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Male Vs Female Cockapoo: The Battle Of The Greatest

Male Vs Female Cockapoo: The Battle Of The Greatest

Cockapoos are one of those rare designer breeds bred not for their looks but their personality. And what a personality they have! It’s difficult to choose male vs female Cockapoo. There are a bunch of reasons why one is better than the other.

However, the decision is only yours. No one can say one gender is better, but we can try to give you a list of reasons why a male or female Cockapoo would be your best fit. Read it, think it through, and decide: is your Cockapoo gonna be a Daisy or a Duke?

Male Vs Female Cockapoo Dog: General Differences

Personal preference is the only factor that should decide whether you get a male or female puppy. There are numerous reasons why a male dog or a female could fit your lifestyle and family better.

If you put together a pros and cons list for both breeds, you’ll soon find out which gender is the right one for you. Okay, you don’t have to make a list; we did it for you!

Take a look at our Cockapoo gender comparison board:

attention-seekersshy away from the spotlight
good with cats and young childrengood with other female Cockapoos
bigger in sizesmaller in size
stay puppies for a long timemature quickly
playfulnot so playful when adults
not so spoiledspoiled
easy to house traindifficult to train

Now that you’ve got a general idea of what Cockapoo dogs are like, let’s take a closer look at their personality traits.

Male Cockapoo Vs Female Cockapoo: Personality

Cockapoo puppy enjoying in forest

What both Cockapoo genders have in common is their strong desire to please their humans. These are intelligent dogs who have established themselves as excellent companions. If we had to describe the Cockapoo breed in three words, those words would be: happy, happy, and friendly!

Usually, they get along perfectly fine with pretty much anyone. But, sometimes, differences in dog to dog or dog to human relationships are seen. For example, the male Cockapoo gets along with almost everyone, while females usually tolerate other females.

Still, both genders have an outgoing nature. This means this dog breed is open to anything: from active exercise to cuddle time on the couch with their human.

Since this crossbreed comes from two highly intelligent purebred dogs, the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel, it’s only natural to assume all the littermates will have a loving nature. Wrong! In fact, if the parents aren’t visibly affectionate, the puppies won’t be either!

Like all dogs, the Cockapoo also needs to start early with socialization. Exposure to different stimulation like new people and surroundings helps ensure your new puppy will grow up to be one perfect dog. Just start from day one, okay?

Of course, we mentioned some differences in the trainability between the genders. It’s true: males are easy to housetrain, unlike their female counterparts. It must be because males are so eager to please and open to everyone.

Cockapoo owners find positive reinforcement to be the best way to achieve the finest training results.

Although females like to assert their dominance in the pack, they still can’t function properly without a human’s touch. Otherwise, they will suffer from separation anxiety.

Male Vs Female Cockapoo: Gender Differences

cockapoo sitting on a path in a field of wild flowers

When you purchase or adopt an intact Cockapoo, prepare to deal with future situations related to this issue.

Intact males, unlike neutered males, tend to “mark” everywhere they think is their territory and show signs of aggression. When there are female Cockapoos, or any other females, in the area, intact males will go berserk and do their best to get outside and hunt down that potential mate.

It’s only natural for male Cockapoos to act this way. Neutering is your choice, but think it through. If you’re introducing a male Cockapoo to your female dog, be extremely careful and keep them separate. Otherwise, puppies will be coming your way!

Female Cockapoos aren’t that problematic. If you don’t want your dog to be spayed, you will need to deal with her heat cycles twice a year. It’s the time when the female dog is in season, looking to escape, and goes through the menstruation process.

None of the genders is ideal or problem-free. You just need to accept this and learn how to handle a male or female Cockapoo.

What To Know Before Bringing A Cockapoo Home

Puppy cockapoo lying in garden

When choosing a new puppy, one must never forget if they already have a dog at home. Some dog owners claim it’s much easier to choose the opposite gender of what they already have at home.

It’s supposed to be a way of keeping the dogs from fighting.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t bring home another male or another female. You just need to work hard to make sure they get along. Sure, it’s a stressful task, but any task that involves dogs is worth the trouble.

Some experienced Cockapoo owners claim having two female Cockapoos under one roof is the worst-case scenario. They fight more than any other combination. But, the general relations between two Cockapoo dogs vary from dog to dog.

The only way to keep all the Cockapoos calm and obedient is to make sure the new dogs know who their alpha is.

When you look closely, you’ll see both male or female dogs of this breed make great family pets. In fact, they’re so loving that people consider them family members. There are differences between male vs female Cockapoos, but they’re no big deal.

Are Male Or Female Cockapoos Easier To Train?

Cockapoo crossbreed dog being taken for a walk

If you’ve come this far, you probably already know males are much easier to train.

Generally, male Cockapoos live to please their human, so it’s no wonder they are straight-A students.

