. If you’re a fan of the name, but you’ve got a lazy couch potato, don’t worry. Popcorn is a cool option for movie lovers, too!

Other Adorable White Dog Names

• Biscuit

• Coolwhip

• Flake

• Milky

• Q-Tip

• Snoopy

• Snowball

• Spud

• Yeti

• Yuki (“snow” in Japanese)

White Fluffy Dog Names

two cute white puppies of the breed Pomeranian

Of course, we had to put a name list for extra fluffy white dogs. Do you own a poofy pooch? Then, you should consider naming them Cloud or Fleece. Be creative and think outside the box. Show everyone that not every white dog is named Fluffy.

Downy: Not as in Robert Down(e)y Jr. We mean Downy as in down feathers. They’re fluffy to touch and as soft as heaven. These feathers are used for coat and pillow fillings. If you feel like you could fall asleep on your puppy, then Downy might be the right name choice.

Fleece: Again, with the sheep! But, we can’t help it: they’re just too adorable and a great inspiration for many dog names. In case you didn’t know, Fleece is a type of wool also known as the fluffy sheep coat. It’s thick, warm, and cuddly. Seems like the perfect name for a new puppy.

Cloud: This name is a no-brainer. Clouds are poofy, soft, and fluffy. A puppy gentle to the touch named Cloud surely sounds wonderful.

Meringue: You don’t have to be a baker to name your dog Meringue. That thick, fluffy, delicious meringue is an inspiration for many foodies. This uncommon cute dog name will make people turn their heads and say: I see what you did there!

Bubbles: This name is so versatile! Bubbles may refer to the fluffy white coat or the bubbling personality that your dog has. If you’ve got both, consider yourself blessed. And, if that coat is curly, then you’re truly one lucky dog owner.

Other White Fluffy Dog Names

• Blanca

• Blanco

• Cashmere

• Cheesecake

• Flossy

• Frosting

• Frosty

• Luna

• Shaggy

Unique White Dog Names

adorable white samoyed dog sitting on the floor

Photo from: @tarrynashlee3

All of our names are a bit uncommon and definitely creative. But, there’s something about these few that makes you stop for a second and think. Who ever heard of the dog name Parchment or Birch? Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Parchment: If you’re adopting a senior pupster, then he probably will need a name. Let’s make their old days a bit better and give them a white dog name that will make other dogs feel respect for them. Parchment is the first paper ever made, used in ancient times. It goes hand in hand with the name Papyrus.

Quartz: A breathtaking stone, white quartz has many uses- from jewelry making to countertop production. This material is sturdy, and it will take everything. Bonus tip: it’s gorgeous to look at, just like puppies!

Champagne: Another bubbly name for a bubbling personality. Technically, it’s not white, but it’s white. Champagne is an awesome white dog name if you need to name a classy pup.

Celeste: It’s Latin for “heavenly” or “celestial”. A calm and sweet white pup seems like it would be a great fit for this spiritual name.

Birch: There’s something graceful about white birch trees. A nature-loving dog owner can pay tribute to Mother Nature and give their dog this name. It’s unique, it’s rare, and it has a boho touch.

Other Unique White Dog Names

• Badar (means “full moon” in Arabic)

• Denali

• Ermine

• Glimmer

• Sprite

Badass White Dog Names

white dog American pit bull Terrier outdoors

Not everything is cute and fluffy with white dogs. These pooches can be pretty badass, too! No matter if you’ve got a badass boy or a tough chick, the following white dog names will give your dogs a feeling of power and respect.

Glacier: No one can deny how impressive glaciers are. They’re slow-moving ice masses that feel kinda intimidating. They’re mighty, huge, and important to us. A strong canine companion would definitely appreciate this white dog name.

Avalanche: A bit mightier than Glacier, Avalanche is a name for an energetic dog that turned your world upside down. This great force wipes out everything in its way just like your canine best friend wipes away a bag of treats.

Polar: Large white dogs, like the Great Pyrenees, kinda resemble white polar bears. You can’t own a polar bear no matter how much you like them. But, you can adopt a big fluffy puppy that resembles one. Also, you don’t have to visit the Arctic to see a friendly, cuddly little bear.

