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Toy Cockapoo: A Toy You Wish You Had Growing Up

Toy Cockapoo: A Toy You Wish You Had Growing Up

Toy Cockapoos are some of the sweetest toy dog breeds in the world.

These Teddy bear puppies have been here for a while, charming us with their temperament, and making us squeal with joy because of their pretty appearance.

And, guess what?

They’re here to stay. For more than 50 years, Toy Cockapoos have been incredibly popular dogs. There’s hardly any reason why you shouldn’t get a Toy Cockapoo.

They’re simply pawmazing, and you’re about to learn why.

Let’s meet the Toy Cockapoo in person!

Later on, we can pick the ideal dog name for your Toy Cockapoo together!

What Is a Toy Cockapoo?

Cockapoo Puppy In Long Blade Grass

A Toy Cockapoo is a small version of the popular Cockapoo – a designer dog we get when we breed Toy Poodles and Cocker Spaniels.

Besides the toy version, Cockapoos also come in standard, miniature, and teacup. As you can imagine, Teacup Cockapoos are the smallest ones, followed by our Toy Cockapoos.

Other names for this pawdorable pooch include Toy Spoodles, and Toy Cockadoodles. However, the term ‘Cockapoo’ is more in use, and people usually recognize these doggos under this name.

Dog enthusiasts often refer to Cockapoos as small pups with a big, clownish attitude, and truly, Cockapoos are the life of the party.

When Cockapoos were first bred, their purpose was to create a dog completely focused on their humans. The Cockapoo is definitely a people pleaser. The need for a smaller, more compact version of the Cockapoo was in order.

More and more people moved to the big cities, where apartments weren’t as spacious as suburban homes, which meant that they’d also need a smaller pup.

Cockapoo lovers have polished the breed to perfection by making small versions of Cockapoos.

Now, how about we get a better picture of what Toy Cockapoos really look like, how small they are, and how they actually behave around people?

How Big (Or Small) Are Toy Cockapoos?

Toy Cockapoos are the second to last of all Cockapoo versions in terms of their size.

To help us understand Toy versions, let’s discuss the standard Cockapoo first.

The average standard Cockapoo stands tall at around 15 inches at the withers, but they can also grow taller. Their weight usually goes past the 19-pound mark.

Our Toy Cockapoo weighs from seven to 12 pounds, and never grows past 10 inches at the withers.

It’s a small and sturdy dog, with a more powerful dog than a Teacup Cockapoo. They might look very fragile, but they’re tougher than you think.

Toy Cockapoos are a result of breeding Toy Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. The average Toy Poodle is no bigger than 10 inches, and weighs no more than seven to nine pounds. On the other hand, Cocker Spaniels are slightly bigger – they weigh from 25 to 60 pounds, and stand tall at around 15 inches.

As we can conclude, the Toy Cockapoo is more similar in size to the Toy Poodle. Still, I recommend you follow the Cockapoo growth chart to get a better picture of how big your Toy Cockapoo will be.

This sweet Teddy bear dog will amaze you with its small size and the agility of a true athlete.

Where Do Toy Cockapoos Come From?

cute cockapoo dog relaxing on the floor

The Cockapoo dog breed has come a long way since getting its own official Cockapoo Club in America back in 1999. The breed has been here for quite a while.

Even though they’re a designer breed, Cockapoos aren’t really that fresh meat everyone’s raving about. These pooches have been around since 1960.

The first Cockapoos were love puppies from a male Toy Poodle, and a female Cocker Spaniel. We can assume the first breedings were quite accidental, but people soon realized that Cockapoos are great dogs.

In fact, today’s Cockapoos are one of the rarest dogs you will see in shelters. Their owners don’t want to give them away easily because they enjoy their company very much.

Toy Cockapoos enjoy quite a lot of popularity. In fact, all sizes of this dog breed, from maxi Cockapoos to teacups, are highly praised and appreciated as family dogs.

The result of such popularity is multiple breedings done in order to increase the number of Toy Cockapoos in the States. Some dog breeders prefer the basic breeding between the Cocker Spaniel and the Toy Poodle.

On the other hand, some experts like to dabble with multi-generation breeding that occurs between Cockapoos. This is their way of ensuring completely hypoallergenic dogs.