Female Cockapoos are a bit introverted and mature faster than males. They have a strong character that doesn’t allow questioning of their authority. You’re in big trouble if your female Cockapoo thinks she’s the alpha in your pack.

That’s why early socialization is the key to having a well-behaved dog.​

If you’re going to ask about “when to start with socialization,” the answer will be quick and straightforward: yesterday! ​

Socialization starts the moment you get your precious new family dog.

Although there are trainability differences, Cockapoos are generally a smart breed that can be taught lots of things. They pick up dog training lessons pretty fast. How big of a training star your dog will be, depends on how you try and teach your Cockapoo.

Keeping the training reward-based, aka using the positive reinforcement approach, will result in your Cockapoo mastering housetraining, sitting, spinning, and recall in the blink of an eye.

A reason behind their success in training isn’t only the intelligence inherited from their Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents – it’s their focus on you. You can’t train a dog if it’s not looking at you and paying attention.

The Cockapoo looks you in the eye, catches gestures and facial expressions, and most importantly – listens to you!

The average time to house train a Cockapoo is by four months of age. Still, the training can take up to six months for some dogs. It’s individual.

Training can be distracting if there are other dogs in the house. Since Cockapoos are very playful, they might lose their focus when trying to figure out what their brothers and sisters are doing.

That’s why you should train the puppy somewhere without any distractions.

Another reason why training can be challenging is the puppy’s lack of trust. Both genders, no matter how introverted females are, need to establish a bond with their humans. A bond becomes stronger with lots of petting and speaking to the puppy in a calm voice.

Once you feel your puppy trusts you completely, you’re good to go!

Male Vs Female Cockapoo Puppy Prices

Cockapoo puppy enjoying sunshine in garden

There isn’t a huge difference between the price of a male and a female Cockapoo. Even though these aren’t purebred dogs, they’ve enjoyed quite the popularity boost these days. So yes, they are on the pricey side.

However, Cockapoo puppy prices vary greatly from breeder to breeder. But, the average cost of a Cockapoo puppy is somewhere between $900 and $2,500. The price depends on the breeder, not the puppy!

What affects this high price are the following factors:

• rare coat colors

• health history

• genetics

• bloodlines of the parents

• age of the puppy

You might think breeding puppies will bring you a small fortune, but the truth is, actually, quite different. The price tag is high, but dog breeders barely break even selling their puppies. Quality Cockapoo breeders even spend thousands of dollars on each puppy’s well-being.

The price of a Cockapoo is decided before the puppies are even born! The cost factors for the parent dogs are numerous, including care, quality nutrition, medical screening for diseases, and genetic disorders.

Of course, you can always find a significantly cheaper Cockapoo puppy elsewhere, but you should take some things into consideration.

Low Cockapoo puppy prices often mean these dogs come from smaller breeders, pet shops, and even puppy mills. Meaning, dogs are used as an instrument for getting rich overnight. What’s defeating is that these so-called breeders don’t take care of medical issues, whether they be genetic, physical, or mental!

Reliable breeders will let you meet at their premises, get to know the puppy parents, and show you health clearances.

If a breeder offers you a young puppy at a ridiculously low price and carries multiple litters, but refuses to show you his facilities, run away from these “breeders.”

Female Vs Male Cockapoo: Grooming & Care

groomer use scissors to cut pet hair on the table

So, you’re thinking female Cockapoos fancy an up-do perfectly to go with their feminine manners? Well, guess again! There’s no such thing as a female or male Cockapoo hairstyle.

The interesting fact about this dog breed is that every Cockapoo is different. There aren’t two Cockapoos that look the same.

All of them fashion a low to the non-shedding coat, which requires little to no grooming. This means less vacuuming, wiping floors, picking strands of hair out of… everywhere!

Still, they’re not hypoallergenic dogs. Actually, there’s no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog.

Such coat types need more brushing than their shedding canine buddies.

There are three different types of Cockapoo coat: straight, curly, and tightly curled. In fact, the Cockapoo coat is quite interesting. It comes in a variety of types.

Since the Cocker Spaniel parent has a double-layer coat consisting of a long, straight, or wavy outercoat, and the Poodle has a single-layer coarse and curly coat, you can expect pretty much anything from their offspring.

But to say the male Cockapoo coat is better than the female’s is purely ridiculous!

In The End, Is A Male Or Female Cockapoo Better?

cute Cockapoo at home

Photo from @nugget_thecockapoo

The whole story about male and female Cockapoos comes to a single question: Is a male or female Cockapoo better? ​

Let’s ask you a question, shall we? Which dog is better: a Retriever or, let’s say… a Cavapoo?

You get the point, don’t you?

Both male and female Cockapoos are great pets. Excellent, in fact, if trained well.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion that will stick with you for the next 12 to 15 years, pick a Cockapoo! Their long lifespan means you’ll have lots of time to enjoy life together.

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Male Vs Female Cockapoo The Battle Of The Greatest

Male Vs Female Cockapoo: The Battle Of The Greatest