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50+ Flower Names For Dogs: A Lovely Bouquet Of Ideas

50+ Flower Names For Dogs: A Lovely Bouquet Of Ideas

Experts say there are about 400,000 species of flowers in the world today. What an incredible number of almost half a million types of flowers! Just imagine how many stunning dog names can be derived from those flower names.

While we all love sweet Daisies, we can all admit they’re becoming rather too dull. It’s time for Azaleas and Junipers to step onto the scene. There are so many unique flower dog names out there that you’ll even be surprised to hear some actually come from flowers. You’d guess they would come from someone’s imagination!

Nature-loving dog owners will find the world of flowers to be an excellent source of inspiration. Even if you’re not a flower child, we’re sure you’ll find a cool flower name for your new puppy no matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

Excellent Tips For Choosing A Dog Name

Dog holding a sunflower in iths mouth

When choosing a dog name, you should consider the appearance of the flower and the meaning behind it. Compare that flower to your dog. Does it resemble your dog’s personality or character?

Or, is the outer look similar to your pup’s appearance?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before making a decision:

• What is your dog’s personality like? Is the dog vibrant, energetic, and bold, or just shy?

• What color is your puppy? So many coat colors are out there! From creams to greys and patterned coats – which one is yours?

• What is YOUR favorite flower? A simple rose, or something more exotic like an orchid?

• Is your dog a girl or a boy?

Flower Names For Dogs That Start With An “A”

Two cute dogs in flowers

• Acacia (Acacias are distinguished by their small, fragrant flowers. The flowers are usually yellow, but they can be white and have many stamens apiece, giving each one a fuzzy appearance. A fluffy yellow puppy would surely fancy a name like this one!)

• Alyssa (This is a derivation from the name of the flower, alyssum, which actually means sanity.)

• Alyssum (Alyssum or sweet alyssum flowers are known for their lively fragrance. They’re members of the mustard family. The blooms come in pink, salmon, purple, white, and yellow. Sure, puppies don’t come in pink or purple, but a tiny white or yellow one would be perfect for the name Alyssum!)

• Amaryllis (These are tropical flowers that come in a dozen bulb varieties, all in vibrant colors. This flower is a showstopper; exactly what you need for a puppy that thrives to be in the center of attention.)

• Angelica (This is one of the most versatile flowers. In fact, this herb is ancient, and it is known through time as a cure for numerous diseases. It is also used in many rituals. A special flower for a special dog!)

• Angelonia (These flowers are beautiful and colorful, coming in pink, mauve, blue, purple, and white. Dogs fit for the name Angelonia are adaptable to any living condition. Does your blue merle puppy need a cool name? Go with this one!)

• Apple Blossom (Apple Blossom flowers symbolize the heart’s pleasures and delights. This flower is magical for its ability to lift your mood and change your vibes to positive ones. Yeah, dogs sure can do that!)

• Artemisia (Silver dogs would fancy a name like Artemisia. Known for its silver color, the flowers of this plant are somewhat insignificant. But, this doesn’t mean Artemisia isn’t stunning.)

• Aster (Asters are daisy-like flowers that bloom in late summer and early fall. These tiny plants come in a variety of colors and sizes. There’s simply something about Asters that makes you smile, just like dogs!)

• Aubrieta (Coming from the Middle East, Aubrieta flowers are truly exotic in their own way. Maybe a Basenji or an Afghan Hound would love to have this name?)

• Azalea (A name that’s finally getting well-deserved popularity. Azalea flowers represent familial duty, and symbolize wealth, elegance, and abundance, along with feminine beauty and passion. Can you see an elegant Poodle carrying this pretty name?)

Flower Names For Dogs That Start With A “B”

Golden Retriever sitting in tulip flower field

• Balsam (Balsam flower means “impatient for love”. Dogs that are energetic, affectionate, and eager to please the owner would be the perfect fit for this name.)

• Begonia (Begonias are a symbol of caution, gratitude, and respect. A calm pupper seems like a good choice for the name Begonia.)

• Belladonna (Belladonna is a highly poisonous plant. But, Bella Donna sounds so beautiful, and yet so intimidating at the same time. A Rottweiler named Belladonna sounds so cool, doesn’t it?)

• Bellflower (Affection, constancy, and everlasting love. These are the finest words to describe a man’s best friend.)