Cockapoos are more than just a designer breed. They’re also more than a mixed-breed dog. There’s a strong initiative that wants to make a real breed out of Cockapoos. Given their high popularity, I definitely see that in the near future.

How Sweet-Looking Are Toy Cockapoos?

Cockapoo dog wearing red shirt

They will charm you with their good looks, but they’ll win you over with their kind personality. Yes, that’s how Cockapoo puppies roll.

Our miniature Cockapoo is definitely one of the most attractive dogs in the canine kingdom. We can blame their good looks on the spectacular genes from their Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel parents. Both parent breeds are extremely beautiful – probably some of the prettiest pooches ever!

The Toy Cockapoo is small… we get that. But, its lovely appearance is still present in small dogs. Actually, in my opinion… they’re even cuter!

You’ll recognize a Toy Cockapoo for its lovely, healthy-looking coat that comes in several variations. Just as with any Poodle mix, the coat can either be curly, wavy, or straight. Most Cockapoos fashion a wavy coat.

These dogs can carry any of the official Poodle colors, and there are definitely many of them. Cocker Spaniel colors are just as possible.

Usually, Cockapoos will fashion some of the following coat shades:

– black

– white

– cream

– apricot

– brown

– tan

– red

– sable

– brindle

– parti

– silver

– roan

All Cockapoo colors are equally beautiful!

Your Cockapoo will shed more or less depending on its coat type. Since these dogs can have a straight coat, which can grow up to six inches in length, you can’t expect hypoallergenic traits. These Cockapoos shed heavily, and you’ll need to groom them often.

Curly coats are the ones that almost don’t shed at all, but even they come with a price, and that’s daily brushing.

What we usually don’t have with crossbreed dogs is the breed standard. Lucky for our Cockapoo, this hybrid has distinguished himself throughout the years of continuous breeding.

We’re used to seeing Cockapoos that look a lot like each other. There’s sort of a pattern that repeats with these doggos, ensuring the same compact size, lovely black button nose, small and floppy ears, and sparkling round eyes.

Character: Are Toy Cockapoos Good Family Dogs?

cute cockapoo puppy looking towards the camera

What people don’t realize about Poodle mixes is that they’re highly intelligent. They have to be because the Poodle parent is the second smartest canine in the world.

In the case of our Cockapoo, the Cocker Spaniel parent isn’t too far from perfection either. They’re ranked 20 on the list of the smartest canines.

As you can see, their love puppy can only be a little genius.

Truly, Toy Cockapoos are highly intelligent dogs. But, that’s not all that makes these dogs so near to perfection.

Toy Cockapoos are highly-valued family dogs for their loyalty and affection. They’re sociable dogs, and they love spending time with their family. A Toy Cockapoo is the happiest when he’s surrounded by people he loves, so he can share the love as much as he wants.

I can say with every right that Cockapoos are some of the friendliest dog breeds I’ve ever met. They’re super sweet and loving no matter your age or gender.

This can only mean one thing: Cockapoos are great with children, too, especially Toy Cockapoos. Their small size ensures the ideal buddy throughout the entire childhood.

Toy Cockapoos are affectionate dogs, but they’re also intuitive. They can easily tell if you’re feeling down, and they will try to cheer you up.

As much as your Toy Cockapoo cares about your emotions, make sure you care about theirs, too. Toy Cockapoos are sensitive, and they can develop anxiety if you ignore them or leave them alone for too long.

What’s It Like To Train A Toy Cockapoo?

cute toy cockapoo outdoor

If you decide to train your dog at home, I have good news for you: training a Toy Cockapoo is an absolute delight!

Since this pooch comes from some of the most intelligent parents, you can expect a highly responsive and smart puppy.

Toy Cockapoos love to please their humans. They’d do anything to make their family members happy, including being obedient.

Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of training in a dog’s life, followed by socialization and potty training.

The most important thing you have to learn about training a Cockapoo is that they can be a bit stubborn. Never let any dog dominate you because you won’t be able to control your dog in any situation.

Being the alpha dog is something that Cockapoos are highly likely to be, so don’t allow them to take over. Poodles carry the same personality trait, and they can even manipulate you into doing something they want you to do.