Blizzard: No one likes blizzards, but we can’t deny that they’re magnificent. It is the power of snow and white as far as the eye can see! A powerful name for a feisty white dog, especially if that dog is a huge shedder like the Husky.

Everest: Those of you who have kids will find the name Everest familiar. Yes, we’re talking about Paw Patrol. But, Everest is so much more than an adorable TV puppy. The tallest peak in the world is an ice- and snow-covered place you don’t want to end up on. However, this is also a cool white dog name for an adventurous pooch that loves going on hikes with you.

Other Badass White Dog Names

• Alaska

• ​Beluga

• Colorado

• Comet

• Lightening

• Nimbus

• Nova

• Opal

• Siberia

• Sirius

White Dog Names from Movies – Unisex

Name Movie
EwokStar Wars
Fidget101 Dalmatians
Freckles 101 Dalmatians
HobbitLord of the rings
Marshmallow Frozen
Patch101 Dalmatians
PeabodyPeabody & Sherman

Dog Names Inspired By Food

Foodies will love this list of cute names for white dogs. We find food to be truly inspirational when it comes to naming dogs. From Chowders to Sugar Pies, we’ve got the tastiest treats. Come take a bite!

Name Gender
Milky Neutral
Oreo CookieNeutral
Peppermint Female
Shortbread CookieNeutral
Spud PotatoNeutral
Sugar PieFemale

Nordic Lands As Inspiration For White Dog Names

If we had to think of one color to describe the Nordic lands, it would definitely be white. The far North is the land of snow and ice. Winter rules pretty much all the time here, so cool white dog names are in order. Also, we love how old Norse God names sound like puppy names. There’s something mighty about them, don’t you agree?

Name Meaning Gender
Astrid (Old Norse)Divine strengthFemale
Freyja (Norse Goddess)BeautyFemale
Imgram (Norse)AngelFemale
Skadi (Norse Mythology)Goddess of winterFemale
Andri (Old Norse)snowshoeMale
Bjorn (Scandinavian)Bear Male
Egil (Icelandic)warriorMale
Fannar (Old Norse)snowdriftMale
Hans (Scandinavian)God is graciousMale
Heimdall (Son of Odin)Norse God Male
Loki Norse God Male
OdinNorse God Male
SorenScandinavian name Male
Sven (Scandinavian)Youth Male
Vale Norse GodsMale
Anderson (Scandinavian)Brave Neutral
Bein (Norse)Bone or IvoryNeutral
Bernie (Scandinavian)Strong as a bearNeutral

Dog Names Inspired By Snow

All of these names mean “snow” in different languages unless it’s stated otherwise. However, all of them refer to something linked to snow, for example, snowy mountains or snowflakes. Here’s another quick list of snowy names for boys and girls.

Snow-Inspired Names for Girls

FjollaAlbanian (snowflake)F
FlykraGerman & Danish (snowflake)F
FrostineFrench F
HaukeaHawaiian (white snow)F
HaunaniHawaiian (beautiful snow)F
Icy English (ice) F
JanaraRoman Goddess of snowF
Lumi FinnishF
MiyukiJapanese (deep, beautiful snow)F
Nevada Spanish (snowfall) F
NevisCaribbean SpanishF
NievesSpanish (lady of the snow) F

Snow Inspired Names for Boys

BylurIcelandic (snowstorm)M
Edur /EdurneBasqueM
EryiEnglish or Welsh (Snowdon)M
EverestSnowcapped MountainM
FloconFrench (snowflake)M
FujiMt. Fuji-Snowcapped mountainM
IggyShort for iglooM
Jack Jack Frost (aka the winter)M
Kari Turkish (covered with snow)M
LixueChinese (pretty snow)M
Nas Native AmericanM
Tushar Hindi (frost or snow)M
YukonA cold and snowy areaM

There you have it!

Now your pursuit for the perfect white dog name will be easy. But, with so many great name ideas, we don’t know how much easier it will be for you. They’re all terrific, but you need to choose a dog name that suits your dog the best. Consider factors like the dog’s appearance and personality. Hearing an energetic white puppy that is named Snowflake is a bit ridiculous. Get those engines running and come up with the best name for your white puppy.