• Bergenia (This flower is a symbol for long life, happiness, and devotion. Also, it can be a symbol for new adventures. Adventurous dogs deserve a name like Bergenia.)

• Blossom (Okay, Blossom is rather common, but still a pretty name to be on this list.)

• Buttercup (Buttercup flowers bring joy and cheerfulness, just like all puppies do!)

Flower Names For Dogs That Start With A “C”

Australian shepherd in pink flowers

• Calla (The symbol of elegance and one of the most wonderful bouquet flowers. Callas are simply stunning. A white female dog named Calla sounds so empowering!)

• Canna (Canna flowers stand for glory and power. Don’t tell me you don’t see a Rottie or a Mastiff proudly carrying the name Canna!)

• Caspia (When you give Caspia flowers, you’re telling someone you miss them. Truly every moment spent without your dog is sad.)

• Celosia (Only bold dogs are allowed to be named Celosia.)

• Chrysanthemum (Hard to spell, and even harder to forget. The name Chrysanthemum will be the envy of your local park.)

Flower Names For Dogs That Start With A “D”

• Daffodil (Daffodils are the symbol of spring and new beginnings. A life with a new puppy is truly a new beginning.)

• Dahlia (Dahlia is a flower that stands for elegance, wealth, and love. These are the perfect flowers to express love, and the perfect name idea for a female dog.)

• Daisy (Daisy… because why not?)

• Dandelion (A name for a cute yellow puppy, or a fluffy white doggo. Imagine a white Pomeranian named Dandelion.)

• Delphinium (Delphinium flowers bring joy, and so do puppies. It’s the perfect combo!)

Flower Names For Dogs That Start With E, F, G, H, I, J, and K

adorable dog lying on the grass holding flower in his mouth

Photo from: @eugene_jrt

• Edelweiss (Pure and innocent. Can you figure out a better name for a white dog?)

• Erica (Besides being a personal name, Erica is also a flower symbolizing endless love and honesty.)

• Freesia (Freesia stands for friendship, innocence, trust, and thoughtfulness. This is the ultimate flower of trust, and a lovely dog name.)

• Fuchsia (The Fuchsia flower indicates confining love. Their unique shape fits unique dog breeds the best.)

• Gardenia (The Gardenia flower stands for purity and gentleness. Nothing purer than puppy love, right?)

• Gerbera (Gerbera flowers come in so many wonderful vivid colors. While dogs don’t come in such colors, they do have vibrant temperaments.)

• Gladiolus (The Gladiolus is full of heroism. Can you imagine a German Shepherd named Gladiolus? Yeah, that sounds amazing!)

• Heather (Good luck, admiration, and protection. If you’re looking for a dog to serve as your protection, the name Heather is the right choice.)

• Hibiscus (An exotic dog deserves an exotic name. Have you considered Hibiscus.)

• Hollyhock (There’s an ancient tradition of planting Hollyhocks near the front door to invite prosperity into the home. Well, a dog in the house means the same, right?)

• Honeysuckle (Honeysuckles are the symbol of pure happiness. Yes, that’s the right way to describe what getting a puppy feels like.)

• Hosta (The Hosta flower stands for devotion and friendship. See, a terrific choice for a dog name!)

• Hyacinth (Often a symbol of happiness and love, Hyacinth is not only a lovely flower, but it’s also an empowering female dog name.)

• Hydrangea (The Hydrangea symbolizes harmony. Well, life with dogs isn’t always harmonious, but it certainly wouldn’t be the same without them.)

• Iris (The Iris flower inspired many storytellers and artists for centuries. We hope this will inspire YOU when it comes to naming your new puppy.)

• Jasmine (While Jasmine is known for its pungent scent, we won’t name puppies Jasmine because of that. Jasmine is a lovely female name with an even lovelier meaning.)

• Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe stands for patience and eternal love. Besides the pretty meaning, this name also sounds badass!)

Flower Names For Dogs That Start From L To P

cavalier king charles dog with tongue out among orange flowers

• Lavender (Okay, here’s a pretty obvious name choice, but it’s still not as common as we’d like it to be. Lavenders are lovely dogs ready to shower you in wet doggy kisses.)

• Leilani (Leilani means “heavenly flowers” in Hawaiian. Name a more profound name.)

• Lilac (Lilacs are pure and innocent flowers. And, they smell just the same. Of course, your pup may not smell like lilacs, but it can be equally adorable.)