Potty training is something you must be extra patient with as some dogs learn it the hard way. Generally speaking, Toy Cockapoos master potty training without much fuss. The most important thing is to keep your cool, and don’t yell or hit your dog if he has an accident inside the house.

Use a reward-based system of training, known as positive reinforcement. It’s proven that dogs like Toy Cockapoos learn faster if they expect a treat afterward.

How Healthy Are Toy Cockapoos?

happy cockapoo puppy

No matter how much we’d want differently, dogs will catch some sort of health problem. There’s no living being that’s free of health issues. Sadly, Toy Cockapoos are also susceptible to certain conditions. However, this doesn’t mean your Toy Cockapoo will definitely suffer from any of the problems I’m about to list.

Usually, the Cockapoo dog breed is prone to the following health problems:

– patella luxation

– hip dysplasia

– cataracts

– liver conditions

– ear infections

– allergies

Since this is a small dog breed, it’s highly likely that specimens of the breed will develop hip dysplasia or patella luxation. Both problems affect the dog’s mobility, and cause lameness and overall issues with bones and joints. I recommend you get your Toy Cockapoo from a trusted source so that you avoid any chance of your pup having these conditions.

Unreliable breeders breed dogs with dysplasia and/or patella luxation, and they don’t even screen their puppies for any of the mentioned problems. This causes lots of issues, and it affects the general quality of the dog’s life.

A severe health issue may come from the Cocker Spaniel side of the family. I’m talking about liver diseases. They can be inherited, but they don’t come with every Cockapoo puppy. Usually, chronic active hepatitis and copper toxicosis are liver conditions that strike Toy Cockapoos.

This is exactly why it’s important to screen the parents regularly in order to prevent the production of more puppies with severe health conditions.

Lastly, I want to remind you to take care of your dog’s ears as they will be floppy and a great place for bacteria development. Ear infections are common with Toy Cockapoos, so better safe than sorry!

Our Mini Cockapoos are considered to have hybrid vigor. Read about this condition here. This boosts the dog’s health status greatly.

Despite the listed health concerns, Toy Cockapoos still have a pretty long lifespan of 13+ years.

What’s It Like To Own A Toy Cockapoo?

happy cockapoo running

Owning a Toy Cockapoo is a wonderful experience.

Even as full-grown dogs, Cockapoos of all sizes love to cuddle and share the love. They’re sociable creatures, and they thrive when surrounded by their loved ones.

People usually get Toy Cockapoos for their low-shedding features, but they fall in love with their sweet temperament.

They may be small, but Toy Cockapoos are still dogs with lots of energy; thus, they need enough exercise. But, don’t worry – these pups only need around 30 minutes a day of exercise or walks. They don’t require strenuous workout sessions.

This makes Toy Cockapoos ideal dogs for busy people. Still, don’t think this means that you can leave your Toy Cockapoo alone at home for very long as they need attention, care, and proper mental stimulation. Otherwise, you’re risking boredom, separation anxiety, depression, and even unwanted destructive behavior.

As far as the part that most dog owners fear – grooming… you can stay relaxed. You don’t have to be a professional groomer to take care of your Toy Cockapoo. The small Cockapoo size means you should be done with your grooming session in just a short while.

Use the best brushes for Cockapoos on the market so that you prevent tangles and matted fur. Toy Cockapoos are considered hypoallergenic if they inherit lots of Poodle traits.

Maintain a tidy Cockapoo haircut by trimming their hair regularly. Also, I advise you to use mild dog shampoos that are well-designed for the Cockapoo breed in order to avoid dry skin and itchiness. Look for natural ingredients, and start your search on Amazon.

How Much Are Toy Cockapoos?

Funny curly white little dog in the nature

Luckily for your budget, Toy Cockapoos aren’t expensive dogs. However, they don’t have a fixed price that works out for all breeders. For starters, a lot of factors affect the initial purchase price.

Your Toy Cockapoo can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or more. It depends on the gender of the puppy, coat color, breeder’s location, breeder’s investment into raising pawfect puppies, pedigree, etc.

Companion dogs always cost less. The same applies to Toy Cockapoos. This dog breed may not enter official dog shows by the American Kennel Club, but they can still come from champion Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents.