• Lillian (Think of it as a formal way of naming your dog Lily.)

• Lily (Lily flowers are sweet and innocent. They symbolize new beginnings. While Lily is pretty common, think of it as one of the sweetest girl dog names.)

• Magnolia (Soft and subtle in color, Magnolias are on the gentle side when it comes to naming your dog.)

• Marigold (Some people find that Marigolds bring good fortune, while others think they’re grieving flowers. Either way, Marigold sounds so unique!)

• Mimosa (Mimosas are fragile flowers. Dogs aren’t that fragile, but you need to keep an eye on them, especially if you have a teacup Pom named Mimosa.)

• Myrtle (Ever since ancient times, myrtle was widely popular in use, especially for wedding purposes. Today, myrtle is still a flower that brings people together, and one amazing name for a dog – no matter how geeky it sounds!)

• Orchid (We can all agree that Orchids are wonderful, exotic flowers. Do you agree that this is the perfect female dog name for an exotic breed?)

• Pansy (A Pansy’s colors represent memories, loving thoughts, and souvenirs. In loving memory of a previous dog, you could name your new pupper Pansy.)

• Peach Blossom (A Peach Blossom represents purity and womanhood. So, of course, you can’t name a male dog Peach Blossom. Or, you know, you can if he feels like one.)

• Peony (Peonies do look pretty and fragile, but they actually symbolize braveness. So, yeah, a Cane Corso female named Peony sure sounds wonderful.)

• Petunia (One of those awkwardly cute names you’ll enjoy calling out in the dog park.)

• Poppy (Poppies are a symbol of death. But, not everything’s so dark. Poppies also stand for new beginnings.)

• Primrose (When you give Primrose flowers, you’re saying you can’t live without that person. Can you live without your dog?)

Girl Dog Names That Start From R To Z

A happy dog in flowers

• Rainflower (Or rain Lily, this is a flower that symbolizes new beginnings. A lot of pretty flowers that symbolize new beginnings start here.)

• Ranunculus (The unique-looking Ranunculus flowers were an inspiration for this flower name for dogs. It would suit an uncommon dog breed the best.)

• Rosa or Rose (Both mean the flower, rose. It is one of the most common dog names inspired by flowers, but it’s still pretty impressive.)

• Rosemary (Rosemary stands for love and remembrance. This sharp-scented herb leaves an impact on all fields, from culinary lessons to giving dog names.)

• Salvia (This is also known as Sage. While Sage is the more common option, we prefer Salvia for its melodic tone.)

• Senna (Large yellow flowers of the Senna plant are the inspiration for naming large yellow dogs.)

• Sharon (Or the rose of Sharon is a biblical flower that also substitutes for a personal name. It’s also a lovely female dog name for an elegant pooch.)

• Sunflower (Different cultures have different meanings for sunflowers. But, they all agree that sunflowers bring positivity. We can also agree that this is a cute dog name.)

• Sweet Pea (The Sweet Pea flower symbolizes kind-heartedness. A calm and sweet puppy would be the best choice for this name.)

• Tansy (The Tansy flower means immortality. You know what else is immortal? Your love for your dog. Oh, and the name itself sounds quirky and sweet, too!)

• Tiger Lily (Or orange lilies, these stand for confidence and pride. A brindle puppy named Tiger Lily would be awesome, admit it!)

• Torenia (Happy and charming, two words to describe the Torenia flower. If your puppy swept you off your feet the moment you saw it, why don’t you consider the name Torenia?)

• Tulip (Ah, tulips! Those gorgeous flowers mean perfect and deep love. The deep love part surely sounds familiar, doesn’t it, dog lover?

• Veronica (These wildflowers are better known under the name Speedwell. But, Veronica sounds so much cooler.)

• Violet (A loyal dog deserves the name Violet. But, aren’t all dogs loyal, hmm?)

• Virginia (Or Virginia Bluebell. Both are names for lovely wildflowers. And, both are cute female dog names!)

• Wisteria (Historically, the Wisteria flower always symbolized long life and immortality. Just like the love for dogs!)

• Yasmine (Here’s another variation of the name Jasmine. Both are equally lovely.)

• Zinnia (These interesting flowers stand for friendship and affection. Well, dogs don’t lack these at all!)

Flower Names for Boy Dogs: A to H

Dog sitting with flowers in the mouth in a meadow

• Billy Buttons (You’ve probably seen these flowers, but you never knew their name. It’s those yellow, ball-shaped plants that stand out in the bouquet. Oh, and they’re also known as mustard flowers.)

• Bluebell (A symbol of everlasting love, bluebells also make a lovely male dog name. Here, Bluebell boy!)

• Cosmos (These tiny and colorful flowers can be the inspiration for your new puppy that shows its energetic side. Also, you can be a flower lover, but with a name like Cosmos, no one will ever know your hidden passion.)

• Crocus (The symbol of rebirth! These tiny flowers are among the first ones to appear in the spring.)

• Dragon (Or Snapdragon flowers. A badass male dog name with a floral origin.)

• Fox (Foxglove flowers are for energetic people… and energetic dogs, too!)

• Gazania (This flower is known as the treasure flower. Honestly, can you think of a greater treasure than your dog?)

• Geranium (Happiness and friendship. Good health and good wishes. Everything good comes with this name.)

• Hawthorn (Ancient Celts used the hawthorn flower and berries as a symbol of love and protection. Can you see a German Shepherd proudly carrying the name Hawthorn?)

• Heath (Or the Heather flower. Think of this as the male name version.)

• Huckleberry (This humble plant has a widely popular name. We see no reason why you shouldn’t name your dog Huckleberry. Or, even Huck!)

Flower Names for Boy Dogs: J to Z

puppy sitting on old wooden crate in a garden full of colorful flowers

• Jared (Did you know that the name Jared means rose? Well, now you know everything!)

• Jon (Shorter for Jonquil flowers. Do we have any yellow pups that need a name?)

• Kale (There’s kale, that gross green thing we HAVE to put in our smoothies. And, there’s kale, the ornamental plant everyone loves. What are you naming your dog after? Kale or kale?)

• Kamal (Kamala is the lotus flower. Kamal can be its male dog name version.)

• Lotus (Speaking of lotus flowers… Did you know that these lovely, fragile flowers actually grow from mud?)

• Lupine (We can see where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for the name Lupin. This flower stands for imagination!)

• Morning Glory (This is a flower that wakes up every morning and goes to sleep every night. These tiny, vibrant flowers are a symbol of rebirth and love.)

• Oleander (This desert rose stands for destiny and romantic love. But, it also stands for one badass male dog name.)

• Quill (Another variation of the name Jonquil.)

• Rhododendron (This fascinating flower stands for beauty and energy. Love it or hate it, the name Rhododendron sounds so powerful.)

• Saffron (Did you know that Saffron is the other name for the Crocus flower? This is a great unisex name.)

• Shamrock (If you’re Irish, we’d totally understand if you name your puppy Shamrock.)

• Snapdragon (Hey, remember the Dragon flower? These two are the same.)

• Sorrel (Or Wood Sorrel, these are lovely and tiny flowers. The name Sorrel would fit a little dog, like the Chihuahua, the best.)

• Thistle (They may be pointy. They may hurt you a bit. But, thistle flowers are truly breathtaking.)

• Trillium (This is a white flower that means true elegance and grace. Now, there’s a cool name for a male Poodle.)

• Watson (A variation of the name Watsonia that stands for innocence, purity, and chastity.)

• William (The sweet William is the flower of Gods. Here’s another male dog name that will hide your secret love for flowers.)

• Yarrow (A healing flower, and a great dog name for a puppy that can wipe away your tears after bad times.)

Name Translations That Mean Flowers

Our last list includes foreign names that mean flowers when translated to English.

AlthedaFGreek for blossom
BelleroseFOld French for a pretty rose
Briallen FWelsh for Primrose
BryonyFLatin origin meaning for sprout
CalanthaFGreek for beautiful flower
FleurFFlower, in French
GiacintaFItalian name for hyacinth
JolandaFItalian name for Violet
Kalina FPolish word for Flower
MargueriteFFrench for Daisy
Florent MFrench name meaning flowering
RenMJapanese Water Lily
ThalloMGreek goddess of buds, blooms, and spring
MansiMHopi for plucked flower

Final Thoughts

Dog lying in nature

Seeking the best name for your new canine companion is a tough task. Of all dog name ideas, why don’t you try to find a unique flower name from our list? We have popular flowers, and we have some unique plants and herbs.

No matter which of these flower names for dogs you pick, your new pet will be the star of every dog park. Let’s welcome lovely Carnations, Bluebells, and Tulips in the canine world.