If your breeder uses American Cocker Spaniels for breeding, you can expect slightly more expensive pups since English Cocker Spaniels are more affordable.

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A pedigree is very It’s an unwritten rule to pay more for a puppy now, so you don’t have to pay more later.important, but it’s not a must. Dogs with a pedigree are guaranteed to have a better health status and to behave better than those without it. If your budget allows a pedigreed pooch, then by all means get a pedigreed pooch.

What does this mean?

In other words, don’t skimp on your dog. Cheaper pups often have unidentified health concerns that may show up later in their life. Avoid expensive veterinary bills by buying a healthy puppy from a reliable breeder.

The initial purchase price of a Toy Cockapoo is not the end of your shopping spree as a new Cockapoo owner. You will need lots of doggy items such as a dog bed, a leash, a harness, toys, collars, treats, etc.

PupVine has done a piece on the best dog food for Cockapoos, so check this out if any of them fit your Toy Cockapoo!

Also, make sure you follow the guidelines and proper Cockapoo feeding chart.

Where Can You Find Toy Cockapoos?

A small puppy chewing on a stick

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a reliable Toy Cockapoo breeder. Since we’re not looking for a purebred puppy, we will have some issues finding a trusted source. Luckily, I’m here to help you distinguish a good breeder from a bad one.

The thing with Toy Cockapoos is that they can either be a result of breeding Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, or breeding between different generations of Cockapoos.

You should decide which Doodle type you want in the first place. The high quality of the puppies can only be achieved with the high quality of the parents. As with all hybrid dogs, finding a good breeding stock is a must.

Look for breeders who test their breeding stock and newborn puppies for hereditary diseases. Hip dysplasia, for example, can be bred out with continuous efforts.

Only breeders who care a lot about their dogs’ health can be considered trusted ones.

If you want to become a Cockapoo owner, you will need to figure out which breeders are scammers and which are not. The first red flag that could help you out with this is the price. If a Cockapoo’s price is too low, that’s a clear sign that something’s wrong with that breeder.

As you can see, different sizes have different prices. Our Cockapoo isn’t as pricey as some other designer dogs, but he isn’t too cheap either.

Probably the most obvious sign that you shouldn’t buy from a breeder is the general condition of his facility. Puppies should not be kept in dirty, crowded areas. They need open space, fresh air, and hygiene.

Lastly, if a breeder avoids seeing you in person and forbids visits, just run and don’t look back.

What you don’t need to run away from are these Cockapoo breeders. Contact them to see if they have available Toy Cockapoo puppies.

Why The Toy Cockapoo Might Not Be For You

Cute Cockapoo Poodle sleeping

I’m not trying to scare you away with this short list of Toy Cockapoo cons. I’m just trying to point out some downsides of this breed that you should be aware of.

Comparing male vs female Cockapoo dogs really has no point because they’re the same. Minor differences can be ignored. So, I can’t tell you whether males are better, or females are sweeter.

Here goes all or nothing!

Cocker Spaniel Temperament Traits

Some Toy Cockapoos may inherit lots of the Cocker Spaniels’ character traits. Now, I’m not saying that Poodles are better than Cockers. It’s just… Cockers tend to be a bit too submissive. They don’t like conflicts, and will do anything to prevent them.

Also, Cockers are known for having high anxiety, and that’s not something that could be handled by all Cockapoo owners.

Size-Related Health Issues

Cockapoos, which come from standard Poodles, are a bit healthier than those from toy or miniature Poodles. The reason is definitely the size.

Toy Cockapoos are small dogs that are highly prone to mobility issues we already discussed earlier. That’s the cost of a small and pawdorable dog.

You must always be extra careful not to play hard with your Toy Cockapoo, and to stay away from hard ground and elevated surfaces in order to avoid potential accidents. Toy pups get hurt easier than some medium-sized dogs.

In The End…

There’s more to Poodle mixes than just our Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle cross). Our Toy Cockapoo is the finest example.

This super-friendly dog breed knows nothing but affection, care, and immense love for its owner.

Toy Cockapoos are the ideal compact family dogs, that will blow you away with their kind nature and pawfect appearance.

Don’t hesitate for a moment. Get a Toy Cockapoo today!

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